which suuuucks

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When will your single mom!clarke fic be posted? I'm really interested in reading it!!

Oh nonny, buckle up because it’ll probably be a little bit, unfortunately. I don’t post until something is finished and I’ve only got *maybe* two days between today and next week tuesday where I can write fic, which really suuuucks.  After that my schedule is significantly more open so I hope to get back to working on it then, and if I’m very lucky I might be able to get it up by the end of the month?  It’s around 7k words right now and I think it’ll be ~20k when it’s all done, so end of June sounds do-able for me.  

I’m so glad you’re interested though!  That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Has the unreliable MTA royally fucked up your plans of seeing any great plays? Would you arrive 20 minutes or more late or turn around and go home?

Being a theatrical explorer/Maxamoo talking head means I have dragged myself to shows in far-flung locales in all the boroughs (including on the Staten Island Ferry). Which can SUUUUCK on the weekends. 

But there’s also the stage manager in me that believes being on time is late, so I always aim to be somewhere 30 mins ahead of time, and give any Google travel time an additional 15 mins (much to my fiancee’s chagrin). So while I have cut it verrrrry close many times, I haven’t had it derail me entirely, even when I went to Soho Rep when the show was at Soho Playhouse, or I went to NYTW when the show they were producing was actually somewhere else. 

However, I did arrive at The Grand Paradise 2hrs early because I was worried about getting to deep Brooklyn on a Saturday, so we found a nice bar and had a drink and waited it out.

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Hey I saw in your tags that you said that [spoilers] the succubus does turn into Katrina. Where did you hear that? Did I miss something hella disappointing? :(

Yeah, unfortunately, the actress playing the succubus said she would be mimicking Katrina as well as Abbie. This is the quote. “I get to mimic Abbie and Katrina and all these different roles that are in it already and I get to just play them.” It’s the very last line of this article.

So yeah, I’m guessing that unless the succubus is appearing to Abe as Katrina, this is definitely meant for Ichabod. Which suuuucks and makes so little sense becuase Katrina is his wife, how is any of his desire for her hidden?… unless its her being the submissive little housewife he always dreamed her to be. *gags* My only hope is that it doesn’t work and the succubus digs deeper and finds some latent desire for Abbie and starts mimicking her. But I’m not super optimistic honestly.