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Pairing: Sam x Pregnent-Reader x Gadreel

Words: 934

Warnings: none

Requested by: @samknitchester

This is my first request I’m really happy to do this and i really hope you guys like it and thanks @samknitchester for the request!


“(Name)” A familiar angel knocks on your door, you slowly walk up to it and open it only to face your most trusted friend Castiel.

“Hey Cas what’s up?” You ask him a little worried because he looked a lot more serious than usual.

“We need to talk” Was all he said before entering your room and slamming the door shut.

“Hey Cas take it easy just start from the beginning”. You sat with him on your bed and he takes a few deep breaths before talking.

“(Name) you are with child”. You stare at Castiel in shock you had noticed you weren’t felling well for the past couple weeks but you just thought it was nothing and ignored it and because you were on birth control.

“I’m on birth control Cas how is tha-”. He quickly cuts you off.

“That’s not all…the child…”. He pauses and takes a heavy breath “Is a Nephilim”


“It seems that some of Gadreel’s grace has made its way into Sam’s DNA and the so called ‘birth control’ was no match”. You rest you head in your hands still processing the new information.

“What am I supposed to tell Sam and Gadreel?”. You look up at Castiel with tears steaming down your face "What if he doesn’t want the baby?”

Castiel quickly embraced you to calm you down “You and I both know Sam would never do that, he has very strong feelings for you (Name) but so does Gadreel”.

“Okay I’ll tell them, they should be back any minute now”. You and Cas walked to the main room in the bunker and wait for the other 3 to return and not long after they had arrived.

“We’re back!”. Dean appears first with Sam and Gadreel behind.

“Hey (Name), Cas ”. Sam greets you and gives a quick hug.

“We need to talk, it’s important”. Cas says looking at Sam and Gadreel.

“Whats the matter Cas?”. Dean asks looking cautios.

“I’m pregnant”. You got straight to the point both Dean and Sam’s faces became shocked but as they noticed your and Cas’ upset faces they knew something was wrong.

“But how I thought you were on birth control?”. Sam asks.

“There’s something your not telling them I’m assuming”. Gadreel speaks up.

Sam looks back at him and then to you.

“The child is a Nephilim ”. Cas says looking at you knowing it was too hard for you to say.

“So the kids gonna be an angle?”. Dean asks.

“No only half and half human”. Gadreel states.

“But that’s impossible Sam’s human and so is (Name)!”. Dean shouts.

“It’s my grace” Gadreel tells him both Sam and Dean face him “It must’ve gotten through somehow”.

“So this is your fault!” Dean approached Gadreel

“Hey Dean calm down!”. You said. Luckily Cas got in between them to stop Dean.

“Nothing will resolve with fighting ”. Cas said which resulted in Dean walking off probably to go get a beer he knew Cas was right.

“So how is this going to work with the baby having two fathers?”. Sam says.

“She has to choose isn’t that obvious”. Gadreel says.

“What you can’t make me do that! Cas tell them!”. You hadn’t known Gadreel for long but he seemed like a nice guy who was around the wrong people.

“(Name) its ok we’ll be happy with whatever decision you make as long as your happy” you couldn’t take the pressure you moved without thinking and ran towards your room locking the door.

(Ok you have two pathways either Sam or Gadreel)

Sam Winchester

You were on the ground covered with tears not knowing what do to thinking and thinking till your thoughts are interrupted by a slight knock on the door.

“Hey (Name) it’s me Sam I just want to know if your doing okay? I’m worried about you.” He paused waiting to see if you’d answer. “I’ll just go then” before he could walk away you quickly open the door and grab onto his sleeve.

“Please don’t leave me Sam” you say trying to keep anymore tears from falling down your face.

He pulls you into a warm hug and kisses your head.

“I’ll never leave you, or our child”

The End.


You were on the ground covered with tears not knowing what do to, thinking and thinking till your thoughts are interrupted by a slight knock on the door.

“Erm…(Name) its me Gadreel I know I’m not the person you want to see right now but I just wanted you to know that I want to care for the child I know I might not be fit to but I’ve always had strong feelings for you-” you cut him off by opening  the door to face him “(Name)” He says softly.

“Do you mean it” he replies with a nod. “Why didn’t you tell me before and why now?”

“I didn’t quiet understand what these feelings were at the beginning but when I saw you and Sam I knew I wanted you beside me” there was a long pause in Gadreel’s words and all you could do was look at him in shock.

“Sam Winchester doesn’t know if he’ll be able to care for a child that isn’t only his but I am, the child is my responsibility and I want to care for him if you willing to let me”

“Really?” Was all you could say before covering you gaped mouth with your hands.

“Yes” and without thinking you wrap your arms around him tightly.

“I promise I’ll always protect you and our child”

The End.


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No More Tears with Some Pinky Promises

Harry’s POV

“Darcy Anne, come here” I chased my four year old through the house. I had gotten her out of her pajamas and was a bout to dress her when I realized I didn’t pick out undies. I turned to her drawer to get some and before I knew it she lunged off her bed and out her room. Down the stairs and all through out the house butt naked. I finally cornered her in the kitchen picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder. “You little miss need to get ready. Do you want to go to Uncle Niall’s?” I asked. “Yes, daddy” she mumbled. I carried her back to her room. She wore her peach colored leggings with a top that was black on the top and white on the bottom with a peach colored bow.

Her hair I twirled into a messy bun as best I could. “Daddy?” she chirped. “Yes, baby girl?” I answered. “Can I stay with Uncle Niall?” she asked sticking her bottom lip out and giving me pleading, puppy dog eyes. “If Uncle Ni doesn’t care, I don’t Darce” I admitted. “Ok, we’ll ask him” she cheered. He was probably going to say yes. He was in fact her god father. “Daddy where’s my mummy?”

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sosobriquet  asked:

Speaking or Wick and Raven, oh my god, it hurts me how much he cares for her, and what a good friend he is to her. It was really obvious even in 2.04, and I wasn't shocked at all by their scenes in 2.14... Although I did not expect y'all to go hard on the romance all of a sudden! I loved how he was there for Raven when she needed someone. And I think it was really well-communicated (especially with so little onscreen time) how close they are. No matter what the haters say!

What I like about Wick is that he both challenges and supports Raven by always telling her the truth, even when it’s a tough truth to hear. Even better, he often does it with a light touch, with a joke, a way to make her smile, and god, does Raven deserve some joy in her life. I feel like we see how much he cares and how well he knows her in how attentive he is to her mindset. He knows when she needs the joke, like during the love scene, or when she needs him to be serious. When he comes into the engineering work room in 214 he plays it like they always do, banter banter, all fun and games. Then he realizes she’s actually beating herself up about her perceived failure. At that point, the scene turns.

Anyone else would have said, “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out.” Which would be the exact wrong thing to say, only adding to the pressure she puts on herself. But Wick offers her the truth: this problem is impossible to solve without more information. And Raven? She accepts that. To me, that speaks volumes about how well they know each other. She clearly trusts his judgment and knows he’d tell her the truth or else she would’ve argued or gotten defensive. I don’t think she would have accepted that from anyone else, especially because she knows he has the technical knowledge to really understand. Hell, I don’t know if she would have admitted her failure like that to anyone else. 

To me that scene is fascinating because it’s the very rare instance of Raven failing at something. She can’t figure it out. And when Wick realizes that, what does he do? He takes the pressure off. He tells her it’s not her failing. Then he settles in to help even though there’s little they can meaningfully do until Bellamy calls in, but he’s not about to leave her alone, berating herself. He’s honest and he’s there for her, which is what she needs. 

As for how suddenly it got romantic between them, yes, totally, that was intentional. We call that out explicitly in the final scene. What’s interesting to me is that Wick is the one who tried to slow things down. Not once, but twice. After that almost-kiss, when Raven walks back in, he offers her an out: “When I said ‘Let’s get our stoichiometry on, not what I meant.’” If Raven hadn’t already decided what she wanted, they could have laughed that off and moved on. Of course, Raven doesn’t even let him get all the words out. And even at that, Wick pulls back with, “That’s probably a bad idea,” giving her a second out, which she again doesn’t take. In the scene description I actually wrote, “after a beat he breaks it off. Because this matters.” His instinct is to go slow with her because he knows everything she’s been through and he cares. But Raven pushes and yeah, he follows her lead. 

Only to realize in that final scene he probably shouldn’t have. The reactions to that final scene are interesting. Wick knows there’s something between them and that they both feel it. He’s essentially putting himself out there, telling her he has feelings for her (which, duh, but saying the words is kinda huge). He’s down to explore them, if she wants, but he won’t be used. And to me, his feelings are just as legitimate as hers. I find it refreshingly upfront. After Finn, Raven could really use someone who’s straight with her. But in the moment she’s feeling too emotionally exposed, she’s feeling too much, so she evades.

Then in 215, Wick is kicking himself a little bit. He should have gone with his gut and slowed things down. He also understands exactly what Raven is doing, pushing him away, and he tells her so. If she were doing this with someone who was not him, I think he’d say the exact same thing (maybe in a slightly different way, but he’s hurt and people don’t always act their best when they’re hurt). Because he knows her and they’re friends and he’s the guy who’ll tell her the truth. And of course, in the end we see that Wick cares so much he puts her first, above his own survival, as Raven realizes she doesn’t want to push him away. 

So I, too, enjoy their dynamic. And yes, I realize I’m a total sap.