which were terrible

I just had probably one of the best days in my college career yet, and I’m just so happy? Like I’ve haven’t laughed this long and hard in a long time?

there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right

my roommate left her fuckin adderall out on the counter in the kitchen.. ive been stealing that adderall from her at LEAST 8 pills at at ime every time i get near it and she hasnt noticed… like she isnt even trying to keep me away from it i dont understand


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Warning(s): swearing

Word count: 310




“If that’s how you feel then why don’t you just leave!” You spat in his face, holding back the tears that were threatening to spill.

You and the Joker had been in a heated row in which you were saying terrible and hurtful things to each other in the heat of the moment. The most recent one from the Joker who screamed out that he had never loved you, which obviously sent you over the edge and which made his heart stop, realising what he had said.

His eyes turned dark before he turned sharply on his heel, stomping out the door and slamming it as he went, causing you to collapse on the floor and sob loudly, which the Joker heard in the midst of leaving and which, of course, broke his heart.

The Joker was a weird guy. He hated absolutely everyone, except you. He was completely and madly in love with you since the day he first met you which was during one of his killing sprees. You completed him, you changed him, and he knew he’d be lost without you. He’d never felt like this before about anyone, he’d never want to hurt you, ever. You were sacred to him.

He clambered into his car and slammed his head on the side of the door, a growl escaping his bright red lips. He hated himself for saying what he did and upsetting you. Of course he loved you, he was crazy about you.

“Why do I always fuck things up!” He screamed, bashing his fists against the steering wheel, a deep feeling in his chest that caused him to whimper. He wanted to cry so bad, but he wouldn’t let himself. So instead he just sat hunched up with his forehead rested on the steering wheel, thinking of you with a sad smile on his face.


12 Days of Fitz w/ @leofitznetwork- Day 4: Iain Appreciation 
  ↳ Always just remember that you can never know all; you’re always going to be learning; there’s always going to be something new. I don’t think you’ll ever have it all figured out.

Really close friendships are weird.

I feel like I’ve only ever really had 3 close friends, 2 of which were kind of terrible and manipulative people. Like, there’s lots of people who have treated me much better, but I still felt/feel closer to those people than anybody else, and I have absolutely no idea why that is, or why it’s so difficult to talk and connect to some other people.

I really wish I could figure that out. I miss having a really close friend. It almost feels worth it to put up with all the stuff those 2 people did just to have one.

[Bambam] Movie Night

Series: Remember when…

JB | Yugyeom | Jackson | Mark | Youngjae | Junior


“You. Me. Movie night. Your place?” You instantly stopped painting your nails as soon as Bambam’s suggestion came through the receiver. Picking your phone up from your shoulder, you chuckled. “Are you sure? Last time was a mess!”

“It was because of Jackson hyung! This time is just you and me!” Bambam continued to persuade you, his cute voice began to activate. “Come on Y/N-ah! What will you do if you’re at home anyway?”

“Um having my beauty sleep, duh.”

“You’re already so beautiful,” Bambam whispered quickly but you’d managed to catch every single word. Your eyes widened in surprise but a smile on your lips said it all.

“What? What did you just say?”

“My house. 9pm.” And the phone went dead. Shaking your head lightly, you smiled again then proceeded to finish your work on your nails to prepare for movie night with your best friend.

Meanwhile, at Bambam’s house a few blocks away, the Thai boy literally jumped up and down excitedly after punching his fist in the air, looking as if he had been a soccer player who had just scored the winning goal.

“Are you that happy? It’s just a movie night.” Jackson asked, lifting his face up from Bambam’s bed as the younger boy nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, movie night with Y/N! With Y/N!”

“You must really like her, huh Bambam?” Jackson’s gaze shifted to a picture frame on the night stand where a picture of young Bambam and you was placed.

“It’s Y/N. How can you not like her?” Bambam said in a matter-of-factly tone before opening his closet to find something to wear for the night. “It’s been a while since we had a movie night with just the two of us.” He glared at Jackson. “All thanks to you, hyung!”

“Yah! How am I supposed to know that?”

“Whatever. What do you think I should wear? Sexy? Charming? Charismatic? Should I style my hair? Oh and Burberry! I need Burberry!”

“Calm down, Bambam!” Jackson burst out laughing at the nervous boy. “Just go casual. It’s a movie night!”


“Okay. Twilight series: check! Popcorn: check! Cheetos: check! Cola: check! Pillows: check! Blanket: check!”, Bambam turned his face to the left to find you already digging your fingers into the bowl of popcorn, mouth stuffed with the delicious snack. “Y/N enjoying popcorn: check!” Letting out a soft laugh, he pressed the play button then scooted closer to you.

The movie night turned out pretty well, too well actually. You two had some fun here and there, laughing, teasing, judging, mimicking the characters in the most hilarious way possible. You two had enjoyed the movies and your presence yourselves so much that you fell asleep without knowing. 

And that, to be honest, was the nicest sleep you’d ever had.

When your mind slowly began to come back from its slumber, you could feel something strong and heavy encircling your waist while your body was sandwiched between some sort of walls, one was soft and one was warm and smelled amazingly good. On top of you was a fluffy cloth which you assumed was the blanket from last night. As you shifted, you realized something knotting in your hair, creating some weird comfort and pleasure to your scalp that made you want to keep staying in this position. A position which your arms were trapped and your legs were entangled with someone else’s… A boy’s… Bambam’s! You immediately shot your eyes open just to find the still sleeping Thai prince. In such proximity, you could make out every detail on his face, even some acnes and small scars proven his naughty childhood. Surprisingly, you liked them all. More surprisingly, you had a strange urge to snuggle closer into his already tight embrace, and reach your hand up to touch his lips…

Thump… Thump… Thump…

What was this feeling in your chest? And why were you feeling nervous, yet, happy all of sudden? And seriously, the fact that there was only Bambam that could make you feel bubbly like this wasn’t helping at all. No way, you, had a crush on your best friend Bambam? As soon as your mind mentioned the key word, your heart automatically made a huge leap, causing you to jump a bit and Bambam to stir slightly. However, instead of waking up, the sleeping charming pulled you closer to him (as your wish). Running his fingers through your hair, Bambam subconsciously planted a feather light kiss on your forehead, which caused your heart to beat even wilder. At this race, he might be able to hear it as well. What the hell? This was supposed to be a movie night! How did it turn out to be a sleepover? A really romantic and intimate sleepover!

“Y/N-ah.” Hearing your name, you tried to look up at Bambam but his eyes were still closed, meaning he probably slept talking.

“Y/N-ah, I like you. I really like you.” His raspy morning voice made your breath hitch and your heart go malfunctioned. Your mind, in the mean time, was still trying to analyzing the words. Was he really saying what you thought he said? Bambam, did he really mean it?

“Yes. I like you a lot. I’ve always been.” As you unknowingly clutched onto Bambam’s shirt, he finally woke up. Soon when his eyes bore into yours, he gradually realized your position on the couch. As expected, he fell on the floor.

“What — I mean — Why — I mean — We – I don’t… Are you okay, Y/N-ah?” Scratching the back of his head, Bambam sat back on the couch as you chuckled, blushing hard.

“I should ask you the same question. Are you hurt?”

“It’s –um-I’m okay. Look – w-what — whatever happened last night, I — I didn’t mean to. I – I’m sorry–damn it–I shouldn’t…”

“Ouch. Don’t say that. I don’t think anything happened. Besides, I really had a good sleep.” You assured Bambam as he smiled sheepishly, ears turned crimson. You cleared your throat, picking the empty bowl up to put it in the sink as Bambam followed you into the kitchen. As he leaned on the counter contemplating you, you started talking while cleaning the bowl. “But I have to ask you, though. I thought you hate chick flicks? Why chose Twilight? You know I’m cool with any genre.” Your plan was to distract the ‘falling asleep together’ subject but apparently, it turned into another serious one, the same one that made your heart race erratically just a minute ago.

There was a short silence between you two before Bambam stepped away from where he was standing to come closer to you. Taking a deep breath, he placed both hands on both sides of the sink, caging you with his arms. His warmth radiated through your back, making your legs weaken by the seconds.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

“But you still like Twilight best. All those cheesy and romantic stuff. And… because of you, I can handle anything,” he murmured, waiting for your reaction before his hands removed from the sink to rest on your waist, turning you around to face him. “I remember you like spicy food. You always order too much though you can’t finish them all and I have to take care of everything. You like to eat ramen in convenience store in rainy days and no matter where we are, you always make me go with you to any convenience store nearby whenever it rains,” he smiled softly. “Also you can sleep better if someone stays with you and combs your hair…” Holding your face in his hands, Bambam flicked his eyes from yours to your lips, the process repeated as fast as the beating of your heart, causing you to bite the corner of your lips. Little did you know, that movement of yours drove Bambam insane. “I… like-“

“I like you, too.” Before he could finish, your lips had already connected with his, sending shiver down both of your spines. The charming stiffed for a moment then quickly regained his cool and kissed you back with much fervor.

“But I… haven’t… told… you… I…” He said between kisses as you smiled.

“You already did. You sleep talking.” Bambam’s face blushed red as you snaked your arms around his neck, feeling his touches traveling down to your waist again, just how you loved it.

“Y/N, be my girlfriend, please?”

“I’d love to.”


Restrooms can make fantastic sanctuaries. I find crowds really draining, and most draining when I have to pay attention to my surroundings and not just put headphones on.


Spoiler Pics from the November 13 filming in Steveston!

Row One: Fixing JMo’s hair.

Row Two: Lana, Josh, and JMo chatting while they wait.

Row Three: JMo, Josh, and Lana (separately) walking by the fans.

Top 10 rawest deals in Bleach

As requested by anon. :)

Sometimes bad things happen to Bleach characters. But which Bleach characters get the rawest deals - the most bad things happening to them the most often? The anon requested that I *not* take into account whether or not they deserved it, which frankly was very hard and I’m not sure I succeeded. But here we go! Here are my picks for the top 10 most miserable characters in Bleach, in terms of how hard their life has been!

By the way, these AREN’T ranked! I-I started to, but then ranking terrible experiences against each other just seemed…wrong. So, uh, presented in no particular order, here they are!

1. Rukia

Rukia grew up in the terrible Rukongai slums, which were so terrible that literally all of her friends except for Renji died. Rukia met Renji when she was like eight, which means that she also survived for a many years all by herself. That could not have been pleasant. Then when she became a shinigami she (a) got adopted by a man who refused to look at or talk to her and she didn’t know why; (b) accidentally killed her beloved superior and then blamed herself for it; © lost her powers in the human world because some dick of a shopkeeper decided to use her as a hiding place and (d) almost got executed and had to watch her brother be a prime mover in that. Things have gotten better for Rukia since (although she’s gotten injured a lot and had to kill Kaien for a second time), but dang. Talk about a raw deal.

Rukia: And let’s not forget I had to sleep in a closet in the human world!


2. Kira

Kira had a happy youth….and then ended up becoming the lieutenant to a man who seemed to enjoy psychologically and possibly physically tormenting him until Kira turned into a broken shell of a man. Then Gin forced him to commit a lot of crimes and then abandoned him, so that Kira was broken, guilty, and alone. Kira held himself together….and then, the last time we saw him, had his abdomen summarily removed. 

Kira: I should have known what joining the “Despair Squad” entailed.

3. Hinamori

Then there’s Hinamori. Like Kira, she was horribly manipulated by her captain. Of course, she wasn’t aware she was being manipulated…at least until he stabbed her while pretending to hug her. This shattered Hinamori, and although she’s done a lot of work toward recovery, bad things keep happening. Like getting stabbed by all of her friends that one time.

Hinamori: Although if you do get stabbed by all of your friends, you really never have to pay for dinner again.

4. Matsumoto

Matsumoto seems so happy all the time that it’s maybe easy to forget how rough her life has been. I mean, she seems to have grown up in the woods where she once fainted from starvation. She was violently attacked as a child, and had (at the very least) part of her soul taken away. The people she care about continuously abandon her - it happened with Isshin, and then later with Gin. Speaking of Gin, since he was “pretending” to be evil, Matsumoto was constantly put in the position of attacking her friends and loved ones, which could not have been pleasant. Then, later, she was zombified. Not so good for Matsumoto, on the whole.

Matsumoto: Which is why I deserve all the R&R I want!

Hitsugaya: …

5. Orihime

Orihime has one of the more terrible back stories. Her parents were abusive. Her brother got her away from them….and subsequently died. And became a hollow. And attacked Orihime. Orihime has lived on her own for a long time, which must be really hard. She’s also had plenty of horrible things happen to her in Bleach, like being kidnapped. Watching the love of her life die (albeit temporarily). She puts a good face on it, but man. How is she not crying every night?

Orihime: I just try to stay positive!

6. Nel, Pesche, and Dondochakka

Thanks almost entirely to Nnoitra, Nel has not had a great life so far. After continuously harassing her didn’t work, Nnoitra decided to straight-up skin her friends, and then attack her and throw her into the desert. Nel (thankfully?) lost her memory, but poor Pesche and Dondochakka remembered everything, but pretended not to for Nel’s sake. So they scraped together a living in the desert, and then Nel ended up fighting Nnoitra again. And she didn’t even get to kill him.

Nel: But now at least Nel can be a kid whenever she wants! And that makes it all…better?

7. Bambietta

Imagine being murdered by your friend, and then turned into her zombie slave to be continuously abused, used for combat, and then have your blood sucked out. Actually don’t. Because that’s horrible.

Bambietta: I perhaps need better friends.

8. Ukitake

Ukitake has been sick for his entire life, which is probably several centuries long by this point. I suppose that’s not as bad as some of the fates on this list, but that’s a pretty raw deal. I get mad after I’ve been coughing for like a week.

Ukitake: The last time I breathed normally was several hundred years ago.

9. Szayel

Now, don’t get me wrong. Szayel did about a thousand evil and terrible things. The only reason he’s on this list is that his death is so, so horrible. Being forced to wait thousands of years to die, unable to do anything, slowly losing your mind in helpless rage and fear? That’s really horrible no matter the victim.

Szayel: Plus there was that time my shirt ripped.

10. Nemu

But Nemu. Nemu. Nemu. Created by an abusive asshole. Abused by the abusive asshole. A perfectly obedient and loyal subordinate, who is nevertheless beaten, verbally abused, poisoned, and regularly killed. Like, that’s her whole life. Nemu, in my opinion, has the rawest deal of anyone.

Nemu: …

Nemu: I went to the beach once.