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Not a question, I just wanted to say- I really appreciate how you make an effort to sound unbiased, logical, informative or what have you- many blogs have a much more emotional edge to them, which can make it... a bit exhausting to read through. I've learned more about animals here than I have everywhere else, and it's mostly because everything here is readable- it isn't rabid animal rights, it's actual information. So thank you for all this awesome education, and I hope you have a good day!

You’re welcome! I try really hard to not be emotional - it’s not helpful for education and it alienates people because it often comes off as an attack. Thank you for the feedback, too! I appreciate learning about what I’m doing that works and what misses the mark. 

Tony Stark's Daughter-Part three

Tony’s POV
Nat and I had found an abandoned building to stay in whilst we figured out what we were going to do next.

I was looking at my daughter who lied unconsciously on the bed, she was so grown up, the spitting image of her mother.

“Are you okay,Tony?”Nat asked.

“Define okay” I said my eyes never leaving Y/N in fear that she would just vanish. Nat just smiled sympathetically at me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“What’ve they done to her?”I asked, hoping that somehow I’d be able to get my daughter back.

“Probably the same as what they did to Bucky” Nat stated.

Rhodey and the rest of the team knew where we were, even Steve and his team, we’d decided to put the treaty to the side and figure out how to help Bucky and Y/N first.

Bucky’s POV
Steve and I were at an abandoned house with the other avengers. Tony had rung Steve saying that something had happened and that he needed our help, which surprised both everyone. I didn’t know much about Tony Stark but I knew that he never really asked for help, unless it was extremely important.

Steve and I walked into the house cautiously, looking around to see if this was a trap.

We were greeted by the avengers team as we entered the house.

“This better not be a trap, Tony” Steve said to him.

“Oh believe me, Cap, it really isn't” I heard Tony say.

We all walked into the living room.

“Why are we here, Tony?“ Sam asked. There was a long pause before Tony explained that he’d found his daughter..I didn’t even know he had a daughter…And then he said that she was being controlled by Hydra, at that point everyone looked at me, assuming that I must’ve known her.

“Bucky, do you know someone called Y/N?” Natasha asked. Y/N,Y/N was Tony’s daughter?

“Buck?” Steve asked. I just nodded in reply not being able to get any words out.

“What did they do to her?” Tony asked, looking directly at me, his voice quiet, scared even.

“The same stuff that they did to me…” I muttered. I didn’t need to explain it, they all knew what I meant by that.

Me and Y/N were good friends, sometimes we were more than friends, but I didn’t think that it was a good idea to tell Tony that.

Everyone was talking about how all of this was going to work out, but because I was still classed as the ‘enemy’, no one was really talking to me,so I decided to look around the house and that’s when I found Y/N.

Readers POV
I was back to normal, well as normal as I could be and by that I mean that Hydra wasn’t controlling me anymore. My body ached as I moved and opened my eyes.

“Where the hell am I?” I whispered to myself as I looked around for the room, it was a bare room, nothing much in it except the bed that I was on.

“You look terrible, doll.” And that’s when I saw Bucky, standing by the door.

“You don’t look too good either, Buck” I replied,with a chuckle in my voice as I tried to sit up, which was a terrible idea because it hurt like hell.

“You shouldn’t move, it’ll hurt more.” Bucky said as he walked over to my bed, and sat down next to me, wrapping an arm round my shoulder.

“What am I doing here,Buck?” I asked.

“There are people that want to help you, babe.” He whispered into my hair.

“What type of people?” I asked nervously.

“People like your dad” he replied.

“My dad?” I questioned, Bucky kissed the top of my head.

“Yeah, doll, your dad” Bucky whispered, looking up to the door, I followed his eyes seeing the man I hadn’t seen in nine years. My dad.

“Heya kiddo.” He said, tears brimming his eyes.

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Maybe the reason why the majority of woc (especially those living in poverty) don’t connect with tumblr radical feminism is because yall spend time arguing over things that really aren’t at all relevant to our lives. Sitting on the internet arguing about how the concept of motherhood upholds patriarchy does just about nothing for black and brown women who are single mothers living in poverty which is the reality for most of the women I know. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m so disillusioned with radical feminism - too much theoretical “analysis” that is so far removed from our lived experiences.

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I think it's important to say an FP isn't synonymous with a best friend. It's someone who can base your entire worth around and you base your identity around them because you idealize them so much and then routinely devalue them because the standards are unrealistic which can create really unstable relationships.


An FP is often confused with best friend by nuerotypicals. In reality our friendship with our fp is quite literally our reason for living. It’s who we are and it’s all we want. You are so dependent on this one person that not having them around physically hurts. It hurts so much.


  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: mamoru chiba is severely under-appreciated and does not deserve all the hate he gets. People only ever look at anime mamoru and forget about mamoru in the manga and crystal. Everyone complains about him being useless and that makes me truly sad because he is so much more than what people give him credit for, plus he's already worried that he is in the first place which isn't even true. He's also so supportive of usagi and I just really love mamoru chiba.
The Bridges We Cannot Cross- Chapter 8: Returning to Burned Bridges

Character development, Ang(o)st and death wow.

All I can say is that if you finish this chapter thinking things ended well, you forget Dazai’s character of pretending everything is fine. Which is largely in part precisely why I was a ‘lot less cruel’ than I could’ve been.

People change, but one must consider at what point is this simply idealistic? I guess y'all find out later~


Atsushi emerged from Dazai’s arms, it was just before daybreak. The sky was seeping red, and the pool of water looked like fire. Despite this hellish beauty, Atsushi glances upon Dazai’s sleeping expression with the realisation that this was probably the first time he saw the other sleep, let alone beside him. He never really realised the soft part of his hair, how he moved slightly despite not even needing to breathe.

Atsushi really is hopeless, but to be fair- the two of them were. They were hopelessly helplessly in an entirely new state, love, whatever one calls this life… or death? It seemed transient, as if last night they were among the constellations that they traced, like strayed gods writing their own history.

Atsushi never thought he’d feel anything less than insignificant, but here he was. He was…for lack of better word, drowning in love. He resolved to make a better description, to tell the man before him.

He wondered, if a youkai could be made from feelings of hatred, surely there could be some…thing to be formed of love. Such a thing would only be for fairy tales…no, that would be only for 'fixing’ someone. It didn’t work.

Strangely, he found himself wondering if he /could/ stand underneath a river for three weeks.

Something interrupted his thoughts, something on the bridge. Atsushi saw from the corner of his eye that Dazai twitched, trying to settle a hand to dispel any reason for the other man to stir. He felt a strange wave overcome him, that he mustn’t let Dazai see what was over on the bridge.

Atsushi decided to look, that sickening feeling of guilt and dread creeping into his chest with each step.

He saw Ango standing over the bridge.

Atsushi’s thoughts flickered to that man who helplessly fell. “A-Ango, please don’t do it.” He struggled to keep his voice calm, stepping further towards the other.

“Do what? Join everybody else?” Ango’s voice was calm, betraying the clear stains upon his suit. “No, I couldn’t do that. I’m not a traitor…” He laughed, “That’s pretty ironic, that I’m the last one standing now- despite everything…”

Atsushi’s heart fell upon the words 'last’. In that moment he understood what guilt he felt.

He never told Dazai, and Dazai never knew.

All Dazai knew was that he died alone.

'I still don’t know if I made the right decision’, The words beckoned to Atsushi.

Ango never knew that Dazai was still…alive(?).

All he knew was that he was the only one left alive.

'It was a moment of weakness for him, Odasaku had everyone he ever cared about die or going to die’

“Ango, please don’t.” Atsushi set a hesitant hand on him. Ango sighed, setting himself on proper footing. He adjusted his tie and wiped his glasses, trying not to appear as if he was breaking down.

“Why are you here? What are you here for?” Ango mumbled to Atsushi, “You just keep turning up in the centre of everything and I’ve never even heard of you before.” He tried to compose his voice, “So why-”

“What are you doing here.” Ango stopped, forgetting to breathe at the sight before him.

“D-Dazai please-” Atsushi felt that dread. Dazai stepped closer.

“No one told me.” Dazai had a blank look, staring at the two, the ends of clothing started to fray in embers. “Atsushi…you /knew/.” It was a quiet voice.

A weak one.

“You don’t understand, I didn’t know what to…” Atsushi’s voice faltered and fell upon seeing that dejected stare. He couldn’t help but think, that was probably the face on which Dazai wore upon his death.

“And Ango…”

“Dazai…you’re alive?” Ango stepped closer to him.

“Not quite.” Dazai gave a small smile, moving closer. “Things happen when you die alone.”

Ango stops, eyes dead on Dazai. “I…didn’t know if I made the right decision.”

Dazai beamed widely, a mask, “Oh but you did, didn’t you? The traitor proved himself by saving not only himself, but Odasaku!” Ango lowered his head, biting his lips at the words. Atsushi couldn’t look Dazai in the eyes.

“You were marvellous in your acts as you always were, Ango…” A singsong, “You 'did the right thing’ and you left the suicidal maniac to drown alone like the monster he is…”

Dazai lifted his face up, “Isn’t that right?”

“…You wanted to die. I didn’t.” Ango mumbled, trying desperately to cling to that methodical approach he was always carried with.

“Maybe you wanted to kill us. Orders and orders, and when we were here you thought 'perfect’.” Dazai sneered, “You wanted me to die.”

Ango slapped him across the face. “Shut up.”

Dazai looked up at him, “You-” “You think I wanted this to happen?!” Ango stared down at him, uncaring of the splashes that streaked his face.

“You think I intended to be the only one left alive?”

Dazai’s expression dropped, “But Odasaku-”

“Odasaku’s /dead/ now, Dazai.” Ango spat, “And you think…you think I intended to watch you die before my eyes, and watch Odasaku die for "Four years.”“ The two stared up at each other.

"And you had the audacity…” Ango steps over to Dazai, “You know? I could’ve killed you if I really wanted to. I hated you for those years, because you didn’t get to understand…” Ango’s hands wrapped around Dazai’s bandaged neck. “How much hurt I’ve been through.”

Atsushi could only blurt out, “Ango this won’t do anything!”

Ango glared down, seeing no change in Dazai’s expression- no clinging nor acceptance to possible death. “Literally, Ango. Give it up.”

Ango’s hands shook as they slowly relented.

“I could kill you right now. In fact, when I first saw you that was the first thing I wanted to do.” Dazai murmurs.

“Why didn’t you?” Ango peered down at him.

“Did you want me to?”

Ango gave no response.

“Because it wouldn’t do anything.” Dazai replied nonchalantly, getting up as if he wasn’t just strangled.

Ango sighs. “We all know that’s never fully the case.” His eyes glance at Atsushi, and back at the man who should be dead before him. “What happened to you, Dazai?”

“I was dead for four years.” Dazai shrugged, “Then I got granted a new life.”

“Aren’t you lucky.”

Isis and Mai never really plan on getting married. They’re content as they are. It’s a long distance relationship, after all. Isis is a career woman with a devotion to her family and heritage, rooted firmly in place. Mai is a free spirit who doesn’t plan on pinning herself down anytime soon. Even if her hand fits in Isis’s warm one in a way that really feels like home.

But Isis buys a house. And Mai has a health scare, alone in Taiwan (false alarm, just a cyst). Finance and property and illness and the law don’t respect love, only vows.

They meet in Istanbul. The paperwork is hell but the penthouse hotel suite is heaven. It’ll be a civil ceremony, but Mai covers her head and shoulders with a stylish shawl and sits with Isis in the mosque the evening before while Isis murmurs through her own prayers for their union.

Mai grins when she sashays out of the bathroom and sees Isis’s eyes widen. She hadn’t thought she’d wanted a wedding dress but, hey, one caught her eye. You only get one wedding day, optimistically speaking. And the shoes actually cost more. 

Isis sighs and laughs and gestures ruefully at her pristine trouser suit (which Mai actually thinks is perfect).

“I love you.”

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Firstly, I looove your College AU! :3 Second, I've been writing a Rhack Au (it's an apartment-highschool thing, it's weird) and I wanted to know if you ever think you're not writing in-character or whatever. When I'm writing I always think 'oh goddddd this sucks and nobody will like it, this probably isn't something they would say' which is why I haven't actually uploaded it yet. Do you have any advice or whatever for when you think your writing sucks? (this is a really stupid question SORRY)

Ahh goodness, thank youu!!

Also this is absolutely not a really stupid question, it’s a very good and natural question! As writers, it’s pretty natural to second guess ourselves on lots of things, characterization being a hugeeeeee thing that sets a lot of writers back. And a huge reason for that is because we’re all in our own heads so much, it’s hard to see what our writing looks like to someone on the outside and sometimes even harder to get yourself into your characters’ heads.

One thing that I’ve learned to tell myself as a writer: your writing is usually, nine times out of ten, better than what you’re perceiving it as.

But here’s a few things that I suggest if you’re still unsure. 

  • Get someone to go over your writing. It can be a friend or just someone that takes up your offer for a beta reader. Ask them how it appears to them in their characterization. I know that can be a scary thing to offer your writing up to someone else’s critical eye, but it helps! So! Very! Much!! You can never grow if you don’t get at least some constructive criticism here and there.
    (Hell, I used to write in blocks of text when I was like 13. Blocks of fuckin’ text, NO paragraphs. Until someone told me I shouldn’t do that and told me how to break up paragraphs. Thank God, right?)
  • Go back to the source material. The three important R’s of writing fanfiction material: rewatch, replay, and research. Study a character, make notes (mental or otherwise) on how they act, how they say things, why they’re saying/doing things, their motivations, their goals, their everything. Soon enough, you’ll nail down their personalities and quirks. No shame in going back to check though!
  • Go back and read some of your older writing if you think your writing right now sucks. And I’m talking as far back writing as you can find. I do that sometimes when I’m feeling iffy about my writing, and holy shit does it make me feel better (block of text, remember?). Like miles better because I know how far I’ve personally come. You’re always improving, so it’s good to have those older things to go back to. If you don’t have older writing, then start keeping everything you write right now! All of it!! It’ll be useful later, I promiseeeeeee.
  • Lastly, just. Keep. Writing. Don’t proofread until the end, don’t even go back and read more than a paragraph or two of what you’ve written unless you need to for reference. Don’t! Do! It! Just keep going! Not only will your story flow better, but you won’t have second thoughts. Usually our first thoughts in writing are some of the better ones. That’s not always the case, of course, but you can always, always go back later once you finish that chapter and change things up then. And only then!

Soooooooo yeee I’m gonna go ahead and stop there because when it comes to writing stuff, I could go on and on honestly. If you ever want any help with characterization and whatnot, I’d love to help you there as well. Or if you just want anymore tips in general, I’m your friend, friend.

Happy writing! Sounds like the one you’re working on is super fun so have fun with it! Don’t stress too much~ <3

I was amazed to see that Steven actually had said that this might be the last time he ever writes for Doctor Who, and he wanted that all to include River Song. Which was huge for me to hear. That that character means so much to him that if he was going to leave, he wanted to leave with that character. But then subsequently, I heard that he signed for another season. So I hope that also means he might come back for another season and bring River back as well. What I’ll say is ‘Steven, when you’re really leaving, then you’ll have to write me out, but until then…’
—  Alex Kingston on Steven Moffat (x)

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I work at a REALLY busy supermarket, the busiest in our district, and Friday-Sunday we pretty much have all 10 registers open to accommodate the lines, which mostly still isn't enough. Yesterday my coworker answered the phone, and a customer was calling from INSIDE the store saying to "OPEN MORE CHECKSTANDS!!!" to which my coworker said "there's no more" and the customer just groaned????? I hate customers

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I think Trudeau saying "racism isn't who Canada is?" Is really just a representation that we are an accepting and progressive country. We should have a standard of acceptance of being a good influence in the world where there exists so much hate. It's like saying "The world is small, We need to work together" and these people are not living up to that Canadian standard.

I get that.

But what its also saying is that racism is something in the minority of Canadian society. Which is not true at all. Look at the harmful stereotypes that Canadians still believe about indigenous people. Look at how the majority/huge minority of the public still does not want syrian refugees in this country. Look at the fact that islamophobic hate crimes doubled between 2014 and 2015.

Denouncing it is fine. Challenging it and recognizing it as a problem is another. Trudeau only really did one of those.

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Hey, why do you think they dress up Maya as Riley if she's not really becoming Riley? I mean, i believe that she isn't, but that seems a little odd to me. And don't you think that maybe Maya is trying to be a little bit more like Riley (with the hope and the good grades, not changing her entire personality ofc)?

I’m not saying that she hasn’t slipped into Rileytown as of Triangle, because I think it’s QUITE clear she has. I am only saying that she has not “been Riley” all this time. (And the costuming is actually very important here because Maya’s “Riley” outfits in Triangle don’t really look much like her post-Hurricane “new Maya” style, which was clearly distinct from Riley’s style; especially towards the back end of S2 when the new Maya style got incorporated with lots of band T-shirts representing that the old and the new Maya were blending.)

Maya doesn’t go “full-on Riley” until Triangle, when she’s an insecure, upset mess because her feelings + the strain on her friendship with Riley have torn her apart and knocked her way off balance. Before that, you can very clearly see that she grows into pretty healthy mix of “old Maya” and “new Maya” until Bay Window or so, but ESPECIALLY Legacy, which is when she starts to break. It’s full blown by GM Triangle. (It’s a bit like the Morotia thing, except it seems to happen subconsciously as she anchors herself to Riley and tries to hold onto hope in a situation that is ripping her to emotional shreds).

And yes, in terms of wanting to improve her life Maya is definitely following her best example (people change people), but that doesn’t mean she’s been trying to copy or be exactly like Riley for a year or more. Poor thing tries to explain that herself and even Riley won’t listen because she thinks she’s got the situation figured out when she doesn’t.

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hey! i saw your post and i dunno if this matters to you but, when i saw it i didnt think it was saying so much that dave was lucky bro wasn't worse, but that dave was strong for being able to make it out of there? which isn't really luck, but when people credit 'luck' i guess it rarely is? People blaming dave though-thats, that upsets me too, speaking as somebody who's lived with parents that, while they love me, have fucked me up, its sometimes hard to realize, and kids can't be blamed at all

no i do think the op had good intentions and meant it that way, however the way the post was worded (i think a literal quote is “i take back everything i say about bro strider, its amazing he didnt end up molesting dave or something worse!” or smthn like that) just rlly pisses me off cause that sounds so dangerously abuse apologetic. i cringe. Ur right its never ever the kids fault that they didnt realize they were being abused

(yes it is sooooo amazing that the abuser didnt fucking kill the child. why dont you fucking say that, its the same exact tone as the quote earlier!! under influence or not he was still an abuser and only the aspects in his personality could allow him to have his abusive characteristics enhanced in such a way. so thts why im salty abt tht post thx for listening and i hope i answered ur question)

#quoth the raven #abuse mention #bro strider critical