which resulted in my bursting out laughing


Imagine you’re an Alpha in your own pack but you’re supper short which makes the pack make fun of you.

~ requested ~ Teen Wolf

You breathed out a breath of relief as you made your way to the lunch table that held the pack and flopped down onto an open seat.
The rest of the pack looked at you oddly as you took in deep breaths, trying to get your breathing under control.
“What’s up with you?” Scott asks worriedly as he took a sip of his water.
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Other then the fact Issac has very long legs which equals very long strides, which also means I have to basically run in order to keep up with his stroll” you recited in with one breath with a pissed off expression as you took the water bottle from Scott’s hands and took a long swing.
Stiles burst out laughing which resulted into his curly fries that were in his mouth to spew onto the table.
“Oh my- oh my gosh- that’s absolutely perfect!” He yelled out with laughter filling his voice which made it hard to hear what he was saying.
You simply glared on as you waited for him to finish his moment.
“It’s hilarious because your like really short, you know like - like- like those munchkins! You know from the wizard of Oz! . I think we know what the pack is going as this year.” Stiles stated with a flick of his fingers and a smug grin on his face.
“The only munchkin in this table is your little stiles, in your pants”