which is very very cute

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hey in that picture you just posted, which one are you bc the redhead is very very cute #iwanttheirnumber

that me

The only second at which I smiled. This was very cute. Very very adorable. 🙈😍 I love them. They’re my second favourite ship. My first one were not part of the trailer, they weren’t important apparently so yeah, they’re not going have an important role in the show either. So um, no Cobert at all. Need a few days to prepare myself and dash every hope I had for Cobert. My other favourite? Matthery? Oh, wait Matthew is dead. Right. Yay, Chelsie. 😍 I’ll cheer for them. This was really very cute. I think that line of Robert, “Who has an Under Butler these days?” I think Chelsie will leave Downton because they’ll get married and Thomas will become the Butler. Have no idea, what’s wrong with Mary. Maybe she’s in love. And omg please, let Edith be happy.
The trailer actually depressed me. I want Cobert but I think I was hoping too much, there’s so much to be done, I don’t think we’ll get to see them much as a couple. So basically, it’s time to say goodbye.

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That’s the number of the Devil, which is apt because you are bad! Nah, but seriously, you’re super cool and really, really smart (I think we had a similar conversation yesterday). You’re great, I’m glad we’re friends and I literally cannot believe how kind you are!!! Your blog is great and we seem to be into the same sort of history (which is good). Our conversations are always interesting ;) 


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They have a super great blog and for some reason their mobile theme reminds me of a peach which is super cute. Great posts and they seem very very nice!!

Send me a url and I’ll tell you my opinion of them 💜

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hey i don't know you very well but i see you on my dash sometimes and i just wanted to tell you that you're very inspirational and you're very cute (which is a huge compliment from me because i don't go around telling guys that they're cute (/v\) and i don't lie either) and for what it's worth, i didn't know you were a transguy i've always thought you were just one of the few guys i follow :p anyways i hope you have a good night ^^

Awwww that’s so nice thank you so much. This means a lot really thank you. Have a lovely night ☺️☺️

look and learn

First name: Josephine
Nickname: Josie/Josie Posie/Cutie/Cutesickle
Age: 18 eyyyy
Gender: Lady
Sexual Orientation: 
Nationality: You’re from England but very close to Scotland because you’re from Blackpool which means that if I were in London, I’d still have to go 9 hours by train which makes me cry.
Relationship status: Single as a pringle.
Likes: bees, the royal house (especially the babies), babies in general (seriously, you’re obsessed which is very very cute)
Dislikes: wasps, I honestly don’t know bc I’m the complainer between us two and you’re the positive ray of sunshine.
Random fact: Two different colored eyes which goes along nicely with the rest of this brown-haired beauty. 

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hi there babes! would you mind giving us an opinion? thanks either way!

sure thing !! i like your url && icon. it makes me feel very minimalist which i hope is what you’re going for !! the cream/orange color is very out of place with the whole color scheme like it isn’t supposed to be there. i like the main graphic but the theme itself doesn’t really do your rp justice. the plot is a very simple town rp which can be very cute !! I like the character page a lot as you left a lot to the rper. overall the rp has potential but just fix your theme some with a background && a different color for your post bg && you should be good to go !!


“Talk to me about your friendship with Tina Fey. I mean, it seems like this is a pretty good time to be a smart girl, you got two pretty compelling examples.”