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word count: 1793

summary: Luke is touching you in a restaurant then y’all have sex lol 

A/N: THIS IS MY SMUT OR WHATEVER SO IF IT’S BAD I APOLOGIZE BUT I THINK IT’S ALRIGHT TO BE HONEST. Also if people like me and want to make requests for blurbs or fluff whatever you wanna see go right ahead I have ideas I’m kinda lazy though that’s why this one took so long but yeah! So if you want to give feedback and stuff go for it no pressure at all.

disclaimer: i’m focusing my writing for black girls/women of color so if that offends you then don’t read this please i make it pretty obvious that the reader is black. anyone can read this though i’m in no way trying to offend anyone! 

“Y/N, we’re going to be late because of you, again!” You ignored Luke as you strapped up your black heels. The bedroom door opened as Luke glared at you annoyed. Although you’re sure he appreciated how the red mini dress hugged your curves. You glared over, admiring how the black button up he decided to wear tonight was only halfway fixed.

“Did I ever tell you how amazing you look in that color?” Luke murmured, nibbling on his slightly chapped lip. “Only every time I wear red,” you chuckled back, looking in the mirror one last time, making sure your coils were just the way I liked.  As you strolled over to him, he intertwined his fingers with yours as the two of you left the apartment and got into the Uber he called.

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Barisi Episode Tag, 18x17

(Yes, I know Barba wasn’t in this episode. No, I didn’t let that stop me.)

(10.8K. Rafael POV. Fluffy and angst-free. Inspired by Sonny and Rafael wearing almost the exact same outfit, and then wearing literally the exact same outfit. Also inspired by my need to justify why Rafael was missing from Real Fake News, even though Liv needed him. Lastly, in this story I attempt to explain Rafael’s softened personality in S18. So this is the Barba version of Flan, I suppose. Oh and, this is sort of a prequel-tag to the finale. It’ll make sense when you read it.)

Please enjoy.




“Is he here yet?”

“No, Mr. Barba. Not yet. I’ll send him in, as soon as he arrives.”

Rafael sighs.

He’s pretty sure Carmen would sigh too, if she weren’t the consummate professional that she is. He’s asked her five times, already, and the meeting isn’t for another ten minutes.

He can’t help it.

Rafael can’t help feeling nervous.



It’s not his case.

He knows that.

It can’t be his case.

Rafael had to quietly recuse himself.


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Do you ever look at a picture you’ve seen a million times and then it hits you. Like yeah, you’ve seen it before, you’ve reflected and chuckled because of it, but then BAM in the face motherfucker. What what what is that bracelet even supposed to symbolise? No, but really?

I mean you don’t show stuff unless you want to attribute them with some kind of meaning. Or have them be important somehow, Chekhov knew what he was on about. So what’s this supposed to be? This seemingly random amulet. Friendship? Hope? A tangible link to Alice link to humanity and community? I hate to admit it, but the movie isn’t that deep. Also Harold, it’s a fucking rainbow. No matter how much you twist and turn, still a rainbow on her wrist. Throw in a drag queen in the background and this would be more flamboyant than the Salt Lake City from the pre-Apocalypse during Pride. Okay, that was mean, I’m sorry, but also - *awkward cough*

Fuckery aside, I really do wish I could have listened in to the creative roundtable discussion that went on before someone said, “so— maybe she should wear a rainbow bracelet” and then after a moment of quiet reflection they all nodded and went, “Great idea, Barry. Lets do that.”

So turns out Barry got hubris or simply was a greedy little sob, because it wasn’t enough for him to push the decidedly randomass idea of Alice wearing the bracelet (without them really doing anything with it in the story), no he somehow got his will done so completely that they ended up using a picture of it as official promo material. And not only was she wearing it, rather prominently displaying it, she did so while shaking hands with another woman and staring intently into her eyes in a way that probably make homophobes awkwardly sputter about wholesome gals being wholesome pals or cry out in conservative despair; “won’t someone think of the children!!”

Like damn, Barry no one should ever doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, and us gays. Thanks, buddy. Perfectly superfluous storywise, but thanks.

And on an even more shallow note, I weirdly enough am a big fan of Milla’s veins. I appreciate that she really does look like a skinny little mutant freak who would and could kick your ass from here and into oblivion. That’s meant to be read as a compliment.

So uh,,, is there a taboo in ferengi society about wearing earrings, what with the ears being something of an erogenous zone? I’m racking my brain trying to think of any canon source but the only one i can think of is Ishka, and she is way too cool for social norms so that doesn’t help

Motive for this question: wanna draw quark in fancy outfit w/ earrings but i want to go in armed with the knowledge of whether or not im drawing him with the ferengi equivalent of a nipple piercing

Which type of friend are you?
  • Archie Andrews: Thinks they are the leader. Indecisive af. Hot but knows it. Pretty naive.
  • Betty Cooper: Smart af. Opposite of "dumb blonde" stereotype. Cinnamon roll.
  • Jughead Jones: Hipster. Writes a lot, prob has a diary. Slightly off-putting. Prefers diner food.
  • Veronica Lodge: Social butterfly. Prob bi. Hot af. Wears Louis Vuittons to school. Classy badass.
  • Josie McCoy: Not appreciated. Super talented. Sings to calm down. Sassy.
  • Kevin Keller: More than just a GBF. Underrated. Basically a puppy. Needs a hug.
  • Cheryl Blossom: Definition of extra. Fierce and fiery. Small down princess.

tfw when there’s a post that says “reblog if you’re lgbt and tag your [insert whatever here]” and I’m like

can I reblog this?? I mean, I’m not l or g or b or t but do they mean the entire community?? do they think I belong in the community?? ? am I gonna receive backlash for reblogging that because yeah there are people here who are ridiculous enough to send hate for that??? ??

which just leads to me feeling alienated and weirdly ashamed of myself

fic: for, against

for femslash week, day #1: canon-compliant / missing scenes

pairing: willow & kendra 
summary: willow and kendra discuss angel’s cure, and buffy. set at some ambiguous point during becoming part one.
a/n: for @tattooeyes​.

“You must care a lot for your friend, to do this spell for her,” Kendra says, flipping her book shut. “I had a look at it. It is very complicated.”

“I do,” Willow says, taken by surprise. “I want to help.”

“Most people would give up. The cure was lost. No one would expect you to find it. And even once you did, no one would expect you to cast it, given your level of expertise.”

“Hey,” Willow says. “My level of expertise is… expert enough. Okay, so, I expect that a spell of this magnitude will, you know, maybe have more side effects than I’m used to, but I can deal with that! A-And anyway, I didn’t find the cure. Ms…” Willow stops, biting back the name before it can bring her to tears, like it had so many times before. “Someone else did.”

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whom else here gay and unstable