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This Sunday, the Academy Awards will be given out to the best of the film industry.  

While the awards are chosen by the mysterious Academy members, today we’re making our predictions of which nominees will win based on what Tumblr users talked about the most. We pulled data from March 2016 (when nominee Zootopia was released) through February 2017 and analyzed original posts, reblogs, searches and likes to calculate a film’s overall Fandometrics Score and what would win an Oscar if the Tumblr community got to do the voting.

Overall, Zootopia dominated movie fandoms on Tumblr during this time period. It had 165% more engagements than the next-biggest animated film nominee, Moana. Engagement around Zootopia also blew live-action films out of the water, with a whopping 1298% more engagements than La La Land, the most-engaged live action film nominee.

Best Supporting Actor

5. Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea | 0.00% of the engagements
4. Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water | 6.14%
3. Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals | 12.49%
2. Mahershala Ali, Moonlight | 24.33%
1. Dev Patel, Lion | 57.04%

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Best Supporting Actress

5. Naomie Harris, Moonlight | 5.63% of the engagements
4. Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea | 5.68%
3. Nicole Kidman, Lion | 9.65%
2. Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures | 29.42%
1. Viola Davis, Fences | 49.62%

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Best Leading Actor

5. Viggo Mortenson, Captain Fantastic | 5.22% of the engagements
4. Denzel Washington, Fences | 6.15%
3. Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea | 6.85%
2. Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge | 34.21%
1. Ryan Gosling, La La Land | 47.56%

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Best Leading Actress

5. Isabelle Huppert, Elle | 1.93% of the engagements
4. Ruth Negga, Loving | 10.10%
3. Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins | 21.59%
2. Natalie Portman, Jackie | 24.09%
1. Emma Stone, La La Land | 42.28%

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Best Animated Feature Film

5. My Life as a Zucchini | 0.00% of the engagements
4. The Red Turtle | 0.00%
3. Kubo and the Two Strings | 1.70%
2. Moana | 26.66%
1. Zootopia | 71.65%

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Best Picture

9. Hell or High Water | 0.87% of the engagements
8. Manchester by the Sea | 1.09%
7. Hacksaw Ridge | 1.16%
6. Fences | 2.92%
5. Arrival | 4.90%
4. Moonlight | 16.92%
3. Lion | 21.09%
2. Hidden Figures | 21.99%
1. La La Land | 29.07%

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For more Oscars action, head on over to the Academy’s official Tumblr (@theacademy) and be sure to follow along on the #oscars tag.

Anyway I’m bored, so here’s a dry analysis of Legend of Zelda game subtitles
  • The most common word (besides ‘the’ and ‘of’) is Link which appears 4 times (The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, A Link Between Worlds)
  • The second most common word is Sword which appears 3 times (Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, Skyward Sword)
  • 4 games include a proper noun (The Adventure of Link, Link’s Awakening, Majora’s Mask, The Minish Cap)
  • 8 games are named after an item (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Four Swords, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword)
  • 3 games are named after a person (Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Twilight Princess)
  • 7 games are named in the format of ‘X in relation to Y’ (The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, A Link Between Worlds, Breath of the Wild)
  • All subtitles are at least 2 words long. Only one is 5 words (A Link to the Past)
somebody else // stiles stilinski pt. 7

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe

Warning: no, mature language  

Inspired by this song


She didn’t remember much of the events that had happened earlier in the week other than the fight. Stiles hadn’t been in school for three days, most likely because of his broken nose, making it easier for her to avoid the stinging pain in her chest every time she caught a glimpse of him.

She questioned which hurt more, avoiding him or facing the pain that came with being in his presence. The sympathetic looks and murmurs that she received while walking in the halls for the rest of the week made her head spin. Katalina was in no mood for fake sympathy or condolences for something people knew nothing about. Deep down, she was tired of playing this constant cat and mouse game her and Stiles had started a few weeks ago.

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Consume chocolate. Now is the time. Hoard the stuff and eat as much as humanly possible. Replace your blood with chocolate.

Taurus: Yes, you do need to distract yourself but there are healthier ways to go about it other than smashing your forehead into a wall for several hours.

Gemini: Remember to blink or they might see through your disguise.

Cancer: Almost nothing is as it seems. Appearances are not meaningless but so far nobody has ever gotten theirs right.

Leo: It is time to turn over a new leaf. The stars didn’t specify which one. I say just get outside and start flippin’ leaves. Eventually you’ll come across the right one.

Virgo: Resistance, in the long run, has never been futile.

Libra: Wolves are way bigger than most people understand. Don’t fuck with wolves.

Scorpio: The stars say your future holds literal and spiritual bear traps. They said you’d pretty much understand.

Ophiuchus: Sand baked dunes are not for eating.

Sagittarius: Creative people know how easy it is to eat soup without a spoon.

Capricorn: Trust not the gourds. 

Aquarius: Going on a cleanse means you’re being health conscious. Eating an entire raw fish means the transformation is starting. Know the difference.

Pisces: Collect enough glass eyes and they will start to work for you.

Can we please talk about the shadowhunters who attended to Max’s Rune Ceremony party, which means they previously received this invitation?

I’m pretty sure everyone in the Shadowworld knows about Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship by this point. That includes shadowhunters, or specially shadowhunters, since Alec came out publicly in his own wedding in front of the most respected members of the Clave (as Maryse kindly reminded us all). But, even knowing about Alec’s coming out, probably no many people know about what happened between Magnus and Alec after the wedding (except the shadowhunters from the New York Institute).

So, just think about it. It’s been some time since the almost-wedding, and the Lightwood’s youngest son is going to have his Rune Ceremony, and before that a party organized by the family, of course… And the previous day, the shadowhunters receive the invitation for the said party, that will take place… “At the residence of Magnus Bane”.


Please just imagine. Imagine shadowhunters learning the fact that Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn and the one who stole the groom (lol) from the Lightwood’s eldest son’s almost-wedding, is hosting a party for the Lightwood’s youngest son’s Rune Ceremony. You have to consider that Max has spend almost all this time in Idris, so probably there’s a lot of people coming to the party from there (which means, people that didn’t know much about what happened with Magnus and Alec after the almost-wedding).

Can you imagine it? The comments! THE GOSSIPING!

And finally, the party itself, everything rich and flawless, and Magnus Bane in all his glorious gorgeousness, with an smiling and equally gorgeous Alec Lightwood by his side.

Absolutely iconic.

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Hitler was in fact a vegetarian towards the end of his life so... i mean, read your fact would you

I mean, I’ve read the work of Hitler’s most authoritative biographer who attributed the vegetarian myth to the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels which aimed to make Hitler seem “pure,” and I’ve read the memoirs of his longest serving chef who spoke multiple times of Hitler’s love of Bavarian sausage and pigeon pie… But AnonMcGreyface says he was a vegetarian so yeah let’s disregard all that and buy into whatever you’re saying with no sources or information to back it up whatsoever. We think that Hitler may have eaten predominantly vegetarian diet towards the end of his life, most likely due to his well known health issues, but that’s it. A predominantly vegetarian diet does not make someone a vegetarian, because (and this may shock you) pigeon pie is not usually vegetarian. 

Why do you guys give such a massive shit whether or not Hitler was a vegetarian anyway? Even if we subscribe to some Alt-Facts™ and say that he was a raging militant vegan with an earthlings tattoo and a “not your mom not your milk” t-shirt on under that uniform, pretty much every other fascist dictator throughout history has been a meat eater, so what exactly is your point? If you want Hitler to represent our community are you happy for Stalin to represent yours? Pol Pot? Mao Zedong? Saddam Hussein? No? Didn’t think so. 

I did not love you to have you.

I love you so I can taste the best coffee mix you make in the morning. I love you so I can lean on your shoulder at night as we talk the whole time and wait for the darkness to say goodbye to the sky. I love you so I can look at you on your random times; when you snore, when you pick your nose, when you frown, when you complain about how stupid the society could be. I love you so I can rest my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat as you tell me stories which does not make sense most of the time but I will listen because I love to hear your voice. I love you so I can hold your hand in the street when it’s dark or whenever I feel like I want to or every time we walk together. I love you so I can argue with you about small things only to apologize in the end. I love you so I can annoy you everyday but you won’t be able to get rid of me. I love you so I can hug you every time my world is falling apart. I love you so I can tell you that you are my blessing and I am lucky that God got bored and made you. I love you so I can whisper to your ear that you are just the best. I love you so I can love you endlessly and you won’t have a choice but to let me because you knew how stubborn I can be. I love you so I can tell you I love you.

I did not love you to have you;
But I have you.

Times got rough and smashed us to the edges but you still smile with me even there were tears in your eyes. I’m not easy to love but you still stay with me til the morning to make the best coffee mix. I am stubborn but you are still so patient with me. I am annoying but you still choose to keep me. You choose to keep me everyday even I make you tired. You keep me despite the fact that I am s big fat pain in the ass. You choose to keep me when it is so much easier to lose me.

I did not love you to have you.
But I have you anyway—
For that, I am the luckiest.


Ferdia Walsh-Peelo gave a great performance in 2016:

“Between the velour suits and impeccable pop homages, John Carney’s eighties-era coming-of-ager Sing Street is possibly the most joyful time capsule to be seen at the movies this year. But Carney isn’t just emptily reminiscing in this tale of a Dublin teenager who throws together a ramshackle rock band to impress his crush, played by the exquisite Lucy Boynton. As Cosmo, the frontman at the film’s center, first-time screen actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo offers yet another avatar of awkwardly-evolving boyhood, which isn’t exactly a foreign entity to indie film these days, although Cosmo is far more than just another morose boy with floppy hair and a guitar.

Sing Street improves on this archetype (and the old tropes that come with it) through Walsh-Peelo’s plucky and resourceful performance, which imbues Cosmo with a quietly-attuned watchfulness and wades through the mucky swamp of uncomfortable adolescence with a heady blend of bullishness and apprehension. He develops a physical vocabulary that fits the character to a tee, starting off with the slouching gait and fidgety body language of a teenage turtle still living painfully beneath his shell. You can actually see the actor steadying his fitful frame with each passing chapter of Cosmo’s soulful emergence into a more assured version of himself, while never fully abandoning the shrugs and fidgets of a boy who’s still, like all of us, an undeniable work-in-progress. Every actor in Sing Street is something close to a dream, but Walsh-Peelo is the central, finely-tuned instrument that allows this song to really sing.” — Matthew Eng

So did Lucy Boynton:

“It’s easy when playing the lone girl in a boy-dominated coming-of-age movie to become a glassy idea of girlhood rather than a concrete entity in one’s own right. But Lucy Boynton, as the aspirant teenage model and willing musician’s muse in John Carney’s incredibly infectious Sing Street, has two huge assets on her side that prevent her from falling into such a trap. First, Carney clearly and deeply cares about Boynton’s Raphina, giving her plenty of soul-searching close-ups and an atypically moving and detailed arc. And second, Boynton herself is a born star with remarkably subtle instincts and a magnetic hold on the camera that help a potentially indefinable character learn to slowly but steadily define herself.” — Matthew Eng



In case you didn’t know, a rumour is going round saying that Class has been axed by the BBC after low ratings, which is obviously due to the lack of promotion and crap time slot that it was aired on BBC One.

At this moment in time, nobody is sure as to whether this is legitimate or just a rumour, but as far as we know, Class is still due to air on BBC America on 15th April.

Most of us are thinking that the decision depends on the ratings after it has aired in America. If you are an American Doctor Who or general sci-fi fan, I urge you to please watch Class when it airs in the US. It means a lot to many of us and is a hugely underrated show with lead queer characters and POC.

Please share with your followers and hopefully we can get a series 2!

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I know someone has already asked it before, but could you possibly tag the location of your shot? I have a list of places I'd like to go and I'd like to add some of your places, but most of the times I don't even know which country is it...

As of Yesterday, I actually began to include the name of each location in the post. Hope that helps. 

Cheers Karl

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Ok so I had a crush on you bc you are super cute and then I got up enough nerve to message you but like so many people message you that you don't always respond until like two days later. Which I understand but like... it kinda sucks. So I like you, but you remain unattainable

I am sorry I’ve disappointed you, dear

the reason why it sometimes (most times) takes me forever to respond isn’t the amount of people messaging me but my job? so if you hear me out, I’ll try to not excuse myself but to explain?

I check tumblr when I wake up and have breakfast - but I’m usually in a hurry since I’ve got to go to work so I might answer like two messages or reblog something real quick but that’s about it

I try to respond some more during my 1 hour ride to work but wi-fi in the metro is pretty bad so that doesn’t always happen

during photoshoots (that usually last from 5 to 8 hours straight) I can’t be distracted so I never even take out my phone/laptop

then there is another 1 hour ride back home (and it’s already about 20-22:00) but my work doesn’t end when I leave the studio

so I need to edit when I get back and post-production usually takes up to 3-4 hours for one shoot, I take little breaks to go on tumblr during retouching time as a treat for myself and try to answer some asks/messages but if the day was stressful I might not even have enough energy to do that? I’m an introvert so having to always talk to a lot of people irl (aka clients, models, people I work with) can drain me…a lot

so as much as I love talking to everyone in this community I sometimes just can’t bring myself to do it because I’m exhausted from all the other things?
and still I try to, I really do, I finish with my editing, I take a breath, look at my current number of 246 asks and I want to answer each one of them, I want to give back to everyone who is so kind to me, I want us to talk via messages, I really-really do…it just takes time

and I fully understand just how irritating/upsetting it can be to wait for someone to answer for a long period of time (especially when you see them online reblogging something or answering other asks), but I hope you understand my reasons and can be a little bit more patient with me?

Fanfic Appreciation:

The Trash Monster and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by @thatgirlnevershutsup

The world is working against him, Jon decides. What else could be the explanation?

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World lives in the same building as he does, which, to be fair, is not a sign of the world working against him. He gets to see the Most Beautiful Woman in the World quite often, and each time he does, he’s struck dumb by her beauty — her long red hair, shining like the brightest autumn leaves; her bright blue eyes, which he’s not quite sure are the exact color of the summer sky, but he’d like some time to gaze into them and decide; her lips, which he knows are the color of a perfectly ripe strawberry; her skin, pale as moonlight and twice as lovely; her legs, lean and long, setting her at the perfect height; and her laugh, which he’s had the privilege to hear many times, a soft giggle that bubbles out of throat as a smile spreads across her perfect face.

Valiente Witchcraft

I was reading through a book by Doreen Valiente last night, and it made me think… Why do we give so much credit to Gardner for Wicca, and not Valiente? I mean, she wrote the Book of Shadows, and wrote an original Charge of the Goddess (Gardner’s was just a paraphrase of Crowley), which is arguably one of the most prominent pieces of pagan witch prose that came out of the 20th century. She was also the public face of Wicca for a time, and wrote/published the books that pretty much launched the public version of the tradition.

Valiente Witchcraft has a nice ring to it…

In “Witchcraft for Tomorrow” by Valiante, you get everything you need to start your own coven of the Craft. Gods, ethics, festivals, tools, etc. I cannot recommend that book enough to folks who want to start with modern pagan witchcraft, but are turned off by some of the lineaged covens. Valiente was an amazing witch, and an inspired poet. She was a genius, in touch with something divine. If you want the ‘Inner Court’ stuff, I think that comes naturally as each coven gets to know its own spirits and deities. Over time a new tradition is born.

Most people are surprised to learn that Doreen published a “Rite of Self-Initiation.” It’s on page 159 of “Witchcraft for Tomorrow.” Now, I am not saying that rite is for Gardnerian Craft. I think that when Valiente was writing that book, she was trying to adjust some things, update Pagan Witchcraft, and start a new public tradition. She ceased using the term ‘Wicca’ and instead used ‘Witchcraft’, and even 'Traditional Witchcraft’ on occasion (see “The Rebirth of Witchcraft,” where she refers to 'Traditional Witchcraft’). Regardless, it is there for those that wish to use it.

If you are going to begin in the Craft, you might as well start by using the rituals written by the High Priestess herself. Check out…

  • “Witchcraft for Tomorrow” by Doreen Valiente
  • “Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed” by Doreen Valiente and Evan John Jones
  • “The Rebirth of Witchcraft” by Doreen Valiente
  • “An ABC of Witchcraft: Past and Present” by Doreen Valiente


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i remember in highschool me and a few classmates were sittin at the cafeteria and someone asked which actor we liked the most and everyone said someone generic like brad pitt and tom cruise and i said i liked antony hopkins and they just stared at me and asked if id really bang an old dude and i was like ???? we werent talking about that and turns out that's apparently how you rate actors (by their bangability). 4 years later i heard the term asexual for the first time and things made sense

thats actually kinda similar to how i realized i was asexual lmao?? everyone would talk about how much they Love their fav actors and would actually mean they wanna bang em and id nod my head like yeah they hot whatever that means, but when i looked at rdj (who was the only celeb i kinda liked) i had a moment of epiphany in the hallway where i just realized the kind of attraction i had to him was radically different than everyone else and that no, i wouldnt bang him. i didnt even think he was Hot. it was so weird to me that people wanted to bang other people or found them attractive. it was around that time i started to jokingly call myself weird/strange and inhuman until i stumbled across the word asexual a year or so later and realized that suddenly it made sense even tho id deny it for quite some time.

its so weird like to think an actor is to be based on bangability instead of like. acting lol it almost seems juvinille but like adults use the standards too?? at least tv shows and movies talk about it a lot idk it never made much sense i would always just appropriate peoples words without understanding what they really meant. i still call people hot even tho i dont think theyre sexually attractive

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Do you have more in common with Eren or Levi?

Well, isn’t this a good question.

Well, I’m not sure. I think I share an equal amount between the two, but if it came down to it, I’d have to say that I share the most with Levi. But I could easily also say Eren as well because he thinks with how he feels, and I do the same exact thing. He’s very passionate about how he feels and I can understand that. And then there’s Levi who’s also very passionate about how he feels, but would disregard them just to follow orders. He’s quiet and reserved, and kind of awkward which is me most of the time. And when he loses something he loves, he won’t know what to do besides hide his feelings or decide to act on them if the opportunity presents itself. But then there’s Eren who will immediately fight for his loved ones and will do anything to keep them and I do that too.

But what really nails it in, is that Levi is this strong but emotional man because of his past, of what he had to go through to realize his purpose in life. That he had to be strong for those who can’t. He’s lost many comrades, friends, and family members along the way, but he still lives despite the pain. Because he wants to be the living proof that you should never give up even though you’re hurting on the inside. That you can use that pain and fight back and not have to regret the choices you made to get there. And I can relate to that :)

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Last time I recall even drawing Bruce, was when HoT came out, and he crashed in the jungle, so I apologize because what is this thing you call ‘consistency’ lol 

Anyways, he’s 26, jack of all trades, but more of a pharmacist, usually spending most of his time developing potions and/or gadgets/turrets that would help people in battles. Currently lives alone in a studio apartment, either in DR or LA, I haven’t decided yet. He also has heterochromia (eyes are different colors), which is a feature he loathes about himself a lot. When incredibly bored, enjoys solving incredibly hard mathematical equations. ALSO something I haven’t yet mentioned, but Cedrick is now a dad, and his son is named Aidan after my pre-searing mesmer, from GW1 (who is also Cedrick’s great-great-idk-how-many-more-great grandfather lol), which makes Bruce his uncle, since him and Cedrick are cousins (how the heck do you draw small children like ???)

Doodles from livestream, thanks for anyone who stopped by and kept me company <3

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Imagine being kind of like a girlfriend to Sherlock, but you don’t use relationship labels, which really confuses John

“So let me get this straight,” John said, eyebrows furrowed to the point of almost touching. Sherlock didn’t bother looking up from his phone and barely hummed, letting his companion know that he was (kinda) listening.
“You text her every day, meet with her for lunch most days, and you’ve kissed her, multiple times,” Sherlock only hummed  in response, “and you’re not dating her?”
“And you don’t plan to?”
“No. I thought that much was obvious when I told you ‘we are not dating and I don’t plan on dating her.’”
John opened his mouth to ask another question, but closed it when he realized that he shouldn’t even try to make sense out of Sherlock’s ways. Sherlock smirked as his phone, once again, chimed, meaning he had another text message. He stood and crossed the room to grab his coat.
“Where are you going?” John asked.
“I’m meeting (Y/N) for dinner. Be back later tonight,” Sherlock walked out the door, but opened it back up before he could close it completely, “Or tomorrow.”

Follower Millstone Event

I am overjoyed!! We’ve reached 10k followers! I never imagined when I started this fandom side blog that I’d be able to get so many people interested <3

Since I am very grateful to all of you, I’d like to give back! So this is my Fic Request-a-thon Event


Just send me a pairing and a prompt and I will write you a short one shot! You may send multiple ones, ones based off of art, scenarios, songs, ect.

How long? I’m thinking I will continue to accept prompts until probably Saturday (2/25), at which time we will stop.

What is the ‘request’ part? Not all stories are something I have ‘ideas’ for, but I will be filling as many prompts as possible!

What will you do? I will do any pairing/fandom you’ve seen me blog about, but I am most practiced at writing lapidot, klance, bubbline, otayuri, mabifica and gen SU fics. Other possibilities are also overwatch, avatar (both series), other yoi pairings like leoji, most hs ships like davekat and vrisrezi, PMMM, hq, and more (check my tags).

will you do NSFW? Yep, there is some stuff I won’t do (like non-con) but smut requests in general are on the table.

Can I send you my OC? I’m less likely to write stories about OCs (I will be opening commissions in April tho), but if you want gen stuff like ‘two girls makeout in the rain & one of them plays guitar’ then I can probably do that.

I appreciate & want to support you. Thanks!! Same!! You can always buy me a coffee if you want on the right-hand side of my page or just send some good vibes, y’all are awesome!

Anyway, those are the rules, feel free to send me asks if you are confused, and let the requesting begin!


These are my Dark Knight ladies! I would really love to hear which version of this lovely lady you prefer the most! 

Re-Blog this with your vote! I’ll also re-blog at a better time tomorrow. 

The Dark Knights that I have created I put a lot of love into. Sucks to see that the Default appearance for her is one of the highest voted for the challenge.

Also don’t be afraid to critique these designs! If you wanted to download them they are under the category “Beauty” Title: Witch, Wood Elf, and Vampire. If there is even a search function. Give me a thumbs up while you’re there! <3

(The description to Vampire is “Voted most likely to be overly dramatic.”)