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hey I really don’t like arguing and discourse it stresses me out and I didn’t even mean for it to be this big of a deal. so here’s where i’m at. I’m not gonna change my beliefs on self dx. stop sending me messages and harassing me and all that just because i believe self dx is okay. if you disagree with me so intensely that youre just gonna try to argue about it just block me okay? im not gonna respond to any more asks or messages or anything.


“Long time no see, stranger.”

Tia jerked in shock; she hadn’t realised that someone else had come into the room, and her face flushed with shame at the thought of being caught dancing to her music. Alone. In her room. Where she didn’t worry about which way her elbows went or how out of tune her singing was.

“Don’t look so mad!” Ollie laughed. “It’s just me. I’ve seen you do weirder things.”

“Still!” Tia snapped, but she wasn’t mad - it was true, after all. Ollie had seen her covered in her own vomit, or that time she face-planted in the mud… yeah, this had nothing on some of those other times.

Ollie shoved her hands in her pockets and cocked her head a little. “Thought I’d pop in. Y’know, you’ve been busy with your mom ever since she got back from space an’ all… I haven’t been over since your birthday and I actually kinda miss taking the piss outta you.”

Tia frowned deeply, scrunching up her nose and watching as Ollie snickered behind her hand. Then, without any warning whatsoever, Tia bounded across the room and threw herself into her friend’s arms. “Yeah, well, I missed you and your stupid bald head too!”

i found the b/andstand casting calls today and every single one varies between tropey, unresearched, and downright gross, but focusing on johnny’s:

calling him “simple” is an ableist slur
calling him “slow” is an ableist slur
calling him “simple” or “slow” three times in well under 100 words is ableist af
saying that is great he’s “simple” and “slow” because it makes him a better drummer is not only disregarding the incredible talent he had before he got injured, but is using him as inspiration porn, and is therefore ableist af

(idk what i expected, this is a show with jokes like “how much slower do you get? what, do they put you in reverse?” in it)


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.


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- Lance takes Keith to the beach for the first time and and treating them both with cold sweets. Lance is probably planning on getting Keith in the water one way or another but Keith knows that Lance is up to something and totally prepared… as always - 


I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!


cosima + smiles

happy birthday, @starconfetti!