which way to point the gun


SO I WAS WATCHING THE NEW TRAILER, and naturally I wanted to know who was fighting that weblum lady because thats important. So I slowed it down and was like, “HEY, THATS LANCE!” and I was really excited but then I noticed something else.

See this screenshot? It’s the best I could do on my laptop, but wow. That is not the shape of Lance’s bayard. And yes, while I’m not completely certain because of the low quality and the shield in the way, I’m pretty sure! For one, we see the tip of the bayard pointing out of the shield. Lance’s normal gun isn’t that long. The mouth of the gun, where the shots come out, is also narrower than his normal gun. 

If you zoom in, you see a lot more black than white on it too, which isn’t the case with Lance’s orginal bayard form. The shapes of the guns also, really just don’t match. Here’s a pic, just to compare.

And the final kicker, what really sealed the deal for me, is that shadow you see underneath the gun. it has the shape of a a feature found in sniper rifles, I’m not exactly sure of what it’s called. 

TL;DR: So yeah, I’m 90% sure Lance will unlock his bayard. It goes pretty smoothly with how adaptable he is as a character, and I think it could go really well with discovering his Red Lion side this season. Also I’ve been dreaming about sniper Lance since season 1, sue me for being fucking hopeful.


BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE-SHOT!!! I told you guys I’d have some canonverse klangst, so here it is! Longer than my usual one-shots, and while I don’t want to give a vague summary… there’s a bomb involved. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

This one is actually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous, angsty art/mini-comic by @littlecofiegirl who is an amazing artist that you should definitely check out!!

I saw this comic on my dash and I loved it so much that I was immediately inclined to write for it? Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy!

The plan had been going flawlessly.

Key word being had.

Shiro and Lance were both searching opposite sides of the base for their captured teammate, and Pidge and Hunk were too occupied giving Shiro directions through the maze-like corridors that they neglected to warn Lance of the approaching Galra heat signature.

A cat blocked his path in the hall, staring at him with large, yellow eyes. It didn’t move to attack, but it also didn’t run away.

“Um… guys?” Lance tried over the coms, lowering his gun just a bit. He wasn’t about to shoot a cat, but he still wanted to be on guard.

He didn’t hear the Galra behind him until her hand was on his shoulder.

That was mistake number one.

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Gladio, Iggy and Noct are on their roadtrip when they come across a bunch of cars spread across the road
Battered and smoking
Some have been flipped over the barrier, people littering the ground as well as bodies of beasts and the black sludge that’s a telltale sign of demons

All the devastation converges on one car somewhat down the incline so they decided to check it out

Theyre almost on the car when a shot rings out and only Gladio’s quick reflexes saves them as he gets his shield out and up

‘W-who goes there??’

(Full story under the cut)

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Just Following Orders, Sir - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,985

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Shower Sex, Teasing, Death of bad guys, Sir, Squirting, Voyeurism, Boob Job

Notes: I know this is long overdue, but the word count makes up for it right? I got delayed because of Howler Con (I lost 3 says yo). I hope you guys like this. I liked this idea a lot actually.

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Help (B.Barnes) *NSFW*


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, dry humping, sexual themes, (no penetration!!)

Requested by Anon: can I request a fic where bucky and the reader have to share a bed and he gets horny/a wet dream? love those types of fics. and as much buildup as possible if you can? 💕💕

A/N – hopefully that was enough buildup doll! Thanks for requesting it, I loved writing this! I hope y’all liked the dry humping instead of actual sex, figured I’d switch it up a bit! xo

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Theory: Keith is actually part Altean

Ok, so this theory is a little bit…out there, but if it were true it would actually explain a lot of things. 

I think it’s possible that Keith might actually be part Altean as well as part human and part Galra.

One of the mysteries that came with Keith being revealed as part Galra is the fact that he pretty much looks like a regular human. His unusual violet eyes are the only visual clue that he is partially not of this Earth, but it’s a pretty subtle one. Hence, many people have speculated about Keith having a “Galra form.” A lot of that is people being furries, but the fact remains that Keith just doesn’t look like an alien, so it’s certainly a possibility. 

But one of the only ways that could work is if Keith has the ability to shape-shift. Which aliens do we know of who have that ability?

Way back in Season 1, Allura shocked the paladins by demonstrating the Altean ability to shape-shift, which allows her to disguise herself as a Galra soldier and sneak aboard one of their ships. The fact that Alteans can freaking shape-shift is so wild that it seems highly suspicious it hasn’t come up again. You’d think Coran would do some pretty wacky stuff with that, at least. Plus, it seems unlikely that the writers would add shape-shifting to the mythology just for that one plot point. Thus, the shape-shifting reveal kinda seems like Chekhov’s gun. In other words, it’s a setup for something much more significant to happen later on involving the Altean ability to shape-shift. 

This all ties in with another enigma concerning Keith’s origins: his mother. It seems pretty clear that Keith’s alien heritage is from her, given the general air of mystery surrounding her character and the fact that his Marmora sword belonged to her.

In Keith’s vlog, he says that maybe he is naturally untrusting because his mom left him. It’s possible that she left before he was old enough to remember her, but the way he says it kinda makes it seem like he does remember her. She is probably even less human than he is, but she if looked like a giant purple space alien, then it wouldn’t have been much of a shock to him when he found out he has Galra ancestry in Season 2. But even if Keith doesn’t remember her, she was on Earth long enough to meet Keith’s dad and have a kid with him, and giant purple space aliens aren’t exactly inconspicuous on Earth. But this wouldn’t be a problem if she had a way of looking more human.  

Allura says that the ability to shape-shift has made Alteans great explorers and diplomats, but it would make them even better spies. The mystery surrounding Keith’s mom gives me hope that she is involved in something that’s super important and badass, and intergalactic espionage could certainly fall into that category.  

This brings us to the Galaxy Garrison, an institution that lots of fans think is hella sketch and probably in league with aliens. When Hunk, Lance and Pidge are surveilling the site of Shiro’s crash-landing, Lance zooms in on a certain military officer who has just arrived.

Who the heck is she, indeed. While this moment certainly works to establish Lance’s character, it seems kinda…unnecessary? Unless this character were going to play a more significant role later on… 

not saying she’s Keith’s mom, but

There’s definitely something going on with Earth. The Galra were hanging out near Kerberos, so they definitely know that Earth exists. Why haven’t they colonized it? Not only that, but the Blue Lion was on Earth: it must have ended up there sometime after Alfor disbanded Voltron, and considering those mysterious cave drawings, it’s probably been there for a really long time. What’s with all this Ancient Aliens stuff? Why don’t most people on Earth know that aliens exist, given that aliens have known about THEM for thousands of years?  

The topic of the Blue Lion brings up another mystery about Keith: How the heck did he manage to sense its presence all the way out in the desert when he didn’t even end up being its paladin?

None of the other paladins have demonstrated that kind of connection to a lion they don’t fly. But someone else has.

In the very same episode, we see Haggar reaching out and sensing the Blue Lion, much like what she helped Zarkon do with the Black Lion in Season 2. But Zarkon has a connection to the Black Lion because he used to be its paladin, while Haggar has never been a paladin. But she is Altean. 

One last thing: at SDCC this year, Lauren and Joaquim gave this interview, in which they said that Keith was originally going to have white hair and fangs. That doesn’t sound much like most of the Galra we’ve seen, but it does sound an awful lot like a certain half-Galra prince.

I think it’s pretty clear that Lotor’s mother is Haggar, which makes him half-Altean. The other people with white hair on this show are Allura and her family, alll of whom are Altean, and Shiro, who was experimented on by an Altean. It’s maybe worth noting too that the people in Allura’s family have white hair with a bluish tint, while Haggar’s and Lotor’s hair and Shiro’s floof are stark white and all seem to be related to experiments involving quintessence. Additionally, right after Allura finds out that Haggar is Altean, Haggar strikes her with a bolt of magic and Allura discovers that she has some sort of mysterious magic-bolt powers of her own.

It seems like contact with quintessence magic awakens latent magical abilities, or maybe just magnifies existing ones, since Allura has other magical powers. In the same episode as Allura’s shape-shifting reveal, a druid’s magic leaves purple splotches on Keith’s skin, and then he gets a container full of pure quintessence splashed all over him. Afterwards, he notices that the quintessence got rid of the purple marks.

Maybe what’s keeping him looking human has something to do with quintessence itself.

To recap: Given Keith’s very human appearance, the situation regarding his mother, and his ability to sense the Blue Lion, I think it’s possible that Keith is part Altean, or perhaps his human appearance is due to something involving quintessence. 

Everything Wrong with Netflix's version of Death Note

(This will be step by step while I watch it)

OBVIOUSLY IT CONTAINS SPOILERS This also does not cover the white washing or anything beyond the story/plot of the movie. Obviously the white washing was reason enough to not watch this disaster but my curiosity got the best of me.

1) who is that girl with dark hair? Is that supposed to be misa..:? If so, why does she seem to have no interest in light at the beginning?
2) Light is a little wuss; normally he would be able to talk himself out of every situation or not be involved with the bullying at all.
3) this principle is a huge dick + why the fuck doesn’t he go after the dude that knocked Light’s lights out?
4) holy shit, lights little bitch scream + freak out in detention
5) why are you hitting yourself?
6) ryuk is the green fucking goblin apparently
7) I personally don’t think light would kill a bully, he tends to go after people who are real criminals, not emotionally compromised teens
8) why the fuck would he go right for decapitation?
9) who is going to clean up that classroom?
10) why didn’t he get in trouble if it was that much of a mess?
11) light’s relationship with his dad is bad. In the anime all he cared about besides becoming the world’s new god + getting rid of baddies was his family.
12) Light’s still afraid of Ryuk after the first meeting… even though an apple rolled out of the opposite side of the room he showed up in to make sure that he was introduced (again).
13) Light doesn’t seem to have a sister so far, and his mom is dead. Sure, it gives him motivation to use the Death Note but they haven’t touched upon the real reason (he was bored) which makes him seem more justified. Which isn’t the point of Death Note. Light’s supposed to be morally compromised.
14) his last name is Turner instead of Yagami
15) he fucking had the death note when “Mia” comes to talk to him and he friggin shows her it. What the fuck, why would he do it? He even showed her that he killed that bully. Light never would have done that. Ever.
16) he shows her how it works + fucking kills in front of her!!!!!
17) he actually likes misa instead of being a bag of dicks and showing everyone that he’s a manipulative asshole like he’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to like this jerk. Although I think I liked him better in the anime compared to this little bitch
18) he hasn’t used the heart attack Death yet, he’s mostly done accidents, which doesn’t fit his MO
19) he fucking outs himself for recognition by making people write in Japanese instead of just keeping quiet and going about his business. Sure, Light has an ego but he wouldn’t want to have people investigating him.
20) L actually goes to a crime scene. He wouldn’t risk that, even if he was wearing a mask.
21) the fuck are those light up sun glasses and why does he ask people to sing a weird ass song for him?
22) Light is out as pro Kira immediately to his dad, making him suspicious. I recall him playing devils advocate and saying that Kira has a point, but that Kira needed to be stopped in the anime.
23) L doesn’t mask his voice on video chat
24) the justice for the wicked website looks like Reddit or four chat. Some shitty, non gothic or scary looking site
25) Light is too emotionally compromised by “Mia”, why the hell is he so enthralled with her?
26) the police chief immediately meets with L in person
27) “please James, have a seat. Rest your glutes.”
29) Light is being creepy with his dad. Immediately asks about L. Tries to spin it light L is Kira instead. Then proceeds to ask what would happen if Kira was caught.
30) Light wears sunglasses at dusk/night
31) “it’s my book” says light, who suddenly turned into a 4-year-old
32) Ryuk kills all the FBI agents. He wouldn’t interfere with Light’s plans or help in any way usually. That, and he keeps telling Light to give the notebook up.
33) Light’s dad went on tv with his name + face. Light basically gives himself away by not killing him. I don’t recall that happening in the anime at all, if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.
34) idk why but Ryuk’s head looks huge compared to his body.
35) pulling a fork out of a holder makes the same sound as a knife apparently
36) Light had a temper tantrum in front of L for a few seconds and then gives him a creepy face. He basically tells L he’s Kira by submitting to playing “the game”.
37) Watari goes missing to go get L’s name for Light. It tips L off big time.
38) L gets over emotional, goes after Light. light’s dad threatens to kill L. What the fuck?
39) Ryuk isn’t interested in light’s game at all. He just wants to give the notebook to someone else or kill Light.
40) no mention thus far of shinigami eyes
41) Light wears a fucking top hat at one point
42) the Wammy house is abandoned, leaving me to believe that there will be no Near later on in this shit show
43) the homecoming picture scene. Seriously. What the fuck was Light doing?
44) Light leaves his locker open, another dumb picture inside
45) Watari is found in Wammy house, doesn’t tell Light L’s name + is shot by people looking for him (deployed by L) because “Mia” wrote it in the death note. Upside is that she calls Light a pussy.
46) “Mia” reveals that she killed all the FBI agents + is way smarter than Light. She even tries to kill him so she can have the Note book. The reason that I put this on the list is because there’s no way the normal misa was this smart + a bad ass. As far as this Netflix series goes, I’m all for her killing pussy-light.
47) really bad remix of L’s original theme
48) despite trying to kill Light, Mia still warns him about the cops.
49) L can’t drive for shit and almost hits innocent people on the sidewalk while screaming.
50) wow that’s a lot of trash bags in that one ally way
51) L said he didn’t carry guns earlier because they’re distracting. L later points a gun while yelling “Light”.
52) Light isn’t at all like his character in the anime. He never manipulates people to the extent that he was previously able to. He also never befriends L, which probably turned out to be the worst thing for him.
53) Light fucking decides to explain the notebook to L before some dude in an apron beats L with a wooden beam. Said man then says “Lord Kira” and let’s Light go.
54) Light’s last stand is in a Farris wheel
55) Light thinks he can somehow run away from everything when he’s literally stuck in Farris wheel surrounded by cops
56) Light put Mia’s name in the book that said she’ll die if she takes it from him; wrongly predicts that he can convince her not to take it. Ends up being some fucked up farris wheel Romeo and Juliet ending with bad music.
57) mia lands in fucking flowers while Light lands in water even though they fell from the same point
58) L is perfectly fine even though he had his head smacked with a beam hard enough to knock him out
59) the Note that says that Light will die conveniently lands in a burning trash can + that means he still lives. L gets fired or something.
60) Light is in a coma but doesn’t seem to be guarded by police even though it was pretty clear he was Kira. Someone sneaks in and gives him the death note back
61) dad knows he was Kira but doesn’t really do anything
62) inappropriate theme music and inappropriate time
63) some of the above comments are solved through a really shitty explanatory Death Note entry
64) L’s laugh and then immediately sad look
65) it ends with so many questions + really sucky and inappropriate song still playing.

66) neither L or Light really win- Light doesn’t die/ get thrown in jail on screen and L doesn’t die/ catch Light.

Alright so first of all, Percy had a plan to kill Scanlan and basically the only thing that saved Scanlan’s life was the loving mercy of one Vex’ahlia de Rolo. Percy does not have a plan to kill anyone else in VM because he’s not actually Batman but also because he wasn’t angry at anyone other than Scanlan. Mostly for projection reasons and abandonment issues.

But I’ve been thinking about it ever since Taliesin mentioned it and honestly? At first you’d think there’s no way Scanlan would lose a fight with Percy but… It’s not actually that hard for Percy to kill Scanlan? Like, at all.

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Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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Sheriff Stilinski: Father of the Year

Stiles and Derek have been dating on the downlow for a few months. Stiles is eighteen and all, but the thing they have going is so low key that it didn’t seem worth announcing. They hang out, and sometimes they kiss, and sometimes they cuddle, and sometimes Derek sucks Stiles off until Stiles literally sees stars–but it’s not any kind of great romance, nothing like the relationships they’re surrounded by.

They’re even tentatively planning to keep an open relationship when Stiles goes off to college in the fall (which Stiles claims is ridiculous, since his school is only an hour and a half away, totally within booty call limits).

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If You Want Something, Come And Get It

|||Requested by anon, based on this reaction|||

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Oh Sehun x Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you definitely didn’t expect to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 1,096

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

You looked through the scope of your gun again, you should really start using binoculars more often but the scope has always been your favourite, you can get ready to shoot in seconds if something goes wrong. He was still in the office. Another boring day at work. Both for him and for you. You lay down on your back, staring at the sky above. You have been spying on him for more than a month now, hoping he will slip up and you will finally get the information you needed. Any little detail is crucial at this point. You rubbed your eyes. As much as you were used to your job, this guy irritated you to no end. Some days you were even starting to doubt your mission. Was he really the one? You sighed and rolled back to the gun. You put your eye near the lens. You watched him put something in the drawer of his table and close it. Damn it, if you missed something while laying around… He stood up, stretched and went to the window. He looked around and then stared in your direction. Your eyes met for a second and you immediately moved away from the gun to hide. No. No way. It’s impossible. This building is on the opposite side of the street, there is no way he was actually looking at you. You put your hand to your chest, your heart was beating like crazy. Were you actually scared? You slowly crawled back to the gun and peeked through the scope again. He wasn’t there anymore.

“Shit,” you hissed and took your laptop out. You started searching through the cameras you planted before. There was no one in his office, the halls were empty, the elevator as well. You lost him. After watching him for so long you actually managed to lose him.

“This is bad,” you thought. If he’s nowhere in the building, could it be possible that he’s coming here? You quickly shunned that thought away. If he knew your position he would have dealt with you weeks ago. You grabbed your backpack and started shoving all of your equipment in. You took your phone out and dialled a number, getting the suitcase ready for your gun.

“It’s me. Please connect me with the HQ. Team Red. Code 7040589-“ you were saying as you unmounted your sniper from it’s stand.

“7040589, huh?” someone spoke behind your back. You were so startled you dropped your phone, ending your call. You turned around. It was him.

“You know it’s getting kind of annoying. How long do you plan to hide in the shadows? If you want something from me, you should just come and get it,” he said, leaning on one of the air conditioners on the roof. He bent down and picked some of your papers up.

“Oh Sehun. Born 1994 04 12. Occupation. Family. Investments. Property…” he started reading through the lists. “Uh oh so scary! You know so much about me,” he mocked.

You were just frozen to your spot which was so unlike you but something about him, especially seeing him here, up close, told you that he’s trouble and dangerous. More dangerous than anything you ever dealt with before. You pinched yourself in the hand to snap yourself out of it. You quickly stood up  and was ready to grab your gun from the case.

“Not so fast, darling,” he said, pointing his pistol at you. “I need you to stay right there.”

He started approaching you and you had to come up with a plan and soon. You can’t leave anything behind because that way you will not only expose yourself but your mission. You quickly ducked down and got your suitcase and backpack, dashing to get a cover behind the conditioners as he fired in your direction. You pressed your back against it and slowly peeked out.

“Hey now, no need to get violent. I just want to talk. In private,” he said, going around you. You looked to the other side. The door leading downstairs was right there. You needed a distraction and as if some kind of higher force was listening to you his phone started ringing. He stopped right on the opposite side of your hiding spot.

“What do you mean where I got off to? I’m on a date,” he started. You took a deep breath and flinging your equipment over your shoulder jumped up and kicked him in the knees and the stomach, making him throw his gun aside in the process. You used the opportunity as he rolled on the ground and ran straight to the stairs. He got to his feet sooner than you expected and collected his things.

“I will call you back. My date is trying to stood me up. How feisty,” he said into the phone, as he wiped the blood dripping down his nose.

You got into the elevator just as the door was about to close. You watched his gaze focus on through the small gap as you began descending.

“She’s in the elevator,” he signalled his men, who were now at his side. “I want her. Bring her to me,” he ordered as he went to the stairway.

You wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible but when the doors opened up at the ground floor, you were welcomed by a bunch of men in suits. You grabbed one of the woman who was nearby and taking your knife out put it to her throat.

“Let me through or she dies,” you said, pushing forward. It seemed they didn’t care much of her as they all pointed their guns at you anyway. You clenched your teeth.

“Do as she says,” Sehun said, coming down the stairs. You turned around to face him and slowly began backing up into the parking lot. Once you were at your car, you practically ripped the door open, threw your things inside and let the woman go, before taking a seat. You started the engine and aligned the rear view mirror before speeding away. You swear you saw him smirk at you as he raised his hand up and waved you goodbye. You noticed he was holding something.

“Fuck,” you shouted, punching the steering wheel but you had no other choice now but drive. You can’t go back.

“Shouldn’t we chase after her, sir?” one of his men asked.

“Why bother?” he said, looking at your phone. “I got everything that I need to know about her right here.”

John Savage’s Account of the Massacre in the Library

From the Columbine Report, document 501-600, page 55:

“Yeah, I’m alive. I was in the library – ugh. I heard a banging and I thought someone was renovating the school, it sounded like someone hammering. Then I heard it get way too loud to be that, and I heard shotguns, which are more of a boom than a bang. Shortly after that, a woman ran into the library and said, “Everybody get under the tables, there’s a kid outside with a gun!” So we all did. I heard lots of gunfire, explosions, screams. It was just unreal. I kept telling myself it had to be a dream, that this couldn’t be happening. I heard a big explosion and felt the floor under me shake, and I was scared that they were going to blow up the school. See, the library is on top of the cafeteria, and they set off a couple of pipe bombs in the cafeteria, right under the library. Then I remembered that it took a big truck full of explosives to blow up the Oklahoma City building, so I didn’t worry about that as much. Then they came up into the library, and I saw them, and I thought, “Holy cow, it’s Dylan and Eric! What are they doing?!” I thought they might be planning to kill everyone in the library. So there I was, hiding under one of the tables, and they were going from table to table and shooting some of the people under them. I didn’t actually see anyone get shot, for which I’m thankful, but I pretty much knew they were killing people. I saw them fire in the direction of the computers, but I couldn’t see the computers because there was a bookshelf in the way, but I was somewhat amused at the thought of shooting a computer. I couldn’t hear much of what was said because the fire alarms were going off. Anyway, when they came to my table Eric stuck his head under the table and pointed his gun at me, so I scooted out of the way of the barrel, and then he pointed it at me again, and I scooted back out of the way. Then he stood up and said, “Who is under the table? Identify yourself!” And I said, “It’s me, John!” And Dylan said, “John Savage?” And I said, “Yes!” And Dylan walked over to my side of the table and said, “Hi” And I said, “Hi, Dylan. What are you doing?” And he shrugged and said, “Oh, killing people.” And I said, “Are you going to kill me?” And he looked at me for a second and he said, “No, dude, just run. Just get out of here.” I remember thinking that if he’d said yes, I would have said, “Then make it quick, just put a bullet in my head and get it over with.” But he let me go, so I ran outside. I was sprinting at top speed, so I didn’t see much of the school inside (I wish I’d gone slower and taken a better look), but I remember seeing a big blood stain on the carpet and one of the pop machines was damaged, probably from one of the pipe bombs.  I ran to the house where I have a daily bible study class (it’s a Mormon thing called seminary) and the police took me down to Golden to make an official statement for their arrest warrant. But they’re dead now.

It’s so weird to imagine it – Dylan was in my 2nd hour class and Eric was in my 3rd hour, and they killed at least 13 people and themselves. And at least 2 people I knew are dead, too – Rachel Scott and Lauren Townsend. I knew the girl who had 9 wounds to her chest, and one of my other friends was shot in the knee. I have another friend who always spends her lunch in the library, and I haven’t seen or heard from her, so for all I know, she’s dead, too. They were all such incredibly nice people. They didn’t do anything to deserve it.

I’ve spent most of the last couple of days at my girlfriend’s house. I’m going over there again tomorrow. It’s times like this when you realize how important your friends are to you, not only when they’re there for you, but when they’re gone. I’m glad I didn’t die, but not just for my own sake, but for the sake of my friends – I’d hate for them to be sad about me.

I feel like a war vet – whenever I see a shooting scene in a movie, I have a sort of flashback. It’s weird.”

I do not think that it is until we read the Columbine Report and the accounts of all those who lived these horrid events that we get a close picture of how horrible the massacre was. So many people are always interested in knowing as much as possible about Eric and Dylan, but not many care about how the lives have changed of those who lived these terrifying events.

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Hey this is regarding ur one post about writers bein told what to write if what they write is not their story to tell and i just want to say that i disagree with that. Im not a boy trying to survive an apocalypse but there is no law that says only those kinds of people can write that story. Currently im writing a sci fi about a trans boy and theres a scene where he explains dysphoria to another character. Most trans ppl have told me to go ahead. The point is anyone can write anything.

I suppose I’ve wanted to make a post compiling all of how I feel about that post for a while, and what better time to do it than now, when I need to be studying for finals I have tomorrow. So this will be that post. 

Yeah I don’t disagree with any of the concepts you’ve said. The post doesn’t say “only write what you’ve experienced” because I too believe that is bullshit and that writing is about exploring creativity and building complex characters through empathy and perspective. In my opinion, go ahead and write your trans character. Since dysphoria is a central part of what it means to be trans for many trans people, of course he might experience dysphoria and it’s definitely going to be a part of his character.

However, the problem comes when people who haven’t experienced oppression try to write it. Even with all the research in the world, they still won’t understand perfectly what minorities go through. Therefore, they are bound to get something wrong and even cause harm on those minorities who’s voices are being outspoken. And here I’m not talking about “this character is trans and that is a part of their character and thus affects the situation,” I’m talking about entire stories and narratives where the central plot revolves around the character’s oppression. I, a white person, wouldn’t write a story (such as, say, Song of Solomon) about what it’s like to be black and explore one’s identity as a black person. In the same way, I wouldn’t expect a straight person to write a story about what it’s like to be gay and explore one’s identity and oppression as a gay person. Oftentimes there will be a major misinterpretation which can lead to harmful stereotypes and negative impacts on a community. 

For example, many cis people trying to write about what it’s like to be trans will use the whole “born in the wrong body” narrative. The concept of this narrative affects trans people who try to actually explain what it’s like to be trans, and to most that is not what it’s like. Now, I’m not denying that there are some trans people who identify that way, but the majority of us do not. If you have a story about being trans and a trans character who identifies that way, unless it is addressed in the plot, could negatively affect real trans people by spreading that concept. I myself have been negatively affected by oversimplified ideas on what it’s like to be trans such as that one. 

One argument I’ve gotten constantly after I wrote that post is “but you can empathize with the character” and I agree with that critique of my post. In fact, I disagree with the wording that states that someone who is not a minority should NEVER write stories about such issues. In fact, I actually would encourage writing stories to help yourself understand what a family member or a friend is going through. The problem is when people begin to share these stories as if they are a final truth, and publish them as to make money off of minority’s struggles. When you publish a book or put something online, you should think of the negative consequences that could result. Now, most people don’t think before they post online, and I suppose that this concept I have thrown out there is something I wish people to think about before writing stories they wish to send out to the world. 

And, of course, naturally there’s the people who are saying “STUPID SJW LOGIC, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, CLEARLY THIS POST IS CENSORSHIP!!!” First of all, I am what many people would define as a “social justice warrior” due to my beliefs of basic human decency and complex social justice views. To that point I say, whatever, because I know those people exist and think that their “logic” will always be superior because they don’t consider emotion (but that is a different discussion). Freedom of speech is a very good law in America that allows people to express all ideas, regardless of what other people think of them. Freedom of speech, however, is not an excuse to say whatever you want because it’s legal. It’s legal to hang a Nazi flag on your door, but that doesn’t make it any less terrible. As for the people arguing this is censorship, they are wrong and clearly don’t know what censorship means. I am simply expressing and arguing my opinion on this matter. If they wish to disagree, then so be it, they do not have to listen to my opinion is they disagree with what I am saying. I am not pointing a gun at your head forcing you not to write anything, nor am I making it illegal to write what you want. I am expressing my opinion, and if you choose to ignore it, then do so. This is less of an issue than other things I have seen debated on here, such as whether or not to excuse LITERAL PEDOPHILIA, which I would argue against much more than something like this matter, which can harm people, but not in a massive way. 

TLDR: In my opinion, people who have not experienced oppression writing about it and spreading their ideas and information can be harmful, and has been harmful to me, which is why I made this post. If you wish to disagree with me, go ahead, because I am simply stating my opinion and arguing for it; I am not censoring you or forcing you to write/not write anything. 

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What are some non verbal indications that someone is good with guns (any and all)? Like, how someone holds a gun, their stance, where their holster is, etc.

In most cases it’s easier to know when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. With that, there are enough that I wouldn’t pretend to be able to create an exhaustive list. The big ones that will send anyone with firearms training up the wall are trigger discipline and barrel control.

Trigger discipline is about keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. It’s a really simple thing, and something everyone handling a gun should practice. Hollywood hates it. Or at least, some directors in Hollywood (apparently) think their actors should have their fingers on the trigger at all times, “because it looks more dangerous.” Which, you know, it actually is. Stupidly dangerous.

Most people who know what they’re doing will rest their index finger along the frame over the trigger. This isn’t the only way, some will simply have their finger sticking out at an awkward angle (and a lot of people will do that during reloads).

Barrel control is keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times. “Safe,” is a bit of a loaded term here, since, if your goal is to use the gun on someone, you’re going to be pointing it at them. Again, this is basic safety. This is a little more involved, because no matter what you do, the gun will be pointed somewhere. The important part is remembering that, and not pointing the gun at someone’s thigh when you’re not using it.

As with trigger discipline, this is an incredibly basic element of gun safety, that a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing will easily miss.

There are a lot of other potential tells, someone who drops their magazines rather than retaining them, probably doesn’t know what they’re doing. (This is the practice of discarding a partial or empty magazine when reloading, instead of keeping it.) TV and film love presenting people dropping mags, probably because it looks more dramatic, but it is a pretty good sign that someone’s only education came from mass media.

Concealment isn’t cover. This is one of the few that does tend to separate trained shooters from untrained ones. In a shock to no one, bullets pass through objects in their environment. Taking cover means far more than hiding behind a car door or couch.

So, concealment means you cannot see your opponent. Cover means they’re hiding behind something that will take a bullet. Most of the time, just because you can’t see someone, doesn’t mean you can’t shoot them. Someone hides behind a wall in a home or office? Yeah, you can shoot straight through that. Drywall, almost all furniture, most parts of a vehicle, most garage doors… none of that will stop a pistol round. When you start dealing with rifle rounds, even things like exterior walls start getting iffy. Trained shooters will fire through concealment. Amateurs who learned how to shoot from Call of Duty and reruns of old Arnold movies will try to take cover behind a couch.

Firing until you run dry. This is a little trickier because trained shooters will do this on the range. No one’s shooting back, and you’re going to immediately repack the mag anyway. In the field though, emptying your magazine is a seriously dangerous situation. Reload partials when you have the opportunity to, don’t wait for it to run empty, and have a non-functional gun when you need it.

The problem with all of this information is; it doesn’t really answer your question. It tells you things to look for with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not how to identify someone who really does. This is because it’s far easier to identify things that an incompetent shooter will do, rather than tells that are exclusive to someone who really knows what they’re doing in contrast to someone who has a basic understanding of gun use.

Some of these also aren’t easy to operationalize. For example, with stance, There’s Weaver, Chapman, Center Axis Relock,  Modern Isosceles, and many more. There isn’t a, “correct,” or, “elite,” way to do choose one of these, and many experienced shooters will tailor their stance to match the situation they’re in on the fly. The exact way they do that, or if they choose something that isn’t a functional stance, like Gangster Style (holding a handgun horizontally at arm’s length), can tell you about their training and how comfortable they are with a gun, but it’s not something you can easily explain in abstract. (At least not without going into all of the pros and cons of the various stances, and spending a lot of time going through all of the debate on the subject.) There’s also a lot of blending between some of these stances, and “adapted,” “reverse,” or “modern” variants of them.

It’s easy to distinguish someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing from someone who’s had some basic training, but distinguishing between someone who knows what they’re doing, and someone who is actually good with the weapons can be tricky.

I am sorry if that doesn’t really answer your question.


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Bong Soon didn’t turn into a damsel in distress when she lost her powers and MH came to her rescue and I’m going to fight anyone who tries to say otherwise. The possibility of her losing her strength has been real since the very beginning and the fact that she lost it while  protecting her best friend and when she finally accepted it is heartbreaking. 

Just like Superman and other superheroes, BS has her own kryptonine; she isn’t all powerful or invincible and she can’t defeat all her enemies on her own, particularly a diabolical psychopath who is aware of her weakness. No man is an island - at some point in their lives everyone needs to be saved, but unfortunately, not everyone has someone who would. Bong Soon does have that someone, someone who is ready to risk it all for her just like she is for him and her best friend. Calling BS a damsel in distress just because she lost her strength and needs to be protected MEANS REDUCING HER WORTH AND POWER TO HER PHYSICAL STRENGTH, making her into a machine, taking away her humanity from her. I hate those people who do that and I have extremely low opinion of them.

She might have lost her physical strength but BS IS BY NO MEANS POWERLESS OR WEAK. Aware that she lost her super strength, she gets up on her feet, walks straight to that psychopath, TAKES THE LOADED GUN WHICH IS POINTED AT HER AND TRIES TO FIGHT HIM ANYWAY. That’s REAL POWER, THAT’S REAL COURAGE, THAT IS WHAT IS SO FUCKING BADASS ABOUT HER!

Would people be calling MH a damsel in distress if he needed saving and BS came to his rescue (which by the way, she did multiple times already!)? No, but they would call her badass then. Who called Superman a damsel in distress when he was saved by Lois Lane, who called Healer a damsel in distress when YS saved him, who called City Hunter that when Nana saved him,… even the most powerful lose their powers at some point, but what truly makes them superheroes is that EVEN THEN THEY DON’T GIVE UP, LIKE STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON.

fic i probably should write

Luke dies in his fight with the Emperor before Vader has a chance to save him.

This breaks Vader, to the point where he just fucking leaves the Empire and goes off to find Leia “there is another” Organa and what remains of the Rebellion. 

And he shows up on Leia’s doorstep, to which Leia shoots him immediately. “Okay that’s fair,” he says, wheezing and holding his wired shoulder in pain.

“What do you want?” she says, this time aiming the blaster at his head. “Answer quickly.”

He tosses her Luke’s lightsaber. “This should belong to you. He would want you to have it.” He coughs, “And I want to join the Rebellion.”

Leia lowers her gun very carefully. “Explain.”

“What is there to explain?” Vader stands fully, towering over Leia. “He killed my son. I want the Emperor dead. At this point, I no longer care what government replaces him so long as the man who murdered my son is dead.”

Leia thinks I can work with that.

So you have Leia here steadfastly ignoring Obi-Wan and Yoda’s ghosts who follow her around spouting Jedi nonsense, of which she refuses to listen to unless they let her talk to Luke, who instead turns to Darth Vader to learn the ways of the Force. “Lost, all hope is” except it isn’t.

Because you have Darth “Probably Not A Dark Sider Anymore But Also Wouldn’t Call Him a Jedi” Vader and Leia “Anger Is My Middle Name But I’m Also Firmly In the Light” Organa teaming up and wrecking havok on literally everything. Seriously, there are whole planets on fire.

Vader teaches Leia the Force, and they never bring up the fact that they are related if they can help it (which means, inevitably, that they end up talking about it occasionally: “You look like your mother,” “…What was she like?” v. “I see now why Obi-Wan didn’t train you. You couldn’t be more my daughter if you tried. Poor Bail…I can only imagine what you were like as a child.” with Leia sputtering “HOW DARE”).

 meanwhile Han Solo is following them holding a baby Ben (who, I imagine, is now named Luke) going “guys? guys? i don’t understand. why is darth vader here. leia why haven’t you shot him. leia can I shoot him? leia we should probably not set this planet on fir–okay, so we’re setting this place on fire. cool cool cool”

in the afterlife, Obi-Wan and Yoda are mourning about how ALL IS LOST while Padme and Luke are drinking mimosas and laughing because they knew there was good there all along.

So, we’ve tested the new (Phar)Mercy

And it’s the best thing ever.

As a main Pharah, I was worried about the new role of Pharah if Mercy could fly by herself, but the Pharmercy dynamic stays the same.

Now Mercy has “seconds of glory” in which she is the most OP character of OW at the moment. Yep, more than Doomfist. (Honestly, I highly doubt this rework will stay this way; she’ll get a nerf at some point).

When she’s using her ulti she can fly wherever she wants, faster and higher than Pharah. Out of that, her gun still does a lot of damage and now she can heal/boost multiple allies at the same time. Plus the res every 30 seconds. The guardian angel stays exactly the same, so don’t worry about reaching for your teammates once your ulti is over.

I’m happy for all those Mercy which team is not careful (or smart) enough to protect her, but they’ll always blame on her because she didn’t use her res. IMHO I think this rework is hard to get used to at first, but it makes Mercy more enjoyable overall. Hope you guys have fun!

PD: If I’m not mistaken, Mercy has new quotes for the single res and one of them is “I still need you!”. I’m not sure if my heart can take that quote playing as Pharah.

Miss .45

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Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Requested by a lovely anon!

Summary: Most actresses would jump at the chance to play in a role opposite from their husband, but when your role opposite from your husband Matthew is designed to cause pain, it’s far from a dream come true. Based on the episode Entropy. 

Word count: 1,545

A/N: This is my first time writing for MGG so bear with me if it’s a little rough! There are also some spoilers within since it is based on 11x11. I would love to know what you thought! 

Being an actress meant that you had grown accustomed to a multitude of things throughout the course of your career.

Early morning wake up calls with equally late nights on set, script changes coming within ten minutes of filming, months on end spent away from the comfort of your own home, and even invasive encounters with unapologetic paparazzi.

But yet, the act of having another person apply your makeup for the day was one that you could never fully grow used to.

“Dayne, you do realize that you can apply mascara without destroying my cornea in the process, right?” your eyes darted upwards at the makeup artist whose wand-wielding hand inched closer and closer to your line of sight.

A chuckle resonated from Dayne as he took a step back from you, “I can’t tell who’s harder to work with,” sarcasm dripped from the smirk he wore, “You, or your husband.”

At the mere mention of Matthew, anxiety clenched your chest tight, but you managed to pass it off with a breathy laugh, “Just be glad that it’s me you’re putting fake lashes on instead.”

It was unusual, and incredibly unsettling, to experience such apprehension at the thought of even seeing your husband whilst preparing for your first role opposite him.

After meeting at the Tribeca Film Festival for his film ‘Magic Valley’ it was written in the stars from then on out for the two of you to be together.

Three years of dating and another two years of marriage later, Matthew and yourself had never once starred in a film together, despite both of your affinities for indie films, which only made it even more shocking when he arrived home from the Criminal Minds set one night with a script gripped in his hand.

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