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the signs as iconic x-files "monsters"
  • aries: Sheriff Hartwell, secret vampire
  • taurus: Chinga, creepy ass doll, wants to play
  • gemini: Duane Barry, unpredictable abduction enthusiast
  • cancer: Tooms, professional liver harvester/nester
  • leo: Eve, every last one of them, ready to take over
  • virgo: Pusher, very persuasive fruity protein drinker
  • libra: Tulpa, literally a lawful evil garbage monster
  • scorpio: Eddie van Blundht, shape shifter for sexual gain
  • sagittarius: The Great Mutato, ultimate Cher fangirl
  • capricorn: Leonard Betts, perceptive to a cancerous fault
  • aquarius: Guy Mann, would rather be a lizard than a human
  • pisces: Flukeman, hides in toilet, wants to be left alone

You have been eating away at me
taking little bits of my soul since the beginning
and I let you
because I thought that this was what love was

Now Iโ€™m finding myself again
and Iโ€™ve come to realize
this is just how
the bad guy wins
and I was a willing victim

—  Taken//kayla

OK, Game of Thrones does have a lot of terrible writing, but the degree of vitriol directed toward Dany and the show for “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will” seems a bit over the top. There is more than one way to interpret that line, and I do not believe it was ever intended to be interpreted as “I was born to inherit the seven kingdoms”. That’s obviously wrong, Viserys came before her, and Dany knew it.

My interpretation of that line from the moment I heard it was along the lines of I was made for this, as in I was born for this moment, “I was born to rule.” I know Benioff and Weiss don’t do themes (themes are for 8th grade book reports according to them, sigh), but there has been a emphasis on show!Dany being the one fit to rule according to people on the show, with Jorah and his “you would not only be feared, but loved” and Varys with his “a ruler stronger than Tommen, gentler than Stannis, loved by millions etc. etc..”

This line isn’t all that bad, it fits with what came before it on the show, it fits with show!Dany, and I can think of far worse lines to get worked up over than this.

Um, guys? I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe I do) but: 

I heard back from my University today, and my application for a funded PhD program has been accepted!! 😍

I’m starting a three-year, fully-funded thesis in the fall! I’m going to be a doctor, you guys!! 💪💪💪

(A doctor of English literature, but still- there’s a nice ring to it.)

This has been my dream for almost 4 years now. I really can’t believe it yet. Or at all. 

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Told Dean last night that after we talked several months ago, I’ve decided that come December I would like to start foster paperwork and possibly do foster -> adopt.

He said he doesn’t know and I told him that’s fine if he doesn’t feel ready for that step. But that he needs to start giving it some serious thought. Either way, I would just like to know he spent some time thinking about it, regardless what he decides, I’ll be able to accept his feelings after genuine reflection. Hopefully we can move forward but I don’t want to start anything we both don’t feel 100% ready for.

Fostering is a little scary. The hardest thing would be having to say goodbye and that’s one of the biggest things he, and I, need to make sure we are ready for.

The Languages of Tumblr:

1. So if I just talked and used no punctuation whatsoever but I still asked a question it would seem rhetorical wouldn’t it

2. better yet, if i didn’t capitalize anything (but still used punctuation, of course) i’d seem more chill. now it seems like i’m not pretentious, i might not even care so much, but here’s my honest opinion. i probably call people pet names like ‘my guy’.

3. [Then there’s the] Say it louder for the people in the back!! [Translation: I don’t have much to say, but I agree.]

4. And then. And then. You have those pretentious folks who like to use capitalization, punctuation and full sentences! They probably even use italics too! In the company of try-hards such as these, one might feel as if they were sitting around the table with a bunch of French Revolution philosophes. Or maybe that was just what they wanted you to think.


Obligatory birthday selfies, since I’m like a cryptid on my own damn blog XD They’re… really gay. Nice.

what ur favorite song on melodrama says about u
  • green light: lowkey basic. you probably missed lorde a Lot & listened to pure heroine on repeat while she was on hiatus
  • sober: you've done wild shit like chug 2 whole bottles of vodka or snorted coke off someone's bare back or smth. or maybe you just dream of doing wild shit, i won't judge
  • homemade dynamite: you probably dance crazily when you think no ones watching & watch live videos of lorde in concert on repeat
  • the louvre: you're obsessed with the idea of love & probably watch too many romcoms & think a museum date is the height of romance
  • liability: someone broke your heart or you only like this song bc it's gay. either way do u want to talk abt it
  • hard feelings/loveless: an idealist, you've made one of those playlists to ask someone out with song titles, or at least considered it. also you hate baby boomers
  • sober ii/melodrama: you're a hardcore lorde fan & probably cry anytime she does anything. you might be the one who found the onion ring acc??
  • writer in the dark: hella badass & you might actually be a witch?? you prob also like this song bc of her high notes. me too buddy.
  • supercut: you get high on nostalgia & cried after listening to the album for the first time
  • liability reprise: you listen to sad songs & watch sad movies when you're sad & it just makes you sadder
  • perfect places: you probably hoard polaroids & ticket stubs & pressed flowers & memories. you live the aesthetic lyfe™ we all hope to achieve