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How to Get Kin Memories Within Minutes - An Easy Method!

Hey guys!

I notice a lot of kin have a hard time getting memories from their canons. Everyone likes having memories: they make you feel more valid, they allow you to find canonmates more easily, and overall they’re really interesting and often nice to have.

I have a simple method for getting kin memories that has worked very well for me. I’ve gotten plenty of memories from it, and it’s been a great way for me to confirm kintypes I question. Sooo, I thought I would share it!

It’s an easy and quick process to go though: exactly what everyone wants!

It’s basically self-hypnosis, which is not as strange and crazy at it sounds. Hypnosis is a very natural thing, and we go into hypnotic trances very often in our everyday lives (e.g. when watching TV). It’s not scary at all. It’s really relaxing, and is actually pretty similar to meditation.

(This can also be useful to fictives with unclear memories!)

I’ll cut to the chase and list the steps bellow the break~

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Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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YOI Fan Rec Friday


I got some amazing recs this week! Thank you!

If you do not see your rec, it means that it’s going to be on next week’s list!

Rec’d by anonymous:
not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 39k (WIP)
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
in this home we built by otabek, Not Rated, 7.6k
Yuuri wakes up ten years too soon and Viktor has a laugh that makes the stars tremble.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Stamina and Endurance by scribblywobblytimeylimey, Explicit, 13k
Yuuri is long overdue a punishment for his bad behaviour against one Viktor Nikiforov – a punishment to be exacted by Viktor himself, in a sharp suit. Unfortunately, as soon as Yuuri sees him in the suit, his dick has other ideas.
Stamina should have been a verb by scribblywobblytimeylimey, Explicit, 12k
Yuuri spends several hours taking Viktor apart at the seams with round after round of rough sex.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Routine by thishasbeencary, Teen, 17k (WIP)
Viktor pushes himself too hard, he always has, he knows that. Coaching and returning to skating isn’t easy (especially since he expects himself to start back exactly where his career left off, despite being 28 and not having competitively skated for most of a season). And, really, he should have seen this coming.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Shape of You by ViktorBunny, Explicit, 43k (WIP)
Yuri is moving to St. Petersburg and Victor is far too excited to show him everything and spoil his Katsudon on his home turf.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Something Gold by thishasbeencary, Teen, 2.8k
A soulmate’s mark begins to grow the first time that they see their soulmate, and stops growing when they fall in love. Some grow faster than others, so by the time they’ve both fallen in love, the marks are the same.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Unexpected by AlexWSpark, Mature, 52k (WIP)
In which one impulsive midnight decision leads Victor Nikiforov to Yuuri Katsuki and, of course, everything changes.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
No Less Unthinkable by rageprufrock, Explicit, 79k
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
A Matter of Luck by stillmadaboutpetra, Gen, 33k
Victor, a Charm of Good Fortune, promises to give Yuuri the life he wants. The problem is: Yuuri hasn’t a clue what he wants.
a thread to weave a home by LiaoftheDawn, Gen, 1.9k
“Yuuri, would you mind making a quick stop at Ice Castle before heading back home?” Yuuri’s breathe catches when Victor says the word ‘home’, soft and easy, like it’s his own. Like he plans to make it his own.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Always My Soulmate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Explicit, 53k (WIP)
Compilation of Yuuri/Victor Soulmate AU oneshots.
Yuri Plisetsky: Wingman Extraordinaire? by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 11k (WIP)
In which Yuri is the aggressive wingman Victor didn’t know he needed, and the friend that Yuuri never asked for but appreciated.
Way to Victory by crea_sei, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Defeated after his loss at the GPF 2015, Yuuri doesn’t expect anything more from the GPF. That is, until he wakes up on the 5th of December, five days before the GPF even begins.
Please Have Mercy On Me by all_those_big_ass_trees, Explicit, 85k
Viktor’s been living with Yuuri for a month now, but Yuuri is still not used to him. But Viktor is a good teacher, and Yuuri is a good student.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 179k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @phoenixwaller​:
In Our Dreams by phoenixwaller, Explicit, 38k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov, the Junior World Figure Skating Gold Medalist, has a secret skill. He has the ability to dreamwalk; to visit the minds of others while his body sleeps.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Fanboy by arkhamcycle, Teen, 40k (WIP)
“Love!!! on Ice” is sure to be the greatest Wattpad-hosted love story of Viktor’s day. At its center are Viktor’s idol, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki, and the silver-haired boy whose heart he steals–Vitaly Nikulichev.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Weight of Gold by barrelrider, Not Rated, 13k
Yuri’s big win at the Grand Prix final poses questions about the future that he hadn’t thought to ask before. And Viktor doesn’t seem interested in answering them.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @ever-so-nice:
Shared Gravity by phoenixwaller, Explicit, 40k (WIP)
Yuri Katsuki doesn’t advertise his alpha status, in fact he’d rather it be relatively unknown. He feels that he’s never fit the stereotype, and is much happier blending into the background. However, much to his dismay, his alpha instincts are awakened one summer morning.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Walking Barefoot In The Snow by wingedcastielpie, Teen, 3.9k (WIP)
Millions of years before humanity has rooted itself firmly on the ground, two lovers of forbidden origin and passion were forced to live their lives in exile from the Seven Seas. Thousands of years later, they were back from where they started, with a bond more formidable than the oceans’ tides.
somewhere only we know by wingedcastielpie, Teen, 1k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri and Victor Nikiforov were orphans. They formed a bond when they were younger, and they were inseparable for four years. They only had each other. Until one day, Victor left, and Yuuri was left alone to his own devices, forever looking for him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @bathsoaps:
Come Out of Hiding (I’m Right Here Beside You) by osaki_nana_707, Not Rated, 61k (WIP)
After forgetting the words to his song during a vocal competition as a teenager, Yuuri Katsuki decided singing was not for him. Instead he went to NYU to study English. He never expected Viktor Nikiforov, Broadway star extraordinaire looking to direct his first production on the stage, would ever find his up-and-coming lead… in him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
With the Aid of Gravity by notwisely, Teen, 5.3k
Yuuri had plastered his childhood bedroom with posters of Viktor—had grown up with Viktor’s irrepressible smile comforting him on the worst days, the promise of his silhouette against the endless blue of the sky behind him: that if Yuuri couldn’t defy gravity and physics and mortality, Viktor would do it for him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Live, Laugh, Love by Lucien_King, Teen, 9.4k (WIP)
Something clicked within Yuuri and even though his manager told him that the project might ruin his reputation, he insisted. What could possibly go wrong? And then, he met the Viktor Nikiforov.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

lazarusonfire  asked:

hi! just finished acomaf and oh Gods my heart is in ruins. could you pls give some book recommendations as I am trying to survive until May.

Oh my god, c’mere–

We have all been there, and know this - it does not get better. I mean. It does. But at the same times, it really doesn’t. Settle in and learn to love to suffer at the hands of our Liege, Sarah J Maas. Welcome into the folds, friend. 

OKAY. BOOKS. Now I am going in blind since I don’t know what you like besides SJM so I’m just gonna throw you a mixed bag: 

– Tales of The Otori: This is a trilogy of historical fantasy novels set in a world based on feudal Japan. Let me say that one more time. This fantasy world is based on feudal Japan. It is stunning and gorgeous and earth shatteringly tragic (it has it’s problematic areas, but I still love and recommend it).
– BRANDON SANDERSON: if you are in any way interested in epic fantasy and high fantasy I recommend any and all books by Sanderson. If you’re used to reading YA I would start with the Mistborn trilogy. But my absolute favourite series of his is the Stormlight Archive. He is the Master, the Sensei, the Jedi, the King of unique worldbuilding and foreshadowing and intricate plots. And the humour in his books are always so god damned on point! He has so many series and books to pick from though, go check him out and see if anything catches your eye!
– Graceling: this a lovely little YA fantasy and a very easy and quick read. Could work as a quick palette cleanser if you’re hung up on acomaf (which we all have been lbh). 
– Six of Crows: YA fantasy, gorgeous characters and AMAZING dialogue. That’s one of my favourite things with Bardugo’s writing. The rythm and pacing in her dialogues are !!!!!!!! And if you’re looking for diversity (skin colour, gender, religion, sexuality, bodies and disability) - this is your book. 
– Nevernight: I have not yet started this book, but I am SO EXCITED TO. It comes with extremely enthusiastic recommendations from my friends and the fanart I’ve seen looks incredible, and the cover art is *HEARTEYES* too. 

Good luck getting over the ACOMAF-hangover! x


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 2426

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Smut, swearing, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!) chocolate pie porn.

Request: Hello! I have a request, could you do one where the reader starts working for Tony and soon after the reader and Bucky start a secret affair? Thanks love! - Anon

A/N: Here you go my dear! Sorry that it took me so long!

‘You can do this.’

‘You have worked hard for this.’

‘You deserve this.’

The pep talk you were giving yourself as you drove up to the gate surrounding the Avengers compound wasn’t helping your nerves at all. You leaned forward to look up through your windshield at the concrete walls. This place was a fortress.

You rolled your window down when you approached a booth. You hit the green call button and jumped at the electronic voice that spoke.

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PLL Analysis: The “Liars Lament” Board Game

Wow, I haven’t made a post like this since my Rosewood Timeline, but here goes my attempt at analyzing the Liars Lament Board Game that was introduced in episode 7x11: 


noun - a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

verb - mourn (a person’s loss or death).

#1) The House of Hastings - Here, we see that the “START” section of the game in the upper left hand corner is located at none other than The Hastings’ home. With closer inspection we can see that all 5 Liars are standing right in front of the building where this entire story began on That fateful Night back in the summer of 2009; The Barn:

Blink, and you might miss one of the most important buildings from this entire story peaking out from the Hastings’ backyard, and it sure seems that this is where the Game is meant to begin.

You may also catch a glimpse of the mailbox (bottom right hand corner of GIF) which reads “DiLaurentis”, and we all know at this point that the DiLaurentis house is located on the other side of the Hastings’ property. It is only fitting that the board game would begin in this very location, where it all began.

It is also easy to notice that the Liars are all dressed in Season 1 attire, which must be paying homage to the notion that in the final 10 episodes, everything is going to come “full circle”, aka “back to the beginning”. (And can we just mention real quick that Alison seems to be the only Liar standing on a square):

Hmmm… interesting. Regardless if this is a clue or not, it was definitely meant to be shown that all of the Liars are dressed the same exact way they used to dress when the A Game began all those years ago. 

#2) Radley - All roads lead back to Radley, right? It’s very interesting that the representation of Radley portrayed on the board game represents a literal Hell on Earth. Look at all of those trapped & lost souls!

We already know this is probably going to be an important part of the Game & I am really excited to see where it takes us. 

#3) The Church - The place of so many Rosewood funerals (Alison, Wilden, CeCe, etc.), the place where we last saw Ian alive, the first time we were introduced to The Black Widow, and the very location of Charlotte’s murder; the Rosewood Chapel has been a staple of Pretty Little Liars since the very beginning. 

This is also the “HOME” section, where the Liars get see their tasks displayed:

And it may be even more important than we thought… with the introduction of:

#4) The Secret Passage Way - Connects Radley to the church. Is this a clue towards Charlotte’s killer? And to throw it all the way back to Season 1, is this how Mona/Ian were able to escape the church so quickly after Alison threw him off of the bell tower? It would explain a lot in regards to how easy it’s been to sneak in & out of both Radley & the church, and now we have our answer.

There’s been a secret passageway the whole dang time! And I’m also inclined to believe that there is a passageway system under the entire town!

#5) The Lost Woods Resort - Now this is a majorly important part of the story. I wonder if there is some type of passageway underneath here as well, since Uber A was able to kidnap Hanna at the end of 6B.

#6) Mystery Location - Which I am willing to bet is the location of the Dollhouse. We already know that Charlotte’s dollhouse was located off of the same exact road as the Lost Woods Resort. We also see a very short clip in the 7B Promo showing Ali’s player piece (in the yellow shirt) at this very location. 

And we all know that the yellow shirt was worn many times by many people, especially in the dollhouse (Ali, CeCe, Bethany, Mona & Sara). So seeing Ali’s game piece in this spot makes me think it may possibly be the dollhouse. (Even though I don’t understand why it wouldn’t just blatantly say that it was the dollhouse if it was actually meant to represent it. So I guess we’ll just stay tuned on this one…)

#7) Rosewood High - Where we spent the majority of our 7 years. Now with Ali, Emily & Paige all working there, I think we will be seeing a whole lot more of it to come.

^ Still taken from the 7B Promo

#8) The Hospital - Which automatically just makes me think of Wren.

This is the location of the very first “Dare” selected by Spencer in 7x11. We already know how many times we’ve had to visit Rosewood Hospital, and there have been many connections to this location in the past. Plan on seeing more!

#9) The Police Station/Jail - Wilden, Toby, Marco, Officer Barry. Shall I go on? The amount of corruption we have seen pass through Rosewood PD is something we are all very familiar with as well. I wonder what kind of fun challenges the Liars will have to face at this location. 

#10) The Cemetery - So many bodies have been buried here.

#11) The Brew - Ezra Fitz’s loft, the first place the Liars met CeCe, and the place of hundreds of secret discussions. Is this an important part of the Game, or is it only there for show?

I wonder where this Game is taking us; on the ride of our lives I hope. 

So there’s my quick analysis.

Let me know any input you may have, or any locations I might have missed :)

Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 6

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 6

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Series Masterlist

Summary:  You end up in the hospital; Dean and Sam have a suspect; things between you and Dean heat up.

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester, Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Tyson Brady, Ash, Garth, Jo Harvelle, Gabriel

Word Count:  3708

Warnings:  nsfw, language, light smut

Author’s Notes: Inspired by but does not follow the Costner/Houston movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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so like here’s some really quick doodles of a New Child 

their name is ergo sum and they can legit just will people out of existence but it’s very easy to upset them so they tend to isolate themselves so they don’t lash out and just, make people not exist, which they would very much regret later, very sad kiddo right here very lonely

(Ravager family once again)

Headcanon that the Ravagers – especially the more loyal, kinder ones – actually really liked little Peter. They see him less as a crewmember and more of a very amusing mascot, but it’s something.

Quite a few of the Ravagers decide that this is still a child, a confused and terrified one at that, but with spunk and fighting spirit and funny little grimaces when he tries to insult them back, and a brilliant smile when he manages to convince them to listen to his music.

It becomes a common occurrence that at least one of the men stays close to the child. Mostly it’s Yondu himself, but when the captain is busy, there is Kraglin, Tullk, Oblo, sometimes even Horuz or others, making sure that Peter doesn’t get into trouble or really gets eaten by one of the meaner guys.

They carry him on their shoulders when walking through crowds on inhabited planets so he doesn’t get lost.

They drag him out of fights and put him down at the edge of it – “Stay here, Pete, we gotta finish those a-holes over there” – and come back to him with little trophies from the fight.

They hold him when he’s been injured and needs to be taken care of, holding him still to put the needle with the painkiller in – they quickly discovered that Peter is downright terrified of doctors, so they do the needle-part themselves, asking Kraglin or Yondu to keep talking to the kid in the meantime.


Oblo shows Peter how to disassemble and reassemble a blaster.

Tullk shows him how to fight with his fist and his knees, reminding him that there are times when he has to.

It’s Kraglin who gives him tips how to pickpocket right without being noticed.

Horuz is the one rather grumpily teaching Peter how to read the alien runes used in the most parts of the galaxy, because Yondu never learned how to read and write very well with his backstory as a slave.

Yondu is the one to teach Peter the things he deems too important to leave to others – shooting, lying, conning, flying, and navigating, for example.  

It’s not a perfect substitute family. They are Ravagers, harsh with their words and quick with their fists, and Peter learns to not show his tears. Learns to bellow insults right back instead of being hurt by words at all. He learns which Ravagers to run from because they would hurt him, and which to run to when Yondu isn’t there to protect him.

It’s far from perfect, but he is alive, and being taken care off, as weird as it may seem.

In return for teaching him, Peter shows the Ravagers how to have fun with easy things. He listens to music, blasts it over the whole ship once he got the songs into the ship’s system. (Yondu swears up and down that he will delete it, but he never does.) He steals little trinkets for Yondu, and shiny things that he thinks Kraglin could like, delighting in their laughter when they pat his shoulder. He teaches the nice Ravagers how to dance. He teaches those who are willing how to read, once his lessons with Horuz have shown success.

One evening they fall asleep on the bridge in a pile, Tullk outstretched on the ground, Kraglin curled up next to him, Oblo using Tullk as a pillow. Peter has climbed onto Tullk’s wide stomach, curled into a little ball like a cat, and is trying to fall asleep like the others, but he is shivering, teeth clacking together in the cold of the spaceship.

He has his eyes closed tightly, trying to will himself into sleep, when there’s a quiet curse next to him, followed by even quieter rustling.

A weight slips over Peter’s shoulders, startling him, but he doesn’t feel threatened enough to startle upwards. There’s a knife in his boot, like Kraglin taught him, and one yell and three Ravagers would jump into action for him, but…

The weight is a leather jacket, Peter realizes when he cracks one eye open to peer down. It’s warm and smells of burned plasma and something distinctly familiar.


Peering over the edge of the fabric that’s now keeping him warm, Peter spots a retreating figure in the doorway of the bridge, the last bit of light falling in from the hallway letting him catch a glimpse of blue skin and a red fin.

Peter smiles and closes his eyes just as the door falls closed behind Yondu.

It’s not a perfect family at all. But it’s not that bad, either.

Peter Parker Sexy Headcanons

A/N: Because I haven’t been keeping up with any of the other fanfics I should be keeping up with (︶︹︺) hopefully this will distract everyone from my laziness ★~(◡‿⊙✿)

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

Turn Ons

~Honestly just talking about sex with him will get him turned on

~So clearly dirty talk will get him goin’ good 

~Things like that easily fluster him and sometimes, once in a bluemoon, he’ll start the dirty talk 

~Like if you just say “I like your dick” Peter will be


~and he’ll be ready to get it on

First Time

~not really gentle??? 

~obv he won’t try to hurt you 

~but once he in there, he in there and he prob half way done already  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

~what I mean by this is he’ll start out with a quick pace and oddly enough, he isn’t all that nervous about where to put his hands and what to do, etc. 

~King of Aftercare™ 


~he doesnt like them because he likes to take his sweet time 

~but you know, boy’s got needs so y’all have em 

~and he’ll admit, doing it up against the wall is kind of fun 

~anyways yeah he would prefer to carry it out and go along with it but sometimes he just needs you and quickly 

~honestly he’d be satisfied with a quick ‘rub-one-out-and-go’ bc he’s easy to please 

~which might make your life a lot easier idk 


~really seriously likes oral

~loves to give 

~obv loves to receive but doesn’t usually ask

~he lives to please you (and this isn’t just sexual wise either, this boy showers you in affection constantly and really really likes to give. he buys presents for you ALLL THEEE TIIIIME)

~sometimes he can’t do anything after three goes bc ever sense he’s gotten his powers, every single sense easily gets overloaded so it gets to the point that orgasms sort of throb and hurt 

~and like I said he also enjoys aftercare so he’d be totally chill with shoulder massages and shower duets 

~hahahahahahaa if you ride him he’ll DIE (of pleasure) HE LOVESSSS IT

~any kinky things scares him actually the only thing he’d be willing to do is maybe tie your hands but probably not because he likes to hold them during the climax 

~he really is an angel ah

Someday Your Child May Cry

1. Question

At first, the only thing that Mulder feels is a stupendous sense of relief.

His first thought, when Scully had asked to come over tonight, had been the same thing it always is whenever Scully says she has something important to talk to him about: he had worried that she was finally leaving. Leaving the basement, leaving the Bureau, leaving law enforcement… leaving him. And once her words have penetrated to the extent that he understands that he’s not going to be suddenly and painfully deprived of her companionship, the knot of dread that has taken up residence in his gut finally begins to dissipate.

And then he realizes what she’s just asked him.


If he had been thinking clearly, he would have been able to see this coming. He had known about her doctor’s appointment this afternoon, had known its purpose, and it should have been a fairly quick and easy leap of logic from there to where he and Scully are sitting now. If the news had been good, it would make sense that Scully’s next step would be to figure out the other half of the equation with which her doctor had presented her. She could have just used an anonymous donor, certainly, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in that… and he’s well-aware, by now, that Scully never deals in uncertainty if she can avoid it.

It follows, then, that the next logical step would be to ask a favor from a man she trusts. And unless she’s been doing an astoundingly good job of keeping something from him, he’s at the top of what is likely a very short list.

It doesn’t escape him that she hasn’t specified the exact capacity in which she expects him to involve himself. Will his contribution end with his donation, or will she want more than that? He’s not sure which is more terrifying- the idea that she wants his role in this hypothetical child’s life to end with a gasp and a jerk into a sterile plastic cup… or the idea that she wants him to be there, to be present, for the whole thing.

To be a father.

A father to Scully’s child.

Mulder suddenly realizes that he has voiced precisely none of these musings, that he has, in fact, been sitting here, staring at his coffee table, in total silence, for at least a full minute since Scully had stopped speaking. He glances up to find her chewing her lips the way she does when she’s nervous, and he reaches out, across the couch, trying to capture her hand in his. She gives him her fingertips- barely- and when he meets her eyes, he suddenly realizes how terrified she is, how difficult it must have been for her to come here, to ask him for something so intimate and personal. But before he can open his mouth to try and allay her fears, she speaks.

“I don’t want you to answer me yet,” she tells him. “I’m aware that I’m asking a lot.”

“Scully, you’re not-” She holds up her hand, and he falls silent.

“I’m also aware,” she continues, “that this crosses all sorts of lines when it comes to what’s considered… appropriate.” He wants to interrupt her again, but he bites his tongue and waits. “I want you to think about it for at least twenty-four hours,” she says. “The whole weekend, if you want. One way or another, I don’t want your answer until at least this time on Saturday.” He nods solemnly, and she huffs out a deep breath and stands. “I’m going to head out,” she says. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?” And she turns and leaves, striding quickly out of his living room before he can stop her.

The sound of his front door closing jerks him out of his trance, and he leaps to his feet, rushing after her to call her back.

But as his hand closes on the doorknob, he pauses, thinking. Scully knows that he’s terrible at following directions, that he jumps into things without giving any thought to the consequences, that he’s reckless and careless and dangerous. And none of these are qualities that Scully would accept in someone with whom she’s going to raise a child.

Not that she’s given him any indication, yet, that she wants him to be that involved. But if she’s considering it, wouldn’t it be to his advantage to prove to her, just this once, that he’s perfectly capable of following instructions- at least, when it comes to this?

Reluctantly, he lets go of the doorknob and shelves his enthusiastic, whole-hearted “Yes!” for this time tomorrow.


Standing in the hallway, her back pressed firmly against the wall next to Mulder’s door, Scully holds her breath as she listens to the doorknob rattling under his hand. She waits… but after a moment, there’s silence. He is not, then, going to come running out after her.

She takes five long, deep, measured breaths… and pulls herself upright, and leaves.

We’ll Manage [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

Summary: Reader has to ask Jordan to go with her to a family gathering after they break up.

Word count: 2,682

Warnings: None, I mean… Two swear words?

A/N: This one turned out longer than I expected, but also one of my favorites. Shoutout to @protecting-my-legacy​ (#strawberriesandcheese) and the anons that requested more Jordan because I! LOVE! WRITING! FOR! HIM! Hope y’all like it too <3

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“Just text him, it won’t kill you!” Your best friend handed you your phone, but you denied.

“Are you insane? I can’t just text him! We broke up only a few weeks ago, I can’t just start asking for favors.” You still felt a knot on your throat when saying those words. The break-up wasn’t something you wanted, but it was something you both agreed on: Jordan had a very busy schedule, you were struggling to keep college and a healthy relationship with him at the same time, it was just not working.

“Well, you can tell your whole family you broke up with your grandmother’s favorite son-in-law…” Your look to her was enough for her voice to go lower as the sentence went on. It was true, your whole family loved Jordan almost as much as you did. When you first introduced him on a family reunion at your aunt’s birthday, your younger cousins recognized him from the TV, and soon enough he was giving everyone an acoustic performance of whatever songs your family wanted him to play, your older cousin playing the guitar.

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Hiraeth | Pt.4

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 7,135.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us.

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Use Me (M)

Drabble game request: Namjoon + “We should probably talk.” + College AU

Character: Namjoon x reader

Genre: College!au, FWB!au, Soft smut, angst. Just the usual combination.

Word count: 2,602 words

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Listening (Ethan x FemReader x Tyler) aghast

Originally posted by rhinkydankiplier

(( gif not mine - I find it very appropriate ))

(A/n): This is sad wtf I don’t write sad things why

Request:  I loved your Ethan X reader imagine 😭 Can I request an Ethan X reader where reader and Tyler are dating and get into a fight and Ethan comforts her and maybe reveals his feelings but then Tyler apologizes And the reader is very conflicted? love your writing so much ❤️

Warnings: It’s kinda’ sad dude plus some cussin’ out AND I HOPE YOU KNOW I’M ABOUT TO MAKE TYLER A BAD GUY HOES


“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the arrow dodge challenge!” Mark grinned. 

“Back by popular demand with this lot,”

The brunette pauses to gesture to Wade, Ethan, Tyler, and yourself at the end.

“but Bob isn’t here; sad face.”

A chorus of sad looking expressions spilled within the group.

“He’s hanging out with his wife, since it is Valentine’s Day. But instead of being sad and weeping softly into our pillows, we just replaced him and moved on!”

Mark began to laugh and so did most everyone else.

You shook your head lightly and mouthing a solid ‘I’m sorry’ to the camera as it zoomed in on your face.

“You didn’t even introduce her.” Tyler scoffed, looking to Mark.

“Oh right–”

“Hi! I’m (Channel)! Or (Y/n)! Or beautiful Tyler’s companion.” you cheered, reaching a hand back to tap Tyler’s cheek at his mention.

Wade and Ethan giggled off to the right.

“What she said.” Mark offered to the camera.

“Well, in any case, (Y/n) is the comparative noobie, so she gets to get shot at first!” said the blue haired boy. He watched cutely as your face dropped the slightest, opting to pat your back in oily reassurance “Right, captain?”

You straightened your spine and snatched the safety goggles from Mark’s palm. “You guys’ are wimps anyway. This will turn for my favour, just watch it.”

“Suuuuuuure thing, (Nickname).” Wade slurred.

They all viewed you sauntering to the stage where you further readied yourself with a passive “Fire at will.” slipping your lips.

Wade volunteered to shoot first, stepping into the firing area.

“(Y/n), I’m sure Tyler loves you,” he aimed “But, will he still love you. After you have been shot. By many arrows. And have died.”

Wade’s words were drawn and choppy, focusing more on his ability to aim correctly.

He let go of his amo, having it just miss you knee. The speed of the arrow killed your confidence.

“Alright, shit, this is not a Katniss convention,” you spiked “Cool it down, assholes!”

The next shot from Mark was not any nicer. His barely sped past you shoulder. Mark groaned in response, offering you a weak humorous threat for next time.

Tyler stepped up directly after the shorter brunette had stepped down. He said “Ready, sweetheart?” with a taunt contorting his words.

“No!” the cry left your lips when he began to pull the arrow back a long way.

“Tyler I’m serious, please don’t.” you said again.

Mark was the first to agree “Tyler, it’s just (Y/n), go easy man..” he caressed his words with care.

Though, Tyler never did let up the force in which he used. He believed it would be funny. No one else in the group said anything more about it.

“Tyler–!” came the corrected call from your mouth before he let go. And when he did, it cut the air, hitting you squarely in the neck.

You were almost devastated, gasping for a breath immediately.

A string of chained noises rippled through the men. Ethan chose to cover his loose mouth with a quick hand.

“Fucking prick.” you rasped, venom laced you words in a direct attack towards Tyler.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry.” Tyler breathed in a panicky haze. He dashed to you and tried reaching out to grasp your arm.

You were quick to flinch it away from him. Offering him a greasy glance, your eyes pushed onto Tyler a wild type of horror.

“You always do things like this, don’t you ever think?!” your accusation released itself with a series of coughs “This should be it, we should be over. That seems to be the only fucking way to get your attention!”

Tyler, and the rest of everyone else, was taken aback and held by shock. Your boyfriend went to say something, however you cut him off. 

“Get the hell away from me.”

❆   ❆   ❆

From there, someone offered Ethan to take you inside the studio. The rest stayed in the yard and cleaned up the arrows, the camera equipment, and harnessed awkward silence.

“(Y/n), it’s best to take slow breaths, right?” Ethan told you, in a low, solemn voice set “It get’s your mind in order.”

He guided you into the small kitchen area and prepared a glass of water, putting it into your hands with a shy smile.

You gave him a smile back and peered down into the slow liquid.

“Want to talk about it?” Ethan lulled sweetly. You gave him a quaint nod in reply.

“I didn’t want to expect Tyler to do something like that.” You began.

“But he is always so rough, you know? He’s a real sweetheart, I get that, he just seems so dangerous right now…”

As you went on, Ethan listened heartily. That is all he could do; listen. That’s where he found his ground with you.

Ethan wanted everything and anything more than that of course; he wanted to take Tyler’s place. He wanted to show you a proper and excelling relationship, not a tedious pairing where you get hurt more than you like to admit. Ethan wanted more for you.

“…I’m just, at a loss at what to do…” you finished your speech.

A sigh fell from your mouth and your eyes wandered up to Ethan’s sad blue ones.

“(Y/n) I..” the blue haired boy brushed his tongue across his dry lips.

“I don’t think it’s worth you feeling hurt.”

You nodded again to his words.

“I think maybe… you could give someone else a shot.” Ethan laughed nervously for a moment and then finished with “Give me a shot…”

You felt your eyebrows raise on their own and your hands tighten solidly around the clear glass of water.

Every word Ethan seemed say was suspended thickly in the air.

“This- is such a bad time, I just.. couldn’t…” He looked away and pawed at his arm. Ethan took a step back.

“I shouldn’t make you talk with your throat like that.” Ethan chuckled and turned to leave the room “I’m gunna’ go help the three idiots.”

He left.

❆   ❆   ❆

It seemed to be moments after Ethan had took his leave, Tyler replaced his warm presence. You gazed only into his eyes.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry.” he declared briskly. Tyler stood before your form that was leaning lazily on the counters edge.

“If- If you,” he started “want to break this off.. I understand…”

Tyler portrayed every syllable with justifiable hurting.

“Ethan explained why you are unhappy…. I respect that..”

You didn’t offer him any response, and he didn’t wait for you to give one.

“I just wanted to know that you are alright. I care.”

Without another word following his script, he left as quickly as he came. Leaving you to your collapsing emotions and challenging thoughts.

Spinning your eyes to the large french window that stood behind you, you watched the four men tidy up and give one another idle words.

“Who do I listen to.” you mumbled.


(A/n): Lmao, Ethan ending and Tyler ending? Part two? I don’t know what life is anymore, someone kill me

Gwenpool #16 might hit too close to home for some people. The issue is that Gwen’s brother has found a way to get her back to her reality and make her forget about all her adventures and is blocking things that could remind her. And it’s…kinda depressing. Gwen’s life is…oh you see above. No friends, stuck in situation where she can not get a job that current economy has built, inability to make it successful through her hobbies, parents nagging her about everything (know this one too well - get a job and not even a week they’ll start nagging you that it’s not a good enough and paying enough job and demand you change it because they’re looking just for an easy and quick solution how to “fix” you)… It made me feel really bad for her, okay? Which is why I was so happy to see that last page. No, not the one with big “The End” letters, this one

Grant Morisson would be proud.

Wingman (Drabble)

Genji was tired of this sad display.

Hanzo wasn’t exactly known for being approachable as a young man, and that hadn’t changed in the present.

Oftentimes, Genji had joked that he had absorbed all of Hanzo’s social skills when he was born. Decades later, he wondered if that may not be closer to the truth than he originally thought.

He threw a meaningful glance at where his brother stood in the shadows at a distance, too awkward to approach you or leave you in peace. It’s times like these, he fleetingly wondered which one of them is the bigger embarrassment. Genji decided it’s going to have to be himself, as he strolled into the room, calling your name with an easy wave.

You waved back, obviously glad to see him. His survival instincts tingled, the threat of getting an arrow to the head very clear in the air, but he powered on. He had to do this.

“I have a question I would like to ask you.” 

You flashed a quick finger gun at him. “Shoot.” 

“Do you…have a boyfriend?”

You tilted your head, narrowing your eyes, slightly suspicious. “No, why?”

“Ah, very good, then.” Genji jerked a thumb behind him at Hanzo’s hiding spot, a shit-eating grin that you cannot see made its way into his voice. “Can my brother be your boyfriend?”

A dumbfounded silence overtook everyone as you attempted to comprehend the question. Genji waited with the patience of someone who has been through this many times before, even though he’s sure that this is the first time his life has hung in the balance. 

“…I don’t know,” you said slowly. Genji’s back prickled. Great, now he was nervous. That was quickly rectified when he saw a shadow of a mischievous smile slowly eclipse your face. 

“We’d have to ask the man himself.” You cupped a hand to your mouth. “Hey Hanzo! Can you be my boyfriend?” 

Hanzo could hear you grinning and could feel Genji’s smug self-satisfaction from where he stood, and he slapped his face with his hands, sinking to the ground. He refused to answer Mei when she asked him if he’s running a fever as she passed.

It’s official.

Genji’s the best wingman ever. 


Victoire is put together. She’s stunning and smart, a bit of a perfectionist, possibly even a control freak. Vic likes everything to be perfect, from her handwriting to grades to her platinum hair to the rest of her life. Her looks mean she is easily pigeon holed. Because of it, people are often surprised to find that she’s quite funny. The Victoire the world sees and the Victoire known by her family are two very different people. She’s mastered the art of showing people exactly what they want to see and projecting a certain image to manipulate their opinions. Vic is poised and sophisticated, with a penchant for designing clothes. Despite what people may think, Vic is quite self conscious and is constantly second guessing herself. She constantly feels inferior to her family, especially when she is compared to her parents, which is quite often. She survives on coffee and macaroons. Victoire isn’t always easy to approach. The glow around her is almost ethereal, which can be quite intimidating for those unused to it.

Dominique is full of contrasts. She’s the definition of confidence, but is quite insecure. She’s aloof, but craves love and friendship. Some muggleborns might describe Dominique as the Marilyn Monroe to her older sister’s Grace Kelly, and they would probably be right. Dom is fun loving and spontaneous, the life of the party, and naturally talented, even if she doesn’t apply herself in class. She’s always making mischief, skipping class, dating the cutest boys, throwing parties, or pulling the occasional prank. Dominique is quite a quidditch fan, and a pretty good chaser, as well. Like the rest of her siblings and cousins, Dominique has some trust issues. She’s quite like a wolf. She’s aloof and cautious, and tends to stick with her pack. Many of Dom’s friends are people she has known since she was young. It’s a rare occurrence for an outsider to break into Dominique’s inner circle. Dom is the girl everyone wants to be, but nobody has any idea to how to go about it. She can be harsh. In her third year at Hogwarts she earned a fearsome reputation after breaking Imogen Welch’s arm, no magic needed, for trying to push Rose into the Black Lake. Dominique is not the sort of person whose bad side you want to be on, and everyone knows it, though getting on her good side is easier said than done. Dom loves the beach, and while her sister is maybe closer to their mother, Dom is a daddy’s girl.

Louis is charming. Albus often describes him as “that surfer dick,” and it’s a pretty good description. With his curly blonde hair and eternally tan skin, Louis quite looks the part, and he often acts it as well, cool, laid back, and charming. Louis is flirtatious and a bit of a man-whore. He also loves quidditch. If he’s not hitting the beach, he’s out on the pitch, where he and Frank Longbottom II make an incredible pair of beaters. Louis makes friends easily, particularly when the people in question happen to be attracted to him, which is quite frequent. He carries quite a bit of Gryffindor pride around with him, and would fight anyone who dared insult his great house. Louis could be a straight O student if he cared enough to study. Grades were never really Louis’ priority. As along as they were high enough to keep his parents off his back, he never gave a damn. Louis did always excel in subjects with hands on approaches. Dueling was one of his better points. Louis is confident, to the point of being arrogant, and believes he can do just about anything. Many of his nights at Hogwarts were spent drinking firewhiskey down by the Black Lake and swimming with the giant squid.

James is the golden boy. Charismatic, dashing, and popular, he excels at just about everything. He possesses a rare, indescribable quality that draws people to him in crowds. Being the firstborn son of the great Harry Potter helps as well. James typically doesn’t get shy or nervous, although on exactly three occasions crushing expectations pinned on him by the entire world caused anxiety attacks. James is a very popular person, the sort that leaves everyone pining for a glimpse into his world. James wears pristine body armor crafted out of confidence, and it never fails to protect him. Even from a young age he was able to appear so perfectly, unwaveringly confident that nobody else ever really questioned his abilities. He constantly questions himself, though, never sure of what he is doing. Unlike Victoire, though, James saw it as his duty to wreak havoc upon the halls of Hogwarts alongside his cousin, Fred. James inherited the mischief gene, and is always up to something, be it rigging the Slytherins showers to spew foam instead of water or managing to levitate Filch’s mattress into the center of the lake without waking the sleeping castle caretaker. James is also a dork. He loves muggle magic tricks, even though he’s awful at them, and has a penchant for dumb puns and cheesy pickup lines. James has a love for quidditch, and killed it as a beater with Fred until he graduated. James is very protective of his siblings and cousins, whom he loves more than anything in the world, and would duel anyone who looks at Albus or Lily the wrong way. James can be quite arrogant, though this sometimes ends badly due to his clumsiness. He’s very smart, and doesn’t mind studying, though he usually does it in the library while it’s empty out of fear his friends might catch on.

Albus is laid back. He’s easy going, witty, and likable, quick to smile and easy to banter with. He’s quite charming, like his brother, but is better with words. Unlike James, Albus isn’t a star at the center of a solar system, a fixed point around which everything orbits. At least, he doesn’t think so. Albus instead stays stuck to his tight knit group of friends. The only real time he takes on the entirety of the spotlight is in a quidditch match. Albus is an incredible seeker, with fast reflexes and an innate ability for quick thinking. For the first few years of his life, Albus really struggled to find his own identity. He was always Harry Potter’s second son, and as the world fell in love with his older brother, he was James Potter’s little brother. At Hogwarts, he was known to be one of the most popular kids in school, but he didn’t break out as his own person until the summer before his seventh year, when he became the youngest seeker to ever win a World Cup, though he isn’t as quick as his older brother to embrace the limelight. He’s known to sleep around a bit, though it’d be difficult to be as infamous as his cousin Louis. Al tends to not sleep very well, and survives off of coffee. Albus is very intuitive. Out of all of his cousins, he gives the best advice. A lot of times, his slight shyness comes off as aloofness, but anyone who has spoken three words with Albus Potter knows he isn’t either of those. Instead, Albus is quite friendly, and extremely likable.. With him in the room, everybody else always looks like they’re trying too hard. He’s easy and calm, good under pressure. Albus doesn’t have much of a temper, only ever raising his voice when quidditch is on the line. He has a gift for sensing when people need advice, comfort, or silence. Despite this, he had no idea Scorpius and Rose were falling in love until they said it to his face. Albus tends to bottle up his emotions due to some trust issues caused by global fame. At times he gets annoyed with the constant fatherly comparisons, and has even avoided doing things he wanted to do simply because they were things his father did.  A common misconception about Albus is that he’s quite arrogant, like Louis or James, and he can be slightly so at times, but Albus tends to be the most grounded. He’s also loyal to a fault.

Lily is popular. She’s a solid member of the quidditch team, playing her mother’s position as chaser, and has a large array of friends. She dedicates time to her social life, studies, and quidditch, making her more well rounded, like Vic. She does have a bit of a temper, though, just like her mother. Can be a bit silly. Lily loves making people laugh, and is quite good at it. Is typically brilliant in school, but has always struggled in potions. Lily is a hard headed Gryffindor with total confidence in herself and not many fears. Lily protects her own, especially her boyfriends, since her family never seems to accept them. Lily harbors an intense hatred for reporters, just like the rest of her family. She is very social, witty, and sporty, and always enjoys a good party. She’s also very determined. When Lily sets her mind to a task, she will complete it or die trying. She’s outspoken and confident, completely unapologetic, and willing to fight anyone who hurts those she loves. Lily is fire. She’s very hands on, and would much prefer to be out doing things than sitting in a boring classroom listening to stale lectures. Lily is a people person. She remembers names and thirty second conversations, and other things most people would forget. Although she is extremely friendly, Lily can be quite critical towards people and their own reputations.

Rose is an odd mix of both of her parents. She’s beautiful and intelligent, top pf her class, but also has a great sense of humor and enjoys letting loose. She has a tendency to be the “mother” among her friends, and is definitely the responsible one, but occasionally causes a bit of trouble. Rose’s skill is just not getting caught, which is how she managed to secure her position as a prefect. Rose is kind and accepting of other people, as long as she doesn’t see them as a threat to those she loves. Rose is a thinker, always trying to figure people and situations out. This sometimes leaded to overthinking. Rose is a ton of fun at parties, where she Dominique typically kill it on the dance floor. It often irks Rose that she isn’t able to control her emotions, seeing as she’s quite a logical thinker. Typically Rose is the one trying to steer her friends on to a slightly less dangerous path. Rose is usually cool headed, but does have some of the Weasley temper. The one thing that really gets her going is being compared to her mother, something the tabloids do often. On occasion, Rose has been known to butt heads with her mother, mostly because of their similarities. Both are quite stubborn and believe themselves to always be right, which creates a vast landscape for arguments, but that isn’t to say the two are not close. Rose has a good, if not dry, sense of humor. Sometimes her two natures battle each other, the good girl and the bad girl. Typically there’s a compromise. Unlike her mother, Rose is a staunch believer in astronomy, but her imaginative beliefs tend to stop there. Rose is a coffee addict. She’s warm, witty, and very dedicated to her family.

Hugo is a bit like his father, but not much like his mother. Music has always been a passion for Hugo, though for a long time Hermione viewed it as a hobby, and not something her son should pursue as a career. Hugo is very kind. He’s good looking and sweet, very genuine. He talks to a lot of girls, but isn’t the womanizer that Louis is. Hugo’s grades have always been good, but nothing special. Really he only kept them up to keep his mom off his back. Hugo hates sitting in classrooms. It just so happen that his three cousins his age, Lily, Louis, and Lucy, all share this trait, which unified the four in their crusade to create fun at Hogwarts. Hugo has always been good at sorting out his emotions, even if he doesn’t frequently share them. As far as songwriters go, he is probably one of the best of his generation, with a natural talent for weaving together lyrics full of emotion that stick in your head for days. Hugo is also a big quidditch fan, like every other member of his family, and in his sixth year, was even convinced by Albus to finally step out on to the pitch, where he excelled. Often times, Hugo feels the need to prove himself. To Hugo, living up to his parents’ legacy is impossible, but he tries hard to prove himself nonetheless. Hugo is genuine and caring, a “good” guy who doesn’t avoid responsibilities and always does the right thing, unless, of course, the right thing is going to bed at curfew or staying out of the Forbidden Forest.

Molly is like her father, if he had a serious fun streak. She’s dorky and sweet, silly and fun to be around. Molly has never been easily embarrassed. She’s also extremely attached to her books, and can usually be found carrying around at least three at any given time. Molly loves to have fun, but usually doesn’t get into trouble. Molly is clean cut but quirky, and perhaps has more in common with her namesake than she realizes. Molly is naturally clever and curious, and was always very enthusiastic about school and studying. She loves the library. In general, Molly is very good-natured. She’s never had much of a temper, and has always handled the spotlight well. Whereas some of her family members might act out, Molly was never that sort. While she was always quite terrible on a broom, she loves watching quidditch, and gets extremely into it, as does the rest of her family. Season tickets to matches are a must. Molly tends to be quite organized and prepared for any situation. The one thing she hates most is not knowing, and not being able to prepare. That, she gets from her father. She lacks the artistic talent her younger sister possesses, but is great with words and numbers. Molly is fun loving, witty, and gets along with just about anyone, though she can be a bit tightly strung. 

Lucy is artistic. She’s always been gifted in all aspects of art, from painting to pottery to photography to singing. Lucy is friendly, though apprehensive of new people. She is very open and relaxed, and doesn’t do well with negativity. Lucy has a love for crystals, photography, and painting, and goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable. She is also good friends with many of the paintings that hang at Hogwarts, particularly the ones that are off the beaten path and tend to not get as much attention. Lucy likes to pretend she isn’t as die hard about quidditch as her family, and often teases them for their obsession, but she is equally as crazy about the sport. Lucy is happy and positive, typically all smiles and giggles, things that draw people to her. Lucy has always been mature for her age. She’s also known to be a pretty good liar, a skill she has used a couple of times to get out of hot water, usually pertaining to being out after curfew. Lucy is a vegan, and conscious of humanitarian causes, just like Hermione. This often earns her some teasing from her cousins. Lucy isn’t as uptight as her sister, or as “nerdy,” as Dominique would say, but does like reading, though she prefers muggle literature, something Hermione turned her on to. 

Roxanne is cool. She’s chill and soulful, kind to everyone but quite popular. Roxy doesn’t follow trends. She sets them. Dominique would call her “groovy.” When Roxanne was fifteen, The Quibbler began championing yoga, citing a group of monks in India who used the practice to strengthen their magic. Roxy became a massive fan. She’s also quite healthy. She and Lucy actually bonded over their veganism. Roxanne loves pottery, astronomy, the beach, music, and traveling. Roxy is always picking up teas from all over the world, as she’s a bit of an addict. While she doesn’t seek out trouble, Roxanne loves to have fun, and is quite adventurous, which did get her into some hot water during her school years. Roxy hates lying, and is a very accepting person. Judgement isn’t really her way. She’s gorgeous and cool, easily sexy, maybe even a little edgy, like Dominique, but isn’t really as aloof. Out of the bunch, Roxanne is one of the easiest to approach and strike up a conversation with. She can typically find common ground with just about anyone. Very supportive. Into humanitarian causes, just like Hermione and Lucy.

Fred is James’ second half. It’s a running joke in the family that he and James are the twins, not he and Roxanne. Fred is a lot like James in that he is adventurous, courageous, popular, and mischievous. Fred can be quite the flirt, and he has a smile that makes all the girls weak at the knees. Fred tends to be exciting and lovable. In fact, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like Fred Weasley. He was always extremely good at defense against the dark arts, transfiguration, and charms, but sucked at potions and herbology, and could never really be bothered with those subjects. Fred is very relaxed, and a definite foodie, much to the delight of his grandmother. Fred has a lot in common with his mother in that he is driven to succeed, at least where quidditch is concerned, competitive, blunt, and a natural born leader. 

Hell Hath No Fury

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2248

Warnings: Graphic description of injury, angst, swearing

A/N: I truly didn’t mean for it to be so long but I had a lot of fun writing it and it just got away from me…but it was requested by @anotherotter​ based on my 777 Follower/7 Deadly sin challenge from years ago with the request: Wrath and Bones. Hope you enjoy!!!

After two years on the Enterprise, you knew what to look for when Bones was getting mad. It always started with the eyebrows. They’d furrow together like a couple trying to embrace. Then he’d clench his jaw and pinch his nose in a futile attempt to calm himself down. After that, his hands would start to shake - an almost imperceptible tremor that only a trained eye could see. You’d trained yourself to notice all these signs and more, but you still weren’t prepared for the pure red-faced fury filling Bones right now.

“What the hell is taking you so damn long? Do you not understand the gravity of the situation?”

You tightened your grip on the the flashlight in your hand. “I understand the gravity perfectly, doctor, but that’s not going to help me fix this ship.”

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