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The Revenge of Seven - Pittacus Lore (5 stars on Goodreads)

“Disgraceful.  Fight me with honor, boy.  No more tricks.”

I hold up my hand and smile at the General, noticing the birds fluttering in from all sides.  “Hold on.  Just one more trick.”

And that’s when the rhinoceros drops from the sky.

One moment the Chimaera –I’m not even sure which one– is a robin flying innocently above the heads of the Mogadorians; the next it’s a half- ton African rhino…

Wildest Dreams- Erik Durm One Shot

Based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift


- “Come with me ! We run away !” Erik said, holding out his hand.

Sunset over his face made him even more beautiful and so tall. I knew it wasn’t a good thing if I went with him, but no matter, it was necessary to make mistakes in our youth. So I took his hand with mine.

- “But I have one condition” I say, he stopped immediately.

- “Which one ?” he asked, curious.

- “Promise me you will not forget me. That you will remember forever me” I responded, resulting in him a smile so cute. He advanced towards me, placing his hand on my cheek. “Promise me that if one day we aren’t together, you will see me again in your wildest dreams” I added.

- “I promise (Y/N) !” he answers me, eye to eye.

His hands are in my hair and his clothes are scattered around my bedroom. Nothing lasts forever, I know, but his voice is familiar to me, his smell too.

- “No one must know what we are doing, Erik” I say, my head on his shoulder.

- “No one will know” he reassured me, kissing my forehead.

Everything was going to end, we spend our last night together. He’s so bad, but it’s going so well. It was time for him to leave. He took his clothes and took his bag.

- “I love you” he uttered these words that sound like a promise. He kissed me so passionately, I don’t want him to go. 

He walked to the door, ready to go, but I grabbed his hand.

- “I have one last question for you, Erik” I said, looking down.

- “All that you want” he said, raising my face with his hand to see me.

- “How can I be sure you will not forget me?” I asked.

- “Because it’s impossible to forget your face” he responds, kissing my mouth for the last time. “I think of you in my wildest dreams” he added, smiling.

He walked to the door and began to open the door. But before leaving he turned to me.

- “I think of you forever” he said, leaving my apartment.

Today was the day he was to leave me. Our memories will probably haunt him forever. Our evenings contemplating the sunsets. My red lips and our rosy cheeks. I bet those memories will haunt him forever. He promised me that he would see me in his wildest dreams.


HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY !!!! Because Tumblr is so much better than fb, I decided to post pictures of our entire relationship. You are 20 now which means you are officially out of your teens (while I’m not hehe :a).  I wish we could “celebrate” your bday together, but unfortunately we can’t :(. When I was looking for these 10 pics I had to scroll through all of our pictures and it made me smile (YOU make me smile). I want you to know that you are the best gf in the entire world and that I don’t want to live without you anymore. You are more than my everything and I love you so so fucking much babe. You are so beautiful and you don’t even realize it. You have made my life sooooo much better and I can’t wait to spend my future with you, our future. I know I say all of this stuff a lot and that it may come across as repetitive, but I can’t say it enough because it’s simply the truth. I never wanted to go to prom until I met you and I’m so proud to say that you are my prom date. I can’t wait to see you again Saturday and introduce you to some of my friends, they can’t wait to finally meet you after these 7 months we’ve been together. I can’t wait to give you all of your presents either :a. I know we have a difficult & unfair situation, but I know we’ll get through this. I can see and feel that you want us to work and that’s very nice. I’m so bad with words (as you know) but I think you get the point. I love you so much mijn lieve schat and you and me are forever and longer youbettergetthecoffinsout and I wish we could fast forward to the time that we are looking for our own place ♥

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[ In-game my first impression of Abelas was that he MUST be protected at all costs, which was also my first impression of your Abelas. That hasn't really changed. My first impression of you was that you were really friendly and intelligent, and that impression HAS changed for I see now you are even kinder and more intelligent than I imagined. You and the rest of the pantheon have changed how I see Solas forever, and have made everything x10 more painful. Thank you for that. ILU ]

falls to knees ily

Bill Nye the Sexist Guy?

Am I the ONLY one who saw the way Bill Nye treated his dance partner on Dancing With The Stars and found it very sexist and made me lose respect for him? He was very sexually objectifying… he treated her as a piece of meat, as a prize, instead of as an equal and human being (and, actually, his superior, in that she was teaching him dance). And when he would say sexist, objectifying stuff, you could see her be uncomfortable with it. (But she had this look of “I just have to stand here and smile. I have to be used to it.” on her face, which was even more sad.)

But there’s NO media coverage of it whatsoever, and progressive/liberal/etc Tumblr keeps blogging about him as if there’s nothing wrong with him. But there was. I was appalled by his behavior and really lost one of my childhood heroes that night. (And it wasn’t just 1 comment or 1 night. It was always that I saw him on there.)

Doing some research, I found only minimal articles about him getting accused of sexual assault or serial rape. (It wasn’t clear.) (There’s a few people talking about someone accusing him of sexual assault, but I can’t find the source material, which is deeply frustrating.)

Anyway, I just want to know why I’m the only one talking about this. And why I’m the only one who walked away from liking him because of it.

We’re all pretty messed up but that’s what makes us friends you see… We can be like this together, when I am alone and thinking about suicide you are there, in the same position as I and we promise each other not to do it because we both can’t see the other dead, so we promise to never leave. We fought though and I am here crying, I promised I wouldn’t do it, but you said I was worthless. Now even I have disappointed you. I send you a message “stay strong and keep fighting, I did this for you like you wanted me too but you never join me okay, never break the promise. You said the truth which made me realise you are more than me, I don’t want to be missed it’s okay, but promise to keep your promise never join me here, make sure the world notices you, one day you will be happy, be happy for me.” I am happy for the first time in years I smile genuinely and then I jump… It doesn't hurt… relief from this world… I will forever miss you…
Chapter 2: Flirting and Surfing

Emily’s POV:

“Hey, someone pass me the wax!” I yelled, putting down my surfboard.

“Catch!” Luke answered, tossing me the wax and smiling at me with his white teeth. His blue eyes seemed to pierce my soul when they connected with mine. I caught the wax smiling back at him, silently thanking him.

“Who’s ready to surf?!” I yelled, smiling with excitement. I noticed Luke staring at me. He was biting his lip, which made him look even more adorable.

“Well, I know I am!!” my brother shouted, smiling at me. “Who wants to try and beat the ‘Master Of The Waves’ right here?” he said. “Obviously, it needs to be one of you guys because we all have tried to beat the Master, but it has never been accomplished.”

“Really…Well, we’ll see about that, because back in Australia, they call me the 'Master Of The Waves’.” Luke announced.

“It’s true! No one has ever beaten Luke at a surfing contest!” Ashton said.

“I guess today is your last day being the best at surfing these waves, cause you are GOING DOWN!” I yelled, pointing to the ground, knowing very well that I will win this surf contest.

“I don’t think so! I think you’re the one going down!” Luke retorted back.

“IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!” I shouted, picking up my surfboard and heading towards the ocean. 

I am SO going to win this competition. I wouldn’t be a Tomo if I didn’t win. Besides the ocean is like my second home.


“SEE! I TOLD YOU I WOULD WIN!” I said to Luke as we walked to shore with our surf boards in our hands. “I didn’t even fall off my surfboard. But as for you, you fell off a dozen times.”

“I didn’t know you were that good, that’s the first time I have ever been creamed on the waves before.” he said laughing at himself. “I’M NOT A MAN ANYMORE!” He screamed, dramatically throwing his empty hand in the air then bringing his hand down to his face, pretending he was wiping a tear away.

“Luke, I am sorry to say but…You were never a man in the first place,” I said smirking and biting my lip. He smiled at me once again, shivers ran down my back as he looked into my blue eyes.

“I was too a man! You just never saw it because you didn’t know the master, but in Australia I am still the 'Master Of The Waves’.”

“We will see about that. We are going on a worldwide tour so I will also be the master there as well, so HAHA for you sucker!” I laughed, running back to the rest of the boys, then dropping my surfboard on the ground.

“HEYYYYY THERES MY LITTLE 'MASTER OF THE OCEAN’!!!” Louis proclaimed, walking over to me and put an arm around my shoulder, then kissed the top of my head smiling.

“I can’t believe you beat Luke in a surf competition. I thought that was impossible.” Michael said laughing as Luke approached us.

“I know I just lost to a girl. I am not a man anymore!” Luke cried.

“Oh look, the poor wittle baby is crying. Maybe the wittle baby needs a nappy wappy.” I said in a baby voice.

“Oh my gosh Emily, that was good.” Louis said as we all laughed.

“Now who is ready to go back to the beach house?!” Niall yelled .

“I am! I worked up an appetite from beating Luke in a surf competition!” I said, grabbing my stomach like it hurt. I went to Louis and leaned against him.

“Emily, I think you have been hanging out with Niall too much.” Louis said as everyone giggled along.

“Ok. Now who is going with who??” Liam asked everyone. There was a long silence as Liam waited for an answer. “Emily, you’re going with your brother. Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum, you will go with them as well. Zayn, you’re coming with Harry, Niall,and I. Okay there, now let’s go.”

“Noo! Liam don’t give me all the teenagers please let’s switch, Zayn, Harry and Niall with me and then everyone else with you.” Louis said, “Also I don’t have enough room in my car and you have the van so yah you have to agree to that.”

“Oh, I forgot about that. Aww…now I have to be with the teenagers.” Liam said.

“I call shotgun!!” I yelled as I walked back to the truck to put the surfboard away, I took off my wetsuit, and grabbed my towel. Then walked over to Liam’s car and waited to go. Luke put his surfboard into the back of my brothers truck, grabbed his towel, then jogged over to me.

“You know that you really are a good surfer,right?” He said complimenting me.

“Well, duh! I have been surfing since I was three years old.” I smirked at him, pulling my hair into a messy bun.

“Wow that’s a long time, I started when I was ten. Haha. That’s why you’re so much better than me.”

I laughed, “Probably is.”

“So Emily what else are you good at, besides surfing?”

“Video games, skateboarded and a lot of other things, but it’s too much to say.” I smirked.


That’s the end of chapter 2 please tell me if you like it. I really need feed back. 

The wattpad version 

if you go on the hashtag #The Blue Eyed Surfer by lukekilledme30x all the chapters will be there.


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Description of you in a book; 'Her hair was brown, her face was light and her eyes wrinkled when she smiled. She wore glasses, which made her even more beautiful. And the first time I saw her, she was reading a book. She was amazing.'

Asdfghj this is amazing you’re amazing LET ME LOVE YOU

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"Hey Vi!" The lady of luminosity would yell out, wearing a fairly large smile while she waved for the others attention running up quickly to the enforcer. "You think you could show me around piltover? I made a few mistakes when making a mental map of the city, and I need a bit of help."

It’d been a while since Vi had run into Lux at all, which made seeing her here in Piltover even more of a surprise. “Oh, hey! Yeah, definitely, where d’ya need to be?”

This Sunday is six months. 
Six months later, I still adore you, just as much, if not even more than I did 183 days ago. Whatever, call me stupid for fixating on such a short period of time, but I’ve never felt comfortable in a relationship, being tied down has always made me feel claustrophobic, jumping in and out of relationship. But with you, it’s different. I still get a dopey smile every time I see you for the first time in a while. I still get butterflies when you call me babe. Everyday is exciting and happy when I’m with you. We’ve had our little arguments, which is to be expected, but in the end after we talk everything out, it always becomes clear to me again why I love you. 


Scrolling through my dash I’m always in a different world. A world full of perfectly made pictures of perfectly beautiful people. I always feel really depressed afterwards because that’s the sort of prettiness a normal girl like me can never achieve, there is no make up and no clothes which could make me look like that. I also feel like there are only perfect people around me and that I’m just a mess.

But then I go outside, sit inside the subway and look directly at people, just to realize that there is no perfection in reality. Most people I see are normal, maybe even perfectly normal, just like me. And I smile at them, most of the time getting a nice smile back. I wish more people on tumblr would realize that the pressure of being perfect is just a self made thing. I wish you all could be happy with who you are. I’m working really hard on it.

“but then I slowly began to realize that I loved him with all of my being. I loved the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he laughed, the way his smile would bring warmth to my chest which reminded me of a lazy summer afternoon, the way he made me feel beautiful and strong even when I didn’t seem to believe it myself. I fell in love a little more each day. and by the end, I felt that the words ‘I love you’ didn’t come close to expressing what I felt for him”

yurato )

Her day just finished, earlier than usual and for a pleasant change, she didn’t have any further plans or responsibilities, so the older’s suggestion or request made her smile from one ear to the other.

“I’d like that!” she quickly agreed, struggling to get her hair out of the jacket’s zipper, which she just closed without paying much attention to it, “is there anything playing in the cinema or would we be more comfortable to simply set up for a movie evening or night at home with a bunch of snacks and no one to secretly judge or stare at us? I think the second option is much better, huh?”

█ ▌ ❝ I think maybe watching movies at home would be more pleasant❞
           A soft hum escaped her lips whilst nodding her head excitedly which
          caused her to jump from excitment due that it had been a while ago
          for her to be able to have one of these evenings because of their
          tight schedule lately after releasing a new song. 

       ❝ We should go to the store now yeah? ❞She suggested due that 
           her friend wondered if they were supposed to have snacks along with
           while having the marathon.

Soooo in love with you.  To come all the way up to visit me when I sounded like death and extremely out of it just to see me and spend time with me, and maybe partly to check out your dirt bike ;).  Not an hour or minute goes by where you’re not on my mind in some way.  You don’t think you’re perfect but when I look at you my heart smiles and I just feel this immense feeling of comfort and home with you.  I need you with me by my side and even though it’s not always possible being so far away from each other it feels as though you’re there.  We have grown so strong in only 8 months and I can’t imagine it ever slowing down or ending because you truly are the best thing to ever happen to me in every sense. You have made me a better person and so much more adventurous and willing to try new things which makes life with you exciting and fun. I am so in love with you and you are absolutely perfect to me, for me no matter what.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It’s only been a few hours but I’m still smiling because today I met @whoiselijah who was soo nice in person which made me love him even more 😍 thank you @windsorsmith for bringing him to Perth 💖

Annette Smiling, 58, had never worn a Fitbit before. Within six weeks she lost 22 pounds and said she better understands her multiple sclerosis and has an improved quality of life.

“The awareness it gives you, it just encourages you all around,” she told MM&M. “I wore it to sleep at night and found out that I was waking up at night from spasms and didn’t realize it. It made me more aware of what I was eating and my walking. It was challenging, too, by trying to beat the previous day’s [step] record. It didn’t even seem like I was losing weight.”

Smiling and over 200 other adults with MS recently participated in a study funded by Biogen that used Fitbits to track their walking activity. MS patients often have trouble walking, which could be correlated with disease progression. Some research suggests that increasing physical exercise may help slow down the disease.

I work for Biogen, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Who makes fun of the performer the whole show, good for you Brit Brit!💋💖👏


My first piece of me show was 2/4/15 and it was amazing except for the fact that the WHOLE CROWD STAYED SITTING! I was in the first row and noticed everyone comming to sit down near me wouldn’t even smile or say hello to me? I went to the show with this vision I would meet tons of Britney fans like myself and party all night long! The only friends I made were 3 boys from the meet and greet group (which a few in the group weren’t even listening during the tour let alone knew who Felicia was) and an older couple that got comp sets behind me IN THE SECOND ROW, who were more excited about my Birthday than Britney!

Be besides me and a few couple scattered around the crowd everyone was sitting like I said, I got in two fights with two different people (Both in their 40 or older) that came up to me and said no one could see behind you and everyone was yelling at me to sit! It was my first ever POM Show, I paid full price for my tickets! I was repeatedly yell at and was forced to sit down during some parts the show. Most of the people, let alone in the front Row weren’t even singing along and were looking at me like I was crazy freaking out and jamming to every song like it they all should have been doing, kinda concert etiquette?!
At one point Britney herself was signaling for people to stand up during “I Wanna Go”

I went again my last night in Vegas, before this show they actually made an announcement asking for everyone to get up out of their seats, Britney Spears wants you to dance till the world ends!

I could not find discounted tickets and bought mine the day of in row W still full price. (Were you still get a great view in the back) I don’t know if the people in the front get comp tickets or are actual Brittany fans that pay the full amount of money just to sit and watch the show?

💖Personally I don’t blame @BritneySpears if she doesn’t re-sign with Why would she want to re-sign for a crowd where at some shows they care, some don’t and now are making fun of H