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For the ask meme - Roman Torchwick

sexuality headcanon 

He is gay, gay, gay, he likes long, big, hugs.


Crime Dads, Junior/Roman


Him and Qrow probably. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like they would really understand each other


Him and any of the kids. I don’t know why people keep shipping him with the kids, but it’s disgusting.

first headcanon that pops into my head 

He really cares a lot about his make-up brushes. Ruin them and he ruins you.

favorite line from this character 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, humans… are the worst. Case in point. 

I totally relate to this. Like on a spiritual level.

one way in which I relate to this character 


thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character 

Every time he says anything to Blake or Ruby. Get better comebacks.

cinnamon roll or problematic fave? 

Definition of Problematic Fave.

Why I like Scifell -rant (sort of, I’m not mad or anything but whatev.) - LONG POST WARNING!!!!

I’m actually kinda confused on why Scifell is called a crackship. I mean, yeah, they’re the same person. But looking at the AU/ Roleplaying parts of the fandom, Sanscest is becoming more and more of a common thing. and it’s been getting more and more popular, so Scifell being called a crackship by that regard alone doesn’t really make sense to me, when other Sanscest ships aren’t called crackships at all. ( I’m saying I haven’t seen afterdeath, and most of the other popular Sanscest ships be called a crackship. if people call it that and I’m just missing it than please correct me, but I’ve only ever seen Scifell be called a crackship.)

I personally see a crackship as two people who have no interactions at all, and they have no dynamic. I am NOT one of those people where two characters look at each other and I’m like “ I SHIP IT!!”     I don’t do that. If I don’t see how something would be romantic (or even platonic, really) between them, Then I won’t ship it. (like, the character having no positive feelings for the other character.if its all negative than It’s hard for me to get into it) (the only real exception being afterdeath, and I only like it because I am thoroughly convinced that Geno’s just a tsundere. and that they would actually have a nice relationship if he opened up and saw deaths nice side, but that’s why you don’t see me draw them a lot.)  

but if you’re some one who’s like “ BUT EMME, SCI AND EDGE DON’T HAVE CHEMISTRY!” WELL YOU ARE WRONG SIR/MA’AM. I ship scifell because I love the dynamic between the two, I love how they interact with each other. If that wasn’t there, than I wouldn’t ship it. 

If you don’t see what I’m talking about than here:

  • Science is snarky and Edge is kinda an asshole. Sarcasm is a key part in their dynamic ( Example being their nicknames of “nerd” and “Edgy mc my chemical romance.”) they like joking around with one another and just being sarcastic with one another.
  • Edge genuinely doesn’t know how to talk to people. Science is awkward and anxious, but at least he socializes and tries to make friends with the others. ( even becoming buds with blueberry, even if it was short-lived.) Science helps Edge break out of his shell. ( examples: where Sci teaches Edge to turn off his eye, wants to help him and gets him to talk about his problems, and gets him to join the rebellion against blueberry. things I doubt he would do if he didn’t meet Sci.)

-that blush.

- Sci and Edge are both sinister in a sense. while not having evil intentions like swap, Sci is a minister of war, and believes in controlling the flow of information. while Edge, again, is kinda an asshole and likes to mess with people and be a jerk. even though its -mostly- towards people who deserve it. (they’re basically the perfect partners (or lovers) in crime.) 

- Edge is protective of his nerd.

- they are both awkward.

- you get on their bad side and they would both probably plot your murder.

- Sci is more reserved and polite while Edge is loud and rude.  ( I find it super interesting that these two can be super similar in some ways, while be very different in others.)

- Fell’s eyes go back to being white when he sees/ is around Sci. Meaning he finds Sci relaxing in a sense. like he can just chill and have a good time while he’s around him and not always having to be alert and ready for a fight all the time. 


-Sci is gay for Edge. 

-Edge shows some amount of gay for Sci. ( even though I think it will grow the longer CPAU goes on.)


- Nothing is better than two dorks who can be dorks together. 

That’s why I don’t think it should be called a crackship. I love their chemistry and how they act. if you wanna call it a crackship, than thats perfectly fine, you call it what you want to call it. I just don’t really understand why, when they have such an interesting dynamic and it makes perfect sense to me, why it’s referred to as a ship that (BY DEFINITION OF THE TERM “CRACKSHIP”) doesn’t make sense.

I think It makes perfect sense. it’s adorable. it makes me happy. and no one can change that.

(all pictures used belong to the crayon queen.)

Basically, Peridot is a big prude who is too bound up in her own head to explore and be comfortable with her body the way it is (yes, this is vaguely gross, but it’s also like, half the point of the show), and eventually grow into understanding what it would be like to have a free, loving relationship with herself or another person. Like, say, Amethyst.

Peridot plays the angsty teen to potential love interest Amethyst here, which is interesting since usually the team’s angsty teen is… Amethyst. Amethyst instead gets to be a different kind of teen, alternating between “overtly chill” and “upset at Peridot,” which manifests in a delightful noogie. Amethyst, who has always been the youngest Gem, now has the opportunity to be cooler-than-thou, the way a college sophomore can pretend to be extremely worldly to the incoming freshman because he smoked a joint once at a Chance The Rapper show. Except that her speech about Peridot being who she is, rather than who she could be, stinks of maturity and the lessons she’s learned over the course of the show, especially relating to her own relative deformity.

Walking Away From Anxiety Towards a Productive Lifestyle

It’s hard to be productive if you’re constantly anxious. No matter how much effort you’ve put in, or how well you’ve studied, you may still end up panicking when the time for the real thing comes. For most of my life, this is how I dealt with any stressful situation; something as small as an exam would frighten me to the point where I could not bring myself to focus on answering well.

Somehow, this all changed when the Qur’an was no longer a Book I simply read but became the Book which spoke to me. The words began to comfort me and the Qur’an became my refuge and friend.

Whenever anxiety threatened to overwhelm me I would recite the du’a of Moosa [AS],

“[Moosa] said, ‘My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance. And ease for me my task. And untie the knot from my tongue. That they may understand my speech.’” [Qur’an 20:25-28]

The effect of these few verses is incredible. Suddenly, I’m able to move beyond my expected scope of skills and reach further towards my potential. Things I never thought of accomplishing become possible and things I’m used to doing become even easier. Don’t underestimate the power of Allah’s (Glorified and Exalted be He) language. If you don’t believe enough in yourself, believe that the Qur’an is sufficient to bring about the change which will continue to empower you as a productive Muslim.

Source: The Best of #TransformedByTheQuran Competition Stories – http://proms.ly/29XCDEs

Marvel Needs to

1) End Steve and Sharon’s relationship. I don’t care how they do it, but it needs to be done 

2) Add a scene to any movie that includes Bucky and Tony where Bucky saves Tony/removes him from harms way (I would like closure on Tony’s understanding that Bucky hasn’t been himself since the 40′s. All this “You are responsible for my parents death” literally haunts me at night, and I’m sure it . Bucky deserves more than that.)

3) Stop writing Nat in with floppy romantic tendencies (I’m addressing her heart eyes for Clint in The Avengers, which Loki even points out in the movie; her mixed signals for Steve in The Winter Soldier, the kiss scene - I’m talking about their kiss scene; more heart eyes for Bruce in Age of Ultron, they talk about babies!) 

4) …. if they want to give Nat a romantic interest, how about they pick someone and stick with them. No killing them off, none of this he’s-in-/this/-movie-only bullshit, and do not, I repeat, do not give her chemistry with someone and then give him a wife (*cough* Clint Barton *cough*)

5) Give. Us. Back. Pietro. Maximoff. 

6) Stop. Hurting. Tony. So far, the plots of the last two movies in the series include Tony fucking up and getting hurt. Stop. Yourselves. And let’s not forget YOU TOOK PEPPER AWAY FROM HIM HOW DARE YOU. Give the poor guy a break, would you? And reunite Pepper and Tony, thanks.

7) Give Tony Stark the chance to save people/be helpful/do the right thing without it backfiring so goddamn hard. Maybe another Avenger screws up mega and Tony saves the day (with smarts and/or with the Iron Man suite) because he’s capable of being the hero, we know that from The Avengers when he (nearly) gave his life to protect New York.

8) Address Clint Barton’s deafness. (You thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did)

9) Backup their imagery from Civil War. In the comics Captain America dies in Civil War, but in the movie he just drops the Shield. Back. This. Up. If he’s needed to fight (which he probably will be) don’t give him his symbolic outfit. The one from Winter Soldier is actually perfect, minus the A on the helmet. And don’t have anyone call him Captain America, it defeats the purpose of the imagery and causes plot holes.

10) Bring Coulson back into the movies. Even if it’s just one scene. The Avengers deserve to know that he’s alive. Also, technically, Coulson is an Avenger, so he deserves to be recognized as one in the movies, not just the show.

11) DON’T YOU EVEN DARE MAKE STEVE ROGERS HYDRA. If you are dead set on including that bs, make it a nightmare, or maybe Hydra clones him (like an evil twin or something idk but don’t pull that shit on us with the real guy, okay?). 

12) Involve Bruce Banner in the fight without it depending on The Other Guy. Let him help with science and smarts. Bruce is brilliant, and deserves to be recognized as a hero in the flesh. Give him a chance to mean more than an angry, green, rage monster. And give him a love interest, would you? Bruce deserves that (and that means no killing her off)

13) Stay the hell away from Bucky Barnes. He endured torture for 70 fucking years. You keep your destructive hands off of him. The same goes for Sam Wilson, who is literally too precious for this world. 

Thank you. This has been a PSA


This relationship is precious, yet underrated. I’ve never thought well of Seo Woo until I saw her desperately save the auntie, who had become her friend. Even when she is selfish, Seo Woo poured her heart out for anyone who she loves. She goes all the way for them, whether they are dead or loving someone else. Rather than hating her, I feel afraid for her now that the only person who may understand her was gone, and from this point onwards she would be isolated with her blinded hatred, without a friend with whom she may confide this toxic emotion, which is dangerous kept a secret. 

Latinegra Confession

I feel like whenever I show that I identify as Black as a light-skinned Dominican woman my fellow Black women often challenge my identity.
What hurts is that they challenge my Blackness not on the basis of my light-skin privilege and/or the privilege I am given bc of my curly hair. Instead, they challenge me because of my ethnicity/nationality. For the most part these are Black women that are better read on issues of gender and race than others so they know about Afro-Latinxs and I KNOW that if I had darker skin they wouldn’t ever challenge my Black identity. I just wish they called a spade a spade and said that they didn’t feel my Blackness was as legitimate as theirs because of my lightskin, which I would understand.
It’s also frustrating because there have been AA women that are LEGITIMATELY white-passing whose identity I have not seen questioned so much. So I don’t know.
Point is: I wish people would stop challenging my identity. That shit hurts.
(PS: Another frustration of mine is that many of these Black women also chastise Dominicans bc they don’t id as Black, but when a proud Black Dominican shows up they shut them out 🙄)

[34. jimin drabbles]

Inspired by me spending so much of the day just sorting out piles and piles of high school art…

Jimin couldn’t have picked a worse time to walk into your room. “Shit, what happened here?” He pointed at the piles of artwork you had on the floor, and what an organized mess it was. You had a lovely stack of stuff you thought was actually worth keeping, old sketchbooks (which had way too many pages; you would never understand why your teacher got them for everyone when you didn’t even need all of those pages for your assignments), canvases that you were gonna paint over in gesso to make new pieces, and the pile of shame, also known as the embarrassment to your existence… I mean… you’re very old work.

“I’m sorting out my artwork… It’s been piling up in my closet for years and it was a complete mess.” You glanced down at the work and you thanked the heavens that they “good” pile had a twenty-four by thirty inch mixed media painting of a flower pot. It covered all the pieces that lied beneath… All your various pieces of Jimin.

“Oh really?” His eyes widened at you before crouching down at the flower. “I’ve never seen your art. You always hide it.” And there was a reason for that. “You’re so good. What the fuck…”

You rubbed your arm nervously as he peered at the large stretched canvas but you started to panic when he lifted it up to see all the others. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pen, charcoal, conté, pastel, there were portraits of him in more media than he could even recognize, from more angles than he’d ever seen himself in. You looked away, just knowing he was ready to tease you. “What’s this?” He held the largest canvas up, twenty-eight by sixteen. You stretched it yourself.

You pursed your lips, still not looking at him. “You…”

He chuckled at your shy reaction. “I didn’t know I was your muse~ Maybe I could pose for you next time… nu-”

“Park Jimin, that is enough! You’re so goddamned extra.” You stormed out of the room and once you closed the door, Jimin fell on the floor, clutching his stomach as he laughed. He knew you’d react this way.

- Devi ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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Do you really think Chara would listen to Frisk? Especially if they can't talk.

They might listen to Frisk as well as they can understand Frisk, which is… a questionable amount. They’re more prone to not even notice Frisk is trying to tell them something, honestly. If Frisk can keep Chara’s attention long enough to elaborate and they make a helpful point, Chara would totally go along with it.

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The amount of sarcasm oozing out of Darren's face in that insta tho.. knowing that the end is near he's probably just making fun of pr moves.

I mean Darren has to be aware that his career is becoming a joke (which is beyond comprehension, he’s too talented).  And the amount of advertising is insane.  Its all the time and too many products (amazon, water containers, record store, Barry’s, now this and I am sure I am missing many).   And that many of his fans are completely over this fake relationship (and if this was actually furthering his career, i’d understand,  but at this point its having the opposite effect).  

So agreed, he doesn’t even look remotely genuine in the 4 pics in the IG posted.  How anyone would believe this was not staged, is beyond me.  But they will.  Again, this will be cute.  They are after all sharing “one milkshake, two straws!” 

This instead of asking real questions, such as, why is someone taking a photo, at this moment, of this couple on a date?  Oh right, I know, because its an advertisement.  One that was set up on Friday by the twitter exchange between “Darren” and Mario.

I just wonder if PR has figured out that pimping a gym and a milkshake and burger place, at the same time, seems completely contradictory. But what do i know (at this point I could do better than Ricky and I have zero industry experience).

For me these photos did two things, remind me of the joke that is this couple (not that I needed a reminder, we get them daily) and ensure that if I am ever in Chicago, I will never go to Saved by the Max.  

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since you're probably sick of being first in line for people bitching about the state of the union (thank u for everything tho) how about what songs would you recommend for someone who's a springsteen newbie?


that said SURE THING SO have the ‘what do you do when you want to get into springsteen’ guide by yours truly

now, there’s the easy way and the harder but most rewarding way. the easy way - as in, which single songs do you listen to - is: get yourself the essential bruce springsteen three-disc greatest hits that came out in 2003. that one has basically a great selection of his stuff until that point and has a bonus disc with outtakes/rarities that give you a fairly good idea of his technicallynonpublished stuff, so you’re good with that. that said there isn’t drive all night on that collection and it’s like one of my top five bruce songs so ADD THAT TO THE LIST. and no surrender, too.

however. I do personally believe that bruce is best experienced in full records, so if you want to go that way, that’s my advice:

  • get yourself the river (the entire record) - while it’s not my personal favorite it’s basically a sum-up of what springsteen’s about with maybe an exception for the political songs which came later but basically all the sound is there and it’s basically a showcase of the quintessential springsteen music.
  • done? okay, great, then go get a live album. london calling is perfect for starters because it’s just one cd and it’s a fairly good sum-up of old/new songs as far as 2010 went and it spans through the entire catalogue. If you feel brave you can go with live 75-85 but that one was like six vinyls back in the day/three cds so if you’re not acquainted with his stuff in general is probably best left for later and live in nyc is more for people who are already into his stuff, go with london calling.
  • good? then after you got yourself acquainted with that, you can go ahead and get born to run first and darkness on the edge of town after. the order is not negotiable. born to run goes first. don’t be like me and listen to darkness before - there’s a thematic continuity between the two and if you start from born to run you understand darkness a lot better. also if you listened to london calling you already know the staples of both records so it’s not all unknown stuff.
  • at that point, you’re ready for POLITICAL SPRINGSTEEN. now, staple: go get yourself born in the usa and enjoy it in all its glorious destroying criticism of post-vietnam US. then you can do two things. if you want to get a handle on his recent stuff, skip ahead and listen to the rising which is instead about post-sept 11th US. if you want people to admire the heck out of you when you go to see bruce in concert and chat with long-time fans, before going on to the rising listen to nebraska back to back with born in the usa. it’s going to be a gloriously stark contrast, and when you know that most songs on born in the usa actually were written with the ones in nebraska it’s going to blow your mind. also: nebraska is not his usual style - it’s the starkest, most depressing and saddest record you could think of and it’s just him playing without a band and if bitusa was gloriously destroying criticism nebraska is pure vitriol but like, at that point you should be enough into bruce to appreciate it fully :D then you go listen to the rising. 
  • after you take all of that in, you can go back to the roots and get yourself his first two records. I’d recommend first the wild, the innocent & the e-street shuffle because it has some serious staples of bruce catalog (ie rosalita and sandy, but like the entire original b side - incident/rosalita/new york city serenade - is imo a work of pure art) and then you can get greetings from asbury park NJ, which has some meh songs (like the angel and mary queen of arkansas, meeeh) but THE REST IS HEAVENLY. and live it’s even better, but anyway they’re both a++++ records so you’re set.
  • then get the ‘95 greatest hits and listen just to the four new songs on that - streets of philadelphia, blood brothers, secret garden and murder incorporated. the rest is useless if you heard the above already and the choice is meh but those four songs are shit that you wanna listen to.
  • at this point you’re done with the main bruce stuff that you have to know if you want to attend a concert knowing 80% of the songs played. congrats! :D
  • but if you want advice on the rest and how to proceed next: if you liked nebraska, go get yourself the ghost of tom joad first and devils and dust later. the ghost of tom joad is basically nebraska but more classy (ie nebraska is just voice/guitar/harmonica, tom joad has other instruments XDD). I love that record gdi. and devils and dust is still mostly acoustic music in that vein.
  • if you weren’t particularly into the acoustics, leave those for later and go with tunnel of love, aka the best record about failed relationships/marriages you’ll ever run into and incidentally my fave subjective springsteen record ops
  • then you get yourself get lucky town, wrecking ball, magic and working on a dream in that order - they’re not as good as the rising which is his best post-2000s solo record imo but it’s still fucking good records.
  • then you go with the acoustics.
  • then you go with human touch which is like, probably his worst record even if the good songs on it are good, but basically don’t expect a masterpiece out of that. lucky town which came out at the same time was a lot better. basically unless you want to listen to it for science with human touch you’re good if you stick with the title track, soul driver, with every wish, man’s job and I wish I were blind. possibly also 57 channels. the rest is meh for his standards.

and then if you want an extra and you’re into US folk music get yourself the seeger sessions record, we shall overcome. it’s all covers except for american land if you get the special edition with it, so I didn’t include it in the main list but it’s a++++ covers. also he sings we shall overcome beautifully.

and that was my personal listening order for getting into bruce :’D (I skipped all the extra stuff/collections and the likes but that’s for stage two when you have turned into a die hard fan and find out that he has a stack of unpublished songs twice as big as his regular catalog and you die of happiness because OH MY FUCKING GOD I HAVE SO MUCH MORE BRUCE TO LISTEN TO) but if you don’t feel like going through that completely just go get the essential that’s excellent for starters ;)

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How can you draw bodies and hair like that? I've tried so much and I'm not satisfied with how it turns out. Do you have any tutorials, tips for drawing it?

To be completely honest with you, I struggle a lot with male bodies. I’m still working on them and understanding them–which leads me to my next point: know what you’re drawing and what it looks like in 3D space. 

My tips would be:

Draw loosely. Let your hand flow and don’t press too hard on the paper or tablet.

Draw as if you’re sculpting. Understand what you’re drawing and how it looks at different angles. Use references!

Draw with simple shapes. This is basic. If something looks too complicated, break it down into squares, circles, and triangles!

For hair:

Just be loose. Let your pencil be erratic and erase the lines you don’t like. Hope this helps you out!

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Maybe more like throwing out a comment than a question. But isn't it enough for Sam to be in this Big TV show that has a HUGE following? And now he has fashion endorsements to boot? Aside from not getting an Emmy nom. - which IS unfortunate for the show AND all three principles. I am hearing that he needs a better agent? That he "deserves" more as in an A list movie role. When would he have time at this point? But more than that, isn't this enough for an an Actor to hang his hat on??

Thanks for your ask, anon.

I think for the most part, these are people who don’t know anything about show business. The most important thing to understand specifically about Sam and his career is that prior to landing the role of Jamie in Outlander, Sam was worried about how he was going to pay his bills and he considered taking a regular job to support himself. He is very talented, but the thing to remember is that he was in the right place at the right time and was cast in the right role. This is very much where luck comes into play. And Sam was very, very lucky.

Sam’s first obligation is to Outlander, no matter how many parts he has to turn down. And Sam doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who forgets to be grateful. His gratitude extends to the producers, including Ron, and his agents who sent him up for the part and negotiated his deal.

Certainly, doing WTSE on his hiatus last year was a decision he made on his own.  The director spoke quite passionately about how he was grateful to Sam for keeping his promise to do the movie even after he was famous. Clearly, I have no idea about what went on between Sam and his agents, but I suspect that they were not too happy about that decision. However, Sam’s integrity won the day.

As far as A-List movie rolls go, who knows? Again, luck plays a part in the perfect meeting of actor and role as well as the time to do it. Maybe that hasn’t come along, but more than that, Sam doesn’t have time to shoot most movies. Unlike indies, many A-List movies have long and complicated shooting schedules. Yes, Caitriona did Money Monster on her hiatus last year, but even though it was a movie with great auspices, hers was a supporting role with a more limited shooting schedule. And unless an interesting supporting role comes along fast, let’s assume that neither has the time for anything – except recharging – during this hiatus.

Since he is a man, Sam has a longer career as leading man ahead of him. As they say in the movie business – women get old, but men age well – like a fine wine.

#samandcait #showbusiness

Now that I've had time to process.

Emma’s feelings towards Audrey are understandable. I can’t imagine how I would feel finding out that info. I’d probably be livid that she held onto that secret for so long tbh. I thought that there was way more to Audrey’s involvement in the season 1 murders but it’s looking less likely now(which could be what the writers want). Considering piper was related to Emma and Brandon James it seems like she would’ve made her way to Lakewood at sometime. Maybe Audrey just expedited that process? I really hope she lets Audrey explain herself. I don’t know. at this point I don’t know who to trust. These are just rambling 1 am thoughts

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Since I hate Yara so much imagine her teasing Theon how she's dating Dany and how she's so awesome and Theon is like "what is my life even" and then they see Mythical Hero KitN and even KoF who starts flirting with Theon just to spite Yara and then Theon is treated like a Prince and Yara is not and he's like "Jon, ilu"

okay I’m getting coffee during my study pauses so HEY FIRST POSSIBLE SHORT FILL IN THE ASKBOX I CHOOSE YOU get your ficlet anon

also sorry for the crack

At times, Theon wonders why is he even required around here if not for legitimizing his sister’s claim further. It’s not that it’s bad, because gods anything would pale comparing to what he left behind, but since his sister and the queen reached an understanding, which obviously translates in the two of them actually, well, performing marriage duties without being properly married, he’s felt like he has no point being here anyway. Never mind that his sister seems enthusiastic of her newfound relationship, and while she usually does eventually realize bragging in front of him about it isn’t anything he could give two fucks about, still - Daenerys Stormborn here, Daenerys Stormborn there, and are you really not interested, and the likes. He can’t exactly be interested, and even if he were, who’d even waste their time of the day with him?


He endures.

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Hi so I have kinda a weird question, well maybe it's not weird. Anyways, so there's a couple girls at my school who say they are 'queer' - which is fine like I really couldn't care less about that but I just want to know the difference between 'queer' and 'gay' (or whatever sexual orientation) I know that 'queer' was a slur at one point - is it still? I guess that was more than one question but whatever - thanks for the help!

My understanding is that queer, which was once a slur, is now being reclaimed by non-hetrosexual people and is used as a sort of catch all term for anyone who doesn’t identify as straight. I definitely would not recommend a straight person use it, as that could be offensive, but I think that the community is using it as a quick identifier. In some cases, it’s sort of easier to just say “I’m queer” than it is to list specifics, especially to people who aren’t really aware of there being different sexualities beyond gay and straight. 

I’ve spent a good point of the evening thinking about the Incuboys and Food Network. Which shows would they each prefer? So I thought I’d make a list of what I think. Feel free to add thoughts! I might be completely wrong.

So, the first one that brought this list to my mind is that James would definitely be a huge fan of MasterChef. James would definitely admire Gordon Ramsay, and MasterChef shows his calm yet critical side, and it isn’t him yelling the entire time. Not that that isn’t entertaining, but I think James would prefer this side of Chef Ramsay. 

Which show would Erik like? I think Cake Wars. It’s exciting, and the cakes are all really pretty! He definitely seems like the kind of guy who would love beautiful cakes, right? 

Next is Sam. My immediate thought is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I bet Sam would really love Guy Fieri! Though, really, who doesn’t? This show is casual and fun, which I think Sam would prefer over chefs judging fancy food. Guy is just having a good time and eating yummy food, and none of it is fancy! At least, not in the episodes I have seen. 

Then we have Matthew! Honestly? He seems like a Guy Fieri fan too. Guy’s Grocery Games was fun! Fast paced and energetic, which reminds me of Matthew himself. I think he would be a big fan of this show. 

Finally, Damien. This was actually really hard? After lots of pondering, I think he’d like D,D,&D as well. It’s a slow paced and fun show! Who wouldn’t like it? It always makes me happy to watch, so I can imagine it making him happy too. Guy is always so happy with the food!!! It’s such a friendly show!!! And who could appreciate that more than Damien? He needs more happiness in his life.

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Hey I'm the anon that was talking About Helena and her openly admitting she was with others the last yr and how that disgusted me. Let's call me lydsa there's a reason which you will learn later. I'm lydsa 0911 and I say the dude is prolly a mess. He's worked so hard for so long bout given up now he's reaping it. He deserves it I would say. Just my opinion. May be a total jerk. But he persevered. He survived yrs of basically nada. He may be strange weird whatever. I'm his age exactly still tryin

I still haven’t seen anything about her saying anything, maybe you can point me in the right direction. I’m still not understanding your name tho.☺

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I personally love ace Raphael. Though the question of erasing his being ace vs. erasing Alec being gay well, it's not actually canon that Raphael is ace. It's CC's head canon. It's not written in stone. So that's why people take liberties with Raphael's orientation. Also she was horrid enough to actually retract on saying he's ace which is pretty crappy of her imo. But that's another can of worms. Point is, Alec is canon gay and it's set in stone and written. Ace!Raphael isn't unfortunately.

wait she retracted on saying that he was ace??? I didn’t know that! was it on Twitter?

and yeah you’re right on that. I understand why people would take liberties but I’m not comfortable with it, I personally consider it canon since it came from the author and with so little representation for the ace community, it’d be a shame to ignore it :/