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Tbh?? Although like we call Carlos a “cinnamon roll” and stuff like that, the guys actually really badass. Dude purposely went to jail and got stabbed, JUST TO SEE THE BOSS (even though the saints have fallen) He also straight up talked to Maero and made a meeting which was also really awesome. Like we should talk about that more??

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lil sis i saw that u wrote a fic with peter parker where him and the reader where playing sims so what about hcs about it?

here’s the fic if you want to read it :’) also @whoaheather have some peter <3

→ peter knows all the tricks and uses them. there’s no way he’s playing withouth them [he prob did this]

→ he’s an ass, pls he locks the poor creatures up and then poof ! (“peter what happened with my sim” “……shhhh”) 

→ who knew spiderman had something against sims……mhh

→ he likes building his own houses and will take A Long Time to do so (“peter… it’s been 5 hours, you need sleep” “(name), i’m not ready yet” “peter…….. u can continue tomorrow, y’know” “(name)…. i won’t have inspiratION!”) 

→ just…. imagine peter up at 3am still working on that and one day he Just falls asleep on the keyboard and wakes up ready to continue, you having to remind him that yes peter, spiderman is Still a thing, school and sleep too, eh?

→ you sometimes really worry about him bc its been days and he’s still glued to the game

→ he eventually gets over it and goes back to his normal life, you delete/hide the game to prevent anything happening in the future

requests are open!

Sooo…I got tagged by @zedsdead1001 and @herbivorousviolin for smth :)

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I can’t post my home and lock screens because it’s fanart not by me so I don’t have any permission to show :)

I’ll dedicate the last song I listened to to @ichigoreiyo bc they are a huge fan and to @lostcauses-noregrets because she seemed to be an even bigger fan :*

The last picture I took of myself: I don’t take too many selfies, so I had to search a bit…But I sent this to someone from here :D

I’m not kidding you, this is it. I am beauty I am grace.

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Looking up Beresford Street in Boston to the Charles River and MIT. The fire house across the street has a Dal. People kept stopping by to pet her and she was so happy about it. I couldn’t get a great photo from so far away and I couldn’t zip line from the third floor of the Hynes Convention Ctr either.

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3