which would be a dream come true


GUYS I AM SCREAMING AND CRYING all I wished for is this theory  (HERE) I posted after ep9 to come true AND IT DID 

Look at this bless, look at how happy victor is. I am so happy for him

look at his eyes shine and sparkle as he looks at yuri puting the ring on 

and now look at what is he saying ..I’m just 

External image

neither would I had the chance to be with Yuri wearing ‘lucky charm’ rings 


a yeah ago, which  drunk yuri totally forgot about BUT VICTOR DIDN’T

this was it, when Victor fell in love 

THIS was it when roles were reversed and he thought like its a dream come true instead ah god I’m having another seizure right now




So what if Karamatsu was only a pain to adults? I’m pretty sure kids would find him cool, they would think he would be some hero from their movies with his try-hard cool guy attire. (Plus they would awe at his cheesy lines like how much he desires world peace and to make dreams come true) (He’d probably cry over his popularity) 

Neighborhood uncle Karamatsu is good Karamatsu.

Jumin Han: Last Breath

Hello everyone welcome to this new angst series :D So with Jumins part I really recommend reading his Wedding Dance One Shot before reading this c: it gives it extra feels :3 

Jumin: * his pov *

I always knew I had to eventually lose her. I would have never guessed that 50 years of marriage can pass by so quickly. We both wanted to die in each other’s arms but that was only just a dream. If there is a word that I can describe my life with (y/n), it would be the word dream. Many people would be puzzled why I pick that word and it’s only because they simply don’t know that (y/n) made every single one of my dreams come true. She gave me two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and they suddenly became my world. After many precious and memorable years, we finally completed our last dream; which was growing old together. The only downside of growing old together is that eventually one of our names will be placed on the tombstone first. I always hoped that my name would be first but with the cancer spreading throughout my loves body, it seems that God didn’t listen to my wishes. For many months, (y/n) health slowly decline and suddenly, the cancer is spreading quickly. The doctor told me that she only had 2 weeks left yet, my love has been here for 5 weeks. I made sure to visit (y/n) every day and today was going to be a special visit. Today is our 50th year anniversary and I’m hoping that the doctors let me stay a few hours past normal visiting hours.

 I smiled at the nurses while I was making my way towards her room with flowers and a balloon hand in hand. I slowly opened the door afraid to wake her up with my presence. I was greeted by the sounds of her heart monitor and other machines that were connected to her. Seeing her like this, breaks my heart even more because I’m seeing her become more lifeless every single day. I smiled at her putting down the flowers and balloons making my way towards her. She grabbed my hand and gently whispered “Please tell our children to come now”. Her request was a bit odd because she knows our kids always visited around the afternoon. As always, I respected her request. She wanted to meet with our kids one by one. I didn’t understand why but it was finally my turn. I walked in and she had tears running down her fragile face. I grabbed my handkerchief and wiped her tears away “what is wrong my soul, today is our 50th anniversary! We will get through this my love, I promise you” I whispered gently. I saw the wrinkles from her lips form a small smile. She motioned me to sit down and I grabbed her hand while doing so. She tilted her head towards me, preparing to break my heart. The look of her face told me everything before she even said a word.

 She caressed my thumb while looking into my eyes “Jumin, my love, my heart, my soul… I c-can’t keep fighting. I’m.. I.. I’m tired of ha-having tu- tubes everywhere. We lived a bea-beautiful life and you ca-can let go now Jumin. You can l-let me go now my love” she pleaded with my heart but neither my mind or heart was ready for that request. I looked into her eyes noticing how her soul was slowly leaving her body. I gave her fragile hand a tighter grip “remember our wedding day 50 years back?” I managed to squeak out while tears were caressing my face. I felt cold thumbs caressing my hand as if she tried to tell me to keep going. I gave a heavy sighed and brought her hand to my forehead “I vowed to worship you till my last breath and that will always continue. I told you that day that you were the color in my black and white world. I cannot lose you (y/n) you m-mean too much to me and I wo-wouldn’t know what do without you. P-Please” I got off the chair and kneeled on the floor “let’s con-continue fighting together because I can’t lose you. I refuse to lose the best thing that has ever happened. I know this is selfish, but seeing your face always gets me through the day. I will give up my heart, mind, body and soul for you (y/n). Everything I did in our life together, just know it was for you. Please don’t make me sign the paper.” Tears started to flow out of my eyes like waterfalls and I looked into her face seeing she hasn’t changed her mind. I kissed her hand gently finally accepting her last request. “We were made for each other. Thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for keeping me alive. My shattered heart belongs to you now.” I got up from the floor and kissed her forehead.


 I talked to the doctors and signed all the paperwork that was necessary to fill my loves body with morphine. That is what she wanted screamed my mind. Congratulations, you killed your happiness screamed my heart. My wife’s last request was to not let the kids be in the same room. I was the only that was going to see her last breath. I sat on the seat next to her while the nurses were removing all the tubes that helped her stay alive. I felt my wife’s hand grip mine tighter with needle being pulled out. I finally saw that she was in pain. My loves head tiled to the side and gently whispered “Thank you”. I nodded while I was seeing the nurses prepare the morphine for the doctor. I saw two more doctors enter the room as a witness for the report the hospital needs to do. I looked into my wife’s beautiful eyes while the doctor slowly inserted the morphine inside her. Tears were rolling down (y/n)’s beautiful angelic face. I cleaned them with the same handkerchief that I wore on our wedding day. I notice she was feeling more relax and I felt cold hands caressing my face. I breathed in anticipating the moment of when she gave her last breath “Thank you for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart. I vow to love you for the rest of my time here in earth and I vow to find you in our next life. I thank God every single day for allowing an angel to be my wife. We raised two beautiful children that gave us the gift of 5 grandchildren. We been through so much in life that I do not know what to do without you. I am going to miss you for the rest of my short life. Everything that I do will always remind me of you. I just want you to know that everything I did for you, I put my heart and soul into it because you are worth my blood, sweat, and tears.” I couldn’t breathe because I notice her soul was starting to leave her body. I was scared I wasn’t going to have enough time and I gripped her hand and screamed “I vow to worship you till my last breath, just know when my heart stops beating the last beat was made for you!” I breathed heavily and heard “I love you Jumin Han” ever so softly. Your last breath was my name. My least breath will forever be your name. I love you (f/n) Han. I’m going to love you till my last breath.

Please help me move to Chicago!

Hey tumblr so I’m at the point where I have to ask for help, in a serious way.

I need to get out of LA and to do that, I have to pay off my medical bills that are almost $1,000 and I have to do cal trans which I have to pay for as well. As of right now I have $40 bucks to last me until I get paid again in two weeks. A weekly bus pass is $25 so I won’t even be able to get to work next week.

I am so miserable in Los Angeles. I moved here thinking that all my hopes and dreams would come true but instead I’ve been sexually assaulted, harassed, abused, taken advantage of, physically harmed, had terrible roommates who’ve treated me like their slave, I had one roommate take a baseball bat to my door trying to break it down while screaming she was going to kill me, I lost my uncle who was my best friend in the world, my mental health is the worst it’s ever been, my alcoholism is horrible and controlling my life, my job is so stressful it’s making me sick, I have no support system whatsoever.

I need to move to Chicago so I can start a new life and be happier and healthier.

Please, if you can spare even $5 that would help. I need help and it’s taking a lot for me to ask for it. I know there are so many people out there who need help so even if you can’t help me, please reblog this. Thank you.
PayPal: everyonehateskc@gmail.com
Venmo: click-la


Guess what guys?! I made a online store!

I’ve always wanted to create a online store! I’m a student and I only have a student-job which as must of you know, doesn’t pay much! I created this store to cover my personal needs and also (and very important) to save up money for a convention! I dream of going to a con! 

As you can see in the photos there’s a lot of variety. You seriously will find all my designs in all items possible! From shirts, cellphone cases to literally just paper art. If you do buy something I would be forever grateful! If not, please reblog this for signal boost. I’m just trying to make some extra money to make my dream come true.

The link of my online store is on the title AND in my bio! Go check it out! 

PS. I created the designs and drawings myself.

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GoM switching bodies with their s/o 😂😂😂 thank you very much! (^o^)//

Akashi: he is unfazed, because it’s damn Akashi Seijuurou, why would he be fazed by something like this? He does become slightly more worried when he thinks of all he things you could be doing in his body, but he’s hoping you don’t try to ride Yukimaru then fall off or something. He finds you (him?) in the family library, which he really should’ve expected; count on you to do the one thing you love even when in his body.

Aomine: it’s a dream come true. He finally has boobs, and doesn’t stop to wonder how such a thing is even possible. About 90% of the time is spent feeling up his new boobs, and he doesn’t even think to consult you until he sees all the missed calls and texts telling him to leave your boobs alone.

Kise: he spends a lot of time… feeling around, if you will, and a lot more time taking selfies. He finds it’s really fun being you, and even going about his life as you - well, your life really, but no one knows. You call him hours later and he finds you’ve been doing much of the same, along with posting a few of the weird snaps he sent you on his various social media.

Kuroko: the first thing he does is call you, and as he makes his way to your house, it’s surprising how much his presence has increased by being in your body. It also means he’s a lot clumsier, bumping into people every few steps. When he finally gets to your house, it takes a while before he actually finds you - Kuroko now understands why people don’t notice him even when he’s right in front of them.

Midorima: weird is the only way he can describe it. It feels like he’s invading your privacy completely and he wants out. He’s guessing it has something to do with Cancer being last on Oha Asa, although that doesn’t really describe how the laws of science have been broken in such a way.

Murasakibara: his first thought is that he wants snacks, and then the second is, why am I so damn short? He does take advantage of his new stature, though - it makes going through door frames a lot easier. He is a bit startled when he sees himself/you walk into the kitchen and subsequently bang your head on the door frame, but hey. You can get the snacks for him now.


a percabeth story set mostly after blood of olympus.

rated t

words: 4440

i. you taught me the courage


           She designs them a house when he’s missing. It’s in-between the schoolwork and working on Leo’s dream of a ship, but it somehow makes her feel slightly better. Here’s a house, a house that she’s designed, for them, and if it’s etched onto paper, which means that it’s going to come true.

           It has to.

           She picks up a colored pencil that someone had named ocean, and colors in the front door. Blue, she thinks, because that’s what he would like.

           She tucks the drawing under her pillow when she’s done, along with a dozen another notes about it’s structure, and it crinkles when she lays down her head to go to sleep that night.

           (She dreams about that house, but this time it’s real, and Percy’s standing in the doorway, waiting to welcome her home.)

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BTS Talking Dirty To You (Part 2)

He was in the bedroom, taking a nap, since Yoongi was on vacation, and was living with you, he has been having more and more recent dreams about you, almost every day. One of which, was you wearing his shirt and had nothing underneath but underwear. Little did he know, his dream might come true.
You found Yoongi’s shirts unbelievably comfortable and would wear them whenever you were home. You heard a small groan from the kitchen, so you walked over to his bedroom and slowly opened the door to him sleeping and moaning your name. You giggled at the sight of him and slowly crawled on top of him. “Yoongi-bear~” You whisper against his ear.
“Y/N” He moaned back. You chuckle before slowly kissing his neck, working your way down. You saw his eyes flicker open “W-What is this?? I… I know I’ve been dreaming about you recently and that they’ve been really dirty but…” You keep on working downwards making his words slur, mixing them so they are between moans and words. “They… they’re how I… How I get through my day without you here-!” You hit his weak spot right above his waist. “Aish… please do that more… I love you so much… And are you wearing my shirt? Do you want me to die here?” 

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“Taehyung! What is this?!” You enter your house and see him lying down on the floor surrounded by blankets and pillows. He looked up at you, “Welcome home Jagi-”
“Don’t ‘welcome home’ me! What are you doing?!” you said as you walked up to him, you were about to pick up the pillows but instead he grabbed you and pulled you down on top of his chest. “Jagi…” He hotly whispered in your ear with his deep, raspy voice. “I made this, because I wanted to try it, on the floor…”
You looked at him in confusion at his confession. He noticed your glare and got flustered, “I mean, I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable… that’s why the blankets and pillows are here…” you still looked at him funny, but he took it as a bad sign. “I-I’m sorry” he says, slowly pushing you off, “It was a bad idea huh… I was just curious, and it would be a lot cleaner, and-” You shut him up with a kiss. It slowly got more and more heated, “W-Wait.. Does this mean, yes?”  You nod shyly and almost instantly he flipped you guys so he was on top. “I won’t disappoint you, I Promise”

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Hobi was like a little ball of energy. He would always ask for a kiss at the most inappropriate time and if he didn’t get one, then he would just grab your hand and pull you away to a place that he can make out with you for the next five minutes. “H-Hobi! What are you doing?!”
“I’m kissing the love of my life, what do you think I’m doing?”
“B-But why here?”
He pulled away from you and looked straight into your eyes with a serious expression. “Listen here, I have been on tour for the past 3 months and the only contact I had with you was texting and skyping. But now that i’m back, and I finally get to hold you in my arms instead of a pillow, how do you think I would feel… I’m sorry, but I just love you so much and it has been forever since I last felt your touch, So please, let me do this.”
You give in to his sweet words because you felt exactly the same. You craved his touch as much (if not more) than he did.
“Thank you for loving me y/n”

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I can’t do kookie because he’s just a cinnamon bun and I’ll feel bad about writing one and then seeing a really cute picture of him afterwards. Hope you don’t mind
Thank you for the request^^
~Admin Luna

Part One Here

Eros and Agape - Yuri on Ice!!!

I have been thinking about this since the airing of the second episode of Yuri on Ice!!! today.

As we know already, Yuuri and Yurio will compete each other in order to make their dreams come true with Viktor by his side.

As we can see in the anime, Viktor chooses a song called: “On love: Eros and Agape” which consists of two different arrangements. It would be a kind of obviousness that Viktor gives the ‘Eros’ part to Yurio and ‘Agape’ to Yuuri since it’s stated that he has never had a relationship and he is even unable to make friends…but he did all the opposite. Why?

I researched a little bit and found this:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Platon’s document “Banquet” said about eros, agape and philia: three forms of love, three experiences around encounters with partner.

Eros is the erotic love, the passion, the instinct love connected with a biological sense, the impulses, the sexuality, sensuality, that looks for pleasure and game. On the other hand Agape is the love with care, tenderness and the desire of wellbeing of the other person.

But there’s another way of love, called: Philia. And it’s this kind of love that leads us to connect with the transcendent meaning of love. It is the invidious love, the encounter of mutual admiration, a love that shares ideals, values, looking for a meaning beyond mere individual satisfaction or partner is given. It is a love where there is something bigger, more total, more sacred journey together.

There is no love better or superior than the other… All of the three are related to our “being human”, from our most physical and biological to the spiritual and subtle dimension. We are all called to live the three because they are deep expressions of each person. If we just develop one of them and not the other, the love experience is deteriorated, you are limiting a part of yourself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s what I think Viktor is trying to teach this two Yuris!!! Connect both of them, their skating skills, their personal experiences, their motivations to achieve their goals. I think he has already seen the potencial in both Yuris but he wants to share it with the world, to amuse the world audience one more time and the best way to do that is not through one of his own performances, but through Yuuri and Yurio (they are now his inspiration but he needs to take them out of their bubbles).

That’s why we can see Viktor all this episode making his own research about Yuuri and his behavior/relationships. He knows that Yuuri needs to get involve with other people, to open himself to others and that Yurio needs to leave his selfishness and egocentrism behind.

And that leads me to connect this idea with the opening itself where we can see differences between the first and second episode. In the second episode opening the colors are more intense and bright (and there are three predominant colors: purple, representing Viktor, shades of blue, representing Yuuri and yellow representing Yurio). There are splashes of paint here and there and it is slightly showed in the background what it could be the facility where the Grand Prix finals will take place and where finally the three of them will share the stage!!!!

Opening comparison: https://twitter.com/key_diva/status/786284784213299201


Ahhhhh!!!! I am beside myself with happiness over these photos that Crash took of me at Wasteland Weekend three weeks ago. It was a dream come true to bring Furiosa to the wasteland (I even won 1st place in the costume contest for Best Female Replica, you can see that i’m oops still wearing my medal in the photos, which I later decided made these pics even more special <3) but I never imagined we would capture shots this amazing. I was so so tired at this point, which I suppose added to the aesthetic of these pics. I am so incredibly grateful for my photographer friends.

Costume worn and made by me, buckle sculpt by Chris Perry painted by me, claw 3D print by Brian Mead, modded and finished by me.

Photos by Crash: ThePhotos. Please check him out on Instagram: @crashovahryde

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Did you notice in Joes recent vlog from filming innuendo bingo, when they are in the restaurant as they cheers their drinks Jack goes "to the Maldives" which makes me think they have planned a Maldives trip soon!!!!!! Heres me hoping with as little other people joining them as possible XD

Oh lord, that would be a dream come true 😍

Thank the gods for Joeck, making us smile ❤

tiny-tany-thaanos  asked:

12, 18, 29 for Elvira))

Thank you for questions!

12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

Elvira’s true talent is dressing up. Even in her childhood she spent more time dressing her dolls then actually playing. Now Elvira is fond of anything related to beauty. Looking for fancy clothes, making up, doing her hair are things which can make her busy all day long. If Elvira comes to somewhere in outfit she had wear the day before or with messy hair there should be something bad happened to her.

18. What kind of home would they want to live in? Where would they place this abode?

Elvira’s dream home is loft-style apartment in the center of big city at the top floor of skyscraper. She prefers loft just because it requires not so much maintenance and doesn’t really care about design. By the way, Elvira used to have such apartment but had to leave it because of urgent moving from Bridgeport.

29. What is one of the most courageous things your character has ever done for a loved one?

Operating her half-brother who was this said loved one. They say doctors shouldn’t operate their relatives but Elvira had no choice. Unfortunately she failed and he was dead. Even through ages Elvira doesn’t stop feeling guilt for this accident.

that moment in paciencia y fe (which in general is just a really powerful song) when abuela claudia says “and ay mamá, what do you do when your dreams come true? i’ve spent my life inheriting dreams from you!” is just so amazing because it takes this elderly woman who would typically be restricted to the role of the “wise mentor” or whatever and it makes her vulnerable and human and it’s amazing i love that line so much

I’ve been listening to SPG’s cover of Diamonds for the past hours. 

To be frank, I hated that song cause I heard it all the time at work. It was just one of those songs that got to you after hearing it a million times. 

But Jesus Christmas this cover is as immaculate as a good piece of cheesecake.

The Spine’s self harmonization is my choir teachers’ dreams come true. How flexible and versatile his vocal range is, it’s incredible. He goes from a baritone to a mezzo-soprano (if not soprano) in a matter of a few seconds. It’s not easy to do that. Plus in the music video he is incredibly animated which is a good thing to be cause your mouth is open more, causing more sound to be produced and whatnot. His performance would win my choir teachers’ hearts immediately.

Because of this cover, I suddenly love this song and it really takes alot for me to like something I initially disliked. The Spine really is a diamond. :) 

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buckingham nicks tour. thoughts?

My dreams would come true if BN toured together. However, their relationship is so turbulent, and although at times when they seem to be getting along well I have hope there could be a tour, with the way things seem to be between Stevie and Lindsey at the moment, I doubt it’ll ever happen. With Stevie not participating on the latest album and not embarking on the tour with Christine and Lindsey (for reasons which I completely respect, although obviously I do wish she was on the album because her songs are my favourite), I don’t think her and Lindsey are getting along particularly well at the moment. Tensions are probably running high. We’re lucky to have cute BN moments during Fleetwood Mac tours (which I’ve been lucky enough to witness in person several times) so I’m glad there’s that at least. I really hope Fleetwood Mac tour again and pretty soon. I don’t doubt Stevie will join Fleetwood Mac for the tour because she’s always been extremely loyal. As sad as I am that it’ll probably be the last time I’ll see them live, I’d rather see them once more than not at all. I’m seeing Stevie solo in London this July which is something to look forward to as well! But of course, BN together on stage singing songs from the BN album would be magical.

I'm really sorry for this...

But I can’t continue running this blog anymore. 

That work that I thought would just be one project every once in a while has become an actual full time job, one which really requires I work a lot of hours a day. I’m still not paid enough to use those money for the game tho, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the pace of the events. Soooo…
I really tried my best during these last weeks and I thought that these last days would be a perfect test to see if I could do this without shards just by doing things between breaks. And it went pretty bad. (And I had to use all of the shards I had left at the end to get Carnage’s cage cause I really wanted to have it.) 
As in I really couldn’t keep up with the game, the job and the blog without giving up some sleep (and even then I didn’t have enough time to answer asks anymore). Which is not good for my health right now, so I had to choose what was best for me and give up on this blog even tho I was still enjoying running it.
The blog will still be here, so if anyone wants to see screenshots from older events they have a place where they can find them all, but I won’t be posting anymore nor answering asks. 

These 5 months that I’ve been running this blog have been nice and stressful, but I really feel like they were quite a lot of fun and really useful. I have never written so much in English and some of you gave me big boost of confidence about my ability with the language. (I still think I’m pretty bad, but at least I feel like I could have a conversation with someone without making a total fool out of myself.)
So I really wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone of you that helped me in any way during this journey. I really wish I could keep doing this, but I guess once again real life is more important, even more so when I’m actually doing a job that I dreamt of doing for a long time.

I guess this is a goodbye, then… Keep enjoying the game, guys!

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17 - “Don’t leave me again… please.” | A. I

Fresh start. 

You needed this, you jumped to the decision to move to a new country spontaneously finding yourself in LA. The city of dreams they called it, which would be a miracle if it actually made your dreams come true, but you needed to get away from all the pain and anxiety of your past. Anything would make your life better at this point, so you packed up your things finding a cute little one bedroom apartment to begin a new life.

You were using a dolly that one of the employees of the complex gave you to use. After about the third trip up you were waiting at the elevator by a small party room that the complex had when you felt something tug on the sweatpants you were wearing. You looked down to see a boy with golden brown hair and bright green eyes, “I know you,” he says and your eyebrows knit together in confusion, “Hmm I don’t think so sweetheart. I just moved here from a totally different continent. How do you think you know me though?” you ask bending down to be eye level with the adorable little boy giving him a smile. He looks around and rocks back and forth from his heels to his toes, “You and daddy are in a picture together in his bedroom.”

You look at the boy with confusion all over your face, “I’m sorry sweetheart I think you must be mistaken,” you say, “I swear i’m not lying,” he says with a slight pout on his lips. You both jump when you hear someone shout, “Jayce!” 

The little boy whips his head towards the voice, and your eyes follow seeing a man you haven’t seen in forever. It was like you stepped into your past recognizing that face that brought you so much joy, but so much pain, “Ashton?” 

His eyes widen, but before he said anything the boy you assumed to be Jayce ran over to Ashton who leaned down with his arm open as he jumped into Ashton’ arms, “Daddy! Look! Its the lady from your picture in your room!”

Ashton looks back over to you, “Y/N,” he says frozen in place, “What are you doing here?” he asked and you look over to your stuff, “I’m moving in. What are you doing here?”

Ashton looked at Jayce, “We’ve lived here for a couple years now…umm do you need some help?” he asked and the little boy flexed his muscles by putting his arms our to the side, “I’m really strong!”

You smiled and bit your lip, “I don’t know guys..I don’t want to bother you,” you said and Ashton sighed, “Just as stubborn as ever. How about we help you then we cook dinner at my place. We both know you can’t resist a good meal from me,” he says with a cheeky grin and you roll your eyes, “Fine you win.”

Ashton and Jayce follow you up to your apartment which happened to be on the same floor as theirs. Once you finished putting away everything you saw Jayce watching TV in your living room, “Thank you for all your help little guy,” he smiles, “No problem! That was really fun, but i’m really hungry,” you turn your back to him, “Come on. Lets go get your Dad to make us some dinner. Hop on my back,” you say and Jayce does so wrapping his arms around your neck. You walk into the kitchen where Ashton was putting away the last dishes from a box, “Daddy we’re hungry!”

He turned around and smiled, “Alright lets head over to ours. I’ll lead the way,” he says walking out of your apart down the hall to his. After eating dinner which included small talk among the three of you it was time for Jayce to head to bed, “But I wanna play with Y/N more!” he whined to Ashton, “I’m sure Y/N would love to come over and play with you another time,” he says glancing up at you with hope in his eyes and you giggle, “Of course I will little man. I loved playing with you tonight.”

He smiled, “Yay! I can’t wait till you come over again we can play with my cars and my video games and my legos and,” Ashton interrupted him, “Jayce ok,” he laughed, “Thats enough. Go to bed I will be there in a min to tuck you in,” Jayce nodded and walked down the hallway to his room, and Ashton turned toward you, “I’m just gonna make sure he gets to bed. Make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be back in a minute,” you nodded and he left the room.

You couldn’t believe that you were here right now and their were so many questions you wanted to ask him. When did he have a kid? What does he do right now in his life? Last you remember he was headed to London for a tour with his band. That was the worst when he left you that day. You had been dating for a couple of years, but you let him go live his dreams. He was always the one to save you, your knight in shinning armor. He always made you laugh in your darkest times, he was your light. When he left it killed you inside, but you had to do what was right. 

“Y/N?” Ashton’s voice echoed in the quiet room breaking you from your thoughts, “Are you ok? You got your thinking face on,” he smiles taking a seat next to you on his couch. You sighed, “I’m just trying to wrap my head around that I found you today in America out of all places. I can’t believe your right here in front of me. Its like a dream,” you said and Ashton smiled, “I know. I thought I’d never see you again, and here you are in my living room like we went back in time.”

Its quiet for a few more seconds, “So what are you doing over here in America?” Ashton asked and you laughed, “I don’t know really. I needed a fresh start. Things weren’t particularly going that great in Aus,” you studied his reaction, “What about you? Jayce? What happened to London?”

Ashton looked down at his hands, “London was great. We toured we got a record deal, we wrote music, we had a world tour, and a second album. Along the way I met this girl, and I thought she was the one. We ended up having a child, and she wanted nothing to do with him so I kept him. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He’s my family. It might be difficult sometimes when i’m on the road and stuff, but the guys and our team help me with him. He loves to tour,” Ashton finished with a laugh and you join in, “A little rockstar just like his dad?” you asked, and he shook his head up and down, “Yeah except he likes to play guitar and sing the little traitor.”

You laugh at the thought of Ashton trying to teach you drums and how you hated it, “Sounds like me,” Ashton’s head shot up, “Oh yeah! I remember when I tried to teach you…you got so pissed at me, but I was too hard on you.”

Ashton stands up, “Here I wanna show you something,” he says holding out his hand and you take it. You both walk down the hall, “ I heard you and Jayce talking about the picture and I wanted to show it to you.”

You stepped into his room which was very Ashton. There were many shades of blue, a couple band posters, and a small drum set in the corner. Though he lead you over to his bed where he sat and patted the spot next to him. You sat and he reached over to the bed side table where he grabbed a picture frame handing it to you. You looked down to see both of you on his drumming stool. You had the biggest smile on your face with your eyes crinkled shut from laughing so hard holding drum sticks, and Ashton has his arms wrapped around you with his face buried into your neck. You smiled at the memory. It was when the boys were recording in Sydney, and Ashton invited you along and tried to get you to play drums, “I love this,” you say smiling down at the picture as you brushed your fingers across it gently, “Yeah…I miss those days,” he says and you looked up at him, “And I miss you. You don’t know how hard it was to leave you at the airport that day. I almost didn’t go,” you rolled your eyes, “And that would have been stupid. You’re living your dreams. Thats better then having me as a girlfriend any day,” you say and he immediately shakes his head, “You’d be surprised,” he paused and bit his lip looking at you, “I’m so glad your back Y/N. I don’t want to lose you again,” he says gripping onto your hand, “You were constantly on my mind when I left. I didn’t know how to contact you. I tried every possibility. Then when I found Jayce’s mom I thought I could forget about you, but after everything that happened it was always you.”

You are speechless except for one phrase. The phrase that as been on your mind since he left, “Just…don’t leave me again…please.”

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decoded (707 x reader, part I)

rating: 13+ (au, later chapters will have spoilers for 707′s route)

notes: so here’s the damn hacker au i keep mentioning. ahaha, it’s like, kind of au-ish? but also. hm. anyway, i’m super excited for future parts because there is a love triangle~ those who i’ve spoke to about it, for the most part know the people involved, which is why i’m excited~ i proof read a little but, also kinda tired. also shout-out to @sakurucha for looking over and making sure Seven is okay since I’m a little unsure of him in this setting. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy as usual. x3

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Like calls to like…only made things can use the Book…Nesta and Elain were made which means

Nesta and Elain can wield the book too! It’s not just Feyre and Amren anymore

descent-into-savagery  asked:

Why hello there, person i dont know. I was going to send a message but it didnt work so heres an ask instead. Theres a bit in your snowbaz fanfic 'The Kissing Booth' that really inspired me so i wondered if it would be cool for me to draw something based on it? I would be unlikely to post it on here but if i did then of course i would give you credit. Anyway, thats all i wanted. Farewell, friend

Yes! Of course! I’m so glad it inspired you! And if you do post it on here (which I beg of you to do) please tag me so I can see it!!!!