which will probably get hate

Not to start a riot, but the anime totally changed the scene between Eren and Mikasa to make it seem like she was about to kiss him before he stood up and told her that he’ll wrap the scarf around her neck. I can’t make gifs, so I can’t exactly show it, but it was made to look like that to me in the anime whereas in the manga, that wasn’t there. Maybe it’s because the manga is static and maybe there was in implication that I missed, or it was changed for the anime to make them seem more romantic.

(I sort of secretly ship them which probably will get a lot of ship hate sent my way, but I rather wished they left any hint of romance out of the anime. Well, maybe except for Ymir and Historia, because those two have been canon since they were seen on screen together, let’s be honest.)

Edit: I looked at the manga, and it really only shows her face close to his in one panel, and then he’s doing the punch thing. The anime definitely added to that interaction by just adding them staring at each other longer and having her face move closer to his, so I suppose it can be interpreted in the manga that they almost kissed. However, I’ll reiterate that I wish they don’t imply romance in the anime since while I like ships and such, it doesn’t suit the tragic, violent, and serious things the characters deal with. I rather like focusing on people supporting each other as human beings and then you can interpret it as romance or friendship or anything like that. 

when you think things are slowly getting better and people are getting more open minded and accepted

and then you read comments on a video by nonbinary people about nonbinary people

all my post that got marked nsfw are 10000% save for work and it annoys the shit out of me that tumblr needs several days to “check if they’re really save”! i ain’t got time for this bullshit

my mommy issues run way too deep y'all


Since I apparently have nothing better to do I decided to compile all of RGB’s outfit changes in TPoH, with such memorable moments as “Golden Douche”, “Fifth Doctor”, “Candy Pinstripe” in original and new mint flavor, and all manners of Static glitchery.

I of course couldn’t leave out the all-important jacketless moments:

As well as Hero’s ‘Dark-Vision’ RGB

and, of course:

my favourite part about hanging out with the lgd crowd on here is that as a group they have like, no controversies or boring circular arguments flooding 24/7

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Ghost probably gets tonnes of under age naked selfies tbh. He's pretty inappropriate with fans on his Tumblr. He knows the majority of his fans are underage, yet still encourages sexually explicit comment and content from them 'off anon' Also I think it's pretty creepy that he claims Ricky fucks him and has pics of Ricky all over his phone. I love MIW but after witnessing some of the shit Ghost says online, I think he's a bit of a creep. Which will probably get me some hate but eh. pt1

pt2 similarly he treats fans like shit at times. One minute he’s all ‘come off anon’ to invitations of sex and nudes, etc. Then he’s telling fans to fuck off and calling them names. Same with his girlfriend. One moment she’s open and accommodating about personal questions, then suddenly she’s telling people to fuck off and to stop asking. Ghost is playing a pretty dangerous game by asking for nudes etc. off anon because he does know his fanbase is young. So he’s knowingly asking >

pt3 a bunch of young fans for nudes. Why would you even risk it? Why would you encourage a bunch of thirsty little girls and boys to send you lewd questions and porn? Does he get sexual satisfaction out of it? Having masses of horny 15 year olds begging for his dick? Gross. And people can say 'He doesn’t know how old they are’ but he does. He knows the band’s demographic and he knows most of them are very young. It’s a huge risk.

Reply: As far as I’ve seen he has never asked for underage fans to send him stuff. He’s clearly someone who enjoys his sexuality and being sexual and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s 100% legal for him to get nudes from people over 18 but the problem is that he’s in a well known band and fans who are under 18 will lie or send him them anyways. He can get in trouble as can the fans so the safe thing would be for him to stop asking for nudes/sexual asks (or make a secret blog and not reveal who he is). 

I don’t think he is a pedophile and since there isn’t proof of him seeking illegal material I don’t think its fair that people accuse him of that. Now if he were to ask for underage kids that’s a whole other story. He is however at risk to end up in trouble because of underage fans crossing lines. 


and we run

Why I stopped shipping ereri

I used to ship ereri. And I’m gonna say this: as much as I loved the ship, some of the fans were horrible.

The breaking point for me was about the same time chapter 80 came out - I already shipped eruri a bit at that point. The way SOME of the fans bend Levi’s character to their will - or as like to call it, completely ruin his character - so that he will be perfect for their ship. They don’t see him as person, but someone who looks good and would fit with the main character. Or some twist the reality. “But he’s watching over him all the time in the anime and manga, that’s true love.”

No, it’s not. Levi is looking over him all the time at all cost not that he is madly in love with him, but because this man is ordered to kill Eren right away if he goes berserk.

The next thing that bothered me the most when people - and I’m not even fucking kidding - on ao3 read a fic about a 30-year-old Levi boning a 15-year-old Eren, getting him prego, and people actually saying that it’s good. That they loved the smut? Are you shitting me? That’s outright pedophilia. There’s even a sentece about Levi feeling like that before the smut happening.

Again, I was never bothered when people aged Eren up or Levi down, but keeping them the same age?

Then, there are people who go and fucking slap you in the face with the ship, saying how much they belong together in the manga and how canon is - or will be. That they simply touch and boom! - five trillion posts about it.

Before I get a massive hate on my post, which I will probably get, there is a ton of decent people in the ereri community. Even if don’t know you, there’s a chance you’re not one of these kinds of people.

Well, I shall thank my drunken self tomorrow.

salty-meme  asked:

Rfa + Saeran + V's reactions to memes (also maybe favourite memes)

- He really enjoys memes actually 
- He thinks theyre really funny! esepecially when theyre memes that are suprisingly nice
- His favorite are animal memes, more specifically Doge
- He enjoys making his own doge memes to use in the group chat
- He doesn’t necessarily understand the raunchier memes, so the other members sometimes tease him for it

- He really doesn’t comprehend the appeal
- They just seem kind of confusing, and less funny to him
- 707 usually takes pictures during Zen’s performances and turns them into memes
- Zen does not appreciate it in the slightest 
- Jaehee usually sends a “one does not simply make fun of Zen’s performances” meme and that he prefers much more

- She usually does not have time for memes, she has a lot of work to do
- However she does use memes to express her anger to Jumin, especially when he leaves Elizabeth with her!
- And as previously mentioned she does use the “one does not simply” meme to defend Zen, so that would probably be her favorite meme
-However she does also enjoy the “That feel when” memes, not necessarily the visuals, but more so how relatable it is. 

- He really finds memes to be a waste of time
- All with exception of cats memes like bubs, grumpy cat, and waffles, however he thinks Elizabeth still tops them all 
- He looks at cat memes when Elizaeth III is not around so that she doesnt get jealous, he wants her to know she is the only one for him
- He asks if Elizabeth III could be meme, he thinks she deserves so much love, but he worries that she would get hate, which he would probably sue over
- He often finds Jaehee’s complaint memes to be a waste of time, however, even though he would never admit it, he does laugh quietly

707/Luciel Choi:
- Avid memer, will 110% out meme you every time
- He really enjoys the Bee Movie memes and will send them to the chat without warning
- He does create his own memes, Yoosung being the test audience 
- He will constantly say “I have something really important to tell you” and then send the entire Bee Movie script, he loves to do that to Jumin, especially when that man is busy
- Does Bruno Mars (Jumin Han) is gay? 

- He is very difficult to read, so no one truly knows how he feels about memes
- Seven swears he saw V laugh at a meme once, but its more like an urban legend within the group
- V will neither confirm nor deny this claim, keeping it a secret eternally
- If asked what his favorite meme is he would probably say something like “whats a meme?”

Uknown/ Saeran:
- He does enjoy memes, but more so the mean or more raunchier ones
- He likes memes that disturb people, or that cause uproar within a group
- He doesn’t really have anyone to share these with, so he sends them to people or sites at random to shock people or get lash back
- He doesn’t really like controversial topic memes, but more so scary or uncomfortable memes 

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Do you think bellarke will ever happen? I mean Jroth doesn't like them and nor does Eliza or Bob.

Hello! So firstly eliza and bob don’t hate bellarke, that’s just a lie that a certain part of a certain fandom likes to spread D:

  • “I love Bellamy and Clarke’s chemistry. I think that we have a great onscreen thing,“ -Eliza
  • “I think that’s something that soared in the show that we didn’t necessarily write.” -Eliza
  • I: Do you ship bellarke?
  • E: I do, but I don’t think it should happen right away, I think they should tease it out a bit. (this was from a while ago and i’m currently looking for the link because i don’t remember where i watched it)
  • A fan mentioned good ships on the show and Eliza whispered “bellllarrrkkkeee” -x
  • “I think his feelings for Clarke has been realized. I think they were realized in season 5 of episode three where he said, “I needed you and you left me. They had such a loyalty and such a strength together and then she decides to go with lexa as opposed to back with bellamy.” -Bob
  • “In terms of romance I think they both admire each other. Whether that blooms into something else I’m not in control of that.” -Bob

now eliza has literally won awards, polls, and constant praise for her onscreen relationship with alycia. the fact that clarke is bisexual is huge for the community, and eliza wants to support that. she said she ships clexa “purely for that reason alone,” and if she praises bellarke too much she suffers the consequences and fans would be up her ass. 

the reason why bob has been so hesitant and yikes to talk about bellarke lately is fan backlash. bob morley gets hate on a daily basis for his skin tone, i don’t think he wants any more hate for shipping clarke with bellamy instead of with lex@ since for some reason some people think bellarkes bad representation when clex@ exists but im too tired to yell about that rn lol. i mean just look at what jroth went through for killing lexa off, bob does not want to undergo the same.

you can literally see his face get terrified whenever someone brings it up which hurts my heart. contrary to popular belief it’s not because “ohhhh he hates them so much look at that” it’s because “ohh shit if i say something good about them my boss and clex@ fans are gonna get on me, but i don’t necessarily wanna say anything bad about them because our characters are important to each other” and i’m sure it stresses him out. 

also jroth has definitely, since day 1, made bob and eliza talk about bellarke a certain way. what they say in interviews is practiced and scripted. in last years comic con, a fan asked jroth about bellarke romantically and he said “i have never shut that question down.” and bob like bolts up in his seat and goes, “what so now you’re changing your mind?!” and lets out a little laugh but you can just tell he’s annoyed. which means that jroth had been telling bob and eliza bellarke is completely platonic and they’re just relating what their boss is telling them. 

k so to conclude what turned into a really long rant, bob and eliza do not hate bellarke. if there was absolutely no fan retaliation from shippers and antis they would discuss it openly with no problem. bob and eliza do not want to get hate because the hate can get overbearing. bob already had to shut down his twitter twice. 

and i do believe bellarke will be together! i’m more worried about them staying together, because you know jroth D:

You want to know why I don’t ship sherlolly?  Why it is the very last ship on the show that I would ever ship?

It’s not because I don’t see it.  I do see it.  That’s the problem.  I see it loud and clear.

It wouldn’t be impossible for Sherlolly to happen.  I am not arguing that.

What I am saying is that I think it is a horrible/terrible example for women and young girls.  I have been Molly. I have wasted days and weeks and months and years on the ‘troubled, broody, misunderstood bad boy.’  Yes those types usually have a softer side underneath all of their hard edged exterior.  I would see that softer side and I would long to be the only one who really understood them.  The only one who cared, the only one who stood by them through it all.  The problem is that real life is rarely like a Jane Austen novel.  The reason those men are like that is because of many ingrained issues that I was not qualified to fix.  As much as I hoped they would one day wake up and realize that I was worthy enough for them to change their ways and remove their hard exteriors and love me, it never happened.  I wasted so much precious time waiting, and all I ended up with was a broken heart.

THAT is why I do not ship Sherlolly.  It’s the reason I despise the idea of promoting this kind of relationship to a legion of girls out there who will see Molly finally getting the guy and thinking that they can do the same. It’s not how real life works 98% of the time.  (I know there are always exceptions)  

I am fine with Molly being his friend.  Sherlock needs someone there for him who cares and understands and sees past his false bravado.  But please dear God let her move on, let he date other men (who don’t look anything like Sherlock) let her have a life and a love life and live it to the fullest and not sit and wait and pine for the day when Sherlock might suddenly wake up and fall in love with her.  It’s such a horrible message to send out into the world.

Being Liam Dunbar’s twin sister would include:

 - Liam doesn’t show it often but he cares for you very much

 - he often lashes out at you and that’s the reason how you find out about his werewolf secret

 - you soon join the pack and be the only human along with Stiles

 - “What? Another Dunbar?”

 - being his only anchor for the full moons

 - your friends constantly try to hit on your brother

 - which you strongly disagree

 - he’s your personal bodyguard everytime a new villain shows up at Beacon Hills

 - giving him love advices for Hayden

 - “I’m a girl. Hayden’s a girl. I know best.”

 - your parents wondering how you’ve gone from bickering every two seconds to always going to school, leaving for Scott’s house, studying etc, together

 - he knows whenever you’re sad even though you’re smiling

 - cheering for him during lacrosse matches

 - you playing pranks on him which he hates, probably not the best idea to get on Liam’s nerves

 - though you find it’s a great way to help him control his temper

 - he’s very protective of any guy who has intentions with you, including the guys in the pack

 - Mason being your best friend as well

 - giving him love advices as well

 - “I’m a girl. I like boys too. I know best.”

The reasons I love Jess Mariano have nothing to do with Rory. He was this kid growing up in a fucked up life with a mother who did drugs, dated/got married a lot, she obviously didn’t cook for him because it was pointed out by Luke even that she wasn’t one for household stuff and considering the trouble she had at making Thanksgiving dinner, I’d say cooking was part of it. We never know the extent of her drug use outside of pot or the extent of her boyfriends. But imagine being this kid who had to take care of his mother when she’s drunk or high or having to hide from whatever boyfriend she has. Then imagine getting into trouble and being shipped off to a place you’ve never been to and to an uncle you’ve had minimal contact with and who knew how your mother was but did nothing to help Jess sooner. Then imagine the whole town being against him, aside from two people, which is two more than he ever had actually. He heard so much crap about how he’s the bad guy and had all these people against him that he probably started to believe them. Then in walks his father who he never met (yes, never met because they changed the canon to when he was born even if 2x05 says differently) and he genuinely becomes curious as to who the hell this guy is and why wasn’t he enough to stay? He wants to know this guy who left him with Liz and maybe understand why. I wish they’d mentioned if they kept contact but the fact that after California, Jess kept in contact with his mother and he slowly built himself up. And he had to do it away from Stars Hollow. He had to do it on his own. Because even if anyone knew how his life was pre-2x05, they might not understand. Was leaving a shitty thing to do? Yes. But it needed to happen because if he stayed there, he might never have overcame any of the shit he’d dealt with. And then he doesn’t come back in Rory’s life until he’s gotten his shit together and he mended his relationship with Luke and wrote a book and made something of himself. He moved past whatever happened in his past and with his mother and that in itself is a pretty hard thing to do. And sure, he was a snarky little asshole too. But if you consider the circumstances, its probably to mask his feelings which I 1000% relate to.



doodled jamie cook from arctic monkeys


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