which was way too detailed


He’s almost done

Got in one last cosplay test before finishing Junkrat up to make sure everything corresponds and is all wearable together ok, just in case anything needs to be changed before it’s too late. (Everything so far is good!). Just needs a few more detail things and the peg leg then he will be DONE



It’s something I noticed with the video, something I think that concerns armys. While armys loved this skit, reading through the Japanese comments in this video’s comment section, most fans of the show were really irritated by the manners (or lack of it) shown by a good lot of the j-armys… It’s basic manners for a live theater audience to be silent, but the armys were too noisy and were screaming most of the time. At some points of the show, the jokes couldn’t even be heard properly, causing inconvenience to regulars of the show who came there to enjoy the performance itself. The sad thing is, most of the comments in Japanese, even from fellow armys themselves, were just pointing out how noisy the armys were and how much of a disrespect it is to the performance and the people who came to enjoy it (not just for BTS).

Of course, as an army myself, I totally understand how hard it must be to try to keep silent and keep my feels to myself. But here’s what we must keep in mind:

Some of the comments even (respectfully) pointed it out, saying that j-armys should have better conduct so that the regular patrons of the show don’t get a bad impression of BTS. Other commenters also pointed out how disappointing it must be for the members to try so hard memorizing and getting their Japanese lines right, only for the jokes to be lost in screams. And watching the skit, it is true… Kookie’s and Rapmon’s jokes were barely even noticed, and people didn’t even laugh at some of the punch lines they delivered even though they pronounced it correctly mostly because it couldn’t be heard over the squeals.

The Japanese culture puts a very big emphasis on manners and conduct in public (which would be way too complicated to detail here), so the comments and the video itself could really give a bad image for BTS in Japan. But this does not apply only to Japan. Every country or culture has it’s own basic “manners”; even social media has it. Of course, we have the right to say or post whatever we want on our own social media, or behave however we please in public, but when going out there as an army we also carry the name of BTS with us. To make it short, let’s be more mindful of the fact that how we present ourselves as fans can reflect poorly on our idols as well.

anonymous asked:

Hello Yuuba-Senpai ^U^! Could you possibly make a little tutorial how you usually start to draw?

Hello there ^^ alright :> usally i start with a sketch

the next step would be linienartig and clean the sketch!…. ಠ_ಠ   

but tbh i hate this part and its too much trouble for me so I actually  start to add the basic colors, and erase some parts which looks way too sketchy 

and the im going to add details 

and more details

and more 

more  (ノ ಠ_ಠ  )ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

and when im not too much lazyass i even erase some messy lines 

thats all :D, hope its helpful

here is another one btw