which was actually acceptable

once you comprehend the whole thing of slavery being illegal in the US except as punishment for a crime, all it takes is the merest shred of cynicism to realize at least the potential abuses of that condition, which pretty quickly jump to awareness of the actual abuses.

And if we accept the probability or fact of local governments and businesses unjustly incarcerating people in order to profit from forced, unpaid labor… paired with the understanding that there is a significant portion of the population who have historically profited from the enslavement of people of color, whose inherited wealth originated from slavery and who have demonstrable connections to deeply racist culture? 

it should be the logical conclusion that “slavery as punishment for a crime” cannot be just and supports institutionalized racism simply by virtue of humans being incapable of complete impartiality, and the historic facts of race relation in this country.

or, put another way: white people are so fucking racist and it is so deeply ingrained in American culture, that even without evidence on hand, i have to just draw the rational conclusion that there are frequent cases of people of color being charged unjustly simply so white people can profit from slavery-as-punishment.

even if one were to say, oh, but it can’t happen with more than a very small minority of judges, that maybe one out of a hundred is corrupt and racist enough to do this (and really, with all the shit that goes down, you can’t imagine more corrupt, deeply biased judges than that?) then it would still follow that there are many, many instances of people of color being charged with crimes for the sole reason of enslaving them.

we need a new amendment to modify the Thirteenth. There must be no slavery, whatsoever. The very moment you set up a system where one person may be legally forced to provide profit for another, you create incentive for someone to take advantage of that.

i guess the thing that draws me to persona so much is how the themes of the games are very much tailored to humanity’s shared issues

persona 3 is a game about death, about hardship, and how you crawl out of it with bleeding hands and exhausted bones, but you still do it. its about finding the strength to continue to live even after severe hardship, and overcoming the desire to simply give up. every social link surrounds a character going through a hard time, the most extreme probably being akinari coming to terms with his own inevitable death. each character feels hopeless and wants nothing more than to give up and cease trying, but all overcome it with help from the protagonist. the end of the game sees you fight nyx, the effective personification of this desire of humanity to succumb to hardship and simply end it and die, and you overcome it with the equal of humanities desire to overcome and survive. 

persona 4, comparatively, is a game about acceptance, about recognizing your own flaws and accepting that they are as much a part of you as your skills, and coming to peace with that, and learning to not worry about what others WANT you to be, and simply be happy with who you ARE, showed best by kanjis complex about his reputation as a thug, and his actual interests being traditionally female, which he learns to just accept and embrace as himself regardless of what others think. you fight izanami, a goddess trying to enact what she believes humanity wants, influencing them to be something theyre not, when the protagonist allows humanity to choose their own fate by fighting her off. 

persona 5, however, is a game about rebellion and denial. its about seeing the hand youre dealt, and deciding, fuck this, flipping the table in the dealers face and telling him to fuck off. every character is in a situation they resent, but accept, as they feel they have no other choice. the game follows them learning that they DONT have to simply accept it, and to find the strength and drive to reject how things are, and change their own situation. in the end you literally shoot god in the face with satan, the ultimate rebel, cause god wants to kill humanity and fuck that noise son. 

idk where i was going with this but i just…. love the themes of the persona games.

The interesting thing about the Hogwarts Houses personality theory, from where I’m standing, is that it seems to be based on motivation, rather than what’s strictly considered by the academic world to be personality traits. (It’s interesting because motivation is considered fairly changeable by personality researchers, while traits are more fundamental/biologically based and hard to change. Makes Dumbledore’s I sometimes think we sort too soon that more plausible. And painful.)

Anyway, let me give this a go:

Gryffindors are motivated by what they believe is Right. They’ve got a very clear idea of justice, of the way things should be, and if that isn’t the case they are willing to fight for it. Gryffindors have principles. They will go to war over the things they believe in. But this also means they might just as well become fundamentalists. As someone put it, a gryffindor will happily fuck you up if they believe they’re doing the Right Thing.

Huffepuffs are motivated by loyalty. They put personal relationships above abstract ideas. Huffelpuffs will follow you into battle not because they believe in what you’re saying, but because they are your friend. On the other hand, this may also lead to a my master right or wrong kind of situations, where they stop thinking about moral principles and just trust the person they’ve chosen as a friend. 

Ravenclaws are motivated by rationality. They value cold logic and hard facts, and are unlikely to be swept along by passionate speeches or emotional pleas. They’re the type to consider the benefits and disadvantages for all when making decisions. Again, this can be potentially scary, because -for example- Ravenclaws would kill you without any hesitation if they believed it could prevent the death of others.

And finally, Slytherins are motivated by self-interest and ambition. They’re moral relativists, who don’t believe in the great Right or Wrong (the way Gryffindors very strongly do) and wouldn’t hesitate to do things others would consider morally wrong as long as it’s in their advantage. Sounds evil, but it isn’t necessarily so: it means just as much that a Slytherin can be charming and loyal - being hated and despised isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? It all depends on what kind of ambitions they have - and how smart they are, of course.

Seen like that, Ravenclaws and Slytherin are quite close to each other, both being cold rationalists, with the difference that Ravenclaws think firstly of the good of all, while Slytherins think firstly of the good for themselves. And Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are quite close too, both led by their emotions, but while Gryffindors are loyal to ideas of right and wrong, Hufflepuffs pledge their allegiance to people they believe to be worth following.

Put shortly: Gryffindor: belief in ideas; Hufflepuffs: belief in people; Ravenclaw: belief in rationality; Slytherin: belief in themselves.

I realized I missed TDOV. Its something that’s still quite important to me, as everyday is a little step of me to leaning to accept myself and my body.

I used to be very, very self conscious and ashamed about growing facial hair. As several people pointed out to me, it was “unnatural” and “disgusting” for someone assigned female at birth. Even though I never really felt “feminine”, I was ashamed about it for years. I used to pluck or shave everyday, always being in fear someone would notice my stubble and call me “disgusting”.
When I found out about my identity, I came more to accept my facial hair… And, as a paradox, it also made me accept my more “feminine” side.

Nowadays, I don’t feel the need to shave every day. I’m not scared of people finding it disgusting any longer. I let my facial hair grow from times to times, and I nearly regret I don’t have more of it.

Also, meet my cat, lovingly nicknamed: Utsuki pattes de beurre dans la baignoire (Utsuki butterpaws in the bathtub).

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i just saw the guy that said why'd you gotta target outertale it was error's nice place and my first thought was, "well it was only one outertale" because of course multiverse so i'm sure error can find another nice place

Absolutely! That’s totally true - who knows how many versions of Outertale there are out there in the multiverse! Also, who’s to say Error only picks one specific OT to go to? Maybe he goes to other OT AUs too. He’s probably not patient enough to find the exact same OT each time. Or maybe he is and we just don’t know it XD

INTJs I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (TWO FEMALES & TWO MALES)

  1. They aren’t aware of their surroundings. When they’re walking in the halls, they will NOT look around and will just continue looking and walking straight. Their friends are usually the ones who snap them out of their mind. (It’s an Ni thing. They are in their own heads if they don’t give effort to notice what’s going around them). You just gotta say hi to them first most of the time. (Unless they’re comfortable around you–then you’ll be lucky enough to receive a greeting from them).
  2. Eye contact is difficult for them. Most of them stare at the ground or just focus on something else in the background when they talk to you.
  3. It takes awhile for them to learn dance moves. (Well, this applies to the ones who clearly aren’t dancers). We’d have these school dances and they’re the ones who needed help the most in remembering the steps. (I’m guessing it takes awhile for them to be fully “in sync” with their bodies…?)
  4. They dislike loudness and chaos. Also known as the classroom. And school itself. It’s a jungle out there.
  5. They are so informational and are easily Teacher’s Pets because of how much they raise their hands in class and pay attention to them. I don’t think they listen because they’re interested though–they listen to find flaws in their teachings. It’s their past time.
  6. They’re in school just to graduate. Making friends is just a bonus. (Or well, that’s what they want you to think, at least).
  7. They claim that they’re okay being alone. And well, they’re actually okay with being by themselves. But I know that deep down they’d like a close friend or two with the same intellect and interests.
  8. They are the nerdiest and dorkiest people with their friends. They suddenly become loud or just seem out-of-character. If you’re part of their friend-group, you will definitely see another side of them. Next thing you know they’re making bird-calls, mocking their teachers, and just bluntly voicing out their opinions.
  9. They are passionate about their interests, hobbies and talents. What they’re into keeps them sane. One of them is a varsity chess player who loves playing the bass and writing poetry, another one is a ballerina (she studied in a professional studio and all that) who does a ton of other stuff as well (her parents encouraged her to do a lot), another one is into hypnotism (he went to several conventions for it) and dances hip-hop extremely well, while the other one I know is obsessed with anime (porn).
  10. They may seem aloof and cold but are actually innocent people who aren’t aware of how they act. Which is why outgoing and talkative people get along with them well and manage to open them up. Opposites do attract (As long as they’re the complementing kind of opposites).
  11. They’re actually not as serious as they seem. They have a sense of humor. Either dark or corny humor. And they aren’t serious about their grades either; they’re already blessed with intelligence.
  12. Their words are sharp and can cut you, but they mean no harm. They just don’t really know which words are appropriate when talking to another human being. And which tone to use. And which facial expression to present.
  13. They get possessive. They research things about their close friends and feel super uncomfortable when they aren’t there anymore; since they have grown attached to them already. This will hurt them because had chosen them over being fully independent and it’ll just make them go internally crazy. Which is why they like keeping their friends close. Really close. (Speaking for the unhealthier INTJs)
  14. They like to “get a feel of people” before they truly open up. Typical introvert thing–but INTJs are extremely cautious when trusting people.
  15. They almost seem helpless when their close friends aren’t around. Even desperate. This is why it’s easier for them to just be alone. No expectations–and they only have themselves to blame–which is actually much easier to accept than feeling betrayed by their friends. Again, trust issues.
  16. They don’t mind talking about their opinions all day. (Fi thing) They would if they could. And they will, if they consider you as a close friend of theirs.
  17. They just want to get things done and over with. Which is why they rather finish their homework and projects in advance. And do all the group work. They don’t want others slowing them down.
  18. They are misunderstood. They are actually sensitive people who care and have feelings. Looks can definitely be deceiving.

Well, fellow INTJs, what can you say? :) Do you relate? Or do these statements fit the INTJs you know? :)

Again, these are about the INTJs I’ve met. So if it doesn’t apply to you–then it goes to show that despite sharing the same type, people still have their differences.

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When do you think is the best place to stop worldbuilding and start writing? How do you fit a new plot into a world that's already (mostly) made? Anything helps, thanks

This similar question was answered a couple of days ago [HERE] which deals with the matter of working on the beginning of a plot and developing conflict.

World building is important, it’s the foundation of the story that you’re going to tell, and it’s a major source of information on how your characters are going to behave and what will happen. Strong world building leads to immersive experiences in fiction, and enables you to take the reader along on a journey that feels real even when it’s utterly fantastical.

However, during the writing process, it can be tempting to be waylaid by world building as a form of procrastination: I have to finish world building before I write, but the world is so big and wonderful and complex that I can’t just stop until I’ve written down everything about it! Right?

The thing is, the amount of world building that you need to do depends on how much of it you’re going to use. It’s a good idea to know more than you’re going to put on the page, because having a deeper understanding of your setting and world than what is explicitly put on the page will inform the way that you write about things, and it enables you to work with suggestion and implicit details to entice the reader into digging for more clues about the world.

But if your story is set, for example, in a single remote mountain village, then you don’t really need to have to hand the history of all the surrounding nations and their conflicts and interests, except as it pertains to the understanding of the people in your remote mountain village.

Your villagers, of course, will know of the rest of the world, and you as the writer need to know what they know, and a little more than that, but if the story never leaves the remote mountain village, and the characters are caught up in their own affairs rather than being interested in what’s going on outside the village, then there’s not much use in you writing up an encyclopaedia of stuff that’s happening elsewhere but won’t make it into the actual story.

I’d suggest that there are a couple of different levels of information that you’ll want to have sorted out when you start your writing, exactly the amount of detail you’ll need is going to depend on your personal preferences and writing style and the focus of the story, but I conceptualise it in the following way:

Primary world building:

  • The sensory life of your protagonist. What do they see, feel, taste, touch, hear every day? What is their personal experience of the world they live in?
  • The intellectual life of your protagonist. What do they think about the world they live in? What are their assumptions and superstitions? How do they believe the world works and where do they think they fit in it?
  • The functional reality of the protagonist’s locale (where they are). What is this place like, who lives here and what do they do? What kind of a place is this setting, and how does it fit into the scheme of the rest of the world?
  • Primary elements are the things that you’re going to be dealing with in detail, and which are going to be the material facts as you present them to the reader.

Secondary world building:

  • The wider setting, outside of what the reader will be seeing directly.
  • What is the reality of the wider world? Consider politics, religion, tradition, history, war, geography … All the things that sit in the back of a nation’s collective mind, not really at the forefront of many people’s thoughts, but the general knowledge, and the general concepts that people accept as given.
  • What is the true reality of the wider world? Are there any ways in which the ‘actual’ history of the world differs to that which is accepted as true by the people living there? Was there a great deception at some point? Have they simply yet to make a discovery about their world? Are they working on incorrect assumptions about their world in some way?
  • Secondary elements act as the background process of the world, these are things that may or may not emerge through the interactions of characters and world, and things that readers may be able to glean from the way that the character processes the primary elements/ the way that the narrative positions those elements.

These two levels of world building provide you the basis of what is happening and being experienced within the narrative, and also the basis of why it is happening (or why the characters believe it is happening).

Now, another note, but this ask and the previous world building ask have had a similar tone to them that I want to address. The plot isn’t something that fits neatly into the world, generally. The plot happens to the world, in the world, the nature of plots is that they change things. This can feel very difficult and painful when you’ve spent a long time crafting the world, but it is one of, if not the key element of story.

No matter the world you’ve built, no matter how beautiful and real seeming it is, it will not be a static artefact, in fact, if you want your story to have any sort of traction, resonance, and depth, the plot will mean that things change a lot. The real world is ever-changing and developing, for better or for worse, and sometimes for both. The fictional world cannot be static, or it is lifeless.

Consider some big stories; A Song of Ice and Fire is driven hugely by change, the balance of power shifts wildly from one book to the next. The Lord of the Rings ends with the end of an age, the Shire has been ravaged and much of Middle Earth will never be the same again. In Harry Potter, a whole culture is swept up into a war, even Hogwarts itself is damaged by the conflict.

It’s a mistake to think of the world as ‘complete’. That’s the danger and the lure of world building, it can continue forever if you let it, because the world is infinitely complex. Don’t be afraid of changing the world, don’t be afraid of consequences of the plot happening. Those things are the fuel for the story.

Texting || Youngbin

Group: Sf9
Member: Youngbin
Genre: smut, Bj , some intense grinding, kissing, daddy kink, he’s daddy af, dom,This post contains so crappy smut

Word Count: 1.4K

Request:Can I request a Youngbin smut scenario with grinding he’s so hot I dieeeee

Summary: Sending Youngbin dirty pictures is always so rewarding :)

A/n: I’m literally sinning rn omg someone help me!! I was going to delete this because I was like this doesn’t fit Youngbin but oh yes it does. my little bean is a man I have to accept that. So I hoped you like this I think this is shit so sorry if it is :/. I felt like Youngbin can be a daddy for a fic you know. Also lots of cussing. I’m working on my smut skills so please bare with me.-Admin Tae

Originally posted by yngbin

Biting your lip you posed for the camera clad in a lacy lingerie set with a lusty gaze to match. Grinning you snapped a few pictures your fingers clicking on your boyfriend icon and letting only him see you like this.

You licked your lips typing in a playful message “Do I look good Daddy?” You smiled as you typed it out. Throwing your head back in just imagining Youngbin reaction.

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REQUESTED BY @besttransgirl  

I’m  not actually accepting requests at the moment which is why the askbox is closed but this one slipped through in my messages sneakily - ;) - so I’ve found these pre-existing prompts rather than come up with new ones. I couldn’t find any that specifically fit the request but I hope these are ok.

From @lgbtqwritingprompts

Polygender Shapeshifters

Shapeshifting Bi guy/dragon

Forest witch in love with a succubus 

From @cats218 (via @lgbtqwritingprompts )

Two witches in love

From @ghostbuggy

Immortal Witch and her girlfriend:

From @wlws

Not technically a prompt but a request for fantasy lesbians, among other things, that may spark an idea

From @promptsforthestrugglingauthor

An asexual immune to the effects of succubi and sirens: 

From me: Two witches are in love but one uses “dark” magic and the other doesn’t

Other fantasy-themed Gender and Sexually Diverse prompts:

Lesbian pixies team up with non-binary pixies to save the forest from evil humans

Trans Prince

A prince and his knight fall in love

Lesbian princess

Lesbian siren

A siren meets a shipwrecked sapphic girl:

Pirate and Mermaid fall in love: 

From @auideas

Non-binary prince 

From @lgbtprompts  

Gay Dragon



Summary: Tony is feeling a little down after a mission and asks Steve to give him gentle tickles rather than rough ones.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m quite happy with this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Words: 1 558

Steve’s body was aching. It wasn’t overwhelmingly bad, but the dull pain that shot through his limbs was annoying and a slightly too big of a reminder of a life full of chronic pain that he’d left behind him. He glanced at Tony as they entered their bedroom. If he was in pain he couldn’t imagine how Tony might be feeling.

“Are you hurt?” he asked once they’d shut the door behind them.

Tony shook his head. “Nah. The suit took all the beating. I promise,” he added at Steve’s skeptical look.

Steve didn’t say anything, but he didn’t take his eyes off of him as they started undressing. Tony never winced once, and Steve couldn’t find a single trace of oncoming bruises on his body, so he reckoned the genius was speaking the truth regarding his well being for once.

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imagine-gorillaztrazh  asked:

Hiya! I was a huge fan of Gorillaz when I was a teen (but my English was terrible) and now I'm a lot older, and I've only now found out about the story, clips, book etc. I've just lapped up everything I could find and now I'm searching for cool tumblr-blogs about our fave 4 people. Do you have any favourite blogs that you can recommend? And anything I need to know now that I have entered the fandom-part of the band?

hey! sorry for the late response, i’m glad that you’re getting more into the lore and background of the story! here are some of my favorite blogs below (i’m probably leaving out a bunch because there are so many rad people who blog about gorillaz) 

@bustedandblueballs @goillaz @gay-noods @stanford-pines @blogforstu @blogformuds @man-research @noodlerdoodler @noodlelove15 @beatnosound @butterscotch-rum @gayroommate @swan-shaped-scones-official @kore-chan @pferd-gesicht @maccamc @gaymagne @the-happy-landfill @intimate-eggroll @shannonssoundcheck @two-chi @whipstickagocock @risselhobbs @shit-the-gorillaz-never-said 

as for stuff you need to know, i think it’s important to keep in mind that the canon lore itself can have lots of gaps in it both because of the length of the time period over which it’s being written and also because in all honesty jamie’s a pretty mcfucking shit writer and damon’s more focused on the music anyway. because of that a lot of the generally-accepted headcanons and characterizations aren’t actually canon, which can be kind of confusing to newcomers. but personally, part of the reason why i love gorillaz so much is because the amount of gaps in the lore allows the story to be filled in in a bunch of different ways (most of which are better than anything jamie could ever write anyway tbh). 

also like this can be applied to fandom in general, or really any piece of media, but remember to stay critical of the media you consume, especially with gorillaz! as they said in phase 1, reject false icons and don’t think that just because stuff is canon that it’s free from being critiqued or being problematic. many aspects are super problematic (jamie’s shitty track record of racism and sexualization, fandom’s shitty tendency to ignore russel, the shitty fact that the writers hand out mental illnesses and traumas and abuse like candy and then just fucking LEAVE THEM THERE AND DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH THEM, among others) and being aware of them and actively critiquing their portrayal is an important part of being an involved and informed consumer of fiction. hope this helped! 

Rejection pt. 3... AND ACCEPTANCE

Today I got rejected from every Ivy League school I applied to… and it’s okay! I told myself so frequently throughout the process that the odds were just against me and it’s nothing I had done or could do. I’m still a straight, middle class, white female who wants to go into humanities. And that’s okay! So that’s rejection from: Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, and UPenn (in addition to my previous rejections at Georgetown, UChicago, and USC, and waitlist at Northwestern).

More excitingly… Accepted to George Washington University in the Honors Program and with a presidential scholarship of $25000/year! AND accepted to UC Berkeley! Which is spectacular and actually totally affordable with in-state tuition. Plus, the Bay Area is far enough away from SoCal for me to feel like I’m out of state :)

Now I’m just waiting on Stanford tomorrow (expecting rejection, but fingers crossed!), then I’ll be done with the whole process and onto deciding!

I’m also writing a post of what I wish I knew before this whole process, so that’ll be coming soon. Ah I’m so happy that I have options I love!! Thank you all for your love and support through the whole thing. ❤️

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Killing Stalking isn't real, but people get so offended by fictional characters they just have to attack people who enjoy it. I kinda still wish that ks was a smaller, lesser known fandom so it would receive less hate.

I don’t get how some people say some really shitty things to real people over fictitious works. It happens in every fandom for the most part which is what is actually horrifying but ig it’s just accepted as a part of fandom culture so it would’ve happened either way with killing stalking. I’d rather the antis make a fool out of themselves since we, as a large group of ks fans, understand that what they say is bull shit rather than they target an individual or a smaller group of killing stalking fans who might actually take in the horrible things they say.

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 1

I got an amazing request from @legolasothranduilion to start writing this story, and the idea was so incredible that I couldn’t deny it. I honestly hope you’ll like my interpretation of your vision, and that you (and the rest of you guys) will enjoy reading it. 

By the title itself you may figure out what the story is going to be about, but I won’t reveal anything juicy. :)

Feel free to comment, and leave feedback, and thanks for reading.

Reader’s POV

“These fucking reporters will seriously drive me crazy one day”, Jared said and tossed the tabloid across the yard.

“I told you not to go to that after party, but you just had to, didn’t you?” Emma bickered at Jared not looking away from her iPad. I swear this woman was a robot. And one of my idols for sure. She’s working 24/7, and Jared doesn’t even try to make it easy on her. 

“Don’t I deserve some fun? Can’t I relax the way I want to? No, because being a rock star and an actor, director and everything else I do just puts me under the spotlight that I don’t even want to be a part of” Jared was frustrated and started pacing across the yard. 

“Melody, would you please take care of the next week’s flights and hotels? I have to take care of this weeks errands” Emma asked me, still being all in her iPad.

“Of course, no problem” I said and immediately started browsing through available flights. Jared had to travel to New York, and later to Milan so I was helping Emma arrange everything. She hired me as her assistant almost a year ago, since she was too wrapped up with planning her wedding, and of course dealing with Jared’s job and life. She needed all the help she could get at the time. And now she got used to having me around, so I stuck around. Hopefully for a long time.

Jared wasn’t so pleased with that decision of hers at first, but since she really had too much stuff going on, he decided she could hire someone, but the final decision had to be unanimous. Which basically meant that he’s the one deciding who’s in and who’s out - as always. That man always had his way with everything. It’s either Jared’s way or the highway. 

“Melody…? What do you mean… Emma, are you even listening to what I’m saying? ” Jared started to freak out and raised his voice at Emma.

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What headcanons do you have for the merman universe?

I am not sure which one you speak of, but if you’re referring to my Merfolk AU then I have a few headcanons I can provide, though it might get lengthy.

  • Hierarchy
    When it comes to a merfolk’s place in the colony, it mostly relies on the fin structure you’re born with. In Eren’s case, he’s born with a Lunate fin structure good for speed and maneuverability which will classify him to become either a Hunter or Sentinel. The position he takes up on the two classifications is determined of the balance in strength. While Hunters are more on pure speed and agility to catch prey, Sentinels are tested with their durability to withstand large amounts of damage to protect a group and their keen reflexes to spot threats miles away. Eren is a sentinel.

    In Armin’s case, he’s born with sort of a Forked Tail fin structure which is efficient for long distance swimming to keep up with faster swimmers as well as outlast them in stamina. He’d be categories as a Scavenger, who go on expeditions to map out territory and collect beneficial items for the colony with Sentinel guards. But there’s a 1/10 chances that one is born with a hybrid forked fin, like Armin’s. Which would be a semi-lunate forked fin that has it curved enough to be crescent for extra speed. Which now classifies Armin as a Runner. A Runner in a scouting group is like a back up defense when the group’s Sentinels need extra reinforcements. Their job in a dire situation, is to escape and call for extra help. With their unique fin structure, they have the speed and stamina to outrun any predators better than Sentinels or Hunters can, making their role in a scouting group very important.

  • Courtship
    In the matter of courting a potential mate, courtships can start in a merfolk’s life as early as the age of 10 with the permission of their elders. Most common courting methods are to give them gifts, be it pearls, coral pieces, or shells hand made to be accessories. Another way, in the cases of the potential mate is not interested in those luxuries, are to show off their capabilities in providing protection like presenting their hunt for the day, participating in competitions of strength and general showcase of power.

    Now in the off-handed case one is not interested in either courting methods (e.i. Armin), chances of getting them to agree are slim for one of two reasons. One, they’re not interested in seeking a mate. And two, they don’t prioritize mateship as a necessity when it comes to living in a colony. The only moment these types will accept a gift are from family members. And another rare case, they’ll accept it from the merfolk they actually considered courting with. To which, that only gift they’ll accept, is an engagement gift. (yes, that thing on Armin’s head is Eren’s engagement gift to him)

And that’s about a couple of my headcanons for that universe…. But if you were referring to my MereEren AU well…..

I have absolutely no headcanons for this one lol

This AU started out as an off-handed silly drawing in my Attack On Pipan AU photoset or more commonly known as “That one AU where they have tiny versions of themselves that I normally draw while sleep deprived at 5 in the morning” which was based off of The Sand Guardian meme.

It eventually devolved into this internalized joke where Eren is a rather out-of-times merman that washed up on shore one day to proclaim his existence to a extremely secluded beach side owned by Armin’s family estate.

The generalized personality for Eren in this weird AU is that he’s brash, open and has unfiltered honesty that he basically speaks out everything he thinks about while screaming. Well, not necessarily screaming, he more or less just doesn’t have an inside voice because the ocean is vast and verbal sound is muffled underwater so when he surfaces, he’s screaming. forever.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any resources about those debunked arguments? Socialization, gender etc. I'd like to read more about it!

It’s 4:30AM here, and my brain is fried from a lack of sleep, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble a bit.

The notion of a universal female/male socialization binary was debunked ages and ages ago along with the related notion that we only ever receive one of those binaries (it’s very well established that we take in all messages, we sort and process them for relevance, based on the value we attribute to the socializing agents, reproduce them in difference ways depending on context, etc.). And that’s not even mentioning the impact of neurodivergence on socialization processes. Like, I haven’t heard a sociologist seriously peddling any of those ideas in…well, since I left high school ages ago. More common within feminism, but even then, there’s usually an asterisk implied that it’s a hell of a lot more complicated, and an assumption that they’re speaking specifically of general patterns within cis populations.

Literally every sociology class I took discussed that at least in part, and how socialization is multi-faceted, complex, involves internal and external processing, etc., most of my profs referencing intersectionality while describing it, so…like, I’m pretty sure there’s a heck of a lot of material out there on that, and how there’s no singular experience of womanhood or universal distinct female socialization that occurs the same way and imparts the same information across all regions and cultures and demographics. Like, I severely doubt that my little mediocre university here in Canada is the only one using the books and readings we did. 

I’m sure I could go find a few dozen textbooks that discuss it (I’d look at my own old textbooks if I wasn’t using my parent’s basement 300km away as a mini storage unit for a lot of my books, given I lack the furniture and space to hold them), but, like, it was something that was present in all my readings involving socialization in any sociology class that brought it up, and even in my applied psych and group psychology classes. Only place I read otherwise were two or three of my gender studies classes when we’d study some second wave feminist writings.

Privilege is something where some folks still cling to the old 1950s-1960s views on how privilege functions, back when theorists happily reproduced notions of oppressions all being separate and distinct from each other, and when theorists were neck-deep in cissexism and refused to actually consider trans and NB people’s existences.

Since then: 

  • the notion of a singular, universally transmitted socialization has been debunked, which troubles some of the assumptions and conclusions
  • Intersectionality has been accepted as the primary valid framework on which to understand lived experiences and power relations, further troubling notions of universal privilege. Because if we can accept that misogynoir is real, and that black women are socialized in different ways than white women are, we must also accept that black men are socialized in different ways than white men, which provides the question of how that intersection of power and marginalization impacts a black man’s ability to harness male privilege, and to which degree, in which regions/cultures/contexts/etc. This of course doesn’t mean privilege isn’t real, but it’s more complex than “You’re a man, you will always have X privileges over women”, for instance.
  • Cissexism has risen to the forefront as a framework to understand trans people’s lived experiences and oppression, which inherently troubles and challenges the notion of “male” and “female” states within the old privilege model (which they accepted as essential and immutable, when sex is actually socially constructed and far more fluid and variable), particularly when describing trans people prior to coming out, since it’s clear that trans people generally do not experience socialization remotely the same as how cis people tend to (and there is obviously always plenty of variation there as well). For instance, any notion of socialization-borne privileges of being “male” for trans women get necessarily called into question, given our socialization trends are significantly different than cis men’s.

Like, I’m sure I could find plenty of external sources saying the same stuff (maybe minus cissexism, which would be limited to trans people’s writings, usually not in academic texts or journal articles, but still perfectly valid) as I wrote above. if I had the energy to run a 20 page google scouring I would, but I don’t. needless to say, though, it’s not exactly farfetched, niche ideas. Folks have been challenging and proving wrong those simplistic notions of socialization and privilege for decades.

Unsolicited detail of the day! For characters’ heights in this AU, I’ve been mentally going with a mix of actor heights and Wookiepedia heights. For example: Hayden Christensen is 6'0", but Anakin is listed as 6'2". I’ve always envisioned DV Anakin as the 6'2" option. On the other hand, Obi-Wan’s Wookiepedia height is 6'0", which is FUCKING BULLSHIT THAT I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT AS ACTUAL CANON, so for DV I go with 5'10" because that’s what both his IRL actors’ heights are.

Meanwhile, the clones are all listed as 6'0" as well (why the obsession with 6 feet??) while Temuera Morrison is only 5'7" IRL. This doesn’t bother me as much because I can totally buy that the Kaminoans would make the clones bigger and beefier than Jango as part of their genetic modifications. Also I love the thought of General Kenobi being smaller than all his troops. That being said, in this AU the Fetts are all over the place in terms of height. Cody and Rex were the only clones around when I first started putting this AU together, and I pictured them as the clone height of 6'0". Since then, the rest of the added bros are all shorter except Jesse. Jesse is on par with Anakin, so 6'2". Kix and Tup (once he’s fully grown) are about the same height as each other and the tallest after the twins, so I’d put them at 5'10"ish. Then Fives is somewhere around 5'8", and Echo is 5'7" (or a lil’ less even maybe?).

Of course, most of the exact measurements hardly matter because when I draw I just aim for relative heights. But. Yeah.