which was weird for one movie

So, here’s a funny story that @purplebullfinch just reminded me of. When I was a young teen, my best bud and I were huge fans of the Alien movies. I, thanks to my parents, had all three films (this was prior to Alien: Resurrection) in a VHS set. He would occasionally ask to borrow one of my VHS tapes, which is a seemingly normal thing.

Now, one thing he didn’t hide well was that he had a thing for Sigourney. That’s probably not THAT weird, but it’s kinda weird for a 14 year-old in the late 90s. I remember he rented the movie “Map of the World” multiple times and, while it’s a solid movie, the middle-aged Sigourney nude scenes were probably the motivator. Anyway, whenever he would return my copy of “Alien” it was never rewound. When I would pop the tape in the S-VHS player, it was almost always stopped at the underwear scene near the end of the movie. Teenage boys struggle to express themselves sexually in a non-embarrassing manner.

2016 in Retrospect

Oh boy.

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Usually I type this thing up as 2016 in retrospect for ME.

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Something like, “I went to Zootopia.”

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Or, “I met the hero of Harlem.”

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But this was a rough year.

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For a lot of people, for a lot of reasons.

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So it seems weird to do a post about movies and TV.

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But art and stories are born from real life.

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Remember that Rogue One, basically 2016 the movie, ends in hope.

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Remember Star Trek Beyond paints a picture of a united Earth and a united federation.

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Remember that Moana takes us on a journey of discovery…

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That Kubo taught us how to live with loss…

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That we have Ghostbusters fighting for & receiving recognition…

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And that Newt Scamander, in dark times which tested his morales, stayed good and honest with his friends.

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Stories have music!

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Stories have color!

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Stories shows us that even when we fight against ourselves…

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That there is still hope for the future.

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And when we forget that these things exist in real life…

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Art reminds us that there is still light in the dark.

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Stories gives us heroes who inspire us!

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(Sometimes not in the most appropriate ways.)

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Stories remind us that there is LOVE!

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That there is inspiration!

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That we have family…

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That we have friends…

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That we are not alone…

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And that we must always fight for what is right.

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So stay strong and remember what the stories taught us.

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Happy New Year everyone! And here’s to a better 2017!

So I was watching Zootopia with my brother.

Later in the movie, Weaselton is selling bootleg movies that are all clearly replicas of other Disney movies. I noticed something weird though. The camera pans to more movies while he says “I even have ones that haven’t been released yet.” 

How familiar does this one look? Moana wasn’t even announced yet when this movie came out. Really makes me wonder though…

What’s this one?

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just wondering because my memory sucks and i'm lazy but have you ever done scooby doo meets batman

Yes indeed, and they were some mighty fine movies!

We’ll get to them again one day, but until then, here are some favorite moments:

Batman pulling a bat-shaped cookie out of his pants.

The Penguin being miffed at the endless supply of money in this clown’s butt.

Batman sometimes remembering to wear his tights, and sometimes…

…not so much.

This goblin guy dancing in the road, which – strangely enough – was one of the few things I remembered from seeing this when I was super little.

He and the dryad really weirded me out.

Robin’s mouth disappearing.

And, the best character of all…

this guy.

–Colin (Tumblr | Instagram)

Potion No. 9

pairing: daveed x reader

requests: could you do Daveed X younger reader, where reader is like 18-20 and they start dating and the reader’s parents get really weirded out over the age difference?

summary: it’s time for daveed to meet reader’s parents. that’s it that’s really all i’ve got.

warnings: swearing, smut, semi-public/public sex, D/s, daddy kink, light bondage, praise kink

word count: 4,320

a/n: title is part of title of a sandra bullock movie but i used it as lyrics from lotus flower bomb by wale, which i recommend u start to play during the sexy time at the end ok. i know it’s barely still valentine’s day but I WROTE THIS all in one day it’s been a wild ride. i wanted to get this up ASAP but i’m messy and wanted to write one more sex scene i’m sorry buds but i hope you enjoy it anyway!!!!!!!!!!

“Are you ready, babe?” You peer into the mirror, adjusting the clasp on your necklace. The small heart-shaped garnet glints in the light and your heart flutters, remembering Daveed gifting it to you just this morning.

“Just a second,” he shouts from his bedroom. “I can’t get this fucking tie on straight!”

You snicker, tucking your lipstick into your small clutch. “Come out here and I’ll do it for you.”

Daveed grunts and shuffles out into the living room with his suit jacket draped over one arm and a sour look on his face.

“Why are you pouting?” You ask, fingers deftly untying the crooked knot and starting over again.

“I’m too old to not know how to tie my own tie,” he huffs, shoving one hand into the pockets of his dress pants.

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I wanted to watch a 9 hour movie on my laptop and i was so pumped up and excited by it but the movie wouldn’t stop buffering and when it finally did start working people kept coming into the room and like asking me to help them with stuff and interrupting me. but the strange part is I was watching this in my brother’s room and not my own for some reason, which is weird because our rooms are right next to one another

lehdenlaulu replied to your post “One thing that disappointed me was that in the scene where Jyn repeats…”

I know! And the reaction shot exists, I’ve seen it in some of the trailers/TV spots. I’m so weirded out by the final cut not having so much of the stuff in the trailers.

I think I know which shot you mean :’0. I know the film went through heavy reshoots but it’s so weird how much made it into trailers and even into official posters that they were using on the actual press tour, and these scenes were never actually in the movie. 

Like I’m gonna be haunted by the alternate version of this movie which apparently involved Jyn and Cassian running for their lives through the archive facility and then doing a mad dash across the beaches with the DS plans in hand lol.


HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - “An engaging, smartly cast, eye popping addition to the studios bulging portfolio”

USA TODAY - “A kaleidoscope of weirdness and innovative visual effects successfully introduce the brilliantly bizarre Doctor Strange. This Doctor is down to leave you spellbound”

COMIC BOOK - “One of Marvel’s best movies to date

SCREENCRUSH - “There are times when Doctor Strange feels like a borderline remake of past Marvel hits, but at others it’s easily the studio’s most exciting spectacle to date”

VARIETY - “Marvel’s most satisfying superhero movie since ‘Spider-man 2″. From this second-tier side character, the studio has created a thrilling existential dilemma which dovetails beautifully with forays into the occult New Age realm of magic and sorcery where Doctor Strange ultimately finds his calling” - 8/10

THE DAILY BEAST - “More mature than its predecessors and the first blockbuster of the modern superhero era ideally viewed on a magic mushroom trip”

THE WRAP - “The performances are consistently engaging. This funny, freaky adventure reminds us of how effective VFX can be when they’ve got some imagination behind them”

DEN OF GEEK - “Its fearless approach to bringing the many weird dimensions that Strange traverses into the MCU emphasizes the studio’s complete confidence in both its material and its ability to sell these heady concepts to a mainstream audience” - 7/10

IGN - “This is a rather incredible cast and there are moments when it’s hard not to smile simply seeing these talented actors fully immerse themselves in the mystic part of the Marvel Universe. The other realms and accompanying visuals it brings into the MCU are fascinating and thrilling, with a lot of potential for the future” - 7.7/10

Anime for Beginners and Non-Enthusiasts

I like anime. But not everyone does, and I can understand getting weary of its stereotypes or never having found an entry into its realm. So, I have compiled a few series (in alphabetic order, feel free to just pick any which sounds appealing) that come with my highest recommendation but require no previous familiarity with or pronounced sympathy for anime tropes. (The ones marked with an * are, in my humble opinion, great beyond measure.)

Bakemonogatari / Nisemonogatari / Nekomonogatari

A very wordy and pretty weird, but immensely rewarding, series of novel adaptations. Has some disorienting effects which only served to increase my fascination with it.

Blue Exorcist

Lighthearted, adventurous, beautifully realized coming-of-age fantasy drama series. There’s also a great movie set after the finale.

Cowboy Bebop

Retro sci-fi series whose episodes vary wildly in tone and topic. Very stylish; plus, it has an excellent soundtrack.

Eden Of The East

A rather down to earth and relatively realistic suspense story; overall on the light-hearted side.

Ergo Proxy

Hardboiled noir sci-fi.

Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood

Lighthearted steampunk/fantasy fun.

Giant Robo – The Animation *

Grand, operatic retro steampunk/martial arts/superhero drama.

Haibane Renmei

Introverted, subtle, immersive, atmospheric, poetic fantasy drama.


An adaptation of the excellent and masterfully woven manga narrative by Naoki Urasawa.

Mushishi *

Part period piece, part fantasy; a strikingly beautiful, almost meditative viewing experience.

Paranoia Agent *

A surreal, brilliant masterpiece from Satoshi Kon, a stellar director at the height of his craft (I also strongly recommend checking out his movies, especially Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika). If this doesn’t blow your mind, you’re dead inside.


Classic and very realistic sci-fi, without aliens and spaceship battles and all that distracting nonsense.

Samurai Champloo

Super-stylish martial arts series infused with hip-hop culture; by the creators of Cowboy Bebop.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

A scientifically accurate depiction of the aftermath of a massive earthquake hitting Tokyo. Caution: very sad.

Wolf’s Rain

Following a pack of mythical wolves on a trip to paradise in a dystopian future. Brilliant, allegorical, multi-layered apocalyptic fantasy epic.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Sky High could probably be considered one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies, because it was basically flawless except for the ending where instead of either choosing to rock the single life or go out with Warren Peace who genuinely seemed like a good person, she chooses her asshole best friend who is probably the most idiotic and dickish character in the movie besides his father and the bad guys. Also, there's this really weird and kind of awful cover of a really good English Beat song in the ending credits which rubs me the wrong way. But yeah. Sky High.

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i'm in such freebatch hell tonight.. going through BFI screenings, sherlock outtakes, hobbit premiere, applelock.. send help!!!

I can help. I can definitely help.

Like, remember that time Benedict said he’d be happy living in Baker St with Martin? Remember that time Martin wrote an intro to a book about The Hobbit and the only other actor he mentioned was Benedict? Remember how he talked about Benedict’s childhood? Remember Benedict calling Martin sweetheart? Remember how literally no one in that room reacted like that was a weird thing? Remember how Martin called Benedict Benny? Remember how Benedict flew out to New Zealand to see Martin on his last day of filming and crash his TWE movie premiere? Remember how they invented Retraftas together? Remember how when they were asked about their relationship, Martin said it was none of the interviewer’s fucking business and Benedict said they were considering adoption? Remember that time a fan caught Benedict (with his shirt practically open to his nipples btw) at a cafe waiting for Martin so they could have an off set lunch date while filming HLV? Remember when Benedict was gushing so profusely about Martin during an interview that he had to clarify that his adoration was platonic? Remember that time Martin put grapes in his eyes and Benedict then had to put things in his eyes (including headphone buds and cocktail straws) for like a week after? Remember how they groom each other like a couple of old marrieds? Ben straightening Martin’s shirt. Martin picking lint from Benedict’s collar. 

Is this helping you with your freebatch hell situation? 

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I'm lost. :( Can you explain a little more about vivala.me ?!?

  • creepy website shows up on tumblr.com’s ads all about sending messages to your loved ones after death (on a website full of teenagers, no less, like wtf)
  • looking into the creepy website gives us lots of creepy clues as to this being Fake AF including but not limited to a promo video that is ALL KINDS OF WEIRD (to such an extent that it’s almost out of a horror movie: it is literally designed to make you feel uncomfortable, and this website, which is designed all about sending and keeping digital assets after you’ve died, does nothing to make the idea more ‘comforting’. With funeral commericals you actively make an attempt to make this about family, about securing your loved one’s future and you avoid mentioning death at all… you use light colours, you use emotive words and you most definitely do NOT use monotone voices with weirdly out of sync talking
  • I write up this whole Thing about it, it’s in my blog, you can check it out it’s called vivala.me 
  • someone from phenoma.ly (which, by the way, is the integrated form of phenomenon and anomaly, like. hello sherlock arg reference) gets a hold of it and begins tweeting about it being ‘interesting’
  • one of the guys from the company direct messages me and tells me it’s not a conspiracy
  • and when i’m going with that narrative and I say i have no kids
  • he asks me ‘what about sherlock …’

Well, as long as we’re talking about kaiju eras, I’d like to ramble a little about the most recent ones. For me, the Millennium era ends with the twin failure of Godzilla: Final Wars and Gamera the Brave, which were the last big-budget kaiju movies in Japan until 2015. After Gamera the Brave, you’ve got this weird experimental phase from 2007 to 2012 where Cloverfield was the only major release to really grab the fandom and the public’s attention. I propose we call this the Inter-Godzilla Period.

Then came the one-two punch of Pacific Rim and Godzilla ‘14, which made kaiju itself an English loanword and started the bountiful era we’re in today. Let’s hold off on naming it just yet. Summing up a movement that’s still going on is tricky business, especially with the unprecedented prominence of a Hollywood studio.

And then there’s Ultraman. Though the series only has two official periods – Showa and Heisei – it fits into the wider genre’s recent phases surprisingly well. Ultraman Mebius, the last full-length Ultra Series, ended in 2007. Then from 2007 to 2012 you had Ultraseven X (first show aimed at adults), two seasons of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (pay-per-view), and the Zero movies. Finally, in a truly incredible coincidence, episode 1 of Ultraman Ginga (first of the merchandise-driven miniseries) aired the day before Pacific Rim’s international rollout began.

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Why are people so hateful towards our ship?? I don't get it :( we're not mean to them

idk i’m kind of mean sometimes

i can’t sum up EVERYONE because there’s a broad spectrum but the reasons that antis i’ve encountered have done what they’ve done is one or more of these things

  • they just can’t see it happening because the idea of it is too weird (this is what i like to call “antis that are actually semi-reasonable because they don’t pretend that it’s anything more than that”)
  • they think it’s incest.
  • they think it’s pedophilia.
  • they think it’s abuse.
  • ^ all of these things aren’t true about reylo, by the way. the incest one might be if the writers screw the pooch, but who knows
  • they fundamentally misunderstand the subtext to kylo ren and rey’s relationship which i cannot entirely blame them for because some of the more overt references to it got cut from the movie and are only available in the books, ie, “You have compassion for her”
  • they do surface-level analysis of things and water down complex characterization to inappropriate labels (KYLO IS AN ABUSER/NAZI/WHATEVERTHEFUCK!!! REY IS A PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL SUNSHINE STAR CHILD!!!)
  • they pit fin.nrey against it
  • they choose to ignore actual canonical/official content that comes out or attack the people that wrote it if they disagree with what was created (Claudia Gray got attacked really badly with her book Bloodline)
  • they think that they are more morally pure than us
  • they’re twelve year olds that just don’t know any better or they’re forty year olds that should know better but are still mentally twelve
  • they have savior complexes
  • they’re just miserable, spiteful people
Being Luke Hemming’s best friend would include:

- air guitar competitions all the time 

- both of you getting too caught up air-guitaring and ended up having an air guitar concert

- ‘pyjama parties’ which include watching movies and eating junk food 

- beating the boys in video games 

- giving him a gigantic penguin stuff toy on his birthday

- having tons of inside jokes

- sending each other weird pics and videos

- always being on the 5sos snapchat 

- challenging him on chubby bunny 

- tweeting on his twitter account because he lost 

- but he claims he won 

- him being like a brother to you and you being like a sister to him

- the boys also treating you like their sister 

- eating tubes and tubes of ice cream when one of you are sad

- persuading him to get a yellow walrus tattooed on his butt

- “I’ll get it tattooed if you get it tattooed.” “No I’ll get it tattooed if YOU get it tattooed” “No it’s the other way around” “haha no it’s the other way around”

-  knowing each other’s food order 

Hey everyone! I’ve finally started nailing down what I want Chiara to look like. This is the one thing I’ve been stuck on for so long and I just couldn’t nail down what I wanted. I think I’ve finally figured it out. After many failed horrible drawings (most of which I will not show because they suck so bad) I have come up with this concept. It’s really weird creating a character that fits in a world where sci-fi and fantasy meld. What has really helped me lately is having inspirational movies, characters and worlds to drive the direction of the concept. The next step will be to make a proper character sheet that I can go off of. 

I feel like both Lopi and I have grown leaps and bounds this past year and I don’t think I was ready to design this character back when I was trying so hard to find a design for her. It still feels a tiny bit off but I think that’s because I need to make a proper character sheet and alter the story line a bit. Either way, looking back at the previous concepts it’s no wonder I was so stuck, everything felt stiff and didn’t breathe like it should.I feel content that I can finally move forward with this huge project instead of being stuck behind a wall.

I have also found a quick but appealing way to colour the characters which is fantastic. This is all very new to me but I am excited to learn and am grateful that so many people are excited to follow along with Lopi and I while making this world come to life. 

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Thank you <3

Which one sexts like a straight white boy? Bokuto, 100%
Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Again, Bokuto 100%
Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? I feel like Akaashi would, just to fuck with him.
Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Bokuto does. Akaashi hates it.
Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? Akaashi
Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? Akaashi. He needs to watch his RuPaul’s drag race or his Real Housewives
Who laughs more during sex? I feel like Bokuto would make such weird faces that Akaashi would laugh

send me a ship

Questions I Have About Zootopia

(aka why we need a sequel)

  • Are platypus seen as really weird for laying eggs?
  • Are there hybrid animals like ligers, mules, and beefalo? Are these species discriminated against?

  • Are interspecies adoptions seen as weird? Would a zebra raising a donkey be socially acceptable?

  • What about marine mammals? Are there dolphins and whales in Zootopian society?

  • At one point a polar bear does the sign of the cross. Does this mean there is an animal Jesus? What is his species? Are there other religions?

  • Are there more animal cities around the globe? Have the animals mastered commercial flight?

  • Are their doctors called veterinarians?

  • Do they wear wool clothing? Are there herds of sheep making money by selling their wool? Is it weird if you wear a wool sweater while talking to a sheep?

  • Speaking of which, where do they get milk from?

  • How do they represent aliens in sci-fi movies? Do they resemble animals? 

  • And finally, birds and reptiles. Discuss.
50 questions
  • 1. least favorite song?
  • 2. favorite type of dog?
  • 3. least favorite scent?
  • 4. mustard or mayonnaise?
  • 5. hotdogs or burgers?
  • 6. favorite type of melon?
  • 7. ever eaten playdough?
  • 8. what was one weird thing you ate as a kid?
  • 9. favorite number?
  • 10. favorite dwarf from snow white?
  • 11. what do you think is/would be the hardest language to learn?
  • 12. strangest word you can think of?
  • 13. four jobs you would never want?
  • 14. which color do you never wear?
  • 15. what's your least favorite thing to go shopping for?
  • 16. what's you favorite body part?
  • 17. any weird traditions in your family?
  • 18. what is your most irrational fear?
  • 19. favorite internet friend?
  • 20. dumbest movie you've ever seen?
  • 21. favorite season?
  • 22. worst grade you've ever gotten?
  • 23. What's your (full) name?
  • 24. highest floor you've ever been on?
  • 25. what's the longest you've gone without sleep?
  • 26. what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • 27. what's the longest you've ever grown your hair?
  • 28. favorite toast topping?
  • 29. most disgusting food combination?
  • 30. left or right handed?
  • 31. ever accidentally injured someone else?
  • 32. most embarrassing thing you've done/said when you were drunk?
  • 33. favorite foreign food?
  • 34. ever been banned from a public place?
  • 35. ever destroyed a library book?
  • 36. most money you've ever had in your bank account?
  • 37. most jumps on a pogo stick?
  • 38. favorite fastfood chain?
  • 39. favorite german/french/whatever term?
  • 40. are you a hat person?
  • 41. how much did you weigh at birth?
  • 42. least favorite boys name?
  • 43. least favorite girls name?
  • 44. favorite boys name?
  • 45. favorite girls name?
  • 46. do you know what bread pudding is? have you ever tried it? what's your opinion on it?
  • 47. if you could change your ethnicity/where you were born, what would you change it to?
  • 48. have you ever stolen anything?
  • 49. would you rather be cremated or buried?
  • 50. have you ever donated to a charity? if so, how much? what charity?