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Was Ben Franklin, by your standards, a good founding father or a bad one? All of them had good intentions I know but the whole freedom for all really only applied to white males (and in some cases still does if you sit up and look). I know you have said you have a degree in this so I figure you'd be the best stranger to ask.




When He Realized He Loves You

A/N - The preferences are gonna be connected with each other. So if you wanna understand what I’m talking about, you gotta read the previous ones. And sorry, they’re long lol.


He wasn’t certain up to a point where he felt the fear of losing her over someone. He has always been oblivious of such feelings, although he felt something for a certain Ravenclaw, he didn’t know whether it was love. His feelings in such a case was very visible to everyone, and Y/N like everyone, definitely noticed it. She waited for him to notice her for a very long time and eventually gave up and in the Fifth Year he finally noticed her but it was still very clear how he felt for Cho and after Cedric’s death, how they bonded. Over the course of time Harry failed to realize her contribution and love for their friendship, for him.

So once again, Y/N gave her hopes up and decided to move on, and being on the fifth year, she sure did receive some proposals when Harry wasn’t around, or in other words, was spending time with Cho. She didn’t think twice about this but she knew it was time she did something for herself.

As expected, Y/N soon got a boyfriend who was in the Quidditch team, loving but a bit loose when it came to how to be in front of certain people. She spent a lot of time with him and Harry didn’t fail to notice that. Only then he realized something big was missing from his life, how she was always there for him. He felt a strange urge to choke him to death whenever her so-called boyfriend was around her. When confronted about why he acted so strange around him, he realized his feeling of jealousy. Hermione was ofcourse very much aware of that and made him see what he really wanted.

Bonus - He imagined himself kissing Y/N and in a way understood his love for her. (Lol sorry for the way it ended. I didn’t know how to say he was in love sorry.)

Draco Malfoy:

His love for Y/N was definitely something unique. Starting from his family’s reputation to carrying on the ‘date a pureblood Slytherin’ rule, he didn’t get much time to think about this but he surely observed the difference of his behavior in front of, let’s say everyone else, and when he was with her. When he noticed this, he realized had feelings for her and he knew it very well. But was conflicted to talk about it since he has to keep secrets about his family and in no way Y/N will like about his family’s plan or rather about their doings.

It was in the fourth year that he realized it. And she tried her best to hide her feelings as well, waiting for him to ask her to Yule Ball. But her hopes were crushed when she heard Pansy giggle in excitement that Draco asked her. Although she had deep feelings for him, she had her self respect. So she accepted to go with George. He wasn’t happy about this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Both knew what they wanted. But again, it’s easier said than done.

Ron Weasley:

This brat is so stupid I swear to god. Even after spending so much time with Ron, Y/N couldn’t do anything except flirting (which he rarely understood and even if he did he either blushed or laughed it off) or hugging him. That’s the only kind of way she had to express her feelings, because even if she did confess to him, the love will not really be LOVE if he didn’t understand his own feelings. But Ron being Ron, didn’t understand the body language and was stupid as ever. He was never the kind of guy who would understand these little things. It took time, it did, but eventually he realized his love for her, and she knew he would, like everyone did. He realized he actually adored those things that he thought annoyed him the most, and that wasn’t irritating at all. It was like a daily routine that made him complete. And it was definitely in the Second Wizarding War when he realized she did not have the mindset to annoy him anymore, everything seemed confusing, painful and lost to her.

Fred Weasley:

He knew it. Spending time with Y/N was always fun and she made sure that all the pranks they played were flawless, or atleast she tried. And when Lee Jordan asked them why they didn’t flirt with her, George just laughed and said, “I never saw her that way really.” Meanwhile Fred just sat there confused as to why he didn’t flirt. It wasn’t also like he didn’t want to. So later to get his answers, when he tried, he realized that she was the only girl he felt hesitated to flirt with. Or rather, if I say, she wasn’t a girl who was for flirting or winking from far away. She was the kind of girl who was meant to be loved.

George Weasley:

If you ask who George blushed around, Y/N was the right answer. After spending some time in Hogsmeade together, they stuck around each other. Not like they were always with each other but the one where whenever they passed, they made sure to do their signature handshake, which Fred found shocking, considering he never did that with him.

I know, it wasn’t anything like him, but there he stood, staring at her from the distance once again. And this time, accidentally or not, Y/N didn’t need to throw a paper ball at him in class.

Cedric Diggory:

Mr. Diggory was surprisingly different from what Y/N experienced before. He was not only sweet but caring too. He was surely manly and when it came to Quidditch or stuffs like that but he was so different when they were alone, um, in the library. You could say when it came to meet Y/N, his Hufflepuff traits were so visible to the people around. 

Cedric was very much surprised when he realized he was head over heels over this girl, who wasn’t swooning over him. It would’ve been easier for him to impress her if she did hung around with him and flirted with him quite often. But damn, she was hard as ever. While Cedric continued struggling his way in her heart, she kept it closed, keeping in mind her first encounter with Diggory.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver was not very surprised to realize his love for Y/N, because both of them knew they have something for each other. But the whole school was extremely taken aback when they really saw what was actually happening. Their feelings grew strong day by day, after they started talking with each other for the Quidditch team selection. Wood realized his love for her when he once caught his 'competitive friend’ secretly taking lessons and concentrating more on her flying skills, giving her best in this. At first he did misunderstand her by thinking that she was very desperate to prove herself better than him. He tried his best to ignore her for the following days.

But oneday, he saw her struggling to keep herself on her broomstick and heard her say, “Oh, I’m doing this for Wood. I mean, being his friend the least I could do to keep his reputation is improving my flying skills. He is obviously embarrassed.”

He felt very guilty to think so wrong of her.

“You don’t need to force yourself into something you’re not in order to be my friend.” He yelled, coming out of his hiding spot, “Everyone has their weaknesses." Like you’re mine.


How The World Works Chapter 2

Standing up, I sighed. “How many more of you are there?” I hurried down the stairs, John and George following behind me. Once I reached the laundry room, I swung open the door, already knowing what to expect. A man with straight, shoulder-length, brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He whipped around to face me.
“Who are you and where am I?!” He snapped.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you’re in 2017.” I replied gently, not wanting to anger him any further.
“2017…” He repeated, astonished. He spun around, taking in his surroundings, touching everything as he did so. He turned around to face me, most likely to ask questions, but then his eyes wandered behind me. “Laurens?” He asked, tears forming in his eyes.
“Hey there, Alex.” John greeted, walking in front of me. The two men wrapped each other in a hug, which lingered for a moment. Once they let go, Alex looked up at George, who nodded at him in fatherly way, which Alex returned.
He turned back around to face me. “I’m sorry for shouting at you Miss (Y/N), I believe that I should properly introduce myself. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” He stuck his hand out for me to shake, which I took happily.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Alex. You wouldn’t happen to know why you’re here, would you?” I asked, as I pulled my hand away.
“No, I ’m afraid that I don’t. I just died, then I woke up in your…” He trailed off.
“My laundry room.” I filled in, an amused grin making it’s way onto my face.
“You have and entire room just for laundry? Oh, I have so many questions.” He began. He ran around the house, picking everything up and asked for a detailed explanation of what it did. Eventually, he just walked up to my dining room table and gestured towards it.
“What is this?”
I stifled a laugh. “Alexander, that’s a table.”
“Oh, yeah.” He simply replied before moving onto his next victim, the lamp.
Throughout the night, we had two more people arrive. The first one was Hercules Mulligan. He was tall, not as tall as Washington though, and he had short, curly brown hair and brown eyes. He took everything pretty well, except for 2017’s fashion choices. He was shocked about that, but after some explaining he was fine. I will admit, I was a bit intimidated when I first met him. He looked like he wouldn’t hesitate to fight someone, but after some conversation, I learned that he was just a very loud teddy bear.
The second was Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert de Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. He had poofy brown hair, which he tamed up into a bun soon after coming here, and big brown eyes. He may or may not have screamed when he first got here, but once he saw his friends and they told him what was going on everything was fine. I soon learned that he was very flirty. He took any given opportunity to compliment me in his thick French accent, or to give me any subtle affection possible. Although, once you look past that part of his personality, he is quite the gentleman.
Soon enough, we all fell into conversation, the boys telling me about their war stories, meanwhile I told them about the future. They seemed so easy to talk to, which is surprising, considering that they are over 250 years old and just teleported from the 1700’s. Welp, that’s how it is, I guess.
After 45 minutes of talking with the guys, a familiar crash resonated throughout the house. Although, no one knew where it came from. We decided to split up and investigate. I walked around the lower floor, while I heard two muffled voices emerge from my closet.
“Get off of me, Jemmy!” The first man whisper-shouted.
“Thomas, I can’t. I’m stuck.” “Jemmy” responded. I lightly chuckled, and swung the door open. The two men fell out of the closet, landing on top of each other. (A/N: Spot the joke there, heh.) The man dubbed Thomas jumped up once he saw me. He approached me, while “Jemmy” stood up, brushing himself off.
“Holy shit, there are clones.” I mumbled, seeing as they looked just like Hercules and Lafayette.
“Hello, Miss. My name is Thomas Jefferson. Would you happen to know where we are?” He introduced himself, kissing my knuckles.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you’re in New York. The year is 2017.” I repeated for the 100th time that night. “BOYS, I FOUND THEM!” I shouted through the apartment.
As expected, the other men all rushed down the stairs, eager to see who the newest guest were. However, as soon as Alex made eye contact with Thomas, he groaned in annoyance, Thomas following in suit.
I laughed at their irritation, “I’m guessing you boys have a bad history?”
“Jefferson is the embodiment of arrogance!” He exclaimed, coming out muffled, due to the fact that his face was buried in his hands.
“Well, I wouldn’t be talking, Hamilton. How did Adams put it?” Jefferson replied, a smirk appeared onto his face. “You’re a creole bastard, after all. At least daddy’s behind you this time”
Alex balled his hands into tight fists, anger evident on his face. He stomped toward Jefferson, raising his fist up in the air. Quickly, I put myself in-between the two men, wrapping my small hand around his fist.
“Alex, he isn’t worth it. Calm down.” I said, gently, knowing that he wasn’t in the wrong. I eased his fist back down to his side, earning a snicker from Jefferson. I turned towards the man behind me, glaring at him. “And you. You watch your mouth while you’re staying in this house, do you understand that?” I demanded, harshly. He gulped, nodding frantically. I turned around, “You boys hungry?”
I had decided to call Pizza Hut, knowing that nowhere else was open at 2:00AM. We passed the time by explaining the future to Jefferson and Jemmy, who finally introduced himself as James Madison. Jefferson mocked Alex for having so many questions, but soon had plenty of questions of his own. Soon enough, the doorbell, which startled everyone, giving me quite the laugh. I stood up, paid for the pizza and set the three boxes down on one of the countertops. As I opened the box, the boys began eyeing it’s contents warily.
“It’s fine, you guys. Its just some breaded crust, with some..” I paused for a moment, remembering that tomatoes were considered highly poisonous in the 1700’s. “… Sauce and cheese. One of them has pepperonis on it. It’s pretty good.” I explained, convincingly. Apparently, it had worked as each of the men grabbed a slice or two, seeming to enjoy it.
As I finished eating, I soon realized that I didn’t have enough room for seven men and myself, so I decided to call my friend, Faith, as I remembered that she had a couple of spare air mattresses in her basement.
The phone rang a couple of times before she picked up. “Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” She greeted.
“Hey, do you still have those air mattresses in your basement?” I asked.
“Of course I do. I am an air mattress collector, after all. I have only the finest in my collection.” She joked.
“Ah yes. How could I forget?”
“Three of them are Norwegian.” I burst out in laughter, although quickly recovering as I remembered that I wasn’t alone. “All jokes aside, I still have them. Im guessing you need me to bring them over tonight?”
“Could you? If so that would be amazing. There’s something I gotta explain to you.”
“(Y/N), it’s 2:00 in the morning.”
“I have pizza and you can stay the night.”
“I’m on my way.” She replied, hanging up the call.
I turned towards the boys. “I have a friend coming over to join us named Faith. I need you guys to be on your best behavior.”
“There is no need to worry, (Y/N). We’ll be respectful of your friend.” George responded.
“It isn’t you that I’m worried about.” I said, moving my gaze toward Alex and Thomas. “Can you guys just try not to rip each others’ throats out for now? Please?” After a moment of silence, the two men grumbled in agreement, avoiding all eye contact. “Thank you.”
Suddenly, the doorbell rang once more. I jumped up to open the door. I was greeted by having and empty air mattress thrown at my face. Luckily, I managed to catch it, before I fell flat on my face. As I heard the boys walking out of the living room, I decided to explain everything to Faith before she freaked out. Quickly, I set the air mattress down. Now that I could see, Faith was having a staring contest with the guys.
As soon as she saw me looking at her, she whispered, “Are you having a gangbang or something?”
“Ew, no! This is what I have to explain. You see, I was walking home from my classes and this dude threw a book out his window. And when I opened it, everything flashed white and then these guys just started appearing all over my apartment. These guys meaning, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan. They say that they died, then just appeared here.” I rambled, nervously. I looked up at her to see that she was staring at me, one of eyebrows raised.
“What kind of drugs are you on?” She asked.
“I’m not on drugs! This actually happened.”
“Well then. This is probably the coolest to happen, ever! You have the founding fathers in your living room!! But how is that even possible?! They would have to have traveled through time, which isn’t even around yet, much less in their time, and- wait a minute. You said Alexander Hamilton was in here?”
“Yeah, he’s right there.” I pointed at him and he stepped forward.
“Hello, Miss Faith. It is a pleasure to-” he was cut off my her slapping him across the face.
“You’re a fucking moron, you know that right?”
“Faith stop!” I shouted, trying to avoid conflict.
“No, do you know what this asshole did? He cheated on his wife with a woman who was abused by her husband and then paid $1000 to keep seeing her, which is about 19,000 dollars today. And once he got caught, he wrote it down in a little something called the Reynolds Pamphlet, not only ruining his live, but Maria Reynolds’ live as well. Did you know she had a child to support? Did you even think about what you did?” She ranted.
“I’m sorry… I-” Alexander began, looking down at the ground, tears gathering in his eyes.
“Save it. (Y/N), can you help me get the mattresses out of my car?” She asked, looking at me as if nothing happened. I nodded, too shocked to say anything.
I stormed out after her, “What the hell was that for?”
“He deserved it. He-”
“Yeah, he messed up on something from 200 years ago. You can tell he feels guilty as all hell for it, just by looking at him. Just lay off, okay?” I interrupted, trying to get my point across.
She sighed, “Okay, fine. He’s still a dick though.”
“You know what? As long as you keep that to yourself you can think whatever you want. Im taking this inside.” I replied, ending the conversation by walking back inside.
We spent the next hour blowing the air mattresses up, and everyone turned in soon after. George took the couch, Jefferson and Madison shared a mattress, while Hercules and Lafayette shared the other. Meanwhile, Alex and John shared the guest bedroom, and Faith and I shared mine. I fell asleep quickly only to be woken up two hours later to hear soft crying coming from the hallway. Concerned, I snuck out of bed and quietly opened the door, as not to wake Faith up. As I looked around I saw a dark figure, knees pulled to their chest, softly sobbing. I turned the light on to see:

Missed (Philip Hamilton)

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Request: Anonymous- Modern Philip x reader where they make each other jealous at a party but hook up in the end.

Warnings: swearing, smut, fuckboy 

Word Count: 3,271


There was a loud knock on the door as Rosie was getting ready. She glanced at her alarm clock. George was twenty minutes early.

“Coming,” Rosie huffed and ran to get the door as she finished pulling on her dress.

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Happy Again - George Weasley x Reader

Hello! Been a while since I got something written. Sorry to come back with some angst, but hey I’m the Queen. This was requested by an anon, and I know that this might not have been what you were going for, but I like how it turned out. I hope you like it too! Enjoy! -Emma.xx

8, 11, 14 with George after Fred death ? Thx 

8) things you said when you were crying
11) things you said when you were drunk
14) things you said after you kissed me

WARNING: it’s angsty boo boos

notes: the Reader was in a relationship with Fred before he died. 

These past few months have been the worst of Y/N’s life. At the young age of twenty, she never imagined that she would’ve loved and lost like she has. She had always envisioned herself working with the twins at the shop for the rest of her life, spending it alongside her best friend and true love, George and Fred Weasley.

But that was blown to hell when Fred died. All of her dreams, all of her expectations were ripped away when Fred was taken away from her. Now she was left to just waste away, unable to bring herself back to who she was before. That Y/N died that day Fred did.

Tonight was one of her worser nights. Sitting in the corner of hers and Fred’s shared, once shared, room above the shop, the tears just would not stop. No matter how much she tried, no matter how much alcohol she consumed. Nothing made the pain go away.

Despite being mere feet away from each other, Y/N hardly ever saw George. He typically stayed in his room, only venturing out whenever she was safely back in her bedroom and out of sight. She presumed it hurt him too much to see her. She was kind of thankful for it, though. Seeing him would remind her too much of Fred, something she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle yet.

So the bottle in her hand was her only friend, her only solace. The alcohol was the one thing that could get her mind away from the pain and tears, settling for a more blissful nothingness. She drowned herself in alcohol instead of drowning in the suffocating loss and emptiness that would otherwise overwhelm her.

A knock on her door roused her out of her stupor, the bottle almost slipping from her hand and to the floor. Staggering up from the floor, she stumbled over to the bedroom door, pulling it open and leaning against the door frame for support. She was surprised to find Fred - no, George standing on the other side.

“You’re drunk,” he stated matter-of-factly before she got the chance to utter a word.

Nodding, she held up the more than half empty bottle, almost tumbling to the floor again from the momentum of lifting the bottle. But George reached out and caught ahold of her, drawing her towards his chest.

Stiffening at the sudden closeness, Y/N didn’t know what to feel. George reminded her so much of Fred, reminded her of what it felt like to be in Fred’s arms again, having him hold her tight. She almost fell apart right then, unable to contain the sudden love and loss she was experiencing.

George led her back to the bed silently, making sure to remove the bottle from her hand first. She’d had way too much, and he didn’t want it shattering on the floor for her to somehow get hurt. George felt like it was his duty to take care of Y/N now that Fred was gone, and he’d been neglecting his responsibilities for far too long now. He knew that she was getting drunk almost every night in her room, could hear her crying while he laid in bed awake at night. He could just never being himself to comfort her. Somehow it just felt wrong. But now here he was, sitting next to his dead brother’s girlfriend on their bed, holding her as she cried over him.

Y/N completely broke down then, being held in George’s arms against his chest. He felt like Fred, smelled like Fred; if she closed her eyes and imagined hard enough, he was Fred. She knew it was wrong to think like this, she just missed Fred so much. She couldn’t help that she had a carbon copy of him right in front of her, she couldn’t help herself from feeling like this.

“George, I-”

“Stop,” he interrupted, pulling back from her so he could look down at her. “Don’t say what I know you’re going to say. I know this feels wrong, I know this feels like you’re betraying Fred. But you’re not. This is two best friends trying to comfort each other after we both lost the most important person in our lives. Okay?”

All she could do was nod. She was drunk, she was exhausted. She would agree with anything that he told her right now. If he told her that Fred was alive put asleep in the other room, she’d believe him. If he told her to lay back on the bed so he could kiss her–

Where did that come from, she thought to herself, unknowingly letting a frown settle in her face. George immediately noticed the change in Y/N’s demeanor, a nervousness settling over him. Had he said something wrong?

“Y/N?” he said tentatively, anxious to hear her response.

Turning her gaze up to him, she studied his face, finding only Fred in his features. She knew it was wrong, she knew this was so wrong, but all she wanted to do was press her lips against his. To feel like Fred was here with her just one more time. Maybe it was the alcohol thinking for her, maybe this was what she really wanted. But when it came down to it, it was wrong.

“Y/N, are you alright-”

But now it was her turn to interrupt him. As soon as the thought had crossed her mind, she knew she wasn’t going to stop thinking about it until she finally acted upon it. She knew she was about to potentially ruin one of the only connections she had left to Fred, but she just needed to feel like she was with him one last time. She didn’t care what happened after that.

So against Y/N’s better judgement, not that the booze in her system would let her consult it anyways, she cupped George’s face in her hands, bringing their lips together. At first, George went rigid against her touch. Everything in him was screaming to push her away, she wasn’t thinking straight. But another part of him wanted to pull her closer to him, to indulge in this one last act of Fred being here with them.

Y/N was surprised when George started kissing her back. She wasn’t expecting to get this kind of reaction from him; she was expecting to be pushed away, to be scolded for doing something so wrong and stupid. But here he was, pulling her closer, tighter to him, like he was afraid she’d slip away from him just like Fred had.

This spurred her on, swinging a leg over him so she was now straddling his lap. Her hands were still on each side of his face, his hands now settled on her hips. The kiss continued to get more and more heated, Y/N losing herself further and further in George’s, Fred’s touch. She couldn’t distinguish the two anymore. They blended together in her mind, like a blurred photograph taken while the camera was in motion.

She didn’t know how long they carried on like this, getting lost in each other as they tried to find Fred once more. It wasn’t until she felt George’s hands slip under her jumper that she finally pulled away from him, panting. She searched his face, waiting for him to tell her off for being such an idiot. But those words never came. He just stared back at her with the same dumbfounded look she wore.

“What did we-”

“Y/N, don’t.”

“No! Let me speak, George!” she said, sliding from his lap to pace - more like stumble - back and forth in front of him. “That… That was wrong of us, George. We shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t want you to think that I’m using you because I miss Fred. I do, and you just remind me so much of him…”

Pausing, she took in a shaky breath before continuing, “I miss him, George. It hurts me so much that he’s not here with us anymore, but it hurts me even more to see you. It’s hard to tell you apart sometimes. Your looks, your voice. It’s him, George. Every time I see you. And it’s hard for me to stop myself when I see you. I just… I just wanted to be with him one last time.”

The tears were threatening reappearance so she hastily wiped her jumper sleeves across her eyes. She’d done enough crying, she didn’t think she had it in her to do any more. Turning her back to him, she just held her head in her hands. Her breathing was shallow now, almost like she was on the verge of hyperventilation. I’m going to be sick, I feel lightheaded, she thought.

Feeling arms wrap around her once more, she couldn’t stop herself from leaning back into George’s chest. For comfort, for support. His chin came down to rest on her shoulder, his face turned towards her neck. She felt his nose brush gently across her skin, sending an involuntary shiver down her spine.

“I know, Y/N. I know it felt wrong…” George started softly, “I know I look like him, but I can’t help it. Blame Mum and Dad for that one. But don’t feel guilty or ashamed. First, you’re drunk right now. You can’t entirely help what you’re doing. And while I’m not being much help, I understand. You want to feel close to Fred again. So do I. And you did make me feel like he was here again. Not the best way to go about doing it, but I’d say our options are limited. Just listen to me when I say this, Y/N. We’re not betraying Fred. We’re just trying to be happy again.”

The words rang in her ears, sounding truth but it was hard for her to accept it. It almost felt like she was cheating on Fred with Fred. But she knew it was George, which made her feel even worse about it. Screwing her eyes shut, she turned her head away from George. She didn’t know what to think or say, she didn’t know how to feel right now.

But he did get one thing right. They both deserved to be happy. And if this is what made them happy, they’d just have to make things work.

Pool Party

* Lafayette × Reader
* 2-45: All I know is that the stars have never looked brighter than in this moment with you
* Modern

A/N: OK I gift thee another Lafayette imagine! Uh so I got a new phone, which I use to write, so there may be more typos than normal as this phone is currently going nuts with auto correct. Besides that, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,867


You wish you could say you were glad that summer break had finally rolled around. It was the end of your first year of college, and sure you were happy for the break. You were not so happy about being apart from your new friends.

Hercules Mulligan went back to New York. John Laurens complained for weeks about returning home to South Carolina. And Alexander Hamilton and Lafayette went back to Virginia to their foster parents the Washingtons.

You missed them all so much. You missed Hercules’ loud booming voice. You missed watching and laughing at John’s shameless flirting. You missed counting how many cups of coffee Alexander drank daily. And you missed Lafayette. There were too many thinks about him you liked and missed to just narrow it down to one.

He was handsome and funny and kind and he had an accent and his habit of slipping back into french. He could bake and he always went out of his way to cheer up anyone of the gang. He was pretty amazing.

With your longing to see them all again, you were happy that Alexander suggested the gang all meets up at his house for a week or two. Of course everyone readily agreed which led to an insane amount of planning. You, Hercules, and John tried to get planes that came in the same day. And surprisingly you succeeded. And your plane would be the first one into Virginia of that day.

So you sat in plane, anxiously tapping your foot which was annoying your seat mate. You tried to listen to music or read a book but you we so excited to see Alexander and Lafayette and the guys again. Finally, the plane landed so you grabbed you personal bag and went to the baggage claim.

Standing near the arrival board were Alexander and Lafayette. There backs were turned as they tried to figure out which flight was yours and where your luggage would be. Still, it was hard to mistake the pair. Alexander was short compared to Lafayette and Lafayette’s hair was easy to spot. Wild curls detained in a fluffy pony tail.

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“The idea of double tracking the sarod, to produce a call and response, was literally revolutionary in Indian music. It was part of the soundboard legacy Harrison had learned from George Martin, and the other Beatles, through the hothouse 1966-67 period of intense creativity.” - excerpted from “The Music of George Harrison: While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Simon Leng pgs 29,30

“By the late years, we both knew what we could do. We’re going way back now: When I first started [at Parlophone], when I was really young, George and Norman Smith [the engineer on Beatles albums up to 1965’s Rubber Soul] were putting together the Beatles’ first album [1963’s Please Please Me], and it was the album that “Misery” was on. It was a George Harrison guitar line on “Misery,” and it needed it a different sound to make it more interesting. I realized at this point that what George [Martin] did is he played the tape at half speed and put the little piano part, which was the same as the guitar part, underneath to play along with the guitar. When you play it back at normal speed, the harmonics are different — and it has that special sound. So from that moment on, as far as I was concerned, I knew that you could create things from doing things like that. That’s when the seed was planted for me, straight from George. “ - Geoff Emerick, “Beatles Engineer Geoff Emerick On How George Martin Changed the Game“, The Pitch, 15 March 2016

Remembering Sir George Martin (3 January 1926 – 8 March 2016)


George being super cute, and also being ignored by Dusty Springfield, on Ready, Steady, Go! on October 4, 1963. This was the Beatles debut appearance on RSG. 

“A friend was designing sets for Ready, Steady, Go!, and he invited me to their first live TV performance. They were wearing the famous grey, buttoned-up suits, which really stood out at the time. I was the only one at the rehearsal when they played this song. To me it sounded like very good rock ‘n’ roll. But it wasn’t just the music, it was their personalities, the way they looked, the whole thing.”
[Peter Blake (the artist who later did Sgt Pepper’s), via The Beatles Bible]

Bad Reputation (Part Eight) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hello everyooooone! I’m baaaack! hahahaha honestly guys the response this story is getting is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! you guys are more than awesome for liking it so much! :D and here’s part eight! idk why my chapters keep getting longer and longer so if it becomes annoying tell me and I’ll make them shorter ;) alright, here we go! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter! :D

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Bad Reputation

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 9] [Part 10[Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13[Part 14]

(Y/N) snapped her head up from her book when she noticed someone sitting in front of her. Well, not someone; some ones.

“Did I do or say anything last time I saw you to make you think this was okay?” she asked glaring at none other than the famous Weasley twins smirking back at her.

“Why dear, (Y/N), we expected a bit more gratitude on your side” Fred said offended.

“We did take you to Hogsmeade, after all, or have you forgotten that?” George continued equally hurt.

“I said thank you and gave you guys Honeydukes candy” she defended herself. “That doesn’t mean you can seat with me.”

“You don’t mind when Oliver does it” George stated.

“I don’t mind Oliver’s company” she said smirking at them.

“Noticed that, George?” Fred asked.

“Mhm, Oliver, not Wood” George pointed out. “Interesting” they finished together wiping the smirk off (Y/N)’s face.

“Is there a point of this whole scene or can I go back to my book?”

“Glad you asked” they said at the same time. “We have noticed you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with our friend Oliver” George said with a sly smirk.

“Of course I am, he’s my mentor” she said rolling her eyes.

“And is that all he is?” Fred said as both twins raised their eyebrows at the witch in front of them.

“Well… yeah” she said trying to sound sure but failing.

“Do you believe that, Georgie?”

“Not for a minute, Freddie” George replied both smirks back on.

“See, we believe that you actually fancy our dear Oliver Wood” Fred said making (Y/N) choke a little on her pumpkin juice.

“W-what? That is the stupidest thing I have ever h-heard” she said with a nervous laugh. Shit.

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( my Ravenclaw moodboard so please don’t steal) (:

Being George Weasley’s Ravenclaw girlfriend would include:

  • Study dates 
  • Forehead kisses 
  • Silently cheering for him during Quidditch matches when Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are playing each other 
  • George first meeting you in first year while you’ve buried yourself in books at the library and him coming up with a cheesy pickup line to strike a conversation 
  • “Hey beautiful, are you a library book? Cause you’ve got-”             "Starter spells and background to magic written all over me? I don’t think so." 
  • George instantly falling for you after you sass him back 
  • Being the brains behind most of Fred and Georges pranks 
  • Ginny adoring you and Hermione looking up to you 
  • Trying to mold your friend group together 
  • Having your first date at Zonko’s which involves George running around like a child on a sugar high showing you all of his favorite products 
  • George’s friends making fun of you two 
  • "Aw c'mon, love. They only do it because they’re jealous." 
  • Helping George finish his papers 
  • Holding hands in the hallways 
  • Attempting to sneak one another in each other’s common rooms but failing 
  • George teaching you how to play Quidditch 
  • "You’re doing great, darling! It’s a good thing you’re not on the Ravenclaw team, Gryffindor might actual lose to them if that was the case." 
  • George managing to get you to step out of your shell and cause some trouble 
  • “You just gotta let your hair down and not care if you get caught, Y/n.”  “George I strongly disagree with your methods of living but I suppose it could be fun.”                                                                                     “That’s the spirit, love!”
  • Him being extremely protective over you 
  • George standing up for you when people make fun of you 
  • Helping him pick out gifts to give to his mother for her birthday 
  • Cute dates at Hogsmeade 
  • Forcing George into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and him being utterly uncomfortable at all the love sick couples which makes you laugh feeling a similar way
  • The two of you leaving before you even order and making jokes about all the weird couples in there for the rest of the night
  • “And did you see that couple in the back, they had the weirdest pet names for each other; pumpkin, bubs, bunny boo, pookie bear, I thought I was going to be sick. The she was feeding him his tea like he was a child!”                                                                                                        “I know! And then she would wipe his face as if he couldn’t do it on his own! I’m surprised they’re even old enough to be accepted into Hogwarts by the way they were acting.”
  • George calming you down after you get stressed over your studies 
  • Late night cuddles which includes you being the little spoon and George the big but every once in a while the roles are switched on George’s bad days.
  • George constantly complaining about how much you study and trying to get you to loosen up
  • Him distracting you from your studies with kisses
  • Going to the Weasley’s for Christmas and sharing a mug of steamy hot chocolate with George 
  • Molly knitting George and you matching red and blue scarfs 
  • Being appointed a Ravenclaw Head Girl your seventh year and George teasing you for it 
  • Having been a Ravenclaw Perfect every other year which George laughs about seeing as him and his brother were the only ones in their family not to be Gryffindor Perfects.
  • Tons of cute and adorable moments together 
  • Snowy walks around the castle 
  • Everyone talking about how you two are a perfect match
  • Getting into arguments every once in a while about how much time you two spend apart due to being in separate houses 
  • Surprising the life out of George when you prank him 
  • "Wow love, I didn’t think you had it in you." 
  • George inviting you as his date to Bill and Fleur’s wedding
  • Nearly having a heart attack when you find out George scored higher than you on the Potions exam
  • “It’s only because I have the best tutor in the world, Y/n.”
  • George coming up with new riddles everyday for you to solve
  • “What goes up but-”                                                                            “Age.”                                                                                                 “How did you know that? I hadn’t even finished!”                                     “It’s a pretty common riddle, George.”                                             “Nonsense, its only because I have the most brilliant girlfriend in the entire school.”
  • George bragging to his friends about you
  • Fred invading a good handful of George and your dates
  • Being a power couple at Hogwarts
  • Other students admiring you two for how sweet and kind George and you are
  • Having long conversations with George’s father Arthur when you come to visit for the holidays about various Muggle terms and items.
  • Molly Weasley being your guys biggest shipper
  • George comforting you after you get your first detention due to Umbridge
  • “Don’t worry love, that pink toad will pay eventually for all of this. Fred and I have got a few ticks up our sleeves.”
  • George grumbling to you about how ‘unfair’ it is that he can’t enter into the Triwizard Tournament
  • “Don’t worry about it, George. You would’ve only had eternal glory had you won, not such a big loss.”                                                       
  • Sitting together during the Triwizard Tournament and cheering on Harry
  • “Well done dragon!”                                                                         “George, don’t cheer on the dragon!”                                                       “Sorry, sweetheart. What I meant to say was, you got it Harry!”
  • Him sneaking you into the Gryffindor common room after Harry’s victory to celebrate together
  • George refusing to leave you behind and taking you with him to start up Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, besides they needed the brains of the operation with them if they wanted to be successful



AU: Derek and Casey dated before their parents were even dating. When their parents announced their engagement, it came as a huge surprise to both Derek and Casey, but because Casey wanted her mother happy, she allowed her mom and George to get married–which had surprised Derek, because he wasn’t going to allow it. Casey convinced Derek that the two wouldn’t last anyway, so why not allow their parents to be happy? Derek on the other hand felt like it had all been decided for him and he was unhappy. After their parents got married, all Derek did was irritate and annoy Casey which was his way of venting his bottled feelings–and he enjoyed the reaction he’d elicit from his former ex, now step-sister.. This took Casey by surprise because the Derek she knew was not the Derek she knows now. In the end, it all comes down to one thing–they still have feelings for each other, but Casey would never cross the line, even if it means she could lose a valuable friendship.

“Derek, this needs to stop. The old videos need to go, you need to delete everything unless you want Mom and George to find out about our past. What’s wrong with you? You were different, so what happened?”

            "–What happened was you and your decision. What happened was this marriage. You might have thought we wouldn’t have worked out, but you were wrong. You’re still wrong because I love you. We could have worked out but you chose for me and now we’re both miserable.“ There was a short pause and through gritted teeth, Derek said what he thought he’d never say. 

            "I will never forgive you Casey.”

He watched as she turned around and walked away. He knew he had hurt her, but she had hurt him more. He knew she still loved him, but she decided their ending for them. Who was to say he would ever make it easy for her?

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty)

spremise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: Satellite - All Time Low
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,485
warnings: nothin really except swearing?? i went easy on u guys
a/n: IM REALLY TIRED SO IM NOT EDITING THIS WE DIE LIKE MEN HSDGKJDG ((I’ll prob edit it tomorrow but i wanted to get the chapter out
all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @writethewayout @passmethegoddamnball @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy

dedication: @schokoobananaa for their AMAZING PIECE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH ((ive been thinking about it all day tbh))

When Alexander pulled the car into the driveway, there was a dim light on the horizon which indicated that the sun was going to rise soon. He checked the clock on the dashboard. It was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning. Yawning, Alexander shut off the engine and tapped John lightly on the shoulder. They had been sitting quietly together until around an hour earlier, when he dozed off with his cheek pressed against the window. As hard as it was for Alexander to keep entertained by himself, he let John sleep.

They had two weeks to discuss what happened.

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Olivia Harrison with, among others, Eric Idle and Jeff Lynne by the (original) George Harrison Tree in L.A.’s Griffith Park; and the marker denoting the (now, as of 2015, re-planted) tree. Photos © LA Independent; AP.

Below are excerpts from letters written by Olivia to mark the original planting in 2002, and the re-planting in 2015:

“George used to say that for the forest to be green, each tree must be green. He referred of course to the way in which society and mankind will evolve into a higher consciousness, one by one. He planted many trees, more than his share, just like he did more than his share to change the way a generation thinks about the loftier subjects of life. I spent 27 years with George, and his message never changed, from his first steps onto the spiritual path to his last day. He said the only questions he was interested in were the ones most people had no time to try and answer for themselves: ‘Who am I? What am I doing here? And where am I going?’ He was the most unique person I have ever met: kind, loving, astute, compassionate, and extremely funny. I join you in honoring his memory on what would have been his 59th birthday. We love you, George, and miss you, and hope the spiritual awakening will grow as tall and strong as this tree being planted in your honor.” - Olivia Harrison, 25 February 2002

“As we plant this tree on George’s birthday, let’s hope it stays here for centuries as a marker of the light he was in this world.” - Olivia and Dhani Harrison, 25 February 2015

historival-deactivated20170922  asked:

okay so i saw that you love king george iii and i was just wondering why? i mean, i'm american and we are wired to Not Like him and according to horrible histories the british people usually just view him as "that crazy king" so i want to know the softer, more lovingly side of him

Oh you should get know him! I was pretty much the same in the beginning, really. Before I read about him I too, like many others, labelled him as the insane King that failed at imperialism. But then I finally read about him, and he became one of my absolute favourite monarchs. He’s a strange and intriguing character, in a way, with contradicting qualities to him at times. But here’s a brief overview of the ‘softer, more loving side’ of George III:

George was born a few weeks prematurely, and was belived to have very little chance to survive, but he lived. He was always a very sensitive and easily frightened child, timid and reserved, but with a very strong sense of duty. He made steady but somewhat slow progress in his lessons. This was because his born inability to concentrate, but also due to the people appointed to educate him. When his father died suddenly, the position of heir to the throne fell onto George, who became paralized with fear about his new position. Being as easily intimidated and sensitive, it caused him to feel the pain of losing his father on a physical scale, too. ‘I feel it here,’ he said putting a hand on his chest, ‘ just as I did when I saw two workmen fall from the scaffold at Kew.’  It didn’t help that his mother pretty much cut him off from the court, rarely ever letting him go there, and shielding her children from the ‘dark and twisted, on the verge of corruption’ society outside, and made sure her children were pious. This caused George to gain those same views on society - that it was dark and twisted - and he was still very panicked about his new status as heir. This lead to quite an event at St. James’ Palace when George was visiting his grandfather. The King struck him several times because of how irratated he was at his lack of confidence, and George would later avoid going to St. James’ Palace at all cost.

And then came to the rescue Lord Bute - who became George’s best and only friend he’d have. Their letters share a warmth that none of George’s other letters - they have a warmth similar to that of a warmth between father and son. George became solely devoted to his new mentor, one whom even his mother deemed worthy. Much like Augusta, Bute too shared the view of the ‘ dark and twisted’ society, and continued to press thoe onto George. The young Prince seeked Bute’s advice in many, many things and became dependant on him. Bute in return gave him oppurtunites to gain confidence and guided him towards his future kingship, helping George be less afraid of it. At a point where George became smitten with Lady Sarah Lennox, Bute advised against it, and his pupil followed his advice. Bute also helped and guided George in the choosing of his queenm - who ended up being Charlotte. George became very committed to reshaping kingship, and being a different king from his predecessors. He had very modern ideas for someone about to be King in the 18th century. When George finally became King he made an inexperienced decision of assigning Bute to the post of Prime Minister/ First Minister, which eventually lead to Bute resigning because of the riots it eventually caused. Bute’s resignition caused George to draw even closer to his wife, it still struck hard, - Bute after all, had been pretty much his closest and only friend - and even after his resignition, George wrote to him for advice.

George also had very modern ideas about family life, and wished to be different from previous Kings by not taking mistresses. He and Charlotte viewed this in a very similar way, and were very affectionate towards each other. George became extremely fond of Charlotte, and refused to go anywhere without her. He advised her not to make any friends in the court for the time being, and while she wasn’t all too happy about it at first, she would later thank him at an older age for it in one of her letters. George was also a very affectionate - though at times conditionally so - father, and used to drop any sense of monarchial dignity to plauy with his little children on the carpet in the nursery or drawing room, crawling around with them and getting under tables. He did become harsher on his elder boys, George and Frederick, when they left the nursery, and thought it best. He was particularly harsh on George IV, believing he was doing the best for him, though he was going the wrong way about it. Though there are two letters sent to Frederick and George just before his period of insanity in which he spills out his feelings for them. He was deeply attatched to his children, and when Alfred died at the age of two, George was grief stricken, and when Octavius, his favourite, died a year after, his grief increased. He proclaimed that he would rather be “80, or 90, or dead”, and almost ordered a painting of his whole family to be cancled, but when he saw the face of Octavius on it, he asked the painter to continue.

He was usually very cheerful and optimisstic in conversation, and had a rather heavy sense of humour. George was often described as quite pleasant company, despite a condition which made him repeat “what what” at the ends of most of his sentences. He was also fascinated with mechanisms, and kept quite a large collection of different contraptions at Windsor. In the very beginning of his first period of madness, George cried heavily into Prince Frederick’s shoulder, saying “ I wish to God I may die, for I am going to be mad.”

Of course that is not to say he was perfect; he wasn’t. But’s it’s his somewhat contradicting and complex character, his view on things, his relationshsips and his ideas that make me love him as much as I do. With George you have to remember that he was, just like everyone, human, and that he did go through rough times, like anyone else. He was a good King in many aspects, just like the fact that there were things he needed to work on. You do not have to love him as much as I do, you are free to your opinions! But I do recommend reading about him eventually!

Okay I’m posting from tumblr mobile and I can’t do cuts or text posts with images so I’ll make this short, but I wanted to just scream a little about Hamilton. It almost didn’t happen because today of all days we had a medical emergency in the family and we were scrambling all over New York for wound care (it was awful) but thankfully we got it taken care of, and then on top of that we didn’t realize the Hamilton tickets were for 7 instead of 8 and suddenly my mom looks at the tickets and screams that the show started in half an hour. But we got there on time and it was, as you can guess, amazing.

The original cast were all there, save for Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson), but that’s alright because his understudy Andrew Chapelle was adorable and even rocks the same hair. Renee (Angelica) was amazing irl and Leslie Odom (Burr) blew me away. My favorite part was when Leslie was beginning the Adams Administration song after Groff (King George) sings I Know Him, and Groff stayed on stage and did a little cutesy wiggle-smile in his chair and made Leslie crack up while he was trying to sing, which was an adorable very real moment. Also, I didn’t know a lot about the staging going into it since I had only seen photos and not video clips and the way they incorporated the spinning stage into the dances and the duels was so damn cool, especially during The World Turned Upside Down and the very last duel. And I loved how they give a Reynolds pamphlet to the orchestra conductor (have you read this??) Lin-Manuel was incredible and I was lucky enough to be in the fourth row so not only did I get to be up close but I could actually see tears on his face in Its Quiet Uptown. In fact, Angelica, Eliza, Burr, and Hamilton all shed real tears during the emotional moments and I love how much heart the actors put into their characters. Phillipa (Eliza) had me in tears at the end, the whole last sequence is just devastating and inspiring and god I love this musical. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough (lucky three times over on top of having tickets, what with the emergency and having the time wrong) to see it.

Thank you @linmanuel for your amazing talent and blessing the world with this musical. <3

anonymous asked:

When did GRRM say he was going to put Jon and Arya together originally? And why do you think Jonerys is definite... like I'm sure it'll happen for a bit, but not a ~happily ever after way

a few years ago the original outline was leaked which had jonrya as well as a love triangle between jon, arya and tyrion lol. i think it’s definite because there is a lot of foreshadowing for it and according to a director, george basically said that the series was very much centred around them, you know, ice and fire. here’s another time george kind of foreshadowed it directly in an interview (sorry i can’t find the original gifset link). but i don’t think they’ll have a happily ever after at all. george may be a creep but he doesn’t portray incest in a positive light lol so even though it will be accidental incest, i think there will be, possibly indirect, consequences, like both of them dying :o

Phaeton Driving the Chariot of the Sun
Benjamin Green (British; 1739–1798) after George Stubbs (British; 1724–1806)
The British Museum, London | © Trustees of the British Museum

Published and sold by Benjamin Green, “Drawing Master to Christs Hospital & at the Print Shops.”

Meanwhile the restless horses neigh’d aloud,
Breathing out fire, and pawing where they stood.
Tethys, not knowing what had past, gave way,
And all the waste of Heav’n before ‘em lay.
They spring together out, and swiftly bear
The flying youth thro’ clouds and yielding air;
With wingy speed outstrip the eastern wind,
And leave the breezes of the morn behind.
The youth was light, nor cou’d he fill the seat,
Or poise the chariot with its wonted weight:
But as at sea th’ unballass’d vessel rides,
Cast to and fro, the sport of winds and tides;
So in the bounding chariot toss’d on high,
The youth is hurry’d headlong through the sky.
Soon as the steeds perceive it, they forsake
Their stated course, and leave the beaten track.
The youth was in a maze, nor did he know
Which way to turn the reins, or where to go;
Nor wou’d the horses, had he known, obey.

(Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book II; trans. by Sir Samuel Garth, John Dryden, et al.)

Time For Us - George Weasley Imagine


Couldja do one where y/n (muggleborn) is at the burrow and George wants to have some alone time with her, but Arthur keeps asking her things about muggle stuff, not realizing george wants him to leave? idk, do what you want with it, thanks haha

~George’s POV~

When I invited the love of my life to my house, I thought we would be cuddling in my room, planning a prank, or just doing something together! But no! My dad had to ruin it! Here we are on a regular Thursday morning, the whole kitchen filled with red and gold decor due to Christmas only being a week and a half away. “Now (Y/n) can you tell me the function of a toaster?” My dad, Arthur Weasley, who asked my girlfriend yet another question to make me even more frustrated. I rolled my eyes as my girlfriend tried to find the right words to the question “Well… Um… It looks like a box and when you push down the lever the bread gets…. Toasted by the little heat waves that are coming from the metal on the sides” she said awkwardly. “Okay. What’s the function of a television?” He asked, everyone let out a deep sigh.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Okay. What’s the function of a television?” Mr. Weasley asked me, I looked down ‘I don’t wanna let George down by being a sucky girlfriend and not answering his fathers questions right!’ I screamed in my head “Um… There’s a glass screen in the front and…” I just got lost at words I didn’t even know what to say. I felt George grab my hand and give it a light squeeze as I returned with a harder squeeze “it’s okay” he whispered in my ear before turning to his father “I think that’s enough questions for today” he told his dad seriously as I looked at the food on my plate. “Oh. Okay” Mr. Weasley said a little disappointed that he didn’t get answers for his other many questions he had in mind.

The rest of the day consisted of many question which actually made me a bit light headed but George always managed to steal me away. Everywhere I went Mr. Weasley would just appear out of nowhere! “I have this last question w-” Mr. Weasley said quickly but not quick enough. George took ahold of my hand and dragged me up to his bedroom. We barley managed seven minutes of cuddling before the door partly opened “sorry to interrupt you two but dinner will be ready in a few minutes” Mrs. Weasley said sweetly “Also I’m very sorry for Arthur’s inappropriate behavior this past few days it’s just that he loves muggles and muggle things I’m sorry” “No it’s okay. If I was fascinated in something I would probably ask questions” I assured her. She just gave me a bright smile and left the room, George laughed aloud “What?” I asked him “Darling. You don’t have to lie to get my dad off the hook” George snickered “I did not lie!” I squeaked knowing that he was right.

“Yeah right” he laughed grabbing my waist and pulling me onto the bed with him. He snuggled his face deep into the crook of my neck “I wish my dad would just leave you alone I want time for us. together.” He said sadly “George. Every minute. Every second. That were together feels like a million years to me. And I hope that it stays that way. As long as we see each other that will be enough for me to be happy. I love you George Weasley and those words will stay with me as long as I shall live” I said merely above a whisper “Oh (Y/n) (Y/l/n) you always know the perfect words. And I will love you till the day I die - wait no! I’ll love you till this world is nothing more than just ashes because I will love you in this life and after because I can’t even imagine a day without seeing that beautiful face of yours” he whispered putting kisses on my neck all the way up to my jaw line. I grabbed his face in my hand and looked into his dreamy brown eyes which always seem to sparkle when I’m around him. “How did I ever get so lucky?” I asked as he leaned closer to my face “I was about to ask you the same thing” he said before attaching our lips together. It was soft and passionate as always, these are the kisses that always brightened up my day no matter what.

“(Y/n)! George! Dinners ready!” Mrs. Weasley screamed from downstairs. George sighed before pecking my lips “we better go. We all know how mum gets when someone’s late to dinner” George said jokingly. I giggled by his comment and exited the room with George by my side. At the beginning of the dinner I saw Mr. Weasley give me a few questionable glances he probably wanted to ask a question but was nervous. “Um… (Y/n)… Can you tell me the function of a rubber duck?” Mr. Weasley whispered to me from across the table, only me and George heard him while the rest talked amongst them selves. George was really mad at this point his face was a deep shade of red probably even redder than my favorite blood colored lipstick. “Oh Look! It’s a Television!” George gasped pointing at the window that was directly behind Mr. Weasley, Arthur jumped out of his seat and went straight to the window like a little kid wanting something from the display case “Where?!” Mr. Weasley said eagerly opening the window and looking from side to side.

George stood up out of his seat and picked me up tightly in his arms. He ran out of the kitchen as fast as he can not wanting his dad to see us. For the rest of the break at the burrow Mr. Weasley became confused as to why his son would lie to him about a muggle item being in the front yard. But after a short talk from Ginny he gets the whole point and apologizes dearly to me and George.


⚡️'What do we want to be Prefects for?’ said George, looking revolted at the very idea. 'It’d take all the fun out of life.'⚡️

When We Were Young

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You were groggy, waking up. Bleary eyed and confused, you sat up. It took a few blinks and some heartfelt rubbing to rid the fog from your eyes. When you could finally see, you gaped. You were laying on the floor in King’s Cross Station, only it was clean and devoid of people. You stood, pleased to discover that the aches from your joints were not there. You started walking, hoping to find something to help you find out exactly what was going on.

As you walked, you passed a window. Stopping for a moment, you looked in surprise at your reflection. Your hair was down, the color restored to its original color. Your skin was clear and smooth, your eyes bright. Your smile radiates with real teeth. You looked like you were 20 years old again. you placed your hand over your mouth to keep from sobbing. You understood now. You had died. It had been a long time coming, your health slowly deteriorating over the last few months. It had finally happened. And this is where you went when you died? A clean but abandoned Kings Cross? This had to be some sick joke. You spun around, in search of someone to explain.

It didn’t take long before you saw a lone figure standing between platforms 9 and 10. You couldn’t make out their features as they were covered in shadow. But you walked toward them with your head held high. You were certain that if you still had a heartbeat it would racing at the moment, however. It was eerie, seeing a single person aside from yourself standing in the only shadows in the whole place. Everything else was bright and rather cheerful looking. As you got closer, the light seemed to chase the shadows away, and just before you reached platform 9, you stopped dead in your tracks. You couldn’t help the gasp that escaped your lips upon seeing the young man standing just a few short feet away from you.

He was tall, rather lanky. His brown eyes shone with glee, and his smirk was enough to make your still heart ache. Your hands started to shake, and you could feel tears gather in your eyes. He laughed, and you swore it was the most beautiful sound you had ever heard. You followed the movement as his hand ruffled the bright red hair on his head.

“Fred.” You whispered.


You screamed in excitement, rushing from the stands and onto the Quidditch Pitch with everyone else. Gryffindor had finally won the Cup after years of being defeated by the Slytherin’s. You cheered as loud as you could, not caring that your throat would be sore for the rest of the day. you reached the Gryffindor team and pulled Fred and George into a tight hug. They lifted you up in their arms, spinning you around in their excitement. You laughed, giving them each a congratulatory kiss on their flushed cheeks. You pulled away and watched the school minus the Slytherin’s celebrate. Fred and George lifted Harry onto their shoulders and paraded him around, the Golden Snitch clutched tightly in his hand. Your heart burst in happiness for your best friends.


“Run!” you yelled, dashing down the hallway with Fred and George in tow. You raced through the school, trying to get Flitch off your tale. The boys had just finished setting up their latest prank, and you had helped keep an out for the old caretaker. You had spotted him in time to warn the Twins and make your escape. If you were lucky he hadn’t heard your yell. You vaguely doubted it.

Reaching the main entrance, you, Fred, and George burst out of the castle and onto the grounds. It was late afternoon; classes had ended an hour ago. Students milled around, taking in the last bit of sunlight before night fell. You slowed your run to a trot when you got closer to the hill you and the boys always sat on when you had free time. It was by the lake, overlooking the dark water. You sat with a huff, your heart racing. Fred and George each took a seat on one of your sides, and the silence rang through the air or a moment as you all caught your breath. Minutes passed, and you looked at your two best friends. They looked at you, and in mutual understanding, everyone burst into laughter.


“I’m telling you guys, half of the female population has major crushes on you.” You tell the boys, sitting with them outside on one of the rare warm and sunny days. You had your Transfiguration book open in your lap, trying to get in some study time before the next test.

“See? I told you she had a crush on Georgie.” Fred nudged his brother in the rib with his elbow, a smirk planted firmly on his face. You tried to keep your heart beat steady. That grin did major things to you.

“Oi, shut it.” George grumbled, which only made Fred laugh.

“So you like her back! Oh that’s perfect.” You looked up from your book in surprise.

“Do you like her George?” you asked sincerely, and he looked at you. Fred settled down, giving his brother the same look you were. You always admired the way Fred was able to go from joking to serious in a heartbeat. He always knew when it was time to play and when it was time to listen. It was one of the main reasons you had started falling for him. George gave a nodded, and you couldn’t help but let out a little squeal.

“Oh, Georgie, that’s wonderful! You should ask her out! Just on one date. There’s a Hogsmead weekend coming up, you should ask her to go with you.” You gushed, happy that George had found someone.

“You really think she had a crush on me?” he asked, looking down the hill at the girl sitting closer to the lake.

“I know for a fact she does. She talks to me about it.” You told him, smiling wide. Being one of the Twins’ best friend, you were the main person with whom people talked to when it came to the boys and crushes. Hence why you freaked a little when George had said he liked her back.

“Really?” he looked back up at you and you nodded.

“I’ll go ask her to Hogsmead then.” He stood and dusted off his trousers before making his way down the hill. Fred moved to sit next to you, and you both watched as he approached his crush and started talk.

“What about you?” Fred asked, and you looked away from the events by the lake to him. His eyes were intent on his brother, the brown near gold in the sunshine.

“What about me?” you asked, feeling your heart start to beat a little faster. It always did that when you had rare moments alone with him.

“What half of the female population are you on? Crush or no crush?” you were startled at the question, at the insinuation. He was asking if you had a crush on him. Wasn’t he? You didn’t answer right away, instead you took a moment to look at him. Really look at him. His skin was normally pale, but being out in the sun that afternoon had given it a slight pinkish- red color to it. His freckles stood out though, still dotting his face like stars in the night sky. He had his legs drawn up to his chest, his arms wrapped around them and his head resting on his knees. You were caught staring when he suddenly turned to look at you. You remembered that you still hadn’t answered him.

His brown eyes bore into yours, and your heart stuttered.



“Okay love, keep your eyes closed. No peaking.” You smiled, your hands covering your already closed eyes.

“I’m not! What’s this surprise?” you whined, dancing on the balls of your feet in anticipation. You felt Fred move away from you, heard the creaking of a door opening, and then felt him by your side once more. He gently guided you forward, and a second later….

“Open your eyes.” You lifted your hands from your eyes, blinking in the light from the room. You gapped, looking around the small one room apartment. There was the world’s smallest kitchen in the corner, a three-person table in the middle of the room, a small couch and chair by the fire place. A wall separated the bedroom from everything else, giving a little bit of privacy. There was one bathroom, with enough room from a tub, sink, and toilet. The linen closet was next to it. Everything was perfect! You spun on the spot, hugging Fred to you.

“You like it?” he asked and you nodded.

“It’s wonderful. How were you able to do this?” you asked, and he grinned.

“Lot’s of magic. George and I worked on it once the Shop was finished. I know you had said you didn’t want to live in the Shop,” you cut him off with a kiss.

“That was before you turned the upstairs into a cozy little apartment for us.” You grinned, looking around at the place.

“But where will George stay?” you ask, and it was Fred’s turn to grin.

“We made him a place just like this on the other side. It had been rather spacious up here so we were able to fit two little apartments. You really like it? Cause I can,” you cut him off again, shaking your head.

“It’s perfect, Freddie. It’s home.”


“Alright love, here you go.” You grabbed the box, giving it a shake by your ear to try and determine what was inside. You heard nothing. You smiled. You knew exactly what it was. You placed the bow in front of you, and ripped the paper off of it. Opening it up, you beamed upon seeing your very own Weasley Sweater sitting inside. You pulled it out of the box and put it on, laughing as everyone cheered.

“How do I look?” you asked your boyfriend, turning so he could get a good look at the colors and the first letter of your name. Fred pulled you closer, his arms wrapping around your waist. You put your won around his neck, burying a hand in the hair by the nape of his neck.

“You look absolutely ravishing.” He whispered in your ear, and you blushed. He leaned down and kissed you, pulling you closer in a warm embrace.


“Care to dance?” a warm voice murmured, a hand resting on the small of your back. You turned and smiled at Fred, taking his hand and leading him onto the dance floor. He held you in his arms as the music flowed through the air, soft and lilting in a calm and romantic way. Couples swayed through the floor, Bill and Fleur the center of it all. Leaning your head against his chest, you closed your eyes and took in the moment. Everything was peaceful, even with a war brewing. It was all you needed in that one moment, to be held and loved. It was all you wanted.

“I love you, you know.” You whispered to him, and his felts him hum back in response. His head rested on yours, and you swayed back and forth to the music.

“I know.”

“I’ll always love you, no matter what.” You felt your heart swell with your words, knowing them to be true. Who knew how long you had with Fred. It could be months, days. It could be for the rest of your life. You didn’t know. But what you did know is that you would always be his.

“As will I.” he said, replying to your words, both spoken and un spoken. The moment was perfect. Until it wasn’t.


“Go with Mum, I’ll stay here with George. Please be careful.” Fred said, resting his forehead on yours. You ran your fingers through his vivid red hair.

“I will. You’re the one who needs to be careful.” You joked and he smiled. It was blessed sight. He hardly ever smiled these days.

“I will. I’ll see you soon, love.” He pulled you in for a kiss, and you took it. Resting your hands on either side of his face, you forced all your worries and fears and love into the kiss. It was a good luck kiss, I love you kiss, and goodbye kiss, all rolled into one. He broke away and you looked into his brown eyes.

“I love you.” You whispered. He ran a finger over your cheek, wiping away a tear you hadn’t known had fallen.

“I love you, too.” He whispered. You sniffled, reigning in your emotions. You pulled back, and with one last look, you turned and headed for the court yard.

You met Molly and Professor McGonagall on their way outside. You watched in wonder as the statues around the castle broke free and lines up outside.

“Hogwarts is threatened. Man the boundaries, protect us. Do your duty to our school!” McGonagall’s words made you want to sob. It had all come down to this moment. Everything that had happened in the past year and a half, led up to this one moment. You gathered your resolve, and raised your wand.

“Protego Maxima, Fianto Duri, Repello Inimicum.” You said, adding to the wards being placed around the castle. You poured you heart and soul into the spells, willing it to hold fast and strong against what was to come. You thought of everything you could to help. Friends, family. Your little apartment in Diagon Alley you shared with Fred. Fred himself. His kind brown eyes, his freckled covered face, his smirk, his laugh, his hair, his everything. He was your world, your light. He was your one true love. He was absolutely everything to you. So you took that love and you poured it into the wards.

And then you waited. You stood side by side with Molly, watching and waiting. When it happened, you stared in awe. The light of the Death Eaters spells glided through the air, and when they crashed into the wards they burst like fireworks. It was rather beautiful for a moment, until the spells came flying with such intensity that you feared the wards would fall any moment. Your heart beat faster in your chest, watching as they held. Then everything stopped. It was quiet and still. You didn’t dare want to breath too loud.

A giant arch of light tore through the sky.

And then the wards fell.


You walked through the halls of Hogwarts, looking for people trapped in the rubble of the once beautiful castle. Despair was heavy in your heart, seeing your beloved home in ruins. It had been the place of so much laughter and happiness. Now it was a place filled with pain and death. You didn’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing that you didn’t find anybody to help. In the light of things, you were going to go with a good. You needed a little bit of positivity at the moment.

The battle had ended about ten minutes prior. Voldemort called a cease fire and pulling his Death Eaters back, calling Harry into the Forbidden Forest. You reached the Great Hall, steeling your nerves before walking into the room. The doors opened, giving you a view of the people inside. The dead and injuries lay on cots on the floor, Madam Pomfrey bustling about and doing what she can to save as many lives as possible. The living stood by those they loved, both living and hurt.

On your way through the hall, you saw the bodies of Remus and Tonks, hands reaching out for each other but not touching. You teared up at the sight, reaching over and placing their hands together. Like they should be.

You saw the Weasley’s standing near the back, crowing together in a giant family hug. You smiled and walked over.

“Oh good, everyone’s okay.” You said when you got close. At the sound of your voice they turned around, and you stopped. Their faces were tear stained, and Molly was crying heavily into Arthurs chest. Your heart dropped through your chest and to the ground. With it went your eyes, landing on the still body of…. You dropped to next to him, your knees cracking painfully against the floor, but you didn’t feel it. His brown eyes were open, un-blinking. His smirk was gone, and his red hair had lost its fire. Tears slipped freely from your eyes, and your hands shook at you reached out for him.

A loud sob rang through the Hall, and arms wrapped around you. George held you close, his own tears falling on your shoulder. It was all gone. Everything was gone.


Fred smiled, holding open his arms. You ran into them, holding on to him for dear life. He was perfect, in every way. He was the opposite of what he had been the last time you had seen him. He was bright and cheery and well, full of life. He smelled like you remember, like gun power and sweets. The experiments he had always done with his brother had given him a permanent smell of whatever he had been working on at the time.

“It’s alright love, I’m here.” He whispered, his hand buried in your hair and his head on yours. You pulled him closer, feeling his warmth despite not have a heartbeat.

“What are you doing here?” you mumbled into his shoulder. You felt him chuckle.

“Waiting for you.” He said simply, giving you a squeeze. You pulled back and look at him. You opened your mouth to ask what he meant, when a whistle sounded throughout the Station. He grabbed your hand.

“Where are we going?” you asked, as he pulled you over to the wall. You noticed it was the entrance to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

“We got a train to catch.” And together you walked through the wall.

So last night I went to go and see a local production of Annie (which was really charming and well done by the way) and I also drove for the first time in over a year!! The person I was driving with said I did really well and I enjoyed it way more than I remembered so yay.

I swear I’m going to write today.