Now in his True Form, ready to pick up the sister and make sure Everything Goes According to Plan.

… A barfight is in the plan, and you can’t stop it.  It has been ordained.


I was tagged by docilecas and boyfrienddean to post my lock screen and home screen. I’ve had the same lock screen photo since I first started watching spn and the home screen is a photo I took of some rain lilies (framed by lovely poison ivy) I saw while on a nature walk with my family I tag capuletcas leavingdean wickedcastiel kingsmancas blackeyedbela deansfreckle and anyone else who wants to do this lmao

FA CUP final promise

Days 5-8

I read these days: 218 pages

Progress: 542/900 pages

I technically listened to an audiobook and had to go back and see the pages (yes, I own the book as well). I won’t be able to read 358 pages between tonight and tomorrow, but I will read at least one more book this week.

Paradise dislocated her neck after hugging her daughter…

bobdylans115thwetdream asked:

i hope morrissey sees this blog and vomits

I can’t wait until he sends me cease and desist letters that I will ignore, subsequently forcing him to publicly illustrate his disgust with me by wearing a “Fuck Chip” shirt at his next concert, which I will then screenshot and post on my blog.


Alright so today I finished FFVII for the third time and I saw that Cloud had a scar on his eye. I didn’t think much of it but I had some screenshots from Advent Children and saw the same scar on the same eyebrow. In these pictures you can see the scar easily thanks to the red circles. It is on the same eye. Some people assume it is just from Yazoo shooting his goggles off but if it was in the OG, which in the screenshots I took my own screenshot (I know sucky quality I apologize for that) so with that being said, the scar was there before Yazoo ever fought Cloud. The first picture is from the OG where the scar is not there the second picture, after defeating Sephiroth, the scar is visible. The rest of the images are from Advent Children where the scar is still there only proving Yazoo did NOT give him the scar.

Why are people calling Evan Edinger out?

People are being angry at Evan because he answered questions on twitter (which I can not find screenshots of) about the video. He said that “Every youtuber had seen it” and that youtubers often discuss things like that (Hidden relationships, secret videos, general shittalking etc) behind closed doors.

A lot of people are therefore disappointed in him because they thought that he was better than that. The topic “Is Evan using the phandom to get fame?” was also brought up in the mid of the shitstorm. 

I would like to add that he tweeted this, though:

alright, since i plan to rewatch it anyway, i’m just going to do a thing called “mj rewatches daredevil” in which i just take shitty screenshots and write crap in comic stans because what the hell why not

Only just found this photo, which is a photo I screenshotted 2 days before my absolutely gorgeous boyfriend decided to walk into my life and make me realise how nice it feels to be loved by someone

An introduction of sorts!


This is my first post (how exciting!) on my new blog, which I’ll be posting screenshots and thoughts (and probably a lot of crap later) on. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is my first ever MMO; to kick things off I’ll introduce myself.

My name is Laura, though I also go by the name evergreen-symphony. I’m a 21 year old Australian Female playing on Tonberry server as the Miqo’te dork Artaevia Harlison (or Arty).

I’ve been playing since late January this year, and my mains are Monk and Lancer classes, but I also like my Weaver class. I’m part of an FC called Nomad Moogles (NoM), which is a small Oceanic-based FC of about 60 people.

That’s all for this post; feel free to send me an ask or say hi if you play on Tonberry too!

I hope you can look forward to the shennanigans me and my friends get up to on our travels!