which... sure it's not that hard to figure out

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SO RANDOM SIDLINK HEADCANON I WANTED TO SHARE: Link got Sidon some custom-made Opal Earrings for his birthday! Sidon wears them at almost all times (he only takes them off when he sleeps), but he doesn't have the heart to tell Link that the opal's natural swim-speed-boosting effects don't affect Zora. So now whenever Link is near (which is almost always), Sidon swims twice as hard & fast as normal, just to reassure him I always thought it'd be cute for Link to get Sidon the Opal Earrings :D

Thats adorable. I love this! 

Link’ll figure it out eventually though, lets be real here. Sidon still insists on showing off to Link anyway, even after he says he doesn’t have to fake it. 

Its good practice if nothing else. Plus, I mean, with all the little flips and tricks he does in front of Link anyway, I’m pretty sure he just likes showing off. Zora flirting 101 or something. Sidon’ll still wear them though, he loves those things.

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to the anon who stated that jon called dany a stranger pre wight hunt implying he saw her as a stranger then. i know comprehension is hard but it's abundantly clear that jon's speech which started off saying 'when i first came here' was about his arrival at dragonstone and him trusting that she, a stranger THEN, wouldn't murder him. it's not that hard to figure out as jon spells out the damn context of when she was a stranger. i feel dumb for even answering this in good faith.

Lmao right??? Thanks for sending this I mean I really didn’t want to dignify their crap with a response but I’m glad that you took the time to point out specifically why they’re wrong. 

And for a “prisoner” Jon sure did have free reign, the verbal confirmation from Tyrion that he wasn’t a prisoner, and access to natural resources that he mined literally for free. 

It’s crazy that some people think the way they do. 

Today has been harsh day. I had to say goodbye to my darling daughter Percy. Im going to move to Prague soon and I didn’t feel confident bringing her with me. 
My friends brother luckily agreed to take her. He has multiple lizards so im sure she will be thriving with him. But I will miss her. She has been with me for two years. 

Its still hard saying goodbye to a pet but I have to think about her first and she will be better with him. He want to get her male so im sure she will be happier with company.
Im still figuring out how I will take my rankins dragon.

My sweet phelsuma Perceptor, hopefully he will send me photos

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Great post about the sexism question! As for the "girls" conversation I would like to add that for us non-native English speakers this is often even more difficult to sort through. I see the term girls being used commonly, just as we constantly refer to Steve&Bucky (and Seb&Chris) as boys, so I take this into my own vernacular without much thought, assuming this is just common use of English. It's hard to figure out sometimes what's sexism and what's maybe a cultural/language difference or both.

Thanks for pointing this out! I hadn’t even thought of it from that point of view, which iI suppose makes a lot of sense since I’m a native english speaker. It’s for sure a subtlety to take into consideration when thinking about the language used in fics, theres plenty of people in the stucky fandom are non native english speakers and are writing in English.

111 Steps to Make Brownies From a Box Mix

1. get up to date with my thankfully not too active tumblr dashboard
2. make sure no one is trying to get my attention on discord or twitter
3. rest computer screen with tumblr open (The first three steps are a routine to try to bring this ‘task’ to completion, but the internet is never complete.)
4. stand up (this is significantly harder than it should be, something about task switching, I think.)
5. walk around desk, to get to the door (which direction? the long way, or the way with wires? I need to know, to do either.)
6. open door, the door nob turns either direction
7. enter next room while closing the door so the cats don’t get into my stuff
8. walk into kitchen
9. remember I had to bring stuff from my room, such as the brownie pan, and the brownie mix (This always happens with me, invariably.)
10. return to my room, locate the remembered items, which thankfully stay in the same spot, and so aren’t ever out of place
11. return to kitchen, remembering to close my door again
12. put obtained objects onto the counter
13. stand in the kitchen for a few minutes, trying to proceed, not knowing what’s next. hope my housemates don’t ask me if I’m okay (this means the next steps are probably hard)
14. gather every ingredient listed on the brownie mix’s box, so I know I can make them (This is actually just the eggs and oil, at this point.)
15. realize I forgot the canola oil in my room
16. return to get it, being sure to not let the cats in, still
17. put oil onto counter
18. set oven to 350 (just a dial, its not extra steps)
19. repeat step 13 for at least a few seconds
20. obtain a mixing bowl (This step is SO hard. I don’t own one myself, so I have to figure out WHICH bowl to borrow and to commit myself to cleaning it.)
21. inspect each possible mixing bowl to judge how clean they are
22. feel bad that I’m going to make someone else’s bowl dirty
23. place selected bowl onto counter
24. pick up canola oil
25. read brownie box, for measurements
26. put oil back onto the counter
27. return to my room
28. find my measuring cups
29. bring my measuring cups into the kitchen, don’t forget to close the door again
30. take canola oil and pour it into the listed measuring cup, holding both over the bowl in case it spills
31. once filled, dump the measuring cup’s contents into the bowl (31 steps in, and we’re finally putting the ingredients into the bowl, yay!)
32. use the water measuring cup amount, to obtain the right amount of water from the sink
33. dump that water into the bowl
34. crack the instructed number of eggs into the bowl (possible step: fish the bits of egg shell out, if any fall in.)
35. find mixing utensil (what, a fork, a whisk, something else? something that’s mine, something that’s better to use? Lets say I went with a fork of my own.)
36. mix up the wets with the fork, until the yolk is spread throughout
37. open the bag of brownie mix (with what, my hands, my teeth, a knife, some scissors?)
38. pour brownie mix into bowl
39. mix until consistent
40. notice i never cleaned the brownie pan
41. take dry paper towel (which paper towel, from the kitchen, or from my own roll in my room?)
42. wipe out last time’s crumbs best I can
43. think “good enough”
44. place pan onto stove
45. pour canola oil onto the pan, and use a dry paper towel to spread it across the bottom and sides of the pan
46. pick up bowl with brownie batter in it
47. live over pan, and begin to pour
48. ensure none of it falls outside of the pan
49. use the fork to coax as much of the batter out of the bowl as possible
50. set bowl down, such that it doesn’t drip
51. put on oven mitts
52. open oven door
53. pick up the pan of brownie batter (with one hand? two?)
54. place the pan of brownie batter into the oven (the easiest spot to put it is good, nothing tricky here)
55. close oven door
56. take note of the time
57. promptly forget the time
58. go to my room to get my visual timer thing (close the door behind me)
59. think to turn the dial, to the amount of time the brownies should be in the oven for
60. realize I don’t know how long that is
61. go back into the kitchen (remember to close the door)
62. pick up empty brownie box with other hand
63. read the table on the back, to see how long the brownies should be in for
64. set box back down
65. turn dial on timer to the greater of the two listed times for my pan size
66. inspect counter, to find a clean dry spot (I forgot to put this step, every single time I put anything down so far, but this step is always inevitable)
67. set timer down on the cleanest driest spot of the counter
68. unaffix all ends of the brownie box and flatten it
69. put box into the kitchen’s recycling container
70. think to myself “yay, I did it, good job, me, we’re done!”
71. realize I’m not done, because now I have to clean the fork and bowl
72. take a moment to do nothing but take note of my emotional response (probably dread, but more active and tense)
73. walk over to the fork and bowl (I forgot to say, but those are also on the counter on a clean dry spot. the fork inside the bowl, but touching the inside as little as possible so the batter doesn’t dirty the fork more)
74. carefully pick up fork, only touching a clean dry part
75. turn sink on all the way, on hot
76. hold fork under the hot water, until all visible brownie batter is washed off
77. think “this is my fork, and this is all i ever use it for, so this is good enough” while turning off the sink
78. carry the fork back into my room (the door)
79. place it back with the rest of my utensils
80. return to kitchen (If I don’t sit down for “just a moment”)(the door)
81. look at the bowl to be cleaned
82. freeze up, standing there, unable to proceed
83. eventually, mentally prepare myself to deal with cleaning the bowl (though not nearly enough)
84. turn the sink back on with hot water
85. pick up bowl by the sides, not touching any of the dirty parts
86. carefully hold bowl such that the sink washes the batter off, without the water or batter ever touching my hands (this step is tricky and can take a long time)
87. set the mostly empty bowl down on the counter
88. grab the dish soap
89. squirt a little of it into the bowl
90. set the soap back down exactly where i picked it up from
91. stare at the bowl, unsure of what to do
92. think about how gross sponges are, and how i refuse to touch them
93. pick up bowl
94. set down bowl
95. walk around the house aimlessly, in my confusion (continue this step as long as needed)
96. return to bowl with the resolve to clean it, even if it means getting my hands wet (idk why but I have a big problem with getting my hands wet, unless the water is 100% known to be ‘clean’)
97. take a paper towel and fold it over a lot
98. completely wipe the soap and water around
99. throw away the paper towel
100. rinse the soap out
101. put bowl in drying rack, or on other counter, if drying rack is full
102. take a moment to take in how exhausted I feel after all of this
103. pick up the timer
104. return to my room (door)
105. sit at computer, exhausted
106. place timer in range of vision on desk
107. watch something online until timer is done
108. return to kitchen (door)
109. put on oven mitts
110. open oven door
111. pick up brownies, to move them to the stove top

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So to quench your Ukraine Jr. thirst what about his s/o being like 10/10 obsessed with his hair and always messes it up and he hates it.

Okay so 2 things;

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw “Ukraine” and can’t figure out if that was on purpose or not, and which way is funnier
  2. This was exactly the kind of request that was perfect for me to get started on Ukai. His hair has literally been my fav since day1

also, something you guys have to know about my writing, it literally always finds a way to turn nsfw-ish. I’m not sure why but my fingers get to typin and its just like ‘oops’

This wasn’t the first time Ukai had woken to the feeling of fingers running gently through his air. Honestly it’s such a regular occurrence that he should be used to it by now. Though, despite how great it feels to him, being woken up from such a wonderful nap made him a little bitter. With a childish pout taking over his face he turned his position on the bed so his back was facing you.

“Aw, Keishin.” The pout could be heard clearly through your voice as you begged your boyfriend to turn back around. Still, your hands found themselves twisting back into those soft blonde locks of his. “Come on.”

“No.” Mumbling, his sleepy voice carried a slight tone of annoyance. “I have to go to practice later, and you’re messing up my hair.”

Upon hearing his sentence, you almost scoffed at the idea. “I’m messing up your hair?” A laugh escaped your lips in between sentences. “Keishin, you were sleeping.” Seeming to finally get a rise out of him, you felt him start to shift back. In a very unceremonious manner, his body moved so he could finally meet your slightly mocking gaze with his own.

“I’m a neat sleeper,” His retort was said quickly, and his eyebrows bent to match his expression to the tone in his voice. “and my hair would look fine if you weren’t messing with it all the damn time.” He watched as s/o’s eyes flickered, full of amusement.

“That’s funny,” you started, a small smirk coming onto your face, “you didn’t seem to mind me tugging on your hair earlier.” Referencing the earlier activities that had occurred when he had gotten home from work, you were able to elicit a small blush from him. There was no way you could leave it at that. “Actually, I think I remember you specifically saying-”

His lips cut you off, and as you found yourself getting lost in the kiss. The usual roughness showed through, and as his weight shifted onto yours a smile pushed it’s way onto your lips. Your fingers knotted themselves in his hair once more, and your boyfriend pulled back from the kiss, a cunning smile on his face. “If you’re going to be pulling on my hair, it might as well be for a good reason.”

His voice was husky, still traces of sleepiness in it, and with the current position his sculpted chest was on full display for you. Out of the entirety of the situation, you couldn’t figure out what you liked more, or what exactly sent you reeling. “You’ve always been so sexy, Keishin.” You muttered, pulling him back to satisfy the overbearing need for his lips to be on yours. As his lips moved toward your neck, you gave a gentle tug to his hair, and was rewarded by a delicious groan escaping his vocal cords.


“Hey,” Hinata started, catching the attention of the team during warm ups, “have you guys seen coach Ukai’s hair today?”

Kageyama nodded. “It’s messier than usual.”

The others followed his gaze in a less than inconspicuous manner. Almost immediately, Noya and Tanaka looked at each other with the same smirk, and Enoshita had to stifle a laugh.

“Coach!” Noya called, causing a warning look to take over Daichi’s facial expression. Though, this was too good for the two to let it slide. “I really like your hair today!”

At first, he was confused. What could those two idiots be on about now? Though, as it dawned on him, his face paled, and he was unable to stop the next words from leaving Tanaka’s smirking mouth.

“I never pegged you as hair-tugging kind of guy.” By now, the laughter couldn’t help but bellow from the two, and the rest of the team tried their best to keep it in. Tsukishima was snickering in the corner, followed by Yamaguchi, and poor Asahi felt just as embarrassed as his coach.

The team ran 20 laps that day.

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okay i really want to know, 5 things you'd change about ninjago

honestly the bigger question is 5 things i wouldn’t change about ninjago, but i suppose i’ll narrow down the top of my list of things that Need To Change

1. I’d fix the timeline so that it Actually Makes Sense and allows more room for exploration of other elements. Biggest thing is really to make the Serpentine War take place a long ass time ago with none of the ninjas’ parents being involved. By extension, I’d also end up changing the way the elemental powers work or carry from generation to generation (like one of my 50-some fleshed-out explanations of how the powers should work, instead of this arbitrary “and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU’RE obviously adopted because your parents don’t have it, and YOU get it from your parents” etc. etc. etc. because honestly just no. No. That’s not good enough for me sorry. :P

2. More emphasis on the everyone’s relationships with other people, rather than just the core cast. I wanna see more of Kai and Nya bonding over remembering their parents. I wanna see more of Jay interacting with his parents. I want to learn who Cole’s mom is and see how that impacts Cole and Lou. I want literally anything to happen with Zane and Julien and Echo, because after S6 we are Incredibly Ripe for a discussion which I really want to see. Basically, I want to learn more about who these characters are, who they care for, and who they care about - unlike in canon Ninjago, where the team pretty much Exists as a singular entity that has no ties to any people in particular. TL;DR: I want a minor characters to exist for more than one episode sometimes.

3. No romance bullshit. Listen, back in S1 and S2, Jaya was cute. Now, though, after everything that happened in all the recent seasons? Sorry, no. It’s quite literally the opposite of a healthy relationship 90% of the time - the one example I can think of where they actually communicated with each other without all the other bullshit is TLR, but considering TLR is probably one of the best Ninjago episodes of all time, that pretty much shows the state they’ve been in. All the two of them ever do is try to kiss each other, even when they’re fighting almost constantly, which really isn’t a good way to figure out what’s wrong in your relationship to try and fix it. Basically, fuck the love triangle.

4. Fuck S3 in general. Sure, you can have a season with some of the same general ideas in its plot - I mean, if you can even find an overarching plot in S3 to imitate, which is a pretty fuckin hard task if I do say so myself - but the sudden genre switch from “mostly fantasy” to “mostly sci-fi” is a really fucking sudden transition, and it really doesn’t work well with the show’s strengths. The sad thing about S3 is that a lot of the concepts introduced in it are wonderful - Cyrus, Pixal, Hiroshi’s Labyrinth, Pythor’s return, the Serpentine underground city, etc. - but the plot is so unfocused and all over the place that it just comes off as complete bullshit. Hell, even the sudden genre switch could’ve felt more natural if the plot took a bit more time and cut out the love triangle bullshit. But it didn’t. So fuck S3.

5. General characterization cleanup. In the last few seasons, everybody’s really been coming off as pretty flat - Kai’s the impulsive one, Cole’s the sorta-serious one, Zane’s the smart one, Lloyd kinda exists, Nya doesn’t have character unless she’s arguing with someone, and Jay is a nightmare and makes me want to die. This one I’m going to split up into subcategories for each of the main characters because this is a huge problem.

Jay: He’s been so screamy and whiny all the time in recent seasons, and sure, he also was a little bit back in the earlier seasons, but the Hagemans have slowly turned him up to eleven over time. S6 was literally so bad at points that I could hardly sit through it. It’s gotten to the point where I can instantly tell that the Hagemans haven’t written the script for something if Jay doesn’t piss me off - and so far I’ve always been right, because I’ve been able to successfully predict it for Day of the Departed and S7, neither of which were/are written by them. It’s worth noting that both of them portray Jay a lot better and have a “normal” amount of focus on him, so it’s possible that S6 was only really especially bad because the camera was on him the entire time.

Cole and Lloyd: Back in the second half of S2 or so (though it only really became obvious in S3), Cole and Lloyd actually swapped a lot of their “personality” traits. Before the swap, Lloyd was more of the “foodie” character and Cole was the “default leader”, but around Child’s Play their traits actually got swapped around. Now, back in the olden days, all of the characters were more 3-dimensional, so it was really hard to tell - but as soon as S3 started it was very obvious that Cole was suddenly “goofy food-lover” and Lloyd was “default leader the team would be incompetent without”. I’d switch them back. #MakeLloydSillyAgain

Zane: Honestly, of all the Ninja, Zane’s the one that most pisses me off right now, even more so than Jay. While Jay’s just annoying and screamy, our current Zane is a completely different character than the one we had back in the early days of Ninjago. Both versions of Zane are smart, but while the old Zane was kind and understanding, the Zane we have now is very egotistical and occasionally quite mean-spirited. The easiest way to show the difference is by taking a look at the scene where new Zane asks for wishes from Nadakhan - new Zane tries to outsmart Nadakhan and gets punished for it. Old Zane probably would’ve wished for his friends to be freed. :/

Nya: I’m too tired to try to come up with reasons for this because honestly Nya’s character has always been treated like shit. One thing I’d definitely change doesn’t have anything to do with her - it’s that I’d have her independence be treated as an asset instead of a liability.

Kai: I don’t have much to say with him - of all the Ninja, his character has stayed the most consistent throughout the show. He’s impulsive and a bit rash at times, but he’s not stupid; and he’ll do anything he can to protect the people he cares about. In recent seasons, the writers have frequently ignored the “but he’s not stupid” part, but other than that he’s pretty much the same as he was at the beginning.

k so that’s 5, good job woods it only took you an hour to write all this shit

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PLEASE UPDATE THE PACK MOM STILES STILINSKI TAG PLEASE I beg of you I BEG OK ITS LIKE MY FAVORITE THING EVERRRRR you are wonderful and I love you guys, bringing me the Sterek and all that good shit Also- sequel to Greenbeans? PLEASE?

Your wish is my command, lovelies!

Thanks, Mom by 50_points_for_ravenclaw

(1,922 I General I Complete)

Promt. A sterek au with pack mom stiles? Pretty please?

It’s not Poison Oak by JapanFreak01

(3,353 I General I Complete I Scott and Stiles bromance)

Scott cannot stop itching. The itch is all over his skin, he just wants it to stop. Stiles is of course worried. What kind of things were werewolves allergic to, and oh my god why is Scott rubbing his back against a wall during school?!

Stilinski-Hale Pack series by Daydreamingworldsunknown

(total of 11,705 I Teen I WIP)

Without looking Stiles said, “Yes, you really do. Since when did I become the responsible one? I should tell my Dad. He would be so proud of me.” He laughed a little and finally turned toward Derek with an accusatory finger. “You are so overindulgent. First, with Isaac and now Liam. I swear he could literally get away with murder.”

“Not murder.”

“Not murder? That’s what you got from that?”

Or, 5 times someone assumes Stiles and Derek are parents, plus one time they realize that they are.

That Could Be Us by captainpinkoreos

(currently 14,709 I Explicit I WIP I Accidental Baby Acquisition, Magic!Stiles; Also has Derek/Jennifer)

It’s been two years since that time Derek and Stiles spent a night together. Stiles thought they had something, he was so sure of it, but Derek began to drift away from him and towards the pack’s old high school English teacher, Jennifer Blake. Stiles will do anything for an explanation of the relationship between him and Derek, but when the pack finds a baby in the preserve and Stiles volunteers to care for the baby, he and Derek are forced to confront the nature of their relationship and how Jennifer Blake found her way between them.

The pack finds a baby, the baby forces Derek and Stiles to talk about their angsty past, and it’s all Jennifer Blake’s fault.

The New & Improved Hale Pack Series by little_bitty_werewolf

(total of 17,704 I General I WIP)

Where new members are gained, a new house is built and the Hale Pack gets settled in. Stiles is the ultimate pack mom, Derek is pack dad and they have a pack of annoying teenagers.

My pack, my family by SalmaSparrowMalfoy

(18,334 I Not Rated (Angsty says: Teen) I Complete I Magic!Stiles)

Stiles Stilinski is a spark who has trouble controlling his spark.
He needs a pack, because a pack makes a spark stronger, and a spark makes a pack stronger.
He and Scott are falling apart, while he and Isaac are getting closer.
Derek comes back.

Mon Coeur Se Recommande A Vous by Acherona and trulywicked

(currently 61,663 I Explicit I WIP I Magic!Stiles)

His best friend’s been turned into a werewolf, his Dad’s best deputy is from a family of werewolves, and now said family is asking him to play go between until the rogue werewolf in town is caught so the hunters in town can’t blame them for the attacks and Scott’s turning. To top that off it just so happens that the new girl that Scott is tail over tip crushing on is the daughter of aforementioned hunters with a secret heritage of her own.

Stiles’ life just became more complicated than he’d planned on.

A Single Man in Possession of Doughnuts by rainbowninja167

(74,539 I Mature I Complete I Tags say Stiles is only “Sort of” Pack Mom, but I figured I would include this fic for its length.)

“So what was Derek’s plan gonna be re: showing weakness and getting torn limb from limb by Alphas?” Stiles asks.
“We’re not…totally sure he has one?” Boyd says.
“But he’s probably working on it really hard,” Isaac rushes to add.

In which there is Vanquishing Evil, ill-advised Rom-Com viewings, and an obscene amount of snacks.

Precious Trust Verse by hellbells

(total of 189,883 I Teen-Explicit I WIP I Magic!Stiles)

For a secret to remain true then only one person can know it; if not then it will come out. Beacon Hills is the converging point of several secrets all wrapped up in the supernatural. For Stiles, the unravelling of several will let him find peace, love and safety in the arms of his true mate. The only question is can he trust a Sourwolf and his pack well enough to show his true self.

It just might be the one thing between Beacon Hills and safety!

(Or observe the really awkward distrustful courtship between a Sourwolf and a hidden Fae Mage)

GOOD WOLVES DOING BAD THINGS series by littlefrog1025

(total of 207,836 I Explicit I WIP I Mafia AU, Mpreg)

A wolf pack is surprisingly a lot like a mafia family…

Enjoy the Mothering,


P.S. Fluffy is still working on a Greenbeans sequel. Real life is getting in the way.

P.P.S. I totally get what you mean about Theo. The dilemma: He’s hot as fuck, and yet STILES IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Please be wrong, Stiles. Just this once. Let the hot guy live. 

Can anyone live a synchronistic life?

This was a wonderful question someone sent to me.  I am not sure why some people don’t experience synchronicity as much as others, but, yes, I do believe that “signs” are here for all of us.

This is very hard to explain because my thoughts are kind of unorthodox, but my understanding of synchronicity — what it is, what “causes” it, and what its purpose might be — has evolved a lot over the years.  I used to think that synchronicity was the universe’s way of communicating with us and that we had to figure out, from amongst all the other “random coincidences” in life, which ones had meaning, and what those meanings were.  I came to realize, when a synchronicity has meaning for us, we simply FEEL that.  Sometimes we doubt, but, generally, we can tell whether we’re trying to talk ourselves into believing something was a sign, or trying to talk ourselves out of believing we’ve received a sign.  Our gut tends to know; our gut tends to register the truth pretty quickly.  And to understand the sign.  The universe really is capable of making these things unmissable, without us having to stretch, strain, or project in order to “get it.”

However, as I started observing more and more, and searching my own heart, I started to see synchronicity as a lot more natural than it had originally seemed.  Synchronicities are extraordinary events, in the sense that we aren’t expecting them much of the time, and they can amaze us.  But on the other hand, when you really stop and think about, and internalize, the fact that everything is interconnected and everything is happening all at once — all expressions of ONE same universal life force — then it only makes perfect sense for synchronicities to happen.  Everything is connected.  Everything is happening in synch.  All events are related to each other.  There is an underlying order, an underlying blueprint of sorts.

Furthermore, realizing that we are pure consciousness and every world is but a reflection of feelings and thoughts — an imaginative exercise, if you will — then it seemed even more normal for synchronicities to be popping up.  Reflecting the underlying plan, underlying “truth,” etc.  This is why they sometimes seem to keep pace with our own epiphanies; they are both a means of helping us to wake up, and a reflection of our awakening process itself.

To be honest, I attribute my own heightened awareness of synchronicity to two things:

  1. The universe made this impossible for me to ignore (seriously!  And I was trying hard to dismiss it.).
  2. I’ve had fears, for much of my life, of exploring my own clair-senses. (Really, I’d love to be more at peace with them and accepting of the fact that they are just as natural as synchronicites are, but somehow, after thirty years, I still haven’t fully gotten comfortable with them yet.)

So, in a way, seeing the physical world manifesting my messages for me — no matter how mind-blowingly the world seemed to have to bend in order to arrange itself into these “coincidences” — felt… safer.  There are a number of reasons why I think the universe, from that point on, just kind of rained synchronicities into my life, but I guess that, once it established a reliable way of communicating with me — one that wasn’t going to terrify me and one that I wouldn’t, and couldn’t, shut down — it just kind of ran with that.  The universe seeks the most efficient way of communicating with us, I believe.  Our souls seek the most efficient way of getting through to us.  Synchronicity is just one possible way.  It depends on the person.

Now, here’s the thing; I’m analytical.  I was in a Ph.D. program when this all started, and my life was all about statistics.  I was extremely skeptical that anything invisible was talking to me through “coincidences,” and I was also afraid that I was “imagining” things or losing my mind.  So I scrutinized and experimented with the messages I was getting.  I began asking questions — and finding I got answers.  I began seeking clarification — and finding that that came.  It was beyond a “statistical accident.”  It was almost like a call and response.  I’d get a first name, for instance, and wonder whether it related to a specific person, and then that individual talking to me in the moment would spontaneously say the surname of the person I’d just thought about.  I hope this example makes sense; my point is, I started realizing synchronicities were interactive.  Which meant, their Source was interactive.  Which meant… I needed to do some serious re-thinking about my analytical, hard science approach to life.  (I still respect science very much, btw; I tend to dismiss sources that flout solid science, or that use pseudo-science as a veil of supposed legitimacy.  I just realized that science is an evolving process itself, and there are some things it hasn’t yet evolved to measure or observe, and that just because it hasn’t yet evolved to measure or observe a thing — like the soul, or spirit communication — does not mean that that thing does not exist.)

Because I’m an analytical person, and probably also because I have a language/literature background, I started realizing I saw synchronicity functioning sort of like a language.  That the more you “listened” (i.e., paid attention) to it, the more you started picking up.  Which meant your comprehension of it began increasing… which mean you were able to start receiving increasingly complex messages… and noticing that you were “receiving” more and more messages when you weren’t even bothering to look for them.  Much like how, as you increase your exposure to a foreign tongue, you eventually find that a conversation you may have strained to follow earlier in your studies, you are now effortlessly able to understand just by casual eavesdropping in the middle of a crowded cafe.

It just… it becomes a part of how your mind works.  How you communicate with and experience the world.  Just like linguistic thinking.

So I think people can heighten their synchronistic awareness, absolutely.  And I think that this is what makes the really unbelievable stuff happen more commonly and become almost a way of life.  But amazing synchronicities can happen for any of us at any time.  Because why not?  :)  After all, loving messages from the universe are a gift, and we are all, in all moments, deserving of such gifts.  And if you believe that synchronicity comes from the Spirit World, remember – this world IS PART of that one!  So it is natural for Spirit to communicate with you; you are Spirit.

Plus, there’s the whole aspect of it being a conversation with the universe; just like with any other conversation, if someone tries to speak to you and you ignore them consistently enough, they eventually just leave you alone because they don’t want to bother you.  Same with the universe, unless its message is really thaaaat important for you to hear.  (Yours truly, here, learned that by trying very very hard to ignore the messages!)  But as long as you are responsive to them — the person talking to you or, in this case, the universe itself — then the conversation can continue as long as you both please.  :)  And if you’ve ever dropped the ball on conversations with the universe in the past, remember that the universe itself has no ego; the Divine Love that runs this show doesn’t get upset with us for not having been listening before.  It’s just thrilled that we want to communicate with it NOW!  And hopes to continue the conversation. 

Most importantly, remember:  you are very much loved, and you are an infinitely valuable part of All That Is.  So the universe would be THRILLED to communicate with you.  You ARE the universe, distilled and projected into whatever form you currently perceive yourself to take.

That said, a couple of things, I’ve realized, seem to influence how much synchronicity people experience.  Some of my friends, first of all, have more developed psychic gifts than I do.  Some psychics consider synchronicity a psychic phenomenon, and in a way, I agree; even though there are physical manifestations of it, it’s still a message you’re receiving from beyond the more practical reaches of this realm.  But I’m talking, here, about clair-senses — people who can just see, hear, know, feel things without needing any of this to be physically observed or conveyed from outside of their bodies.  These people I’ve known experience synchronicity too, but the universe also has any of their clair-senses to appeal to.  So it’s a matter of however the universe prefers to communicate with you, I guess.

The other thing is, sometimes, even for people who are super tuned-in, synchronicities can go quiet, just like any other psychic phenomena.  I’ve noticed these things frequently tone down in my life when I’m under loads of stress.  I feel like it’s the universe’s way of doing two things:

  1. trying to give you space to work out the stuff you’re focusing on in the now
  2. reminding you how to get in touch with and trust the wisdom of your own heart — over and above any outside messages.

If it’s a matter simply of us being distracted, then the universe seems more than happy to chime in with a message when we ask for guidance.  If it’s a matter of us needing to go within, though, and reconnect with our own Source, then I’ve found that the universe isn’t quite so forthcoming with its external messages during those times.

But that may just be my experience.

I had sort of a funny conversation with a friend a few weeks ago about synchronicity; he has been a huge synchronistic presence in my life, and a soul I’ve been connected to outside of this lifetime.  Our conversation in itself, most recently, was synchronistic in ways that left me stunned and tickled, all at once.  But he, himself, apparently doesn’t experience a lot of synchronicity.  “I’d like that, that would be pretty awesome,” he told me, about a synchronistic way of living.  It’s just that, for whatever reason, that hasn’t happened for him yet – and I found myself wondering why.  I just know that my gut reaction was to think, “But you CAN have a life of synchronicity!”

Remember, it is natural.  I think, ultimately, noticing and interpreting synchronicities functions much like a gift, but it’s a gift that I believe pretty much everyone has.  If you can use language, you can “get” synchronicity; they function much the same way.  It’s just a matter of paying attention, listening, and occasionally inviting Heaven to speak to you some more — kind of like when you have a conversation partner to work on your fluency in a new tongue.  :)

Note also that the universe might have different types of synchronicities that it prefers to use with you (that is, their formats).  Some examples to keep an eye or an ear out for:

  • names
  • music
  • electronics (songs skipping or muting themselves, electronics acting up, etc.)
  • written messages (on trucks, street signs, etc.)
  • correspondence
  • the timing of direct quotes
  • conversations with strangers
  • literary references
  • numbers
  • words/names with multiple translations or meanings

I hope that this post makes sense and that it helps!

Wishing you peace, much love, and a life FILLED with beautiful, synchronistic magic.  <3


anonymous asked:

What do you think of hybrid houses?

tbh i think they’re kind of pointless. We’ve all got a mixture of house traits in us, all the characters do as well. Literally EVERYONE can fit into more than one house. So making them hybrids, or saying ‘I’m a slytherclaw’ is like… its just silly to me. Like sure okay, but whats your actual HOUSE? Like, tell me which of those houses traits you value most, whats important to you. What is your SOLE (soul?) house and why. The hybrid stuff just confuses me, if you’re a Gryffinpuff then when it comes down to it which traits would you hope you used over the other? 

this is why it’s so damn hard to self sort, you have to really really know yourself. But yeah, hybrid houses are silly because we’re all hybrids and yet we can only have one house. so, like, figure out what it is.   

enjoy-your-oophorectomy  asked:

Happy new year! So, I have a hard time figuring out whether I am an ISFJ or ESFJ. I'm not sure whether Si or Fe is dominant. So could you please explain the differences? It's not just that ESFJ people like being around other people more, is it?

Extroverts, regardless of type, seek external constant stimulation, which means they are doing, or creating, or absorbing much of the time. Their natural focus is on the outside world – on the people in it, what’s happening around them, the potentials in the environment, etc. They crave companionship, they recover from exciting circumstances much more quickly and want people around them, or conversations, much faster than the introvert. Extroverts become energized through external things – so in a group they get “wound up.” They come home from a party wired. Most of the extroverts are indeed very social and/or extroverted (the only exception is the Ne-doms, whose Ne is so detached from sensory reality that it gets drained in the sensory world; but they recharge fast and then seek… something to do / talk about / fixate on, once again).

ESFJs have higher Ne. They use it more often to draw conclusions. They often engage in random conversations, tangents, or play around with it, by embarking on a slightly skewed sense of humor. As Fe-doms, they tend to address emotional problems as they happen – sometimes without a filter, in speaking their mind / narrating what’s going on around them / reacting to it in the moment, by seeking emotional clarity and/or support from others. They may be more forthcoming in what they truly think, though they’ll usually do it with tact (”I’ll only say this once, and it may not mater, but I think…”). It’s harder for them to detach and be objective about their problems; it’s hard for them to self-analyze the people they care about with Ti. Ne is more fun. Since they are judging dominants, they objectively assess people and situations quickly and may expect the same from other types (and find the perceiving types difficult or non-expressive, if they “don’t know” yet).

ISFJs have higher Ti. They’re perceiving types so they tend to withhold judgment longer, internalize things more, and be much more careful in what choices they make, because inferior Ne is very fearful of the unknown and may have a sense that the future is a scary place, so we should proceed with caution. Their Ne is still playful and may come out in conversation and for ‘fun’ but they won’t trust their gut instincts with it as much; instead, they’ll try and analyze why something happened or what it says about someone’s character. As introverts, they may stamp down their emotions for awhile until they cannot stand it anymore and then ‘explode.’ Their Fe makes them social, but after about six hours or so they need down time. They seek solitude quite often, and are adept at entertaining themselves in ways that don’t involve social interaction, external focus, or engagement with the environment.

In their darker or unhealthier moments, ESFJs, as Fe-doms, can try and ‘force’ others to come to their side using persuasion or implications that you’re not a moral or good person if you don’t agree with their view on something, because having your dissent displeases their Fe; the ISFJ can become passive-aggressive or bitter, while being rigid in choosing to stick with ‘what they know’ while the world progresses around them.

- ENFP Mod

yet more undertale fic recs

i made a post already the other day but ive literally got like 20 more fics to shove at all y’all, buckle up

hand in hand by @playeronecontroller. i sure hope you love dying and being dead, because here’s chara and frisk and the fuckening true lab tapes!!! literally everything kay writes is solid gold and this is so incredibly painful and good?? honk if you love frisk having misadventures with super-outdated technology and chara craving the void!!!

how to make a pie by @lumalees. 3 alive babies. frisk grabs chara and asriel and declares that it is baking time, despite not having any actual experience, because why not. this can only go well.

felt so crystal in the air by dragonharps. frisk and chara at the mouth of the barrier, as the monsters leave mt. ebott. please hug this chara.

Yellow Names by @draikinator. i already recced the you wear your sins like a badge series but this is basically frisk and chara and the extended cast all happy and having fun and loving one another and it makes me so happy? especially because so many other entries in the series are about everyone going through sad awful shit. also flowey playing video games will never cease to fill me with aww.

error: file0 not found by @soaringsparrows. queerplatonic frischara, so it’s already Really Good, but also: it’s the end. frisk has done their best against asriel, but they’re fading; before they can save anybody else, someone has to save them too. REALLY SWEET AND LOVING AND IT KILLED MY WHOLE ENTIRE ASS??? GODDAMN??? if you like these two being friends who love each other and also tender gentl queerplatonic pda p leASE do yourself the service of reading this fic.

how i miss yesterday (and how i let it fade away) by dragonharps. chara and knitting and mistakes. honk if you love dreemurr fam sads

Give Me A Sign by @mangaluva. the monsters prepare to leave the underground, but sans feels like they’re forgetting something - someONE - very important. he rounds up his brother and friends to try to do something about it. chara and frisk, uh, help. i was basically yelling all through this because verbal chara and nonverbal frisk talking over each other is one of my favorite things, and chara’s name-sign is FUCKING PERFECT, so, yes, please read this

This blood on my hands by FancifulRivers. chara hecks up their buttercup plan and has trouble adjusting to what happens afterwards. h ON K IF YOU LOVE DREEMURR FAM SADS!!!

Holding all your hope, Don’t ever let me go, and Who left me outside? by FancifulRivers. 3 alive babies ‘verse about the kids trying to cope with everything that’s happened to them. the author has adopted my chara-with-chronic-pain headcanon and i’m really really happy about this

I’m dying just to hurt you by FancifulRivers. no mercy. in which chara is having a bad time and would like to stop, in various senses.

for want of a body by @playeronecontroller. mettaton has a favor to ask of alphys for his cousin mad dummy, and alphys decides to help out. this is really cute and fun, and kay writes the best alphys?? definitely something to check out if you like alphys and mettaton’s friendship.

be good by @lumalees. gender is already hard enough to figure out on its own, but growing up in an unsafe environment, it’s even worse. a very hard-hitting account of chara growing up. this has in-depth discussion of both dysphoria and abuse, so please tread as carefully as you can.

the lie in which you linger by @graveexcitement. a story where save points (and a handful of other things) work by swapping out who has control over frisk’s body, and frisk and chara can’t communicate directly. here’s how they try to figure things out regardless.

slow dance by @lumalees. grade-a charasriel smoop. chara is pretty sure that they’ve been dating asriel for a year now, probably, maybe? and there is a big fancy party coming up to celebrate the barrier breaking, with formal dancing, so they should go with him for that, shouldn’t they? somebody help?? (frisk helps.)

sooner or later (you’ll bury your teeth) by stringstobepulled. (really unhealthy) charasriel. god, what do i even say about this fic. uhh. chara decides that they want to get their ears pierced. asriel doesn’t want to admit what he wants. it gets a lot worse. in which chara is manipulative and terrified and codependent and asriel is oblivious and enabling and smitten, and oh my god someone separate these two right now this is so fucked-up. this author’s characterization of asriel is stellar, and he can’t read chara well at all, so you’ll have to pay close attention to context clues to pick up on their real motivations. however, this fic deserves warning labels visible from space that 1) this relationship is severely unhealthy, 2) things get kinda gory, and 3) there may not be Actual Sexual Content here but there ARE strong sexual undertones. stay far, far away if you’re not comfortable with that.

mind that knows itself by @mininephthys. in which frisk tries to deal with mettaton. chara helps.

procession of one by @ceruleantactician. toriel buries her child. this fucks me up?? everything about this fucks me up, what the hell??? this is so sad??? iM??????

Third Party by FuriousPoplar. sans is used to his nightmares, and he’s used to frisk and chara’s, but this talk of a third entity is new and if it’s even scaring chara then he already knows he’s not going to like it. abusive player stuff.

butt by @playeronecontroller. sharing clothes is all well and good in theory, but right now asriel would just like his favorite sweater back, okay, thanks, maybe HE wanted to wear it for a change. kids being dorks. charasriel, but preslashy, so it’s really tame.

Get Well by @ayu-ohseki. chara has a cold, and the dreemurrs do their best to take care of them. asriel will do anything he can to help; chara has a great idea for a prank. sweet and adorable dreemurr fam fluff with a side of a+ charasriel.

an indirect kiss by @lumalees. charasriel. if you kiss someone, you have to marry them, or else you’ll go to jail. kissing is for married people, so that’s the rule. if chara says so it must be true, and asriel doesn’t want to go to jail, so he guesses they’d better get married now?? fluff and proposals and then more fluff and smoop so quality i died

In Days Gone By by @beforuskanaya. au where the monsters still live at the base of mt. ebott in 201X, but war is brewing between them and humans all the same. chara is just trying to get by as a human hiding in the monsters’ village; they definitely did not mean to get found out and REALLY definitely did not intend on the royal family trying to adopt them, but. well. this is apparently going to be a longer series!

Ten to Twenty by @pokespec. charasriel. au where chara’s plan never quite makes it off the ground, and they grow up alongside asriel instead. this is a really good look at how chara might grow up under these specific circumstances, and the ways that their relationship with asriel grows and changes too. there are warnings for content in each of the chapters, but one thing you might want to be aware of ahead of time is that this fic involves a #rape attempt in a later chapter (it’s brief and nongraphic, but even so, please stay safe).

anonymous asked:

tips on adding shadows/shading? I have trouble figuring out: which areas should be darker/shaded, how dark to shade the areas, the values of light and dark ㅠㅡㅠ

sorry for the late reply! > <

understanding shading is extremely useful in making your art look real. just defining light and shadows can give whatever you’re drawing its form even without hard lines. it’s difficult for me to explain in just words so i’ll just list a couple of things i keep in mind when shading ^^; 

i’m sure you’ll find these tutorials more helpful: {x}<–i think this one explains it quite well! {x} {x} {x}<–on contrasts

- in general, when shading things it’s important to identify your light source first (brightest parts of your drawing) and from there you can pick your midtones(the transitioning shades) and your shadows (darkest)

- shadows also appear darkest and most defined with bright/strong/close lighting and more subtle when the lighting is weaker/farther away

- the way the light and shadows blend together also helps define the material of an object. for example: more contrast (very little blending)->shiny, less contrast->soft

- there are also things like reflected light that can interrupt your shadows but definitely can’t be ignored

- never use true white or black, those rarely appear in realistic settings. instead you can use dark blues/purples/browns etc (according to the tone/feel of your drawing)

- if you find shading with colors a bit confusing at first, you can try starting in grayscale with black and white (for digital art!) there’s a bunch of tutorials for glazing but here’s one i found useful {x}

i hope that helps a bit! ; w ;

‘Cause every night she studies hard in her room, At least that’s what her parents assume.

Its finally Friday, there is a party tonight just down the road from my house and I am currently sneaking out of my window, which luckily on the bottom floor. Leaving my window opened to sneak back in later. I just got the text from my best friend that she’s waiting outside I sneak around to the front of the house and once I reach there making sure no one heard my escape, I turn around bumping into a rather tall muscular figure. Backing away from the person I finally notice that its Sammy Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Nate Maloley. “Well, if it isn’t Miss. Goodie-two-shoes, what are you doing sneaking out of the house?” Sammy asked smirking, then looking from my face to scan over the rest of my body. His smirk fell to a sort of shocked expression, I was wearing a high waisted black skater skirt with a lacey pink top cropped tank top, with black vans. “Who knew the good girl dressed like this?” gaining my composure back, “Yeah, sorry for bumping into you, I was trying to make sure I had successfully snuck out.” I said trying to walk around them. “(Y/N), come on.” (Y/BFF/N) called from the parked car on the side of the street. “I thought good girls stayed in and didn’t know what fun was..” Looking up at him with a smirk playing on my lips. “Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” I said squeezing past the four of them to get in the car with my friend to go to the party. I looked back to the four dumbfounded boys before closing the door, they were all clearly shocked, but there was something else in their eyes, something that said 'This isn’t the last you will be seeing of us.’ I don’t know if I should be worried or excited. “What was all that about?” (Y/BFF/N) asked as soon as I got in the car. “Honestly I have no idea, I just ran into them walking to the car, I didn’t even realize any of them lived on my street.” I said looking in the mirror to see they are walking in this direction, I guess they’re going to the party too.

~Should I do a part two this?~

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate tayvin so much?

I usually just ignore and block questions like this because quite frankly I’m so tired of getting asked the same thing when literally the entire fandom has given you an answer to this.

I don’t HATE Tayvin. Hate is a very strong word and I use that in relation to general evil human beings and peanut butter. I really hate peanut butter.

There’s two parts of Tayvin, Taylor and Calvin and I’ll say why I don’t like them together.

Calvin has showed his true character multiple times and people seem to turn a blind eye to it and it’s frustrating. He’s shown a pattern of problematic behavior and I just generally think he’s a douche bag. And people will say I “don’t know him personally” so I can’t judge him, but that statement goes both ways. A lot of people ignore the things he’s done in the past because he’s with Taylor now and unfortunately I just can’t do that. You can’t just assume he’s a “good” person because he’s dating someone, especially when his problematic behavior continues. His music is decent, but I also think he’s gotten a hell of a lot more cocky in the past year and I partially attribute that to the fame he’s claimed since him and Taylor started whatever you want to call this shit show. I don’t think he’s an evil human being though. I don’t wish death upon him or anything crazy like that. I actually thought him and Rita were cute and she made him into a better person, until he decided to fuck that up and go right back to his idiotic ways. I could go on, but this post would be too long.

As for Taylor, there’s a ton of reasons why she’s bothered me in the past year but I’ll just throw a few out there for the sake of time. Let’s pretend for a moment that Taylor and Calvin are actually 100% in love and in a real relationship. I don’t like the fact that someone who’s stood up and preached so much about feminism in 2014 can turn around and date someone who I (and a lot of others) would call a misogynist. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. And I hate to imagine that someone who held such strong values would throw them all out of the window just for some dude. That makes me think that she never had those values to begin with and was just playing us all to promote 1989. I don’t know which is worse.

I think that when you’re in a relationship with someone you should bring the best out of each other. I don’t think Taylor and Calvin do that. I’ve started to like Taylor less and less ever since she started whatever this is with Calvin. Whether it’s a stunt or its real, I will never support it. And that’s saying a lot because I used to defend the shit out of her circa 2013 when the media dragged her. I’ve always been a fan of hers because I always knew deep down she cared. I used to listen to Red on repeat after I lost someone very close to me in the beginning of 2013. That album literally was the calm to a very dark period in my life and I will always be grateful for it.

So people will say I’m not a true Taylor fan because I don’t support Tayvin. That literally makes no sense, but think what you want. And if I’m truly being honest, maybe I’m not a fan anymore. I don’t know. It’s hard to figure out. I’m not sure Taylor is the person she used to be anymore and that irks me. Maybe she still is deep down. Or maybe she’s just changed and I’m not ready to accept that. Maybe now she’s just the girl who manipulates her fans and the media. Which, every famous person does to a certain extent, I just don’t like how she acts like she doesn’t and that all of her fans are her best friend. That’s manipulation in its purest form and I’m not really okay with that. I’m just starting to think she’s less and less genuine in her actions.

@kaylornation said it best when she said how she loved how the era started off so good with strong independent women and ended with a bunch of douchebag dj’s. That statement couldn’t be more true.

So those are a few reasons why I dislike Tayvin anon. Notice how I didn’t name anything Kaylor related.

The real question here is why DO you support Tayvin? Because he’s a man? Because you blindly follow everyone else who does? Because you’re a diehard swiftie? Because he literally looks like he wants to die when he’s with her? Because of his chili eating contest?

Those are all rhetorical questions so don’t flood my ask box because I’ll just block you. All I’m saying is that I can’t just support something because other people do it. I need to believe in it. And I don’t believe in Tayvin.

2015 --> 2016

Mark and I were talking about how the “golden age of Tumblr” was, for us, somewhere between 2009 and 2012, when music writers amateur and professional traded ideas and interactions across literally hundreds of thousands of words on this micro-blogging website, flattening the divide between amateur and professional in a way that was honestly thrilling. If you had something to say of value, you’d reblog it onto someone else’s post, and maybe win yourself a follow or a like, and then in a few months you could e-mail that person about becoming their intern. (I did, and it almost worked!) 

Today, that network doesn’t really exist. There are lots of younger writers, yes, and they’re chopping it up in ways that are obviously exciting if you take an interest in younger writers and “the future of discourse,” whatever that is. But there’s much less contribution from established writers, for a few reasons:

1. Twitter: This is where the majority of all “public discourse” takes place, inasmuch as “the public discourse that shapes the narratives and opinions of any contained media ecosystem.” If you’re a music, sports, movies, games writer, whatever, you’re probably on Twitter, and using it too much. If you’re not: Congrats!

2. Money: In 2015, you can probably get paid writing something that, a few years ago, would have been a free Tumblr post. That’s fine, I guess, even as—IMO—a lot of writers could do a better job recognizing what ideas are worth legitimizing in a public venue, for cash. (But maybe I’m just being petty.)

3. Time: Who has time to use Tumblr?

All of these are fine reasons for older people to stop using Tumblr. We did spend a lot of time on here! We were also not getting paid for it, at all. But in terms of serving as a medium for public conversation amongst peers, there’s no doubt in my mind that Tumblr was better than Twitter. No doubt! You could respond to each other at length, in real time, in a format that showed where the conversation had begun and where it was. You could do it with writing, instead of 140-character wannabe-koan bursts of limited logic. 

I mean, I love Twitter at times, it’s great for memes and Weird Twitter and the spread of (accurately sourced) news and finding out what people are reading. But I refuse to accept that anyone but the most basic contrarian could insist a medium that intentionally limits the expression of writing could be the best medium for writing. And yet Twitter is what all the writers use! It’s awful. I think it just stinks. Everyone’s just bickering and posturing over there, and no discussions get had but the angriest, least nuanced ones, because you can’t be nuanced in 140 characters without tweeting a bunch of times in a row, and then God, you’re just tweeting a bunch of times in a row, and if you don’t do it now—if you wait to collect your thoughts—then you’re the guy tweeting about something hours after it happened

Anyways, this is the way it works now. I’m complaining, and maybe it’s just that. It’s out of my hands, and any attempt to prescribe a solution or alternative would make me look like a Luddite. Besides, there are enough very smart and good people who use Twitter without really using Twitter that make it obvious this is not the solely dominant mode of communication amongst the so-called “media professional” class. (People do still communicate through… writing.) I do think that if more people were on here instead of on there, then better conversations would take place… but just because I see the value in opting out doesn’t mean everyone else does, or would. 

All of which is to say opting out remains a valuable strategy across all walks of life, not just Tumblr and Twitter (ha ha). 2015 was an up and down year for me, mostly up, only down in the places when I wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t figure it out until a few months too late. A lot of that divining process involved stepping back and thinking hard about what I really wanted to do, instead of sitting and bitching about what wasn’t going right. So, if I can delete my entire Twitter history, you can too (or its metaphorical equivalent). That I’m finding my way to a “life lesson” by talking about Tumblr and Twitter is not lost on me, but uh, I already knew my brain was diseased with online. I’m just trying to deal with it. Happy New Year’s!