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Everyone we’re going live t o n i g h t

i have a feeling i'm gonna say something stupid but

isn’t tumblr all about no racism no bullying no lgbt phobic or something like that

i am a 13 year old cis girl, and i don’t really understand. i respect the lgbt community, but even the cis people who respect the lgbt community get hate and #downwithcis stuff.

i know we can’t tell trans what to do or what your gender is or what transphobia is. but shouldn’t that be vice versa too?
i want equality for all human beings.

can someone please enlighten me about this and educate me?
-ps read all the tags.


            defrosted.   force shipping is the QUICKEST way to push me AND rogers away. i understand the difference between a muse flirting, and rogers toying with emotions for the hell of it but if you try to force an actual relationship with rogers, it’s not gonna end well. 

Finale - Ice Cream (Reprise)
  • Finale - Ice Cream (Reprise)
  • Judy Kuhn & Boyd Gaines
  • She Loves Me 1993 Revival Live w. Judy Kuhn

Finale - Vanilla Ice Cream Reprise - Judy Kuhn and Boyd Gaines in the 1993 Broadway Revival of She Loves Me (date unknown)