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I have a prompt. Supercat + #cuteanimaltweetoff. If you don't know check it out on Twitter. So cute. :D Zoo vs Zoo on who can post the cutest animal. Love ur blog and I love ur stuff on archive.

“It’s not a real story, Danvers,” Snapper groaned, practically sprinting to escape her insistent, puppy-like pleas.

“Yes, it is,” she argued. “CNN picked it up, so why shouldn’t we?”

“I am not putting a photo of a god damn baby red panda on the cover of The Tribune,” he sighed, flopping into his seat. “Go bother someone else with your extracurricular obsessions.”

She shook her head, letting out an exasperated growl before spinning on her heels, making her way back down the hall. Just then, her phone buzzed. Another text came through.

Did you see the otter?

Which one? Kara typed. There is too much cute to keep up with right now, Ms. Grant. And anyway, he said no.

She lost track of where she was headed, pausing to lean back against the wall, furiously scrolling through her Twitter feed, trying to decide exactly which otter would make Cat melt the most.

Nevermind, she replied. That was the right call, but people need this too. We can’t submerge ourselves in the political hellscape 24/7.

Kara took a screenshot with her phone, tapping her foot as she let it save and then, quickly sent it along.

Yes, Cat wrote back immediately. That’s the one.

Kara grinned giddily from ear to ear, heading back to the bullpen, determined to keep this thing between them going, no matter what other assignments she was forced to take.


First day of Anime USA, friends reallyquantum and fairyring and I went to the zoo because I was Momo and there were otters.  We found the otters.  SLEEPING TOGETHER IN A PUDDLE.  A PUDDLE OF OTTERS GUYS.


(and then they woke up)

first picture of selfie by reallyquantum

CLICK HERE for video of the otters waking up by senpai *A*

You may! I’m sorry if some of these are kinda off topic, cause I lost focus but I thought it was cute enough for this :\ It’s still really cute. I just hope I’m not turning repetitive 

Sawada Tsunayoshi

For your birthday, Tsuna’s been looking long and hard for the perfect gift. The Family gave some ideas. Gokudera says to buy you an expensive ring (says only the best can be given to the Tenth’s lover), Ryohei says some boxing gloves, Lambo says some candy, but only Yamamoto had the right idea, a stuffed animal. He found his way to a Build-A-Bear, intimidated by the big machines and little kids running around.

“Hello there! Are you here to make a forever friend?” the shop assistant says with a gigantic smile on her face. Tsuna stands there, unsure of what to say.

“N-no, I’m here to make something for my girlfriend.” He says, “You know, it’s her birthday. I want to give her something as a present.”

“Aww how sweet! Well just choose the animal and I’ll help you.” She says, fluttering away. Tsuna looks at the shelves of animals, deciding on a simple bear. He wanted something simple and timeless, nothing too fancy. Tsuna dresses it up in a pink dress. He pays for it, leaving with the bear in the cardboard house.

Walking to your house, he finds you reading a book outside, “(Name)?”

“Oh Tsuna! I’ve been waiting for you.” You say, walking up to your boyfriend. “Oh what do you have here?”

“I-it’s for you. Happy Birthday.” Your lips curl into a smile as you open the box, placing a kiss on Tsuna’s cheek.

“You’re so cute sometimes. My birthday is next week.” You say. He’s shocked, unable to speak, “Oh don’t worry. I still appreciate what you do. You’re sweet, Tsuna.”

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Sherlock’s Otter or Otterlock ?

Which one do you choose ? Hahaha that’s an easy one this time isn’t it ?! ;)

It depends because Sherlock’s Otter means you have his Otter so… you can meet him but like a man, Otterlock it’s just so cute… wait… that’s not so easy ?!

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Hi. I really want a super exotic pet and was wondering if you could weigh in? I was thinking of one of the following, an owl, a stout, an otter, or a fox. Which would you pick? Which is the easiest to maintain?

Bad idea! Bad idea! The fact you want easy and all these animals are vastly different with different needs… You cannot handle them. If you want to work with these animals volunteer at a rescue or zoo. Owls are probably the easiest, but if you’ve never worked with falcons and don’t have a mentor it’s not worth considering. Owls are moody and can be mean if not socialized right. The require large aviaries and a carefully thought out home (owls shouldn’t perch higher than you for example). They can be smart animals but are not cheap or easy. Also I hope you enjoy dismantling M!ce , chick’s, and r@ts as that’s what they eat and you can give a whole animal while training…

Stoats (I’m assuming is what you meant) … Just get a ferret… These guys are almost impossible to tame down. They bite, spray, make a lot of noise, are impossible to catch, destructive… Just not good pets. Yes they’re cute, and with the right paperwork legal… But really get a ferret.

Fox… Eh… If they’re even legal where you are they’re not dogs. They cannot be trained down and will make a mess. Very active they require large outdoor enclosures that are sealed everywhere and are full of enrichment. A fox will never be content just cuddling with you. Also if you can find a vet that will treat and vaccinate a fox… Well it doesn’t make a difference, if they bite they’re destroyed. Now if you’re talking fennecs… They’re a little more manageable… But still require a room designed for them, are loud, nocturnal and destructive… Skip it.

Otter… Yes cute animals… Not good pets. They’re smart, social, active and destructive. You’ll need multiple first of all. They’re not the nicest… They want their way they get it. Require clean deep water that they can swim in. A complex diet. A lot of socialization… And if you like anything in your house just say goodbye. They’re not great pets.

Sorry to burst your bubble. Stick with domestics and be sure to do extensive research.

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What are some of your mola headcanons? If you have any I mean it only aired yesterday lol I just need to talk to someone about my feels

I have a few so far, I’ll need some time to come up with more but if you know me, you know my brain can never turn off the schmaltz so:

- Miles demonstrates his efforts to learn Spanish to Lola while working the restaurant with her one night and she’s very touched however she’s still inclined to teach him how to speak it properly so they’ll sit in the restaurant after closing up with some nachos and soda and she’ll teach him how - she finds it cute how white he sounds, bless his heart and Miles finds it hard to focus when she laughs (trying to hide it behind a hand to not discourage him) and just in general - he’s baffled how he never noticed how adorable she is.

- They started talking about some serious stuff that had been building up for a while in them to each other very early on which was actually really easy to do, just sitting down in an empty part of the school and unloading and venting. Only they’re allowed to joke about it with each other, since they feel like the other is the only one that understands.

- Miles absolutely picks her up so she can reach high shelves, gives her rides on his back and picks her up for those cute couple swing hugs - also when they take selfies together she sits on his lap so he can be in the shot.

- Since they agree to stay friends, albeit careful about not allowing it to go too far anymore, sometimes Lola will come into Miles’ room when she feeling upset and he’ll let her get it out and Miles will find her at school to talk or they’ll FaceTime or text and the Oomfchat cheer-up selfies never stop. It’s the best part of their days even if they never say that to each other and downplay the connection to everyone else.

- Miles loves to watch her apply makeup, he watches her videos before anyone and sometimes she’ll apply makeup for him and do his nails (credit to @philipjfryy for that one)

- When Miles’ is upset and doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Tristan he’ll pull up one of Lola’s videos and listen to her talk it makes him feel comfort (y'know, because she’s his hope) really, even just thinking about her gives him hope.

- He’s actually glad, awkwardness aside, that Lola gets along with both his siblings - it’s still awkward but it’s nice that she’s close to the two most important people in his life.

- He absolutely made Hunter apologize to Lola for trying to get her fired when he found out about it. And he always corrects anyone who calls he stupid where he can hear it. Just because he’s not hooking up with her doesn’t mean he’ll tolerate anyone talking bad about her.

- Lola always had a tiny crush on Miles and never said anything about it for obvious reasons.

- Lola sings Spanish songs under her breath when she’s distracted and Miles finds ‘em and has them saved on Spotify in a private playlist - also they totally send songs back and forth to each other when they hear one they like or that they think the other will like.

- Lola saw a stuffed animal (a dog) while she was buying stuff for her videos and bought it for Miles (she wrote on the tag ‘don’t be sad, be yappy!’) after the play he gave her one (an otter which he knows are her favorite animal) as a thank you for how wonderful she’d been to him.

- Lola tries to make friends with Tristan after the play so she can be friends with Miles and assure both of them that she has no bad intentions with him. It’s awkward at first and they aren’t close but they do have enough in common (on a shallow level) to where it isn’t hard to find something to relate to and she’s able to be friendly to Miles without Tristan having a problem with it (well, he does, obviously, but as long as she keeps at arms length and he doesn’t appear to be in love with her, it’s okay - after all, they’re back together and Miles’ is exclusive to boys again! (At least, that what Tristan tells himself and others around him when the doubt sets in after seeing them together))

- One time, Lola heard Tristan being biphobic toward Miles and before it could be brushed off she confronted/corrected him about it which caused a small fight and some tension but it gave Miles a LOT to think about…

- Sometimes Lola and Miles will go walk her dog together, just for a little alone time. It’s nice to be able to talk without worrying people are going to analyze every bit of it and assume you’re hooking up plus Miles likes her dog - on a side note, I don’t think the Hollingsworth kids ever had a pet (don’t quote me on that I can’t remember if that was ever said) so I imagine Miles lowkey loves playing with other people’s dogs.

- Eventually after the inevitable Triles breakup when they go to college (if they make it that far), Miles and Lola will become closer (having been careful not to be, even after so long because there always seemed to be something there, ready to get out) and finally date each other and have a real romantic relationship.

- When they find themselves with Lola pregnant again later they aren’t sure how to feel, they both have issues with the idea of parenthood and worry they can’t be good at it because of what they went through but they have each other this time and they’re older so they feel like they can do it and they both get scared but excited too, to be better than what they’ve been fearing all their lives.


Well, I had more than I realized… and this is only from a few days, I’m so in love with this ship…

April VI (Sehun x OC x Kai)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

You woke up the next morning safe in Sehun’s arms. He held onto you as he gently brushed your hair with his fingers. No one said a word. You pulled yourself closer in his embrace and felt the warmth of his body transfer to yours. Sehun planted a kiss on your forehead and smiled.

“We have a big day today,” he said.

“What are we doing today?” you mumbled.

“It’s a surprise love. Dress in something comfortable…we’re going to do quite some walking.”

“I’m so sleepy… can we just lay here a little longer?”

“Why don’t I go make us some breakfast while you catch up on some sleep? I’ll wake you in a few.”

“No don’t go,” you said in a cute sleepy kind of way.

Sehun chucked. He truly felt like the luckiest man alive to have someone like you.

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How many sonas do you have?

Oh gosh, uh lets see

First we have my main two 
My main fursona- Mint (Lemur) and my main Pokesona- Ambret (Sentret)

Then you have my MaleSonas 
Crismon (Maned wolf) and then his pokesona form, Crimson (Zorua)

Then you have extras which are 
My ottersona, Kin (Otter) and her pokesona form, Kin (Oshawott)

And lastly you have my Dogsona- Skyleigh (Shiba Inu)

And then my eeveelution sona who doesnt have a name yet o uo;

But no matter how much of a fish-mutilating dick the giant otter may be, it’s still just a cute and furry mammal. It has to be wary of other predators that haunt the Amazon River – such as the local member of the alligator family tree, the caiman.

Oh, wait – it’s the other way around.

When a pair of giant otters see a caiman basking on the shore, they might start pawing at the reptile’s tail, apparently just for shits and giggles. Maybe the caiman takes the hint and pisses off, but more likely it will turn around and attack. The otters will dodge, then have a go at the tail again. And again. Until the caiman is too tired to fight back. Then they calmly eat the caiman alive. Starting with the damn tail.

If there are more otters around, they’ll skip the tail biting, gang tackle the caiman and start chomping away. A pack of giant otters can devour an entire caiman, bones and all, in 45 minutes.

Another delicacy on the giant otter menu is the anaconda, which you may remember as the largest damn snake on Earth.

The 6 Deadliest Animals Too Adorable to Run Away From

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Why would the mermaids be fat or hairy?

K so the ocean is fucking cold as fuck, especially considering that mermaids would probably live at deep depths. If Mermaids are mammals (Hanging out on above surface rocks like other aquatic mammals, tail shape and the way it propels, mammary gland tissue) then they would need an insulation strategy, since mammals are endothermic creatures. In other aquatic mammals this strategy is blubber; manatees, seals, whales, porpoises, some dolphins. The only other main insulation strategy is incredibly dense fur, which you can see in sea otters. So theoretically if mermaids were mammals then they would be fat or have a lot of hair. 


NO I KID YOU NOT. SO. I am writing a essay for my Senior Project and it is basically all about how Brian Jacques made me want to be a writer and how his Redwall world has influenced me. My professor was reading the paper tonight and she was like “Mkay. So. Why don’t you explain something about the characters? You talk about how diverse the species of creatures are and how each has their own culture, i.e. the moles and their molespeech, the squirrels and their insanity, and the otters…and then the vermin. Why don’t you pick three creatures to talk about…the otters, squirrels, and a vermin?” 

And so after I picked my jaw back up off the ground, I was like “oh gosh, I need to ask my friends on tumblr where I should find the best descriptions in the books for descriptions about the otters and squirrels.” And she agreed. So!!! Which book do you guys think has a passage that best describes a squirrel and otter? I know which villain I want to go with, so that’s covered. But!!! I’d like to know if you guys have any helpful tips of which books to look up which. I’m looking for not just descriptions on how they look but also on how the species act, their typical reactions to things (i.e., a otter slamming down the rudder of his tail, a squirrel blushing so hard they had to use the fluff of their tail to hide their face).

She also suggested I read out loud my own fanfictions. To which i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. And then said “HELL NO.” XD