which pretty much sums her up actually

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Hi there!! I saw your OC post and I'm in love with Roach, would you mind telling me more about her story? What kind of powers does she have (if any)? & who does she hunt?

ABSOLUTELY. I can absolutely talk about my OCs.

Roach is a nasty little twig of a lady and her story is one of revenge. Revenge against who? ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR IT! Her life was slated to be shitty from the moment she was conceived, and a lifetime of misfortune, poor health, and pain without much reprieve sculpted her into a thoroughly unpleasant person. And that was BEFORE she became a vampire! Becoming a vampire was actually an improvement over her old life–she was/is very seriously ill and the effects of vampirism negates most of that, and her “death” gave her an excuse to let go of painful family ties. (She doesn’t really consider herself to be the same person as before becoming a vampire but she totally 100% is, she just has Issues.)

She doesn’t really have a lot in the way of powers because of how vampires work in her world. They drink blood, have high pain tolerance, and a tendency to live through grievous injuries that would kill a normal human, but I’m thinking (I say thinking because I’m still developing the world–Roach as a character has been around for a while but the world I’m making for her is pretty new) they typically don’t have the more “magical” powers associated with vampirism like transforming into a bat or hypnotism or flight. This is because the basis for vampirism in-universe is biological first and magical second.

So what’s this biological cause of vampirism? Not virus or an infection, but a parasitic (or symbiotic, depending on who you ask) infestation! These little quasi-unholy tapeworm fellas find a person and set up shop in their digestive tract, and like some real world parasites (cordyceps and green-banded broodsacs for example) they chemically alter the behavior of their host causing the iconic thirst for blood we consider vampirism. There’s more to say, but honestly I could type several large paragraphs on how they work and I’m getting off track from the actual questions, so I’ll just sum it up in short: vampires in this world are pretty much just the pawns of the tapeworm in their guts and feel compelled to drink blood not because THEY need it, but because the worm INSIDE them is hematophagous!

Roach considers her parasitic worm to be her pet/friend/baby. She’s named it Slinky. It’s a weird attitude to hold, even for vampires who ENJOY being vampires (which is a minority of vampires in the first place).

So who does she hunt? Well… “bounty hunter” is really a loose term for what she does. Mostly she’s interested in pursuing the objects of her vengeance quests and battling them in bloody, fruitless battles (a lot of them are vampires or other supernatural creatures too and thus ALSO very hard to kill), and occasionally she ends up as a vigilante. Actually formally taking a bounty on someone is a thing she does uncommonly, but calling yourself a bounty hunter sounds better than “I dig around in the trash for discarded mcdonalds, hiss at other vampires like we’re two stupid alley cats, and shake my fist at my list of undefeated enemies.”

Oh. And this isn’t a wild western vampire story either btw. It’s relatively modern. She just dresses like that because she thinks that the pinnacle of cool and intimidating dress lies at the intersection between Blondie/The Man With No Name and Chakan the Forever Man.

Why I Don’t Think Sam is Well-written and How the Show Sidelines Her Faults

Part 1


There was a post before this on headcanons that would compensate for her ‘sucky’ canon and I got into a discussion with someone in the notes. I had a general dislike towards Sam Manson as a character before I replied to them but, the more I explained what I thought, the more I realized how broken Sam Manson as a character is. I used to look up to Sam when I was 12-16 or so years old but, now being 22 years old with a whole 10 to 6 years of hindsight, the influence she had on my thinking was pretty awful. This essay is to merely analyze what is wrong with Sam Manson as a character throughout the entire course of the show and go through all the details.

If you think I’m going to heavy hit Sam through the entire post, not to worry. I’m going to also tackle details in which Sam was portrayed well and will give a pat in a backs for the writing when I deem it as appropriate. I will bold the bad points, italicize the good points and strikethrough potential setups so that you can read certain parts you are after or try to see what I think of her portrayal and the circumstances around her in the show. You’d be surprised how much I actually praised her in one episode.

Bad points will mostly likely be:

  • Sam being a Karma Houdini… I think this pretty much sums up my entire problem with Sam.

Good points will most likely be:

  • Her redeeming qualities and flaws like a normal human being
  • Her role and influence in the story and Danny’s life

Extra Note: This might actually be a series of posts because I have a lot of feelings on how Sam was handled.

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This video pretty much sums up why I am currently obsessed with Amor Real. 

No, you will not learn anything of its rather complicated plot from this, but you will see some truly epic make-outs (which are pretty much 1/10th of the actual make-outs in the show or less.)

As a romance novel devotee, they make me so so so so so happy.

(And also think it’s just as well that heroine’s mother in law taught her about contraceptive sponges or she’d have 8 children in 6 years.)

P.S. I haven’t seen some of these in the show yet, so I am quite excited to know I have some majorly good stuff coming up. 

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Today, all of a sudden, it occurred to me how sad Beth was. Everybody's talking about how she eats subs all day and is the second jesus so you kind of forget, but can we talk about this because she was mixing a bunch of different types of drugs, some of which could have been for disorders she actually had - she was clearly very depressed and distancing herself from Paul, and probably everybody else, and then she shot somebody which pushed her even more, and in the end she killed herself. Wow.


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That's very true it's really fascinating that Rey can be quite innocent but also very ruthless when she's being provoked like the way she defeats Kylo and slashes his face lots of people are aplauding her for defeating him and not being a victim and I don't disagree with them but there's also something disturbing in the way she figts and ultimately wins I mean Kylo's done a lot of horribale things but in those moments you almost pity him because Rey is so agressive in the way she fights

And most of the time in the movies you have Kylo being so unstable and in rage while Rey is so calm and compassionate but everytime they share scenes together it’s like their roles switch especially during the fight scene where Kylo is the calm one and Rey becomes the aggressor it’s not as simple as Kylo being the dark and Rey the light side and it’s so fascinating

I also think if they intend for Rey to be a Skywalker then they shouldn’t have hidden who she is in the first place the movie should have began with Rey being with her father Luke searching for the Jedi temple and her coming to her powers I understand wanting people to speculate but when about 90%(I could be wrong so apolgize if I’m generalizing) think she’s a Skywalker and you have LucasFilm saying Star Wars is about the Skywalker family, then it’s not really a mystery

The thing is no matter how much those from the Rey Skywalker camp try to twist it, Luke being Rey’s father doesn’t have nearly the same impact that Vader being Luke’s father did. It seems like they believe that the big twist would be why she was left on Jakku or who her mother is which I find it kind of ironic because it seems like some of them would be more interested in knowing more about a character we’ve never met or why she was abandoned than her actually being Luke’s and a Skywalker

There’s not much I can add to this, so I just thought I’d share it as it is. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on “Rey Skywalker” as well. :)