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I’m making Sebastian’s boots in Blender! (v2.78)

This is very much a WIP. My goal is to create a fully rendered version of this scene from the manga using Blender for the meshes/textures and GIMP for the shadows/effects.

I’m completely eyeballing the boots because I can’t find any decent reference images (aside from the side-view pic shown above: Stella McCartney’s Perforated Thigh High Boots). I’ve finished the basic heel shape and created a 2D silhouette of the shoe part so far, and now I’m working my way down towards the toes. Fabric folds, textures, and other small details will be added at the very end.

Images above are ~7 hours in because I’m a newbie at Blender. I’ll post more progress pics as this develops! ^^

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw in your tags that you said that [spoilers] the succubus does turn into Katrina. Where did you hear that? Did I miss something hella disappointing? :(

Yeah, unfortunately, the actress playing the succubus said she would be mimicking Katrina as well as Abbie. This is the quote. “I get to mimic Abbie and Katrina and all these different roles that are in it already and I get to just play them.” It’s the very last line of this article.

So yeah, I’m guessing that unless the succubus is appearing to Abe as Katrina, this is definitely meant for Ichabod. Which suuuucks and makes so little sense becuase Katrina is his wife, how is any of his desire for her hidden?… unless its her being the submissive little housewife he always dreamed her to be. *gags* My only hope is that it doesn’t work and the succubus digs deeper and finds some latent desire for Abbie and starts mimicking her. But I’m not super optimistic honestly.