Somebody’s Mom

     -Whihala Beach. Whiting, IN

     So some kid walks over to me as I’m taking photographs at the beach. “Lemme see!” he demands after I take a photo. I show him. “Oh cool!” he exclaims. “Wanna take a picture?” I ask. “Yeah!” he shouts. I hang the camera strap around his neck and hand him my Nikon d7000*. I show him how to focus and shoot. He’s not quite getting the hang of it. I see a woman walking our way. “Is that your Mom?” I ask. He nods. “Let’s take her photo.”. I help set him up. “Okay, press that button.” I say. His mom smiles. This is the result.

     Not bad, kid. Not bad. I just made a slight crop.

*Yeah, I handed a kid my Nikon! I’m stupid like that!