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Satori Reader ~ A new project by the team that brought us Human Japanese (°◡°♡)

Morning fam! Because I am a huge throbbing nerd for the Human Japanese series and use it every other day for routine study, their latest project - Satori Reader - was brought to my immediate attention.

Screenshots have been taken of the website’s free content to give you a peek into what is on offer. I’m giving it a trial run for the moment, but my fingers are itching to subscribe - something I can do at any point with relative ease.

For anyone who is floundering in the grey waters of intermediate study, and especially for those whose study is self perpetuated, there’s a good chance you’re looking for some sort of landmark in that churning mess to orient yourself by. A metaphorical island, with sparkling shoreline, verdant forest, and plentiful resources to help you grow and flourish.

I’m talking content. As many bloggers have mentioned, there is a plethora of material out there to help us learn the framework and mechanics of 日本語. It’s not at all difficult to source grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, kanji writing schematics, charts and even entire textbooks - and for that we are eternally thankful. However, the intermediate learner sitting at their own dining room table with an open laptop, a cup of tea, the latest anime OST on repeat and a Japanese novel in their quivering hands is leafing through the pages and quietly mouthing how in the everliving f**k…

This is where SR gently takes your hand and says, here’s how, you foulmouthed otaku.

This is an excerpt from a level 3 difficulty article about Kona the cat (可愛いね)

Like every other article available on the website, it is voiced over by a native speaker, clearly and naturally - with all the intonation you would expect to hear in conversation *heavy breathing* Not only that, but as the audio plays, the corresponding Japanese text is underlined in blue to show where in the text they are reading from. This means that if you are proficient enough, you can follow along at pace.

Too slow? They got you fam! Individual lines of text are divided into sound bytes, meaning you can take this task one sentence at a time.

Individual kanji, jukugo (several kanji that make up one word) and particles within the text can also be clicked to reveal a Human Japanese style dictionary entry. Words you’d like to revisit can be added to your studylist.

The symbol marking the end of each sentence, when clicked, offers you an english transliteration, which I advise you utilise with a degree of self control. Try to hold off clicking it until you’ve really given the sentence a go - clicking on kanji you don’t recognise and piecing all the information together in order to get an idea of what’s being said. Then, when you finally check the translation, your hard work might be rewarded with a confirmation that you indeed read correctly. Which, by psychology standards, is a healthy and affirming process. We are hardwired for rewards my dudes!

I could go into detail about the many little features that make this web project so well thought out and considerate of our individual study methods and goals, but I’ll leave that to you to explore and find out. For me at least, the true worth of SR lies mainly in the reading content and the empathetic format it’s presented in.

The way it Aladdin style reaches out, offering us a whole new world.

Give the free subscription a whirl! If you like it, consider a paid subscription. This directly funds future content which directly benefits you!

~ Thanks Human Japanese team ~

Update (╯✧▽✧)╯

After giving SR a good go and fully testing its arsenal of functions, I realised my initial review bordered on plain lazy. This update is going to give you warm prickles because it turns out that one of the features included in the Review section of SR is an integrated flash card program with full Anki support *prayer hands emoji*

This means that whatever vocabulary you add to your studylist automatically generates a flashcard that you can either review within the SR website, or via your Anki software. Here’s an example:

Straight away, SR gives you an edge in your revision by implementing context. In fact, as well as offering you the sentence you saved the word from, it offers you a link to the entire article it was taken from (see: REVEAL IN FULL ORIGINAL CONTEXT)

This is incredibly helpful, as dictionary entries for any word or phrase you select often include a specific explanation about how that word is being used within the context of the sentence or how it is being used by the narrator to portray his or her story.  

I hope that this extra glimpse into the Review section of Satori Reader gives you an idea of how incredible a resource this is.

Go ahead and enjoy the unique pleasurable pain that is reading and comprehending 日本語!!

anonymous asked:

Is it disrespectful to honor Orisha like you would honor Aphrodite or Isis? I know that in Ifa religions there's a very organized tradition a very specific way to worship. I'm asking as an African American non-Wiccan pagan. I feel such a pull to them and a closeness, like a relief from isolation. Like diaspora is significantly less stifling when I read about them, but I also dont want to be gross and appropriatve

For you it isn’t disrespectful. There’s obviously something pulling you. I’d advise you to keep reading about the Orisha, read their Pataki’s (their stories), and pay attention to which Orisha you feel the closest to. Then read up on that 1. Look at videos. Find out what they like and dislike. Talk to them out loud. If you are really confused on which is calling to you, keep asking, eventually they will come to you and show themselves to you.

Another thing I want to add is don’t get caught up in those who say you have to do one thing or another when it comes to Ifa. A lot of people spend an abundance of money to be initiated, then turn around and police those who don’t. Try to not pay them any mind. Although they should be very proud that they got to be initiated, Ifa is not about initiation (or money you spent to get there). Its about the relationship you have with the Orisha and your ancestors and allowing them to help go along your path on this earth. So, start off slow, keep reading up, and listen to your gut. Eventually you’ll know what to do 😊

In Love With The Idea Of You - Royalty AU (Lin X Reader) Part One

Okay, This was for @hamwriters Write-a-thon challenge: Day One, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was down and out most of the week. I wasn’t even going to bother but @gratitudejoyandsorrow was being her awesome self and convinced me to write it anyways… (Just a side note, guys, she is totally amazing…just saying)… Oh and please let me know what you think…I can leave it just as a one-shot or if you think it should continue…. So, without further ado, here is “In Love With The Idea Of You”.

Word Count: 2628

Warnings: Umm…Major fluffiness and I warn you now….tissues are advised.

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Indiana Comic Con: Sean Maguire Panel


  • “I guess the thing about Midwestern people is true. Everyone’s so lovely,” Sean Maguire about Indiana (x)
  • “This has been one of the great surprises of my career,” Sean Maguire about his guest spot on #OnceUponATime expanding (x)
  • Sean Maguire says he never heard fairy tales growing up. Instead his dad made up stories about growing up in Ireland (x)
  • Sean Maguire loved basically being able to say “I played Robin Hood” and then mic drop. “It was lovely to play somebody iconic” (x)
  • “…I think we’re a little sick of the rich… I think right now we kind of need a Robin Hood,” Sean Maguire (x)
  • Sean Maguire just quickly took a call from his 1yo son in the middle of panel. It was adorable. (x)
  • Only Robin Hood central ep was Sean Maguire’s favorite to film. “You feel like the tv heroes I watched growing up” (x)
  • Sean Maguire talks about making up songs on set like, “Once upon a time you’re bound to die but then you come back” (x)
  • Spoiler: Sean Maguire’s toughest scenes to film - when Robin left/cried; the scene preceding his death, which was his last to film. (x)
  • Regina is Sean Maguire’s favorite character to work with “because she’s my gal.” (x)
  • Sean Maguire admits he never learned how to use the bow and arrow. Says ABC and Disney have a “hard rule” about not killing people. (x)
  • “They obviously wanted to tell a different story than I thought they wanted to tell,” Sean Maguire about his #OnceUponATime ending (x)
  • “Being an actor means being able to step into people’s shoes. Experience the world –reading books…” Sean Maguire’s acting advice (x)
  • Sean Magauire advises aspiring actor  to “cut reality garbage” and “watch scripted drama” (x)
  • Sean Maguire jokes about how he “lies for a living” and his wife is a detective. (x)
  • Dustin Hoffman, Spencer Tracy, Kevin Spacey, Cary Grant and Michael J. Fox among Sean Maguire’s idols/inspirations. (x)
  • “You will meet the fate that you deserve…” line was Sean Maguire’s favorite, which was in #OnceUponATimeWonderland (x)
  • “Regiiiina, why so meanaaa?” is also a song Sean Maguire made up on set. (x)

  • Apparently Sean was only supposed to be in 5 episodes (x)
  • Omf Tanya called (x)
  • He loved the robin centric episode (x)
  • Lana was one of the first people to welcome him to the show :’) (x)
  • He said Ginny has the best giggle in the world (x)
  • Guy: Have you ever read a plot twist [on Once] and just wanted to stop? Sean: There’s been a time or two. (x)
  • He loves robins honor (x)
  • Sean wants a whole show about Ian Fleming (x)
  • Y'all he’s fanboying about bobby again (x)
  • He’s mentioned how Colin is like his brother :’) (x)
  • One tough scene was the town line (x)
  • For safety reasons he can’t have a real arrow (x)
  • He mentions how he has just moved when they told him he was being killed off (x)
    • I want to say even though it’s annoying they did that he didnt show any anger when he was talking about it, basically said that’s just life (x)
  • He said Tanya is like a human lie detector (x)
  • He thinks robin would find it sweet that his daughter is named after him (x)
  • People keep saying they love him :’) (x)
  • He creates songs to entertain everyone else (x)

  • Sean said he, lana, ginny, bobby, bex, and Colin like to play cards together in between their trailers (x)
  • He also said he liked to make the cast laugh during late nights and he would burst into song like “regina, why ya gotta be so meana” (x)
  • He said Bex is the one who told him that they were naming the baby after him. (x)
  • Also he mentioned everyone from the cast except Jennifer… (x)
  • He also said he just furnished his house and Vancouver and everything when the producers told him they were killing robin. (x)
  • Sean also said he believes that what happened with Robin happened for a reason because every canceled show is what leads him to the next and (x)
    • Without that, he wouldn’t have landed on Once Upon a Time (x)


doctor-punkenstein  asked:

Yesterday I somehow broke my rule about not reading fanfictions and I read one of the whouffaldi fanfics you recommended... and realized I need more :) Could you please list your absolute favorites? thanks :D

Goddammit my tiny computer keeps closing Chrome because it doesn’t have enough memory. And then I have to repeat typing the entire list. Anyway, this ask was from ages ago, more than a year, but I need to answer some asks. I don’t get many, and not answering them might be why.

So these are some fic recs I can think of off of the top of my head!

(Complete unless marked otherwise. :)


Everest (ff.n) by @clearsightedeyes. A corporate AU. Two pretty fucked up main characters ride a downward emotional rollercoaster, comforting each other on the way down. Features emotionally heavy scenes, and a villain who I picture as a less classy Moriarty (probably not how he’s supposed to look). TW: murder/death, drugs, rape, suicide, but there’s nothing too graphic. (i.e. there isn’t graphic descriptions of these things, but it’s mentioned because it’s a part of a character.) Really well-planned and detailed plot, complex characters and god it’s great. There’s this, if you’ve read it and were looking for more Everest.

Untouchable (ff.n or ao3) by D Veleniet (where do I find you??? Where else can you be found??). Mostly canon, but an AU in some ways. Clara deals with Twelve’s aloofness after his regeneration, but it’s a sequel to this fic (ao3/ff.n). Explores the difference between love and lust, I guess. And there’s Twelve all Trying To Just Be Friends with Clara in there too.

Love Isn’t Complicated (ff.n) by @peterbaeafcapaldi. Set right after Last Christmas, and basically parents!whouffaldi, with other plot bits. It was just finished 22 hours ago! Has smut in the first chapter.

Banged Up (ff.n) by @clearsightedeyes. Prison AU. Ft. mysterious human!12 put in solitary for a long time with a mysterious backstory and military Clara who isn’t as used to (this shitty, underfunded, but sadly and probably realistic) prison as 12 is. Incomplete, but read it anyway.

Scent (ff.n) by SerpentineJ. Canon Twelve/Clara, gets more and more non-canon. The Doctor has a very acute sense of smell. Fluff.

What Lies Beneath (ff.n or ao3) by D Veleniet, which is a sequel to this fic (ao3/ff.n), which is set in series 8 canon between ItFotN and Dark Water. It’s rated T … then M halfway through … for reasons. There’s control, and power dynamics. Clara challenges the Doctor to a game of Never Have I Ever with wine, and it gets emotionally charged.

Bedtime Stories (ao3) by @dingdongsnogbox. One-shot. (For now ;D please write more of this :/ pls) The Doctor finds erotic fiction under Clara’s pillow. Probably not canon, but nice to write about. (write more!)

Tiny Twelve™ (ao3) by @resting-meme-face​. Obviously an AU.. but the Time Lords aren’t Time Lords they’re Star Wars figure-sized toys who sort of have their own TV show, but are sentient and also marketed as toys which is kind of messed up (and nobody realises) but yeah Clara’s Tiny Twelve (and other Tinys) are working to fix that. Please read this if you are having a bad day, or a good day.

postscript (ao3) by jontinf. Canon-ish fluff, oneshot. Squeeing. Etc. Too pure (and short) to spoil anything.

There’s a fic called The Devil Dances by @lucelafonde, a rockstar!12 AU, Clara’s his manager, but it’s been deleted from ao3. I have it downloaded as an .epub, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish it? Can anyone advise? The blog is password protected, so I can’t ask.

Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens

Stage Lights Are Blaring (ao3) by @subcorax. Late Night AU!!!!! Alex is himself, but in the modern era (and gets a kitten). John just got a late night gig and becomes known as ‘the late night host who talks about how attractive Alexander Hamilton is’ a lot. It starts off as a joke. FLUFF OMG. Incomplete.

Sherlock/John (BBC)

Performance In A Leading Role (ff.n) by MadLori. AU in which Sherlock and John are actors, and actually unlike Benedict and Martin, I think. Decently fluffy.

Harry Potter

These are part of a series by @clearsightedeyes (ao3 series link here), and there could be more coming. 

Put Your Guns Away, It’s Tea Time Scorbus and Hinny. Albus takes Scorpius on their family camping trip.

Put Your Curse In Reverse Sequel to Put Your Guns Away, it’s Tea Time. Set in Hogwarts.

Important Information

If you are a YOI artist who is really sensitive about art theft. Especially if you don’t want your art to be sold on another website you should read on.
Apparently there is a website who steals Yuri On Ice Arts and sells them for their own profit. If you are a Yuri On Ice artist you should definitely check out this website https://gifnest.com/ and report them if they took yours.There is also a Tumblr Post about it which gives further advise and explains the problem. 


If you are interested in checking new games out especially BL games, then you should check out this post. This is a really interesting game which is still in development. It’s a visual novel/ dating game about the life of an actor. If you want a game that is different and has many cool characters you should try the demo.
ID #67479

Name: Mary
Age: 17 (18 in October)
Country: Russia

.Since my attempt to find penpals for the first time was not successful, I am writing this post again.
Let’s begin. I’m a high school student, this year I’m finishing it. I’m interested in music. I’m a music lover, I can listen to anything if it really pleases me. I have no restrictions in the genres, although there are those songs of which I listen most often.
Literature also attracts me. I’ll be glad if you advise me to read books that impressed you, which are your favourite.
I’m fond of atmospheric photography, but I’m not a photographer myself. I especially like black-and-white photographs , dark photos of nature, streets, buildings. In general, I like photos which are slightly depressive, melancholic, sad, mysterious.
I don’t mind modern art, which can be a little sweet, with a bigger set of bright colors than dark ones. If it really looks cool and doesn’t spoil it, then why not?
I’d like to travel and the country I would like to get to the most is Japan. I love this country and everything connected with it, but it’s not just anime and cosplay.
Moreover, I like creativity. Recently, I began to be keen on such a direction as decadence. I think that this direction is close to me with its gloominess, aestheticism, individualism.
I’d also like to add that I open up more in the process of communication when I discuss something with my interlocutor, express my point of view, share something.
So, I’m finishing my long story.
I’m looking for a penpal because I’d like to meet new people from different countries, expand my horizons. I think it’s interesting and exciting, it makes us feel not alone.

Preferences: People from 16 to 23. I do not care about your gender, orientation and etc.

I would advise you not to ask me about CPD at the moment unless you want a brutal honest opinion, and I promise it will be brutal. However feel free to go tell the writers what DUMBASS STUPID writers they employ and how they need NEW ones ASAP. No seriously do it. Maybe then they’ll realize they’re tanking their own show and ruining characters they’ve (barely) developed for 4 seasons, all for the sake of saying they created relationship drama to keep it interesting. (Yes I have a million eye rolls for that one)

Important Note Regarding Give Me Love, 16 & 17

I feel like I need to make this post in regards to the plot twist/story line Give Me Love just took. I’ve told you guys how excited I am for Give Me Love 16 and 17. And I made a post a week or so back about how nervous I also am. So I just want to address some things now that Give Me Love, 16 has been posted and chapter 17 will be out in a week.

Please note that there are spoilers for Give Me Love, 16 (which you can find HERE.) So if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, I’d advise you not to read on. Though please come back once you have read it.

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anonymous asked:

I've been in a bit of a spell, it's hard to explain but essentially I can't bring myself to read. This has got me feeling worthless, unintelligent, etc.. and I'm curious, have you every gone through something similar? How long did it go on? How did you finally start to read again? It's begging to feel hopeless.

Yes! Yes, I have. More than once, in spells of varying lengths and intensities.

It’s difficult to say why it’s happened for you, when it will go away, and what will fix it without knowing more about your situation. But I’m going to assume that feelings of worthlessness and unintelligence stem from an idea, ingrained in your mind by your self or pummelled into your psyche by others, that your intellectual output (how much you read, what you read, how intently and deeply you read it, how you write and talk about what you read) is inherently connected to your value and happiness. 

While this predicament seems universal, I’d recommend you treat it as you would a very unwelcome house guest, because if you don’t actively work against it, it will wreck your life. Knitting your worth to your productivity causes burnout, anxiety, panic, and–ever so ironically–an inability to do what it is that you previously enjoyed (such as reading). Here’s the kicker: that paralysing inability increases in direct proportion with the amount of pressure you put on yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations.

If none of that sounds right, forgive me–I’m probably writing my own story here, at least partially, or the story of so many intelligent, bright people around me. There is also the possibility that what you’re suggesting is an underlying physical or mental health condition, in which case I’d obviously advise you to seek counselling if feelings of worthlessness persist and intensify. 

Personally, I’m learning, slowly, that a work-life balance (or a reading/not-reading balance, even) is crucial to self-preservation. I cannot read 12 hours a day. The periods of my life where I work from 9 AM to 11 PM with only a few hours break are not, as hindsight might lead me to assume, the brightest and most productive periods of my life. As Kay Redfield Jamison writes in An Unquiet Mind (a book that’s been something of a bible to me since around 13 years of age):

“I compare myself with my former self, not with others. Not only that, I tend to compare my current self with the best I have been, which is when I have been midly manic. When I am my present “normal” self, I am far removed from when I have been my liveliest, most productive, most intense, most outgoing and effervescent. In short, for myself, I am a hard act to follow.” 

This mindset is so hard to let go of, both because it’s etched in my brain as a fundamental principle of thriving. The thought pattern goes like this: I am most happy, most elated and interesting and admired, when I’m productive and inspired and rushing from thing to thing, reading voraciously. How could taking it all in be so bad? Why shouldn’t I have more? I, everyone around me, and a hefty chunk of art, film, and literature have glamorised the insomniac genius type, or the depressed literary freak, or even just the intellectual 20-something who picks up & puts down Lacan with ease–the seductive glamour of which derives entirely from practice, and output, not character. Investing faith in this mindset, even if it pays off dividends short-term, means that at any moment, I could be proven to be a fraud. A bad day, week, or month is teetering on the wrong end of a careful balancing act between excelling and faltering. But that’s not how to cultivate the bit of my intellect that can actually absorb things and grow. In reality, that’s how to drive myself into the ground, exhausted and unhappy. 

I ‘remember’ these periods of reading a ton as the best of my life, with a shelf of marked up books to prove it, but in reality I paid dearly for them later with respect to my sanity and physical health. Without balance, it became way too easy to lose all sense of proportion, and I was never ‘good enough’.

I’m probably getting away from the original question now. But maybe try giving yourself a break? Have a day, or a week, where you channel energy into things you can do with friends, or your hands, or your body? For me, after a period of taking care of myself, the urge to pick up a book or chase after the train of a thought has always come back. Always. This time because I, and I alone, want it. I just needed a few minutes to quiet down all the noise.

Should I play the Ouija board in a  graveyard?

I’ve had a sudden number of asks from people wondering this. Not sure what’s going on but okay, you guys are adventurous and I like that.

When you play the Ouija board, you are contacting whatever spirit is around you. It could be a spirit that knows you very well and is around you often, looking out for your best interests (aka your spirit guide) or it could be some random soul passing by. You never know. They could be a great new friend or they could be a Zozo impersonator. You’re taking that risk (but really, the chances of you contacting someone truly dangerous is very, very slim).

If you are in a graveyard, you are SURROUNDED by spirits. You’ll wind up with an influx of spirits. Chances are you could have multiple spirits trying to talk at once, in which conversations will suddenly change. I’ve never done it, but it’s probably really interesting and fun to play in a graveyard.

So for a long time, graveyards have been considered negative places to go. Probably something about disturbing the resting places of many people, or zombie scares, or whatever. But really, graveyards are just places where people are buried. If you’re respectful to them, they’re respectful to you. It’s not scary at all. 

Graveyards are also special places because, and I don’t know if you realize this, but getting buried in one is REALLY EXPENSIVE. Tombstones costs hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars, and just the plot themselves will set you back a couple hundred. Funerals are really expensive, caskets are really expensive, and so on. If someone has been buried in a graveyard, that means that they were very loved by many people. Really, you’ll be hard pressed to find a negative spirit if they were really loved in life. Granted, there may be people who are bitter about dying, or traumatized by how they died, but you’re not going to find someone totally evil.

But you should definitely do your research. I used to live near a graveyard that is very famously haunted by the “White Witch”. That’s not a place I would try to contact spirits, as she doesn’t seem like a nice lady. Also there’s places like Alamo Square Park in San Francisco, which served as a mass grave for victims of the earthquake and fire in 1906. Again, not a good graveyard to play the Ouija board in. So look up your neighborhood graveyard and make sure it doesn’t have any horror stories associated with it. If you can’t find anything, go have fun. If it does, I’d advise you stay away.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to send me an ask anytime.

anonymous asked:

Please tell me do you have any headcanons about how Hux would interrogate a prisoner because I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.

ohooo boy do I. ayee let’s go.

let’s see if I can type this out in some kind of coherent manner because let me tell you, Hux loves interrogation. There’s a lot of these so I might as well just go ahead and call this part I okay. 

  • He really likes taking his time. Suspense is half the fun, after all, and he takes such pleasure in letting his victims imagine all of the things he could be doing to them. No matter what he might do, the fear of the unknown will always be more terrifying, and their expectations can only widen as he gets started. He likes leaving the room for extended periods of time, so the victim has time to worry. Not long enough for them to fall asleep, just long enough to make them nervous. Even when it comes to speaking, he likes to talk to anyone else in the room, avoiding looking at his victim altogether, make them wait for him to address them. Or if there’s no one in the room, just stare at them, let his eyes roam over their body like he’s picking where to start, linger on some places with interest just to make them worry, before looking right in their eyes to say that he knows what he’s doing and he loves it. 
  • KNIVES. Knives are good. He likes to start out with the flat of the blade, just letting them get a taste for shock of coldness, the barest catch of the tip across their skin as he smooths it over. There’s a romance in knives, the sharper the better. He likes to be as gentle with the blade as he can, scoring lines slowly rather than slashing deeply. Let gravity do his work for him, keep the blade sharp enough that whoever is under his hands doesn’t want to breathe for fear of pressing their skin directly into his blade.  Whatever he leaves undone becomes a threat, a promise. When he does cut deep, it means he’s stating to lose his patience. It also means it’s probably been hours. Over the years he’s gotten very good at treading the line between cutting deep and damaging nerves. He wants the person in front of him to feel it, but he doesn’t want them to be able to escape by going into shock. That’s why he rarely bothers with blunt force. If he damages someone’s brain, they’ll get unreliable, they won’t be as afraid of him. In short, they’re useless. Knives keep people sharp. Not to mention, he really likes blood. 
  • Hux is the kind of guy who likes salting someone’s wounds, or spritzing them with lemon juice. Isopropyl Alcohol serves just about the same purpose, anything that’ll dig a sting into the lines he’s drawn. He keeps his interrogation chambers almost clinically clean , and takes very good care of the person he’s torturing, because they’re no use to him if they start to shut down. He takes a certain pleasure in stitching someone up after he’s sliced them open, in watching them flinch with every gentle touch and telling them in a soft voice that he can make it all stop if they’ll just talk. He also gives them time to breathe between sessions (always a different amount of time) so that the pain doesn’t just all bleed together, so that they have time to anticipate what might come next. 
  • I’ve said this before, but Hux absolutely has an all white uniform that he wears only during interrogations. He has it laundered between interviews, but the stains don’t really come out, and each new captive has to see the shadows of their predecessors, written in the splashes and spatters that pattern the soft cream. He even has white gloves– or had. By now, they’re stained beyond saving, and he has been advised on more than one occasion to replace them, but he won’t. He plans on wearing this to his coronation.
Literary Analysis

If you’ve been assigned a poem or a piece of prose to analyze, and don’t know where to start or how to do it, I hope this can help!

Analyzing literature is not just about stating what you can see on the page. You need to identify the features present, and explain why the writer/poet/author used them. Think about the deliberate choices the writer has made and what effect they have. What did the writer intend to achieve and how successful were they? And what is the reader’s (your) response? Think of yourself as the reader, and write about how the reader feels and responds, instead of writing “I think”/ “I feel”. 

Under the cut is an outline that my English teacher taught us, which I referred to throughout my time as an IB English Lit. student 2012-14. It may also work for other languages! I used it for German Lit. too, but changed it slightly according to what my teacher and the examiners expected to see. 

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local-farm-acy  asked:

hello ! just a very curious Christian who wanted some more information about Christian witchcraft/witch activities... sorry I'm very very new to this ! if you have any info on beginning or just the basics of Christian witch-ery that'd be great ! ^.^

Sorry for the delay in response.

I’m not entirely sure how to answer this question…specifically how to start off as a Christian Witch.  My usual response is that you should start out the way all witches should start out: by practicing and research.  Always research.  Never stop researching.

That said, I do want to reference my previous asks on this subject.  Because I’m lazy and I feel like just copying and pasting my old responses XD

Here is my post about the Bible and Magic: http://phoenyxoftheashes.tumblr.com/post/111134370022/doesnt-the-bible-forbid-witchcraft-and-magic

From a previous post found here:

“Just like any other witch, I would advise you to start out small.  Try some cleansing spells.  Try to charge a few objects.  Do some grounding.  Find a simple spell online and try it out.  See how it feels to you.

I also advise you to RESEARCH.  Read into everything you potentially want to do.  There’s very little books on Christian Witchcraft, but you can research general witchcraft to make up for that fact.  Remember to keep a critical eye on what you read.  Don’t always take things at face value.  That was my biggest mistake (and often still tends to be a flaw of mine).  Never stop researching.  Even if you feel you are now on an expert level of witchcraft.  There is never a point in which you should stop researching.  

Here’s some authors to avoid (credit to thepaganstudygrouppage for crediting this list)


Here’s a list I made a few months ago of Christian Witch/Pagan books and websites that may be of interest:

Christian Witch

-  The Christian Witch’s Handbook (Highly recommended)
-  The Path of a Christian Witch (Decent book.  More of a story on how she became a Christian Witch.  Not too much details)
-  Christian Witch’s Notebook (Have yet to read)
-  The Bible 11:11 Code: An Oracle for Christian Witches  (Haven’t read it, but it looks interesting)
-  Confessions of a Christian Witch: How a Former Jehovah’s Witness Summons the Courage to Live Magickal & How You Can Too (On my to read list)

- http://arganteswell.tripod.com/id1.html (Helped me a lot starting out)
- http://witchychristian.tripod.com/ChristianWitch.html (Same as above)
- http://christianwitch.webs.com/
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIae3iwMHYQvO-UmV7nyarA (Valerie Love’s Youtube channel.  She’s a Christian Witch with interesting videos)
-https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/search?query=Christian%20Witch (Christian Witch groups on Yahoo.  This is pretty much where I learned things about Christian Witchcraft many years ago.  By discussing with fellow Christian Witches)

-https://www.facebook.com/search/str/christian%2Bwitch/keywords_groups (Groups on FB)
- https://www.facebook.com/search/str/christian%2Bwitch/keywords_pages?ref=top_filter (Pages on FB)


- ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path
- Jesus Through Pagan Eyes: Bridging Neopagan Perspectives with a Progressive Vision of Christ

- https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/search?query=Christopagan (Christopagan groups on yahoo)


-https://www.facebook.com/search/str/christopagan/keywords_groups(Christopagans on FB)”

Here’s a post in which I explain how Christian Witchcraft is possible: http://phoenyxoftheashes.tumblr.com/post/128958304422/how-do-christian-witches-deal-with-the-fact-that

And another on divination: http://phoenyxoftheashes.tumblr.com/post/128743933297/hi-phoenyx-im-beginning-to-renew-my-roman

Here is @pastorwitch‘s posts and meditations on the Christian Craft:



Here’s @calyhex‘s series on biblical magic: 


Here’s @broomcorner‘s list of Christian Witches on tumblr:


And finally, here are some awesome Christian Witches I would recommend chatting with: @christowitch, @rikkalorelei, @faithandmagick, @pastorwitch, @sepia-circus, @broomcorner, @christian-witchery, @prayerfaithandmagick, @thecatholicwitch

There are many more that you can check out on the list from @broomcorner, but those are the ones that popped into my head.

Hope this helps!!  If you have any more questions, let me know!!

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HI Fahye! Hope you're having a lovely morning! Could you please rec me some stuff to read that aren't sad? Books I've loved include any clever rhymes(Roald Dahl,Shel Silverstein), Johannes Cabal, Princess Bride, Queen's Thief - at your rec which is highly valued; I will start on Georgette Heyer & Discworld, Good Omens, some Julia Quinn, Black Magician trilogy(sort of violating no sad rule but I <3 4ever), Prosperity series, early Skulduggery Pleasant, to give you some idea? Please advise. TQ! :D


apart from georgette heyer and the discworld, here is a list of books which leave me feeling warm and happy, in vaguely alphabetical order by author because I am sitting here facing my alphabetised bookshelves:

  • sorcerer to the crown by zen cho. this is georgette heyer PLUS MAGIC and also PLUS A CRITICAL EYE FOR COLONIALISM; it’s heaps of fun and the main characters are GREAT and everyone should read it immediately.
  • tam lin by pamela dean, which is one of the most weirdly paced novels I’ve ever read but also 100% solid self-indulgent university student hijinks with lots of shakespeare and feelings and a sprinkling of fairies.
  • the redemption of althalus by david and leigh eddings. look, I read eddings to death at the age of 12; I think the long series suffer from joss whedon dialogue syndrome, and the heteronormativity is hilariously awful, but this stand-alone book retains a place in my heart. possibly because it’s a fantasy heist novel and I LOVE HEISTS.
  • bridget jones’s diary & bridget jones: the edge of reason, by helen fielding. these are my go-to cheering reads. they are very sharp and VERY funny.
  • if you’re prepared to read books aimed at kids–you did mention roald dahl–there’s an australian author called elizabeth honey whose books I STILL reread and find hilarious and joyful. I recommend 45 + 47 stella st and everything that happened, and its sequel fiddleback. they are also VERY AUSTRALIAN so you get bonus cultural education.
  • I was going to say ‘anything by diana wynne jones’ but she does have the occasional book (I’m looking at YOU, the homeward bounders) that leaves you feeling more gutted than happy. but you’re pretty safe if you stick with the chrestomanci series, the howl series, and the magids series. howl’s moving castle is one of my favourite books of all time.
  • bite me! by dylan meconis is actually a graphic novel. it is about a barmaid who gets turned into a vampire and accidentally becomes involved with the french revolution. it is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS and I love it to death.
  • caitlin moran’s memoir how to be a woman made me laugh until I actually felt unwell. big, unattractive, gut-ripping laughter. other inspiring and hilarious memoirs I recommend: tina fey’s bossypants, and amy poehler’s yes please.
  • the westing game by ellen rankin. I discovered this kids’ book only a few years ago. it’s very clever, and is also a MASTERCLASS in character via dialogue.
  • larklight and its sequels starcross and mothstorm, by philip reeve. these are steampunk-in-space kids’ books written in the style of a victorian boys-own-adventure, with illustrations, and they are PURE DELIGHT. just thinking about them makes me want to reread them immediately.
  • the jeeves books by p.g. wodehouse are SO FUNNY and TOO GOOD, TOO PURE, ETC. hunt them down, read them, internalise bertie wooster’s bewildering and hilarious narrative voice.
Sinbad no Bouken Volume #10 Promotion + Extra comic!

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken Volume 10 Comic Promotion! 

So there was no chapter this week (which the MangaOne app didn’t mention last week’s chapter) so instead, we got a promotion for Sinbad no Bouken Volume 10 which included a funny comic! I tried doing a bit of direct translation this time, so I hope it doesn’t get too confusing… ^^;  I will also add my own picture of the straps that came with volume 10 at the end of this post! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ^^b

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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I believe that the phrase “obligatory reading” is a contradiction in terms; reading should not be obligatory. Should we ever speak of “obligatory pleasure”? What for? Pleasure is not obligatory, pleasure is something we seek. Obligatory happiness! We seek happiness as well. For twenty years, I have been a professor of English Literature in the School of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Beunos Aires, and I have always advised my students: If a book bores you, leave it; don’t read it because it is famous, don’t read it because it is modern, don’t read a book because it is old. If a book is tedious to you, leave it, even if that book is Paradise Lost - which is not tedious to me - or Don Quixote - which also is not tedious to me. But if a book is tedious to you, don’t read it; that book was not written for you. Reading should be a form of happiness, so I would advise all possible readers of my last will and testament - which I do not plan to write - I would advise them to read a lot, and not to get intimidated by writers’ reputations, to continue to look for personal happiness, personal enjoyment. It is the only way to read.

Jorge Luis Borges

truthfulnomad-deactivated201608  asked:

I have a question. My novel takes place half in a fantasy world and half in Earth in the year 2100. My big project right now has been rewriting current events of today and seeing what they might look like in 85 years. How do I do this without stepping on toes? I want it to be believable. For instance, I have two terrorist organizations that arise in the 2020s, but one of them is a terrorist group of the extreme left and the other is on the right. For the right, should I involve religion?

Writing Future Events Believably and Inoffensively

This sounds interesting but also a pretty daunting project due to the sensitivity matter, especially with how current world affairs are going. 

Aside from the basics of doing your research thoroughly I’d say try to put yourself in the shoes of those you are writing and use people from within these groups or like them during your research. You can use historical events as inspiration for your story, but you shouldn’t copy them. Be sure to have appropriate beta-readers as well. 

Personally, I think the best thing to do with these terrorist groups is to have them be more than stereotypical villains who do stuff because “eeeeeeviiiiiilllllll” but because they have a reason they themselves think are justified. Those reasons can still be horrible and evil of course. 

Be sensitive and respectful, but also look at threats which are commonly overlooked, like the KKK (which would involve Christianity). I know there is a lot going on at the moment, but I’d advise against putting the same groups into villainous roles due to stereotyping (like Muslims). We’re already overly saturated in negative representation and it’s doing a lot of harm. 

Also be careful which events you touch and how they influence your story’s world, since there are plenty of recent as well as major historical events further back in time which affected people today would rather see as off limits, which I personally sympathize with. 

It’s also wise to read books with settings like yours. I’d suggest looking at speculative fiction books. 

~ Mod Alice