which the look on his face shows he knows all too well

I hope

I hope, I well damn hope, that while on stage, after that lame joke, they had a moment and thought “ah, maybe we over did it”

I hope that when they looked at fan taken photos and comments on instagram and videos, they saw how Seungri’s face fell and how he quickly tried to hide it behind a laugh and a smile.

I hope that they realised once again that although they know it’s just a joke, their words influenced fans into thinking that they don’t love him, that they don’t want him, that it’s ok to think badly about Seungri.

I hope that after the show, when Seungri didn’t go with them in the waiting room, they didn’t wonder why he disappeared.

I hope that after realising his absence may be due to too much teasing, they all had a quiet moment in which they felt a bit guilty.

I hope that at their own ways, they tried to apologise and make it better and make Seungri understand that they love him regardless of what they say.

I hope that they won’t take for granted Seungri

I hope that even before considering 12/12 as the date of their album, they’ll still recognise it firstly as something more important: Seungri’s birthday.

I hope they’ll show so much love to Seungri in the next shows and appearances, that they’ll make up all the bullying he went through.

Lastly, I hope that Seungri, as the good man he is, he’ll forgive and forget, he’ll remember how many people love him among all the people that hate him, that he won’t disappear out of sadness, that he’ll keep his head up and think about positiveness, that he won’t feel the need to escape to another country in order to feel happy, that he’ll sleep warmly and soundly and live daily happily.

I really hope all of that from the bottom of my heart.