which raises the question

The movie opens with a shot of a gigantic, opulent KISS-themed amusement park.

Which raises a whole lot of questions right off the bat, especially since the globe they’re holding has a flaming bit at the top that makes it look like a bomb.

Cut to guy screaming on a rollercoaster. Nothin’ too odd, until he pulls up to another dude fixing something at a control kiosk…

…suspended hundreds of feet in the air, with no ladder or alternative way to get up or down.

Kinda seems like a control center that you can only get to if the rollercoaster is already working properly defeats the purpose of itself, but sure, whatever.

Then, a floating baddie appears, wearing a Transformers mask and an outfit featuring stainless-steel seashells. 


Because Scooby-Doo, that’s why.

They freak out and make some great faces, understandably…

…and she forces them to ride the gigantic snake-with-eye-makeup-themed rollercoaster, less than understandably.

While they ride it at high speeds and freak out some more, she then proceeds to try to off them with some sort of energy blast…

…but misses, because they were, well…. riding on the super fast rollercoaster she forced them to ride.

Look, um, Seashell Transformer Lady… I don’t want to tell you how to do your job as a mystical evildoer or anything, but… next time, if you want to hit someone with your magical energy beam, maybe you could skip the “make them ride on a rollercoaster” step entirely?

Just from a planning perspective, it seems a little counterintuitive… now, please don’t get mad at me for saying that and force me to ride a snake-with-eye-makeup-themed rollercoaster….


“He gave alternative facts”

So now lies are “alternative facts”

Well at least she didn’t describe it as goodthink (yet)…which raises the question of how long before we get real facts to be crimethink?

(or if you prefer the Babylon 5 version goodfacts vs. truefacts).

So Orwell was off by 33 years.

So I had a theory after the new comic..

In the new tf2 comic we find out that Medic sold his soul to the devil, but planted 8 more inside of him since then, and he used 1 of them to return back on earth for “another 50 years”

which raises the question how old “Mr. Ludwig” really is, considering he wants another 50 years, assuming he already got an additonal 50 years before.

and you know how we haven’t seen the TFC Medic in the comic which is why Ludwig is replacing him in the TFC squad

so hear me out..

What if our Medic was the TFC medic all along and he used those 50 years from the deal with the devil to extend his lifespan and continue serving both generations of Team Fortress without them realizing it?

Mr. Ludwig what are you up to?

How to get your audience 1000000% nervous:

  • establish heavy subtext linked to a controversial topic in society in a format meant to entertain
  • let the subtext be so loud that you’d have to have no soul to not notice
  • let the fans theorise and give themselves acronyms
  • let them wait
  • let them wait
  • let them wait some more
  • give them two eps which neither answer questions (but raise even more) nor tie in. they’re pretty though. one scene even has therapeutic effects. subtext and text seem to coincide???!?? the audience is kept on their toes. they don’t even know how or what to theorise about anymore.
  • some days before the final ep, make public screenings
  • which establish the idea of multiple endings
  • watch them burn

There’s an old bit of folklore which states that when Britain is in its greatest hour of need, King Arthur and his knights will return to save the day.

Now, if this were true, you have to consider that Arthur didn’t come back to fight Napoleon, or Hitler, or Thatcher.

Which, if the legend is true, raises the question: what is coming in the future which is even worse?

+sherlolly because...a new set of eyes

This was inspired by @penelope1730’s post here which raised the question as to how long Eurus had had her cameras installed in Molly’s flat and what she would have observed. I found it an interesting perspective to take, so here’s my interpretation of it. I hope you make sense of this. I won’t be surprised if the result is as garbled as my mind currently is. If you came to read it, thank you so much. xx

Specially dedicated to a few people. Firstly, my rock, @sherlollyandshit, who is always the first recipient of my torrent of feels. Thank you for seeing it through with me aways <3 Also, this is for @itwasmycroftbbc who had been nothing but sweet and patient with me while I discussed  the conflicting feelings that had been stewing in my head and heart. Thank you for coming to cheer me up, love <3 Last not not least, @thesherlollyarchive, who has been endlessly supportive and kept me going as I ploughed through this fic which turned out to be very difficult to write. This is for you <3




Cameras  ( also on FF.net )

There was a certain sense of excitement when James Moriarty had accomplished this most recent task for her. On the pretext of romantic entanglement (as her second brother liked to call it), James had infiltrated the home of a certain Molly Hooper and had been able to plant the surveillance she had requested. 

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Of Doodles and Ink

Gency week, day 1 - First!

Next of the week!

I’ve been sick for a while and haven’t had the time to write anything, so there won’t be much Gency week material from me after all. However, I will write those things I have planned, either soon or eventually. But I do have a large thing planned for posting later this week!

This small thing here was all written today, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Appropiate tags: soulmate au, first meeting, first contact!

Please enjoy!

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HEADCANON: Sam Liking Dean’s Girlfriend

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Requested twice by Anonymous:I kinda want a Sam liking Dean’s girlfriend headcannons now after reading the Dean liking Sam’s gf~So I just read the “Dean liking Sams gf” hc and I was wondering if you could write one for Sam liking Deans gf~ Hcs for Sam liking Deans gf

  • Sam keeping his distance from you
  • Exercising to get rid of the thoughts of you
  • Getting sad whenever you and dean
  • Always been kind to you
  • Even though he loves you he would never steal you from dean ever
  • Putting his feelings aside when he goes on hunts with dean and you
  • Feeling guttered every time dean kisses you
  • Going into the library every time Dean gets frisky with you
  • His heart beating faster every time you’re near him
  • Being happy when you agree with him
  • Letting you call him Sammy which kind of raises questions from dean
  • Looking away from you every time you look at him

This girlfriend must be irresistible or is magical. Dean fell for her and now Sam. ;)

Side note: like the dean one cause I see some of you take it seriously THIS IS JUST A HEADCANON. CHILLAX OKAY!

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37. "Can I kiss you?" With Lucifer pleaseee

Originally posted by casclarenceunicorn

Lucifer wasn’t one for subtlety.  He wasn’t going to let his feelings for you go unnoticed.  That’s why when he found you with the Winchesters, he threw caution into the wind.

Lucifer forced Sam and Dean against the wall, turning his head back towards you.  Lucifer wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you against his chest. His eyes studied your face, memorizing every emotion there was.  He could see the desire in your eyes; it was the strongest emotion you wore.

The fallen archangel smirked, glaring over at the Winchesters.  “[Y/N] and I need some alone time boys,” Lucifer muttered, snapping them away.  His eyes traveled back to you.  “Just one question, angel.”

“Which is,” you asked, raising an eyebrow at the devil.

“Can I kiss you,” Lucifer inquired, cupping your face in his palms.

“Please do,” you purred, a wide grin on your lips.

As the gap closed between your lips and Lucifer’s lips, you weren’t too concerned with anything else in this fucked up world.

So this is a sequel to a request done by @ourneverendingpossibilities. I got her permission to make a sequel.  

The original requests was a reunion with the GoM and Kagami and how all except Kagami have sons…well….just read the original version HERE XD It might make a bit more sense

Anyway, since there are multiple mini versions of the GoM, I decided to give them all names. 

Kuroko Kensho
Kise Ryouhei
Aomine Junichi
Murasakibara Kenichi
Midorima Daisuke
Akashi Hiroshi (Guess where their names are from XD

“Bye dad!”

“Where are you off to, ____?” Kagami asked, as you ran towards the door to put your shoes on

“I’m off to the courts to play streetball with the guys!” you exclaimed, looking up at your dad with dark eyes. 

“…You’ve been playing with them a lot,” Kagami questioned, raising one of his split eyebrows-which he as so grateful that you didn’t inherit that gene.

“They’re my friends though-plus, it gives you the excuse to play with the Kiseki no Sedai.” 

Kagami couldn’t help but recall the time when you were younger, where you whooped the butts of Aomine, Kuroko and Kise’s sons.

Now, years later, here you were; now in middle school, you still had the same competitive and high spirits like you did when you were younger; your eyes still shining with the enjoyment of basketball. 

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plz read so u can be in pain like me

A few days ago, Taylor Swift did something surprising: She logged in to Tumblr and began posting.

For real. As if delivered unto us from 2011, the pop star embraced her online persona yet again, reblogging posts from fans, adding her self-deprecating two cents to discussion threads, and interacting with users like Victoria (who just wanted Taylor to know her name).

Which raises a big question: Why?

To an extent, we probably know. Back in December, we were given a few warning signs of her digital comeback when she posted her Fifty Shades ballad with Zayn, and then again at the end of the month when she presented us with a single cat meme. Plus, January 5 marked the day Swift’s BFF, Ed Sheeran, dropped two new singles, which meant she had content to share.

But still: She’s Taylor Swift. Simply a tweet or an Instagram post would suffice in this, the Year of Our Lord 2017 — especially since the last few years have been an exercise in watching her rise from the ashes of normalcy and into a position of world domination. Ultimately, Taylor doesn’t need Tumblr anymore. As she’s gone from precocious teen to the biggest name in pop, she’s no longer as relatable as she once was (or as Tumblr had made her seem); Taylor Swift is, in many regards, peerless. She’s echelons above the rest of us in terms of success, notoriety, and income. And, notably, while she’s not someone we can identify with, she’s presented us with an image that is aspirational in a different way — that of a universal BFF.

We know she hangs mostly with famouses, and she’s not baking for fans anymore, but as we can glean from her choice to surprise a 96-year-old veteran back in December, she’s also trying to make it seem like the girl we used to know isn’t really, truly gone.

And the girl we used to know once Tumblr’d like it was nobody’s business. Her pre-1989 online persona put her 2016 self (and its handful of photos) to shame, and made her seem like she was One of Us™. Tumblr is magic like that: Even if you’re not being followed by somebody you think is cool, just reblogging them makes you feel closer. (Or so I tell myself every time Mark Ruffalo posts anything.)

Which is something Taylor seems to really want. While her Instagram posts and tweets have been lacking much of the personality we used to associate with her, her Tumblr self fell right back into old habits. She made fun of herself falling down, stoked the fires of the crazy cat lady mythos, and busted out awards show levels of enthusiasm over a GIF of her and Sheeran sharing the stage. Ultimately, she nestled back into a community where she’s not only been welcomed, but had carved out her own niche. And she used relatability, accessibility, and memories of the good old days to remind those who follow her that she’d never be too far.

Whoever said you can’t go home again clearly wasn’t referring to Tumblr.

Believe it or not, those few posts have made Taylor kind of interesting again. At some point in our late twenties, almost everybody looks back on and makes peace with their former selves and realizes they weren’t actually that terrible. They may revisit their old favorite bands, re-embrace old clothes, or log on to the social media site they once used fervently as a way of reconnecting with who they used to be. Which may be what we’re seeing with Swift right now: As she faces an unknown future, maybe she’s going backward to make sure that stake she claimed still has its place. Maybe she just wants to make sure she hasn’t strayed too far from her true self.

That, or Taylor has opened a time portal sending us all back to 2011. Which, I have to admit, wouldn’t be the worst thing to have happened.

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the real question raised here is which paladins are dog people and which are cat people

im pretty sure they’d all just love animals in general?? i think keith and lance would slightly prefer cats, shiro and pidge would slightly prefer dogs, and hunk would be an unbiased angel if anything. but its not like “im a cat person” or “im a dog person” exclusive.

you know what’s bugging me? this guy–

–seems to be wearing what looks a little like the Mask of Truth? it’s missing the golden pupil and open mouth, but it vaguely resembles it. I know it’s said to be passed down by the Sheikah, so if this guy is Sheikah himself, it fits.

but the mask itself… in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, it reads thoughts/minds and Gossip Stones. so is he using that to his advantage and reading Link’s every move, or is he simply hiding his face?

this raises a lot of questions… none of which will be answered before March, I bet.

edit: @naside pointed out that the mask’s Sheikah symbol is upside down! (or he could be wearing it upside down on purpose.) very suspicious!! perhaps there’s more symbolism there.

also I said “if this guy is Sheikah” because, you never know, he could have stolen the mask from them. :O but more than likely he is Sheikah! we’ll have to wait and see what his story truly is.

I’ve always been of the obnoxiously emo opinion that tragedy and pain is the strongest source of art, a position which at times can raise some pretty tricky ethical questions I often feel better not thinking about.


First sound of Jenny Slate’s Lego!Harley’s voice and… it’s definitely one of the friendlier Joker/Harley exchanges I’ve seen, even if it’s just two lines. Still, the film seems to be shaping up to be about how Batman has no friends besides Alfred, so Harley and the Joker in this version being on good terms emphasises how lonely Batman is. Or something.

In other Harley Quinn news, Gotham executive producer John Stevens has said that Harley may appear in the show around episode 22 (the third season finale). Which raises a lot of questions. Sure, Bruce is slowly progressing up the skill-tree he needs to become Batman, but the rate this show is going he’ll become Batman before he’s even graduated highschool.

The show seems to have jumped the rails in regards to showing us the origins of certain Batman-related characters and is just straight up having them appear… Several years before Batman actually shows up. Y’know, like how in Smallville they had Zatanna, Darkseid and Bart Allen show up years before Clark even began superheroing full-time.