The baby photo on the left is a confirmed photo of one of Ann Marie twins. Looks a lot like the baby on the right with “Briana”. I couldn’t find any more screenshots of the deleted photos, but princelarents on Twitter posted a few more at better angles where you can see his ears, making the resemblances, even more apparent. She had fraternal twins, which could also explain why Briana grandma got the baby sex confused. The twins were wearing stripes in all the baby photos, and “Freddie” was wearing stripes in the photo Louis posted.

I’m just sitting her like what. I don’t know, but I do have to give Larries credit for finding everything. 


@yourdogisnotawolf @nothatisnotawolfdog


This is an acquaintance’s dog… They were told it was a wolf/husky hybrid (content not specified). And I don’t see it? These were the best photos I could find of him although maybe I could dig up more.

I’ve met this dog before but he recently passed away which made me think of him again and wonder if there was any truth to the claim.

Anyone have a clue? He just looks shepherd-like to me.

Another World – Thranduil x (human) reader

Part 1/?

Could you do an imagine where Thranduil somehow gets transported to the present day, and you have to explain everyday things to him?

Yes. Yes I can.

Another boring day. Summer holiday, nothing to do, no one to see, no one to be. All you had to do was watch season after season of your favourite shows, which could never get boring really, but when everyone else was posting photos of sunny holidays, and you were laid in your pyjamas, you knew you needed to find something to do.

“Okay, that’s season 2 finished,” You said to yourself “Let’s make a snack, then watch the next one.” Again, to yourself. You prised yourself off of the sofa, and headed towards the kitchen, busying yourself in trying to reach a bowl from that just-a-little-bit-too-high cupboard. You knelt on the surface, grasping for the white bowl.


No, that wasn’t the bowl. That was from upstairs. You loved your cat, Tom, but why must he always break everything. With a sigh, you trudged up the stairs. As you reached the top, Tom ran past you. Must have been running from the crime scene. You followed the direction that they came from. Your spare room was the only room with the door open, slightly ajar.

Pushing the door open, you stepped into the room. The cats weren’t running away from an accident, they were running away from a man.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” You shrieked, he looked just as shocked “WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY FLAT?” He lost the look of horror, and now watched me with a superior look. “I am Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood realms.” He lifted his chin slightly, “Now, mortal, tell me where I am, and how I can get back to my kingdom.” Okay, so now he was claiming to be a fictional character. Great. Not only did he just turn up in my house, he was mad.

“Um, no. Tell me the truth. No fictional characters, no lies.” He scowled, and drew himself up higher. Not that he wasn’t already a lot taller than me already. “HOW DARE YOU! I should have you killed for that!”

“Ah, but then I won’t be able to take you to the psychiatric ward.”

“What on Middle-Earth is a sy-key-atrict ward?” He exclaimed angrily. Okay, maybe he was real. No! What am I saying! Of course he’s not real.

“Okay, cut the cosplay shit, tell me what is happening.”

His eyes darkened, and he took a step closer. His hand went to the long silver dagger protruding from his robes.

“You see this? This is what I use to get rid of the people who do not obey my command as King.” He paused for a second. “Now, are you going to stop speaking in riddles, or do I have to use it?”

You gulped, and his (rather large) eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer. “Y, Yes, m, m, my lord.” You shakily replied.

“Good.” He placed the dagger back in its holster. “Now, how do I get back to Mirkwood?”

Shit. What do you say now? Sorry but that doesn’t exist? That would go down well. “I don’t quite know how to get there.”

“But you know where it is?”

“Errr, no.” You slowly replied.

He looked down at you, clenching his jaw, as he let out an exasperated gasp.

“But you can stay here until you find a way.” You quickly said, before he could get angry again.

“Fine. Now tell me where I am, mortal.”

“You are in a land we call Earth, and I am pretty certain that it is a completely different world to yours.”

Maybe you should have worded that better.

“Well I saw that from all this witchcraft you keep here.” Thranduil answered rolling his eyes. “Now. I require assistance in getting back, so you must first teach me the way of your world.”

Dear God. Isn’t that just amazing. Well it’s not like I have a choice.

“Okay, first you need to blend in. Let’s get you something to wear, and what the hell are we going to do with your hair.”

“You will not go anywhere near my hair!”

“Fine! But you can’t walk around in those robes.”

You turned, and he followed you out of the door, muttering under his breath.

As you entered the kitchen, he gasped. “What is this!?”

“This is a kitchen, and these are magical tools for creating food.”
He stared about the room, and you carried on around the house, showing and explaining the various items.

“And what does this do, mortal?”

“Firstly, don’t call me mortal, my name is (Y/N), and secondly, that is a light switch. Press it.”

He suspiciously looked at you, then lifted his finger to the switch, cautiously pushing it. His mouth dropped as the room lit up. He pressed it again and again, watching as the room flashed. He suddenly remembered your presence, and cleared his throat, standing up straight.

“Well, I suppose this place is nice enough for now.”

I will definitely be adding more parts to this, but I hope this is okay for now.

Hmm. Well, the Internet is a public place and I actually happened to find that photo somewhere other than your blog. Like I stated before, you blocked me so there’s really no way for me to see if you’ve posted the photo. After our conversation on my secondary blog, which would have been the only other way that I could’ve seen your posts, I blocked you. As you can see, there is no way I could have seen you post that photo. However, since it’s such a bother, I took it down, for your sake and to avoid a huge fiasco because I really don’t have the time or patience for this. If it is actually YOUR PHOTO and one that YOU TOOK with YOUR CAMERA while you were AT the Vienna Opera Ball, my deepest apologies as I did not know. This could have been handled privately, like adults. I’m not sure how old you are, but you’re old enough to be mature about situations. It’s a picture. It’s not the end of the world. There’s no reason to throw a fit. We’re all here to support Jai. It doesn’t matter who reblogged what from which blog.

I’ll remove this once you’ve removed yours. I have better things to do than get into a fight over a blog that I run for fun, in my spare time. This is the only time I am going to acknowledge this because the whole ordeal is silly and unprofessional. Our followers shouldn’t have to deal with our problems. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to tend to more important matters, like my real life responsibilities.

I did some research about why Koyasu Takehito doesn’t want to be recorded.

Way back in the 1990s, he was at his prime (you could probably classify him as an ikemen), which is why he was totally okay with photos and videos of him. If you look hard enough on the web, you’ll find videos and photos of him with Sakamoto back when they were florists by day, assassins by night during his Weiss Kreuz days [he played the role of Fujimiya Aya/Ran]).

Recently, his stance changed because he doesn’t want to show his face anymore for photos or for videos. It’s also the reason that for the live events he’ll be at, there won’t be a DVD because for him,“It’s not because I don’t want to make an appearance/show my face, but I don’t want to see the remnants of it on video.”

However, he’s fine with pre-recording his voice for live events.

anonymous asked:

Well she got her roots done between the photos, which I guess could happen. As a mom of three it's not something I can picture during the first week but good for her I guess.

Anonymous said:I’m glad she found time to get her roots done for this pap walk 

Anonymous said:Not even Brangelina’s kids get this much action in a week and their parents are A list celebrities.

like….does no one find this suspicious? LOL


Some gorgeous pictures I found that I thought captured the idea of the Mother Goddess quite nicely, so, I thought I’d share my find.

Body painting by Cat Finlayson

Photography by Karren Andrews (whom of which I could not find a website for)

“Hoshi, one of Seventeen members is a hardcore fan of Shinee. Jeonghan, his bandmate said that Taemin is his role model. And in a radio show another Seventeen member, Woozi mentioned that Minho told them that they did well.I also watch a fancam in which Shinee members really really into Seventeen’s performance in an award show.Shinee is a group that I stan for a long time while Seventeen is a rookie group that I really like because of their talent.It is nice to see how Shinee appreciate Seventeen’s talent.I wait for the interaction between both sides.”

(Sorry about the quality of Seventeen’s photo. It was the only one I could find in which it fit all the members.)

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry because you've probably answered this before but I can't find it anywhere, especially not whilst on mobile. But if you have done any tutorials or anything on how you edit your photos, could you link them for me please? Thank you so so so much, it's very much appreciated! Your content and gameplay is amazing, keep it up!

Hi there! It’s no problem :) I actually changed my way of editing last time I answered one of these. I use my action, which you can find here >> http://jellyplumbean.tumblr.com/post/136342402529/hi-jelly-could-you-please-teach-us-how-to-edit

and lately I’ve been resizing my photos to 540x303! and I also use kaleekalo’s actions, specifically the texture smoothing and topaz clean ones, which you can find here >> http://kaleekalo.tumblr.com/post/57281143865/its-been-a-while-since-i-offered-something-for

and thank you ♥

flavorsomedango asked:

I wanted to ask which manga this was from, because I could only find the picture. Can you please.. Check my last photo post about the picture..? It's a picture of a girl looking up, I supposed.. And I've been trying to locate the manga for a long while, now... Since last year :0 I'd appreciate it xd

The image is artwork/character design for Zetsuen no Tempest by Saito Tsunenori.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I went though your archive and im trying to find the text where clarke was showing her mom a pick at the same time lexa texts her a dirty msg. I cant seem to locate it and was wondering if you could help or give me a tip on what tag to search or something? Thanks :)

agh i know which one you’re talking about, but i can’t find it? if it’s not in my archive i might have deleted it :// i don’t think it’s on any specific tag, so i guess just sort my archive by photo & look there? sorry!! 

Today was fantastic!

I slept in, got ready, @alice-fergus came over, we went to William Ricketts Sanctuary where there were awesome sculptures and a pretty forest, we had focaccias for lunch, we went to Alowyn Gardens which were really pretty and I ate an apple from a tree there, we then went to Warburton to find the Redwood Forest and walked around in the wrong place for a while then we found it and it was awesome and it was the perfect lighting for photos (to come), then we went up to Mount Donna Buang and as we got higher the fog got thicker and thicker until we could only see a few meters in front of us at the top and there was a guy in a firefighters uniform jogging up and down the steps to a giant platform which we walked to the top of and it was like there was no world beyond that point because it was just white all around, then we went and had woodfired italian pizza - on the way we saw an amazing sunset and a mob of kangaroos - and it was pretty good and the pretty italian waitress complimented Alice’s jumper

So all in all it was an eventful and fantastic day.

my interview for fisheyey magazine
(photo from my series Persona, self-portrait oct ‘15)

Who are you ?

Why did you become a photographer ?
because for me, photography symbolizes a visual vestige of human’s communication in its utmost simplicity; through images what I seek is a medium that could explain – wordlessly - the relationship between me and the world around me.

What’s your main interest as a photographer ?
finding the « language » of images in which I can reveal my inner structure.

I would like to focus on Persona : what’s the main purpose of this series ?
it was an experimental approach that served for my personal bemusement during the mean time. the series was brought into life through a splenetic phrase of desperation in which I was seemingly no longer in touch with the beauty I so desired. then one day I decided to dispense with brooding altogether, just simply hunching down and taking pictures. I took up both roles as a photographer and a model heedlessly, self timing the picture myself and posing whatever floated into my mind – in a way I let another self in me emerge from while having camera served as intermediacy.

You’ve made a lot of selfportraits : is photography a way for you to « find » yourself ?
it is.

When I look at them, I can’t tell if you feel free or traped. Can you enlighten me ?
upon a closer inspection there is this ambiguity in the series that you could not make sense whether the character felt free or trapped. like, under the sky arches you see a swallow swung, yet it is not to be determined lest the swallow was just wallowing hopelessly without ever knowing home, under that same lonely expanse. in a way I share the exact circumstance; with photography I seek my own freedom yet in the end it is always the same me in the same world over and over again, is it not? I hope the audience would find for themselves their own interpretation in my series.

What fascinates you in human body – yours and others ?
the unexpected beauty that sometimes neatly aligns itself beneath our physical peculiarities. the truly beautiful inside the unusualness, the strangeness of human body.

What message(s) do you want to communicate with photography ?
each moment always occurs once in a lifetime, let’s keep them by our own way.

What inspire you ?
movies and reality.

Three words to describe your style ?
individual / emotional / vulnerable.

37.937110°S, 143.663321°E
Werneth, Victoria, Australia

photo by Peter Thurgood

As usual, I did a search on this location to see whether there was anything interesting about it to put in a caption. The closest I got was a page with a large banner reading “Things to do in Werneth, Victoria, Australia”, underneath which was a message in smaller letters reading “Sorry, we could not find any results”.

fabytales asked:

Hi, first I want to thank you for your blog, it's great. I'm also doing the historical challenge and I saw some photos of the Prehistoric age in your blog. I would really appreciate if you could tell me where I can find the winter clothes you used. Thank you and you have a new follower from Spain.

Thank you! :) Those were made by me but they still have probelms which I have to fix before I can think about uploading them.  

hopepyrope asked:

How to convince your mum to let you get a hair cut? My mom won't let me get my hair cut short, fyi she thinks shoulder length is short. I haven't gotten a hair-cut in 6 months and before that, the past 12 years so right now my hair is past my shoulders. I really hate it because I am generally transmasculine and I identify as neutrois. (note: my hair is fairly curly like 3b-3c and thin) Thanks ~Andy.


So, I’ve personally never had a problem with this, since my parents tend to be pretty flexible and let me do what I want with my appearance, but I’ve got a couple ideas which might help.

-You could find photos of famous women with short hair/pixie cuts. They’re pretty popular right now and can look very feminine. You could show them to her/explain that you really like how they look and want to try it out.

-Similarly you could tell her about any friends or people you know who have short hair and explain how you like that look and want to try it.

-You could try telling her that hair will always grow back, if the reason she doesn’t want you to cut your hair is because she is worried it won’t look good.

-You could try getting her to let you get it cut into a bob or just as short as she will let you, then you would be able to pin back/hide in a hat, maybe? 

-You could always just ‘accidentally’ get something like gum stuck in it so it would have to be cut out, but don’t do that if you think it could get you in big trouble/put you in danger.

-Idk what your situation is with her, but you could try coming out? She might be more willing to let you cut it if she knew. Again, only do that if its safe.

-This doesn’t necessarily pertain to getting it cut, but you could try finding more masculine ways of styling longer hair. I know the ‘man bun’ is kind of in style right now. Try searching ‘masculine long hair styles’ on youtube or google for ideas.

I hope one of these could be helpful.


anonymous asked:

your manips look like paintings, i love it. *_* do you know any tutorials that have the same styles as yours? i've searched tumblr but they're mostly simple photo edits.

Thank you, dear kind nonnie! ❤️

I would love to help you, but the thing is that I don’t watch photo manipulation tutorials. I enjoy making manips my own way.
There might be tuts you’re looking for though, because I don’t do anything extraordinary. Maybe you could try searching YouTube.
For instance, I do a lot of smudging, which is the usual trick to make a photo look like a painting. You can play with brushes and settings to create realistic brush strokes, for instance, or just use regular soft brush to smooth your image out. YouTube can deliver many good tutorials on the subject. Maybe you’ll find them helpful.

more shelter shenanigans

There are a few things you need to know..

1. There is what appears to be a purebred red merle intact male Australian Shepherd at our local shelter.

2. While I was at the shelter taking photos of the shelter animals to post on the shelter’s FB page, someone calls and (brace yourself) ASKS IF THEY CAN ADOPT HIM TO BREED HIM.

3. WHAT!

4. WHAT?!


7. He got shut down. HARD. Ha. If the shelter ACOs find out someone cancelled their spay/neuter appointment (which is scheduled prior to leaving the shelter with the animal) and are intending to breed the dog, they will fine the new owner for every single day the animal is intact. Boom. Roasted.

btw, I realize it’s not ideal that these animals leave this shelter unsterilized… but this is a small town and I’m sure it is because the city does not want to hire a vet for the shelter alone.

lakesofbranflakes asked:

Perhaps you have already talked about your wig. But I saw the link you gave someone for it and it seems like copper in the website photos, but in your pictures it seems like a really vibrant red. Is that accurate?

OH no it’s not! 

Thank you for pointing that out! I used Dark Red, not Copper Red which is here x.

They are out of stock currently but I find that Epic Cosplay re-stocks pretty often. If anyone needs the wig asap, you could go with bright red and dye it a little darker if it’s too bright.

                    @tenaciousiisms ;;; starter call!

He finds the wallet on the ground, actually. he has no IDEA if
it’s just been dropped, if it’s fallen from someone’s pocket, or
bag, or it’s been stolen, and in the haste of the getaway the thief
in question has dropped it. REGARDLESS - he picks it up, and
rummages through it for an ID. He scans the street, but he can’t
see anyone matching the photo, so he heads for the subway.
He’ll hang onto the wallet, see if he can’t get some contact details
for the person in the photograph.

But then, as he begins the descent into the underground, he spots
someone who looks pretty much IDENTICAL to the photograph
on the card in his hand.

          “Hey! Hey, you–!”