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Preference #40: Let’s break the rules, just for one night

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When I woke up this morning the last thing I could think of where the day would take me is being in the passenger seat of Michael Cliffords car, heading across country. I should probably explain a few things, otherwise this will make no sense whatsoever. Firstly, it’s a Tuesday, a day that no one loves as the week has technically just started- no one is up for Mondays so Tuesday is the beginning for me at least. Secondly I was studying, in school until the fire alarm went off. Like all schools you evacuate the building, ensure all students are alive and well then proceed to continue the day; yet this is where things got interesting. 

Michael Clifford, someone I once considered to be my friend yet drifted as he become more popular regarding his troublesome attitude. He held my hand and winked to me before walking us off somewhere away from the rest of school. A proposition was in place, an adventure. 

Back when we were kids we always agreed to go on a road trip one day, go somewhere neither of us had explored and made a pack. Fast forward eight years and here we are, finally doing this even though I haven’t spoken more than four words to him in three years since his now reputation exceeds him. 

Signed out of school and we got into his car, the leather seats were too inviting as I sunk into it, trying not to think about how many other girls have sat here with different intentions to my own. He started the engine and I gripped onto my seat, nerve ridden. 

Placing his hand on top of mine I glanced his way, only to see the same kind hearted look in his eyes, even after all this time. “Let’s break the rules, just for one night.” A small smirk crossed his face as I lowered my head, nodding. 

As soon as I gave him the response he wanted he sped off, causing me to squeal. The sights around us quickly changed, we no longer saw the same boring route that all of us took to get to the school. Instead we saw sunshine, open spaces, a land of solitude. 

Although the silence was comfortable between us I began to search through his music, finding something for the two of us to listen to. I paused as I found a few songs I’d never heard of and as I clicked on it and saw the scruffy written name ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ I couldn’t help but be intrigued. The music flooded the car and the different sound was better than I’d expected, Michael slammed the brakes on the car jolting the two of us forward. 

Looking to him in shock as I caught my breath he gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. “Why did you pick that?” He muttered. Pausing the song a silence lurked around us, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as this was the side of Michael I never wanted to have aimed at me. 

“It looked different. I hadn’t heard of them.” He turned to face me, a blank expression on his face. 

“No one has. I doubt anyone will.” Picking up the phone from my grasp he locked it before continuing to drive, the sound of the engine being the only thing left to hear. 

Eventually we arrived, it was a beach that we used to read about when we were kids. The sun was now setting and cast beautiful colours across the sand and water. Stepping out of the car the salty breeze made me smile and wander down to the sand. Removing my shoes I allowed the sand to squish between my toes, I felt like a kid again. 

Michael tapped my shoulder and as I turned he ran off, down towards the water laughing like a child. Quickly I picked up pace and followed him, running as fast as I could until the splashes of cold water hit my ankles, the fresh smell and salt water hitting my face as I threw water in his direction. 

Back on the sand it clung to us, refusing to part with our wet skin as we sat on the rocks, completely and utterly alone. I rested my head on his shoulder, something I did without even thinking. He let out a small content sigh and began to speak up. “That band, it’s mine.” Lifting my head quickly I turned to face him, surprised. “Yeah, I thought you’d do that.” He chuckled lightly. 

“You, you’re in a band? I had no idea.” I muttered as the wind picked up and I caught my hair in my mouth, covering most of my face. 

His hands now on my face as he moved my hair out of my mouth and eyes, tucking it behind my ears. “Well, no one knows really. A small aspiration of mine that I keep secret.” Lowering his head I could see a light blush cross his cheeks. 

“Is that, is that a blush I’m seeing?” I joked as I nudged him, causing a smile to reappear on his face. “Well if it counts for anything, I think you’ll go far.” 

Lifting his head back up his eyes locked with mine, “You really think so?” I could hear the surprise in his tone but I simply nodded. He held his arm up and I tucked myself close to his chest, relaxed as we peacefully watched the waves crash in the distance. 

Waffles & Rookie Proposals

This is basically 2.5k of fluffy prequel to my blanket fort fic Under Cover. You don’t need to have read that to read this though, obviously.

Dedicated to @rookiesinlove who gave the aforementioned fic a glowing review and then demanded to know about the Waffle House rookie proposal. Which I thought about, and kept thinking about, until I finally sat my ass down and wrote it. Hope you enjoy, dude!

Patrick’s restless.

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night, the second of a two-day break between games. They don’t have practice tomorrow, just a seven-thirty start time against the Caps. Technically he could be out right now, having some drinks, maybe trying to hook up. It doesn’t really sound appealing, for a couple of reasons.

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