An incomplete list of things I’ve found in the bins:

  • The worst collab ever [which will be getting its own post at Teagan’s request]
  • What I think was my final run at the Drakonikan War [which will also be getting its own post]
  • A fake ad I made for what appears to be Dragon Rider fanfiction that says, among other things, “Perfectly Jewish or your money back!”
  • My first ever attempt at a novel, which I will not be tearing apart publicly, because I was seven [and had an idea that was way too complicated for me to write at that skill level, and worshiped Lemony Snicket, which produced a terrible mess that I would mock if I hadn’t written it when I was seven]

I find it curious when people speak of Rachel Duncan as if she needs to be entirely psychotic or entirely misunderstood. I actually find her considerably more terrifying when it’s revealed that she isn’t a total robot—because this means she has the capacity for moral judgment, and chooses to disregard it in favor of power. It isn’t, Oh, how sad, she just needs to be loved and taught the error of her ways—if anything, that’s more a Helena-type storyline. Rachel did know love. She was raised (at least for a while) in love, and still chooses aggression first. She feels pain and loss and possibly even guilt—and this does not change her tendencies, or, more importantly, her pride. I find that fascinating. And utterly, utterly horrifying, because here is a woman with the capacity for kindness—who chooses, instead, to crush everyone she meets underfoot. 

i feel i should be serious for once and address this seeing as i know a lot of my followers were participating in it and i’m guilty of it too, but that whole feudal lord post has gotten past the point of the joke.
when i first saw it i laughed, made a few dumb jokes about it, then moved on. of course i should have realised that this fandom is not that chill. the original poster of the comment has been bullied, harrassed and sent death threats as a result, which i don’t think i have to explain why that is gross as hell and why none of you should ever do that kinda thing.
she’s apologised since then, and as it turns out english isnt her first language which caused a terminology mix up, which i didnt know when i was making jokes about it and now i feel like a total asshole about. so i apologise for the contributions i made, and i ask you guys to stop spreading the posts about it and let it die out. its not funny anymore it stopped being funny when people turned this into an excuse to send hate someones way. and if you’re one of those people who sent her hate, grow the fuck up honestly where is your critical thinking, don’t do that shit do i have to spell that out for you. idk i’ve never been good at articulating things so this probably is a jumbled mess but i hope the point gets across


The avas demon fandom is probably the most shit eating, maggot spewing, anal clenching fandom I’ve ever been in and it’s just wow. Michelle has A+ beautiful art (which includes her most recent pic) and she has done nothing wrong. From the lack of aromatic characters to you dudes calling her a pedophile. And apparently the newest Maggie pic is a “Fuck you” to everyone who complained about the last one. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen an author do. I hope all ya shitheads saying that picture is too sexual just leave the fandom. You guys were the ones who made her quit tumblr in the first place.

So I really loved the back story Flint gave us about why he chose that name.
(Another shout-out to “Darby M’Graw, fetch the rum!” perhaps?)

But watching it a second time I thought of something, that is probably just a coincidence and very far fetched, but that I still thought worth to point out. so please don’t read too deep into this it is just a silly observation

Who else on the show do we know who:

  • Appeared out of nowhere
  • Told us things about their name and background story that we have no way of verifying
  • most likely killed another man right before getting to know the rest of the characters but it was never made clear
  • Is a stranger to absolutely everyone
  • Most likely to be able to disappear back into the sea without a trace in anyone’s story or history book
  • Has been pointed out by viewers and characters in the show alike to becoming more and more like Flint


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I feel like “purity” is a particularly important concept when it comes to looking at why SJ fucks things up, actually.

I was recently reading a book by Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics And Religion. It’s an amazing breakdown of why people on both sides of the liberal-conservative spectrum think the way they do, and why we misjudge each other’s morality and intent. It’s a bit iffy on the religious side of things, in my opinion - it tries to reduce religion to a desire for community bondedness, which I don’t agree with - but it’s definitely worth reading nevertheless, particularly if you’re ever going to engage in these kinds of debates.

One of the key points of it is the different aspects that go into morality, and how different people weight them differently. Haidt thought at first from his studies that liberals didn’t factor in concepts of purity and defilement when they made moral judgments, unlike conservatives. But then he looked at the data a little more, and found that actually, liberals do have a sense of purity as moral - it’s just that, instead of being directed towards “traditionally” sacred things, it’s directed towards purity in the environment, food choices, and social justice.

When I read that, a lot of things clicked for me. I’ve seen so many discussions lately where people have compared extreme SJWism to fundamentalist religion - the “we’re all sinners (racists, sexists, etc.), but your sin makes you evil” double standard, the demand to cut off all contact with anyone who sins and does not repent (violates a SJ rule without apologising), the extreme “if you’re not with us you’re out to DESTROY US” polarisation. It turns out that it’s not just coincidence: it has some basis in truth, at least if Haidt’s studies are credible.

Obviously just as aggressive fundamentalism doesn’t make all religion evil, so we shouldn’t throw out all social justice concepts just because some people in SJ are aggressive and abusive. But I really think we need to find ways to break away from this all-or-nothing rhetoric.

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Things you said when you thought i was asleep. Jikook please

Jungkook was very tempted to take a picture of Jimin in his current state.

The older had knocked out in the midst of their binge-watching of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, which at first offended Jungkook because nobody falls asleep on one of the greatest shows ever made in the 21st Century.

But just as he was about to start scolding Jimin, Jungkook glanced at said person, whose head was resting on the younger’s lap, and thought he looked adorable.

“Hyung actually isn’t half-bad looking when he’s asleep and not being annoying,” Jungkook mumbled in slight awe.

“Thanks,” Jimin suddenly said, opening his eyes, which may or may not have given the younger a mini heart attack.

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Doing What I Envisioned

I always saw myself doing ‘the right thing regardless of other’s opinions’ when, and if, I ever made it into management. The last few months I’ve held myself (as much as humanly possible) to that ethos and the last month has culminated in some candid yearly evals for a few people.

First: most people view themselves as outperforming everyone else (unless they are perfectly happy just punching a clock every day, which is totally ok too).

One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve created a culture as Americans where the common opinion is: everyone deserves a blue ribbon.

Here’s the problem with that: evaluations are designed to highlight the small amount of people who put in extra effort and weed out the ones who are freeloading. The vast majority of people fall somewhere in the middle of both.

I pushed out some evals for a few people who are, literally, average performers and their evals read as such. Why am I going to put in a bunch of effort flowering up an evaluation for someone who isn’t deserving of my effort?

In short I probably made more enemies than friends (or so it seems) and while ‘above average performance’ is covered in counseling sessions, and personal goals are outlined during that time, I’m not the one responsible to ensure that it’s accomplished (I can build an environment where people are allowed and encouraged to excel but only they can drink the kook aid).

The last 6 months have been pretty interesting to say the least. I’ve stuck to my guns and I think there has been learning on both sides of the fence. I have no regrets and I had some pretty solid mentorship guiding a lot of my decisions.

There’s less than two weeks left before I start taking my name off the roster here. I can’t say I’ve hated it and I can’t say it’s been a bed of roses either.

Dragon updates

Ramin grew up! Due to limited apparel choices he’s in a warrior’s get up (strife specibi being bladekind, it kinda works), although his defining trait is being crazy creative with whichever medium at hand.

Marvel got an accent and apparel. Actually I kind of forgot, but he’s the first OC I ever made on Flight Rising, one of the first dragons I actively hunted for.

This is Kanpai. She still needs boots (hoping the corsair set cycles in soon, because they’d work awesomely)

And last but not least; Sugarshark. Who is a shout-out to a follower of mine sugar-shark , because that is the best username ever. He still needs a Ridgeback scroll, though, but I am trying to hold out to the Mistral Jamboree, when the Wind Flight will have dominance and thus 15% MARKETPLACE REDUCTION WHOOOOO AND I SHALL BUY ALL THE THINGS.

John and Karkat are ready for breeding, but I am waiting for the release of the Vipera gene, to see how it’d work on Karkat. If it’s a miss I’m just going to slap Iridescent on him, and then breed him.

I was born a faggot

Today, I was talking to my future master, I am trying to earn my place as his slave. He reminded me again how much of a man he is and he told me and I’ve heard him tell me this before, but he told me I was born a faggot, and the words stuck true this time. He was just right and I finally accepted it. As I am being trained to become a slave to my master, I am learning many things and experiencing many things, all of which have made me happier than I have ever been before.

For over a month probably close to 2 months I have been tying up my worthless clit, trying to get rid of it, Master told me I needed to buy a chasity device, so I did, it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait till Master tells me to wear it. I am excited to say the least.

Master wants me to write on here everyday, so this will be my first of many. I long for the day when I can be at my Master’s feet.

Charles Theory

I do not think that Charles is A. My theory is:

Charles and Jason are twins, but the girls did something to Charles when Ali was still alive that killed him, and Jason wants revenge.

There are a couple of occasions throughout the series when one of the girls will go to say something and another will interrupt them. The first time is in the pilot, when hanna gets arrested and spencer and aria are talking and one of them says ‘you don’t think she’d ever talk about’ and hanna interrupts them and says ‘the jenna thing. No, we made a promise’. Although the jenna thing did clearly happen, I feel like that is not the biggest mistake they have ever made. I think that the Jenna thing is merely an event which proves to the audience, and to Alison that the liars are willing to follow her and do anything she says, and keep it a secret. Some time between the Jenna thing and Alison’s ‘death’ the girls murder Charles. I don’t think they know who he is, I think he is a transexual, so they do not recognise him as Jason’s twin, but Ali blackmails them into killing him for her, and his body is yet to be found. And this is what they are interrupting each other to stop each other from saying. Also, I think Jason witnessed this happening, and he knows the liars killed him, but doesn’t want them to know he knows. If they know he knows, they will realise he has a reason to be A, so they would suspect him. So that’s why he’s so adamant he was drunk and high that summer, and has no memory of it. So Jason stole the game from mona, and is uber A. We know he has money, his mom organises the fashion show each year, so he must have some sort of knowledge about dresses and where to get them from (for the fake prom) and also he disappears for long periods of time without any explanation as to where he has been (he could be building the doll house). Also, we’ve seen him do a lot of construction work before. On top of this, we know he was involved in the NAT club and I do not think it is any coincidence that he is the only member alive. He would know exactly what the girls bedrooms look like, because he spent so much time filming and watching videos of them in their bedrooms.

In the season 5 finale, I think that the playroom looks more like a dedication room to Charles. Why would Charles have blocks that spelt out his own name? Maybe Jason is using that room because Charles has a lot of mental problems when he was growing up, and Jason wants to remember him as the little boy he grew up with. We know that Jason had a drug and alcohol problem, and withdrawal symptoms can include mental illnesses, causing him to come up such a twisted master plan to torture the girls. I think people are looking way too deep into the clue. Marlene wouldn’t make such a massive deal about this massive clue, and the biggest reveal yet, only to give a really complex clue that we will never be able to figure out. I think the clue is black and white, right in front of us, and has nothing to do with wren, or any other irrelevant characters. Andrew probably is involved somehow, but I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I think this is the first time I’ve felt actually almost excited about seeing AOU, which is weird, because I’ve been really blah about it ever since the whole Ultron thing was announced.  I think it was seeing that they made a point of giving a moment to just about every one of the major characters that gave me a spark of interest finally!

I think part of this is is that I know that Thor’s role is never going to be satisfactory for what I want, so there’s not much the movie can do to get me excited there, much as I wish otherwise.  I will still take what I can get, there are still moments from the first movie that give me a thrill, even as I’m not as fond of it as I once was, after all!

But a movie that’s (potentially) fairly well balanced across a bunch of characters I would enjoy seeing again?  That it maybe might not be the Iron Man Show?  (I love Tony!  But I don’t want to see Iron Man 4 when I go see Avengers 2, you know?)  Vaguely, cautiously interested now maybe!

oKAY here we go. Sorry this is so long. So this couple ends up sitting behind my sister and I at the show, smelling so strongly of smoke I felt like crying (but not a big deal really). This woman is about 40 years old in audience made up of mostly teenagers and young adults, to see a comedian who’s 25 years old, which is all fine and dandy if she wasn’t so horrible. Haley said the first thing she said when she sat down was “I hope these bitches don’t talk through the whole thing and ruin my night,” about the group of like 15 year olds next to her. Then, during the show in the middle of a joke, a guy in front of me pulls out his phone to take a picture (which was  totally O.K) and the second he lifts his phone up, she shouts “Hey dick, stop recording!!!!” Oh man so I was terrified to take any pictures bc honestly she scares me? Anyways, throughout the night she’d get so mad and make a comment about every heckler, telling them to shut the fuck up, but then she would yell things at the comedian like “take it off!!” like honestly. A 40 year old woman. To a 25 year old man who has said countless times and even mentioned tonight “If you really loved me you’d know how much I hate hecklers.” Anyways, I ignored her for the most part, watched the whole show in silence minus like two microscopic whispers from my sister. Sometimes the girl sitting next to my sister would say something to her and the woman would yell at her “shut the fuck up and enjoy the show” jFC. btw I probably wouldn’t be complaining about any of this, except for what happened after the show, when we all get up and start shuffling out, she starts singing “bitch don’t kill my vibe” and then said “I’m talking about those three girls. her, her, and her” and she points and us, I’m fuckin?? and she goes “the absolute worst, y’all are the wooooooooorst, you bitches ruined my night” while like laughing and dancing I’m???? ok yes I ruined her night. Yup.


Hey Aytag~ here’s a gentle reminder about the Antnommers!

It’s been around a week since I first brought these guys back to life, with the help of the lovely justi, so I hope it’s all right to post about them again! (I promise I won’t spam the tag, lol. You’ve got to admit that these are some mighty fine-lookin’ fellas, though!)

Thanks to justi’s wisdom, I have a snazzy thread dedicated to both psd sales (only 7 GP each! hot diggity dog!!) and breeding information for these Antnommers. Justi also made the amazing banners for the thread, which are the cutest things you’ve ever seen :D She also made a design that’s current up for sale, check it out! Very soon we should have the option to MBC some Antnommers together (currently can’t offer that due to only having one PSD, urk), as we’re waiting on a PMBC breeding to come through. But these are up for every other type of breeding if you’re interested!

Even if you’re not looking to buy, we always love getting comments on the thread, so please never be afraid to stop by and say hello and/or declare your love for anteaters :) Check out the thread~! Thanks guys!

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Fine you are worse then hitler for hating on frozen just because your stupid precious bh6 isnt getting the attention to fucking bad you are just hating frozen because its cool to hate it.

HOLY SHIT, this is the first anon hate I ever got! HA, it’s pretty weird.

Anyway, I’m a little disappointed. I at least expected people to send anon hate to me for things that I actually hate, which completely isn’t the case here with Frozen because, as I’ve stated multiple times before, I genuinely like this movie. I recognize it’s flaws, yes, but I still enjoy it. I’m not even a part of the anti-freeze team or anything, so I don’t even know why I got this message.

I assume you must have read some posts I made about how I wasn’t excited about Frozen getting a sequel, but you didn’t read it very right. Mostly because If you paid any attention to what I wrote, you would see that those posts were criticizing Disney’s attitude of overexposing Frozen, not the movie itself.

I only tagged these posts with ‘anti frozen’ or ‘frozen hate’ because I didn’t want to be a dick and rain on the parade of the people who are excited for this film.

But HEY, I guess that makes me worse than Hitler!

erinvalerosa asked: How much English morphology do you know? I feel like it would be hard for you to learn, since so much contextual information (which human acquirers depend on) is lost in text format. Some rules are straightforward, but others require preexisting knowledge of lexical categories: for example, third person singular -s versus plural -s. Thanks to you, I’m interested in machine translation for the first time ever! :D

there how do you tell you it was gel i you year of his life smile skylar it to more words better skylar everything from you some sick ive found someone who you were made cd in a simple teaching you too there last thing person living or color too much sorry we called. morphology? contextual? acquirers?


I thought this would fit well with Big Hero 6 that is Marvisney / Disnarvel / we need to find the word ! Which is a one of a kind movie, as the first collab of these two companies! 

 I grew up on fairytales and Disney movies never EVER reading comic books or obsessing over superheroes! Things changed and now I’m both Disney and Marvel girl (I still don’t get why they need to fight so much in comic books, but I enjoy their Universe).

So I made these logos quickly and in a very dumb way.. 

Illusion ~ Chapter 12: Spaces

[You can read the previous chapters here]

For all of you who might be wondering if I’m gonna keep writing… of course I am. This is why I write: to make things that won’t happen in real life true for me. 

Feedback is always appreciated (almost necessary for the mental integrity of the writer)

And also, you can message me saying which song you think will be the next chapter!!


Hope you like it :)

Chapter 12: Spaces

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who’s gonna be the first one to set it all on fire?

Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away?

Forgetting every single promise we ever made

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YOU were the target.

Those four words keep banging in my head hours later as I lay in my bed, facing the ceiling. 

How could they find out?

A knock on the door makes me jump. I walk to it shaking, expecting to find…

“Hey” he greets me with a small smile.

He opens his arms and I bury myself in them, closing the door behind us. I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t look for my lips to greet me. He knows what I need right now. And it’s not kisses.

We lay on the bed and he runs his fingers through my hair.

“Have you seen the pictures?” he whispers a couple of minutes later.

The question makes my stomach shrink.

“No” I whisper back.

I haven’t had the guts to do it. I just don’t know what I’m going to find if I do, so I have decided not to. Although I’m dying to do it. I want to know how much they know.

“Do you want to see them?” he asks.

“Do you want to?” I say looking up at him.

“If I do, I want to see them with you” he answers, kissing my forehead.

“All right” I sigh.

He stretches out his arm and takes the mobile phone from the nightstand.

Liam brings me closer to him and I rest my head on his chest, looking at the screen, now illuminated with the blue emoticon from Twitter.

#IWannaBeLiamsBodyguard is trending, and a lot of other topics that relate to either my job or the boys.

Liam scrolls down to the pictures, and I can’t help a gasp when they appear on the screen. They’re the pictures from the other day at the club. Me and Liam dancing quite close together. Him holding my hand while walking through the crowd. His hand on my lower hip. Me under his arm after that girl slapped my face.

I close my eyes and fight back the tears.

This is it.

Liam sighs heavily next to me. He locks the mobile and puts it back on the bedside table. He hugs me and we remain like that for some hours. In silence.

“What do we do now?” Liam asks a couple of hours later.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… what do we do” he repeats.

“What is there to do?” I ask, anger filling my voice, “we’ve been caught, Liam, there’s nothing we CAN do”

“There’s always something to do” Liam replies, running his hand through his hair.

“Should we wait?” I say looking up at him, “Wait until they find out and then… Then just accept what happens?”

Liam sighs.

“I think it’s the only thing we can do”

I nod and sigh too.

“Okay” I say, my voice breaking at the end of the sentence.

Liam surrounds my body with his arms and I hug him back, knowing this is probably the last night we spend together.

We fly to Cleveland the next day, and because we have nothing to do we stay in the hotel for the whole day.

Niall and Zayn come over to watch a movie with me.

“Where are the boys?” I ask in the middle of the motion picture, turning to them.

“I don’t know” Niall answers shrugging his shoulders.

“Harry is with Lux and Lou. Louis was recording and I think Liam had to meet Paul for something”

I violently turn to Zayn, giving him a look.

He shakes his head.

“Was it a management meeting?” I whisper, checking Niall is too into the movie to pay attention to what I’m saying.

“Don’t think so” Zayn answers, “they would have called you, wouldn’t they?”

“Unless it was about…”

“About what?” Niall says turning to us, “Has anything happened?”

Zayn and I look at him, not knowing what to say. Doesn’t he know?

“Me phone broke yesterday” Niall answers, “Sat on it on the way back to the hotel” he chuckles, as Zayn and I sigh relieved.

The movie finishes and Louis joins us when he finishes recording. Harry is nowhere to be seen for the whole afternoon, but he comes back for dinner at the hotel buffet.

On our way back to the rooms, Liam’s room’s door opens and he walks out of it.

“Payno!” Niall shouts walking to him, “Where were ya? Missed dinner!”

“I wasn’t feeling very well, Nialler” he smiles surrounding his bandmate’s shoulders with his arm. 

But we can all tell he’s lying. Looks like Leeroy didn’t bring him such incredible acting skills after all.

I wait until the boys enter their bedrooms and turn to Liam.

“What’s wrong?”


“Is it because of the meeting you had with Paul?” I insist, looking at him; “Have they found out?”

“No” he quickly answers, “They just wanted to give me some guidelines for tomorrow’s interview”

“They?” I cut, “I thought the meeting was with Paul”

“Well, Sally was there too, and…”

“And the rest of the management’s team” I finish the sentence, “Liam, what happened?”

“Nothing, nothing happened” he answers, “everything’s okay” he assures kissing my forehead.

But he doesn’t come over that night.

“Rise and shine!” I say opening the blinds of Niall’s bedroom.

“Nooooooo!” he cries covering his face with one of the many pillows he’s sleeping with.

“Come on, it’s almost midday and you still have to do the soundcheck, an interview and a concert today!” I say taking the pillow far from him, “Get ready! We’re leaving in 25 minutes!”

Niall groans and buries his face in the pillows again.

I walk out of the room giggling and knock on Liam’s door. I’ve got the key with me so after I’ve checked no one is following me, I put the key on the keyhole and open it.

I walk on my tiptoes to the bedroom, ready to wake Liam up. I’ve been the boys’ personal alarm clock ever since the second leg of the USA tour started. But when I arrive to Liam’s bed, I find it empty.

“Where is he?” I whisper to myself.

I hear the toilet’s flush and I turn to see Liam walking out of the bathroom.

“You’re up” I say, not being able to hide the surprised tone.

“Yeah, busy day” he smiles walking past me to the suitcase to get a t-shirt.

I shake my head and exit the bedroom.

No kisses? No hugs? Not even touching me?

I convince myself that everything is okay but as the day goes by, everything seems to prove it’s not: Liam doesn’t talk to me, he doesn’t even look my way for the whole day. So after lunch, before we go to the interview, I walk to him.

“What is wrong with you?” I say.

“Lily…” he answers shushing me.

“No! You said nothing was wrong but you’re acting so stupidly I just can’t…”

“Payno! We have to go to the interview!” Louis cries from the parking lot.

“Ugh, perfect timing” I say rolling my eyes.

We walk to the vans, but Mrs.Timpson put her hand on the door, preventing me from entering.

“Miss Stones, I think it’d be better if you stayed here and made sure everything is in order”

“What?” Niall and I ask in unison, him from the inside of the vehicle.

“You heard me” Mrs.Timpson says; and without adding a word, she enters the van and closes the door behind her.

Something is wrong.

Something is terribly and absolutely wrong.

I walk to the dressing rooms, where the rest of the team is. I help Sarah in the kitchen and after half an hour, the boys are announced next on the kitchen TV.

“Interview time!” Sarah says, and Lou and some of the crew gather around the TV to watch them.

The interview flows normally: they talk about the tour, about the upcoming album…

“Liam” the interviewer says, and as soon as I hear his name, every single muscle in my body tenses.

“Yeah?” Liam says turning to him.

“I’ve got something to ask you. I’ve seen all these pictures going around and nobody has said anything about them so… maybe you could explain them. Give it a look”

I take my eyes off the screen. Because I know exactly what they’re displaying: our pictures. The pictures we saw the other night. There’s a silence following that display and then the interviewer speaks again:


“Well, she’s my bodyguard. We went out and she had few too many drinks… she couldn’t stand on her feet. I didn’t want anything bad happening to her”

I stare blankly at the screen.

Did he say what I think he just said?

“Are you telling me there’s nothing between this girl and you?” the interviewer insists, “you seemed pretty close”

“Nope” Liam denies, “As I said, alcohol had gotten a little too much in the way and… I was helping her up for a change” he chuckles.

“Liam has this super heroic gene on him” Louis tries to joke, unsuccessfully.

I shake my head and look at the rest of the boys’ reactions. Harry is looking away, Niall looks super confused, Zayn and Louis exchange a look and the way they look at each other says it all.

I can’t believe it.

I literally can’t believe it.

I get up and leave the room. None of the crew members tries to stop me and I know I wouldn’t do it if I were them.

I start walking up and down the stadium as everything gets blurry around me. 

How did this happen? How could this happen?

I take my hands to my head, sighing heavily.

Minutes later, I hear a noise that can only mean one thing: they are back.

And without even being aware of it, I walk to the main door where the vans are parked. Mrs.Timpson walks down first, followed by Niall, Paddy, Preston, Harry and Liam at the same time Paul, Zayn, Louis and Alberto descend the second van. I walk up to them and I can see Liam not being able to look my way.

When I arrive by his side and he lifts his sight I slap his face.

“Woah!” Niall exclaims turning to us.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I yell at Liam.

He takes his hand to his cheek and looks down.


“Eli…” I hear Louis behind me.

“DON’T YOU DARE STAND BY HIS SIDE!” I say to him, then chuckle ironically; “I guess it was all management’s decision, right?”

Harry and Zayn look away and I shake my head. Niall looks confused as hell. But things just keep getting clearer for me.

“So alcohol got a little too much in the way, huh?” I ask sarcastically, turning to Liam.

He can’t even look at me and for some reason that pisses me off even more.

“Well, I guess it has been getting in the way a lot for the past six months” I snap.

“Miss Stones…” Mrs.Timpson starts saying and when I lift my gaze, I can see Paul closing his eyes, knowing she has chosen the worst timing to speak.

But it’s okay. Because I know what she’s going to say.

“Don’t even bother firing me, Mrs.Timpson; I quit” I say to her; “I hope you’re happy” I add turning to Liam, “I said I would never hurt you, but you have chosen the worst way to hurt me”

And after having said that I turn around and walk away.

I find a quiet dressing room that is not being used and stay there until the concert is over. While they’re playing, I look for a flight that takes me home as soon as possible.

There’s one at 06:30 tonight that has a stopover at JFK so I buy the ticket.

When we get back to the hotel, I start packing my things.

I leave what I had of Liam’s in the armchair and stuff my belongings in the suitcase.

There’s a knock on the door.

I sigh rolling my eyes, and walk to it. 

I’m not sure who I’m going to find behind it neither I’m sure of who I want to find.

I open it and I can’t help an “Oh”.

“I need to know” he says walking in the room, “the lads are telling me but I don’t really believe it. Were you two really together?”

He looks a bit pissed.

“Niall…” I say.

“No” he cuts me, “I need to know; because…” he starts saying and he leaves his sentence hanging in the air.

I follow where his eyes are looking and I see he’s staring at Liam’s things on the armchair.

“So it’s true” he mutters.

“Yes” I answer calmly, “but…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he cuts me again, “why didn’t you say anything?”


“Because Niall has such a big mouth” he says, “because Niall can’t keep a fucking secret”

His accent is getting a lot stronger and I know he’s really crossed.


“No” he shakes his head, “I can’t believe it. He’s my best mate! And you are my friend!”

And before I can say anything, he storms out of the room, closing the door behind him with a loud bang.

Mrs. Timpson is the next one that knocks on the door just to make me sign the resignation papers.

No one else comes by for the whole night.

Around 3:30 am, I open my room’s door and knock on the door on my left.

“Thanks for everything” I say before he can open his mouth.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks, rubbing his eyes, probably a bit dry because of watching so much TV. I knew he wouldn’t be sleeping.

“There’s nothing else I can do” I say giving him a sad smile.

“I’m so sorry this had to happen” he apologizes and sighs; “I really thought you were his one” he adds looking at me.

I chuckle sadly.

“Yeah” I mumble to myself, “I thought so too”

He gives me a sad smile and leans forward to hug me.

“You’re gonna be missed, partner”

“I’ll miss you too, Paddy”

I smile at him and walk to the elevator.

The ride to the airport is short and in no time at all, I am already waiting to board. 

The plane ride to New York is only an hour and a bit long, and after half an hour of looking for JFK’s International Terminal and getting to it, I sit on the plane. 

I look out of the plane window, and outside, the sun is already shining quite high.

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome onboard flight L-2908 with service from New York JFK to London Heathrow. We ask you to please fasten your seatbelt…” 

The rest of the talk fades away; because I can only think about one thing:

This is flight L-2908 to London Heathrow.

This is it. It’s all over.

I’m going home.

And then I wake up.