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“I belong here, Hawke.”

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David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



i get a lot of ideas shared in my inbox, and this was one i had to make real as soon as physically possible! 

i’m feeling like this is a universe where bridgette and felix never meet out of costume, and then keep hoping to find each other once their miraculous duties are over and their powers are gone. they finally meet on the stairs of montmartre, all because bri kept those ribbons in her hair just like ladybug… 


hc that Preston and Nerf’s egg never ran away but rather… Jasper was watching all this unfold from afar and decided that now was as good a time as any for ghostly intervention

Here, have a thing

so i hate almost the entire flooded district level, but corvo waking up in a cage looking, feeling and smelling like shit, his palate probably tasting wierd and gross after the poison, probably pretty hungry, stealthing his way around acid-spitting oysters to get his gear and then crawling through this entire wet dumpster to finally kick daud in his nasty face, all powered by the force of sheer spite & endless love for his daughter, is a mood

I’m screaming how are some of y'all actually out here telling aspec people that they’re to blame for your internalized homophobia because you identified as ace and/or aro as a result of your shame and discomfort like……….I identified as bisexual as part of my internalized lesbophobia because I was terrified of not being perceived as available to men………that isn’t the fault of bisexual women. my shit was my shit. it came out of heteronormativity, not bisexuals being oppressors lmaaaoooo. you don’t get to assign the blame for your struggles with hetero/cisnormativity on other people existing as themselves and creating words to describe their own marginalization and identity and pride wtf………..like that is solidly Not On Them are you fucking kidding

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Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.

okay but that video has seriously increased my opinion of autistic keith from “lowkey headcanon” to “this is straight up canon”, like, they’re not even being remotely subtle about this?

honestly they had me from “i guess this would explain why i was never very good at connecting with people", but, his angry rant about not understanding social cues? the line “i say voltron and then the chant is over, it doesn’t have to be complicated!”? (any autistic people reading this, im pretty sure all of us have felt that at some point or another)

i dont think it’s a coincidence either that every clip they picked when he was talking about his temper was a moment that someone reacted strongly to or brought up again with him later (like, it’s pretty normal for autistic people to be introspective, but a lot of the time you don’t realise you’re doing a thing as you’re doing it, it’s only when someone points it out to you)

and the fact that he didn’t know what to say at first, like, i have had so many experiences where someone goes “tell me about yourself!” and my initial response is “this is my name?? i exist??? what do you want me to say??” because the instructions were so vague that they’re impossible to follow

and even his body language, like, the crossed arms or the little thumb rub he does at the end when he gets upset, like, that’s definitely a calming stim? (and i love that that’s canon, though, im gonna have to make an effort not to adopt that, ‘cause i am so much of a sponge when it comes to adopting quirks of characters i find relatable)

and just, yeah, i love this so much


“I did it for you.”

worship, an epiphany, and hair