which was based on

Ghostly’s and Flux’s kids but as adults! 

Belle (one on the left) will inherit Flux’s hive when she becomes of age and succeed him as Queen when he retires. She gets the throne because she is the oldest but also because she is more changeling than her siblings. Able to shape shift just as well as any pure changeling and thus able to successfully create a link with her bug subjects; something her siblings can’t do. Like her father, she prefers an earthpony disguise. Her cutie mark is earned, like a regular pony, and represents her talent for music. Singing in particular, but she has a natural knack for almost all intruments.

Sugar (the one in the center) unfortunately becomes a lot like her dad as she grows older. A bitter sass master to everyone, except unlike her father she never gets that one person that becomes her soft spot. She is equal amounts of changeling and wendigo and because of this both traits cancel out and she is the only ‘normal’ pony in the family. She encounters someone later in her life to turn her into a vampire. She’s always hated how she was the only normal pony, so she considers vampirism a literal gift. Her cutie mark is a spiderweb stained with blood, it showcases her talent with the dead. As in, she can tell how a person died and when especially so with violent deaths; she’ll be a good detective. For obvious reasons, she earns her mark in her late teens–extremely late for most ponies.

Icey (one on the right) is the polar opposite of Belle, and is more wendigo than changeling. He can shift similarly to how Ghostly can and can control ice and snow on will as well. As a child and teen he can hardly control his wendigo side and because of this he’ll be a very angry kid. He calms down as he becomes an adult, especially so when he isolates himself for a few years to actually learn how to control his icey side. And even more so when he marries. His cutie mark is an anvil with a (poorly drawn) snowflake above it. It represents his skill with a forge. While ponies may not need swords or steel created by a blacksmith anymore, it’s still required with some things. Things made by him tend to last longer than when manufactured by a factory, as well. He will probably be the go-to blacksmith for Guards’ armor.

Reggie x SP x OC: Fingers Crossed -Smut sorta-

Requested by: @rocsahlt

Summary: Hey I was wondering if you could do a one shot or a series where the reader was from the south side or is family with someone from the south side (like Toni’s cousin or something) and both reggie and sweat pea like her and she’s the only person who doesn’t judge the south side but is from the north side (so she goes to school with the gang and is friends with b and v and everyone) and you could add smut too

Notes: this is like my first actual story since my long assssssss break. It’s gonna be a poly relationship between the reader, Reggie, and SP. Now it’s up to you which Reggie you guys want. I’m doing this based off of S2 Reggie, cuz daddy. You already know what the fuck is gonna happen. A fucking striptease and female masturbation at the end. I’m gonna use my OC’s name, Nova. Sooooo ye, and as much as I don’t like Betty. I had to be nice for this damn story. This is very shitty. I hope this is somewhat decent for you, love.

Song: Lovely by Brent Faiyaz

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BamBam college!AU might be fun~ smol anon

  • Oh man, okay, Freshman year Bammy showing up to university with all of the confidence of his high school senior self
  • Pretends to be cool and shows up to his first class a few minutes late
  • ends up not being able to find a seat anywhere except the front
  • so guess where he’s sitting the rest of the year?
  • yea, it’s the front
  • makes friends with literally everyone
  • new roommate? best friend.
  • people in his groups for projects? already added on snapchat.
  • the entire football team? they all know and love him.
  • even the professors love him like what?
  • he basically spends his entire first year making friends, goofing off, and having fun
  • his sophomore year is a bit more tough for him since the classes get harder and more based on his major
  • which he decided was going to be fashion
  • but he still makes time for friends and joins a couple of organizations that interest him
  • he ends up getting a small part time job at a local fashion boutique which takes up most of his time
  • the work is boring and tedious but every week they’ll have some mid-tier fashion designers come in so it’s totally worth it
  • he’s always trying to be as bright and happy as possible but so much stress
  • enter junior year
  • he’s starting to look for more internships and jobs
  • while also trying to balance schoolwork and a social life
  • but fashion is still his love
  • so he’s constantly going into office hours for reviews 
  • and trying to make it seem effortless
  • but he’s actually spending a lot more time on campus
  • and a lot less time goofing around
  • and wow who knew college could be so stressful?
  • at this point he has cried with Yugyeom multiple times during pizza nights
  • but he keeps on going on and doing the best he can
  • because that’s what BamBam does
  • eventually at the tail end of junior year he gets a MASSIVE opportunity at a super prestigious couture company
  • something about how he charmed one of their reps and they really liked his designs that he low key pitched them
  • so of course he’s ecstatic and takes it immediately, spending the summer networking and getting better at his fashion
  • senior year is definitely more chill
  • he got a full time offer from the company and although it’s going to be stressful and painful and so much work, there’s nothing he would rather do
  • makes a senior year bucket list (majority of which is goofing off with Yugyeom)
  • makes it a point to go to class late and spend JUST the minimum amount of time with studying to pass
  • because at this point, he’s earned the right to slack off
  • decorates his grad cap with a dank meme
  • dabs when crossing the stage at graduation
  • definitely cries at the very end of graduation when hugging Yugyeom
Wow this got so much longer than I had anticipated?

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hello, i'm new to your account, so i'm sorry if you've answered this already! but i'm writing a novel which is based around eight people with different powers, like ability to create and manipulate fire, telekinesis... my question is how do you write a character with such powers without them seeming godly or cliché. i have them all having side effects, like the one who can run at extremely high speeds has asthma. i would just really appreciate more information about his subject. thank you ❤️

Hiya! Thanks for your question!

We actually have answered a similar question in the past here (Writing Magic with Flaws)

If you feel like that post doesn’t fully answer your question, feel free to send in another ask. Thanks again for your question! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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Why do you say that Magnus' self-worth is tied to his power and title? I don't disagree, I'm just curious about which scenes your are basing this off.

Hm, well, the way I see it, Magnus is extremely confident in his skills but insecure about his self-worth outside of those skills. There are a few scenes that make me think that.

This is another giant answer, by the way.

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50 Follower Special

Oh golly the art for this is really rushed. Anyway- 

Thank you all so much for 50 followers. I didn’t expect this blog even reach this many followers.It is going way farther than I would have ever expected. There is so much i have yet to reveal, and I’m even more excited to show you all. Anyway. I’ll get to the point. I’m going to be doing a contest of sorts for this occasion which will have 2-3 winners based on entry. Ya’ll will have two weeks to enter. The winners will all receive artwork of varying quality:

1st - A fully blown picture of any 1-2 character’s of their choosing with color, shading and detailed background. 

2nd - will receive a colored and shaded piece of 1-2 characters of their choosing. 

3rd - will receive a sketch of 1 character of their choosing. 

The way to enter is to send me either of piece of artwork of any character from this blog. HOWEVER, there is one other way to enter. If you write a scene between one of my characters (with your character or just then doing something) you are also entered. 

If you enter a written piece you will not only get a piece of artwork, but the written piece will become canon to the main story line.

So yeah~ anyone of my followers can enter this contest. And thanks again for 50 followers. 

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i think amy was probably raised close to new york if her dad was in the nypd which he must have been based on the case he solved with jake in mr santiago. they might have chosen to retire somewhere else?

that totally makes sense

edit: this post is directed at the general populace. Mlm clearly have more of a right to dislike this game if it makes them uncomfortable, these are my thoughts on the matter however and not intended to trample on mlm. also i am a qu**r person who uses that word as an umbrella term but have seen how it’s bothering a lot of the rebloggers so i’ve changed it to LGBT

maybe you folks should ask yourselves why youre trying so hard to find reasons to demonize and hate Dream Daddy, a game with actual pure non-fetishized representation of mlm and honestly GBT men of all sorts that you’ll even go as far as to twist around components of a datamine into something theyre not

its okay to dislike GG, theyve done some shitty stuff in the past  AND present, and i dont even watch them or like them, but this game isnt made by them. its released by them. it was made by a couple college art students who did a great job at putting representation and real experiences in this game and they worked so fuckin hard on it. you know what youre doing by trying to make this game fail, or torrenting it so it looks like it did worse than it actually did? assuring more games with positive representation aren’t made, or released, or even fucking bothered with. i fucking promise you, with GG’s youtube channel and band and whatever else they do, that you torrenting or boycotting the game isnt hurting them in the slightest. it’s hurting the creators, it’s hurting LGBT game-makers everywhere, and it’s hurting the genre of LGBT games made by LGBT people with good, unfetishized or sex-oriented stories/characters.

so maybe get your heads out of your cynical asses, accept nothing you consume will be perfect, and try to support something with a genuine and positive representation of both GB and trans men. its a fun, lighthearted game with good stories and relatable characters and frankly, im sick of yall trying to assure LGBT oriented games fail because of such miniscule shit.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

The Zodiac Signs As BTS Eras
  • Aries: Not Today
  • Taurus: Just One Day
  • Gemini: Dope
  • Cancer: I Need U
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Save Me
  • Libra: War of Hormone
  • Scorpio: Blood, Sweat, & Tears
  • Sagittarius: Run
  • Capricorn: No More Dream
  • Aquarius: N.O
  • Pisces: Spring Day
  • (sun or moon sign)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Top 20 best quotes (as voted on by me and my followers)