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We need to start a tag for all art (stories, drawings, poems, comic strips whatever) that are inspired by daydreams of people with maladaptive daydreaming like if you actually use your daydreams to make something i want you to be recognised think it should be #daydreamingart or #maddart what do you all think

Admin here!

I just wanted to say thank you for 100+ followers! I really appreciate you all very much, esp. because A) I made this blog like two days ago wtf and B) I didn’t think people would like Austria as much lol

I’m also happy because of how quickly I was accepted? The other Google History™ accounts are very nice and sweet and I thank you as well!


that sounded rly scary im crying i just wanted ur attention this isnt even super imp i just didn’t want y’all to like !! waste time on threads n stuff bc !!! as some of u kno i’ve been struggling w muse for sohyun since like day 2 kdfsfldf n i rly hav been trying but giving y’all replies i pull outta my ass isn’t rly doing anyone any favors i think ? so i have exactly 2 replies drafted for sohyun, but after those r posted it’s the curtain call n i’m dropping her which makes me super sad bc i was rly enjoying her development n i loved all her connections. i just simply dont have the muse n im ??? rly sorry yall this is not ideal ;(( but thank u all for helping me develop her n pls hav fun w tae n inwoo instead kldflslflks

Hello, I’m here to brag, sort of…
I just hiked 7 miles, in 3 and a half hours, and the beginning of the trail was a 60° slope for like a full mile and I saw so many dogs it was gr888 and basically rolled around in snow for most of it and I feel great but I’m also going to sleep for a hundred years

So today is me and my bf’s one month ‘anniversary’ and a while back he had asked me if I was one of those girls who liked sort of celebrating monthly anniversaries and I was like ‘nah man’ so I wasn’t expecting any sort of gift or anything. Well today at the end of my shift I walked out to my car and he had shown up sometime before and put a present on my windshield, with the wiper covering it. It had a flower and my fave candy and a really sweet/funny card. He did it on purpose lol he always wants to one-up me

STORY TIME: Before I was dating my fiancee, we were talking about Ninja Warrior or something of that sort. And how cool it would be to go on something like that. So I suggested that one day, way in the future, we go on it dressed as Kakashi and Gai from the Naruto series. Those two specifically because they’re eternal rivals and, of course, ninja, as was my thought process.

Her instant response was to stop, glare at me and say, very loudly and full of horror and disbelief, ‘You ship them!’

Apparently she thought I was using my otp to flirt with her.


in case ur interested in what bliss looks like.
photo creds 2: moodypeaches

Okay so since the Severus Snape tag has just become overrun with loads of hateful comments and reposts and has just become a pretty nasty place for people to search for decent content on him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d start tagging any gifs and edits you make of Snape with: snapeedit.

I know a few people have already thought to use this tag which is brilliant, but we thought we’d give it a push and try to spread the word as we’re going to be using it regularly from now on.

*** Please remember that only the first 5 tags on a post will actually show up in the tag, so please include ‘snapeedit’ somewhere in the first 5 tags of your post otherwise other people won’t be able to see your work! ***

It’s just going to make it a hell of a lot easier for people to find new content on him without having to put up with all the negativity and reposts going on in the tag. So if you like reblogging gifs and edits of Snape then I highly recommend that you start tracking the tag: snapeedit.

Please reblog this to help spread the word around, thanks guys! ♥