while attacking his girlfriend and his best friend

This is basically a very small examination of my favorite Marvel character, Tony Stark, based on this post

Tony Stark has always been a very dynamic character. He’s the confident, suave, genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist wearing the badass metal suit. His sassiness, wise-cracking, and attitude are familiar and entertaining. To me, he can be downright lovable. I can see why he’s not a favorite to some. The narcissism, the unprofessionalism, the immaturity, the condescending remarks. But I’m not really writing this to recruit Tony Stark fans. This is more of an analysis (especially on his PTSD, like the post linked above) that I hope will deepen the already-existent appreciation of his character. Keep in mind that I STILL haven’t seen Age of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War please. Occasional ranting will occur, so I apologize in advance.


  • Just to start, both of Tony’s parents were murdered.
  • Fast forward a couple decades, Tony gets kidnapped by FREAKIN TERRORISTS! During the kidnapping, he witnesses the violent death of young American soldiers and gets hit by shrapnel. Then he’s taken back to the terrorist base, has an incredibly painful crack surgery done on his chest with no anesthesia, until he’s not knocked out with what looks like chloroform. Then he wakes up with a chunk of metal surgically attached to his chest and is obviously freaking out before that scene ends (I mean I would too, I would think I’d been fuckin cyborged!). AND he can’t take it out or he’ll die. He’s kept in captivity with those terrorists for 3 WHOLE MONTHS, and is even subjected to water torture on one occasion.
  • When Tony escapes from the terrorist compound, his only friend and ally in those 3 months of captivity is killed.
  • Tony’s mentor, business partner, and friend, who had been in his life since he was a child, reveals he’s been using Tony as a “golden goose”, and had arranged for him to be kidnapped and killed by the terrorists. I mean, THAT BETRAYAL. Then the guy tries to kill Tony again, multiple times.
  • THEN, Tony is literally dying. I mean he’s actually dying. He’s slowly being poisoned from the inside-out by the electromagnet in his chest, which he can’t remove or he’ll die. So he’s basically got a terminal illness (of which he luckily cures HIMSELF later).
  • While being a part of the Avengers, Tony flies a nuke into a wormhole to space to save millions of lives, while under the belief that he won’t make it back before the wormhole closes. He loses consciousness believing that he will die alone, in the empty nothingness of space.
  • Fast forward again, and Tony has PTSD. Like full-on flashbacks and crippling panic attacks. And just to top it off, he gets ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SYMPATHY FROM ANYONE, not even from his best friend or girlfriend. Even Bruce fucking Banner falls asleep while Tony is telling him his story. FOR REAL?
  • Aaaaand his home is destroyed and falls into the ocean, with him underwater trying to hold it up. I’m sure that does wonders for his PTSD.

Every superhero has been through their fair share of tragedy, I’m not denying that in the slightest. But I think people (even his own fans) forget just how much trauma Stark has experienced. It’s easy to; Tony Stark covers up so much with narcissism, wise-cracks, and attitude. Frankly the only times Stark really shows that he has some strictly mental issues to work through are during Iron Man 3. If you had first met Tony Stark right before The Avengers, you would never guess he’d been held captive by terrorists for three months (something for which I am shocked he doesn’t have PTSD) and had suffered through and survived a terminal illness. His personality wouldn’t allow you to even consider that. He effectively covers it up will rebellious antics and jokes and immaturity. 

But we know what’s happened to him. We’ve seen it. We’ve watched the movies. We have witnessed his traumatic experiences firsthand.

So when it comes to Iron Man 3, it’s always a surprise when I see some of his fans, y’know, hating on him for being…


Iron Man 3 comes along and so many of his fans are so confused and annoyed with his obvious emotional and mental issuesand I’m just sitting here like, “Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.” For real, this guy has been through SO much, and some people in the audience and even in the movie itself don’t give half of a fuck about his mental state. He has PTSD and people are sitting there being disappointed that he didn’t wear the suit enough. WHICH WAS KIND THE THEME OF THE MOVIE. Sorry, ranting, ranting…

With all the trauma in his life, it’s honestly a miracle that it’s taken him four movies to finally experience any sort of mental struggle, and he gets very little understanding from the characters alongside him and the audience (even when it’s full of his fans). It’s more than a little disappointing and sad that such a large number of people are so unreceptive to his problems, especially when it seems very obvious why he possesses them. 

Iron Man is a superhero, but Tony Stark said it himself: “I am Iron Man.” You can’t separate the two. Without Stark, Iron Man won’t exist. Stark is the one who willingly put his life on the line to fly a nuke into a wormhole to save the lives of millions. Tony Stark is a human being, with human problems, a human brain, and human emotions. He’s not perfect. He’s human, and I think the very least his fans can do is judge him as such.

Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Buzzing

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A/N: I’d like to start posting some of these, so requests are open and you’re welcome to view my content!

Y/N wasn’t just lacking in the poise department; she was a moving violation. However, she seemed to be enamored with trouble - and that wasn’t just an euphemism for her relationship with the known heathen, Sirius Black. It seemed that danger was just a moment away at all times, especially when she was by herself. It was as if she invited misfortune right into the common room for a spot of tea and a chat.

At first, Sirius had just figured that Y/N was unlucky. From slipping on the trails to the Black Lake to slamming her fingers in the portrait door, it seemed as though she couldn’t catch a break. However as their relationship progressed, Sirius had come to see that Y/N was a walking catastrophe, and actively sought out to save her from falling ladders, slippery floors, or a mischievous Peeves. 

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Move On

Word Count: 1363

Player: Andre Burakovsky (Washington Capitals)

Warning/s: sad? Part 2

This is a repost of my own work!

Originally posted by th3littlemermaid14

“We should really go.”, your friend suddenly yelled. 

The loud music of the club was muffling her words, but you understood them, making you frown in confusion.

“Why?”, you yelled back. 

She discreetly pointed at something on the other end of the club, right next to the entrance. What you saw made your knees weak and you were sure that you would pass out.
The Capitals were in their usual spot. They must’ve entered as you had ordered another glass of water. You didn’t drink at all, but what you saw made you want to drink a whole round of shots all by yourself. There he was, formerly your boyfriend of one year, now Ex-Boyfriend. You had broken up one and a half months ago. And he was with his new girlfriend that he had for about a week.
A year, and he replaced you during six weeks. And you had to find out from one of your shared friends.

To be fair, Braden didn’t want to spill the beans. He had said it by accident after he texted you. You had asked if he was hanging out with his boys. Braden had replied that, yes, he was hanging out with his boys although everyone was basically snogging with their girlfriend.

It was like breaking your heart all over again. But he was a free human being, there’s nothing you could say or do that could be right. He was free to live his own life. Make his own decisions. Replace his ex whenever he wants.
Braden, of course, had apologized - upon realizing what he did - although it wasn’t his fault. He was just the one to bring the news. But you were quick to end the texting, going back to bury yourself in your bed.

What were you supposed to do? You loved him. You still did. But he seemed to be fine while you were just trying not to freak out.
Andre Burakovsky had crushed you and now, after finally feeling able to go out again, he was there to remind you of that.

Your breakup had been weird. Everything was fine until it wasn’t. None of you fell out of love, you were both still very in love with each other. It just became a regular thing that he would get pissed because of small things and it would turn into a big argument. Both of you knew that something had to be done, but you didn’t think that he would just call it quit.

The blonde girl with him had a name you couldn’t remember. Something long and complicated. All you knew was that everyone called her Ria and that Andre was very present on her social media accounts.
Your friend was still trying to get your attention, looking at you. She knew what you were feeling. She had been the one to drag you out of your house and now she was feeling guilty.

“Let’s go and watch a movie instead.”, she proposed, rubbing your arm.

You peeled your eyes off Andre, who hadn’t noticed you and looked at her directly.

“I- I don’t think I can just pass them. What if they recognize me?”, you asked with horror in your eyes. 

You felt your lungs give out. Something was wrong. Your hands started shaking and you couldn’t breathe. Were you really having a panic attack at the thought of passing him? What had happened to you? How could he have so much control over you?

“It’s okay. We can wait a little longer. I’m gonna pay the drinks.”

Your best friend waved her hand at the bartender while you turned to look at Andre instead. His girlfriend was all smiley and happy, dancing next to him with a different girl you didn’t know. Andre himself was leaning against the wall, his eyes flashing from Ria to his friends and into the masses. He was looking around, as you quickly looked at your friend who put her money back into her purse. 

You looked up again and completely froze.

Your heart was going to bail on you. Andre was already looking at you when you looked up, locking eyes with him. He looked surprised to see you there and he didn’t look happy. Not at all. Instead, his smile fell but neither of you had the power to look away. Your breathing problems got worse, your breath got stuck in your throat. Everything you felt was bad. Sadness, disappointment, and helplessness.

You closed your eyes before you turned your head to your friend that was already watching you.

“You’re right. Let’s go right now.”, you mumbled.

She nodded at you before she started to walk in front of you. You followed her like a lost puppy, just wanting to reach the door and get out of there. Your hands were still shaking although you were already scolding yourself.

What were you even doing? You broke up! He moved on so why couldn’t you? You might be sad because you loved him but you didn’t have the right to feel like that. You had to give him up! Let it go! Both, you and Andre had basically still been teenagers when you met. You weren’t kids anymore, you had to accept that and let him go. But why was letting him go so much harder than letting him in? 

Andre had his eyes on you the whole time you made your way through the club. The friends that had spotted you turned to tell him you were there, but as soon as they saw his gaze that was fixed on you, they turned back, giving him an assuring smile.
You had reached the door, practically fighting for air with every breath.

“Y/n?”, you heard someone behind you ask.

Oh god, was he trying to make this extra hard on you? You stopped dead in your tracks with your friend continuing to walk so she could give the two of you some space.

“Hey.”, you said quietly, turning around to face him. 

There was a distance between the two of you that had never been there. You wanted to reach out, hug him, kiss him. But you couldn’t.

Damn it, let go! You basically screamed at yourself, repeating it like a screamed mantra.
Let go! Let him go! Just let go!

“Hey.”, he greeted back although he had initiated the conversation.

“Leaving already?.”, he added.

“Uh yeah, we’re gonna watch a movie.”, you questioned, keeping your face neutral.

“Please don’t leave because of me.”

Your lips parted and you opened your mouth to say what he wanted to hear. But as you closed it again and cleared your throat there was this new feeling inside of you. Maybe you weren’t as broken as you thought. Just maybe you would be able to stop crying because of Andre.
You opened your mouth again, but before you could say anything he interrupted you.

“I’m sorry. I knew it was your favorite club. I shouldn’t have brought Ria here. That was a stupid idea.”

“It’s fine. You like that club too and it’s not like I’m the owner. It’s your choice wherever you go.”, you muttered.

Uncomfortable silence washed over the two of you. You were watching the ground as he was watching you, both not knowing what to say.
You were going to be fine. It might hurt like hell but you could do it. Just a few more minutes.

“Listen, Andre. It’s actually more than fine. I meant to say congrats, on the new girlfriend. As much as I hate it that we didn’t work out, I hope that you’re better with her.”, you mumbled.

You were pretty good at telling little lies to random friends, but even you couldn’t say these words without a pained expression. And he saw it, you knew he did. Because it was mirroring his own expression as you turned around and walked away, tears spilling over your cheeks.

A Second Chance - Chapter 12

Summary: Max does something that causes the OC (reader) to question their relationship until a friend reminds her what Max means to her.

Characters: Max, Reader (OC) & Christian (OC)

Warnings: This chapter is very…very smutty.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10357635/chapters/26244405

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal
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Updated Masterlist

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BTS reacting to you and Jungkook eloping while being on vacation

BTS reacting to you being a bookworm

Bts reacting to you singing in your native language

Bts reacting to you being one of the backup dancers of Hyuna`s “Roll Deep”

Bts reacting to you suddenly saying “I love you”

Bts reacting to you tripping and falling while walking next to them

Bts reacting to you having worked out too much and now having sore muscles

Bts reacting to your performance when you are in a girl group

Bts reacting to you having a toothache

Bts reacting to you being an Anime Fan

Bts reacting to you being successful at young age

Bts reacting to you being busy all the time but still having time for them

Bts reacting to you crying for the first time in front of them

Bts reacting to you twerking

Bts reacting to you doing something silly

Bts reacting to you craving food from your home country

Bts reacting to you self harming

Bts reacting to getting a boner while cuddling with you

Bts reacting to you only wearing his shirt to sleep

Bts reacting to you having a panic attack at night

Bts reacting to their rapper idol gf’s new MV getting a lot of views

Bts reacting to you getting sick because you overwork yourself but not telling them

Bts reacting to their innocent girlfriend which happens to be kinky

Bts reacting to you hating your parents and not wanting to see them

Bts reacting to you being an opera singer

Bts reacting to their idol crush joining the group for promotions

Bts reacting to your partner cheating on you (his best friend and crush) with his partner

Bts reacting to other girl idols flirting with them while they are in a secret relationship with you (also an idol)

Bts reacting to you playing with your hair while asleep

Bts finding out you are a (former) ballerina

Seokjin reacting to you having an eating disorder

Fake Texts

I will also include texts, where I did more than one member to the individual ones so you can find them better:)


Jin confronting you about your new hairstyle

Cooking for you as a support for your studies

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Jin nervously confessing to you

Jin texting you about your boyfriend Namjoon

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train


Yoongi confronting you about your new hairstyle

Texting Yoongi for study support

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Comforting Yoongi when he feels lonely

Yoongi and you discussing about your dates

Yoongi and you discussing your job overseas pt.1

Yoongi and you discussing your job overseas pt.2

Teasing him about his blue hair

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train

Yoongi telling you how much he misses you

Yoongi and you sitting in a crowded room(bus etc.) and overhearing a funny conversation and talking about that over text…


Hoseok confronting you about your hairstyle

Hoseok helping you with your sports choreo

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Hoseok after playing “Outlast” together

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train

Rap Monster/Namjoon

Namjoon confronting you about your new hairstyle

Namjoon helping you with literature studies

Namjoon’s reaction to your tattoo

Namjoon when he catches you dancing to SNSD’s “I got a boy”

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train


Jimin confronting you about your new hairstyle

Jimin supporting you when you have to study

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Jimin after watching “Paranormal Activity” with you

Jimin caring for you when you have anxiety

Jimin being jealous of other boys

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train


Taehyung confronting you about your new hairstyle

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Taehyung after playing “Outlast” with you

Taehyung nervously confessing to you

Taehyung randomly saying he likes you

Taehyung and you discussing biases

Taehyung`s adventures buying you pads

Taehyung being jealous of other boys

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train

Taehyung telling you how much he misses you


Jungkook confronting you about your new hairstyle

Jungkook texting you while you study for maths

Inviting the boys to Christmas dinner

Jungkook after playing “Outlast” together

Jungkook being a “nice” boyfriend and picking you up from the train station

Jungkook nervously confessing to you

Jungkook being jealous of other boys

Texting him because you cannot make it to the date because of the train

Jungkook telling you how much he misses you

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Christmas Countdown Day 3- Christmas Cookies

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Christmas Countdown Day 1- Surprise Date

Jhope/ Hoseok

Christmas Countdown Day 2- Christmas Lights

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Christmas Countdown Day 5- Last Minute

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Christmas Countdown Day 4- Silent Night

What am I to you? 1 2 3


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Christmas Countdown Day 7- Movie Marathon

Reactions, What would…?’s & other stuff :3

What games would you play on a gaming afternoon?

What would you on a day with snow?

What couple clothes would you wear?

Which elements would BTS be bending in the Avatar universe?

Being Taehyung’s girlfriend includes…

Bonnie and Clyde inspired Yoonmin AU

Bts as owls

Mtl to say “I love you” first

College AU Maknae Line social media

Tattoo Artist AU Jungkook

Being Jungkook’s best friend includes…

those basic things we've all read in snk fanfics (feel free to add)
  • Eren: submissive, stubborn af, unrealistically angry 150% of the time, bitches at armin/mikasa about their choice in boy/girlfriends, always fights with jean, has daddy issues after mom's death, heterochromia iridum
  • Levi: calls eren and everyone younger than him a shitty brat in every dialogue, calls hanji 'shitty glasses' every 2 seconds, grumpy 90% of the time, calls erwin 'eyebrows' or 'captain america' or 'captain eyebrows', shit talks hanji and erwin but actually loves them, has tragic and out of place sad backstory dropped mid way through the story, does not ever laugh or smile or blush, has sudden change in thoughts and emotions pertaining to love interest somewhere in the fic, 'tch' in every dialogue, blown out of proportion cleaning habit, some variation of the 'do you hate me' dialogue always in the story
  • Mikasa: over protective mother figure of eren but gets offended if eren or someone else points this out- leading to an argument, fic always starts with mikasa waking eren up, cold and detached, never laughs or smile except in the presence of armin and eren, hostile with levi the SECOND they meet for no reason whatsoever, always says the 'i don't trust him but i'll kill him if he hurts you' to the boy/girlfriends of eren and armin, only hobbies are gym and martial arts and going to the dojo
  • Armin: smart genius ass with all the wisdom in the world who somehow always manages to get eren out of a dilemma, caring and considerate and omg- definitely no swearing!!, blushes easily, some variation of an outfit containing a 'baby blue button up, fitting khakis, a sweater vest and oxford shoes'
  • Erwin: only two options in fics- 1) manipulative asshole villainous ex of levi who wants to bring levi's current boy/girlfriend down or 2) low key manipulative and slightly chill best friend of levi, always in some authoritative position, compared to chris evans or captain america, caterpillars for eyebrows, smooth gentleman who holds doors and politely flirts with you but hot damn crazy in bed
  • Hanji: IS ALWAYS SCREAMING OR EXCITED, calls levi 'shortstack' or cute and her/his/their baby and ruffling his hair while levi mutters something about 'shitty glasses', attacks levi's SO with a million questions to which levi says 'shitty glasses leave him/her alone', always a science geek who starts to talk about complicated science the second they meet someone new
  • Jean: ALWAYS fights with eren for no reason and to serve no purpose to the fic, sarcastic comments that goes too far one day and offends someone, awkward apologies to person he offended but will play it off as "marco asked me to", called 'horseface' and infinite amount of horse references, also plays the role of evil ex of eren or armin
  • Annie: chill af but always in the background, described as someone who "finds everything boring", detached and cold
  • Reiner: buff gym lover who is buds with eren or jean and always sounds like a douche from college, always invites people to parties, 'man/bro' used in dialogues, loud thunderous laughter, slapping the backs of people he is talking to
  • Bertholdt: apparently a tall but sweaty guy who is nervous throughout the entire fic, eyes always shifting nervously
  • Connie: "YO SASHA CHECK THIS OUT cRaZy Trick i'm doing!! I AM CRAY", comic relief and is slightly written as funny
  • Sasha: "YO I WILL CONNIE ONE SEC I GOTTA TALK ABOUT FOOD FOR THE REST OF THE CHAPTER BEFORE I JOIN YOU", always talks about food, character description shortened to 'food luver' by friends, comic relief but is not even written as funny most of the time
  • Ymir: asshole who's spewing off thinly veiled insults but is loving and caring to girlfriend Krista, over protective mother dog to Krista, makes sex jokes
  • Krista/Historia: almost always works with ymir, gets flustered at sex jokes, tells ymir to stop being an asshole and apologises on her behalf, is princess and queen of fic, that's it she's not even developed in non-yumikuri fics
  • Marco: loved by all, gr8 advice giver, secretly always in love with het-Jean-who-realises-he's-gay, reminds everyone of a golden retriever but with freckles
  • Mike: introduction of character always starts with smelling people and levi/hanji/erwin saying "don't mind him"
  • Petra: ADORED by everyone, golden girl of everyone's dreams, kind and caring and loves everyone, petite but can kick your ass down in 2 seconds but no body knows that until the plot needs it
  • Auruo: bites his tongue while trying to imitate levi, fawns over petra
  • Kenny: a villain 95% of the time, related to levi/mikasa but no one knows until the plot requires it, reveals this info in a dramatic monologue, introduction starts with dramatic kidnapping/murder and a sarcastic taunting laugh from kenny as he enters from the darkness, crazy gun wielding uncle
  • Grisha: almost always having an abusive or bad relationship with eren and mikasa not mentioned at all, was working on something ~secret~ before his disappearance
  • Carla: loving mother as seen in flashbacks, violently taken away from eren as seen in nightmares, 99% dead in most fics

Another “imagine TVD with out Elena” thing.

This time, it’s the story of best friends Bonnie and Caroline, as they try to stay friends despite growing apart due to supernatural messes. when one discovers she’s a witch, and the other is turned into a vampire, their friendship is put through the ultimate test.

Bonnie learns she’s a witch and that a few dangerous vampires have come to town. she tries to balance her time between school her best friend, and this new responsibility, but things are majorly complicated when Damon Salvatore shows up and demands she help him free his evil vampire ex-girlfriend from a tomb.

Caroline is attempting to get her crush, Matt, to notice her when she is attacked by a mysterious creature. When she’s saved by handsome Stefan Salvatore, she falls for him instantly… only to be killed by his brother over a misunderstanding, and waking up un-dead. she now must learn to be a vampire, while keeping this secret from her best friend, Bonnie.

Featuring: Bamon, Steroline, and Baroline (potential Konnie and Carenzo). Also staring: a kickass Katherine as the main Antagonists; vampire hunter Gilberts; the brotherhood of the five getting a cool mythology; Liz Forbes as queen of mystic falls; Enzo causing trouble for everyone, and more.