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a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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@danielhowell hallway of dans. 2017. watercolor on paper.

| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

@theunitofcaring and @michaelblume and @luminousalicorn and @adzolotl and @chroniclesofrettek are here for purim & we did the story & people kept interrupting each other to argue over how it went, which is exactly how it went

welcome to east asia, where no one ages

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jiyu-no-ibuki  asked:

Hi hi~ first, I love your kirikamubaku work! Second, I have a ques... if you cannot put Denki with Kirishima or Kacchan, who could be Denki's potential partner? Kisses!

but my only ot3 is still bakushimanari, and as long as I can help it I’ll still always go for any combination of Baku Kami and Kiri haha

Welcome to Reaper76 summer event!

A whole fan event dedicated to our old super soldiers!

When it starts?

It starts 4th of July and ends 18th. Two weeks for all reaper76 shippers out there share their feelings for this amazing pairing!

Share some summer love

  • Share some love with your followers and friends. why you love reaper76? Talk with them and make new friends through this event!
  • Show your fanworks. Since it’s a summer theme event, create fanworks that have Soldier76 and Reaper in “summer scenarios”. It can be a roadtrip, both enjoying the beach, both of them wearing hawaiian shirts enjoying some free time, practicing some sports etc

What kind of fanworks?

  • Fanarts, fanfics, fan-videos, tracklists, etc. Show to your followers your creative side!

Even if you aren’t a content creator you are important! You are the one who support the artists/fic writers/graphic artists etc! 

Which tags we are going to use?

#Reaper76, #Soldier76, #Reaper, #JackMorrison and #GabrielReyes as the general tags

#Reaper76summerevent as the event tag. So we can check it and share all your fanworks here on this blog.

Do not spread hate!!!

It’s inevitable to find someone hating on something you love.

  • If they are bothering you just ignore them. Add their username to your block list!
  • If someone send you a hate ask, delete it! Dont busy yourself with negativity, it isn’t worth!
  • If someone is making you upset with their negativity and spreading hate? Unfollow them.
  • If you see something you don’t like, block the post and stay quiet. Take some time for you, your mental health is important.


This is an event dedicated to Soldier76 and Reaper. Be positive, spread some love, share your fanworks.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Thank you for your attention and welcome to our event!

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



hey staff if ur gonna make something that filters out ‘sensitive content’ hb u give us IDK like. AN OPTION TO BLOCK TAGS FOR MOBILE INSTEAD??? so we can chose which content is sensitive to us personally. bc i’m sure a lot of ppl don’t find LGBT+ stuff to be 'sensitive’ and don’t want it blocked… thank u…

We need to start a tag for all art (stories, drawings, poems, comic strips whatever) that are inspired by daydreams of people with maladaptive daydreaming like if you actually use your daydreams to make something i want you to be recognised think it should be #daydreamingart or #maddart what do you all think

i stayed up with my mom and sister until 4am and talked about family drama and everything makes sense now :u

got it from this but i feel like suga’s more likely to do this than daichi actually he has a potato shirt and likes puns pLEASE don’t tell me he’ll let the opportunity to do this pass bcos hE WILL DO IT no matter the cost #REST IN PIECES DAICHI