while Regina is about to be married off to the highest bidder

Falling Slowly - Chapter Two

Summary: When Henry is kidnapped by the Evil Queen, Emma rushes to save him. Along the way, she receives the help of a ship’s captain with a shared past, though she has no idea just how deep that shared past really goes.
Rating: E
Warnings: Kidnapping, language, explicit sexual content
Beta-readers: @scapeartist, @zengoalie, @optomisticgirl, @swankkat
Cover and art: @swankkat (@snokone-lady)


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Emma felt a little guilty as she made her way through the market of the small town that sprawled around her estate. Most of her subjects were accustomed to traveling without a horse or carriage, and here she was, feeling nervous about the prospect of how sore her muscles would be once she arrived at her destination. Granted, she was also on edge, worried about people recognizing her or questioning her motives; she had barely slept at all in days; and it took a significant amount of energy to lock away what she was feeling regarding her son. A horse or a carriage would have been well-deserved as far as she was concerned.

She was less anxious about overnight accommodations. Although she was used to traveling with a retinue and guards, she had stayed in plenty of inns all over the kingdom and knew some of the ones that were safer than others. Typically, the trek to her father-in-law’s home took only a day when she traveled by carriage, and so she was unused to staying the night between those locations. But when dusk fell and she found herself in a bustling village, she had no trouble finding a clean, reasonably priced inn to stay at.

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