which made me smile even more

So I definitley feel cum slowly oozing out pussy and asshole when I met bf. He gave me hug and kiss and we walk in to restaurant together. I don’t think he notice even though he look at my skirt and mentioned that it was a little shorter then I usually wear which make my heart beat faster bc I could feel cum sliding down thigh. Thankfully he didn’t notice and just mention skirt. I told him I just trying dress more business like in office and that boss daughter pick it out for me which made him little more relax. I think the waiter notice though as we were sit down, he was older man but he smile and look down at my leg and back at me which really made me embaress and excited at same time. He then gave me wink and started take order which I think bf might have seen bc when he leave he said that I should be careful of the old guy, he might be trying hit on younger girls like me lol. Dinner was good though and waiter dos stand close to me couple times and I see him glance couple more times at my legs which were still little wet from cum but I had wipe them little. After dinner told bf that I was little tired and that I was little sore still from stretching and exercise from yesterday. He offer massage again but I just tell him I go home. When I got up from chair I saw a little bit cum on chair which I think waiter notice too and grin again. It was still exciting and embaress at same time. Thankfully bf didn’t see first time and good thing I wipe leg a little bit before get up bc I think he check skirt again but didn’t notice anything still. Now time to go relax sore body.

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Lucky!! Tell me more about your experiences with Jessi. Like what did you guys talk about? How did her hand feel? Probably soft and beautiful xD tell me everything please!! Was she genuine? Busy? Quiet? Awkward tell me

Haha…well, idols are always busy at fansignings and the staff/security also doesn’t give you more than a few seconds to talk to the idols and get your album signed, but despite everything being so hectic, Sica was always very friendly and polite! She asked my name and after I told her, she smiled and asked: “Genki desu ka?” which means “How are you feeling?” or “Are you doing okay?” in Japanese, which I found supernice that she made an effort to talk to me in my native tongue (even though I started the conversation in English! xd).

Sica is also very petite in real life and her skin is honestly flawless! Her hair also looks as beautiful as it always does in pics, maybe even better. And yes, her hands felt were soft and her nails were perfectly manicured! *.*
During the fansigning for IGAB she also complimented my outfit. I was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer and Sica said that I looked very chic. I had a hard time not fainting on the spot, becaue my style icon had just given me a compliment! xd

So Sica is really a wonderful person and no “Ice Princess” at all. Just a princess…💕