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I've been working on a character recently. She is an Indian biologist and genetic engineer. She was born in India in the 1950s with a host of congenital disorders. Her (Hindu) family immigrated to the US to seek better opportunities, where her extreme aptitude was discovered. I'm having trouble with her name. There is a history of names being somewhat meaningful in the work (a US Marine named Murphy, for example). I've worked out her given name as Bhawani, but haven't moved far from there.

Indian Surname to Reflect a Biologist/Engineer 

So you’d like to give this Indian character a surname that reflects her work as a biologist/engineer, but you would also like to be accurate to Hindu naming convention?

It’s not really as simple as just giving you a few suitable names to choose from, because Hindu naming conventions are hugely variable based on time period, region, family history, religious sub-group identification, etc.  Plus, the 1950s in particular were a period of huge flux in naming conventions, for various reasons, and you had different groups adopting different conventions, and sometimes ever different members of the same family adopting different conventions.

Traditionally there are a few options for a full name.  They all revolve around a <given name> + <group identifier> formula, and over time what I’m terming the “group identifier” usually morphed into something resembling a surname.  This usually started similarly to some last names in the west, as a marker of occupation (Patel, Deshmukh, etc.), religious sect or caste identification (Iyengar, Shastri, Acharya, Menon, etc.), place of origin (Mehwala, Kanchi, etc.), or other semi-random identifiers (Thampi, for instance, just means “little brother” and referred to the younger brother of a king, and later, his descendants).  Sometimes some ancestor’s given name ends up as a descendant’s family name (this is the case with mine, actually—my last name is so because it was my paternal grandfather’s given name).  Additionally, the core name formula can acquire various accoutrements, such as father’s given name, town of ancestral origin, etc.  Sometimes the group identifiers can fall before the given name.  Sometimes multiple group identifiers fall in various places in the name.  I had a great-grandfather called Sarukkai (ancestral village, even thought I don’t think he was born there) Gopal (father’s given name) Srinivasa (given name) Acharya (religious/scholarly marker).

Basically it’s a huge crapshoot.  You need to know your character’s regional background and religious and status ancestry to some extent, in order to come up with a realistic name.  This Wiki page is an okay place to start, but needs cleanup and won’t give you many name meanings.

To come up with a “meaningful” name (aren’t all names meaningful?—I guess you’re kind of going with a common conceit here, of having a character’s name just coincidentally reflective of their life choices; nothing wrong with that, I guess), the problem is that most Sanskrit words related to biology or engineering don’t make good family names.  Sanskrit for “biologist” is jīvaśāstri.  Shastri (< śāstri) is a good last name.  Jīvaśāstri is not, kind of like how “Smith” or even “Silversmith” or “Goldsmith” are fairly common English last names, but “blacksmith” is not.  The word for “engineer” is yantri but that is also not used as a last name.  In fact, if you look up Sanskrit terms for various sciences, you’ll find that Indians are naming their tech startups after these things, not their children.  Similar problems arise even with more generic terms.  “Malin” comes from mālī, which means “gardener” (sort of a biologist, I guess), but that’s not a common last name (“Mali” can be a caste surname but that’s a place-of-origin name and doesn’t come from the word for “gardener”).  I’m afraid you may be setting yourself up for a lot of extra work.

You could use the onomastic chaos of the 1950s to your advantage.  This is a time when parents’ given names were becoming children’s last names, especially among families moving to the west, and while it would be kind of weird, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a family to name their son Yantri or Jantar or something, and this could conceivably pass into use as a last name among that person’s children.  I guess.  Keep in mind, this relies on a plot device in which parents literally name their child “Engineer”.  Be prepared to explain yourself, which will be more research to do the explanation correctly.

If you search “Sanskrit word for X” you’re very likely to end up at a site called spokensanskrit.de.  This is a decent source, but do not trust the romanization.  It is meant for people who already know how to read Devanagari script, so learn to read Devanagari first, and that will tell you how to pronounce the results you get, and thus how to transliterate them into something readable for English speakers.

“Bhawani” is a good name.  It means “creator.”  What does this character create to warrant that meaningful name?  (Something biotech-y, I’m assuming.  I don’t expect you to message back and answer this; it’s just something you should be thinking about if this character is going to have this name.)

-Mod Nikhil

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I'm polish and I've always wanted to write something in english even if it is a little story. I read a lot but my vocabulary feels insufficient. This might be a stupid question, but is there any other way to expand it together with some grammar tips?

I’d start by saying that it probably feels more insufficient than it actually is, being able to read and write creatively in more than one language is an amazing talent that you already possess. And as a native speaker of English, I can tell you that this language is a cobbled together hodgepodge and a murderer of any sensible grammatical rules. If English is driving you to distraction, know that you are not alone.

English has its roots in both archaic German and French, gleefully stealing all the words and brutalizing the rules on the way through while annihilating the one actually native to the Isles. In simplistic terms, Middle English itself is the Saxon (German) and Norman (French) coming together as the two different social classes began to intermingle. It has proceeded to beg, borrow, and steal from as many other languages as it could get its hands on since then. Many of its rules can often seem at odds with each other, especially when dealing with it’s more archaic formats sneaking into the modern language. So, we can go along with similar German, German, German, to French and then, suddenly, from nowhere pure LATIN. Why? Because… history.

For example: “Shit” and most English swear words have their root in Anglo-Saxon, a variation of German. (Single syllables like “fuck, cock,” etc). Whereas “waste” is Old French, rooted in Latin. Poop is also derived from French. You can use all these words to describe someone “having to go to the can” which is slang for “going to the bathroom”. Or pooping, really.

“He’s a piece of human excrement unfit to be scraped off my boot.”

“That was when Max shit the bed.”

“Bobby, sweetheart, make sure to squeeze it all out when you go to the bathroom.”

“I did a poopy.”

“You piece of cow dung!”

This is all long before we get into the different variations of meanings that even a single commonly used word can have such as when referring to normal bodily functions.

So, it’s not a stupid question.

A large part of writing is the quest for the right word to create the tone or image one is trying to convey. You gotta get that feel right and it’s a challenge even when working within your own language. Words are, unfortunately, not interchangeable. To know their meanings, we must look them up. So, my advice for you in terms of expanding your vocabulary is this:

1) Look up every word you don’t know or whose definition is unclear.

2) Look up synonyms or words similar to the one you’re investigating.

3) Study their definitions to understand the subtler differences between them, so you use them appropriately in terms of what you’re trying to say.

You can do this with words you already know too, take the first word which comes to mind and plug it into your search engine. Pull up a dictionary and thesaurus, then run through the definitions and then do the same with the definitions for the synonyms. Note how they are similar but different, as they each fulfill a different function.

When you’re reading, do the same except pay careful attention to what the author is trying to convey. Once you have a greater grasp of similar words, ask yourself, why this one? What was it about that particular word which made it valuable to the phrase, sentence, or greater story as a whole?

A single adjective can change the entire meaning of a sentence, the same with a verb, and adverbs, etc. The well-chosen descriptor can be the difference between a well-communicated image or action and what?

We’ve all been there when reading, found the sentences which don’t hit quite right, which in turn throw us for a loop. Translations of different works often come under fire because the translator failed to capture the magic or humor in its original language.

Your choices in language make a great deal of difference which often aren’t immediately obvious.

For example: “Quiet”

When used as an adjective, quiet can become a descriptor for a great many things. The standard Google search engine turns up the suggested example sentence:

“a quiet village”

It also suggests the word unfrequented as a synonym. This is actually a synonym to quiet because quiet could mean that “they receive few visitors”. However, when we plug it into the same sentence the meaning changes.

“an unfrequented village”

Where before the term quiet evoked a sense of peacefulness, we now know more specifically that “no one visits”. Which, as opposed to quiet, is no longer quite so friendly but a little sadder, possibly a little more run down, and a little lonelier. It also becomes a little heavier as “unfrequented” is a mouthful.

If you change a word does the sentence make sense in context? What changes about it? If you move the descriptor to a different part of the sentence or transform the adjective into a verb then how is it different?

“King’s Ridge was a village unfrequented by travelers, who preferred the main highway between Jerican and Salisry.”

“King’s Ridge, an unfrequented village, was often overlooked by travelers who preferred the main highway between Jerican and Sailsry.”

The above are two sentences communicating a subtler difference about King’s Ridge. The first being that few people visit because they prefer the highway and the second being that they miss out (overlooked) because of their preference for the highway.

This is primarily how one expands their vocabulary, by gaining a better understanding of the words that they do know then letting them lead them to the words they don’t. Then, practicing and playing with them until they grasp how to use them in a sentence.

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White is the go to book for any writer. It’s steadfast and excellent for spot checking grammar. It’s also far more comprehensive and helpful than I could ever hope to be. I recommend you and every other writer who doesn’t have it on their shelves get a copy. I have mine right next to me on my desk. (I am not alone in this recommendation either, Steven King himself suggests it in On Writing.)

Most importantly, relax. Wanting to improve is great! But it’s also important to recognize that you’re already doing well. When we feel insecure, it gets easy to become oversensitive or feel we need to overcompensate. Writing in a language that isn’t your first is incredibly difficult and the fact that you can is fantastic!

Remember, the more stressed you are, the more nervous or worried, then the more difficult it can often be to create. So, difficult as it is, try not to sweat the small stuff. Remind yourself that you’re doing well.

Write first.

Fixing your grammar, your word choice, and getting the flow of the piece down is in large part a matter of editing. Save it for the rewrites. Don’t feel guilty if it isn’t perfect on the first go. Nothing is. Rough drafts are the idea stage, where we get everything out. Having it make sense? That’s for the review.

Build your foundation first. Then, you’ll be ready to make your castle.


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can you tell me more about swagbucks? is it safe?

Yeah, of course!


Swagbucks is a website where you make a FREE account (and it’s 100% free to use, no hidden fees, it’s safe and reputable) and you can:

  • shop through affiliate links: 
    • Amazon.com, Sephora, Gap, Bench, and other clothing stores
  • watch advertisements or sponsored videos
  • answer surveys 
    • usually about consumer habits
    • confidential
  • play Swagbucks games
    • they’re kind of silly, but it’s a fun way to pass time
  • or use their search engine 
    • if you want, totally optional!

When you do that stuff on the website, you earn points called Swagbucks which you can use to redeem gift cards with.

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • PayPal
  • Xbox Live
  • and so much more!!

Basically, each point you earn amounts to one cent, so it’s not like you can quit your day job for Swagbucks. But it is still such a good way to make supplementary money.

Whenever you have idle time, just do some surveys, play some games, heck, watch ads (I just let them run quietly in the background when I’m blogging or doing homework). 

It adds up quickly! Especially since surveys give you 60 to 100 points.


Every month, if you redeem your points for a $25 gift card, it’ll be 12% off the first one

So that means you only have to pay 2200 points for a $25 gift card instead of 2500 points. You save 300 points = $3. 

If you’re going to buy something online anyways, check to see if there are an affiliate links through Swagbucks so you can make points off of your purchases. Most sites give you 1 point per $1 spent (some even more like 7 points per $1!). 

I’ve been using Swagbucks for a while so let me know if I’ve answered your questions or concerns. Feel free to message me again about it, I’ll be happy to help!

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Okay, so hey. I'm kind of new to the whole Tumblr thing and I don't have many followers but, I'd like to start writing on my blog but I literally have no idea what to write about. I'm a huge Supernatural fan and other shows but I'd rather people ask me to write, if that makes sense? So anyways I was wondering if you could help me in any way possible?Sorry it's long! Btw I totally love your blog! Keep it up! ^_^

Thank you, and no worries, darling! I do have some similar asks, so I can refer you to these bottom things below! :3


For Dean (and this is a pretty generic thing, I guess) I would consider incorporating some kind of rough language (like dark humor for when not wanting to express stuff or changing the point of things, also swearing) and maybe an accent from now and then. Although really the accent thing is more for words that we all typically cut off (freakin’, swingin’, really it applies to a bunch of ‘g’s).

For Sam maybe some softer language, although not too soft, you know? I guess it’s kind of weird to explain (especially for me, a person who can’t describe how to get to a bathroom without showing physically), but he’s still human and a Winchester. I think Sam would be more likely to say stuff like “Oh my god,” or something similar to that than Dean. I guess another tip would be trying to watch episodes within the time period that you’re writing.

Grammar stuff:

  • Please don’t just keep writing “said” after every dialogue, try to use variations of it that express emotions. It’s boring to just read in the same tone over and over again.
  • Don’t put “said” after a character is screaming. E.g.

“I can’t believe you would do that!” she said,screamed/cried/shouted. Just use something else than “said.”

  • Please don’t capitalize things after a question mark or exclamation point after ending the quotation marks unless you’re starting a difference sentence. What I mean by that is that both what the character is saying and the way that they’re are expressing it are one sentence.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” he shouted back.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” He shouted back.

On the wrong one you’re telling me two difference sentences, one being what the character is saying and the other “He shouted back.” That’s literally it. They should be connected, but when you make the “h” a capital “H” you are giving me two different sentences completely separated from each other. Here are the exceptions to this, though, which happen when you do want to consciously give another sentence.

  1. “How can you even expect me to believe that?” Her eyes were alive with ember flames as she looked at him and bit back tears.

That is completely different idea, although you could also just break the paragraph right there instead of having to continue it.

  • Please, please, for the love of Chuck, use paragraphs. Please. Don’t write a block of something (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING DIALOGUE). It looks really heavy and boring to read, so please, just don’t do that. Just…don’t.
  • Don’t just randomly capitalize or bold a word if you want it to have emphasis. Italicize it. Please. E.g.


“Gosh, I TOTALLY hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.


“Gosh, I totally hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.

  • I might be wrong about this one, but in my opinion it just makes things look better; don’t capitalize every single freaking word when a character is yelling. Leave that for when they’re hollering, or really angry and just basically exploding in emotion.


“JAMES, can you get the groceries?” she yelled into the house.


“DAMN IT, CAS, JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!” Dean roared, his hands clutching at your immobile body, one hand on your cheek and the other holding you against him.

In the right example above, Dean obviously feels really angry and panicked, which is why he is roaring so loud. Also, just to mention the corrections for the first example, you would have to put an ! after “JAMES.” It wouldn’t make it all that better (you would simply have to not capitalize the whole “JAMES” thing), but it would at least be decent.

  • ALWAYS use a comma after a character’s name if the person speaking is addressing to them.


“Hi James would you like to meet my parrot Danny?” She questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.


“Hi, James, would you like to meet my parrot, Danny?” she questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.

  • Use “” if a character is speaking, not ‘’.
  • A name always has the first letter capitalized.
  • In English, words in titles that are typically more than four letters are capitalized.
  • (Edit) Okay, so using an apostrophe after a word that ends with s is cool. Don’t use it like the following.


James’s eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.


James’ eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.

Anonymous: I just made an imagine’s blog, but I don’t know how to get people interested or requesting things. What did you do?

Ahh, my old, sweet days as a fresh imagines blog…now, those were good times, I’ll though I prefer these better.

Anyhow, the first thing I did was introduce myself to the imagines community in a little message and encouraged people to send me a request, which was what got me my first few followers and requests! After that, I just kept posting and this blog grew little by little, and I would just ask for requests when I ran out.

One big tip that I would give is tag EVERYTHING. There’s this thing about the first five tags showing up or something (?) and I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that a bunch of things with tags beyond that show on the mobile search engine, or I might be crazy, but still, use tags as much as you can.

I’m now lucky enough to have a ton of followers and requests, and even an amazing co-writer, so don’t worry really about a rough start, it really becomes better! :) Hope this helps!

Anonymous: How can I start a oneshot blog? How do I get people to send in requests? Thank you & I love this blog <3

Aw, thanks, sweetheart! What I just did was post a littlemessage, you know, those that you see around every once in a while in the Supernatural imagine tag, and waited for any requests to come in (which luckily they did and I love and appreciate my first requesters very dearly). From there on I just posted whatever I could and tagged it to get it around. I bold that word because it’s seriously important to tag your stuff. 

Izzythesociopath said: Hi! I’m starting my own Supernatural one shots blog, and I was wondering of I could have some advice or pointers?

Oh my god, I was going to answer this last night in depth and everything but I just kept wandering away for some reason. Sorry! Anyhow, I don’t really know how to instruct people but I will try my best. So, things to keep in mind:

  • Have a consistent kind of theme to your one shots. By that I just mean putting them in the same format always, like how I do the Request, A/N, Word count, Pairing, Warnings, thing. Make up your own, experiment a little. It’s probably going to change until you find the one you’re most comfortable with and that’s totally okay!
  • Decide if it’s gonna be strictly one-shots or also just kind of Supernatural themed.
  • Always tag your stuff. And by that I really want to point out to use the tags that people are going to see, because often I’ve read amazing stories that I had never seen before because of the way the tags are written. I would recommend tagging: supernatural imagine, Supernatural one shot, and whatever character it’s about (e.g. Dean Winchester imagine, Dean Winchester one shot, Dean Winchester x reader).
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of likes of followers at first; you will grow in time!
  • Theme for mobile: Try to have a theme that’s easy to the eyes. My theme is just black and white, so do keep a nice consistency like that.
  • Theme on desktop: Also try to have a nice theme that goes with the one on mobile in the desktop version. This all relates to the color scheme and just makes it look better (this is where my professional communications class came in handy).

So…yeah, just be yourself with your followers and always keep alive that same passion that inspired you to write in the first place and you’ll do great!

Anonymous: Hey! So I’m starting a Supernatural oneshot blog and I need an advice from you. I see that you have a wonderful relationship with your followers, so I wanted to ask you how did you build that? :) xoxo

No problem, dear! At first I just mainly answered asks for requests and just kind of opened up about my life and encouraged people to ask anything. I just answer whatever I can with the most positive attitude I can because I love being kind and happy, and I really think that that’s mainly what can make your followers feel more comfortable!

Also, tspofspn, I think I accidentally answer your ask privately, so if the links don’t work (or if you have no idea what links I’m talking about because they didn’t show up) here’s what I was talking about! :)

ok i signed up for this site clickworker where you do simple repetitive tasks for tiny amounts of money per task (but if you do enough for long enough they add up to more than minimum wage! haha! love it!) anyway one of the tasks that pays the most is looking at people’s searches and judging which search engine better satisfies their query. they use actual searches for this and i noticed something.
someone in Redmond, WA has been searching for the names of hundreds of male doctors from all across the US, mostly dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and every maybe fifth search is “Dr ___ Wife” or “is ___ ____ married”. ive been going through this persons searches for hours now. i want to know whats going on with them

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In your Hello September post the second 'smell' is spelled 'small'. Sorry if it's already been brought to your attention.

There is difficult weight with misspellings and one I can barely bare (bear? it doesn’t matter I suppose). I use a “custom URL” for Tumblr, pointing to the larger evilsupply.co domain – which is good, on a very small level, a breeze when you need unrelenting storms – for marketing and search engine searches.

Search engines for small business is a hole in the floor that pulls down every ounce of energy you can push into it in the hopes that it will someday hit the bottom and fill up. And it is worth it, sometimes, because sometimes you throw a pebble in and you’ll hear it hit an actual bottom.

I do have a proof reader!

Believe it or not, given my grammatical misgivings and returned words, words that I so rarely have a receipt for.

Timing is the issue, isn’t it always?

She is kind and patient and very efficient. But timing is always an issue, a weight born on my needing to do 10,000 things an hour.

I rarely, damnedly rarely, have time to get things to her. And the weight is mine, I emphasize, because her turnaround is fantastically quick and she is very kind. My brain is a gigantic wall against Learning Things About Grammar. An oil slick wall that nothing sticks to.

Do you want to know about how to grow giant pumpkins?

I have notes about how much water and how much land you need. They taste horrid, and are often used for deer food after they grow. Did you know one of the oldest living things on earth is a forest? It is arguably a single organism.

But grammar and spelling? No.

I once calculated the pressure difference between the bottom of the Marina Trench and the air pressure around a plane at maximum commercial cruising height.

Semicolons confuse me. I feel like I am in a foreign country eating the cuisine from someone’s home, someone who is making their favorite meal. I’ve had imitations and Americanized versions but now I’m about to have the real thing.

You get the picture. Or the words. Despite going to art school I’m something of a writer? How very odd. It feels more odd every day and every night.

So I can edit it, and if I am quick enough, I can get it before things get picked up by Google’s skulking carts, rolling through the internet, collecting everything they see. Cameras everywhere.

But if I’m not quick enough, and I rarely am, because if I were quick enough I’d not have made the mistake, there are duplicate records.

And this is a very bad thing when you go in front of the black robed judge, Google, who stares down at you with eyes the size of the world and a memory that will take weeks, maybe months, to forget.

“You had a duplicate record. How can we trust you?”

Is it a big deal in the larger scheme, for the All Seeing Search Engine Eyes to note such a transgression? Not really, but it adds up, in their memory, and your account begins to weigh in unfavorable territory, while you are desperately throwing everything you have into the hole in the floor hoping to hear two stones “clack” together.

Someday I may get this right.

dontstopbeingcrazy  asked:

Hi Trill! Quick question about your last post, about the hypothetical evolution and biology in A/B/O fic... care to elaborate? Idk if it's just my english or I'm a bit dense today but I didn't get it... and it something that kind of interest me?? I think? At least I've spend some time thinking about that same issue, so I'd love to hear some thoughts about it!

There are some really great primers and theories out there already with ABO if you want to read further, but here’s my take about issues with evolution.

Evolution happens because of random-ass mutations in a species. We all have mutations, random shit that makes us all unique. It doesn’t happen for any reason, it’s chance. What does have a reason, is whether or not a mutation sticks around in a species. And “Survival of the Fittest” is actually a misleading idea (despite what filthy determinists like to think), it’s more accurate to say “Survival of Most of the Random Except the Things That Were Seriously Always Awful”. Though that’s a bit of a mouthful. And what’s ‘awful’ depends entirely on the environment. And things.

Point is. Once your random-ass mutation happens, in simplest terms Evolution is mostly made up of two primary forces:
1) Adaptiveness - which is how much that particular feature contributes to our newborn mutant critter surviving its environment long enough to pass on its delightful mutant genes. (Occasionally it’s a function that isn’t adaptive for the individual but is adaptive for the neighborhood but I DIGRESS!)
2) Cost - what are the physical, social, environmental, etc. resource requirements for this thing to occur? Yes it would be amazing if all humans were built like Steve Rogers or could fly, but only if we live in a land of plenty where we can eat four times what we do now because otherwise we’d all starve.  

SO. If we’ve got these two functions in mind, let’s look at THE OMEGA MUTATIONNNNNNNNNow, there are a number of variations on this topic, but besides pregnancy the main themes include:
1. Omega individuals go into some form of Heat, frequently characterized by some degree of enhanced fertility, heightened sexual desire, loss of inhibitions, heightened instinctual behaviors (usually around mating or safety), and enhanced attractiveness to biologically desirable partners. These heats usually include sexual and physiological behaviors like losing a certain degree of higher cognitive functions and/or being ‘tied’ physically in a vulnerable position for (dangerously) extended periods of time. Usually with knotting. (Because if we’re stealing physiology from nonhumans, canids are much more fun than felines. Or ducks. Seriously, duck dicks, what the ducking duck…)
2. Self-lubricating assholes as primary sexual organs. (Except come on, people, a Cloaca is a much more accurate term for the physiology we’re really talking about. Yesssss our genital configuration is just one of many, many strange procreative squishy bits that have come about on this strange planet.)

Now, why might these things be adaptive? Well, there are plenty of animals on the planet that go into heats of some sort - most not nearly so extreme as ABO type things, but some of them are intense. (Have you seen deer ruts with their crazy bloodied horns and incessant trawling their territory? Ew.) They help get individuals to ignore other interests long enough to search out and fuck each other, which is annoying if they have higher cognitive functions or, like, that one really great bush of berries they found but then forgot about because TIMETOMATEYO, but procreation is the engine on which species run, so it’s useful to the species. If a heat means that an individual can get real focused on fertility for a brief period and then fuck off and do whatever the rest of the time, then maybe it’s more efficient than running hot all the time. So there are some potential evolutionary positives.

BUT! Any combination of these features is going to have some cost in resources. Having a heat that lasts for a fucking week where the omega and partner are both unable to do much more than fuck, sleep, and eat if food is already around? That’s crazypants in evolutionary terms. That is one hell of a risky time period, so it better have a good payout or else all them with that mutation ‘gonna die an early death. That’s the worst, but the other features are costly too. Competition for resources isn’t going to happen during a heat, and predators get easy pickings while critters are distracted. It’s dangerous. Even having a self-lubricating asshole is going to, at the very least, require extra calories and require more body systems to maintain, taking up space that could be otherwise used for muscle or fat storage in the body, etc. Same deal for pheromones and whatever else your universe employs.

This is my point. Unless it’s a universe that’s literally paradise where needs are met with great bounty and there’s no badguys ever, the Omega mutation is a seriously costly thing. Since it’s almost always an AU of a riff on our own shitty planet and situations, the ABO dynamics are definitely a costly thing. The only way they would have stayed in a species with that high a cost is if the payoff were high. If you’ve got a high-cost version of the Omega happening (which like 90% of fics do), the payoff can only be high if FERTILITY is possible. So considering the evolutionary cost, Omegas are useful only if they have heightened fertility and/or success in carrying offspring even if it makes them take up resources to do it. An Omega male who was not capable of fertility would be costly to the species like crazy.

There are of course caveats or alternatives. If Omega males are extremely rare, then the mutation might stick around in the species because it’s not costly enough for the species as a whole to have weeded it out even if they’re infertile. If the Omega mutations costs are very low in a particular universe, e.g. no heats, then they might serve a function to the species as like, backup adults to raise orphans or whatever or control populations even if they’re infertile (@allonym you’re right, there’s totally a version where it’s plausible, so long as the cost isn’t too high). And other things.

Just, the point is, a costly mutation wouldn’t survive if there wasn’t an increased adaptiveness too, so infertile Omega males just don’t quite make sense on the whole.

Personally, my favorite version of ABO, evolutionarily speaking, is this: The standard stuff applies; Betas are your standard semi-fertile humans. Alphas are more resource-costing with their extra muscles and ruts and other entertaining bullshit but they make up for it by being strong enough to protect the species and having increased fertility. Omegas are more fertile and hardy with childbearing but the resource-cost comes in for having heats. Where my version gets fun is that Alpha females and Omega are both hermaphrodites. So female Alphas have a functioning penis but also the capacity to become pregnant like a beta female - of course they’re not the most fertile this way, they have to have a good safe environment with lots of resources around to bring a pregnancy to term, but it’s useful. And Omega females have a uterine pouch accessed via cloaca just like the males, but they also have the usual vagina and uterus bits of a Beta female - again, costly but useful if damage happens to one womb or something or if they really have it good in their life and can afford to whelp multiples. And then Omega males have functional penises along with their uterine pouch and cloaca, so they too can serve multiple reproductive purposes to make up for the costs of all the heats and other fun animal attributes stolen from around the world.

Aaaaaaanyway, there you go, more than you ever wanted to know about the degree of thought Trill puts into ABO things. 

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the way you defended rukihime from that ichiku-wtvr made me so happy!! and the fact she doesn't answer back to support her claims is hilarious, ichiruki fans are so rabid and anti to the thought of orihime will use any excuse to hate her, and the yeahhitsomething conv too any other ir fans you faced?

[Warning: Pro-Ichihime & Anti-Ichiruki (somewhat because the bottom half is actually pro-ichiruki fans lol)].

Thanks, honestly if I see an unsupported post or just a bunch of lies I feel like I have to state how they are wrong.

-With ichuki-nee I’ve had only two disputes (which were enough to block me instead of trying to “supposedly” bring me down like she does with a lot of fans).

This one  in which I saw in the Bleach 681 tag & decided to input my opinion on (concerning her false accusations on Orihime not caring about Rukia as she does, to make her look like a bitch) &,

This one which she came out of nowhere (in which I speak about blogs IR & IH that screenshot people’s conversations & fan-art to bash or ridicule them. It was annoying that she thought of it as okay; and not plagiarizing which is considered Illegal and would land you in jail for a screenshot without having the other person aware. Reason cause IHs would cry, lol shes a softie don’t let her hard exterior fool you).

-With yeahitsmeod I think I’ve only had one loooong argument that I haven’t updated yet (which led to her to block me I think lol).

Right here while I responded to a post by @commanderkurama (basically about people’s views on IR & IH; and OD had as usual done a huge essay that my lazy ass had to read & answer).

-Three other IR fans I had a dispute with that is the first time (but not the last) “I” reblogged from them because they had tagged it under the tag “ichihime” not “anti ichihime.”

@007chotto: The post in which she answered back like a child (I swear it was so cringe-worthy that I couldn’t spare to be in the same Bleach fan-base as her. I couldn’t even bother to re-blog such a insignificant reply).

@tommy-wollfram: In this post (it was her opinion and I would have respected it, if she didn’t tag it under the ichihime tag with such a declaration between two different relationships & which one is better).

-But this is where I draw my line from the bad shippers (excluding the tiny ones that only reblog to say “ew” “delusional”):

@ecassandrae: In this post (but in all honestly it wasn’t an argument I was just genuinely curious about this so called post of polls IR fans brought as evidence to defend that their ship is canon. A fan that didn’t lash back but answered politely, I’ll still apologize if I came as rude lol).

I’m aware that there are fans from the IR-base that don’t use the search engine the correct way when they are on their phones or laptops. If you type in just “ichiruki” you will encounter a lot of posts tagged under it…or posts like mine that are tagged “anti-ichiruki” which basically shows you anything that mentions that key word you typed in.

Unless you enjoy seeing posts like mine; continue to use the wrong method to search up your otp while stumbling over anti-posts.

Or just enter the hashtag (#) in front of your ship, I don’t really care if you do or don’t. Or just block me if you wish to use the engine with the consequences or negativity you see.

Which brings me to fans that see my posts and answer their own opinion and I couldn’t help but to nod at them even if they were against me–


Because they answered like adults and were polite. (keep in mind this was a long time ago; lol I’m only rude toward people that act that way toward me or my IH friends)

@bunnies-can-dominate-everyone: Here (in which we had a misunderstanding, nonetheless was resolved~ she has a cute username too).

@arenblack: Here (sent me a cute ask that made me feel two emotions: I’m not as mean as I thought so I had to step up my game lol & that there are nice fans in the IR fans and I only saw the bad).

kouhai-hanako: Here (I was just chatting with another IH, and this IR fan reblogged to say what she wanted to say. It was perfectly fine, and a normal nod at her response of Rukia & Orihime).

-Not to mention a personal friend of mine that manages an Ichiruki account: @ichigo-and-rukia

I enjoy having arguments with her because she’s a multi-shipper & we always take into consideration everything while proving what possible ships could be canon. 

I’m sure– lol no I know there are a lot of good IR fans but you see we always see the bad ones in our tag or in the Bleach tag, just the same as IR fans.

People exaggerate about ship wars, because when people confront the opposing team they full out try to bring them down instead of talking and taking into consideration their opinions and try to eliminate their love for their preferred ship.

If you want to fight about “shipping or characters” as long as you are both not hurting each other mentally/sending death threats/calling names (especially physically) I think it’s fine to talk about it in a polite way.

Because if you start of by being cocky, obnoxious, annoying, mean toward a person then you can expect them to speak to you in the same tone. 

Unless you run into a cutie-pie that will listen to your ranting.

Ah, don’t get the wrong idea though that I’m not mean. Because I’m feisty when I need too & you jerks sending me damn messages that I’m nice wtf shut up. 

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Sometimes I feel like Daneel and Jensen aren't even married. They never appear together and I never hear anything about them.


The rumor (that’s floated around for a while.) why you don’t see Jensen and Danneel much is because it bother’s Jared. And makes his mind a bit stir crazy to see his lover prance around in front of camera’s pretending to love someone else other than him, especially a woman.

So, they have an agreement that he will pick up/do most of the bearding.

(Which is why we ALWAYS see Jared and Genevieve.)

While I do think Jensen is private. I don’t think he’s as private as people think he is. Is it just me or does Jensen have NO PROBLEM posting personal private photo’s of him and Jared? 

(Example: The father’s day photo of him and Jared plus the kids in the pool.)

But when it comes to his ‘Wife’, he uses a photo he got off of the Google search engine lol.

The shade is real you guys.


- K 

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Just last night, I was looking for a fic that I couldn't find. I just remembered that Steve told Tony that the Howling Commandos were also known as Roger's Raiders, and you get very interesting results when you ask a search engine 'Roger's Raider's'. Not particularly useful, but interesting, so I gave up. Figured that is was not to be. Lo and behold, what do I click on today, but Homefront, which contains just that scene. Serendipity, man, it's marvelous.

Ahaha, I’m glad you found it again!

I based the idea of “Rogers’ Raiders” on real life commando units. Most of them operated in the Pacific theatre rather than in Europe, but they were small groups of soldiers who would dash behind enemy lines and just sabotage the fuck out of whatever they encountered. They were usually called “[rather charismatic leader’s name]’s Raiders” or similar, and I figured there was no way Cap led a team of guys like that without accumulating half a dozen weird nicknames. :D


Call phoned in to the library.

Caller: “I need the latest stock information on Yahoo. What did it close at yesterday?”

Librarian: “Yes, sir. Let me take a look….”

Caller: “Are you using the internet? Any twelve year old could do that! If I wanted you to search the internet, I would have asked you to search the internet or I would have done it myself! Real librarians don’t use the internet!”

Librarian: “Sir, this real librarian just used the internet. I can tell you that Yahoo (an internet search engine) is currently selling at $38.29. It’s up twenty cents from yesterday. I use the tools which will get me the information you need in the most reliable and quickest fashion. The internet is one of those tools.”

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The Pretender is weird for me, because it sticks in my memory so vividly and yet not at all. I can recite every word of the opening narration but the actual show is a blur of vigilante justice, slinkies and long-lost family members. Actually, it probably is a perfect candidate for any comic crossover.

That’s very much how it is to watch it, too. Like, I just watched season one and I can name maybe four things that happened. 

I suspect that’s in some ways intentional. The show is extremely, almost excessively formulaic – it opens with Parker/Sydney/Broots investigating where Jarod was, then cuts to where Jarod is (usually where he was influences where he is, like learning to swim –> joining a sea rescue org). Jarod is the New Guy and has to have the Recent Tragedy In Our Community explained to him (frequently the person doing the explaining turns out to be the villain). Jarod Makes Friends while the Centre tries to find him; this usually involves him uncovering some pop culture icon like Elvis, slinkies, etc. along the way. Jarod arranges for exactly what happened to the Recent Tragedy to happen to the villain who perpetuated it, causing them to confess, then he disappears just as or just before the Centre arrives. In the early episodes we usually get a shot of him in his new job but that fades out in the later ones. 

We rarely ever see anyone again from episode to episode and we get the barest minimum about their lives, so it’s easy for everything to blur together. All of it’s just a framework, anyway, on which to hang the conspiracy theory stuff (what the Centre is up to, who had secret children, who killed whom, what is Lyle actually eating, etc). And the conspiracy theory stuff, as it usually is in shows like this, is a lot of twists and turns that are difficult to track. 

So I mean it’s very popcorn-media in that sense, you consume it and forget it. But the premise is great, and it’s fun in the moment. Plus it’s really interesting to watch how late 90s culture interplayed with late 90s media – in this last episode I saw, Ms. Parker asks Broots if it’s possible to do a “global internet search”, which really highlights that the idea of a “search engine” was only barely coming into its own. She had to have a specially trained tech guy do what Google does for us now.  

Also Jarod’s journey into pop culture would involve a lot more shots of him typing questions into Wikipedia and clicking on his Snopes bookmark than it did in 1996. :D