which made me smile even more

I woke up in the morning missing the ways she made me feel. The ways they all made me feel. Not their cold, selfish, difficult personalities, but the small things they did; their smiles, laughs, sarcasm, kisses, etc. Pictures truly do provide 1,000 words which makes a trip down memory lane even more difficult. Because staring at those pictures you don’t just see that person you once desired but you see the memory and the moment and you yearn for one thing: That you can experience that rare, great thing one more time. And that’s why you miss people. You realize you will not get to have those moments again because they are so unreachable. And that’s why I have reached, and reached, and reached way too far in the past you capture the unreachable. Yes, it may have led me to joy and contemplation with my life but through the process I scarred myself and those around me. And her. Was it all a mistake? I don’t think so, but the way these girls act and who they are lately makes me want to force myself to believe it was. That they were just another mistake. Another series of memories and moments and feelings that go *poof* and vanish with time. That’s reality. And if they are to say they were more than that, they are hypocrites. Because I am the same exact thing to them. Something vanished. Someone gone.

dear one direction,

thank you for the past four years and those extra two for everyone else who got to discover you early on and love you from them. You guys have grown in such a beautiful way and im proud to have watched it. Im proud of the four of you for continuing on and becoming even better which i didnt think was possible. You have such a strong love for your fans and it means a lot to feel that in every situation. I know things have been quite shit and rumors have spread and doubts have happened but im confident ill you see you guys in another year as one direction.

i want to thank you, even though a thank you isnt enough, for all the times youve made me smile when i didnt think i could. i found you guys when i was young and hating every single breath i took. thank you for reminding me that im more than my insecurities and to follow my dreams even when people think i’ll amount to nothing. thank you for saving my life each and every day. you dont understand what a simple interview, video, song, picture, tweet whatever does for me. it keeps me going it keeps me wanting to see more and this break has me saying im going to stay alive because i wanna see you come back and kill it. i hope these past six years have been as fun and good for you and i cannot wait for hopefully six more. you have all remind the most wonderful people and i hope we treat you as wonderfully back.

i will never be able to repay you for moments you have given me, the memories, the tears and the laughs. my 1d loving ass is gonna sit here and wait for you all to come back together so we can all be one giant family and enjoy these anniversaries more. heres to more albums tours and memories. happy six years boys, hope you know my love for all four of you gets stronger everyday.

Home Alone {Brooke Maddox} Smut

I’m so sorry this is total sin. But for all the people that want Brooke imagines I’m starting to do those. Hope you enjoy and again I’m so sorry for this sinful act I have committed!

Brooke had summoned you for a girls night. Just doing shit things like you always did. You loved Brooke, and would do anything for her. But she could never know your love for her. Because she was totally straight. And you were pan. Which made your heart ache even more as you thought about it.

You rang the doorbell and it echoed through the huge house. “Coming!” Brooke called. She was doing better everyday. Which was good. You hated seeing her so sad. She had a smile on her face when she saw you. “I come bearing gifts.” You say. You hold up some ice cream and her favorite movies. “You know me so well (Y/N)!” She screamed and let you inside.

An hour later she was laying her head on your shoulder and you were playing with her hair. While watching a very emotional part in Toy Story 3. You looked down at her. You could name everything you loved about her but that would take a decade. Her hair was so soft. Her eyes just the right shape. And the color made you melt.

She looked up at you. And both your heated breath was exchanged. Your lips so close that even if you moved an inch closer you would kiss her. But that was your best friend. You could never complicate your friendship with her. It meant to much. But you wanted to kiss her so badly it hurt. Your lips grazed. And she didn’t pull away. She did it back. They were so smooth. Your palm went to her chin and the other went to the nape of her neck.

She scooted closer to your body. And your lips clashed. She grabbed you cheeks and rubbed them with her thumbs. You hand went to her shoulder and you slipped down her tank top sleeve. You hardened the kiss. She didn’t want it to stop. She never knew that kissing girls would be this much fun. Her hands went up your top. You pulled you lips away but kept your forehead on hers. “Brooke.” You whispered.

“Yeah?” She asked. Out of breath. Her lips were swollen. “Are you okay with this. Don’t make a stupid choice just because your vulnerable.” She swallowed. What am I doing? You asked yourself. “Being responsible.” Yourself answered.

You peeled your body from hers. “Don’t you dare fucking leave.” She said before crawling on top of you. She crashed her lips onto yours once more. You rested your hands on her bare hips. She was bony, but you didn’t mind. You sat up and started to kiss her collar bone. She moaned. She took off her top. You kissed her neck, sucked, and bit it to. She palms at your breast through your shirt.

She breaks the kiss to take off your shirt and unhooked your bra. “Maybe we should take this to the bedroom?” You ask. She nods. You pick her up and crashed her onto the door. “You so sexy.” Brooke said to you. You open the door and you immediately undress each other.

“I’ve never done this before. So excuse me if I’m bad.” She says between kisses. “It’s okay I’ll guide you through it.” You say. You slam her on the bed. You kiss her bare stomach which makes her moan even louder. You kiss the inside of her thighs. “Don’t tease, (Y/N). I hate when guys do it. But you. Come on just lick me already!”

“As you wish your highness.” You say to her. And you rub her clit. Eating every morsel of her. She fisted your hair. Then you fingered her. Three fingers. She yelled. Licking her clit. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh please don’t stop!” She begged. You slammed into her picking up the pace more and more and then she came. “ HOLY SHIT!!” She shouted. She shook. She gripped the sheets.

You kissed her. She kissed back with power. And suddenly she took control. She rubbed your dripping heat. “Someone’s wet for me.” All you could do was nod. She left you speechless. She did the same as what you did to her. She slammed as many fingers as she could fit into you. And suddenly, she was licking you. You felt the surge of energy from her. Invigoration. “Brooke!” She kept going.

And then you came all over her mouth. She came up and kissed you. “That, was truly amazing.” She said. You cuddled naked, under the covers never letting each other go. 


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vet ranch is the greatest thing omg

It really is. Their motto is ‘We’re gonna fix ‘em all’, and I’m like yes. Like you can help animals by just watching YT videos?! That’s genius! Why don’t they have one million subscribers yet? There’s also the channel Animal Aid Unlimited, India. which works the same way. They are doing such amazing work that if I at the end of the month made more tips then expected, I’ll donate to either of them. Animal Aid Unlimited even sends you the nicest personalized thank you mails that just make you smile. It’s just such a good way to use Youtube, it really makes me happy. And cry a lot, because these videos make me so happy. Just genuine pure joy. 

Coworker Crush (Time Sensitive, Not Urgent)

I have a crush on a cowoker at the movie theatre I work at. I bonded with him on my first day, he was supposed to show me the ropes of the job and such. He seemed very shy and quiet, but he really opened up to me. I even made him laugh and smile a few times, which is very rare. He confessed that he suffers from social anxiety, and it’s hard for him to talk to people. That said, he was pretty talkative with me, until someone else started their shift with us, then he shut down. The next time we worked together he seemed to forget who I was. I would try to make eye contact and smile, but he’d look away and avoid any connection. The past few times we’ve worked together it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes he’s more open and interactive, others he shuts down and avoids me. This past time we’ve had a shift together we connected again. Though we were working with another coworker he was paying more attention to me than he usually does. We made each other laugh and smile and he even asked me a few questions about myself, initiated conversation. I’ve never had so much fun at work ever and I think he was having a great time too. I mean it’s really hard to get him to even smile let alone laugh! I didn’t want to leave and I volunteered to stay an hour or so late so I could be with him. Then just yesterday I went to see a movie and he was there. I asked him to call for a manager over the radio so I could get my employee tickets. He used some eye contact, but over all avoided it. While I was waiting by the counter for the manager I noticed that my crush was staring at me then looked away quickly. My crush walked over to me and handed me a frappe. He said that a guest had to leave it and asked if I wanted it. I took it and asked if it was ok that I had it because I didn’t want to get in trouble. Outside food/drink isn’t allowed in the movies. He was like, “yeah, I just can’t drink it while I’m working”. I thanked him and he walked back to his position. I saw that he was being very fidgety and was rocking back and forth on his feet. My gut says that he likes me, but I’m not sure. Since he is defiantly the strong and silent type it’s hard for me to tell. do you think he might be interested, if so how do I go about it since he is a coworker?

hey lovely :) I would agree with you, I think he’s showing some signs that a more shy or reserved guy would show when he’s interested in a girl. Don’t be alarmed that sometimes he’s avoiding your eye contact or even avoiding you all together, he could be very nervous when you’re around and he could even be doubting himself as to whether he could even talk to you. You’ll probably have to be a bit patient and keep being friendly towards him so he can start to feel more and more comfortable around you. I mean it’s also a great sign that he laughs and smiles around you when he doesn’t usually around other people. And giving you a drink even though he could have gotten into trouble for it shows you that he does care about you <3 Go with your gut, it’s usually never wrong. 

I think what you should do for now is to try and get as close to him as you can, so eventually he’s not even acting shy around you at all. And, if you can get talking to him outside of work that would be even better, say through FB messenger or texting? That’s a great way to get to know someone who is more reserved as they are less nervous talking over messages then they are in person most of the time. Eventually you might like to gently ask him to hang out with you outside of work, but if he has social anxiety it could take him awhile for him to feel comfortable with doing that and so don’t be too worried if he seems reluctant at first. If he ends up really comfortable around you and he likes you, it will all happen in good time. You’ll probably just have to be quite patient with it…!

I hope that helps <3

xx Tash

07/18/2016 10:47 PM

Today was my first day for a lot of things- the first day of my Bahasa Indonesia class at Sanata Dharma University and the first day of my internship at Kampung Halaman. When I arrived this morning to class, I was shocked to discover that I was the only one in the class. It turns out that VIA signed me up for personal one-on-one lessons with my two teachers, Mas Tom and Mbak Atta! I was also shocked to receive my very own Bahasa Indonesia book and Sanata Dharma University pad of paper. I wasn’t expecting my very own book that I could take home with me and write in, so I am very grateful. It will make studying on my own that much easier. My first lesson today was with Mas Tom and I was even more shocked to find out that he is only one year older than me! He is also very kind and smiled a lot during our session, which made studying an entirely new language less intimidating. He also laughed quite a lot, which made me feel even more comfortable. I learned how to introduce myself by telling my name, where I’m from, how old I am, what my occupation is, and the hobbies that I like to do. I also learned the numbers and the days of the week.

The hour of my lesson went by fast and then I went back to my homestay to prepare for my internship. I was happy to learn that Tiur, a girl whom I had met last week when the high school group was still here, has agreed to become my partner at Kampung Halaman. She is even going to stay at the homestay with me and provide transportation using a motorbike that VIA has provided her with. Together we left the homestay and rode the motorbike over to my internship, which took about 15 minutes. I met the rest of the staff at Kampung Halaman and we had our first meeting about Salamat Pagi. I learned that I am going to be helping them by writing a review about the event, so I took a lot of notes. The next Salamat Pagi will be the tenth one that they have had, which is a great accomplishment! Bands who want to perform at the event send them a song and then they decide which bands that they want to invite to an open call where they have conversations with the bands to see if they line up with the vision and mission of Kampung Halaman. Kampung Halaman’s mission is two part: 1) to provide a place for the young generation to express themselves, and 2) to provide a place for the local people to perform their trade and have fundraisers by selling their artwork, food, etc. A lot of the bands are university students and so far eight bands have submitted songs for the next Salamat Pagi event, but Kampung Halaman is reducing them down to five. I also met with a local artist from one of the universities who is going to show his artwork at the event. His artwork will comprise of ten pieces using the mediums of drawing and painting on paper about the river. I will also be helping to arrange having kids come to the event and play in the river. 

After this meeting, Tiur and I went with some members of the office to lunch. I had a great meal of rice, vegetables, and tempeh. I am so glad that I discovered tempeh here in Indonesia; it is delicious and vegetarian friendly! Tiur and I then went back to the homestay where I studied for the rest of the night and read more of When Helping Hurts. I also went out on a run in the evening around Sanata Dharma University, which was refreshing. There were a lot of students there just hanging out or playing basketball and soccer. One time during one of my laps the soccer ball missed the goal and rolled over toward me. I reached down and threw the ball back to one of the players and he just smiled and looked grateful. It feels so great to be around such nice and friendly people my age at a university. It’s not quite Wake Forest, but it’s comforting nonetheless.


i’ve been dissociating really hard for the first time in like three years today and it got really bad on public transport so i started crying and then this cute demonic child sat across from me and started engaging with me and swept tobacco off my bag which first made me smile then laugh out loud then cry again and i am sitting in a park rn because i felt like i couldn’t/shouldn’t go home and i just saw these two girls kissing which made me feel a slight bit more hopeful and like there are still good things in the wotld and
anyway idk why i am making this post considering my phone might not even post this but if you could message me and help me feel more grounded when i manage to go home that would be appreciated really

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😘 talk about your crush or partner
oKAY well !!! i feel like i always say the same standard stuff omg abjdsnsjg but like, dude… max is so amazing in every single way so like ofc it’s gonna get repetitive (there are only so many words in the english language) but… i’ve literally never felt so in love or passionate about something in my entire life (which is saying a lot bc as an autistic person my special interests are usually so all-consuming that nothing could ever compare, but in comparison to my love for max even those pale). i’ve smiled more in the last (about to be!!) two months that i’ve ever smiled in my life. yesterday they made me laugh so hard i spat all over my laptop screen, and that isn’t the first time that’s happened. i’ve honestly just… never been so happy, and even when i’m not feeling the best (because lbr, love doesn’t cure mental illness) i have hope now. and i think that’s the best thing max has given me, apart from their love, which i couldn’t be more grateful for: hope. (absbj that was so cheesy and gay… anyways)

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?
max!! but apart from that, listening to stimmy songs (2YL by the front bottoms and rasputin and shake it by metro station are some!!) and my special interests make me happiest. also napping!!

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment
omg this was so easy!! i usually find these questions really hard but lately i listen to like the same ten songs anyway bc they make me happiest or remind me of max so!! anyways, in no particular order:
1. 2YL by the front bottoms
2. rasputin by… boney m (i had to check abjsdb bye)
3. donttrustme by 3oh!3
4. apollo by magic man
5. shake it by metro station

send me emojis!

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Lucky!! Tell me more about your experiences with Jessi. Like what did you guys talk about? How did her hand feel? Probably soft and beautiful xD tell me everything please!! Was she genuine? Busy? Quiet? Awkward tell me

Haha…well, idols are always busy at fansignings and the staff/security also doesn’t give you more than a few seconds to talk to the idols and get your album signed, but despite everything being so hectic, Sica was always very friendly and polite! She asked my name and after I told her, she smiled and asked: “Genki desu ka?” which means “How are you feeling?” or “Are you doing okay?” in Japanese, which I found supernice that she made an effort to talk to me in my native tongue (even though I started the conversation in English! xd).

Sica is also very petite in real life and her skin is honestly flawless! Her hair also looks as beautiful as it always does in pics, maybe even better. And yes, her hands felt were soft and her nails were perfectly manicured! *.*
During the fansigning for IGAB she also complimented my outfit. I was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer and Sica said that I looked very chic. I had a hard time not fainting on the spot, becaue my style icon had just given me a compliment! xd

So Sica is really a wonderful person and no “Ice Princess” at all. Just a princess…💕

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You're beautiful and a total sweetheart <3

Awww thank you anon!
This was super sweet ; w ; You made me smile, which is always more than appreciated! And I can tell from this message that you are a sweetheart yourself <3

Sorry for the late reply^^” My parents went back home and I had stuff to do, so I didn’t have a chance to get on tumblr again^^”

Spend a lovely evening! ; u ;


He is more than I could ever have imagined.
Within the past week, he has made me smile more than I have in 2 years combined. Thankyou for the trips to the mountain and waterfall, the dinner and breakfast dates which you never ever let me pay for, for my surprise gifts on the second day we hung out. Thankyou for waking up next to me and making me feel like your princess. Thankyou for being there for me and for playing mario kart with me even though I smashed you. I am falling so deeply in love with you!

So I definitley feel cum slowly oozing out pussy and asshole when I met bf. He gave me hug and kiss and we walk in to restaurant together. I don’t think he notice even though he look at my skirt and mentioned that it was a little shorter then I usually wear which make my heart beat faster bc I could feel cum sliding down thigh. Thankfully he didn’t notice and just mention skirt. I told him I just trying dress more business like in office and that boss daughter pick it out for me which made him little more relax. I think the waiter notice though as we were sit down, he was older man but he smile and look down at my leg and back at me which really made me embaress and excited at same time. He then gave me wink and started take order which I think bf might have seen bc when he leave he said that I should be careful of the old guy, he might be trying hit on younger girls like me lol. Dinner was good though and waiter dos stand close to me couple times and I see him glance couple more times at my legs which were still little wet from cum but I had wipe them little. After dinner told bf that I was little tired and that I was little sore still from stretching and exercise from yesterday. He offer massage again but I just tell him I go home. When I got up from chair I saw a little bit cum on chair which I think waiter notice too and grin again. It was still exciting and embaress at same time. Thankfully bf didn’t see first time and good thing I wipe leg a little bit before get up bc I think he check skirt again but didn’t notice anything still. Now time to go relax sore body.

My dear, sweet Nereen.
You were so kind and so funny. I loved hanging out behind your desk (even though I shouldn’t have been documenting on the computer with the scanner lol) because you kept me laughing even when I was stressed. When I was a newbie, you had my back. You helped me out more times than I can count. You told me which docs to look out for because you knew everyone! Aside from work, you were genuinely a good person. I will never forget the jokes and stories we exchanged in break room. I will never forget your smile. I will never forget your laugh. I won’t forget the last dinner we shared. That was a fun night! I wish you could’ve made it out here to see my new home. I know you said you loved St Pete. I’m sure your new home is more beautiful than mine, though. More importantly, there’s no more pain. I love you, Nereen. I will miss you dearly.
Until next time, xoxo.

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He kept saying all day how happy my email from Friday makes him, each time he says it I smile a little harder. I love knowing I can make him as happy as I do, and how much he cares about my happiness. When we were chatting this morning he said he’d been ‘thinking a lot’ about what I said yesterday (which made me grin uncontrollably). He said although he seriously loved hearing how important he was in building my confidence, I need to credit myself more. A even called me 'THE best artist in the year’ and said that all of my hard work needs to be recognised by myself. He laughed saying he knows he tells me this all the time, and doesn’t want me to get big headed, but he thinks the amount of progress I’ve made and passion I now have is amazing, and I constantly surpass his expectations.

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Hello, I would like to request a drabble about Tristan de Martel from the Originals.

Request – Tristan de Martel “Favour”

“Allow me, love…”

You turned around to check who was suddenly taking the weight of your bags out of your hand, and you found out you didn’t know the man. He did vaguely remind you of Elijah, at least when it came to his manners.

He was polite, smiling, but somehow you had the feeling there was more behind that smile than you could see.
“Thanks…”, you sighed, glad to get rid of your bag. “I was having a bit of trouble balancing it all.”

He chuckled.
“I could see that much… which made me decide to give you a hand.” He carried the bag as if it didn’t weigh anything at all, even when you knew from experience it was very heavy.

You always waited too long to get your groceries, which meant you always had to buy more than you could carry. Luckily you were home already, and you put down the bags you still had in your hands to search for your key.
“Thanks so much…” You frowned when you realized you didn’t even know his name. “I’m sorry, I’ve been really rude. I’m Y/N.”, you introduced yourself.

The stranger even managed to shift the bag to one hand to shake your hand.
“Tristan de Martel. The pleasure to meet you is completely mine.”

You pulled back your hand and started to open the door, suddenly not so sure about everything anymore. You had heard that name before. Mostly in a negative way. The man was supposed to be dangerous, manipulative, a danger towards the Mikaelsons. How had you ended up with him? When you finally managed to get the door open, you turned back towards him, a smile plastered on your face.
“Thanks. I’ll manage from here…”

He however shook his head.
“I doubt that, my dear. It’s heavy, and I would never forgive myself if I allowed you to risk your neck by carrying them up the stairs. I insist…”

He was right, and he wasn’t… you were pretty sure he was a bigger risk for you than carrying those bags of the stairs, and seeing how clumsy you could be, that said something. But you could still allow him that much.
“Fine… come along.”, you gestured. It wasn’t your home yet, of course, and you could still stop him at your door, or so you hoped.

He smirked when you arrived at your house door.
“I assume this is as far as I can come today? I’ve noticed your hesitation, love. You might put up a very lovely smile, but your heart tells the truth. I would however want to point out that your wariness is completely unnecessary. I have no idea what you have heard about me, but believe me… those stories can hardly do me any justice.”

You stopped fumbling at your lock and turned around.
“So you’re not here because of some sire line war? You’re not here to harm the Originals?”

He shrugged.
“I’d advise you not to get caught up in too many matters that go above your head, my dear. I will react when I am threatened, but I will not initiate a war all by myself. Please… I just ask you for one favour. Meet me tonight at eight, and I will make sure you’ll have a night to remember.” He smiled, bowing slightly to say his goodbyes.
“I’ll meet you here… I won’t even ask to be invited in. I’m fairly sure you’ll do that out of your free will after tonight.”

So, this picture has always made me smile. I LOVE Jonathan Richman, and I got my MA in Early Childhood Education from Lesley College, which makes picture even more sweet. On Sunday I received the picture, along with a notification from Bandsintown to say he was doing a benefit show for Cara Joy Clausen at Chop Suey, the A Frames and the Spits are also on the bill. It will be hard to get a ticket, but I’ll do my best. Musicians with heart coming together for a wonderful cause ❤️ (at Chop Suey)

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There was another one driven by a lady wearing gorgeous hippy glasses. I smiled subconciously while looking at her through the car window, she saw that and smiled back, which made me smile even more and so for a few seconds we were just smiling at each other from our cars for no clear reason. Fun ride!

Monday, July 11th 2016

Dear Leo,

     You come back a week from today. A few minutes ago I saw a gif of Totoro doing a dance and it reminded me of when you and I and some others watched it in residential (in Japanese, per your request). A few times before and after the movie you made this little excited face and hummed the theme song, which I thought was the most adorable thing. It’s a cute song to begin with but coming from you, even thinking of it still makes me smile. So much about you makes me smile. While, and this is the first time I’ve ever actually believed this about someone, I do think that you care about me as much as I care about you, I’m also 100% sure that I’m more into you than you’re into me, and that really sucks. It’s a really fucking good thing that I’m damn good at hiding my emotions.


I saw you tonight. You acted the same as you usually do. It ticked my off on the inside. You acted like you never said I was annoying. You made me laugh. Then we had a side conversation which made me laugh even more. Those were real laughs by the way. I wasn’t acting.

Before the meeting I told myself I would act like everything was okay, after I saw you it wasn’t much of an act. They say actions do speak louder than words I guess. You acted no different than you usually do. You smiled at me and acted like you usually do. Hell I think we looked at each other a few times as the meeting went on.

I’m still mad, well mostly sad now. It’s hard to stay mad at someone who makes me laugh. You sat across from E, who I sat by. (Since the boys took the other seats and I was the last one there.) I resisted the urge to glare at ya a few times. It wasn’t worth getting questioned by everyone else.

Before I got there I saw your dad’s car in the normal spot and was like, “oh crap he’s here.” After everything settled down I was fine. Most of my friends think you’re a piece of shit btw. They probably hate you for what you did. I don’t hate you, not at all. I’m still mad about what you said.

Why are you so much different through texts? Oh wait, I shouldn’t be asking that. You could ask me that. My answer is simple, I’m more myself over texts. I barely talk at meetings unless I absolutely have to. I’m just used to being quiet.

I probably looked like a damn idiot laughing at your jokes, but I remember you telling me it makes you feel better when I do. As I’ve said before, it wasn’t fake. I do find you funny. (Even though I still think you’re an ass.)

Every letter I’ve written, I do want to send to you, but I’m too scared that more things will change between us. Plus with you being busy as well I don’t want to bug you anymore than I need to.

If for some reason you are reading this…. Please never speak of this.