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Take On Me COMMUNITY MUSIC VIDEO (1st Anniversary!)

Hiiii you guuuuys
Ok so last year I wanted to do a music video showcasing all us Grump fans just how much we love and support them. Unfortunately that project got shelved due to life matters, BUT A NEW MV IDEA HAS COME UP INSTEAD!

So if you guys weren’t aware, this coming 23rd is the 1st official anniversary of NSP releasing the music video for Take On Me (the cover song from A-Ha). And what I thought would be pretty fun, would be to do a whole music video of Grump/NSP fans lip-syncing and dancing to the song in a fun and super energetic way :)

The rules:
-One submission per person!
-can be of yourself or if you’re shy, animation or photos (whichever is easier for you)
-dress nice/comfortable (you’ll be on camera if you choose so)
-no gross/inappropriate wear (it may be NSP but we have dignity lol)
What you do:

Film yourself so we can compile all the videos together. Be sure to look cool for the video but nothing too snazzy, be as comfortable as you as possible!

Also please film somewhere in good light!

Since it’s a music video, lipsyncing is a must!

But! That doesn’t mean you HAVE to lipsync, in fact this mv needs a lot of high energy, so dancing, acting out things, displaying your grumps/nsp stuff, nearly anything is on the table lol if you have any questions on what you want to do, let me know!

And it doesn’t need to just be you either, you can film you and your friends, brothers, sisters, the more the merrier :3

Submissions start today (Feb 8th) and end around 10pm PST on Feb 22nd. Send wav files or mp4s to: takeonmenspmv@gmail.com With your name & username on social media, so we know who you are! HAVE FUN AND ROCK FUCK!

※ All of my scanlations are now available in a separate archive blog!


I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and I figured with the amount of scanlations I’ve posted so far (just posted the 101th(!)), things have started to become a little cluttered in my standard translation tag.
Also, there are probably quite a few people who only followed me, because of my scanlations and who don’t really care for all the other things I usually reblog.
So, if you don’t want all of that stuff on your dashboard anymore, feel free to unfollow me on this blog and follow the new archive instead.

What’s changing on this blog?
Nothing, really. I will continue posting my scanlations on here. New scanlations will be reblogged to my archive immediately after. When I post scanlations of whole books, which I don’t want to split into more than 2 photo-set posts, I will post them in a single entry on my archive blog, but will let you guys know about the new goodies on this blog, too.
So, whichever blog you decide to follow in the end, you will miss out on nothing scanlation-wise.

With the archive’s new tag system, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for. Posts will be tagged by pairing, family, artist, and type of genre. In addition, my full translation list will always be up to date as well.

Hope you guys like this change! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

By the by, guys

I’m… gonna be admitted soon. Um, soon as we find a place I guess. So I’ll be gone, don’t know when I’ll be back. If I’ll be back, I guess.

I have gotten… so much worse, I can’t breathe most days, can’t think past how much I hate this and I’d rather be asleep, or buried, whichever comes first. I thought it’d be easier to villainize my parents but I couldn’t blame them if I tried, I’m hell in a hand basket to deal with, never mind live with lmao. I’m incredibly disappointing. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you guys are great and I know how exhausting it can be to throw love at a person who doesn’t believe it. Or it not being enough. That sucks and I’m sorry. I never wanted this for anybody.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I know I need more help and I’d rather get it while I want it than… have it forced down my throat, I guess. I’ll give y'all a heads up before I leave though, just… until then, I guess.

iKon and Winner: Seeing You In  A Sexy Swimsuit

Requested By: Anonymous ~ Could you do a reaction of Ikon or Winner (whichever is easier) of how they would act, seeing you in a sexy swimsuit?

B.I: “Nice babe you look real nice”

Jinhwan: “I don’t agree with this but we’re gonna be in the water most of the time”

Yunhyeong: “Oooh girl it’s gonna be hard for me to watch all them guys stare at you”

Bobby: “Damn.. I don’t feel like going to the beach anymore”

Donghyuk: “Ayy that’s my girl, always looking fine”

Junhoe: *grabs a towel* “Stay like that all day”

Chanwoo: *gets all blushy* “Wow you look..um sexy”

Seungyoon: *speechless*

Jinwoo: “Woww all the guys will be staring at you”

SeungHoon: “Stay with me at all times today, I don’t want no guy hitting on you” 

Mino: “Do we have to go to the beach” *looks you up and down*

Taehyun: *boner alert* “Umm..I’ll be right back I need to um fix something”

ewmide  asked:

Jaebummieee + ice cream/ cupcakes (whichever is easier) + shared apartment???

“Can I have one of those cupcakes?” you asked when Jaebum walked into your guys’ apartment. He was holding a whole tray full of blue cupcakes.

“No,” Jaebum said. “Get your own.”

“But you have twelve. You don’t need to eat that many,” you complained.

“Yes I do,” Jaebum returned. “Don’t judge my eating habits.”

“I’m judging your eating habits hardcore right now, because you won’t share some with me.” You moved over to Jaebum and tried to just take one.

He smacked your hand away and held the cupcakes high out of your reach. “Back off. These are mine.”

“Jaebummieee!” you whined, jumping up and trying to reach them.

Jaebum just took a large bite out of his cupcake and walked away, taking the cupcakes with him.

anonymous asked:

Super Cute moment between kyohei ,taka or Leon (whichever is easier) and mc when they r alone but then guys walk in (like the Ichiya one you recently did) please?? PLEASE NEVER STOP WRITING STORIES 💕

I select Leon for this.

You have made Leon’s favourite meatballs and make your way to the mansion. However, you only found Leon alone in the living room.

“Surprisingly, you are alone.” You smiled.

“Why are you asking for the others?” Leon sulked.

“Hee… You are jealous.” You teased.

“Did you bring it?” Leon blushed and diverts the question.

“Yup! Here are your favourite meatballs.” You smiled and open the lunchbox.

“Feed me.” Leon requested and you stare at him in shocked. “I am tired. So I wanted you to feed me.” He exclaimed.

“Fine! Just for you!” You giggled and took one, bringing it to his mouth.

Leon pulls you closer to him and you take the second meatballs to him again. Leon enjoys it and wraps his hand around your shoulders.

“Oh mine! I thought I step into a nursery room.” Tauxolouve teased.

You turned to face the door and saw the gods from the wishes department. You tried to pull away from Leon but he continues to hold you tight.

“Is he trying to show off to us?” Aigonorus asked teasingly.

“I can see why he is working so hard today.” Hue teased.

“That is because _____ is coming over.” Teorus smiled.

“I am just trying to be diligent in case someone nagged at me for not doing my job.” Leon protested but his face is blushing nonstop.

“I did no such thing today but I wish you can be so diligent every day.” Karno teased.

“Leon, you want another meatball?” Teorus face Tauxolouve and pretend to act out the scene to everyone.

“Yes and I want you to feed me with your mouth.” Tauxolouve teased and plays along with Teorus.

“You two are gross.” Aigonorus frowned.

“You two are asking for trouble.” Leon blushed and raises his voice at them.

“Don’t worry! _____ is here. He won’t do anything that will upset her.” Hue teased.

“_____, you should come here more often.” Karno smiled sweetly at you while the whole room burst into laughter.

You are so embarrassed that you do not know how to response. Suddenly, Leon lifts you up and walks out of the living room. “It is too noisy here. Let’s go back to my room.” He blushed.

“Oh! That mean _____ won’t be leaving the mansion until morning.” Teorus smirked.

“That show how in love is our lion.” Tauxolouve smiled and everyone chuckled happily.

You can see Leon’s turns even redder but he don’t seem deny anything. You are secretly smiling in your heart and happy that Leon care so much for you. You buried your face in his chest, as he carries you out of the living room while the rest continue teasing both of you. Like what they predicted, you never leave Leon’s room until the next morning.



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Once Upon A Time keyrings are up in my Etsy shop now! They’re double-sided, so you can mix and match whichever characters and pictures you want. I’ve made it as straightforward as possible, I hope, but if you’ve got any suggestions for making it easier, please let me know!

WereCat (Scott & Stiles)

Anonymous: Could you do an imagine or preference (whichever is easier) on the guys finding out you’re a shapeshifter, but like only to a cat? And you can grow cat ears and fangs and a tail and your eyes are like this glowy colour (idk sorry). If it’s too confusing don’t worry about it ^^

So I tried… Hopefully this is okay?

You were strolling about the woods, fully transformed and doing your own search for the werecoyote. You had figured that you might have better luck trying to find it as coyotes didn’t have as much problems with cats as they did with wolves. As you spotted the creature you broke into a run, legs bringing you over the forest ground with an agile speed. You didn’t notice Scott chasing after it too until you found them standing in the clearing. Scott’s eyes were flashing red and the coyote had then disappeared off into the trees. You turned to leave but got spotted by Scott. He stared at you, eyes still red. Slowly his head cocked to the side and confusion crossed his face. He said your name and you mentally cursed yourself. You had hoped they wouldn’t find out like this. Your eyes flashed a bright green and you stepped out into the clearing. “Holy… I can’t believe this.” You flicked your tail and then dashed back into the woods, unaware that Scott had followed you. You transformed back into your human form and retrieved up your clothes that were neatly folded and hidden in a trunk. “Sorry!” He exclaimed. You turned around, clothes barely covering your naked skin as you scowled at Scott. “Turn around!” You exclaimed. Scott nodded his head and turned around, hands going over his eyes. You grumbled under your breath about privacy and then swore as Stiles entered the clearing. “Oh for…” You shook your head and glared at Stiles, shooting him an order to turn around as you pulled on your clothes. “Can someone please explain to me what is going on?” He asked desperately. You let out a sigh pulled on your dress. “You can turn around now. Before you ask, Scott, I’m a cat. Kind of. I’m a cat in the same way you’re a wolf.” Stiles’ eyes widened and he stared at you. Scott was staring at you two. They began shooting questions at you and you began walking towards your car with them following behind you. You tried to answer their questions, but some of them were just ridiculous. “Guys! I get that you want to know but I can’t tell you everything tonight! Can we talk about this tomorrow at school? Please don’t tell anyone.” Scott and Stiles exchanged a glance before nodding their heads. “Sure, sure. No need to get your fur in a twist.” Said Stiles. You rolled your eyes and let out a heavy sigh. “Nice. Very smooth Stiles.” Stiles grinned, clearly very proud of himself, and Scott couldn’t help fight a smile either.