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i can already tell that i’m going to love mono more every time i listen to these songs. i can already tell that i will discover something new in the instrumental, lyrics, melodies and vocals every time i press play. and how i will hopefully understand namjoon a little better once i have fully immersed myself in this little world he has created. 


YAAAAY HERE SHE IS!! my jasper/bismuth fusion, Rainbow Obsidian!

she is, of course, very S T R O N G and loves to show that off! shes intense and has laser focus when she’s got shit to take care of, but otherwise loves to joke around and is a massive flirt 💕  don’t try and mess with obsi though, she will make sure she wins at whatever she sets her mind to! 

“Sooo….,” Percy breathed heavily, sitting up from the spot where he had landed. Something creaked painfully as he moved to look over to where Annabeth had fallen beside him. She was sitting up and leaning back on the palms of her hands, her hair a perfectly tangled mess as her wide stormy eyes stared back at him. “After that near-death experience, I’m guessing you wanna retract your application to join the SAC.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Annabeth let out a hearty laugh, and Percy’s world paled in comparison. “That was so scary, it was almost fun! What ghost are we hunting next?!”


Pepperony Week 2018

Day 1: Favourite Movie Appearance | Iron Man

I have always found it a bit poetic that the arc-reactor that Tony uses to finally defeat Obadiah Stane is the one gifted by Pepper with the tagline “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart”.

It is “a heart” that Tony created. But, it is then regarded as useless and he asks Pepper to destroy it. However, Pepper knows the value of this damaged heart. She fixes it up the best she can and re-gifts it to him. Because Pepper gifted it to him, and because she saw the value of that heart even when Tony himself didn’t, Tony learns to value it and keep it safe. And it is this used, damaged, battery-running-low arc reactor that Tony uses to defeat an opponent with a bigger suit and a more functioning arc-reactor.

It is a perfect metaphor for their relationship.