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She reached into the pocket of her riding leathers and extended the Amulet of Orynth and a sliver of black stone to Dorian. He balked.

“Elena said Mala’s bloodline can stop this. It runs in both your houses.

The golden eyes were weary–heavy.
He realized what Manon was asking.

just gonna… leave this here…

((I’ve been slowly going through each Critical Role episode and I have finally reached the Whitestone arc.


this show never disappoints 99999/10 would always recommend))

Been really stressed recently about apartment hunting bc my lease is up in December and my complex is raising my rent again and everything in Colorado is so fucking expensive ARGHHHHH But! Tonight I found a goooooooooorgeous old house for rent and it’s in my price range and a great area! Hopefully the owner gets back to me tomorrow and I can tour it this weekend and have a place to live in January!!!!

Ngl, Laito never really interested me. I’ve always preferred the strict or cold characters with dark hair *drools..* - but since I joined tumblr a year ago I’ve been more and more repulsed. Laito is just used as some crazed sex addict and a certain cordelia copy hasn’t helped with that.
I’m glad to see people on my dash genuinely understanding his character and seeing others make ocs for him.
I hope when I get down to write I can help purge the bs surrounding his character.

Warning: This post will offend.

Hey pro-lifers,

Why don’t you care for the people in need who are already living. Like the refugees who have lost their homes to a horrible war? Children who live in poverty? People who struggle with addiction, which by the way not a choice? (I lost my cousin to drug abuse, he tried so hard but addiction is not easy). Are you the ones adopting all the children without families? Are you personally feeding them? Are you going to take care of the families who lost their wife and mother to a pregnancy gone wrong because you told her she wasn’t allowed to live if her baby who was killing her wasn’t allowed to live?

Please stop guilting women about decisions she should be allowed to make with her OWN body.

Hate on me all you want but I am just giving a voice to the women who you are shaming. If you are really pro-life, you would focus on saving people who are already alive.

Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.

when you writing a star wars fic and trying to make it as accurate as possible

ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so