which seat will she take

Laurel doesn’t need a spin off.  Laurel doesn’t need to be put on “The Flash.” She just needs equal treatment and focus, and a more prominent role as the leading female character that she was designed to be.  

The fact that Marc is suggesting there will be more scenes of her in the fourth season…  that there will be more of her kicking ass…  that important relationships she’s had since the beginning of the show will resurface in a larger capacity… it’s more good news than we’ve received going into a new season, and it’s kind of everything I’ve been asking for in regards the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow.”  

In between the first and second season, we got news that Caity Lotz was cast as the beginning of the Black Canary storyline, and that threw us into a seeping lazarus pit of disappointment and confusion.  In between the second and third season, we basically got “fans of Laurel and Thea will be happy with the direction the show will take these characters.”  Laurel ended the season as Black Canary, and so that wasn’t an untrue statement. 

For this upcoming season, we’ve heard Katie Cassidy say that she’s stepping up in her role on Team Arrow, and that she’s excited about what little she does know of the fourth season for her character.  And now Marc has said that there will be more Laurel, there will be more “kickass” scenes for Laurel, “lots” of Laurel/Thea moments that display that sisterly bond the two have with one another, and lastly, that there will even be more scenes between Laurel and Oliver.  I understand being cautious, and I understand about not buying into these words until we can see this for ourselves, but I’d really appreciate if I could jump into the Laurel tag – the tag for my favourite character on television right now – and not have to see so much pessimism and cries for Laurel to get taken off the show or moved to a show where she’d have less of a purpose than she does on “Arrow”, and I’d also really appreciate it if all my pro-Laurel posts, and excitement for my favourite character next season, wasn’t drowned in negative responses, giving me note after note after note of crap about how Laurel should be on another show, or how all this really awesome, exciting news for the character that we don’t often get is just bullshit and basically that I should spend the entire hiatus completely miserable and thinking of the worst as opposed to being excited to see my favourite character back on TV, and optimistic that she’ll be given what the writers are promising, which if it is what has been teased so far, sounds like everything I’ve wanted when it comes to Laurel Lance.

Small kindnesses

As the chief operations officer of the company, she honestly had better things to do with her day than write a check for the company president at an auction. What could possibly be so important that he couldn’t bring his assistant. It was honestly none of her concern if he wanted an ancient Chinese vase (which she highly doubted) for his office.

Taking their seats, Peggy kept her head down, sending emails, moving appointments and meetings, and communicating with the department heads. She only looked up, when Phillips bid on something. She expected a wide range of things. From antique weaponry to furniture, but what she saw horrified her. It was a man. Small, and clearly afraid, but definitely a man.

Peggy tried to speak up, but she was so horrified, she couldn’t think of anything to say. Phillips said he’d take the checkbook, and she could ride back with the ‘acquisition’ (which made her want to be sick), and have him prepared for the gala tonight. Tonight was a charity gala, and investor banquet. Peggy got into the moving truck, as they put the cage in the back, and dropped them at the company. There was apparently a room just for him, that only Peggy and Phillips could enter. Getting him out of the cage Peggy backed away. “I won’t hurt you, I swear,” she told him, unable to fathom how anyone could do this to someone.

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