which should mean keep moving forward should have come out in the scanlation

Masato-Sama no Urei Aru Nichijou 〜to, Kare wo Aisuru Monotachi〜

Roughly translated as “the worrisome life of Masato-sama 〜and people who love him〜”  What a long name - -”

As I told you before, it’s about the butler following his young master for a day. Sakuraga-sensei said on her blog that this chapter focused on Masato but the real main characters might be people around him. By the way, there’re some fun facts you need to know before reading the summary

1. This black-haired guy is a butler of Masato’s family. His name is Yuihara Ukyou (由比原右京). He was serving Masato’s family for a long time, since Masato was young (he called him “Yui”). His father was also a butler of this house (retired?). I really like the way he talked so politely to his master. 
2. The name of Masato’s father is Shirahane Takehito. He’s the younger brother of Kimiko-Nanao-Mikado’s father. We’ll see him twice in the story (we can’t see his face though T_T).
3. Shirahane Masato is 20 years old. Yukimura Hajime is 25. I wonder how old Yuihara is???

That’s all I can think of now. Since I’m not sure if there’ll be any scanlation soon, I’ll try to make the summary to be in detail as much as possible. So let’s move on.

                                   Beware! Spoiler Alert!!

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