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Meanwhile Mokona is living the dream. 

And Sakura and Syaoran got entirely dressed during a scene transition. 

That’s cheating. 

listen i had a dream where they kind of butchered episode 50 which i was a little upset about (to be fair, in my dream the anime was like… not following the manga at all which is obviously not going to be the real deal lol) but then they had a scene where Mikasa went in to kiss Eren and he kind of pulled back for a second with a surprised look on his face (also it was totally long haired Eren from Ch. 90) but then he put his hands around her head and pulled her back in for a passionate one and I was so sad that I had to wake up oh my god.

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hi! if you're still doing recs what about omegaverse? ^-^ and if you haven't been asked for this already, do you also know any mangas in which both the seme and the uke are pretty unexperienced and young?

Hello! I’m not doing much recs lately because I don’t really have free time but you’re lucky - I was checking not long ago some good omegaverse so here it is :D

Tadaima, Okaeri - a really sweet and heart warming manga about a life of a married couple- an alpha from a rich family and an omega. Plus the adorable child :3

Namida Kareru Na - a beautiful and sad story of a forbidden love. A world where the omegas are worth nothing and young master (an alpha) rescue a omega he loves. But the road they walk on is hard and painful….

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny - I didn’t like it a first because of the alpha hate for his soulmate (he feels like he doesn’t choose but fate chooses his mate for him). But in the end they reach the understanding. The story of a spoiled & rich alpha and the desperately in love with him omega.

Wagamama mo Kimi no Tame Nara Ikura Demo -  Mahiro has thoughtlessly slept around as hasn’t gotten heat. Knowing a virgin alpha likes him, he doesn’t hesitate to make fun of him. They somehow become close friend after Mahiro asks Yoneya to help tutoring as they aim for the same high school.

Unmei no Kisu wa Oazuke - an omega who works as a cross-dressing host and hates alpha. One day he meets his mate.

Hebi no Seikatsu - 3 close childhood friends. But only Seono’s omega and often careless about medicine. Unfortunately he becomes pregnant with one of the twin brothers. It’s awkward & painful situation for all.

Kurui Naku No Wa Boku No Ban - this is really smut and somewhat confusing point of view from the omega character. The story is about the omega male who hates all alpha and have a high position in the company because he uses the alphas to his advantages. Even so when a serious and good natured alpha who hates omegas comes to his company he slowly becomes interested in him. Smutty but the plot is kind of bad.

Pendulum: Kemonobito Omegaverse  - this one is weird xD Human, beast universe. about a thrown away human omega child who starts living with the important beast. Only a human omega can deliver a child of the beast so the beast lineage can last. So far there was not a sex scene soooo maybe it will not be bad…who knows?

That’s it, sadly there isn’t many good ones .(>.<).

The author of the Highschool of the Dead manga, Daisuke Satou, passed away. Fuck. RIP. I know people on here love to shit on the whole Mach 2 Boobs scene (which actually wasn’t in the oroginal manga) but outside of that I loved it all. The series as a whole was good fun with top tier girl designs.

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“Let’s play and play, niichan!”

Waaaa, seeing so much fanart gave me a little courage to post something that I have been working on lately so even though it’s messy (I cleaned just a bit in Photoshop), here it is! My dear Gilberto (my current crush xD) that I tried making him look badass while he is preparing to attack with his skill “Death in Venice” and wow did I like that one single panel where the water took the shape of dragons.
I’m actually proud how they turned out because I really tried to make them appear fluid. Rarely do I feel proud about my drawings but I gave it my best for this one (I’m thinking of making it digital some other time), because I wanted to practice more of his features, like his hair (which I noticed that looks a bit different every time in the manga…), but I’m kind of used to make it like above.

On another note, I almost made holes in the paper for how much I erased the patterns on his scarf xD (I’m not sure what to call them…they kinda look like the sun in a way, or camera flashes? xD They could be since they could be connected to Ray’s ability and also the fact that Gil as well can use it together with him)
So uhmm, yeah I’m rambling a lot because I always like to point out what I went trough when drawing something.
I just love Gil so much now and I can’t wait too see him and Ray in the next chapter, hopefully! ♥

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about mik not being there to see his own past, i dont think the episode even told it was him?

They implied it with Muse’s likeness and the circlet.  Which is sad because the game and the manga has Muse say his name at the very least, and the manga gives us a beautiful teary goodbye from Muse as she puts her circlet around his blankets and hands him off to Zenrus.

Petition to boycott Netflix's 'whitewashed' Death Note nears 10,000 supporters

A petition calling for the boycott of Netflix’s upcoming movie Death Note because of casting decisions is getting close to its goal of 10,000 signatures.

The move comes after a trailer for the film, which is based on the popular Japanese manga series with the same title, was released earlier this week and revealed white actors in the lead roles. Three of the film’s producers are of Asian descent.

The teaser shows The Fault In Our Stars actor Nat Wolff cast in the main role of Light Turner, a student who gets his hands on a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone he can identify by name and face. The character in the original series is named Light Yagami.

Playing the private detective chasing him is black actor LaKeith "Keith" Stanfield. The Leftovers'  Margaret Qualley plays the female lead.

The revelation sparked backlash from some people on social media and prompted an online petition.

“Death Note shouldn’t be cast with all white actors — as it goes against the very soul of the story,” wrote the petition’s instigator on Care2, Sarah Rose, who referred to the American adaptation as “whitewashed.”

Numbers don’t lie

While the petition itself might not hold a lot of power, it points to an ongoing problem in the entertainment industry.

The lack of representation when it comes to Asian actors in particular was highlighted in a recent report from the University of Southern California.

Between 2007 and 2015, the study found only a 3.9 per cent increase in the number of Asian characters in Hollywood's most popular films.

Another study from the same university pointed out that Asian actors accounted for 5.1 per cent of speaking or named roles in 2014, making them significantly under-represented on screen.

Actors speak out

The issue has also been cited by actors in the industry.

Constance Wu, known for her role on the series Fresh Off The Boat, slammed the casting of Matt Damon in the epic film The Great Wall, about a European warrior in China during the Song Dynasty.

“We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that a only [sic] white man can save the world,” she wrote in a Twitter message last year.

Edward Zo, an up-and-coming actor, posted a video message on YouTube in 2015 claiming he was told told not to audition for the American adaptation of Death Note because he was Asian.

A spokesperson says Netflix isn’t commenting on the film, which is set to be released in August.​

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I wouldn't blame you for not knowing the African countries. Like. We get 0 content from the anime with them. The only way to know about their characters is if you read the manga, which not too many people do.

I know!!! I really wish we could get more content about them

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NH fandom is disgusting, they act all high and mighty as if they are so fair wen it comes to acknowledging the canon plot of naruto..& then they go join anti-SS to bitch about sasuke & sakura to their heart content coz they are salty to accept SS is the main pair which had the most development in the manga & team 7 is the most important bond of naruto (till 699)... their only saving grace is the BS fillers given by the SP.. how can they be so selfish to destroy team 7 bond for the sake of oppai?

Look , I’ll only say that until some years ago they used to throw so much shit on studio pierrot for making narusaku fillers . And now they are literally worshiping and living for the fillers sp provides them .Becuase Let’s say it anon 99% of naruhina and hinata’s so called devolpment are FILLERS.


SOBFORKARIN’S     e n d l e s s    s h i p p i n g   M E M E   :

   1/  »   otp: Inuyasha x Kagome Higurashi   |   Inuyasha 

“ Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Kagome was the reason I could make friends and rely on those friends! To shed tears for others, to understand true strength and kindness…They’re all things I learned from Kagome! Kagome was born to meet me! “


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