BTS react to when you sing properly for the first time. Before you used to mess around sing.


“babe why dont you try one of the member’s lines~ it will be fun” /Namjoon says as you, namjoon and the members are at the studio. You decided to watch him work today/

Y/N: “i dunno~ oppa i dont really si–”

“please it will be fun~~” /he whines to you causing you to give in and go into the recording room and place the headphones over your ears. the music started playing and you decided to do Jimin’s part, singing along properly for the first time, causing your boyfriend’s eyes light up from the other side of the glass which you couldnt see cause you had your eyes closed, getting into the rhythm/

“Woah she’s amazing” /he mumbles to himself and gets his water out and takes a sip (Cause hes thirsty af) though when he places it back down hes too busy admiring you that he spills it all over the controls/ (Master of destruction)


/watching tv when music back comes on and you bob your head along and start singing along to Jonghyun’s ‘hyeya’ properly for the first time ever, causing jungkook to look at you with the most surprised face ever/

Y/N: “oppa? whats the matter?” /you ask when you notice he gaze on you, starting to feel a little shy now/

“your voice…. its… its amazing!” /he cheers/ “we should do a duet sometime!”


/opens his skype and you’re cleaning up your room, singing properly and stop when you hear screaming and look so see hope running from his laptop. you pout and sit at your chair/

Y/N: “sorry, i sound really bad. i know~”

/Hope comes back and sits at his laptop/ “So you sound amazing! it just scared me cause i wasnt expecting such a beautiful girl so have such a beautiful hidden voice~” /he starts doing aegyo/ “babe you should sing more for me~”


Y/N: /stands at the side of the couch with tae sat down watching an mv on the tv/ “oppa come on lets go out and play or something~ you’ve been watching tv all day~”

“yeah ok let me just finish watching this~”

/you nod and start walking back to your room but without realising you get caught by the song and start singing along in your proper voice instead of that silly voice you did in front of taehyung because you thought tae might laugh if he heard your real voice. tae instantly turns his attention to you and is amazed my your qwerky yet soft and amazing voice/

/starts quietly fanboying as he watches you walk back into your room. getting up and running after you to question you about this voice he has never heard before/


/hears you sing in the studio while he is walking through the hall in the company building. he said you could mess around while he had to go to the meeting. he is stopped in his tracks as soon as he hears your voice and is half shocked and half scared/

/realizing it you he run in and start dancing around like a cute little kid in the studio/

“i love my girlfriend~ she is so talented~ shes all mine~ her gorgeous voice”

/causing you to laugh and come out of the recording booth and hug him tightly. from then on your boyfriend suga was now your cute little fanboy and always asks for you to sing in his songs he produces/


/you’re in the shower while jin is cleaning up the house a little bit, forgetting jin is in you start singing one of their songs without realizing. Jin hears your angelic voice and slowly creeps up to the door and listens in shock, covering his mouth/

“OMG i never knew she could sing like this!”

/after a while you come out the bathroom realizing you had sung quite loud and peek around the corner to find jin on the couch smiling in your direction/

Y/N: “ you heard me sing didn’t you..”

/he nods and then gets up to pull you into a hug/ “why have you been keeping that amazing voice from me? you should defiantly sing more often”


/he sneaks into your house to surprise you seems he is coming home early but when he opens the door he hears and amazing voice coming from your room and gets blown away. he slowly opens your bedroom door to find you dancing around cutely and singing into your hairbrush/

/its so cute he cant contain his feels before tackling you in a hug and showering you in kisses/

“BABE YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING! lets sing together next time~ don’t hide it from me~!”

-Admin L

Look what I decided to finish to start off the new year eue

I didn’t draw the dress exactly like the one I based this off of… mostly because I kind of rushed it OTL
But for a first attempt at painting over my lineart [which was the main point in the first place], I’d say this is pretty good!

I was going to do a progress gif like I did with my Tanya fanart, but I didn’t save at enough intervals to have a proper process [I forgot to save during a lot of the main painting part, whoops]

Anyways, Cinder’s whole general look is super appealing to me, and I guess that’s why I always draw her in this kind of stuff?
Heidunno, she pulls off the ‘sexy, but could and would burn you alive’ look well in my opinion?
Also, she’s the only character I’m comfortable drawing in such a way [not entirely provocative, but in an alluring way I guess? Hard to explain].
Let’s me push my own boundaries a bit. A year or two ago, I would have NEVER drawn something like this ;u;

This is drawn over this sketch here: 


hi everyone!! it me, wendy, here with my first follow forever/appreciation post(for my main blog + 2 sideblogs that i greatly neglect oops: bts & pastel)!! this is basically a huge shoutout to the wonderful ppl that make my dash such a enjoyable, fun place so that i stay up on tumblr until like 3 am hahah, fill my dash with quality exo and bts posts, send me such nice messages and deal with my horrifically slow replying OTL. honestly at first /sweats/ i don’t think anyone remembers me as a luhan stan, i only made this blog as a way to store fave pics and gifs, but i ended taking it more seriously and started making edits and stuff, and here i am ((@ mutuals i apologize for ruining your dashes with all my self reblogs >.<)) — also speaking of my stuff, pls ignore my attempted graphic which clearly demonstrates why i’m not really a graphic maker lmao
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— mutuals; whY do you even follow my poop blog? ?? i’m a potato lacking in social skills and fail at initiating convos bUT know that i still love you even if we don’t talk much ❤ i only wanna be your friend~ /cue layhan cover of 普通朋友 ((ok maybe not the point of the song, but i recently rewatched old exo variety shows and i’m :’(  ))/
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