which was technically on Tuesday I think

Waffles & Rookie Proposals

This is basically 2.5k of fluffy prequel to my blanket fort fic Under Cover. You don’t need to have read that to read this though, obviously.

Dedicated to @rookiesinlove who gave the aforementioned fic a glowing review and then demanded to know about the Waffle House rookie proposal. Which I thought about, and kept thinking about, until I finally sat my ass down and wrote it. Hope you enjoy, dude!

Patrick’s restless.

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night, the second of a two-day break between games. They don’t have practice tomorrow, just a seven-thirty start time against the Caps. Technically he could be out right now, having some drinks, maybe trying to hook up. It doesn’t really sound appealing, for a couple of reasons.

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planxty-paris  asked:

What is your favorite class in university?

Oooof that’s a hard one! Out of my lecture classes, my favorite is (quite ironically) my pop music class. I love the teacher and the class has really changed the way I think about popular culture. My favorite dance class is probably percussive dance, which unfortunately I only have for one hour a week. We’ve been focusing a lot on Cape Breton and Ottawa Valley steps, and it’s so cool!!

I think it’s worth giving Dance for All a shoutout though – it’s a ceili / social dancing class that all of the dancers and musicians in my year are required to take and none of us are very good at it, so it’s always a good laugh. Pair that with that it’s every Tuesday at 9am, most of the class is hungover since Monday is technically campus session night (but lets be real, every night is session night if you’re a trad student) so that adds another element of hilarity.