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I am so proud of you. I'm so proud of the people who are helping you to give your dolls to Cait and Sam. They'll appreciate it a lot. You deserve all this love. I hope one day you can give them one of your gifts in person, you deserve to meet them. I know I will never meet them, but I am so happy each time I see a fan getting their autographs or a selfie with them. But I think I've never been as happier as the day I saw your calendar on their trailer. Congrats, hon! You will rock Seattle too.

Awww, @madam-outlander, you are making me emotional

I truly have been astounded by everyone’s love and appreciation of the DollFrasers, this week in particular!

What started out as a fun thing for my daughter, who reminds me almost daily that it was HER IDEA, has transformed itself into something quite extraordinary which amazes and delights me every day!

Yes, I would love to meet Cait and Sam one day - though the power of speech would probably be beyond me ( also possibly the power of breathing, 😆) - but am very content at the moment - I am still basking in the glow of that video showing pride of place to my wee Calendar in the Make-Up Trailer.

And I’m still squeeing. Daily.

Gifting them the doll versions of their characters seems the natural progression - and ECCC the perfect place to do it - hopefully they will love them as much as we all do!

I love the show. I have loved the books for over 20 years, and what I do know is that we could not have been gifted with a better Claire or Jamie than what we have in Cait and Sam.

They are both extraordinary. As actors and as people.

And that is my reward.

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Hi! I was wondering how long you've had this blog, and how you got so many followers. My other account is a small writing prompt blog, so I want some tips lol 😅Thanks!

Hi :)

I started this blog in September 2015. I have no idea why I’m so lucky to have so many really great followers but I think it’s important that you don’t give up. The first prompts I posted nearly got no attention from anyone. For the first 100 prompts or so I often got like ten or twenty notes. But I kept on doing it and in 2016 I had a few prompts that got me a lot of followers and it motivates me to keep going even though I often don’t find enough time anymore (which I’m working on!) And for me what’s even more important than notes and followers is when I check some of my prompts and see that someone reblogged it and said that they got inspired by it or that it reminded them of someone or something. That really is one of the best feelings you can get :)

- Jana

PS: Good luck with your blog!!

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Hehe Turd. Where did you come up with that one?

Tord: The only challenge here is to my patience, which you seem determined to find the limits of.

Tord: My reputation might be better known in the north, but I’ll remind you one last time that even my own men fear my wrath. Quit testing me while you’re ahead.

Can we talk about this tho???

When Victor first came to Japan, it was the beach at Hasetsu that reminded him of home. He talks about hearing the seagulls and always taking them for granted until he left, which to me implies a form of homesickness. At this point, he’s still a forigner in a strange country, and he’s probably missing home.

But then we have this:

The beach at the Grand Prix is rather similar to the beach at Hasetsu- which in turn implies at it’s also very similar to the beach in St Petersburg. But after all this time with Yuuri in Japan, Victor’s internal compass has shifted. When presented with such a beach that reminds him of home, he doesn’t think about St Petersburg anymore. He thinks about Hasetsu.

Hasetsu is home to Victor now. Yuuri is home.

I’m starting to think that Victor is not planning on returning to the ice. Yes, it’s still not conclusive at this point, but with the release of Episode 9? It’s getting to the point where I believe that maybe Victor is thinking about retiring.

Remember this scene from Episode 8:

When Victor was interviewed regarding his return to skating, this was his answer. He wanted to wait for the GPF to be over before making any announcement regarding his own career.

Being a coach, Victor turned the subject towards praising Yuuri’s skills and promoting the skate during the interview, which prompted one reporter to ask:

Victor doesn’t actually answer the reporter-he just smiles and even uses Yurio to evade doing so, which is successful. And while the reporters were thrown off the scent, it has left us fans to wonder:

What does Victor plan for the future-for that time when the competition for the Grand Prix Final is finally over?

It reminded me of one scene from Episode 2. It was during Yakov’s, Victor’s former coach, interview.

Now, Yakov may just be saying this out of disappointment from Victor leaving, but it also got me thinking if this was some kind of foreshadowing of the end of Victor’s career as a skater.

We do know he was in a slump by the time the anime rolls around from this commentary by Yurio in Episode 2.

Victor himself is aware that his achievements are nothing new anymore. He’s won competitions so many times that I guess people aren’t expecting any surprises from the Russian skater. He had slowly been losing his inspiration with regards to skating, about what he could do to thrill the audience.

But then, Yuuri came into his life. 

Recall what Minako had said in Episode 1:

And I think Victor realized it when he watched Yuuri’s rendition of the program.

Something about Yuuri caught Victor’s attention, and it gave him a new idea, an inspiration, if you will. It was something that made him try a different path than that of a skater: being a coach.

In the onsen, Victor had offered to coach Yuuri to help him win the Grand Prix Final. Looking back now, I guess Episode 1 gave us a deadline from the very beginning. That the story of Victor being a coach ends once the GPF is over. Maybe, Victor thought that by being Yuuri’s coach for a while would help him get some motivation to get him back into skating.

But, something changed along the way. As Victor and Yuuri went through their journey as student and coach, a different aspect of their relationship also bloomed. We were there to watch as they both fell in love with each other.

Victor never saw Yuuri as merely a skater. Please bear in mind that from the beginning, Victor tried to get to know everything Yuuri by asking all sorts of questions. That enabled both of them to support each other, even if they had fumbled at some attempts.
And yes, I’m talking about Victor making Yuuri cry on Episode 7.

Whatever they went through though, their relationship came out stronger together. And I believe Victor realized this as well. They were not merely student and coach, what he and Yuuri share had now become something more. Which, in turn, affects whatever he had been planning for himself when the GPF finally comes to an end.

And that ending, it’s right around the corner. Yuuri was thinking of it too.

Like I said in this post:

“and…” what? Was Yuuri thinking about them separating, going different ways?

after watching this again, Yuuri didn’t sound sad or depressed about his thoughts at the time. It was more like, “I have something I want after the GPF; I’ve made up my mind”. Which somehow made it more positive for me.

Yuuri has decided to make Victor stop being his coach. But the tone of his voice didn’t give me the impression of negativity, the opposite actually.

Was Yuuri thinking that once Victor was not his coach anymore, once he had retired from skating, could he and Victor start something new, together albeit in a different aspect? I would like to believe so.

Episode 9 also told us that Victor was thinking about what happens next too from their reunion at the airport.

And Yuuri…

Yuuri’s unintentional proposal,

which Victor points out and accepts,

that Yuuri does not negate.

We were all very happy at this point, weren’t we? So were the both of them. Until YOI hit us with more feels.

Victor: I wish you’d never retire.

From my earlier post:

Since Yuuri wanted Victor to stay with him until he retired, Victor expresses the sentiment of not wanting Yuuri to do so.

Victor wants to stay with Yuuri forever, to never leave the skater’s side.

He was not expecting that, not at all. He was thinking that Victor agreed to stay until he stops skating. But Victor, the goner, doesn’t want it that way

Yuuri is finally realizing and getting it into his head that Victor doesn’t want to leave his side. I think he was so overcome with emotion that he gets tears in his eyes.

Yuuri is finally starting to believe that Victor will stay with him. That Victor wants to stay with him and never leave.

This is made all the more poignant by the reminder that their time as student and coach is coming to a close. Some may think of it negatively, but I don’t believe we should view it as so.

Just before that line, they were hinting at a marriage proposal. Victor himself expresses his wish of not ending their time together, that he wants to stay as Yuuri’s coach.

Which brings us full circle to why I am posting this in the first place.

Victor, a legendary skater, who everyone is waiting for to come back on the ice, is willing to stay as a coach for Yuuri so that they can stay together.

It hits me now that maybe the time they had apart, that one or two days that separated them, made Victor realize how much he wants to remain beside Yuuri. So much so that he was willing to leave his skating career behind.

He left the ice to find inspiration, but he found someone he now wants to protect. He found someone he loved so much he was willing to give up skating professionally.

This doesn’t mean that Yuuri didn’t love Victor with the same intensity, with the same capacity for sacrifice. No.

Yuuri was thinking of making Victor step down as his coach and return to skating, return to Russia, after the GPF, whether he won gold or not. He was willing to be separated from Victor if that was what Victor wanted, what would make the other man happy.

So, what happens when the Grand Prix Final ends?

Yuuri may yet change his mind about retiring, or Victor may choose to retire with Yuuri. whatever their future holds, I want to believe that they will do it together as a unit and not as separate entities.

That marriage proposal was put there for a reason. Let’s believe in the power of love that Victor and Yuuri has taught and shown us.

What else could you call this kind of ability to sacrifice, to think of the other person more than yourself? They have set the standards high for any kind of love story, in my opinion. I can never look at any sort of romance the same without comparing them to these two. And this is from a sports anime.

Thank you for reading this. And remember:


  • Andrew: "I stand on the edge of this roof because I am profoundly terrified of heights, but at least I feel something, which is a relief from my usual soul-deep apathy."
  • Neil: "The smell of cigarette smoke comforts me because it reminds me of the time I burned the body of my dead mother and buried her bones by the sea."
  • Both: "Let's date."

shoutout to @twentyonepilots for making music because WOW

I still think about when Suga was asked in a fansign which other members’ pet he’d let Holly date he answered Rapmon (Joon’s pet dog). At the same time knowing that Holly is actually a male dog but he didn’t feel the need to correct anyone and I think that’s fantastic.

i hate how exercise has been like ruined for women b/c of how it’s been co opted by the diet industry. so many women understandably associate exercise and fitness w the beauty industry and sexist pressures to lose weight, which is just really sad b/c exercise can be so beneficial outside of that

i avoided exercise for a long time bc it just reminded me of weight loss stuff, but i’m starting to enjoy building strength and just moving my body to release endorphins and get energized and it’s really healing 

I just saw a post saying that there should be more content about Ransom and Holster as frogs (HARD AGREE), which reminded me of the total tragedy of the fact that we only got introduced to Jack and shitty as juniors.

We’re lacking two whole glorious school years of them doing hockey and wrestling and hanging out and stuff. Give me awkward freshmen shenanigans. Give me the first time Jack came home to find shitty naked in his bed. Give me all of the people that shitty told off and or punched in the face for talking shit about Jack. I NEED THIS.

 Update!! ・ 231016 

Long time no post!! I’m finally getting used to the university lifestyle and can honestly admit that I’m a proper uni student! I’m getting used to my lectures (though I find cognitive psychology really hard;;;) and I am so blessed to have the best flatmates ever!! We get along really well and we’ve actually made a list of things we’d like to do this year, I’m looking forward to get to know them a lot more!~

I also managed to get a new bullet journal!! Which reminds me that I have a lab report due in two weeks…but first I’m off to dinner with @studysthetics hehe, have a nice day everyone!!

Song of the Day: Very Very Very - IOI

I did a spread using my printable tapes! Maybe that can be an inspiration for someone on how to use them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  :D

There’s this quote, “What right do you have to be unhappy?” which is from a lovely scene from the movie The Longest Ride (quite good romantic movie that got me bawling my eyes out at the end, if you’re into that). When I heard it for the first time, it had such a deep meaning for me, maybe even deeper than in was originally meant to have… The point is, I put it everywhere now because it keeps reminding me that it’s okay to be happy, which I need.

Anyway, let’s not get too emotional or anything :D. Please keep tagging me if you use my tapes (or shoot me a message!) I love seeing what you do with them :)


The Professor Sends a Reminder

The Professor over at Tolarian Community College has always been a huge source of inspiration for me when it comes to my place in the Magic Community. The style of content he creates and the way in which he manages it all is something that I can’t help but be amazed by. I’ve not always liked him, I’ll admit, but over time a man who first came across as condescending and boring, I’ve come to realise is a kindhearted man who cares about the community and helping them out most.

But, unfortunately he’s hit a snag. After losing his job for the semester, at least, and has come to us to ask for continuous help, via Patreon. I know that I’m only small by comparison, but I hope that this can reach the people who can give, but missed it. 

and to prove, I’m not just passing the buck and freeing myself of guilt, I’m pledging myself. I don’t have… well, any money, so all I can offer is $1, but I do believe that it’s enough, for now, to support a great member of the community.

If you love his stuff and you can contribute, just know that it’s there. I’m not asking you to give, that’s not my place, but just remember that the small things can make a huge difference.


“If there are any moments of great joy or great pain in your life, in which you have turned to any of my songs, I consider that to be the highest compliment, so thank you for including me. I think that life moves at a different pace for someone who is heartbroken, or someone who is lonely, or when you’re taking all of your insecurities that your head is cooking up and screaming into your ears. I think time moves slower. I think people need music a little bit more. Um, and I think that, in those moments, it’s important to remind yourself of a few things. And if there’s just a few things you remember from tonight, please remember these things. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods or tarnished if you’ve made a few mistakes in your life. And you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Let me tell you a few things that you are. You are someone who is wiser, stronger, smarter, better because you made mistakes and learned from them. That’s what you are. And, more importantly, you are someone who is dealing with whatever you’re dealing with right now, but instead of letting those things define you, instead of wallowing in those things, you decided to get dressed up, go to Staples Center, and have the best time ever with me tonight. This is a song I wrote in London with a wonderful, incredible artist named Imogen Heap about… about that moment when you realise that walking through a bunch of rainstorms and continuing to keep on going doesn’t make you damaged. It actually makes you clean.”

a+ seductive technique, victor

Yu-ri,” says Victor, standing in the doorway of Yuri’s hotel bedroom after the first day of the qualifier. Yuri freezes inside his cocoon of blankets. He is starting to develop a tic in reaction to that particular tone of voice. Yuri, let’s drink together. Yuri, let’s take a bath together. Yuri, tell me everything about you! Yuri, let’s sleep together in your bed, which is the exact same bed where you jerked off for the first time ever when you were twelve while staring at a poster of me, because that’s not weird!

Yuri has to remind himself about twelve times a day that Victor doesn’t know about the jerking off. The posters, yes, because Yuri’s sister is a heartless traitor, but not the jerking off, so calm down, Katsuki, and don’t embarrass yourself. 

Every day with Victor as his coach is a complicated exercise in Yuri trying not to embarrass himself. It’s hard to do while also being completely, utterly, embarrassingly overwhelmed by the fact that Victor exists and keeps giving him compliments - ahhh! thinks Yuri’s inner twelve-year-old - along with the kind of real considered criticism that means he takes Yuri seriously as a skater - ahhhhhhhh!!! thinks Inner Yuri, at every age, honestly. 

As if that wasn’t enough already, it is so hard not to embarrass himself when Victor keeps proposing ridiculous, terrible, wonderful things in that voice. Yuri loves it, but also: Yuri is mentally weak already, and if he isn’t going to let Victor down horribly in the free skate tomorrow he needs to sleep right now.

“I’m tired, Victor,” he says, in a voice he developed for ducking out of club nights with Phichit. It’s his best mature voice. Very quelling.

“Me too,” says Victor, sitting on the edge of Yuri’s bed, right in Yuri’s space, and also coincidentally weighing down Yuri’s tangle of blankets in such a way that Yuri couldn’t wiggle away from him if he tried. If he wanted to. He does want to. He does, because if Victor stays there too long Yuri will die, and also he will close his eyes and go to sleep right there in Victor’s lap, which will be really embarrassing in the morning. “I’m so tired, Yuri,” says Victor piteously. “And I can’t sleep.”

“Oh?” says Yuri. He sympathises, he really does. He knows how that feels. 

“My bed’s too empty,” Victor explains.

Don’t blush, Yuri wills himself. Do not blush! It’s not what it sounds like. It’s just Victor. Victor is the sort of man who turns up naked in your family’s hot spring and proposes a business relationship. He’s just shameless, that’s all.

“…without my dog,” he hears, and realises Victor was still talking. Yuri mentally reviews the last few seconds. Victor said he can’t sleep without his dog. That makes sense, and also is nothing like Yuri’s dirty, unjustified assumptions. Stop doing that, Yuri scolds himself. 

“I’m sorry,” he says out loud. Come to think of it, Victor normally does sleep with Makkachin under his arm. She puts up with it very patiently. Vicchan would never have been able to lie still that long. But then Vicchan was a very lively dog who always wanted to play, so - oh no, dangerous line of thought. Yuri needs to sleep tonight, not cry hysterically about his dog. He already did that. “We’ll go back soon,” he says, putting his hand on Victor’s. “You’ll see her then.”

“It’s so lonely without her,” Victor says. “You look comfortable.” He lies down next to Yuri. His head is on Yuri’s pillow. His face is very close. He is now holding Yuri’s hand. “Can I sleep here?”

Thinking about Branwen Eyes

So at first I thought that Raven must always have red eyes

And Yang’s just change red when she’s angry because that’s when she’s most like her mother.

But then I remembered that Qrow’s eyes went red during his fight with Winter and during the Battle of Beacon.

But they aren’t red most of the time, they’re brown.

But they don’t change back as quickly as Yang’s. As soon as Yang’s takes a breath her eyes are purple but during the Battle for Beacon Qrow was basically joking around and his eyes were still red. 

This makes me wonder if Raven’s eyes were always red all the time or if that has something to do with her lifestyle choice.


They can go more red, glow red like this:

Which reminds me of her:

And these:

Qrow is one of my favourite characters and some part of me wants him, Ren and Nora to be involved in something that reveals their backstories connected to the bandits. 

I need to know.