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7 years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 9

Early (but not early since it’s 11pm here) updateeee. I honestly feel like I can’t go two parts without making something bad happen.

Shall I stop the drama or shall I continue with it??? I don’t really know, so I need you guys to let me know your thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading. Love you guys!

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You would like to say you survived through all the screaming from your family and best friend but to be totally honest it felt like you had been dragged through hell and back. You were sure that one of your ears had been damaged in the process.

Your mother seemed to be ecstatic with the news that you were dating Jungkook. Her 18 year-old daughter had finally managed to get her first boyfriend and it just so happened to be the one boy she adored as if he were her own son.

She made it sound like you were completely hopeless when it came to relationships.

When you had video called Areum and filled her in on what had happened, she smirked, which was something that shocked you to great lengths. Then she demanded you give her Shinee’s new album and that was when it clicked in your head. You had made a bet, hadn’t you? Who would have thought you would actually lose? Apparently Areum had.

You had to reassure her that you would definitely hold up your side of the deal and she begun cheering, jumping up and down. When she had finished celebrating, she begun to congratulate you which, in all honesty, kind of embarrassed you. She was making it out like it was some kind of life changing event. When you voiced your thoughts, she claimed it was and gushed over the next step of your relationship.

“It’s been less than two hours, Areum.”

Blinking, she closed in on the camera, staring straight at you. It made you mildly uncomfortable.

“Two hours is a long time! Soon it will be four and then eight and before you know it, you’ll be married and have kids.”

How she got from eight hours to marriage is beyond you.

“Are you psychic or something? What do you mean marriage? You actually think we’ll last that long?”

Energetically nodding her head, she swung around on her seat before laying her eyes on you again.

“If I’m being honest, I don’t think you guys will ever have a major fight now that your together. You’ve just known each other too long so you understand the intentions behind each others actions. Even if you hurt each other, which is highly unlikely, there will always be a valid reason behind it.”

“Do you analyse your schoolwork like you do with my relationship? That could pass as an essay.”

Areum chuckled and you thought over what she had said. You understood what she was getting at. You would never intentionally hurt Jungkook, not because he was now your boyfriend but because you didn’t want to lose his trust and friendship. If you ever came to a point where you broke up, you would want to be able to continue being close friends.

Why were you already thinking about breakups?

“Anyway, Y/N. I need to finish the maths homework. I’ll see you in school tomorrow. Bye!”

She waved at the camera before ending the call, leaving you staring at the screen in thought.

Despite what Areum had said, you still felt that it was possible you would end up hitting a bump in your relationship. The thought made your stomach turn.

It would probably be better to avoid thinking about topics like that.


Heading to school the next day, you weren’t as excited as you thought you would be. Possibly because you had spent so long freaking out last night. You were drained, having got no sleep. Not even ten minutes.

Upon arriving at the schools entrance, you felt a couple of eyes on you. People were still feeding off of your fight with Hye Mi apparently. Trudging to your classroom, you slid the door open to find Jungkook asleep on his desk and three girls from your class sitting around him. Upon closer inspection, you realised they were admiring your boyfriend.

Too tired to actually care, you slumped into your seat. It wasn’t causing you any harm due to the fact that nothing was even happening. You didn’t want to have relationship problems on your official first day of dating. Instead you focused your attention on your unopened messages. You hadn’t gotten a chance to check them as you were dedicating your morning to trying to keep awake long enough to leave the house.

Areum had messaged you asking if you had remembered to bring your homework, to which you replied a quick ‘yep, thanks Areum.’ Your next message happened to be from none other than the idiot currently sleeping on the other side of the class.

'Hey, Princess. Make sure to come to school early.’

So much for that. Glancing in his direction, you took in his dozing, slumped figure. You should probably wake him up.

Dialling his number, you watched as he shot up in his seat and whipped his head from side to side in confusion. When he realised his phone was ringing, he all but wrenched it out of his pocket, answering the call without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” He croaked his greeting through the phone, taking notice of the dumbfounded girls seated around him. Sending them a slightly dirty look, they hopped up and shuffled away, embarrassed to be caught staring.

“Rise and shine, Jeon.” Hearing your voice coming from within his phone and the other side of the classroom, you were pleasantly surprised to witness a grin spread on his face at the realisation.

Hanging up on you, he scraped his chair back and stuffed his hands in his pockets, strolling to your desk whilst emitting a cool aura. Taking his usual seat in front of you, Jungkook draped his arms on the backrest of his chair and then laid his head upon them. Gazing up at you from between his eyelashes, he presents you with a faint but handsome smile.

“I can’t believe you fell asleep after ordering me to come to school early. That’s impolite.”

A boyish laugh escaped him and the corners of his eyes crinkled the tiniest bit, taking on a more crescent shape. He reached his hand out towards your hair, grabbing a lock of hair and twisting it between his fingers.

“You’re pretty when you’re annoyed…”

Huffing, you let your eyes fall to the side, avoiding making eye contact with him.

“Are you implying that I’m not usually pretty? Wow, I am so lucky to date you.” You tried to suppress the grin that was threatening to make itself present but Jungkook still noticed.

“My princess is always pretty.” You pushed his face to the side and stuck your tongue out, scrunching your face up in mild disgust. Jungkook merely chuckled at your reaction, his plan to make you flustered succeeding.

“Major cringe alert. Please refrain from saying things like that. At least in public.” A sly smirk replaced his grin and he wiggled his eyebrows.

“So you wouldn’t mind if we were alone? Noted. I’ll save it all for when we’re alone.” What kind of nonsense is he spouting now? Grabbing his ear, you gave it a quick tug which caused him to release your hair and place his hands on yours. He winced in slight pain but his smirk never left his face.

“Pervert. It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours.” Releasing his ear from your grip, you rested your head on the palm of your hand and stared right back at him. His bunny-like grin grew and a delicate smile spread on your lips. You hadn’t taken notice of the students who filed into class until your teacher had arrived, calling everyone to their seats.

Jungkook reluctantly stood from the seat in front you and returned it to the slightly annoyed and intimidated student who lingered beside the desk. Ignoring said student, he placed his hand on your head affectionately and bent down, pecking your lips. A wave of loud whispers emerged from the rest of the class and you hung your head, letting your hair partially cover your now reddening face.

Jungkook seemed to be having a hard time fighting the blush that was slowly spreading over his cheeks.


By the time lunch had come around, you were sure everyone had heard the news of your relationship. Obviously, this irked you as it was your private buisness. You supposed it was unavoidable. Jungkook was the schools most difficult and intimidating student whilst you were one of the best students. Of course news like this would spread like a forest fire amongst teenagers. This information didn’t stop you from feeling self-conscious. You had almost adjusted to the few stares you used to receive but having everyone’s eyes on you whilst you were trying to eat your lunch was another story.

Areum seemed to notice that you were on edge as she tapped you on the arm. Looking up at you with concern filled eyes, she offered you a worried smile.

“Y/N? Are you uncomfortable?” That seemed to gain Jungkook’s attention as he immediately stopped his conversation with Seokjin and studied you. His face remained blank but the worry he held in his eyes was evident.

“I’m fine. I just… don’t really like all the unnecessary staring.” You stabbed your fork into a piece of meat, a light sigh leaving your lips. Jungkook’s eyebrows creased and his head shot up to the many students staring with no shame. Sending death stares in every direction, he clenched his jaw and balled his fists. This didn’t go unnoticed by the nosy students and they each turned back to their food, terrified at the holes Jungkook was burning into the back of their heads.

When he was satisfied with the outcome of his actions, he switched his focus back onto you and flicked your forehead. You flinched and placed a hand on your head, peering up at him.

“Don’t let these pieces of shit get to you.”

Taehyung’s face moved into your line of sight and he grinned at you. “Yeah! We’ll deal with them later!” Giggling, you felt yourself relax at their somewhat reassuring words.

“Deal with them later? Please don’t.”

Areum nudged you and you turned to face her, a determined look set on her face.

“Don’t worry, from now on I’ll protect you too.”

Areum was just too cute for words. Your smile broadened into a warm grin and you wrapped your arms around her, pulling her in for a quick hug.

“Gosh you’re adorable.”

Jungkook let out a small whine, grabbing your attention.

“What about me?”

You pinched his cheek and he frowned at the childish way you were treating him in.

“I guess you are too.”


You decided to enjoy the good weather as much as you could and convinced Areum to come with you to the nearby bubble tea café after school. She was currently gushing over your interaction with Jungkook this morning, having caught word of it in the school hallway.

“You guys are so cute! You’re not too clingy but you don’t awkwardly avoid each other either. You’re right in the middle.” Rolling your eyes, you felt your cheeks heat up for the second time that day. Areum rambled on and you opted to listen to her in silence.

When you arrived at your destination, you told her to find a table whilst you ordered your drinks. The line was longer than you had expected it to be so you ended up waiting for ten minutes. As soon as you were presented with your order, you grabbed both cups and searched for Areum. It took you awhile to spot her and when you did you had to refrain from gaping in shock. A boy you didn’t recognise had wrapped an arm around her shoulders and seemed to be chatting away, not taking notice of her extremely uncomfortable figure. Speed walking to the table they were situated at, you caught the last part of the conversation.

“Come on, you don’t have to lie to me. You’re obviously here alone. I think you’re pretty cute so let’s go chill out somewhere else. Get to know each other.” He wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way and you had to stop yourself from giving him a good punch to the head.

“Actually, she’s not here alone. She’s got company so do you mind leaving? Thanks.” You tried to remain as polite as possible but this boy just screamed 'douche’.

“What’s wrong baby, you can join us too. Don’t be a cock-blocking bitch.”

Yeah, he’s definitely a douche.

Placing your drinks on the table, you wrapped your hand around his arm and slowly lifted it from Areum’s shoulder.

“Well, I’m going to be a cock-blocking bitch and maybe even a batshit crazy bitch if you don’t leave my friend alone.” He seemed to be taken aback by your reply but soon recovered and stood up, looming over you in what you assumed was meant to be intimidating. It didn’t work since he was quite literally a centimetre taller than you.

“Y/N, stop! Please don’t get into trouble for me again.” You took notice of Areum’s extremely worried tone and your determination wavered. You returned your attention back to the problem at hand when you heard him scoff at Areum’s innocent plead. This only angered you further.

“Just leave before I lose my shit.”

“Woah, what’s with the hostility? Maybe I should to teach you some manners…” Proceeding to grab your wrist, he narrowed his eyes at you, daring you to fight back. You felt the grip on your wrist tighten and you were jerked forward, making contact with the boys chest. Right when you were going to show him what hostility looked like, another hand grabbed his wrist in a vice like grip and you looked up to find Jungkook’s seething face.

“That’s my job. Who the fuck are you and why are your hands on my girl? Can’t she have a fucking drink with her friend without lowlife shits like you bothering them?”

The boy stiffened and released your wrist, your hand unconsciously rubbing the partially sore mark that was left.


Jungkook raised an eyebrow and you noticed the knuckles on the hand that was around the boys wrist were turning white.

“Yeah, what? Have you got something to say?”

The boy threw his arm out of Jungkook’s grasp and took a couple of steps back.

“Not really, I was just leaving…” Navigating his way around Jungkook, he avoided all eye contact with you and shuffled out of the café. It was then that you noticed everyone’s eyes were on you for the umpteenth time that day. Quickly glancing in Areum’s direction, you saw Jimin calming her down. Sitting down opposite them, you placed your hands on your head and let out a heavy sigh. Movement from your right side let you know that Jungkook was now sitting beside you. He enveloped you in a hug and buried his face into your hair, mumbling to you.

“Forget about everyone. They don’t matter…”  Nodding your head, you wound your arms around his waist and embraced him back. After half a minute, you released each other and he grinned at you, grabbing your drink and sipping some. Hitting his arm, you snatched your drink out of his hand.

“Hey! Don’t I get a thank you drink?”

You stuck your tongue out at his pouting face and you heard Jimin and Areum chuckle at your childish antics.

“Not mine.”

Dangerous Woman (Part 5) 🌙

A/N: Oh my god, this turned out longer than I expected it to. All I can say is good luck and have a new set of panties ready. Have fun, you smutty babies.

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of kidnapping, heavy sex, bondage, blindfolds, orgasm denial, degradation, anal sex, asshole Chanyeol, daddy kink

Requested: No

Summary: (Y/N) might be addicted to someone. And that someone isn’t Luhan.

Word Count: 8237

Soundtrack: Criminal // Britney Spears

Originally posted by scartic

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | PART 5

When I finally come to my senses and pry my welded eyelids open, the first thing my brain registers is the dull throbbing of my jaw, followed by the fact that my entire body has stiffened to the point of no return.

I’m lying on my side, my cheek pressed against a soft surface. Upon moving my arms, I realize that my hands are bounded behind my back tightly, the coarse material of rope digging into the tender skin of my wrists. The same goes for my legs, my sneaker-clad feet tied together and preventing me from squirming around too much.

That’s when the panic kicks in and I struggle to an upright position, bumping my head against the low ceiling. Now that I’m sitting up, I can see that I’m in a small car that seems to be racing a hundred miles per minute.

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akmday10  asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me find a fanfic?t was posted on AO3 a few years ago , about 2015, and from what I can remember there was around 9 chapters so far, not 100% on that, but it was incomplete when I stopped reading it. It was AU, and C & B did not know each other before they had an arranged marriage which I think was set up by Kane, Abby and Jaha to unite the two kingdoms, with B's being dangerous. In 1st chapter B & C wake up in bed. Sounds similar to no. 21 on the masterlist.

the world was born in smoke and fire (and so were we)

It’s Cold and You’re Warm P. 1

Summary: Over time, Marinette finds herself to be more and more affected by the cold of winter. Her and Chat decide that revealing their identities would prove more beneficial than not.

A/N:  I know it’s a little overdone but I really love LB having Ladybug tendencies and her getting really cold/tired when it’s winter. So have a fluffy identity reveal that also involves some tendencies!


Winter was Marinette’s favorite time of year. Keyword being ‘was.’ Ever since she’d accepted her miraculous, ever since she became Ladybug, well… the winters grew harder and harder to bear.

The first time she transformed, and the year of transformations that followed it, she felt almost no difference. The cold was a bit more nippy, but it hadn’t been anything an extra scarf, mittens, and earmuffs couldn’t solve.

The year after that, she wore a heavier jacket, and the year next, a second pair of pants with thick socks and a hat.

The years following those became tougher, and she couldn’t keep the cold from penetrating her garments and seeping down into her bones. She could still fight well, but her stamina lessened. And it continued to do so the longer she bonded with her miraculous.

One night in particular, when she was cuddling up to Chat for warmth, as had become habit between them, she brought up doubts that had plagued her when the cold began to affect their work together.

“Wh-what if I-I can’t make it to a fi-ight? It affects m-me in my civilian id-dentity too. T-Tikki says that I’ll st-start to get tired too this y-year. L-ladybugs hibern-nate you know,” she told him, shivering as she buried herself further into his chest.

His arms wrapped around her, and she felt him rest his chin on top of her head. She felt when he opened his mouth to speak, and when he shut it to think of a response first. That happened multiple times until he actually followed through with voicing his own thoughts.

“Bug, I’m about to say something I don’t think you’l particularly enjoy, but hear me out, okay?” he asked. When she gave what he guessed was a nod, he continued, “I know we decided back at the beginning to keep our identities a secret. I completely understand why, and I know secret identities are important, but I think- I think the more your similarities to actual ladybugs come out, the more we should know who each other are.”

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Dating Jason todd headcanons please? :)

Hey! So i just made this blog and take it easy on me but here you go! x


-Jason being very protective of you

-Him being much taller (6′0) which means forehead kisses

-Jason saying goodbye everytime he goes off on a mission because you know that kid is always getting hurt

-Never leaving your side at balls or events for Bruce.

-You having to calm him down when he wakes up from nightmares 

-Sleeping closer then usual when there are thunderstorms.

-Rough kissing

-Lip biting

-Long Hugs at 3am

-Dealing with is anger issues

-Lots and Lots of swearing

-Wating up for him all night just to make sure he gets home safe and sound

-You patching him up everytime he comes home late

-Babe,baby girl,princess,beautiful etc.

-Having girls night with Kori

-Double dates with you and Jason and Roy and Kori

-Lots of cuddling.

-Wearing his sweatshirt

-Bat family prank wars

-Fun dates such as laser tagging ect.

I hope you like it since its my first request! I also do ships.one shots.imagines so hope you enjoy it anon ;)

Behind Silence and Solitude (Negan x Reader) - Part 1

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

Summary: At the feet of Negan, you’re begging for your life, hoping you won’t end up like your dead friends beside you. But you could never in your life imagine Negan’s plan for you…

Part 2       Part 3       Part 4

Tag: @sharknadoslut

Warnings: Vulgar Language, Explicit Language, Mention of death and murder, Death Threats, Dom/Sub Undertones, Blow Job.

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Could it be? (Pregnancy prompt)

Something was definitely going on with Star. And it wasn’t going to be nice, or at least that’s what she thought. The blonde girl had been acting even weirder than usual, for the surprise of her mother, her college professors and her roommate. Star was for the first time in a long time concerned about her health. Yeah, the magical warrior, heir to the throne of one of the most powerful dimensions, Star Butterfly was genuinely afraid, so you can imagine how serious the situation was. You may wonder why she was so scared. Well, it all began a week ago, when she was doing her weekly training with her mother.

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Quit Calling Me Princess

66. Person A- ” Stop calling me Princess!“ Person B- “I apologize, my Queen.” with Jason for anon

All day long Jason, your boyfriend, had been following you around calling you one thing. Princess. A few examples of this include:

Waking up- “Princess, c’mon princess, I’m bored, wake up.” You smiled and rolled over into him replying to him by giving him a kiss to which he happily responded, the beginning of your problem.

While making breakfast- “Whatcha cookin’ there princess?” Asked while popping his head on your shoulder.

While picking your clothes out- “I’d wear the red one princess, matches me!” He suggested smiling fondly at you from his spot on the bed.

Even when you were in the middle of a conversation with Roy- “,and then I jumped out from behind the vault door and saved his ass.” Roy was able to smile proudly for all of two minutes before Jay walked into the small living room area of the apartment from the kitchen and invited himself in the conversation with saying “Is he boring you with that story again princess?”

Now normally, this wouldn’t bother you, in fact at first you enjoyed it, until you had come home that night after patrol. All you were trying to do was read, but Jason had made it his mission to distract you from doing so.

“Princess. Princeeessss, c’mon princess. Princess Y/N.” With each time he spoke, Jason rolled around and adjusted himself in different angles and positions. “Priiiiinnnnccceeeeeesssss,” the final time before you blew.

“Jason! Stop calling me princess!” You exclaim tossing your book to the side.

Jason looked hurt for a moment before replying, “You’re right, I apologize, my queen.” He then proceeded to try to bow while still lying on the bed.

You sigh rolling over to look at him, “Maybe I can get used to Queen.”

I hope you liked it! It took me forever to figure out an ending

Baby Steps | Oh Sehun

Genre - Fluff

Word Count1k

Summary - In which new dad Sehun is more than a little nervous and hesitant of his father skills, so you have to reassure him of how great of a dad he is.



I was woken up early in the morning by the faint sounds of my 6 month old baby girl crying from the baby monitor. A small smile spread across my face as I tried to get up to go to her room, but I was lightly pulled back by Sehun’s grip around my waist. I felt him stir behind me before he barely opened his eyes

“Go back to sleep Jagi, I’ve got this o-” He insisted getting up from his pillow but he cut off mid-sentence after collapsing back onto it. I carefully turned around on the bed to face a fast asleep Sehun, who’d gotten back from the studio at 3am last night, and placed a light peck on his lips before getting up.

“It’s okay” I lightly giggled and made my way down the hall to my (Y/D/N)’s room. I creaked the door open before making my way to her mini cot, revealing my little princess stirring in her in her sleep with her eyebrows knitted together reminding me of a certain someone when they’re annoyed. I gently picked her up waking her from the not-so-peaceful slumber, placing her tiny head on my chest and cradling her tiny frame to the warmth of my body.

I began to rock her gently as I lulled her to sleep, when I heard footsteps making their way towards the nursery. Knowing it was Sehun, I continued with my gentle hums until I felt his long arms wrap around my waist before pulling me against his bare chest and resting his head on my shoulder.

“You should’ve stayed asleep, you got home so late last night” I pointed slightly looking back to give him a peck on the lips. He smiled into the kiss and shook his head turning his gaze to our princess as he pulled away.

“Hold her for me, I just need to get her milk from downstairs” I requested turning around to place her in his arms as a nervous look flashed across his face. Never in my life had I seen my bratty little boyfriend Oh Sehun doubting himself, at least not out loud anyway “Sehun what’s wrong?” I asked slightly worried

“I don’t know Jagi, what if I drop her? I don’t know how to hold her like…that” He pointed towards me as I raised my eyebrow, confused by what he meant

“Like what? I’m holding her like everyone holds babies” I admitted slightly amused by his sudden concerns

“I don’t know what I’m doing Y/N…” He sighed looking down at our daughter as she snored lightly; her little hands grasp the collar of my flannel shirt, as she feels any slight movement. That’s what he had been worried about since the moment I told him we were going to have her. It wasn’t that he didn’t want her; he was the one who kept trying to convince me to take this huge step. But somewhere along the road, he’d realized that his excitement had taken over his thinking side.

“Come on I’ll show you” I said leaning towards him as he broke into a light smile, before putting his arms forward. I talked him through the basic steps like making sure he always supported her head and what not. And after a whole lot of convincing, I finally got him to confidently hold our daughter in his arms and he looked extremely happy about it

“Am I alright to leave you two alone for now?” I asked but he seemed to be way too concentrated on making sure his arms were supporting her whole frame and whether she was comfortably lying in his arms. After taking a moment to admire how happy and he looked, I cleared my throat and went downstairs and got her milk from the fridge. I stepped up the stairs quietly as I heard a soft humming coming from (Y/D/N)’s room. I smiled to myself as I stood leaning against the door frame, watching Sehun lightly swaying side to side, whilst humming a soft tune to her ears. I placed the bottle on her dresser and walked towards the pair and placed my arms around his waist and my head against his bare back, indulging in this sweet family moment. He lightly chuckled at my antics before turning to face me, with a grin taking over his face as if to say ‘he had a hang of this’

“She’s our little Princess Y/N” He cooed breaking the silence causing me to smile up at him proudly pulling our daughter closer to his chest. I giggled at his sudden thought bubble which more than occasionally became vocal when he was too into the moment. Remembering little sentences like ‘She’s like a mini version of you’ or ‘Do you think she’s gonna remember you waking up at three am every morning for her?’ ; questions like these seemed to cloud his mind as he saw looking like I knew what I was doing, where in actual case, I was just as clueless

“Yeah…” I sighed in content linking my arms behind his neck, enveloping her in a little bundle as we stared at each other smiling occasionally as she made a little noise or so. The rest of our day was gushing over everything our little angel and did and simply appreciating her presence, she brought out sides of Sehun that I’d never seen before, and I was looking forward to our families future…

A/N: Fluffy Oh Sehun baby imagine for Anon! I’m guessing you were hoping for one while Y/N was pregnant, but I couldn’t really brainstorm from that… Sorry *Hides behind Sehun* Oh well! Hope you liked this extremely fluffy imagine/drabble! Later loves xx

Stolen Raspberries

“Woman, if you do not stop waking me up, I swear.”

Yaaaaay Sheamus lovin’. He my boo boo. (They’re literally all my boo boo’s I mean, really.) BUT YEAAAAAAAAAAH. This is fluffy. FLuffy fluff fluff. Uhhhhhhh. Literally I am a firm believer that every wrestler is really a giant teddy bear??? So???

Warnings: it’s v fluffy. Well. I mean. At least in my opinion. It is very fluffy. Uhhhhh there’s no smut? But there is a bit of a makeout scene kinda sorta towards the end. But yeah. No sexy times. Well I mean. Implied sexy times. But yeah, no, I didn’t write any this time.

AND YES I KNOW THAT IN AN AIRPORT THESE THINGS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY DEALING WITH AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT BUT GUESS WHAT. I don’t care. This is fiction. FICTION. I DO WHAT I WANT. You can have running through airport scenes (don’t get me wrong, I live for airport chase scenes, which would be impossible without getting a boarding pass, and then going through security and yada yada yada), AND I SHALL HAVE MINE.

To the person who messaged me with this, thank you, it turned out super super cute and I will leave you anonymous as wished, BUT THIS IS CUTE SO I HOPE YOU READ IT SOON. Also tagging my boo boo, because I tag her in??? Everything??? Bc I love her??? @fuckyeahbulletclub AND I’M ALSO TAGGING MY BAE, MY WIFEY, YA ALL KNOW HER THE QUEEN OF FABULOUS HAIR, @hardcorewwetrash

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A normal dad would go to a foreign country on a secret mission and bring his daughter back a T-shirt, not a person. 01

Dedicated to @thekaylaknowles and @the-reynaarellano

Kayla Knowles used lived in Vancouver, Canada with her father Darren Knowles who was an archery coach, until they moved to the Hamptons in New York State when she was thirteen. Well actually- no he wasn’t an archery coach. Well he was but he was also an agent of a secret organization called the Princess Protection Program. He was gone a lot, saving the world’s princesses and one or twice saving a prince.

So she was left alone to run the shop and archery range her dad owned.

In the October of her eleventh grade year he had to go on a mission to some small country in Latin America. She didn’t know which one and she didn’t know when he would be home. Unfortunately for her, her best friend is the one who wakes her up when she sleeps through her alarm while her dad is away. With his saxophone.

“Austin. I swear to god I will kill you if you blow that thing one more time.” She yelled.

“Well, maybe you should move your spare key from it’s hiding spot if you don’t want me to break in to wake you up. And he is not a thing. His name is Jax the sax.” Austin said.

“It is a thing.”

“Whatever, get up. My mom will drive us in. She also said it’s a shame Darren had to go coach some extremely rich kid in Vancouver, Canada. She thinks he shouldn’t be leaving you on your own even if you’re seventeen.” Austin stand down on top of her feet.

Kayla glared at him. “Get off. How did you respond?”

Austin moved to just be sitting on her bed, “I said, Mom Kayla is rich white girl, she’s fine.”

Kayla laughed.

“Alright, sunshine. Get ready. We don’t want to be late.” Austin hit her leg.

“I will. Get out first.”

“Oh please, like I would want to see you naked.”

“No one does, so I will die a virgin.” Kayla laughed.


Reyna Avila Ramírez Arellano was the princess of a small island country off the coast of Puerto Rico called Costa Bellona. When she was twelve her parents died leaving her and her sister, Hylla, in charge of the country. Now normally the oldest would be the next in line but Reyna’s mother knew Hylla would be better off being in charge of just the military instead of the whole country. So Reyna was the one who would become queen the day she turned seventeen, the day she could legally declare herself an adult. She had one month until then and Hylla had wanted to throw a ball to start a month long celebration leading up to her coronation. So dressed in a dress that bore the same purple of her country’s flag, she in front of her throne chair and greeted guests with a handshake and a smile. Sometimes even a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“That man looked like he wanted you to kiss his lips.” A guard, and Reyna’s best friend, Jason Grace said.

“He was about eighty.”

“Still. Not that you should have done it.” Jason smiled at her.

“If he had asked nicely, I would have.” Reyna flicked his forehead.

“If I asked nicely would you even kiss my forehead?”

“Nope, I wouldn’t want to make Nico jealous.” Nico was Jason boyfriend and Hylla’s friend slash the son of an ambassador slash tutor from Italy who visited the country often. Reyna was fond of the ambassador Maria di Angelo, she was a sweet and motherly woman who taught Reyna about politics and the Italian language.

“So then why a stranger?”

“Because it would be a kindness, and if he had been a young or middle aged man or woman I would have slapped him if he had asked.”

“Such a princess.”

“A princess who could kill you with her bare hands.” Reyna corrected him.

“Of course. I am sorry your royal killer highness.” Jason bowed and laughed.


Kayla stared blankly at the board. The teacher was going on and on about spirit week and homecoming. Ugh. She would rather hear about Algebra 3 stuff instead of it. She didn’t care much for homecoming. Spirit week was okay, sure she liked it but it wasn’t the main thing the teacher was talking about. No, Mr. Bunner was talking about homecoming court and that we had two weeks to sign up for it and then the students will pick their top six. Three girls and three boys, how hetrosexual.

That part is one of the biggest reason Kayla didn’t like it. She was gay and would never wanted to have to be escorted to a dance by a boy. Which lead into her second reason for not liking it, it kinda enforced gender roles. Another reason was because the dance was all because of football, a sport that Kayla thought was stupid and dangerous.

Kayla thanked every god of every religion when the bell rang.

It was lunch time, her favorite period.

She made her way to the table she shared with her friends, Austin, Lacy, Julia, Alice and Mitchell.

“Hey guys.” Kayla said.



“Sup.” “Hiya.”

“Hello, Kayla.”

“So tell me, what are our plans for after school?” Kayla asked as she sat down.


A scream pierced through the crowd of guests. Reyna looked towards it to see what it was, from where she was she could see men with guns and swords. And she saw a dead body on the ground. She started to run towards it, to protect her people but someone grabbed her wrist.

“Princess, your sister has given me order that if anything goes wrong to get you out of here. She’ll meet us in a few minutes.” A man said.

Reyna stared at him then she looked over at Jason. He nodded like he knew who this ginger guy was. So she went with the stranger.

The two ran through the palace’s hidden tunnels. Reyna had been surprised when he knew where they were. Only four people knew where they were. Her, Hylla, Jason, Nico and Jason’s sister Thalia who also was Hylla’s finance.

Hylla and Thalia were at the end of the tunnels. “Hylla!” Reyna ran to her sister and hugged her tightly.

“Rey, you need to go with Agent Knowles. Okay?” Hylla said.


“To protect you. The ruler of our neighbor,  Arcadia, King Lycaon has attacked us. You are the heir. You need to go away for a while for our country and for your safety. Understood.” Hylla said.

“Yes, Hylla.”

“Be safe.” Hylla said.

“Bang a foreign chick.” Thalia winked at her. Reyna smiled for a second before her sister and her wife left back towards the palace. Agent Knowles helped her out of the tunnels where she saw a helicopter waiting.

The Nightmare (Killian Jones)

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Pairing: Killian Jones/Reader
Words: 900+
Warning(s): The “Fire” nightmare, burns
A/N: Just an idea i jotted down months ago when i still liked Once Upon a TIme. Please do not request anything from OUOT because I dont watch it anymore <3 Also i had to look up burns to see which ones would fit and how to describe them and,,, im gonna kms.

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Perfect Little Family - Part 1

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Request//Can you do a pack mom imagine, Theo being alive and good, also the reader and him have a kid that the pack doesn’t know about, and once they find out, they start calling the reader and Theo mom and dad and Liam act’s like an older brother to the readers and Theo’s kid. Sorry if it’s confusing.

A/N// Thank You @padmekay For Your Request! Sorry It Took So Long. I Hope You Enjoy! Photo Is From Pinterest! 

Part 1  Part 2

Theo and I left Beacon Hills around a year and a half ago. We thought it would be safer. Not for us.For our child. We have a perfect little girl who had just turned one. Avia Raeken. She was such a daddy's girl.Theo adored his baby girl. He sat through all the tea parties, talked to all her dollies and told her countless bedtime stories at night.

But it was time. Time to go back to Beacon Hills. The Pack had no idea that I was pregnant. They were sad to see me go. But they didn’t know I was leaving with Theo. I understand that Theo did kill Scott, but he has changed. He has changed so much! Theo was a totally different person. He was also an amazing father. Yes, we may only be 17. But we are doing well. We have now bought a new house in Beacon Hills and moving back. 

It was the day of the move. Finally. We only had a few things to pack then we were off. The house already had everything we needed in. We needed to change some stuff but it will do for now. 

When I woke up, Theo was still asleep. I looked on the baby monitor to see that Avia was awake and waiting. I shuffled out of Theo’s grip so he wouldn’t wake up. I opened up the door to Avia’s room to see that she had a big smile on her face, behind her pacifier. I went and grabbed her, to give her, her morning cuddle. Before I took her to her dad, I changed her then we went to wake Theo up. We crept back into the room. Avia in my arms knowing what we were doing. I placed her onto the bed standing up, then she jumped onto Theo.

“Daddy!”  Her giggles filled the room. It was like music to my ears. Theo wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest. I left them both when I went down to the kitchen to get Theo and me coffee, as it was going to be a long day, and Avia her bottle of milk. As I came back into the bedroom. Avia was cuddled up to Theo and they were both watching cartoons. I gave Avia her milk and Theo his coffee, then I went to get ready. When I came back into the bedroom. Avia was sat on Theo. Theo would raise his hand and smile.

“I’m gonna get you” He would say causing Avia to squeal and laugh, shielding herself. Theo would then grab her and tickle her. The would lift her up in the air and bring her down and kiss her cheek, telling her how much he loved her. I was stood in the doorway just admiring my little family and how perfect it was. 

“Avia, go to mommy so I can get ready then we can go and get breakfast” Theo gave her one last kiss then Avia got off the bed and ran up to me. I took her into her room and got her dressed and took her downstairs. I couldn’t cook anything as everything that we owned was boxed up in the car. So I had some ready made pancakes and I cut some fruit up and placed them into a bowl. Theo came into the kitchen.

“Daddy!” Avia shouted and ran up to him arms wide open. He sat down and placed her on his knee as the high chair was in the car. 

“Why boxes?” Avia pointed to the boxes, that were needed to be filled with the rest of our things.

“Because sweetie we are moving,” I told her. She looked up at Theo.

“Where moving?” She asked

“Well princess, we are moving to a place called Beacon Hills,” Theo said as he began eating his breakfast.

“Why?” Avia was full over questions today.

“We have friends there. We haven’t seen them in a very long time” I informed her as I put drinks on the table and started eating.

“Who?” She asked looking confused.

“You will see princess, now come on eat up, or I will eat it,” Theo said encouraging his daughter to eat her breakfast.

“Nooo daddy. Mine” She said beginning to eat. 

After we all finished eating I cleaned everything we used and but them in the boxes, as Theo helped Avia pick up all her toys and put them in the box. That was it. We were leaving to go back to Beacon Hills. Back home. Theo took the boxes to the car as I checked everything then came back and picked up Avia, as well as her pink fluffy blanket, which she wouldn’t fall asleep without, her bottle and a pink Polka dot pacifier. He carried her outside and I followed behind. Theo strapped Avia into her car seat and gave her, her blanket so she would fall asleep. But before we took off, the cutest thing happened.

“Bye bye,any more” Avia said waving to out old house. It made my heart melt. As soon as we took off Avia fell asleep, snuggled up to her blanket, sucking on her pacifier. She was the sweetest thing ever. I looked out the window. Just thinking.

What if when he get back and they attack Theo….What if they test Avia to see if she is like Theo…But if she is like Theo they could help with getting her to gain control…What if they don’t want toanymoreas I went with Theo..What if they hate me for having a child…And having a child with Theo!

“Hello, Y/N?” Theo said bringing me out of my daydream. I looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

“Are you okay, you kinda zoned out” Theo asked with a worried look.

“Yeah I’m fine was just thinking,” I told him leaning my head on the back of the chair

“What were you thinking about” He asked

“What if they don’t want to see. What if they hate me” I blurted out.

“Baby, they will be so happy to see you and get to meet our little girl. But me on the other hand, They might not be happy. I will just have to work on getting their trust back. The dread doctors are gone. I don’t want power anymore. I have everything I will ever need in this car right now” Theo told. Which brought a tear to my eye.

“Theo, that’s why I love you!” I said holding his hand now.

We arrived in Beacon hills and Avia was just starting to wake up. I handed her. her bottle. When we pulled up to our new house she looked over to it. 

“New!” She shouted.

“Yeah princess, this is our new house,” Theo said taking her out of her car seat then handing her to me. Theo grabbed the boxes and we both went in. 

“Friends?” Avia asked. I guess it was a good time to go and see them. 

“Theo, I will go and change her then we can go around to Scott’s and see if he is home?” I asked and he gave me a nod. Once I changed Avia I put her back in the car and we drove to Scott’s house. When we closer to Scott’s house I noticed a blue Jeep and a Blue Toyota. Everyone must be there. It was Friday. That was when they had pack meetings. We pulled up outside and I got out and got Avia out of her seat. 

“You go, I just have some things to sort out,” Theo told me. I walked up to Scott’s front door and knocked on. 

“Y/N!” Scott shouted throwing his arms me and Avia. Everyone else came rushing towards the front door. They all had big smiles on their faces.

“And who is this little one,” Scott asked.

“This is my daughter Avia,” I told the as she was looking around.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“He will be her in a minute sweetie,” I told her.

“Y/N who’s the father?” Stiles asked. But before I could answer Avia wanted to be but down as Theo was coming towards us.

“DADDY..DADDY…DADDY” She yelled running up to him and Theo picked her up.


Part 2?


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Chewbacca ~ $4
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Pidge soap ~ $3
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Dating Jooheon ...

 - Admin Kay

  • always calling you “princess”
  • aegyo whenever you ask
  • very very frequent back hugs
  • randomly rapping sweet, heartfelt lyrics
  • askin you to listen to his raps and his lyrics but he’s so shy about it
  • nervous about introducing you to all the other members
  • them instantly liking u because smol jooheon has found himself a sweetheart
  • looking down and smiling when asked about you in interviews
  • poking his dimples bc they’re just so deep
  • his hand resting on ur waist whenever you’re out
  • he’s the big spoon, always
  • and he just completely engulfs you whilst spooning
  • sweet pecks on the back of your neck when he wakes up before you
  • generally just really sweet, passionate kisses
  • holding you like he’d lose you
  • wants all of your attention
  • hella sexy side eye glances though
  • staring at you like you’re his everything bc you are


  • low groans
  • very touchy, feely when ur on top which he prefers
  • but when he’s on top he’s pinning ur arms down at the side of your head
  • kissing u whilst ur coming undone
  • everlasting hug at the end bc ur his precious princess

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Jarrich musings

The thing I love about Jared/Richard is that it could be both cute as all get out and horrifically uncomfortable. As in it could happen on the show without derailing the tone 

Like Richard has a panic attack and throws up and Jared kisses him and its super romantic until Richard’s like “Why did you do that…I just puked thats gross”   

Or they try to sleep together and Richard sweats through the bed or pisses his pants and Jarred speaks German in his sleep which freaks Richard the hell out when he looks it up on HooliTranslate, or he tries to strangle Richard when he wakes him up from a nightmare about his terrifying childhood

I do want to see my awkward techy pretty princesses make each other happy in the end though I don’t think thats likely outside of fan fic. Though I’m 99% certain Thomas and Zach would be down for it 

Also I feel like Elrich would totally be offended that neither of them were attracted to him 

BTS Boyfriend Type || Hyung Line

A/N: Being more familiar with the Hung line, this will only consist of 4/7 of BTS boyfriend types. Part two will be made. I hope I used the words properly for Namjoons part ^^;

~Admin Sushi スシ


     • Waking up to either his gentle, sleeping face or contagiously happy face

  • Jumping, hugging, kissing, him all at once when he comes back early from tour.
  • Him holding you and spinning you around
  • Smiling the second you see him and vice-versa
  • Lets you play with his hair and poke his dimples
  • Making you dance with him and both of you getting giggly every time you step on his foot intentionally/unintentionally
  • Wanting to do couple dance with you
  • If you already know how to dance or have danced in the past, he wont leave you alone until you do a few steps with him/for him

• His habit of sleeping with earphones turn into your habit as well. The guys keep finding you and hobi curled up together, sleeping, while sharing an earphone.

  • Aegyo overdose
  • Fun dates and relaxing picnics until he starts chasing you around and playing with you
  • Screaming for no reason
  • Being knows as the loudest couple. Not sexually, just screaming in general. Example 1: “AHH!” “HOBI WHAT!?” “…I saw a spider~” Example 2: “AHH!” “WHAT?” “…I want a hug~”
  • No matter how bad your day is going, the second you see him all your worries seem to wash away
  • Him teasing you while dancing sexy
  • Then after he’s done, him raising and dropping his brows at you
  • Him; “Baby~” and “Babez~” and “Heaven ~”
  • You; “Baby~” and “Angle~” and “Hobi~”  
  • So many selfies of him and with him
  • Looking through his phone and finding photos you when you’re not looking at him
  • Seeing each other across the room and having bubbles of giggles erupts from the both of you because you two where making faces at each other
  • Sticking your tongue out at him and then him stealing a kiss from you
  • You wanting him to having his hair out of the way because his forehead is so beautiful!
  • Eyeing him when he wears a snapback
  • You are constantly worried for him because he overworks himself
  • So you trick him into not overworking himself
  • “When are you coming back home?” “In a while, I’m finishing the dance and adding a few more-” “Hoseok. Home. Now.” “Can’t do.” “Fine. Sleep well on the street babe.” “OKAY NO IM SPRINTING. I’M ON MY WAY. PLEASE DONT LOCK THE DOOR I LOVE YOU.”
  • Even though he’s ‘the man’, you still cuddle/sleep with his head on your chest, his arms around you and you playing with his hair until he falls asleep; because you know that the second he’s on the verge of falling asleep, he’d open his eyes to work
  • Him keeping you so close to his heart
  • Him worrying to death if you get hurt (doesn’t matter if it’s even a paper cut) or you tearing up
  • Telling you things he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else
  • When he comes back from practice, you force him into the shower and stop him from hugging you while covered in sweat. “Hobi no, shower.”
  • Peppering you in kisses and caving you in hugs all day everyday
  • Holding your hand, hugging, kissing in public and not giving a damn bout what others have to say
  • Him sending selfies of himself to you before and after every event and sending him a photo back
  • Putting his  cap on you, putting his glasses on you because you look so cute with them
  • Mercilessly tickling your sides while you’re under him until you’re in begging him to stop.
  • Then him stoping and staring at you in awe as your breathing gets normal. After you’re steady, him bending down and kissing your forehead and saying some cheesy yet wonderful line. “You look gorgeous when you’re happy.”
  • Basically, he more than just a lover, he’s your best friend. It would be ridiculous to reject his relationship.
  • “I’ll sing a music note from a song that I just wrote. Girl, just take my hand. And let me be your man. Though that’s not what you’re used to .And they say chivalry is dead. Girl, let a real man pick up the slack, and treat you with respect.” Chivalry Is Dead by Trevor Wesley



  • Him waking you up because the breakfast he made for you is getting cold
  • The first time he met you would probably be somewhere revolving around food because duh.
  • Then something about you caught his eye and he couldn’t keep away and slowly made his way to you
  • Taking you out on so many romantic dates
  • Him dressing up in a posh black suit and tie and waiting for you on the other side of your bedroom door
  • Opening the car door for you and pulling out and pushing the chair for you like a gentleman
  • Handholding across the dinner table
  • He’d be the type to introduce you when one of the female waitress starts to flirt with him like; She begins to flirt with him then- “Oh! Y/N, come here. I think you should meet my  girlfriend Y/N.” he’d say to the waitress and her smile would drop.
  • He’d give you his jacket if it gets a little too chilly outside
  • Him; “Baby~” and “Princess~~” and possibally “Kitty~”
  • You; “Handsome~” and “Prince~” and “Jiiiiin~” and “Puddin’ ”
  • Winkin’ at you
  • No matter what you’re size it, you’ll drown in his arms because his arms are so damn long that’ll trap you in them.
  • “I still rap just like Jay-Z!” you leaning over to the person next to you, “I swear, I don’t know him”
  • Annoying you if you’re sleeping in late; taking a strip of your hair and tickling you with it
  • Having photos of him eating food on your phone
  • Having photos of you distracted on his phone
  • For vacation, he’d take you to Disney land and stay their for about three to five days
  • Wearing his clothes and laughing because they awkwardly cute on you because he’s so big
  • Teases you for (probably) being shorter than him
  • Wrapping a blanket around the both of you when having a movie night
  • Going to be completely honest with you if he didn’t like something that you did
  • Gaming with him and playing Mario Cart
  • Waking up late in each others arms or waking up to see the other peacefully sleeping and studying his/your features
  • If you see something you like but not buy it, he’ll surprise you with it the next day
  • He spoils you to death because you are his precious princess peach ~thats a mouthful~
  • Cooking together.
  • And if you are either better or worst than him, doesn’t matter which, he will make you cook his way with him; “No, jagi, like this.” he says while towering over you from behind and holding your hands, helping you cook.
  • Feeding each other because why not?
  • Both of you cooking and having dinner with all of BTS
  • Handholding and light pecks in public
  • Bad puns and throwing pillows at him because of that
  • When you’re sad, he either comforts you by hugging and kissing or he does his traffic dace to see you smile again.
  • Thoughtful and amazing gifts no matter what the occasion is.
  • Turns into a squishy baby if you ever get angry at him. “Don’t you dare look at me like that Kim Seokjin.” “ *does puppy eyes* ” “God damn it.”
  • His wide eyes, fringe and pink cap turns into your weakness
  • Overall, mature relationship. Treat him properly and he’ll treat you like a princes ~~
  • “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. Everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow. I came along, I wrote a song for you. And all the things you do. And it was called yellow.” Yellow by Coldplay

Rap Monster:

  • The second you wake up, he does too because he’s a light sleeper
  • You’d be brushing your teeth and he joins by putting one arm around you and the other pushing his teeth
  • He knows when and how you want your tea, coffee and beer(if you drink) because he’s memorized you like your the back of his hand
  • smart-assing around the house when the two of you get into an argument
  • and when you try to make up with him. “looks at who’s cloying now. you’re disheveled ass finally learned that I was right?” “you know what? fuck you kim namjoon.” “you should really understand with equanimity.” “ugh!”
  • then him coming after you and making up beach he can’t last that long without you “can i say something?” “get lost.” “i love it when you’re mad. attractive in an idyllically fashion. God, you’re such a beautiful and amazing arrangement of atoms ” “you’re such a nerd.” “i love you.” “i love you too.”
  • cuddling around the rest of the day till night fall
  • when cuddling, you having him under you. like; laying on top of him. having your hands folded and head resting on top of them. your legs spread and having namjoons waist between them. ~not suggestive of anything, actually~ either listening to his heart beat in slices as he breaths while playing with your hair or just having a chill conversation.
  • Some nights, the two of you break out in a singing and dace party with only the two of you; you dancing on the sturdy coffee table and him on the couch until he watches you in awe. then you suddenly hear a yelp followed by a thick thud.
  • You finding him on the ground, behind the couch, because he fell over. “are you okay?” “i think i’ll need a kiss to fix my paining back.”
  • Taking care of him when he gets sick or hurts himself
  • Stealing kisses from you
  • Pressing your finger and kissing his dimples because you can’t help yourself.  
  • Like hobi, kissing, hugging and all that in public
  • He’d love to show you off to the world and tell everyone that you are his-someone-special
  • Him; “Baby girl~” and “Baby Doll~” and “Kitten~” and “Babe~” and to annoy you “Sexy poo~”
  • You; “Babe~” and “Nerd~” and “Joonie~” and to annoy him “My Sailor Moon~”
  • Shopping with him is like shopping with your cool mom who’s annoying at times “You should totally get this.” “Namjoon, no. That is hideous.”
  • Matching clothes and couple clothes are everything. His snapback says ‘King’ and yours says ‘Queen’. His trousers matching with your skirt/shirt.
  • Speaking of cloths, he will make you look like a his tumblr aesthetic. Gothic or Pastel. “Wear this today.” “No.” “Please, you’ll look amazing.” “No. It’s sweat pants and oversized hoodie day.”  
  • Sometimes he’d stop and think what he’s doing; like, if he’s being too dominant, forceful or pushy by always making you wear what he wants. You never take it as he’s being pushy or anything, you just find it as a cute habit of his.
  • So when he gets too quiet for your liking, you ask him if he’s okay or not. He honestly answers and you explain that he’s just thinking too much, as usual, and end up wearing what he wanted.
  • Then he lets you wear whatever you want…but still gives you advice on what to wear. “You should-” “No thank you!” “Okay, okay…I was just saying-” “THANK YOU”
  • He likes it when you dress up in something nice but equally like it when you have a messy-bun-and-sweat-pants day
  • Getting you a little frustrated by looking down at you with the head tilted stare “Hey there sexy~~”
  • Putting at arm around your shoulder when sitting or walking
  • Face Timing/Skype calling you when getting free time
  • His fashion rubbing off on you
  • Showing you how he works and makes his music
  • You being the first person who gets to hear his music
  • Showing you his final work but saying it’s just a demo because he’s scared that you might not like it. “This is just a demo…It’s not finalized and it-it needs some more editing and—” “Joonei, shut up. It’s amazing.”
  • Surprising you by telling that you’re his inspiration. “Really….? Ohmygod. Kim Namjoon you romantic monster, I love you.”
  • Embarrassing himself by going not-so-good aegyo. “What the hell am I even doing?” “Lol.”
  • Him biting his lip when you wear something “innocent yet sexy”
  • Him cringing when you find his pre-debut photos
  • Perverted Namjoon at times
  • Teasing him about the time he dressed up as Sailor Moon “This is a boring show.” “We can always watch…Sailor Moon.” “…I hate you.” “HAHA”
  • Getting drunk and tipsy waltzing around the house while talking, laughing and hiccuping  
  • Daily Kim with significant other
  • Wanting to cook with you…and after seeing the burnt food, ordering take out
  • Him wanting you to sit on his lap
  • Sometimes, staying up late and having 2 a.m. conversations “Is there a proper reason to for our existence?” “I don’t know Joonie…Maybe we’re here to help each other ” “Help with what?” “I don’t know…live?” “Probably…”
  • You’ll become very close to him, meaning that you have the responsibility of reminding him that he’s appreciated and loved not only by you and the boys but by the millions of people who have BTS on their lips
  • “I need a bad talk. Girl, I’m your daddy, no sass talk. Ooh, baby girl you aspire me, give me a reason to keep on. My baby, my royalty. Girl you’re the lyrics to my song.” Little More by Chris Brown


  • Lazy Sundays are everything
  • The two of you having you’re days off and both waste them on each other
  • Wakes up before you because he wants to watch you at your most peaceful state.
  • Though he’ll never admit it that fact
  • Staying in bed, holding each other, softly speaking, for about an hour or more till one of you get hungry
  • As you’re making breakfast in one of his shirts, he drapes over you; arms on waist and chin on shoulder
  • more soft speaking and unbreakable eye contact with breakfast
  • Because he’s not the best at expressing him emotions, you value his every heart dripped action and word “You look really pretty today.”
  • He’d also never admit it that you’re at the top of his priorities list. You know it, so does he but he never says it
  • Only for you will he make a fool of him self; when you’re not having the best day, he’d do something stupid like make funny faces, dance weirdly and even sing badly on purpose until he sees those beautiful lips of yours curve upwards. “That’s my girl.”
  • Like Hobi, wanting to see his forehead is a must so when you play with his hair, you push his hair back an admire his forehead
  • If you guys get into a fight, you will for sure bring up the fact that he dressed up as a maid.
  • You are the only person he won’t get pissed at or kill if you wake him up from his beauty sleep  
  • Not the biggest fan of PDA but only dos it to make sure people know who you belong to—and that him and him only
  • If anyone flirts with you, he’d get angry and protective <—something that you love
  • “Never are you going to wear that—” “But Yoongi—” “in front of other people. That’s only for me.”
  • Sometimes when you come home from either shopping or work, you’d find him laying on couch lazy. “i’m back!” “i see that.” “is something wrong?” “i missed you.” “I’ll be there in a sec’.”
  • Him; “Babe~” and “Baby~” and surprisingly “Gorgeous”
  • You; “Babe~” and “Sugar~” and “Suga baby~” and to annoy him “Jelly Bean~” and “Cutie cake~~” and “My sleepy, sweet snuggle bun baby~”
  • Having really pretty photos on his Instagram *you posing like a tumblr aesthetic*
  • When he’s working till 3 a.m. and you wake up to his absence in the other side of the bed, you find him on couch working away. so you sleepily crawl into his lap and stick to him like a baby koala as he continues to work.
  • Eventually finishing work and carrying you up bed to your shared bed and cuddling; arm under and around your shoulder and keeping you close to his chest
  • Him laughing at you and calling you weird when you say how his legs are amazing. “how are your legs achievable?” “you’re crazy.” “i’m serious, yoongi.” “ha, no you’re not you little shit.” ~Admin:have you seen his thighs/leg?! They’re so pretty!~
  • Situation: You miss him since he’s on tour so you wear his sweater and tear up. Then you get a call from him and he sees how sad you are. Spending the next hour or two just talking and comforting each other
  • You turn into his biggest inspiration so he writes lyrics upon lyrics of you
  • He looks at you the way he looks at his trophies
  • If you don’t know how to play basketball, he’ll teach you
  • If you know how to play basketball, he’ll make you better
  • If you play basketball, he’s play with you
  • Wears the small bracelet you got him everyday
  • Will get super pissed if someone upset you
  • You sitting on his lap and doing his eyeliner for time pass
  • Listening to all his stories
  • Would lay his head on your lap while the two of you would play with each other fingers and talk about how your days went
  • Long phone bills because you two have lots of international incoming and out going calls
  • Likes it when you wear his cloths
  • Giving you honey coated smiles
  • Feeling very satisfied when you bring him food while practice and then feeling proud when his girlfriend is being praised for bring food
  • Pretending to be very bored when you tell him about something interesting that happened
  • “I’m just kidding!” He’d say when you’d actually think he fell a sleep during your story time and frown
  • Lets you put on pink, flowery hair bands on his head as long as you promise to have alone time with him (relaxing and sleeping)
  • Getting a little pink when you find his baby pictures “Onmygod! You’re so cute as a baby!” “Aish ….”
  • If he sees you at the back of the room in a fan meet, he’d send the look that says ‘Just a little but longer before I’m free.’
  • Him pretending to be annoyed at you when you play with his gigantic scarves but is actually enjoying sight
  • He’d away on tour and you find flowers around the house  
  • If you ever get angry at him, the fight will end the second you pass him while he’s on the couch because he’d pull you down; you’d be struggling to get free but give up eventually lay down with him and kiss him, both forgetting the argument ever happened once the other says sorry
  • He looks all tough and all in front of other people (especial other men)
  • But is actually a soft teddy that is scared to loose you to some else
  • “Lady don’t rush, we can take it slow, ain’t no body near and no place we have to go. let’s just slow it down, it’s just you and me. there is nothing better than some moonlight chemistry” Moonlight Chemistry by Jeff Bernat

See ya ✌︎

anonymous asked:

rfa reacting to needing to use the bathroom when their mc is asleep on them? (this happened to me the other night and my bf said he almost crapped himself because he didn't want to move me lmao)

You had fallen asleep while watching a news report with him, he seemed interested but you decided that it was boring and cuddled up on his lap. It was cute at first…

But then he REALLY needed to use the bathroom. You looked pretty damn cute just sleeping cuddled up to him too. He wouldn’t even kick Elizabeth 3rd off his lap let alone his fiancee.

He sits there for hours, of course acting like nothing was bothering him. Eventually, he ended up calling Jaehee and asking her what to do in his predicament.

He ended up gently moving you to use the bathroom about an hour later. It had to be done.

He had been playing LOLOL when you came up to him in a sleepy manner and sat on his lap, facing his chest, on the computer chair.

After he beat a level, he realized he had to use the bathroom. He hadn’t noticed until now because of the heat of the game.

He was about to stand up to go when he realized that you were on his lap still, he had gotten used to the extra weight and warmth.

He let out a small whimper, there was NO way that he could move! You were sleeping!

He tried his best to stay still, but he ended up shifting uncomfortably a couple of times, trying to hold it in.

Eventually, he had to wake you up, “M-MC, I really need to use the bathroom. I’m sorry! I know you were sleeping. I didn’t want to wake you up!”

You laugh at him, telling him he could have woken you up sooner.

You had been helping Zen rehearse some lines, and he noticed when you started yawning.

He suggested that the two of you should take a break, which he figured would last 10 minutes at most.

He was wrong.

Once he sat down on the couch, you cuddled into him and fell asleep on his lap.

Had he known that this would happen, he would have used the bathroom before the break, but he had not.

He hated the idea of waking you up. A princess didn’t deserve to be bothered while looking so peaceful.

He held it the whole time until you woke up. What a trooper.

He never told you what had happened, and you were none the wiser.

He had been working on a hacking project while sitting in a corner in the living room.

He hadn’t slept with you in days, he always took short naps to keep him going. You missed feeling him beside you when you slept.

So, you decided that you would join him tonight. Unfortunately, you didn’t make it very long. You fell asleep cuddled into his lap within mere minutes.

He thought it was cute, but dismissed that thought as soon as he needed to pee. He glanced at all of the Ph.d Pepper cans beside him. There were a lot.

Of course, this was no problem for the great 707! He could hold it until you woke up!

He could not wait.

Trying to be clever, he suddenly shouted, “No! Not the cats! Think of all of the cats!”

Of course, his shouting woke you up and you gave him an odd look, “The cats?” You ask.

He shrugs, “I must have dozed off. I was dreaming about Elly~ Now, I must go save her!”

He ran to the bathroom.

You were engaged to an idiot.

You had both been watching some of Zen’s musicals. The whole set up included! Popcorn, Soda, and lots of junk food. Jaehee protested it but ended up loving it.

After watching 2 of the musicals, you had dozed off on top of Jaehee, which she didn’t really mind. As long as you were comfortable.

Then, she realized that SHE was not comfortable. You looked peaceful as you slept, and if she woke you up, you wouldn’t go back to sleep. You would deny even being tired and that you wanted to stay up with her.

She didn’t want that.

So, she waited…and waited…and you didn’t wake up.

She had to move you eventually, as bad as she felt. She appologized the rest of the night and the next day no matter how many times you told her it was okay.

Saturday Morning (Smut)

REQUEST: 42 Jackson wang

It was Saturday morning, the first lay in I’d had all week. I huffed slightly in my sleep and rolled over onto my back. I began waking up when I heard moans coming from next to me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the dorm bedroom, I didn’t see anyone else awake so I closed my eyes and shuffled closer to Jackson, cuddling up to him.

“Y/N.” He moaned my name softly as I wrapped my naked body around him, gasping as I felt his hand moving under the mattress.

“Princess, you really need to wake up, I can’t do this without you.” He whispered pleadingly which made me open my eyes again. I saw his hand pumping himself under the duvet. Even with how tired I was, I felt my pussy begin to wet at the sight of Jackson touching himself.

I moaned as I reply and hugged his neck as my thighs straddled his waist, letting his hard cock press against me. He held my waist as I listened for any noises from the others, to see if they were awake. Especially Mark who was on the top bunked.

“What’s the time?” I asked sleepily as I kissed his lips teasingly before moving to his bare chest. I felt Jackson move as he grabbed his phone to check.

“5am.” He breathed out as I lowered my lips to kiss down his heaving chest.

“You hard this early huh?” I smirked slightly knowing how Jackson would somehow always get morning wood.

“Can you help?” He asked innocently. I stopped kissing at his lower stomach and giggled softly. I moved the thin sheet over his cock before sitting on top of it. “No.” Jackson whines softly knowing exactly what I was doing. “Y/N I’m not ready for your teasing this early.”

“Well I wasn’t ready to get up and fuck my boyfriend this early but I’m doing it.” I told him as I rubbed myself against him, purposely moaning louder to frustrate him. “Ooh Jackson fuck baby.”

He groaned and threw his head back, bucking his hips up to meet mine through the thin sheet. I continued to rock my hips slowly onto his, watching his whole body squirm below me.

“Your cock’s so hard handsome.” I gasped and arched my back onto him, running my fingers down his tense chest. “It almost feels like you’re already inside me.”

“Then just let me in you.” He grunted and looked up at me with nodded eye lids and a slight frown on his face. I giggled and leaned down, pecking his lips quickly.

“But I want to taste you first.” I said sweetly and raised my eyebrows as I pecked his lips softly over and over.

Jackson whined and didn’t kiss back which made me chuckle at how moody he could be. I carried on kissing him as I rocked my hips faster. I quickened so fast I could feel Jackson twitch against me.

“Okay okay you can do whatever you want just don’t make me cum yet please.” He whined louder than he probably should’ve when there were 6 other boys in the room.

“Good boy.” I smirked and leaned up a little to move the sheet from between us. I threw the sheet aside and leaned down to kiss over his lower stomach and hips. I took my time before I licked over his tip, sucking it gently. I let my tongue swirl around it as I ignored the rest of him. I looked up and saw him looking down at me. I smirked before moaning around him with my eyes closed. I stayed there until Jackson gasped and bucked his hips into my mouth, making me pull back to stop him from cumming.

I straddled one of jackson’s thighs and pressed my dripping pussy against it, fucking myself on his leg. “You’re gunna cum so quick huh baby?” I smirked and traced my fingers down his smooth stomach. Jackson nodded and whined as I didn’t pay any attention to him, focusing on riding his leg.

“Your thighs so big.” I moaned and threw my head back as my hand reached down to touch the thigh I was riding. “They feel so good.” I whimpered and quickened my pace as I looked down at my cunt riding his leg. The sight was like any other I’d seen, it turned me on even more as I watched my juices soak his leg. My clit pressed against it repeatedly as I felt Jackson sit up, still keeping me on his thigh as he held my hips, pushing me harder against him. My head collapsed into his neck as he lifted my chin to kiss me slowly.

“Come on gorgeous, just sit on me now.” He mumbled against my lips, knowing I was close too. I nodded after a while, not wanting to move from the position I was in. Jackson lifted my hips and guided me onto his waiting cock. As soon as I sank into him I screamed his name as my orgasm shook through me. Jackson bent his legs and pulled me on to him harder as he came inside me, grunting and moaning breathlessly.

We both stayed there for a while before we heard a few noises from around the room.

“Hey Y/N if you’re finished with Jackson I think a few of us have some morning wood too now.” I heard one of the boys call.