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So I finally was able to catch the last couple seconds I missed of the Instagram stream from this afternoon which of course was the moment when Britt answered about Bechloe. I have a lot of people messaging me and asking if they think that what she said means that it’s not happening. I know that I am one of the few who actively thinks that it’s probably not going to happen but that aside, am I the only one who felt like she was being sarcastic or perhaps ironic? I felt like she was playing into everything more than she was saying no. I’m not saying I think that she was saying it’s going to happen or that it’s even going to happen but I think she was feeding the fandom. much like Rebel when she spoke of Britt and Anna sharing a room. I mean, the whole group jumped in there. I think she was teasing.

My favourite BL stories

I decided to make the list because of my own curiosity(?) and desire to share this with you :P (I made another two list with yaoi/shonen ai recommendation ..you can check it here –> PART 1 and PART 2)

I’m in BL for about half a year and I must say that I really like the genre :) I mean I don’t like the typical yaoi with rushed story and relationships…like i don’t anything typical (shojo,kdrama,anime)
And for those I’m about to talk about you could check it out even if you are not in yaoi genre ;)

1. Doukyuusei

My number ONE story is Doukyuusei (Movie+manga sequels). It’s probably biased because its holding special meaning for me. It was my first BL story and it was actually the movie which made me also read the mangas too. I decided to watch it because i saw a lot of gifs on tumblr and i thought that Kusakabe was a girl (how silly of me). I’m glad i watched it, because it actually changed me as a person, or better my views on people with same sex orientation changed completely –> my family is Quite traditional so I was thought that same-sex relationship was wrong (not acceptable).
The story show us pure feeling about falling in love (it’s not about the gender but about the person–> you are my most important person) and here we have also portrayed realistic, healthy relationship (sweetness, misunderstandings, make ups) =D
The movie i recommend to everyone. Then you’  ll see if you want to continue with mangas.

Author: Asumiko Nakamura

2. Canis Series

This story and it’s way of showing same-sex relationship was definitly far from typical shonen ai.  This story contradicts every comment about manga or anime., especially shonen ai genre where’s lacking depth or meaning or creativeness. The story and relationship are not rushed, the most appealing was ending of first story(it’s still going on).
The art is outstanding compared to other mangas. It really fits the story.
I definitly recommend it…even to those who are not it this genre :)

Author: ZAKK, Hachie Ichie

3. Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru

Thank god Yoneda Kou made that spin off into a actual story/masterpiece. I love all Yoneda Kou’s work and i have 2 in my TOP 5 :) This story is spin off from Doushitemo Furetakunai and talks about two really good friends when one is in love with another. It can be said that the trope of “gay man and straight man” tends to be overused, but Yoneda Kou pulls it off flawlessly. I like the whole process of falling in love and acknowledging that love-confessing-confusing feeling-akward situations-decide or chose between romantic relationship or brake up the friendship. I read it so many time that I don’t count anymore…and it’s really satisfying.

Author: Yoneda Kou

4.Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

I just can’t describe with words how many emotions this manga brings out of me. It’s still ongoing so maybe that’s the cause because every new chapter is nerve wracking but satisfying at the same time. When I saw summary of the story i decided to read it because i was really interested in which way/how Will the main character recieve happiness (from summary: This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.). Now that I read it till now I must say that I truly want that Yashiro find his own happiness (the prequel really touched my soul and I just pray that Yashiro would be told that he’s not alone anymore by Doumeki–> look prequel). This one is pretty great masterpiece by Yoneda Kou which i think is really good read for any yaoi fan.

Author: Yoneda Kou

5.Honto Yajuu

I think this one was my first actual yaoi(after Doukyuusei) and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is simple and the relationship is not complicated. The manga is truthfully one of the most refreshing ones. Yamamaoto Kotetsuko is known for one of the most cutest artstyle and stories. And it’s true…this manga is with one Word…CUTE :D <3

Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

This are my TOP 5 BL stories…yet i still have some of honorable mentions:

6. Smells like green spirit : great shonen ai…realistic

7. Hana nomi zo shiru : my favourite Rihito Takarais work.

8. Border : for those who like shonen ai and crime genre.

9. Sojou no koi wa nido haneru : one of the most realistic interpretation of gay-straight relationship.

10. Bokura no negai/Neon Sign Amber/Doushitemo Furetakunai : MUST READ ;)  

That’s all…maybe you could send your own top 10 list :D really appreciated :D

Thoughts on grades (aka this started off as something else and turned into a much lengthier post but what else can we expect from me)

One last thing. The other day my friend said something about PTK. I was like “oh! I thought I was gonna be in that cause I have a 4.0 but idk what happened.” She said I probably don’t have enough credits yet, which is fine.

Then she’s like “bragging isn’t gonna help” and I was like “what? I was told that if you had above a certain GPA then you were admitted into it, so I was just saying that I hadn’t gotten an invitation when I thought I would have” and she’s like “seriously stop bragging” and then said it seemed inappropriate of me to talk about my grades.

This irks me a lot. Because I clearly wasn’t bragging; I was stating a fact. More than that, when have grades become a taboo subject akin to money? The thing is, if we make grades this huge secretive deal, it gives them that much more power. If we hide and whisper and tiptoe around a silly number, is that gonna help or hurt all the students already fighting against letting numbers define them?

I don’t brag. I’ll tell a good friend if I got a good grade and I’ll post about it, sure. But I state facts; I don’t say “LOL guys I’m so good at school I’m so smart I’m amazing.” I won’t tell a classmate what I got on a test unless they ask, and I’ve always felt slightly ashamed or embarrassed to tell them that I did well.

Also. It’s not like I sit around eating bonbons and BAM! instant 4.0. YOU all know how hard I’ve fought and worked to get to where I am mentally and emotionally and academically. So to hem and haw and be reticent just doesn’t sit right with me.

Don’t shame people for being good students, or for being bad students. It isn’t bragging to mention your grades. Yeah, don’t make a billboard of your transcript for all to see, but don’t treat these numbers and letters like they’re an inherent part of you to be covered up.

Don’t let others accuse you of bragging if you’re simply saying “I got an A in that class” or “I have a 4.0” in response to a question or conversation. Don’t let them make you feel bad for not having perfect grades, and remember that just because you get a certain grade doesn’t mean you’re more or less of anything.

(Let’s all remember that I’ve gotten a 66 before, as well as 70s here and there. It happens. It doesn’t make me stupid or lesser.)

In the end, they’re just grades, just ink on paper and pixels on a screen that bear negligent weight in your ultimate sense of happiness and self-defined success. Be proud of who you are and the work you’ve done to get there.

Girls who are still in school, please speak up in class. Raise your hand, voice your opinion. A girl in my political science class told me she had been keeping track of how many students spoke in our class and on average, male students spoke far more often than female students, with a few classes where the discrepancy was as large as 22 male students and one female student (it was me, which is why she told me about it) out of a class of about 300 students. Please, even if you think it’s stupid, it probably isn’t, or at least isn’t as stupid as a lot of the shit boys say in my class. Raise your hand, and if your teacher won’t call on you, just say what’s on your mind. Your perspective is important and deserves to be heard just as much as any boy’s.

A lot of you probably disgree with me (which is perfectly fine, I enjoy a good debate), but I really don’t need Iris to be saving herself this time. I don’t need her to be her own hero. She deserves to be saved just as much as everyone else. I’m not saying have her sitting around doing nothing, she could–and should–absolutely help, but I feel like this ultimately needs to be Barry’s victory. Black women saving themselves is not revolutionary. I’m going to enjoy seeing her get fussed over and worried about, and saved 😁

Girls and Boys

I don’t understand that thing where people birth another child in hopes that it will either have a penis or a vagina. I’ve thought a lot about this, probably because people keep doing and saying weird things that remind me of how messed up our culture is about gender.

The sex-preference obviously originates with the parent’s idea about how the child will be raised, which implies that how the parent will raise a small human who possesses a penis will be substantially different than how the parent will raise a small human who possesses a vagina.

You might have gathered that that’s not what happens in my house, and here’s why:

Everyone can enjoy every color.

Everyone has baby dolls and learns to be gentle and take care of baby.

Everyone can run, throw balls, and hit approved objects with bats.

Everyone can dress up, or not, according to each small human’s preference.

Everyone learns to respect other humans’ bodies and words.

Everyone can learn to do whatever one finds interesting.

Everyone can be interested in whatever one chooses to find interesting.

Everyone will, at some point, wear kickass rocket t-shirts and tiaras, probably at the same time.

Everyone will learn that gender is far more complex and interesting that genitalia, and that one’s identity isn’t dictated by the contents of one’s pants, but by the content of one’s character.

Isn’t that way more fun than, “No, you can’t like or do this thing because chromosomes”?


“Y/n you’ll never guess what happened today!” Neville dropped his books onto the table and sat down in front of me. 

I looked up and grinned at his happy face looking excitedly at me. 

“What happened, plant boy?”

“I was in Herbology, and Professor Sprout each gave us Sneezewort…”

Neville hadn’t even said one sentence of his story when I decided to tune him out. He wasn’t even looking at me anymore– he was off in his own land, reliving his amazing experiences with plants today, probably.

I watched as Neville’s mouth moved at a hundred miles per hour, continuously spewing out facts about his favorite subject. Herbology was the only class where Neville actually enjoyed himself and had good things to say. No one had ever heard him talking about History of Magic or Potions like this.

His eyes sparkled, even without light, and his hands moved rapidly. He tended to talk with his hands a lot, which I found adorable. When he got tangled up in his words, he often tried to finish his sentences with hand motions. As far as I knew, I was the only one who could understand them.

“Y/n?” Nevilly tweaked my nose and I jerked up so hard that I fell out of my chair. My face turned bright red as Neville roared with laughter and other students turned to stare and snicker. 

“Shut up, Neville, you’re being so loud!” I hissed as I took his hand which was reached out to me. I pulled myself up and plopped back down in my chair and refused to look at him in embarrassment.

“So what I’ve learned today is that I can’t talk to you about plants because all I get is a blank stare from you looking at my face.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

I took Neville’s hand in mine as he dove right back into his plant story, and continued to stare at him with his weird but very lovable passion for his plants.

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Hey I found your blog and I gotta say it's pretty amazing! I love the way you write HC and lil drabbles about Gaara and still keeping him in character *thumbs up* On that note, how do you think his first kiss with his SO would have been like?

Thank you for your kind words! They really mean a lot to me :)

As you may probably have already guessed, Gaara’s first kiss will be like the first kiss of many others: Awkward. Because Gaara is a little romantically challenged, I don’t see him being the person to initiate the kiss, which would place the responsibility onto his SO. It’s adorable to think about, but I can see Gaara actually pulling his face away, his eyes wide, when his SO leans in for a quick peck; not because Gaara is repulsed, but because he doesn’t know what his SO is doing, and is simply making room to be able to spectate the SO’s actions.

This would only be for instances where the SO dive bombs him with it, though. I think if his SO were to ask, or even just say “I’m gonna kiss you now,” Gaara would blush furiously, perhaps avoiding looking at his partner while asking something dumb like “are you sure?” Or “but why?”

Gaara would never explicitly say “okay, kiss me,” because he’s a man of few words, and because of this, I could see his SO being a little hesitant to follow through with it due to the insecurity that perhaps Gaara doesn’t want to be kissed. This just isn’t true, though. He just isn’t certain as to why he would want to be kissed…That is until he is. Despite how clumsy, and hurried it would be, he would enjoy it, completely amazed by how good it felt; however, it still wouldn’t be enough to convince him that his SO would want to do it again, and it would be something that he would cherish secretly, assuming that it would probably never happen again. His partner would have to fix that belief by harassing him with a barrage of kisses, before the lightbulb goes off, and he realises he’s worthy of the affection.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 18

The radio station was only about fifteen minutes away which was a good thing. Since there was a bit of traffic, we literally made it with just minutes to spare. Knowing Jared, he probably wasn’t thrilled about that but he didn’t say anything. He was actually in a pretty happy, relaxed mood.

I sat in the back of the van with Jared while Emma, Shannon and Tomo sat in the forward seats. As we pulled up to the entrance, there were barricades up with a lot of security guards trying their best to keep everyone in control. Fans were literally scattered down the block on both sides of the barricades, holding signs and cheering. Apparently the band being here for the morning radio show was heavily advertised.

Looking around, I was awestruck. “Wow… I can’t believe how many people are here.” I said, more to myself than anyone else.

“Yeah, I know. They’re giving away tickets to tomorrow’s show. What’s crazy is that they didn’t start to advertise that we were going to be here until this morning.” Jared happily said, I think just as shocked at the turnout as I was.

“Dude, this is unbelievable.” Shannon said, equally surprised, “There has to be at least 300 people.”

“Okay, baby,” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, “hang close to Emma.”

Nodding my head, “Got it.” I said smiling.

“We’ll get out after them and wait inside.” Emma instructed.

“I’ll just follow you.” I said.

As soon as one of the security guards opened the sliding door, Jared jumped out first, followed by Shannon then Tomo. The crowd went absolutely wild! The guards looked like it was a struggle trying to hold the barricades in place as fans pushed for a closer view.

Emma stepped out and I followed. We went straight inside to the reception desk to check in. Within just a few minutes, we had our ID badges but the guys were still outside. We were on a schedule so they couldn’t stay out there all day.

“They’re taking forever..” Emma said, looking slightly frustrated and just about ready to go get them herself.

“Yeah, there were a lot of people.” I said shaking my head.

Just as I said that, the three of them walked through the doors looking like they had been through hell but all three had smiles on their faces.

“Man, I thought they were gonna blow the barricades!” Shannon exclaimed.

“Dude, I know! That was crazy.” Tomo agreed.

Jared and Emma exchanged words…and they sounded tense. I heard words like late and schedule, not that Jared seemed to care. I think, just as in the other parts of his life, it’s HIS way or the highway. HE wanted to greet the fans so that’s what he did. I’m sure he thought, why not take advantage of the free advertising, right…

We boarded the elevator together and were heading into the studio with moments to spare. Just as the guys walked into the sound stage and put their headphones on, the commercial break ended and they were introduced on air.

Emma and I watched from outside the glass studio but we could listen in. I have to say it was a really cool experience and I was captivated but Emma was already on her phone, moving onto the next thing on her list. For her, this was nothing special, more of an everyday activity. For me, it was neat to experience.

She had business things to deal with so I stayed in my little corner outside the glass doors and watched. Every now and again, Jared would look towards me and I could see him silently checking on me but gave nothing away. Each time I just smiled as he nodded, continuing on with his conversation.

The interview was rather short and after spending a few minutes doing some pre-recorded promos, they were done. One down and one more to go. Hopefully the next interview goes the same so that we’d still have most of our day to explore the city.

“We have about an hour before the next interview and I thought after that, we could go grab lunch?” Emma asked as we stepped inside the elevator.

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Shannon quickly responded as Jared looked towards me.

Instead of answering right away, Jared squeezed my hand to catch my attention. Without saying a word aloud, I knew he was asking if lunch with everyone was good with me or if I’d rather us be alone. Honestly, it surprised me he didn’t just make the decision without my input but then again, I know he initially wanted today to be a free day for us. Taking my thoughts into consideration just made him stronger and even more Dominant in my eyes.

I simply smiled then lowered my eyes and he took that just as I knew he would. Whatever he decided to do is what we do. Period.

“Lunch is fine. Find a place close to the hotel though.” Jared said as the elevator doors opened and we stepped out into the lobby.

Emma and I walked out of the doors together with the guys following behind us. Quickly making our way into the van, this time the fans only got a quick wave as everyone piled in. Time was of the essence since traffic is always so unpredictable.

Luck was on our side though because we got to the next radio station in record time. Given that fact, the guys were able to record the commercial promos before the interview instead of after which would definitely save a bit of time.

By one o'clock, we were heading back towards the hotel to a little cafe Emma had found.

Lunch was really nice and the food was amazing but the whole thing seemed rushed. We had just sat down and started to relax, enjoying our conversations until the food came. As soon as the plates were set down, Jared was hurrying me along and ready to go. Everyone could tell he was anxious to break away from the group and it was borderline rude. At least, in my opinion.

To a certain degree, I understood where he was coming from. We were limited on time together, I only had a few days with him, but still. If he didn’t want to go, he should have just declined the invitation and we could have gone our own way.

After lunch, we quickly said our good-byes and splintered from the group. Emma took whatever we didn’t need for our day exploring back to the hotel so we didn’t have to make the extra trip. Considering Jared’s behavior, that was sweet of her. Though I must say, I seemed to be the only one surprised by how Jared was acting.

“You guys have fun!” Emma said, giving me a quick hug.

“You too!” I responded as Jared waved them off with one hand while pulling me down the street in the opposite direction.

As soon as we were away from everyone, Jared seemed to relax, at least a little bit. We had walked a block before I decided to say something. I didn’t think I did anything wrong but by the way he was acting, I knew something was bothering him.

Weaving my arm through his as we walked, I leaned into him, pressing my temple into his arm. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, why?” He asked.

“I guess you seemed fine earlier but at lunch you were a bit…. irritated.” I said as delicately as possible.

There’s nothing worse than telling someone they seem crabby.. In my experience, that’s just asking for a fight. Jared was quiet for a minute or two and suddenly, I got worried that the problem really did have something to do with me.

“I was ready for us to be on our own but I knew that everyone would have been pissy if we didn’t go with them.”

“Why would everyone be pissy? Not like you don’t see them very much!” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“I think it has to do with you, not me.” Jared laughed, “They like you and want to get to know you which is fine but you’re mine and I don’t like sharing.”

I totally shared his sentiments but didn’t say it out loud. I was too overwhelmed by the adorableness of what he just said.

“Aww, that’s sweet.” I said, this time kissing his arm as we continued to stroll around Arendal. “I didn’t want to share you either..”

Jared smiled warmly as he kissed the top of my head. We didn’t have a lot of time together and I wished we did. Especially in such a beautiful place. Norway was absolutely incredible and I knew I definitely wanted to come back. After exploring the different touristy shops and museums for a few hours, Jared was ready to get back to the hotel.

“I had Emma make dinner reservations for us tonight so I think we’ll head back to the hotel and relax a little before we get ready for dinner.”

“Okay.” I happily said as we turned back towards the hotel. I didn’t really care what we were doing, as long as we were together.

As we walked I could sense another change in Jared’s demeanor. It was subtle at first but it was definitely there. His mind was elsewhere and for the time being, I just left it alone. Although he held my hand while we walked together, he had let it go as we stood waiting to cross the street only a block from our hotel.

Unsure yet again if I had done something wrong, I looked at him, our eyes connecting for a moment, “Is everything…” I began to say but was cut off as Jared brought his index finger to his lips.

“Shhhh.” He said, his face calm but stern.

Just as I was about to speak, the signal to cross changed. People began to pass us, though I was rooted in place. Breaking eye contact Jared looked ahead then grasped the back of my neck motioning me to walk. Feeling his hand against the back of my neck, asserting his dominance, instantly made my panties damp.

After we crossed the street, Jared slowed his pace, bending to whisper in my ear.

“You didn’t think I forgot about this morning, did you, baby girl?” Jared murmured, squeezing his fingers tighter.

I instantly remember our shower this morning and knew exactly what he was talking about. Shit. I thought maybe he would have let that one slide but I should have known better. Swallowing hard, I tried to quickly come up with something to say.

“I’m sorry I was a bad girl this morning, Sir.” I said turning my head as much as his tight grip would allow, all the while trying to walk and not trip.

Jared didn’t acknowledge my response at all and I knew that was definitely not a good sign. After my apology, I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to take a chance at getting myself in more trouble.

Approaching the hotel, the bell hops immediately recognized Jared and greeted us. I smiled and said hello while trying to act completely normal. Which couldn’t be further from how I was feeling. His silence wasn’t making me feel any better either.

Walking through the lobby, I felt my legs turning to jelly. My mind and body were a mess, a bit of fear mixing with anticipation, were a dangerous combination. As we waited for the elevator doors to open, I watched Jared’s reflection in doors. I’ve seen this look before and although I didn’t know exactly what was coming, I had a pretty good idea.

As soon as the doors opened we quickly stepped inside. He was still silent and the longer that went on, the more my mind was building anticipation. It was completely unnerving and exciting at the same time. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I spoke up.

“Do you accept my apology, Sir?” I said, my voice so soft I wasn’t sure he could even hear what I was saying.

But before he had a chance to respond, the damn elevator doors opened again. It was our floor. Wordlessly, we walked down the hall to our room, his grip still firmly in place. Stopping at our door, he slid the key card in the lock then pushed the door open.

It wasn’t until the door loudly shut behind us that he let go of my neck and quickly stepped in front of me. Jared silently regarded me, his eyes dark as the connected with mine.

“You’ve been a bad girl, first your teasing this morning then continuing to speak, knowing I wanted you silent. We have some things to work on baby girl.”

My heart raced as each word fell from his lips. I didn’t even know how to answer.

“Undress then come to me.” He instructed, “You have ten minutes.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said, my voice trembling along with the rest of me.

When I didn’t immediately start towards the bathroom, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Go.”

“Well, he probably used up a lot of resources helping me knock you out,” I say mischievously.

“Yeah, about that,” says Peeta, entwining his fingers in mine. “Don’t try something like that again.”

“Or what?” I ask.

“Or…or…” He can’t think of anything good. “Just give me a minute.”

“What’s the problem?” I say with a grin.

“The problem is we’re both still alive. Which only reinforces the idea in your mind that you did the right thing,” says Peeta.

“I did do the right thing,” I say.

“No! Just don’t, Katniss!” His grip tightens, hurting my hand, and there’s real anger in his voice. “Don’t die for me. You won’t be doing me any favors. All right?

I’m startled by his intensity but recognize an excellent opportunity for getting food, so I try to keep up. "Maybe I did it for myself, Peeta, did you ever think of that? Maybe you aren’t the only one who…who worries about…what it would be like if…”

I fumble. I’m not as smooth with words as Peeta. And while I was talking, the idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don’t want him to die. And it’s not about the sponsors. And it’s not about what will happen back home. And it’s not just that I don’t want to be alone. It’s him. I do not want to lose the boy with the bread.

“If what, Katniss?” he says softly.

I wish I could pull the shutters closed, blocking out this moment from the prying eyes of Panem. Even if it means losing food. Whatever I’m feeling, it’s no one’s business but mine.

“That’s exactly the kind of topic Haymitch told me to steer clear of,” I say evasively, although Haymitch never said anything of the kind. In fact, he’s probably cursing me out right now for dropping the ball during such an emotionally charged moment. But Peeta somehow catches it.

“Then I’ll just have to fill in the blanks myself,” he says and moves into me.

This is the first kiss that we’re both fully aware of. Neither of us hobbled by sickness or pain or simply unconscious. Our lips neither burning with fever or icy cold. This is the first kiss where I actually feel stirring inside my chest. Warm and curious. This is the first kiss that makes me want another.


The Hunger Games

I couldn’t stop quoting this section because it’s just that good. This whole thing is swoon-worthy and such an important moment for Katniss and Peeta. 


Ok, so ace–jace and I were having an important conversation about why Sam is such a good character and why he truly, entirely and purely loves his baby brother. Let’s just focus for a second.

To be honest, the main reason for everything that happened (with this lie about Alcazar) is because we think Sam has communication issues.

Nate says that Sam gives him big gifts when he’s trying to make up for something, which makes us think he probably doesn’t verbally say “I’m sorry” very often, another small hint that maybe he doesn’t communicate very well. And there’s a reason for that. This kid has been through a lot of shit (his mother’s death and his father being a complete fucked up asshole). He was always feeling the responsibility of “I need to be strong for Nathan, he cannot see me weak, see me cry, see me being tired” and he was only a child, I REPEAT, he was only a child! It creates a wall in his mind, blocking him from saying things like “I’m sorry” or “I love you”. He doesn’t say it. He can’t say it because he’s never been allowed to speak his emotions before. He proves it through his actions.

The fact that we were able to see two times that Sam was ready to take a bullet for Nate and he eventually did it - it makes me cry like a baby. (”Hey, hey, hey, you keep your gun on me” and the time when Rafe wanted to shoot Nate, Sam protected his brother with his own goddamn body). It’s not only “the big things” like saving Nate’s life that matter. Offering Nate a warm jacket, making him laugh, listening to his problems, making sure he eats, all of it makes Sam a good brother.

Why is he not telling Nate the truth about Alcazar? Because of his communication issues. Because he was left in prison for 15 years. Because him and his brother, finding Avery’s treasure was the only thought that was keeping him alive for those 15 years. Sure, after Rafe helps him get out of the prison he spends nearly 2 years with Rafe, but have you ever thought why? First of all, he sees that it’s not his brother buying his freedom. It’s Rafe. How heartbroken must he feel?

Then, let’s say, he finds out that Nate is married. That he is done with the life Sam knew. Why should he come back to Nate, then? Coming back to Nate would mean destroying the last memory of his brother, and his old life Sam remembered so well. He was scared he would not be able to face the new reality. He was scared he would not recognize his baby brother. His baby brother, the person that he’d DIE FOR. So he thinks “maybe I should leave him be and try to find this treasure with Rafe”. Then he realizes that finding this goddamn treasure with Rafe is not as special as it would be with Nate. Nothing and no one compares to Nate. So he finds Nate and tells him a story about Alcazar. He lies because he feels like this is the only way to make his brother come back to HIM, because Sam’s scared he would not be able to be a part of Nate’s new life. He doesn’t feel like he belongs, if he’s not trying to find this treasure. And because he wants to do this with, and only with Nate, he lies. Alternatively, Sam might actually feel like, if he doesn’t complete this last treasure hunt, the treasure hunt he’s been planning alone for 15 years, the final adventure his brother and him have been looking forward to their whole lives, than his life is incomplete. He doesn’t know what to do without this part of his life; he feels lost, similarly to what he said at the end of the game but at a less satisfied level—if he didn’t complete this journey with his brother, there would be no point to finding Avery’s treasure for him. Sam’s never like “I love you Nathan” which is the sentence most people would say to their loved ones without hesitation if they were nearly dying like Sam was on the ship, unable to move because of this a wooden beam.

Also, Nate loves Sam more than anything:

Sam’s never like “I love you Nathan”, he puts his love for his baby brother in one sentence - “all I ever wanted to do was to find this treasure, WITH YOU” which translates into “I love you, you are the most important thing on Earth to me”.

Nathan responds the same way because he won’t go without Sam. Sam’s yelling for him to go and Nate is looking all around for a way to get Sam out and you can see him panicking.

Then he sees the canon and he just goes for it, he doesn’t say what he’s doing, he just lights it on fire and runs back to Sam’s side to get him free.


The Cardcaptor’s Brother’s Boyfriend

I have so much to say about these two.  They were probably the first gay couple I saw be treated like they were normal and safe and healthy in media, and it definitely helped me feel safer about my own queerness as a kid.  Because Cardcaptor Sakura is read by very young kids, it may be the first time a lot of kids see queer characters being treated as completely normal and sweet, and that was so intentional on the part of CLAMP.  Having a crush on your big sibling’s SO is a very relatable experience no matter which genders are involved, and I love how sweetly that was dealt with in CCS.  Would that all kids’ first crushes be as wonderful as Yukito.  

Thanks, boys, for being happy.  In every CLAMP dimension.  

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dbz kai spoils~

wow they are just speeding through these episodes in dbz kai

i guess thats the point

but anyway im kinda surprised that they’re doing the tournament already!

my all time favourite scene is when goku comes back to earth and he sees goten for the first time

here if you want to watch this scene on youtube, its DBZ Kai episode that came out last night i believe?

so in Kai, when chichi talks to goku she says “i dont believe it, i’ve been waiting so long!”

in Z she calls him ‘sweetheart’ and that she missed him, which is what i really liked!

in Kai, he tells her “i’ve really have missed you too” which is also nice and similar to what he says in Z “And i’ve missed you”

im such a gochi fan, so i like how in Kai he says “i’ve really have missed you”

because it makes me think that he’s probably thought about her a lot,i mean, thats his wife.


Goten hides behind Chichi’s leg once Goku sees him

and Chichi telling him ‘thats your father’

and Goku says “thats so weird, i was just about to say how much the little guy looked like me!”

and then goten just stared at him and hugged him!

i think this moment was more emotional in the Z version, which i liked a little better, but i do i like some of the dialogue in Kai


anonymous asked:

18. pretty please!

Now this is a toughie.

I’ve been “drawing” for most of my life, and have always been a bit more artistically inclined. That being said, I started drawing a bit more frequently in my Junior year of high school. But still, that wasn’t all that intensive, but I did start keeping a sketchbook around then. After that, I would draw on and off, but didn’t do a whole lot. I got my drawing tablet for Christmas in 2014, but barely ever used it. I really didn’t like the way it felt for the longest time, which really slowed me down.

However, last January, I decided to buckle up and power through it, and use my tablet for the entire drawing process. In February, I made a point to begin drawing something every day, tablet or not, though mostly tablet. That was roughly the time that I began to make an effort to improve my work, so I’d say that’s probably about the time I would say that I became an “artist.” On March 31st last year, I made this blog and started posting stuff, which just so happened to be my birthday as well! That makes it super easy to keep track of how long I’ve been going.

antonslavik020  asked:

Honestly this might have been my favorite episode yet(which is saying something). FishAkko bursting out of the water at that guy had me in stitches. The comedic timing was perfect throughout the episode. If you didn't notice from me mass liking your posts I agree on everything you said. I also noticed that, when Diana saw Akko's future, she looked surprised, not smug about it like she would be if she really didn't like Akko(running under the assumption that is what she saw anyways).

Yeah!! A lot of people agree this was probably the best episode so far (and 1-6 weren’t too shabby to begin with!)

But everything was just so well-executed. The humor, the timing/pacing, the idea of a student accidentally flushing a fish professor down the drain. And of course the overall theme of “students should not be compared to other students and judged based on how well they can perform one specific skill set.” Man, everything was just so good, from the dead silence at the beginning when Akko asks “will this be on the test?”, to her shriek when she loses Professor Pisces, to the parallel of Finneran advancing on Ursula to the reverse later on!

I loved the dilemma of them helping the fish as well! First of all, their transformations were adorable. Secondly, even Lotte was determined to focus on their objective and not get sidetracked. But we all know Akko isn’t the type of person to abandon someone in need, not even a fish! And she learned some spells in the process, which was a perfect way to show her progression, not only to us viewers but also to her professors! 

Her personal dilemma was also so realistic and relatable. We’ve all had something we really wanted, something we’ve worked so hard for, but we just weren’t good enough at the time to achieve it. We try and try our best, but we fail. It’s happened to us all. They showed it really well with Akko, and showed us how empowering and satisfying it is to not give up and finally succeed.

And yeah! Agreed on the Diana thing as well! If she really did foresee “Akko departing the Academy” she sure wasn’t happy to see her go. We didn’t get to see much more of Diana’s reaction after that, but I’ll bet she wasn’t thrilled about the idea. Or again, perhaps she was fibbing in order to give Akko something to fight against to keep her motivated. Either way, it was well-done!

We got to see each girl demonstrate her strengths (Lotte with repairs, Amanda with brooms, Jasna with food flavoring, Constanze with alchemy/mechanics).

And I also wanna say I appreciate the fact that Hannah and Barbara got reprimanded for fighting with Akko. I was a little miffed in thinking only Akko would be punished (and she kinda was) but I was satisfied to at least see that Hannah and Barbara got called into the Headmistress’ office as well.

And Ursula was just. So good.

Episode 7 really outdid itself!


So I know that I said I’d post an update about where I’d disappeared to, only to disappear again, but a lot has happened, some of which you guys probably don’t want to know about since it’s kinda depressing, so all I’m gonna say for now is: 1. thank you so much to everyone that’s sent me a message in the time that I’ve been gone, you honestly don’t know how much your messages have helped me in the last few days, 2. I’m sorry for disappearing and I’ll try to be more active and at least answer a few MTLs in the coming days, so feel free to send some in, and 3. MY WINGS ALBUMS CAME IN!!!

So here’s where the point of this announcement comes in: I was sort of hoping for a Hoseok, Yoongi, and/or Namjoon photo card. SO, if any of you got one of those photo cards, and would like to trade for one of the photo cards that I got, please message me ^-^ Also, I got 4 posters (all of them are the same) so if you’re wanting to trade photo cards and also want a poster, just let me know~ You’ll have to tell me your address, so if you’re under 18 then please ask your parents first!

I know I say this a lot and probably don’t show it enough, but I truly do love you guys, and I don’t know what I would do without you all~ I might make a later update about what’s been going on, but for now, I want you all to be as happy as you can be. If there’s anything I can do to make you happier, please let me know <3

Life update

Tw: mentions of suicide

I’m having kind of a rough time right now, so I probably won’t be posting much.
About three weeks ago I tried to kill myself. I spent a few days in hospital before discharging myself, having s total mental breakdown and ending up in the psych ward, which is where I’ve been for the past 2 weeks. I’m home now but have to be supervised 24/7 so I have my friend living with me for a while.
I’m struggling a lot with depression, anxiety, and depersonalisation, as well as feeling really insecure in everything I say and do and doubting everything that happens to me. My psychiatrist has diagnosed me as bipolar and he thinks that’s causing everything else.
I’m feeling better than I was a few weeks ago but still bad, so I’m really sorry but I doubt I’ll be posting a huge amount for the foreseeable future.

flashlightmeester  asked:

what is your favourite song?

My favorite song is Van Halen’s “‘5150’”. No matter what happens, that song always makes me smile. It’s also interesting that the song is barely about anything. I guess it’s a love song (kind of?). It’s on the theme of relationships, is about as much as you can say about it. I’m not even sure it says anything very definite—or very well (lots of mixed metaphors)—but it always sounds nice and hopeful to me. I never get tired of it, and it’s been probably 21 years since I heard the first time (well, in truth, it probably got some radio play when it came out, and I probably overheard it here or there as a 5-7 year old). The song isn’t even lyrically coherent enough to earn its own name: it’s named after the album, which itself is named after Eddie Van Halen’s studio, where the album was recorded (and it’s the studio name that references the actual 5150 CWIC [Eddie referring to himself], not the album or the song). It’s about as close as you can get to having a song about nothing (that has actual lyrics, of course).

But yeah, despite its place in the history of music, or who wrote and engineered it, and who they are—and despite the fact that I almost never listen to Van Halen anymore—this song never fails to cheer me. It’s still my all time favorite.