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Renegades- 7

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 2191

Warnings: Language, drug references

Master   Part 6

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The sun was just beginning to peek out from behind the clouds as you crossed the parking lot back towards the motel. You stopped, watching traffic go by. Opening the pack of cigarettes, you stuck it between your lips and lit, taking a moment to yourself. The wind cooled your face, tinting your cheeks pink. Fingers numb, toes curled, you stared at Bucky’s truck, sitting in the parking lot across the street.

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Remember Me?

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Summery: You and Negan were married before all of this happened and you lost him at the begging of all of this. he thought you were dead until he saw you at the lineup.

Word Count: 2051

Note: Italics are Flashbacks

Warnings: Negan Is a warning himself….

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two sides, same coin: a baeksoo case study

Doesn’t that title sound fancy? Anyway I told @ronthany the other day that I think baeksoo are basically the same person and she asked me to write an essay and make a powerpoint to support my claim. I’m too lazy for powerpoint but I’ll ramble about my baeksoo feelings and pretend like it makes sense. You know, like a real essay!

So this is baeksoo:

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And this is also baeksoo:

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Some people have this idea that the two of them are in this hate/hate relationship, but that’s not the case. You know how you have that one close friend (or several!) where you’re mean to each other and pick on each other but you love each other SO MUCH and if someone else tried to mess with your friend, you’d rip their face off? That’s baeksoo. They’re really really close. Soo is the younger one (which I did not realize for quite some time and surprised the hell outta me) but Baek lets him hit and pinch and smack him without repercussion. He’s that fond of this little jerk.

(On the flipside, with chansoo, Channie lets Soo beat up on him to a certain point before inevitably fighting back. They’re the roughhouse ship I swear why are they always wrestling.)

Now the reason I say they’re two sides of the same coin has a lot to do with their senses of humor, but there are other things as well. First–they’re both rather reserved. “What?” you say, in disbelief. “Byun Baekhyun is NOT reserved!” Hear me out though, okay? When Baek is “on”, he’s on. He takes it upon himself to be one of the moodmakers in the group. And he’s good at it. But Baek alone? He’s this shy little bub who really doesn’t speak that much. He gets nervous. He smiles a lot and does nervous laughter. Not only that, but we know from Chanyeol that Baek wasn’t always such an open person, and that being around Chanyeol is what changed that. So, to me, I feel like if there hadn’t been any Chanyeol interference, Baek would be a lot more like Soo than like he currently is.

Baek’s a beagle, and we all know that. But hey look - Soo is ALSO a giant nerd child. Why isn’t he lumped in with the beagles? Because he doesn’t usually act that way while working. He’s the straight man. But he’s certainly an unofficial beagle considering they’re his closest buddies and together they make up chingu line. When Baek has silly ideas, he drags Soo along. Remember their “tv show” in Showtime? They’re definitely partners in being ridiculous. It’s just that Soo is shyer so we don’t necessarily see as much as that goofball side of him.

My third point is that they’re both snark machines. But their approach to it is somewhat different. Baek parrots people. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to add a joke on. He just does their voice and they know he’s mocking them because he’s a jerk. Soo, on the other hand, is ridiculously quick with one-liners or subtle mocking. Both approaches have the members rolling. It’s kind of great.

So anyways that’s me rambling about baeksoo. I think without Channie, Baek would be way way more like Soo than he already is, but…they complement each other very nicely. Okay bye!

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With Viktor and Yuuri, for a while now their character growth and their romantic growth have not been mutually exclusive. Meaning they’ve overlapped, and we’ve now reached the point where they are both one and the same. To grow within their relationship means to go grow as their own person. Because Yuuri and Viktor have become such large parts of each other’s lives, that their romantic growth is character growth!

Episode 10 was…so much. Too much, even! The closeness, realistic tiffs, easy-going camaraderie and resolve, the godamn rings, the fricken banquet!! So much. So much.

And it feels like we’re all aware of it now, how Viktor was actually ‘first to fall’ which was a wonderful discovery :)

Despite all of episode 10, which explained itself really, and kind of doesn’t even need any meta posts, I want to draw attention to 2 particular, and perhaps subtle, moments of this growth in Yuuri and Viktor.

Firstly, this scene when Yuuri wakes up.

He browses Instagram, sees all his competitors doing stuff while he’s been in bed, and thinks of their talented skating, causing him to become scared and nervous. Then he shoves his face into a pillow and says ‘Help me, Viktor’ ( Viktor who then promptly shows up with Chris, and distracts the hell outta Yuuri!)

This moment for Yuuri was so surprising for me to see! 

Because in earlier episodes, Yuuri always thought he was alone–

–but then he acknowledges that now that Viktor was there, that wasn’t true anymore. 

Despite this acknowledgement (in his mind), I don’t think he ever actively thought to seek out Viktor’s help. In fact, he seemed reluctant to accept it when it was freely given!

Like when Viktor tries to get Yuuri to calm down before his FS in China.

Yuuri did say through his tears in that episode that he wanted Viktor to stand by him, but that was an intense conflict scene where he was pushed (emotionally and metaphorically) to express himself. 

This little moment alone in the hotel room in ep 10, where he knows he’s scared, he acknowledges it to himself, and he cries out for Viktor’s help was so sad and sweet. His romantic growth concerning his relationship with Viktor was shown in a beautiful, vulnerable way. He’s reached the point where he wants to depend on Viktor in his greatest moments of weakness, instead of keeping it to himself while Viktor stands by him. He wants his active help, and he knows he can have it. 

Although I’m not 100% sure, I do believe that Viktor’s home was in St.Petersburg. It was the place he was most comfortable, and the place he thought he’d never leave.

In episode 4, when he and Yuuri are by Hasetsu’s ocean, he says this:

The seagulls in the morning on the beach remind him of home.

On Viktor’s end of the spectrum for episode 10, it was this scene that made me melt:

Viktor says ‘I thought that too’ to Yurio’s comment. So here when he sees the morning seagulls, in a direct contrast to when it made him think of St.Petersburg, this time he thinks of Hasetsu. He’s not immediately reminded of Russia as he was before, but Japan. Meaning Hasetsu has risen above St.Petersburg, his home, in his mind. Hasetstu is his new home now, and it’s got everything to do with Yuuri.

This gives me hope that he’ll move there with Yuuri, but more than that, it shows that Viktor, just like Yuuri, has changed and grown. His romantic growth has reached the point where he considers Yuuri’s home his home, the new place of comfort. And gosh, that’s just beautiful. 

It’s a bit like when I speak of the skate guards (which FYI, have not yet changed colour as of ep 10, 0:D), taking someone’s country and making it your own…

Well. Viktor’s love cannot be questioned after this episode, that’s for godamn sure. 

Lucky Luciano leapt up from the table and gave me a bigger, warmer hug and kiss than I had ever gotten from anyone in my family, or Marvin’s, either. He gave Marvin a kiss and a hug as well. That, I presumed, was the Italian style… This guy was family, for sure. I instantly began calling him Uncle Charlie. He liked that. Up close, he looked a little older, late fifties, and a lot rougher than Daddy. His skin was badly pockmarked. One of his eyes drooped, giving him a permanently sad appearance, even when he was laughing… Sitting at Luciano’s feet was his beloved and well-behaved miniature Doberman. The dog’s name was Bambi, after the Disney film. Uncle Charlie still had an accent, less the florid Italianized English we had been hearing in our hotels but more like something from Little Italy, an immigrant’s English that had never gotten fancied up even when his suits did.

…Over the long meal, Uncle Charlie loved reminiscing about the good old days with Daddy, insisting, over and over, that he’d known everybody and Meyer Lansky was the bravest and finest man he’d ever known. He was so effusive about Daddy that he made me blush. While Daddy, true to form, had never told me anything about Uncle Charlie, Uncle Charlie delighted in telling me everything (well, not quite everything) about the “tough little Jew” who had “surprised the hell outta me” by standing up to his tough street gang that used to beat up the Jewish kids… “We couldn’t beat ‘em, so we had to join 'em,” he said of Daddy and Uncle Benny Siegel.


Daughter of the King: Growing Up In Gangland, Sandra Lansky

Marvin, Sandi’s then-husband (who is routinely called a “gay fortune hunter”), then asked Charlie for money under the guise of “oops we ran out we’re so silly pls do this for your BFF’s daughter" 

Charlie made a big show of giving them a giant envelope of lira… which they later realized when converting it.. amounted to $50…. 

ilu Charlie you asshole