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I’ve been waiting for you

Omg just imagine Daniel as a barista I’m dead


Genre: Fluff and it killed me

Word count: 1 575

Summary: You had school work to do….

I was probably the only one doing what the teachers wished for you to do during a study day; actually, study. School has been a pain in the ass lately which shouldn’t really be a surprise, I don’t know what else to expect when you’re in college. I may have taken a year off before sitting down at the school bench once again but now I only regret doing it, it’s like my brain forgot everything during the year I focused on myself, now I feel like a preschooler in a crowd of smart people. With a sigh, I placed my computer in my bag along with some money and economics book. I was majoring in history mostly because I didn’t know what else to chose, how are you supposed to figure out what to do with your life when you haven’t even lived through half of it. The sky was grey when I left but I paid it no attention, too tired to even think about, let alone acknowledge, the threateningly dark clouds drawing closer. The thought alone of having to spend the day studying made me extremely grumpy and the strong wind didn’t do anything to improve my mood as its harsh blows caused my hair to go ballistic. Gripping my bag tighter, I started jogging towards the small café I was headed for, imagining the sweet bitter smell of coffee and the cozy heat surrounded by dark green walls made my heart ache. A tip, never think of warm places when you’re in a cold one.

Ten minutes later I was greeted by the warmth I so much craved, the bitter smell hit me in the face and I let go a sigh of relief. For a moment I just stood there in the doorframe, the heat in my face a loving contrast to the cruel cold my back was enduring. Once I felt like I’d been standing there too long to be acceptable I closed the door behind me and walked towards the counter, my eyes glued to the menu on the wall behind it, scanning the drinks available. Finally deciding, I turned my attention to the barista working and my mouth went completely dry. He was leaning on the counter, his curious and slightly playful gaze fixated on me. How someone can look so good while doing literally nothing is beyond me. His hair was a nice light brown, his monolid eyes so teasing in some kind of way, shoulders very broad and lips extremely kissable. Wait, what….!? I pulled myself together and, hopefully without any drool on my face, approached him with a smile on my face.

“What did I ever do to have such a beautiful lady walk in during my shift?” his comment made me blush in an instant and I seemed to have lost my ability to speak. This caused him to smirk slightly. “What can I get you today?” Slapping myself mentally I told him what I wanted.

“Just a latte please.”

“A latte for the cute history major coming right up.” and then he was on his way to the back, fixing my drink. How he knew what I majored in, I didn’t know but he did seem familiar, I guess he maybe attended the same college as me which wouldn’t surprise me, most people here did. I took my time to admire his frame as he finished up my drink; he was tall, that’s for sure, and he had one nice butt.

“Like what you see?” my gaze shifted from his behind to the back of his head. He must have felt my looks and I instantly looked down on the credit card I was occupying my fingers with. I didn’t have to look up to know he was coming back, the sound of his steps gave him away. He placed my drink before me and pushed in the total in the card reader before turning it to me.

“Did it hurt, by the way?”

“Did what hurt?” I still didn’t look at him.

“When you fell from heaven.” my head snapped up to his and he was smirking, obviously satisfied with his pick up line.

“I crawled up from hell.” I tried saying it with a poker face but that quickly went out the window when he burst out laughing. I started giggling at his reaction as he tried catching his breath. He looked up at me, still laughing, his whole face scrunched up as he laughed, it was adorable.

“You’re good,” he said approvingly while pointing at me. I took a bow at the same time as I grabbed my drink and made my way to a table. Before I looked away from him he threw a wink at me which resulted in me sitting down with a red face.

The café was almost empty, aside from me there were only two other students who needed to spend the day like me. Paying them no attention i started my computer, sipping my coffee while waiting for it to wake up. I snuck a glance at the barista only to see him looking at me already. I raised an eyebrow, got one in return and started giggling. If we keep this up I won’t get anything finished today. Logging into my computer, I decided to actually focus on the task at hand.

Two hours later I had finished the coffee but I was nowhere finished with the essay. I groaned as I leaned back, pulling at my roots. I hated economics but it was good to know, even though I don’t want to admit it. All of a sudden, the barista appeared and placed a sandwich in front of me. Then he took a seat.

“You’ve been at this for hours, you need to eat.” I eyed the sandwich suspiciously.

“You didn’t do anything to it, right?”

“Except fill it with love, no.” that brought a smile to my face and I rolled my eyes. He really is something. “You seem to be having trouble.”

“A bit.”

“I could help if you want.

“No it’s okay, I got it under control.” he scooted his chair closer to me and soon I felt his lips on my ear.

“But if I help it would be so much more fun.” His voice was husky, it gave me goosebumps. “Your hair smells nice.” He said and pulled away, a cute smile on his face. How does he do that? How does he go from flirty to cute puppy in a couple of seconds?

“Fine, you can help.” He smiled even bigger and leaned closer in order to see the screen better. Our thighs were touching, sending tingles up my leg. I tried shaking it off but to no avail, this guy had too much of an effect on me for me to like it. So I shifted my leg away a bit, breaking the contact with his thigh. Then we started working and after another 30 minutes of accidental touches and awkward glances, I realized that my work was going nowhere. Could be because he stopped helping 15 minutes ago and was just staring at me at the moment.

“I thought you were going to help,” I said and turned to him, meeting his strong gaze.

“Your beauty is too distracting.” I looked away, my cheeks red, and he hooked his finger under my chin and turned my head back to look at him. “You don’t recognize me do you?” he did look familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I shook my head. “Hint; I had pink hair a while ago.” My eyes widened as I realized where I’d seen him before.

“You’re that English major! Daniel, right?” he chuckled at me and nodded. “How come you’re working? I thought your family was rich.”

“Wanted to earn my own money and also, while working here I get to meet cute girls.”

“Oh so you’ve done this before,” I said teasingly but he kept his serious gaze.

“No, I’ve been waiting for you.” I looked at him, waiting for an explanation to his statement, without getting one. “You’re not getting anywhere with that essay, are you?”

“No, someone has been very distracting.” he just laughed at that. “I should go though, I’ve been here for a long time now.” His face fell, he didn’t want me to leave, but he isn’t the only distracting one, I think I’m distracting him from doing his job too. So I stood up and put my stuff together. “I guess I’ll see you around.” He nodded, still a little sad that I was leaving. I started heading for the door.

“Wait!” his voice made me turn around to see him crouch down behind the counter and pull out an umbrella. That’s when I noticed it was pouring outside.

“Wouldn’t you get wet, princess.” I blushed at his nickname but accepted the umbrella anyway, except he didn’t let go. Instead, he pulled at the umbrella, causing me to stumble into him. He caught me easily, wrapping his arms around my waist. Looking deeply into my eyes, he brushed a stray hair out of my eyes and pressed a kiss to my forehead, leaving me stunned. He smiled at my reactions and let me go.

“Now I know you’ll return to be to give that back.” that was the last thing I heard before exiting into the rain.

It’s Not What It Looks Like

“Stop!” This was about the third time that you had said that one word. You and Brooklyn were watching a movie but him, being the cheeky little thing that he was wouldn’t let you watch it. He kept on poking your side and tickling you. You were a ticklish person so for you, this constant distraction was quite a bother. The smile on Brooklyn’s face made you aware that he was trying to intentionally piss you off. “You’ve seen this movie a thousand times. You probably know it word for word.” You rolled your eyes but didn’t disagree. 

The movie in question was the second harry potter movie. You had seen the whole series quite a few times but you still loved it enough to watch it again. “Let me watch.” You poked him back and then went back to watching the movie. He pouted, “Fine.” Brooklyn finally left you alone. However, that only lasted five minutes. Before you knew it, he had poked you in the stomach once more.

You rolled your eyes but decided to ignore him, focusing instead on the movie playing out in front of you. Despite how annoying he could be at times, you couldn’t help the smile that formed on your face at his antics. That was probably the easiest thing about being in a relationship with your best friend, everything just came so easily and it was next to impossible to stay mad at him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that. If it was anyone else messing with me, I wouldn’t just sit back and take it.”

Brooklyn smiled and scooted closer to you on the sofa in the living room of his house where you guys were. “I know I’m lucky.” With those words, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. Not expecting the sudden pull, you squealed and almost fell over into his lap. “Brooklyn!” You shook your head in an attempt to show your disapproval of his behavior. He smiled. It was obvious that he was immensely enjoying this. “Okay, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again for the rest of the movie, I promise." 

You looked at him warily, not knowing if you should take his word for it or not. In the end though, you did relax and leaned into him to continue watching the movie. The rest of movie was spent just like that. He kept his word and didn’t disturb the movie any more. He watched it along with you. The minute the movie ended, however, he was up to his shenanigans once more. He started poking you once again. You lightly pushed away from him.

"I’m leaving, you’re acting like a kid.” You were just about to get off the sofa when a hand came out and stopped you. it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the hand belonged to your boyfriend. He pulled you back down so you fell right into him. Before you could open your mouth to tell him to let go, he started tickling you. 

You burst out laughing. “You’re not going anywhere.” The tickling caused you to squirm which resulted in you falling off of Brooklyn and into the couch with him hovering over you. “Brook-Brooklyn, please, let me go.” He continued his torment with a evil smile on his face. “Nope, first you have to promise that you won’t leave.” You tried to squirm out from under him. “I make no such promises. Now, get off, you’re not exactly light you know.”

He laughed. “Do you really think it’s wise to insult me when I have you at my mercy. All you have to do is say you won’t leave and I’ll let you go.” You took a deep breathe. “Fine, I promise, I won’t leave, now please, let me go.” The torture finally stopped but Brooklyn still didn’t get off you. “You promise.” All you did was nod. “I promise.”

It was at that moment that you heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Both you and Brooklyn looked over to see his dad standing by the doorway simply looking at the two of you with an amused look on his face. You realized the position that the two of you were in and quickly sat up. This caused you to knock heads with Brooklyn. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Once he finished telling you he was okay, Brooklyn turned around to face his dad. “Hey, dad, when did you get back?” David took a while before answering his son’s question. “About five minutes ago, Hi Y/N, how are you?” You looked down slightly, still embarrassed about how Brooklyn’s dad had caught you two. “I’m good, how are you?” David slightly chuckled. “I’m good as well, how’s your dad?" 

Your dad and David had always been good friends so it wasn’t weird that he was asking about your dad. "He’s good.” He simply nodded at you response. “Well, I’ll let you guy’s get back to watching the movie.” With that, he walked up the stairs and out of the living room. Once his father had left, Brooklyn turned around to face you. “Well, that was awkward.”

You leaned over and lightly hit his chest. “You think.” He rubbed the spot where you hit him and pretended to be hurt. “Well, it’s not my fault. It wouldn’t have happened if you just listened to me in the first place and stayed.” You rolled your eyes but still smiled. “Fine, I’m sorry, now can we please watch the third movie?” Brooklyn smiled but went over to the DVD player to put the third movie in. He came back and joined you on the couch, once more pulling you as close to him as he could. You leaned into him and focused on the movie, feeling content with the way things were.

- I hope you like it Anons. 

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One time two of my friends started screwing and I couldn't sleep thinking there was an earthquake. So I came down next morning and said did you all feel the earthquake last night? They all burst out laughing and were embarrassed cus we qere a whole group lol ~ could you make that scenario a hc for Ace, Shanks and Sabo with their s/o?

omg, that sounds hilarious! I’ve experienced that too, except my two friends were doing it next to me…. I believe that Ace’s and Sabo’s reaction would be the same, since they also seem very much alike personality-wise

Ace and Sabo
- you and your bf had not seen each other for a while, which resulted in the two of you going at it all night. 
- he was dragging you towards the dining hall for breakfast, when you met a member of the crew
- “there was some high waves last night, the entire ship was shaking!”
you understood right away, what had made him think that, but the bf was dense.
- “waves?” … “Oh! OH NO! NO NO NONO NO! JESUS CHRIST NO!!!”
him hiding in his room for the rest of the week.

- this man would be proud.
- “fuck yeah it shook like an earthquake! it was me and the missus/mister!”
he would wear that shit like a badge of honor
- “is it an earthquake??” . “Nah, Shanks is just fucking.”
I know it’s fucked up, but I’m convinced that he would be the type of person, who brags about it

Internet Support Group (Dan Howell Fluff)

Summary ~ Dan normally skims over the emails trying to find new ones for his video, but yours intrigued him.

Word ~ 1278

Requested ~ Yes

Dan Pov
I sat at my computer ready to look for some emails to put in my next Internet Support Group. I got the normal ones about loving your best friend, being obsessed with fictional boys, proposals and the occasional dick pic. I was looking through them when I stumbled upon an email titled ‘Fuck Off Mate’ I curiously clicked on it and started reading.

Hey Dan, I have a problem.

I love the internet it is great, before you click off I am not asking you for procrastination advice.

I was sitting in class looking at some internet videos when one of the girls in my class came over to me and sighed. She then continued to tell me that I would never get a guy if I was always on the internet. I laughed it off trying to ignore her but she kept pushing the conversation say, 'Do you ever wonder why no one wants to ask you out? It’s because no one knows who you are because you are never at any parties, you are too busy on the internet’ I told her to 'hop off my shit and that just because I’m not a slut doesn’t mean I have no sex life’ She seemed shocked by my answer and left me alone.

Then the next day I was sitting on my phone in I.T class when the same girl shouted to get everyone’s attention. She then turned on the projector showing my vine account. On my vine account I make edit s of Youtubers and celebrities with the occasional funny video and a cover. Everyone started laughing as she scrolled through my videos. I wasn’t upset because I knew that if I was putting up those videos publicly, they might be seen by people I know. I was more annoyed that she was trying to embarrass me when I have never done anything to her. I stood up asking why she felt the need to try and embarrass me even though she doesn’t know me, she simply shrugged saying it was fun. I was face to face with her now and my blood was boiling. She continued to say I was a loser just like these internet people which resulted in me slapping her. And because I have such good luck the teacher walked in just as I slapped her. Need less to say I was sent to the principals office, and was told I was suspended. My parents are furious with me and are threatening to take away with internet. I don’t even care about being suspended, how do I convince my parents to let me keep my Wifi?

I looked at the email taking it in before I burst out laughing. I didn’t want to wait til I filmed my video to answer her question. I opened a new email and started to reply to her.

Hey, It’s Dan Howell.

I have received your email and I must say I have never read anything like it. I understand how annoying 'popular’ people are. I appreciate you standing up for me and my fellow Youtubers, and I do not blame you for slapping her she sounds horrible. My favourite part of your email is that you don’t care about being suspended you only care about internet. You remind me of myself oddly. I wouldn’t have hit her because I am so timid, but if I had balls I would have done the exact same thing. As for the internet problem there is only one thing to do, lie. You have to tell your parents that it was a mistake, you don’t know what came over you, you might have to do some charity work just to prove how horrible you feel. I hope you get your internet.

Keep me updated on your story, or even tell me some of your other adventures by titling them 'Fuck Off Mate’ So I know it is you.

Sincerely Dan.

I filmed my video and got on with the rest of my day. It was late at night when I felt the urge to check my email again. I logged in and searched for an email from her. There was one. I didn’t hesitate to click on it ready for some fan-girling words and maybe her asking for a follow but it was completely different.

Hey Dan,

Firstly thank you for answering my email. I did lie to my parents and as a punishment I have to spend the next week with my nan, but she has internet because she is a badass. I am glad that you understand why I slapped her, everyone else seemed so bitchy about it telling me.

'It was unnecessary’

'I could be in big trouble’

'How will I explain this when I get a job’

To those questions I answer. 1: You were not there you, don’t understand how slappable her face looked in that moment.

2:I am in big trouble. It is to late for future tense you are telling me this while I get my stuff from my locker so that I can leave the school.

3: I don’t know much about applying for a job but I don’t think they get your records and if they do then they understand that I am a badass mofo and they should hire me straight away.

I unfortunately do not have any other stories as I am normally a very boring person. I just keep my head down and stay away from the assholes. I wish I did have more to tell you, because then we would email for longer. Thank you again for answering my email and giving me advice.


I read her email enjoying her sarcastic humour and genuine writing style. I wanted to continue our email conversations so I started writing. I told her that I really enjoyed her humour, and that I think that she is the first person that is on the same sarcastic level as me. I told her that any job would be lucky to have such and intelligent girl with a good slap. We emailed back and fourth all night and suddenly it was 6am. I enjoyed her comments on different things that were going on in the world. Around her 5th email I followed her on twitter so that we could DM, so that I didn’t have to keep checking and searching for a response. I DMed her again telling that I had to go to bed but I wanted to talk to her tomorrow.
The next day I DMed her a 2pm I waited for a reply. At 3pm I realized that she may have a life so I distracted myself with other things. At 7pm I couldn’t distract myself any-more so I checked my twitter again. I was happy to see that she had replied to me 20 minutes ago.

Hey Dan sorry I didn’t reply earlier I was in town getting a board game and some books, how was your day?

My day was very uneventful, what did you get?

I went to Orcs Nest to get the Tokaido game, then I went to the book shop to get A Work In Progress by Connor Franta and Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

That’s cool, I didn’t know that Orcs Nest had other shops in other places.

Well I went to the same one as you so I don’t know if it has other shops in other places.

Wait you are in London.


Do you maybe want to meet up?

Seriously? That sounds awesome.

And that was the first day of the rest of my life.


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There You Are (Part Four)

This is a college AU. Instead of the professor/student relationship, how about a student/student one? Reader x Dean, with some familiar characters thrown in. This will be angsty at times, sad at times, and maybe definitely smutty. ;) Title borrowed from a Martina McBride song. As always, feedback is more than appreciated. ;)

The much-requested Part Four! Hope you all enjoy. Italicized portions are flashbacks.

SUMMARY: Dinner and a walk with your roommate and her family.
WARNING: Moment of verbal abuse (if you squint) and a canon flashback
TAGS: @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl @spnfanficpond

Part OnePart Two-Part Three

Originally posted by musclecarinstant

Jo crossed her arms over her chest, pouting in the backseat of the vintage car.

“I’ve spent all summer craving that sushi place, because do you think there’s one in freakin’ Nebraska? Hell no. First chance I get to go there, are we going? No. Why?”

Jo leaned forward, whispering where only you could hear her.

“Because somebody’s got her panties in a knot for my brother. Ow!”

You looked down at your nails, pretending you hadn’t just tugged—hard—on a long piece of Jo’s blonde hair. She glared at you and you gave her a smile.

“One night, Jo. We’ll get sushi tomorrow. Or … you know. Soon.”

Jo rolled her eyes, and you settled back in the front seat. Dean climbed into the driver’s side across from you, while Sam climbed in the back with Jo. You glanced back and Dean let out a quiet laugh.

“Dad and Ellen are following in the truck. No possible way we could have gotten all of Jo’s stuff, plus the five of us, in this car. Baby’s good, but she’s not a miracle worker.”
“Shut up, ass.”

Dean laughed again, this time with you and Sam joining in, and Dean started the car. You couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of you when the car started with a roar, then settled into a rumble you could almost feel in your bones. You glanced over and Dean was giving you a wide smile.

“She’s awesome, right?”

You laughed again, nodding your head.

“She is awesome.”

Dean twisted a knob and the car filled with a very recognizable guitar riff. Jo and Sam groaned, both leaning up to voice their opposition, Dean already loudly telling them to shut up, and every one of them fell silent when you reached over, turning the volume up more. You looked from dark brown to hazel to grass green eyes, then shrugged your shoulders.

“What? I like Guns ‘n’ Roses.”

They all blinked in unison, and you giggled at the sight, and Jo and Sam fell back into their seats with no other complaints. Dean nodded, smiling widely as he put the car in gear and slid onto the highway.

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Hayama, Mibuchi and Mukkun teasing their s/o because of their small stature, glasses, braces ect... and s/o gets mad and they do something really cute and silly to make their s/o laugh

okay, i’ll do one for each of them :3 though I really can’t imagine Mibuchi teasing at all. and how did you know that these are all my problems. i wear glasses, braces, and am short. who are you anon.

HAYAMA: “Ne, you look so cute and nerdy with those glasses, ___-chan. All smart!” He had been bugging you all day, following you around and nagging you just because you started wearing glasses. You tolerated it the first few times but after a while, it just got so tiring. “So cute! So nerdy!” He started poking you on your side and it started to piss you off even more. You groaned and shoved him away, snapping at him to leave you alone before stomping away. You were already sensitive enough about the glasses and he had to make you even more insecure about it.

Slumping down on your table after school, you huffed. Finally, the day was over. You wondered if you had been too harsh with Hayama and should probably apologize. However, when you turned around, Hayama tackled you to the floor. What the hell? Hayama pouted at you and pointed to the glasses on his face. “See! I have glasses too! They’re cute on you! That’s why I keep teasing you.” When you didn’t say anything, mainly because you were too confused to, his lips quivered as he continued, “Don’t be mad at me. Please! You’re so cute. I promise!” After you forgave him, he grinned and clung onto you like a puppy the whole way home.

MIBUCHI: “My, my, I’ve never seen ____-chan with braces before.” He smiled and leaned around you to take a closer look. “Ooh, they’re shiny. Colorful too. It must hurt a lot. Are you going to use it for a long time? But you look adorable with them, very… adolescent-like. You look younger.” At first, you were fine with the comments since he was curious but the more he pointed it out, the more it irked you. You winced with every new comment and decided that you needed to spend some time away from him.

Mibuchi, noticing that you had been distant during the day, finally realized that you were angry with him. His heart dropped at the thought and he knew that he had to do something to make you smile again. During lunchtime the next day, you sat down, huffing at the now inedible cafeteria food, when suddenly, the cafeteria door burst open to reveal Mibuchi coming in with a huge bouquet of flowers and two whole plates of food in hand. He walked straight towards you and presented you the flowers. “This is an apology for yesterday. I’m sorry for teasing you, I didn’t mean it in an insulting way. Here’s a bowl of porridge in case you can’t eat the food here and also, for dessert, a bowl of jelly with your favorite fruits in them. Of course, you couldn’t stay pissed at a man like Mibuchi and quickly hugged him.

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara held back his laugh as he kept your bag away from you by placing it on the top shelf. You huffed and hit him. “Give it back!” You snapped and he just smiled lazily down, finding your anger absolutely endearing. You were so cute, stomping and grumbling when you were so much tinier than he was, seeming so unthreatening. When he returned it to you, he finally realized how pissed he had made you. You ignored him the whole day next day and he got annoyed, so he started to bug you again, which only resulted to piss you off even more.

Finally, Himuro suggested something which made him scowl but he couldn’t deny that it probably would make you happy. So, when you were alone in class, he approached you. You didn’t want to look at him until the words started leaving his mouth. “I’m a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout.” In disbelief, you blinked at him for several seconds. He, thinking that you didn’t get it, started singing it again with the movements. You burst out laughing and hugged him. “Are you still mad at me. ___-chin?” He snuggled into you. “No, can’t stay mad at my little teapot now, can I?”


Imagine you’re an Alpha in your own pack but you’re supper short which makes the pack make fun of you.

~ requested ~ Teen Wolf

You breathed out a breath of relief as you made your way to the lunch table that held the pack and flopped down onto an open seat.
The rest of the pack looked at you oddly as you took in deep breaths, trying to get your breathing under control.
“What’s up with you?” Scott asks worriedly as he took a sip of his water.
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Other then the fact Issac has very long legs which equals very long strides, which also means I have to basically run in order to keep up with his stroll” you recited in with one breath with a pissed off expression as you took the water bottle from Scott’s hands and took a long swing.
Stiles burst out laughing which resulted into his curly fries that were in his mouth to spew onto the table.
“Oh my- oh my gosh- that’s absolutely perfect!” He yelled out with laughter filling his voice which made it hard to hear what he was saying.
You simply glared on as you waited for him to finish his moment.
“It’s hilarious because your like really short, you know like - like- like those munchkins! You know from the wizard of Oz! . I think we know what the pack is going as this year.” Stiles stated with a flick of his fingers and a smug grin on his face.
“The only munchkin in this table is your little stiles, in your pants”

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prompt: Regina gets stuck!

Regina’s moan was ragged and deep as she writhed against Emma’s hand. She braced her hands on the cold walls of the small bathroom stall in Granny’s, her body at an awkward angle, but the only one in which she could get the pressure she needed. She had one stiletto-clad foot balanced on the toilet seat and the other was digging into Emma’s lower back as Regina had one long, toned leg wrapped tightly around the woman’s waist.

“Oh gods, don’t stop,” Regina groaned as she pumped her body harder and faster against Emma’s skillful fingers.

“Shh,” Emma hissed, laughing at their predicament.

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Felicity finds put she's pregnant and has no clue how to tell Oliver that she's pregnant and he's the father :-)

She blamed Sara.  Yes, she blamed Sara for insisting that the two of them go out drinking and dancing.  She blamed Sara for choosing Verdant of all places.  Verdant, where Oliver, Sara’s ex-boyfriend and her almost-boyfriend, often was.  Almost-boyfriend because while they were having regular, exclusive sex, they hadn’t put a label on it.

She also blamed Sara for inviting Oliver to join them halfway through the night, after she’d had about two cranberry vodkas and some pink drink that Sara insisted she try.

In a matter of a few hours, she and Oliver were incredibly drunk, bumping and grinding on the dance floor while Sara went off looking a girl or boy to take home with her.  Eventually, Felicity suggested they take it back to her place, so they called a cab, but didn’t stop touching and kissing each other the entire trip to and up to her apartment.

The rest was basically a blur, but the next morning, they’d woken up in each others arms, and it felt right.  As Oliver nuzzled against her neck, he muttered softly, “Be my girlfriend?”

She couldn’t help but laugh softly before turning and wrapping her arms around him.  "Took you long enough.“

Everything seemed perfect.  And then she started waking up nauseous.  And then came the oversensitiveness to scents.  And then her clothes started getting tighter.  She was in denial, which made her put off buying any tests or going to see a doctor.  It was only when Sara made a comment about her clothes that resulted her bursting out in tears that she realized she couldn’t delay any longer.

There it was.  That stupid blue plus sign.  "Damnit,” she muttered to herself, resting her head in her hands and sighing softly.

Sara was the first she told, unable to keep that big of a secret anymore.  She was also the person that she took with her to the first doctor’s appointment, just to confirm that she was in fact pregnant.  Which she was.  Double damnit.

“When are you going to tell him?” Sara asked as she sat on Felicity’s couch, the former making tea for the pair of them.

“Tell who?” she asked, grabbing the mugs and walking over to join her on the couch.

“Oliver,” she stated, laughing softly.  "You know, the father of the fetus growing in your belly?“

"Ew, don’t say it like that.  It’s a baby.  Not a fetus,” Felicity insisted, shaking her head.  "And I don’t know…  How would you tell him?  I-I mean if you were me.“

"Honestly?” Sara asked, blowing out a puff of air when Felicity nodded.  "I’d just get it over with.  Go find him, blurt it out, and tell him what you want to do.  It’s your body, so it’s your call.  If you want to keep it, tell him.  If you don’t, tell him.  And tell him that it’s your choice.  That it’s your choice and if you do decide to keep it, he better be the supportive ass we know he’s capable of being.  But you should tell him sooner rather than later.  The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be for both of you.“

Felicity bit her lip as she looked down at her tea, shaking her head a bit.  "Right… Well then I’m going to go,” she told her, nodding once before standing from the couch and putting her tea on the counter.  "You’ll be here when I get back, just in case right?“  Sara smiled and nodded, settling back on the couch.  "Okay.  I’ll see you later.”

With that, she left her apartment and made her way to the foundry where she knew she would find Oliver.  When she arrived, she was a bit relieved that Diggle was not there, but also terrified that she was going to be facing Oliver alone.

“Felicity?” Oliver called out when he saw her enter, leaving the training area and running a towel along his sweaty body.  "What are you doing here?“

"I’m pregnant,” she blurted out, causing him to stop walking.  "I’m pregnant and obviously it’s yours and I want to keep it and I hope you’ll stick by me because while I like to think that I’m a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man, I don’t want to go through this pregnancy without you at my side.  I love you, Oliver, and I want you to go through this with me and I know that you might be scared that you won’t be a good dad, because I know how you think more than you think I do, but I know you’ll be an amazing father so please just say that you want to go through this with me.  Please.“

His mouth sort of hung open a bit as he took in everything she said.  "You love me.”

“Please say you got everything I said after that because it would really suck if you didn’t,” she muttered, panic setting in a bit.

He seemed to gain control of his legs again and walked towards her, stopping when he was right in front of her, his hand reaching up and cupping her cheek.  "You love me, and you’re pregnant with my child, and you think I’ll be a good dad.  Did I miss anything?“

"No, that’s about it,” she stated, swallowing dryly.

He nodded and wrapped his other arm around her waist.  "We’re going to be parents.“

A small smile grew on her lips and she nodded.  "Yeah, we are.”

The smile that spread on his face made her heart flutter and she felt relief wash over her when he leaned forward and kissed her deeply.  It wasn’t rushed or frantic like their first kiss.  It was meaningful.  Passionate.  When they pulled away, she looked up at him with a hopeful expression.

“I love you too, Felicity,” he assured her, chuckling when she let out a soft breath.

“Oh thank god, don’t scare me like that again,” she scolded before joining their lips for another meaningful kiss.

When Sara got a text simply reading, “Auntie Sara has a good ring to it,” she knew everything was going to be okay, and she couldn’t be happier for her two friends.