which was completely an accident


I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

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As much as I want J&S to happen, I don't think we can really determine whether or not J&B are genuinely happy based on how he was acting with his ex GF, because he has emphasised time and time again about how his priorities/outlook on life have changed since his accident. Obviously there was tension during the DWTS season, no doubt, but now, post season, could what we perceive as tension just be how he wants to live his life?

Very very true, since we can only judge what we see on SM we just have to make our own opinions based on that, but in no way are those opinions determining what is right or not, just pure speculation. And you could be right, how he is acting now with B could just be his new outlook on life, but the thing is we saw a complete different side to him with S which was also post accident, and to me the way he acted with her is how he described his new outlook on life. I don’t know if anything I saw makes sense or relates to your question but anyways lol.

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"BAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA my mutuals and i laughed over this last night" and you didn't discuss this last night on here because??? I DMd you once and you didn't DM back yall are too clicky making me feel secluded and whatnot

? ive never not replied to a DM unless it was the end of a conversation, or if someones asking me to reblog something (which i dont do that generally, sorry), unless it was completely by accident. 

i didnt post it last night because if i bring tom up then i usually get 25 hate mails telling me i am a shitty sad pathetic person for liking him from people who dont like him. SO in an effort to avoid that, instead i dm’d with 3 people about it and we laughed. I feel bad for even mentioning it now.

Sorry, if i didnt respond to you (maybe i legit didnt get it?) Im the last person who is gonne be clicquey. I will talk to anyone. Ask my uber drivers.

They’re Nephilim, they don’t get sick or any such nonsense… 

But Alec’s nonetheless allergic to a certain species of a spider demon - hence his strong… aversion to spiders - which they found out completely by accident, during a hunt, when Jace cut the spider demon in half and its blood splashed all over Alec, causing his airways to swell shut within seconds. And since an iratze didn’t work at all, Jace was forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy to let Alec breathe again, thus proving that he did pay attention in their field medicine classes - which he did not neglect to point out later on, repeatedly so, to his recovering parabatai, with the proper amount of “So there!” arrogance in his voice (the fact that, when he was cutting Alec’s throat, his hands shook so badly with fear for his parabatai, he almost cut his own fingers off, he kept to himself, naturally).

Upon learning about this, Magnus creates a magical epipen for his lover, of course, just to be sure…

Heaven’s Will || Minghao || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 //

Word Count: 2599

Genre: historical China AU, angst, historical!au, China Line

Summary: The winds were changing and the civilians were no longer happy with your brother as Emperor. Many said that the Mandate of Heaven was now in the hands of another and rebellion groups grew larger day by day. With all this going on, you still found the time to worry about who was on the other end of your red string of fate.

“This week’s show,” Hou Yean smiled, “tragedy.”

Junhui nodded, humming, “Great.”

Minghao sat on one of the crates, observing the crew. He wouldn’t be able to participate in this one. It would be played off as if he had gotten into an accident during rehearsals, which was a complete lie. Minghao was the most nimble of their cast and every person who frequents the theater knew this. Minghao let out a sigh of disappointment; he’d miss out on a chance of playing the lead again.


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Kylo Ren and ~feelings~

So, I’ve seen some stuff bagging on people for making fun of Kylo Ren’s Force-tantrums in the vein of it not being cool to mock people’s feelings.  But honestly, I think the problem everyone’s picking up on isn’t that the bad guys has feelings so much as the bad guy’s feelings are completely fucking out of control.

Which isn’t, I think, an accident.  It’s actually kind of a running theme with the Original Trilogy, if you think about it.

We’re told the Dark Side isn’t more powerful, but that it is quicker.  Easier.  It’s always right there, ready to go, where the Light Side is something that has to be worked at and looked for.  It’s driven by anger and fear.  It’s a whole philosophy that rewards violence and a lack of self-control with power.  Staying calm, thinking things through, reacting with compassion instead of anger, it all leads the Sith into a state of powerlessness.

Which is kind of a fucking problem for everyone in the vicinity when the person rolling through life this way has the Force and a lightsaber.

Kylo Ren is flashier and more childish about it, yes, but look at Vader’s behavior in the first three films.  Any sort of personal insult, minor disappointment, failure, etc. is met with an outsized, counterproductive rage-fest.  Even the Emperor, for all his outward calm, gets so caught up in his anger at Luke’s refusal to join him that he loses sight of his ultimate goal.

The issue isn’t whether or not these grown men in positions of authority have feelings, but that they actively cultivate a power system where they’re rewarded for exercising zero control over them and acting out violently.  Everybody has emotions, but one of the goals of adulthood is supposed to be processing them in a way that’s not harmful to us or our objectives. 

It’s why we see Yoda and Obi-Wan so disappointed with Luke when he runs away to save his friends on Bespin.  It’s great that he has friends that he cares about, but when he lets his love for that tiny handful of people supersede the whole “save the galaxy” thing he’s been working toward for the past mumble mumble years, he’s behaving selfishly.  He’s selling out billions and billions of people to save his friends.  When he keeps trying to turn Vader, he’s doing the same thing to save one man.  He’s establishing a dangerous pattern of behavior and opening himself up to the impulsive, blindly emotional flailing that makes the Sith so toxic, even if his reasons are noble.  It all works out in the end, but it’s more due to luck than method.

We see the opposite in Leia, incidentally.  She gets angry and frightened, sure, and she suffers innumerable losses over the four movies she’s in.  But we never see her choose her immediate emotional response over her actual objectives.  She can grieve for Alderaan after she does her damnedest to ensure there are no more Alderaans.  When Luke is on the second Death Star and she’s tasked with shutting down the shields so the Alliance can blow it the fuck up, she doesn’t say “Wait, screw everyone who’s depending on me–my brother’s on board.”  When she gets Han back after years of missing him, she doesn’t say “Don’t go, send someone else, it’s too dangerous.”  Even when she kills Jabba, it’s not executed as an impulsive move; his death is necessary if she’s to get out of the fight alive.  She’s taken her feelings, and she’s using them to get herself closer to where she wants to be instead of just grabbing for that immediate fix.

All four of them want power, and they want to change the world, but Leia’s way is the only one that seems to be working out for anyone.  Vader and Ren are left dependent on the very thing that’s ruined them, and Luke’s progress is derailed time and again by his inability to progress emotionally in a way that’s compatible with what he wants for his life.


River had been catching hell for the last several weeks from his wife. She was two months pregnant now and some change. She barely had a half year before she was knocked up again, to which River could justifiably say that it was a complete accident. She had firmly placed him in the dog house and upon arrival at the Capitol, he wasn’t bound to piss her off anymore. The stress of last year and of the new pregnancy and taking care of three small children had visible effects on River. Upon being thirty-four years old last month, there were a few age lines showing up on his face and sprinkles of salt and pepper littered in his short, black hair. He didn’t mind it, but he was more than happy to make jokes out of it at other people’s expense.

Upon seeing someone he knew, he pointed them out with a piercing look. “Don’t make fun of my hair, I like this old man look–” River said, running a hand across his hair.

Do WE really need to have "a conversation" about racism?
  • America: *driving car, swerves onto sidewalk, hits black pedestrians*
  • America: *puts car in reverse, backs up, hits more black pedestrians*
  • America: *puts car in drive, goes back onto sidewalk, hits even more black pedestrians*
  • America: *gets out of car, strolls over to injured black pedestrians*
  • America: until WE figure out a way to prevent these completely preventable "accidents" for which I am solely responsible, what WE need to do to is have "a conversation" about what YOU black people need to do to stop getting hit by cars