which princess are you when waking up

Quit Calling Me Princess

66. Person A- ” Stop calling me Princess!“ Person B- “I apologize, my Queen.” with Jason for anon

All day long Jason, your boyfriend, had been following you around calling you one thing. Princess. A few examples of this include:

Waking up- “Princess, c’mon princess, I’m bored, wake up.” You smiled and rolled over into him replying to him by giving him a kiss to which he happily responded, the beginning of your problem.

While making breakfast- “Whatcha cookin’ there princess?” Asked while popping his head on your shoulder.

While picking your clothes out- “I’d wear the red one princess, matches me!” He suggested smiling fondly at you from his spot on the bed.

Even when you were in the middle of a conversation with Roy- “,and then I jumped out from behind the vault door and saved his ass.” Roy was able to smile proudly for all of two minutes before Jay walked into the small living room area of the apartment from the kitchen and invited himself in the conversation with saying “Is he boring you with that story again princess?”

Now normally, this wouldn’t bother you, in fact at first you enjoyed it, until you had come home that night after patrol. All you were trying to do was read, but Jason had made it his mission to distract you from doing so.

“Princess. Princeeessss, c’mon princess. Princess Y/N.” With each time he spoke, Jason rolled around and adjusted himself in different angles and positions. “Priiiiinnnnccceeeeeesssss,” the final time before you blew.

“Jason! Stop calling me princess!” You exclaim tossing your book to the side.

Jason looked hurt for a moment before replying, “You’re right, I apologize, my queen.” He then proceeded to try to bow while still lying on the bed.

You sigh rolling over to look at him, “Maybe I can get used to Queen.”

I hope you liked it! It took me forever to figure out an ending


Me: *Playing with Daddy’s hair while we watch a movie*

Daddy: I almost fell asleep for a moment, Princess.

Me: That’s okay, Daddy. Take a nap! I’ll tuck you in.

Daddy: But I don’t want to take a nap, baby.

Me: Why not? You look sleepy. And it’s important for daddies to get enough rest, too.

Daddy: You don’t need to tell me that, little one. But here’s the thing. *Pulling me close* What if when I fall asleep, you’re not in my dreams? I’ll miss you.

Me: But I’ll be here when you wake up.

Daddy: *Patting my bottom* Exactly, which is why I’m not closing my eyes for one minute.

Me: *Internally screaming from cuteness*

Dating Jooheon ...

 - Admin Kay

  • always calling you “princess”
  • aegyo whenever you ask
  • very very frequent back hugs
  • randomly rapping sweet, heartfelt lyrics
  • askin you to listen to his raps and his lyrics but he’s so shy about it
  • nervous about introducing you to all the other members
  • them instantly liking u because smol jooheon has found himself a sweetheart
  • looking down and smiling when asked about you in interviews
  • poking his dimples bc they’re just so deep
  • his hand resting on ur waist whenever you’re out
  • he’s the big spoon, always
  • and he just completely engulfs you whilst spooning
  • sweet pecks on the back of your neck when he wakes up before you
  • generally just really sweet, passionate kisses
  • holding you like he’d lose you
  • wants all of your attention
  • hella sexy side eye glances though
  • staring at you like you’re his everything bc you are


  • low groans
  • very touchy, feely when ur on top which he prefers
  • but when he’s on top he’s pinning ur arms down at the side of your head
  • kissing u whilst ur coming undone
  • everlasting hug at the end bc ur his precious princess

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Saturday Morning (Smut)

REQUEST: 42 Jackson wang

It was Saturday morning, the first lay in I’d had all week. I huffed slightly in my sleep and rolled over onto my back. I began waking up when I heard moans coming from next to me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the dorm bedroom, I didn’t see anyone else awake so I closed my eyes and shuffled closer to Jackson, cuddling up to him.

“Y/N.” He moaned my name softly as I wrapped my naked body around him, gasping as I felt his hand moving under the mattress.

“Princess, you really need to wake up, I can’t do this without you.” He whispered pleadingly which made me open my eyes again. I saw his hand pumping himself under the duvet. Even with how tired I was, I felt my pussy begin to wet at the sight of Jackson touching himself.

I moaned as I reply and hugged his neck as my thighs straddled his waist, letting his hard cock press against me. He held my waist as I listened for any noises from the others, to see if they were awake. Especially Mark who was on the top bunked.

“What’s the time?” I asked sleepily as I kissed his lips teasingly before moving to his bare chest. I felt Jackson move as he grabbed his phone to check.

“5am.” He breathed out as I lowered my lips to kiss down his heaving chest.

“You hard this early huh?” I smirked slightly knowing how Jackson would somehow always get morning wood.

“Can you help?” He asked innocently. I stopped kissing at his lower stomach and giggled softly. I moved the thin sheet over his cock before sitting on top of it. “No.” Jackson whines softly knowing exactly what I was doing. “Y/N I’m not ready for your teasing this early.”

“Well I wasn’t ready to get up and fuck my boyfriend this early but I’m doing it.” I told him as I rubbed myself against him, purposely moaning louder to frustrate him. “Ooh Jackson fuck baby.”

He groaned and threw his head back, bucking his hips up to meet mine through the thin sheet. I continued to rock my hips slowly onto his, watching his whole body squirm below me.

“Your cock’s so hard handsome.” I gasped and arched my back onto him, running my fingers down his tense chest. “It almost feels like you’re already inside me.”

“Then just let me in you.” He grunted and looked up at me with nodded eye lids and a slight frown on his face. I giggled and leaned down, pecking his lips quickly.

“But I want to taste you first.” I said sweetly and raised my eyebrows as I pecked his lips softly over and over.

Jackson whined and didn’t kiss back which made me chuckle at how moody he could be. I carried on kissing him as I rocked my hips faster. I quickened so fast I could feel Jackson twitch against me.

“Okay okay you can do whatever you want just don’t make me cum yet please.” He whined louder than he probably should’ve when there were 6 other boys in the room.

“Good boy.” I smirked and leaned up a little to move the sheet from between us. I threw the sheet aside and leaned down to kiss over his lower stomach and hips. I took my time before I licked over his tip, sucking it gently. I let my tongue swirl around it as I ignored the rest of him. I looked up and saw him looking down at me. I smirked before moaning around him with my eyes closed. I stayed there until Jackson gasped and bucked his hips into my mouth, making me pull back to stop him from cumming.

I straddled one of jackson’s thighs and pressed my dripping pussy against it, fucking myself on his leg. “You’re gunna cum so quick huh baby?” I smirked and traced my fingers down his smooth stomach. Jackson nodded and whined as I didn’t pay any attention to him, focusing on riding his leg.

“Your thighs so big.” I moaned and threw my head back as my hand reached down to touch the thigh I was riding. “They feel so good.” I whimpered and quickened my pace as I looked down at my cunt riding his leg. The sight was like any other I’d seen, it turned me on even more as I watched my juices soak his leg. My clit pressed against it repeatedly as I felt Jackson sit up, still keeping me on his thigh as he held my hips, pushing me harder against him. My head collapsed into his neck as he lifted my chin to kiss me slowly.

“Come on gorgeous, just sit on me now.” He mumbled against my lips, knowing I was close too. I nodded after a while, not wanting to move from the position I was in. Jackson lifted my hips and guided me onto his waiting cock. As soon as I sank into him I screamed his name as my orgasm shook through me. Jackson bent his legs and pulled me on to him harder as he came inside me, grunting and moaning breathlessly.

We both stayed there for a while before we heard a few noises from around the room.

“Hey Y/N if you’re finished with Jackson I think a few of us have some morning wood too now.” I heard one of the boys call.

Princess // Anakin x Reader

Anon requested: Can you do a headcannon about Anakin’s daughter?

-When you were born, it was the happiest day of his life. You were his sunshine.

-As a child, you had bad dreams, nothing like your father’s but, they were lucid which scared you. You would wake up screaming and crying, but Anakin rushed to your side. “It’s okay, sweetie. Daddy is here”, he’d hug you and rub your back as you clung to him for dear life.

-You were spoiled rotten. Rotten. He would come back from trips with toys or clothes for you which of course you were thankful for.

-Him leaving for missions were terrible. You would try to hold back your tears as his gave you a hug and a kiss goodbye, but when he left, you ran to your mother sobbing. “I know, darling. I miss him too.”

-When it was revealed that you were force senstitive, Anakin was beyond excited. He immediately started to teach you the ways of the force and how important it was for you to take the path of a Jedi.

-As you became older and started to discover the world of boys, Anakin became very over protective. You once saw a cute boy in market and he was staring at you. Of course, your father noticed and called him out on it. “Okay, move along, buddy. My daughter isn’t your prey!” “DAD!” “What? Did I say something?”

-When you turned sixteen, you started your path of training to become a Jedi and your father couldn’t have been happier.

-He was that parent who would cheer on for you the loudest. The Jedi Masters who currently had padawan made a sparring competition for all of the padawan to compete in. You were Uncle Ben’s padawan and you were first up. As you stepped in the arena to face Master Windu’s padawan, your father started yelling positive affirmations to you. “COME ON, (Y/N)! YOU GOT IT! YOU HAVE THE GENES!" When you won the competition, even more screaming came. He was then asked to leave the arena…

-No matter how much he annoyed you or embarrassed you, you were his princess and you loved him with all your heart.

Jarrich musings

The thing I love about Jared/Richard is that it could be both cute as all get out and horrifically uncomfortable. As in it could happen on the show without derailing the tone 

Like Richard has a panic attack and throws up and Jared kisses him and its super romantic until Richard’s like “Why did you do that…I just puked thats gross”   

Or they try to sleep together and Richard sweats through the bed or pisses his pants and Jarred speaks German in his sleep which freaks Richard the hell out when he looks it up on HooliTranslate, or he tries to strangle Richard when he wakes him up from a nightmare about his terrifying childhood

I do want to see my awkward techy pretty princesses make each other happy in the end though I don’t think thats likely outside of fan fic. Though I’m 99% certain Thomas and Zach would be down for it 

Also I feel like Elrich would totally be offended that neither of them were attracted to him 

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can you pls do “mmm…your kid before five in the morning.” with either daddy! Calum or Michael for blurb night? thanks!!

When Calum and you decided to move your one year old daughter, Jade, into her own room you figured it would give everyone a good night’s sleep for once. After all, Calum’s snores always woke Jade up who’s whines would then wake you up. 

Unfortunately, your theory was wrong and Jade seemed to be waking up screaming more now than she did when she was a two week old helpless baby. Which only made Calum and you more tired now that you actually had to get out of bed to rescue the fussy princess. 

You swore you had just fallen asleep when the hiccup cries began. Sighing, you blinked opened your eyes trying to get them to adjust to the darkened room. The crying soon mixed with Calum’s snores, your husband clearly not sensing the distress his daughter was in. 

“Calum,” you said, shaking Calum awake. “Your daughter is fussing again.” 

“Mmm,” Calum hummed, rolling away from you. “She’s your kid before five in the morning.” 

“Oh really?” you asked, crawling over towards him. “Last time I checked she was both our child. And yesterday was my turn so now it’s yours.” 

You shoved Calum over, his leg falling over the edge of the bed. Huffing, he climbed out of the bed mumbling something about having to put on pants before trudging out of the room. 

When the crying subsided you relaxed, Calum’s mumbled voice echoing from the baby monitor that sat on your nightstand. “Come on angel,” he cooed. “Please sleep through the night. How am I supposed to convince mom to have another one of you if you keep this crying bit up?” 

You kicked the blankets off of you, grabbing the baby monitor before walking towards Jade’s room. Calum’s was rocking Jade in his arms when you walked in, her brown eyes fighting to stay open as Calum hummed one of his songs to her. It was only after he put her back in her crib did he see you standing there. 

“I thought you were sleeping?” he asked, lacing your hand with his as you both exited the room. 

“I was,” you said. “Until I heard you say you wanted another baby. Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Didn’t want to rush you,” he said, climbing into bed. 

“Well, I want another baby too.” 

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mornings with michael when he wakes up first bc the light shining through your opened curtains woke him so he just stares at you for a bit before poking your cheek, and if you don’t wake up then he licks your face and you giggle and roll over to punch his arm, to which he mumbles “good morning princess”